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If you think we are able to make our videos on this blog with just one take, you are far from the truth. Although the finished product is polished, sometimes it takes us a while to get there.

We’re silly when we want to be, but
 serious when the time comes.

Today we’ve got a fun video to share with you. It’s the Team Lally blooper reel, and we know you’ll enjoy it. Although we take our time to give you the best information possible, sometimes we get sidetracked. We make mistakes because we’re human, but we…
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Are you finding yourself completely lost in the world of Pokémon? Are you constantly wondering about the possible rare Pokémon lurking nearby? Is the idea of being a gym master more exciting than going to an actual gym? Then come out Wednesday night (7/20/2016) to out to Kapolei and we'll happily support your night of hunting Pokémon. 

We at Team Lally of Keller Williams Honolulu, are hosting a Pokémon night that will keep you going as you search the Kapolei Regional Park area. The hunting grounds has a total 7 Poke stops and 1 gym that you can go to dominate. Thousands of Pokémon have been caught at this locatin

We will have free drinks and snacks, free charging stations, free wifi, and Pokémon  prize giveaways. Our office doors will be open to

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  Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home search Selling a home? Click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation  Call us at (808) 426-7211 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation

There are a lot of Oahu real estate agents to choose from when it comes to selling or buying a Oahu homes for sale. So, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best team to fit your needs as a Oahu home seller? Try asking these ten questions to a Realtor to find out whether he/she is worth their mettle. 

 1. How many Oahu homes have you sold in the last 12 months?  If you were needing brain surgery, I’m sure you would want a brain surgeon that has performed a lot of procedures and done them successfully. Remember to ask them how many homes…
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Oahu Moped RidersGov. David Ige signed a new law into place that will require all Hawaii mopeds to become safer on the roadways. 

Starting January 2017, all moped owners in Hawaii will be required to pay for annual vehicle registration, safety inspections and license plates.

All moped owners will have to pay an annual $27 registration fee, $12 higher than the previous $15 one-time fee.

Who was pushing to implement these new moped laws? The counties. Hawaii (Big Island) and Maui already require all moped owners to do annual safety inspections.

People who are in favor of the new Hawaii moped laws hope that this will crack down on illegal moped modifications. Some moped modifications allow owners to make their mopeds faster or louder.

With the new moped law in

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  It's summer time, homes and condos on Oahu are selling at a higher price point at this time of year than any other, so now is the ideal time to sell your home. A factor that can contribute to the rise in price for a home or condo is the amount of military families on Oahu. The Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard make up about 40,000 residents of Oahu's population, and this does not include all the local businesses and contractors that support them. A lot of military personnel receive orders to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) in the summer, which means military families are not only moving to Hawaii, but they are also moving out of Hawaii. This contributes to the amount of homes and condos on the market as well as their…
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You Are Such a Pest

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Let’s talk about pests.

No, not those annoying people with bad social skills. The kind that can ruin your home, of course.

We’re joined by John Speed, president of Kilauea Pest Control. We trust John and his team with all our pest control needs. In fact, he takes care of our personal homes and our rental properties. “
Kilauea is a family-owned local company here in Hawaii
” If you’re a Realtor looking for a quick and easy termite inspection and treatment, call Kilauea Pest Control to keep your…
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2016 Firework Show In Oahu

Every year, the choices for a fun Independence Day are better than ever. No matter where you live, Leeward or Windward, there is a place for you on Oahu. Here is a list of some of the more popular places to see the rocket's red glare. If you're considering having your own backyard fireworks celebration, be sure to brush up on Oahu fireworks law before you do so! Otherwise, here are some great places you can go to see the firework extravaganzas:


Ala Moana Park Firework Show On Fourth Of July

Ala Moana Park

This year will mark the 25th consecutive year, Ala Moana Center will be providing all Oahu locals and visitors with one of the largest and most spectacular fireworks shows in the country. In addition to the firework show, Ala Moana Center will be offering

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Your online profile is the first impression potential clients and referral agents have of you. It should be complete, accurate and full of keywords.

One of the most compelling reasons to fill out your profile page is so that you can boost your online presence through SEO, search engine optimization. With a complete profile, you benefit from all of the internet juice that our domain generates. With a complete profile page, you will rank higher in Google searches.

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Now that much of the dust has settled and the panic has waned, let’s take a look at what impact Britain’s exit from the European Union may have on the U.S. housing market.

The most immediate impact of Brexit will be on mortgage interest rates. Interest rates have remained at historic lows for the last several years. Contrary to what many experts believed, rates have remained low throughout the first half of 2016.

Possible impact of Brexit on mortgage rates?

In a recent article, the Washington Post explained:

“Brexit has spawned the recent bout of volatility in global financial markets. That has anxious investors scurrying for safety -- and few assets are safer than U.S. Treasuries. High demand for government debt pulls down

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Join us this weekend as we sit down with the CEO of Keller Williams, Chris Heller, and talk about what it took to become the CEO of the world's biggest real estate franchise. Tune in this Saturday (July 2nd, 2016) at 11am on KHVH 830AM.

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Who Is Chris Heller?

At the age of 20-years-old, Chris the college student obtained his real estate license. Chris has earned many titles and passed many milestones, he earned many titles like Rookie of the Year and then grew into being the top-producing agent in San Diego and was titled the #1 Keller Williams associate in all of North America, Chris has secured the respect of all colleagues and clients for

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