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This week on the Team Lally Radio show, our special guest is Michael W K Tsang, the Owner & Managing Director of MyGoCenter, LLC. Michael talks about moving his family from Las Vegas to Hawaii. Michael tells us the story of how the concept of MyGoCenter started and how they turned it into an innovative but necessary business in Hawaii. He highlights all the services that MyGoCenter offers and the type of professionals that can get an exceptional business center experience while on-the-go. Michael also talks about upcoming locations that will open and new services they are planning to offer soon. Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Team Lally Show with Michael W.K. Tsang

Managing Director, MyGoCenter

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real-world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio!
Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Hey everybody this is Attilio and this is our life-coaching moment but real quick, hear anything on the show sounds like legal or tax advice, we’re not doing that, we’re talking about real estate and other related or even non-related topics, because it’s all about edutainment. What’s that mean, Adrienne?
Adrienne: That means that we’re going to educate you and entertain you. All at once.
Attilio: Oh, yeah? And uh, so, one of the ways we do, is our life-coaching moment and what I want to share with you, two things, I want to talk about the importance of reading because there is a gap, there’s always a gap between who we are today and who we want to be. Would you agree?
Adrienne: Yup, I would agree!
Attilio: Okay, and how we, one of the ways that we can close that gap is through self-improvement and one of the ways we improve ourselves is by gaining information, getting knowledge and obviously just as importantly, executing on it, but one of the ways we can do that is by reading and there’s always this debate, you know, especially in this day and age, uh, more and more, uh, folks are coming out in the electronic version and uh, and we’re always curious to see in ten or twenty years, will they actually even be producing books anymore? Actual physical copies of books. I hope they do! Because that’s the way that I like to read them, so my recommendation is stop with the electronic books because you really can’t incorporate the other kinesthetic aspects of learning which is like highlighting, taking notes, going back and highlighting different things, writing it down, folding a corner, you know, those are the things that uh, are, that electronic books don’t allow you to do, the e-books or even auditory books, because you’re not really focusing, paying attention.
Adrienne: Well some people though are more auditory learners and the audio books help to, to grasp the concepts.
Attilio: But I’m not saying what you are more of, I’m just saying you’re using all of the concepts to, to retain more information. Like drinking water, drinking water is a good thing that we should be doing. To stay hydrated, so anyway, here’s some interesting statistics about reading. One third of all high school students, and that’s Adrienne coughing, one third of all high school students never read another book ever again. Thirty percent! So, and then 42% of college graduates never read another book. Their entire lives. 32% of the population has never gone into a bookstore. So, anyway.
Adrienne: Well there’ snot really that many bookstores around.
Attilio: Life begins at the end of the comfort zone and in the comfort zone, I would tell you right now, is not reading. Only a mediocre person is always at his best. God’s gift to us is potential, our gift to God, developing it, so get out there and read a book. So, here’s what I read, read in a book. You know, it’s the two most important things, to uh, that defines love and, and everything in our lives rotates around the relationships we have. You can have awesome cars, plenty money in the bank, be in great shape, but if you don’t have good relationships, what does it all matter? I don’t, I would doubt that anybody listening to my voice right now would disagree with that, so if you want to have good relationships, which is the foundation to success and happiness in all areas of your life, write this down. Number one: definition of love, when you choose to be at your best when the other person is not at their best. And I’ll repeat that for you, for the people writing it down, when you choose to be at your best when the other person is not at their best. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, it’s the more challenging of the two, but here it is: when what you want is never important but when the other, what the other person needs or wants is paramount. I’ll repeat that, when you want is never important but when what the other person needs or wants is paramount. Now the second one, it’s hard to do. But it’s what true love is. So anyway. Read that in a book!
Adrienne: Alright.
Attilio: Pick up a book every once in a while, people.
Adrienne: Well, I uh, speaking of reading—
Attilio: Okay, go ahead.
Adrienne: Duke likes to send us, uh, Duke from Hawaii Pacific Property Management, he likes to send us these quotes every day, that we can read and get little uh, words of wisdom here. So, the quotes from this morning, uh, the first one’s from Albert Einstein. “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Attilio: Albert Einstein, that’s the bagel guy, right?
