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Anthony Quinola  
Our guest in this episode is Bradley Maruyama, owner of Maruyama & Associates / Allstate Insurance in Hawaii. Bradley was born and raised in Hawaii and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University Of Hawaii at Manoa. Through the years, he’s come to know many local families and developed many relationships which he has used to better understand the needs of his customers. With over 20 years of service to customers of All State Insurance,  He is the owner of Maruyama & Associates/Allstate Insurance. Bradley talks about how he got started in the insurance industry as well as his previous jobs. He gives advice on the confusing options and choices to insurance policies, and explains the coverage and advantages of working with
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Anthony Quinola  
Our guest in this episode is Patrick Tyrrell, comedian and entrepeneur.  He is from Rochester NY and joined the Marine Corps in 1993. He was stationed in Hawaii from 1996 until 1999 where he met his Australian wife. Along with his business partner Jose Dynamite, they run Comedy U which provides some of the best comedy that the islands have to offer. He is also a lead organizer for St. Baldrick's Foundation, and they're in the 9th year of raising money for pediatric cancer research. 

Comedy U shows are brought to you by Jose Dynamite and Patrick Tyrrell. Together they are striving to bring a first class comedy experience. Local comedians have, for years, been practicing their craft and decided that now they are ready to bring great shows that
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Jake Davis, our newest buyer’s specialist, shared why he is so excited to be part of Team Lally.

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We’re excited for you to meet Jake Davis, our newest team member!

Jake and his family recently moved here from Michigan—his mother is originally from Hawaii, so really, it’s like he’s just coming home.

When Jake was deciding to get into real estate in Michigan, a broker got him in contact with us at Team Lally. Throughout his entire life, he’s always strived to work with top-level performers, so of course he wanted to work with the best real estate team Hawaii has to offer. With the amazing numbers we have, there’s simply

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Anthony Quinola  
Our featured guest in this episode of the Team Lally Radio show is Anthony Quiniola of Koa Tactical Solutions. Airsoft. Anthony was born and raised in Hawaii before moving to the mainland and Spain to study. He moved back to Hawaii 10 years ago with his wife and 2 children. He is the owner of Koa Tactical Solutions, a local born Island company featuring 2 community projects: Dogs of War Airsoft and Pups Of War Nerf Arena.
He shares about the advantages of engaging in activities for kids rather than staying at home in front of the screens as a way to reconnect kids to parents and other kids. Anthony goes on to describe the difference between Dogs of War Airsoft and & Pups Of War Nerf Arena opened in Windward Mall and Pearlridge Mall.
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Are you sabotaging the sale of your home? These are the five ways you might be shooting yourself in the foot. 

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Without even knowing it, you could be sabotaging your home sale. Here are the five ways that you might actually be driving buyers away from your home, leaving it to languish on the market for longer:  

  1. Bad color schemes. You may view the wacky color schemes in your home as a point of pride, but buyers aren’t likely to find it pleasing to the eye. It’s best to stay away from dark colors—you may call it “plum,” but buyers see dark purple nonetheless. Steer clear from the opposite extreme as well: Loud, bright
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 There are five home-selling myths that you need to stop believing if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market soon.

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If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, here are five home-selling misconceptions that you shouldn’t believe:

1. Selling your home on your own is easy. There’s more to selling your home than sticking a “For Sale” sign in your yard. Also, homeowners who try selling their own home tend to overprice it because they’re too emotionally attached to it.

When you hire a professional, they can advise you about what it’s going to take to truly maximize your sale price. 89% of all homes

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Ann Hettinger & Lahela Chandler Correa  
Our featured guests in this episode of the Team Lally Radio Show is Lahela Chandler Correa and Ann Hettinger of Aloha Movement Kauai.
Ann Hettinger has been a running coach for kids and adults, as well as a women's adventure guide over the past 20 years. Currently working on their fourth children's book, she works with her dear friend Lahela to share the message of Aloha with the world. The books of Aloha focus on lessons as Lahela was raised, and encompass 14 particular lessons from Aloha, such as Aloha is Respect, Aloha is Kindness Aloha is Pono etc. These lessons help strengthen and instill character building values and traits in our students, while embracing the Hawaiian culture.
Lahela Chandler Correa was born and raised on
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Radio-Show-Ad-030119-Theresa-Paulette.jpg   Our featured guest in this episode of Team Lally Radio Show is Theresa Paulette, currently the Victim Services Specialist for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She talks about the dangers of drunk driving, to bring more awareness about the irresponsible and dangerous behavior of drinking and driving, as well as the cost paid by the victims and their families.   MADD is a national grass-roots organization that was started in 1980, by Candy Lightner, a mother in California, whose 13 year old twin daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She joined forces with Cyndi Lamb, whose 6 month old daughter became the youngest paraplegic after a drunk driving crash on the east coast and together they testified before Congress. This started the change in…
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Our guest today founded Winners’ Camp Foundation in 1985 along with a team of committed graduates of Marshall Thurber’s “Business and You” Life Skills Courses. Winners’ Camp is a week-long residential accelerated learning program for teens ages 10-17, designed to enhance teenagers’ academic performance and social proficiency. She talks about her early life, childhood and experience. Also how she came to Hawaii and was inspired to help children. 

Delorese is also with Ruth Ruriko who owns the MR School in Japan. She has brought her school to Hawaii and her kids have attended Winner’s Camp as well and shared the good experience they had at Winner's Camp.

Also in this episode: Quotes of

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Our current market trends may affect your opportunities as a buyer or seller. Here’s what they are.

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If you’re looking to buy or sell in 2019, there are four trends you should be looking at:

1. Inventory is growing. Sellers won’t be able to enjoy the market they were used to in the past.

2. Affordability will decrease. As interest rates rise, it’ll be harder for buyers to afford homes. And if more buyers are knocked out the market, sellers will need to be more open to negotiation.

3. Millennials make up the majority of buyers. They’re now accounting for 45% of mortgages, and some of these millennials are even

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