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Team Lally Supports The Aloha City Rollers League

aloha-city-rollers-leagueAloha City Rollers League, LLC is an organization which promotes the sport of women's, men's, and youth flat track roller derby on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The league was formed in October 2011 following a split from Pacific Roller Derby. Although the Aloha City Rollers League are not a WFTDA sanctioned team, we play by the WFTDA rulebook for both the women's and men's teams.

Aloha City Rollers League: Goals

While the sport of Roller Derby is full contact, our league's goals are to empower its members by having them challenge their physical ability, mental strength, and personal growth both on and off the track. We promote the advancement of athleticism in a fun and inclusive atmosphere through training and instruction.

We require that each member act in such a manner that brings honor and distinction to our league and the sport of Roller Derby. We are a family friendly league. Since roller derby training is such a big commitment and requires year-round dedication from its players, we strive for family involvement in the league so everyone can enjoy the sport together.

Roller Derby is a fun and healthy way to be physically active and we enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge with all ages! We are also working to create a community outreach program to teach people of all ages and fitness levels to roller skate recreationally, while doing so safely.

Community Support

Aloha City Rollers League is working to be fully sponsored and financially sound. Our goals as an organization is to create our own practice and bout space as well as provide funding for travel, uniforms and equipment for our league members. With community support though generous organizations like Team Lally Real Estate Group, we are one step closer to achieving this dream.

For more information, visit their website.