Adrienne: No, that’s like Einstein’s bagels. Not—
Attilio: I know, duh, it’s like the physicist.
Adrienne: Yes. Okay the next one’s from—
Attilio: Theory of Relativity.
Adrienne: The next one’s from Karen Lamb. “A year from now, you may wish you had started today.” All about procrastination. Do it now!
Attilio: Yeah, I got this book of procrastination sitting on my night stand. Uh, it’s been there for a year.
Adrienne: Just got to do it now, pick it up. Alright, the last one’s from Richard Bach. “The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.”
Attilio: Awesome.
Adrienne: Okay, so, I guess while we’re waiting for our uh, our, our tips of the week—
Attilio: Well we have all kind of tips of the week, just so you guys know the format of our show, if you’re a listener, we have tips of the week for property management, tips of the week for mortgages, we sometimes have tips of the week for permitting processes, you know, again, all real estate related and then we have a tip of the week called the body language boss, and that’ll be coming up in this part of the show. But, what did you want to know, what, what all those non-verbal communications that, here’s the, you know what’s interesting about non-verbal communication?
Adrienne: What?
Attilio: You can’t control it, it’s only, it’s on a subconscious level so it’s literally, truly authentic and honest. The way of determining how someone’s trying to communicate with you versus what, just they’re saying. So, we’re going to have one of those tips later on.
Adrienne: Okay, well let’s, you know, let’s just bring her on, already. We built it, the Body Language Boss.
Attilio: Alright, let’s go for it.
Adrienne: Okay.
R.B.: Alright, hi Adrienne, hi Attilio! It’s great to be here. This week your body language tip of the week is actually to watch facial expressions. Now, if you are watching someone’s facial expression, you need to know, their emotions are broadcasting these facial expressions, so if you can find out what expression they’re making, you have an inside tip as to what they’re actually feeling and the easiest way to uh, to diagnose that expression is actually to mimic it. If you see someone making a face and you want to know what they’re thinking, I want you to mimic their facial expression. This is something you do naturally but when you do it consciously it will help you figure out what they’re feeling and where they’re coming from.
Adrienne: Now what if they’re making kind of like an angry face?
R.B.: Then they’re probably angry and you shouldn’t mimic that facial expression, because then you might get a little bit angry.
Adrienne: Okay.
R.B.: Hope that makes sense, and that’s my tip of the week.
Adrienne: Alright, so those are some uh, great tips from R.B. Kelly, the Body Language Boss. You can find her on Facebook, uh, you can find her online at www.thebodylanguageboss.com. Make sure to subscribe to her newsletter, she sends out awesome tips every week.
Attilio: I think if you sign up for her website, too, uh, you can also request like some kind of 15-minute free consultation. That she’ll do with you, so highly recommend, she’s really studied the art of body language. Alright, so let’s get, let’s go with the property management tip of the week.
Adrienne: Okay, we don’t want to wait for Duke to call in.
Attilio: I don’t know, you know, he’s, he’s so busy with his taking care of his clients that we are going to give the body language tip of the week, which is?
Adrienne: The body language tip of the week?
Attilio: No, I’m sorry—
Adrienne: Property management tip of the week?
Attilio: How about this? Body language things that you should be looking at when you’re meeting with the property management client?
Adrienne: Yes, well Duke says he’s going to be calling in, in two minutes, so let’s just wait for Duke. And in the, in the meantime, why don’t we talk about our upcoming event, our certification training?
Attilio: Well real quick, let’s give a mortgage tip of the week for Jodie Tonga from Hawaii Pacific Property Mortgage.
Adrienne: Or we could have Janyce call, talk in because she’s waiting on the line.
Attilio: Oh, wait, let’s get Janyce on the line. Janyce, are you there?
Janyce: Yes, I am.
Attilio: What’s your tip of the week for us?
