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April 2017

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Joining Team Lally in this episode is Mark Tsuda, Executive Director of Ilima At Leihano.  Mark talks about his childhood, being born and raised in Oahu, but also spent some time in Guam. We talk about how Kapolei's continuing growth in the past few years and how Ilima At Leihano is a part of the development in the form of a senior living community   Mark talks about what sets Ilima At Leihano apart from other senior residences, departing from the clinical feel, instead providing a more active and resort like atmosphere.  He also talks about the facilities, amenities and common daily tasks available to residents.   Mark discusses some of the more common questions and concerns that families have when looking for…
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This week on the Team Lally Radio Show, Isaac Stegman and Andy O'Shea from the Kaizen Coaching Group joins as our featured guest.  We kick things off with Isaac and Andy telling us how they both got into coaching and consulting as a career. They also talk about what makes them so excited an passionate about coaching and consulting and how it makes a difference in peoples lives. Isaac and Andy also share their some of the success stories they've experienced in their years of coaching. They also give advice and tips for would coaches and also for anyone who might be looking be coached, tips on how to identify the right coach.
Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses…
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In this episode of the Team Lally Radio show, our guest is Steve Rider, the CEO at National Builder Trade In Program.  Steve tells us the story of how he began his 42 year career in real estate, born in Texas and how we grew up with a father who was successful in Real Estate and became his protege.

Steve talks about his transition from Real Estate sales to venturing in to the Builder Trade Program then eventually doing coaching and inspirational speaking. He also discusses his new book called change and how all proceeds go to I-Kick for Kids.   We talk about the upcoming Red Day events by Keller Williams that happens all over the country. We also discuss more about how Steve is involved with a charity that provides…
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Today we want to talk to you about how the new administration is looking to revamp the tax code—in a way that affects the long-standing mortgage interest deduction (MID). Some people are concerned this might impact home sales and drive down home values. We believe it will do just the opposite. Here's why.   

First—a bit of background. Under the current system, you can include the interest you pay on your mortgage in your itemized tax deductions. If your itemized deductions turn out to be more than your standard deduction, you save more on taxes. Currently, about 20% of homeowners who have a mortgage take advantage of the MID, for

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  This episode is so fresh, we're still writing on the content! Until then listen to our show with John Aeto below:     Description:
Joining Team Lally in this episode is John Aeto, the President of The Kālaimoku Group. John talks about growing up in Kalihi, Hawaii and how he was actually classmates with Attilio in their younger years.  He tells us the story of how he started his 23 years of experience in radio and broadcasting, and also how they pioneered playing Hawaiian music in the local stations.   John goes on to discuss how they built a network of radio stations. He talks about how he got the idea to start a native Hawaiian communication company that specializes in the native community. We discuss about what the Kālaimoku…
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