Janyce: Well, Hawaii is not necessarily known for overly spacious homes. So, many people don’t use a formal dining room or formal dining table today. But a kitchen island can be both a dining table, a space saver, or extra storage and you can also give the illusion that your place is bigger if you play with color. You don’t have the island match the rest of the cabinetry exactly.
Attilio: Now you’re talking about the counter top, or the cabinetry that the island’s made out of?
Janyce: I’m talking about the island cabinetry. So, if you create a concept, and perhaps go with the dark island, and have the rest of your cabinetry in the kitchen be light, it kind of uh, especially if you use some of the trim that’s available, you can have a dining room table effect for the island. And the rest of the kitchen cabinets actually look they are the kitchen cabinets.
Attilio: Yeah, I think that’s important to mention because most, people nowadays, you know, we sell a ton of homes and every time we talk about the dining room or we go to the homes to visit uh, to help them with some things they need to do to get the home ready for sale, the dining room, it’s just got dust on it, or that’s where the kids do homework, very rarely nowadays are people actually having dinner in that formal dining area, so.
Adrienne: Just like a wasted space.
Attilio: Yeah, I think the island, the kitchen island is uh, is a much more functional use of the home and I like that tip that you’ve given on how to create more of an open space with the contrasting colors. Thank you.
Janyce: Yes, you can have that effect, it’s helpful especially since most places aren’t ___ the largest ___ on our island. However, if you’re remodeling, then we can design that into it.
Attilio: You know, what are your thoughts on it, because I think, so a couple things uh, with the islands that I see making a more functional is like a little, small little prep sink, uh, and/or I’ve seen cooking, cooking uh, appliances in the, in the island and then I’ve also, I think, I think the one thing that people uh, or the kids uh like is like an electrical outlet because then they can put their laptops in or recharge their phones. What are you seeing in the islands as far as the—
Janyce: Well, electrical outlets are required to be there, that’s a coder requirement. There are a variety of specialty ones and there’s a particular company’s product that I like to specify in islands if the client is willing to pay the extra because it’s actually designed to recess into the countertop out of the way when you’re not using it. But when it pops up, it has a variety of outlets, including USB and your uh, Ethernet if need be. Uh, in addition to the outlet, you know, that’s a great place, the island is a great place to put your wine cooler, or chiller. And your uh, our beverage chiller. Uh, if you’re going to put in a sink, you’re going to need a larger island. And because obviously it’s going to take up some space for other types of usage and I would hardly recommend that people not just go grab the typical off-the-shelf uh, bar sink that everyone sees and then it’s too shallow and you have splash all over the place. There’s an enormous variety of sinks available.
Attilio: Gotcha. Alright.
Janyce: And there’s things like your microwave also. There are microwaves that are designed to function as drawers, they are perfect for an island.
Attilio: Oh, wow, did not know that. That’s what a big man said. Okay! Thanks, Janyce!
Adrienne: Thank you, Janyce! Excellent tips on island and uh, space saving. In the home.
Attilio: Yeah. If you want to get ahold of Janyce, uh, Adrienne, how can they call her?
Adrienne: You can give her a call at 206-7107.
Attilio: Or on the internet where?
Adrienne: Check her out at www.dreamhousedrafting.com.
Attilio: Alright, next up, we’ve got Duke. Duke, are you there?
Duke: Hi, good afternoon!
Adrienne: Hello!
Attilio: What’ve you got for us this week?
Duke: Tip of the week is get a, or find a property manager that will fight for you in court and guarantee their work. So, we have three guarantees, we have a rent guarantee, an eviction guarantee, and a communication guarantee. So, uh, coming from port this morning makes me think about, as much background checking as we do, and verifying of income and employment, paycheck stubs and everything, we still get tenants that slip through our system and don’t’ pay rent.
Attilio: Oh, wow. Yeah and sometimes just some, life happens and you know, they, they’re paying the rent becomes low priority and uh—
Duke: Low priority, yeah.
Adrienne: So, Duke, at what point, so the, the rent is due on the first. At what point is the rent late? And then what happens next if they’re late?
Attilio: Yeah, walk us through that timeline.
Duke: So, the, the rent is due on the first, it’s late on the second, we post eviction notices sometime between the 6th and the 10th and then we’ve got to try to get them into court within the two-week timeframe before their security deposit wears out by the end of the month. But the security deposit is mainly used for repair of damage. And so, we have to prove in court that they maliciously knew that the rent was due and they decided not to pay. We have to give warnings, we’ve got to give remiss, we’ve got to give them that. But the court, the court will award us a judgment but they’ll still instruct us to give them the security deposit back.
Adrienne: So, they can live in the home for free for a month if they play their cards right.
Duke: It’s so difficult.
Adrienne: Wow, that’s pretty amazing.
Duke: I don’t know why people wouldn’t get a property manager to fight for them when there’s, even with all the background checking that we do, there’s still people that we have to go to court to evict.
Attilio: Yeah, you guys are like the backstop on that, because if you think about it, if you’re a for-sale, for-rent-by-owner, you know, the court, they don’t’ schedule around, they uh, correct me if I’m wrong, the court is not evenings and weekends, right? You can do this after work? No, you’re going to have to take time off of work.
Duke: Monday through Thursday, that’s the court date.
Adrienne: Now when you have to evict somebody does that, does that go on their record or how is that found so that it doesn’t happen again, or so that—
Duke: Well, once we get a judgment, we can put it on the website, the tenant history website. So, without the court judgment, we can’t do that.
Adrienne: Got it.
Duke: Right. But.
Attilio: Well that’s good to know.
Duke: Most homeowners don’t call the last two landlords to find out how their payment history was. We do.
Attilio: And I think most, I think most proepty owners, because they don’t know what to do, it’s going to take you 30 days to figure out what you need to do, and then you’re in the second month.
Adrienne: Yup.
Attilio: So, two, okay folks, do the math. Two to three—
Duke: Get a professional.
Attilio: Two to three months of vacancy with no rent at all, or you set it and forget it and just call Duke and his team. I think I’ll go for easy. I’ll call Duke.
Duke: Easy is good. Well worth the 10%.
Adrienne: Press the easy button.
Attilio: Press the easy button. Alright.
Duke: I like that, thank you.
Adrienne: Thanks, Duke.
Duke: Take care.
Attilio: Alright, he’s got a, also got a rent guarantee. If he doesn’t uh, get your home rented in the agreed-upon time and a rental amount, they’ll pay the rent.
Adrienne: That’s right!
Attilio: That sounds crazy.
Adrienne: It is.
Attilio: Or they’re good. Or maybe they’re just crazy good, I think you should check them out on Yelp, give them a call, what’s the number, Adrienne?
Adrienne: 445-9223. That’s 445-9223.
Attilio: Or on the internet?
Adrienne: Or www.hipacificpm.com.
Attilio: You’re supposed to wait until I say on the internet, then you say the website. Okay, keep going.
Adrienne: Yes, I did.
Attilio: Alright, speaking of on the internet—
Adrienne: We’ve got Jodie.
Attilio: We have Jodie, for real. Not on internet. HI, Jodie.
Adrienne: We’ve got Jodie, the Mortgage Genius.
Attilio: Mortgage Genius.
Jodie: Hi there, how’s it going?
Attilio: Always great, what’ve you got for us this week?
Jodie: So, today I wanted to talk to you guys about, it’s a little bit more detailed. Uh, but it, it does happen often, so uh, now, I’ll just, I’ll just ask you this, Attilio. What interest rate would you rather have? A 3.875, or a 3.625?
Attilio: Mmm, uh, this is one of those trick questions, 3.62, whatever, the 3.0, the lower one!
Jodie: The lower one, right, so obviously, all of us would rather have the lowest rate possible. Right? That’s what the brain, I mean in that, that’s logic, that’s the common sense, however, what if there was a cost involved with the lower interest rate?
Attilio: (gasp)
Adrienne: Well it would depend on how much of a cost.
Jodie: Right! And so, so yesterday someone called me and he said, oh, I decided I’m going to be working with another lender because, you know, they’re giving me this uh, this lower interest rate and I said, okay, I mean, I would really highly recommend that you come back in and we sit down and we can, we can compare apples to apples, because you know, we’re not, you know, and he, and then basically we got into this conversation and I said, remember how we talked about points or a.k.a. origination fees, I mean there’s a lot of different ways to put it but so, uh, it turned out that in my scenario, he was coming to the table with $0 and in the lower interest rate scenario, which he thought he was just getting a better deal, he was coming to the table with $9,000. So, I guess what, what I was thinking, you know, generally speaking, it’s understanding your bottom line. So, it’s really difficult to fib, you can’t fib the bottom line. The bottom line is, how much am I going to need in total to close. And if, if the two bottom lines are not equal, then I, that, I would think the interest rates aren’t the same because in one you’re paying points and in the other, other scenario, you’re not paying points, you know, and so there’s no real good way to make a comparison unless you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison. And so, this particular individual plans on owning the home for 5 years. When we did the math, we, I calculated the monthly payment, at the lower interest rate, versus the monthly payment at the higher interest rate, so that we could get some monthly savings if he was to choose the lower interest rate. Then, we got, then we multiplied that by 12, to get the annual savings, so if I go with this lower interest rate option, I’m going to be saving this much a year. Then we compared the, his costs or his additional amount out of pocket, versus what you know, when you’re comparing the two scenarios, uh, and we divided that by the amount he’s saving each and every year by paying this money. And what that cost benefit analysis equation would, would give us, is it would tell us how many years it would take to recuperate your up-front money that you’re now spending in order to secure this lower interest rate, which you thought for sure was a better option for you. And so, in his, in his instance, it was going to take about 9.25 years. Uh, to recuperate his, his funds. And so, I said, when we talked, short-term, medium-term, long-term goals, you said, 5 years. And you want to sell. And, and I said, is there a chance that we might turn this, convert this into a rental proepty and then give Duke a call, you know, and then, he said, no, I’m not, I’m selling in 5 years, I have no intentions of, and regardless, that’s a whole other subject, if we agree with that statement, but uh, but then, I said, so you’re not even going to recuperate all that money. Did you really want to spend it? You know, and then he’s like, oh! That, okay, wait, okay, never mind, I don’t want to cancel with you, I don’t want to work with the other lender, and so it’s just, it’s one of those things like, lower isn’t always better, even though that sounds so non-common sense.
Attilio: Well the truth will set you free.
Jodie: That’s my tip!
Attilio: That’s a good one there, is uh, make sure you go meet with a mortgage broker like Jodie and her team that can you give you that apples to apples comparison. It’s almost like simple right, draw a line down the middle of the paper—
Adrienne: Just do the math.
Attilio: And go line-by-line, what’s going to work for you based on your timelines and your cost savings, I like how you did that, super simple! It’s easy! Another easy button! Call Jodie.
Adrienne: Another easy button. The Mortgage Genius.
Attilio: Alright.
Adrienne: Thanks, Jodie.
Attilio: Thanks, Jodie.
Jodie: Thank you guys, bye!
Attilio: So, you’re going to pull that easy button, it’s on your phone, what’s the number?
Adrienne: You can call Jodie at 488-5510.
Attilio: Or on the internet at?
Adrienne: At www.pacrimmtg.com.
Attilio: Www.pacrimmtg.com.
Adrienne: That’s right, so I think we’re going to take a break. So, stay with us.
Attilio: Hey, we’re about to take a break. So, stay with us. When we come back, we’ll be talking with Michael of the MyGoCenter, we, he will be telling us uh, how professionals can get an exceptional business center experience while on the go! Stay tuned!
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Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.
Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne—
Attilio: And I’m Attilio.
Adrienne: If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Alright, we ready for our guest today?
Adrienne: We are ready.
Attilio: Busy owner and managing director of MyGoCenter LLC. MyGoCenter is the future Starbucks of business centers. MyGoCenter was created for professionals on the go and is a hybrid of the co-working space and full executive suite.
Adrienne: The first location opened in Kapolei, with the second location in Honolulu and three more across the island opening 2018. Here to tell us more about MyGoCenter, let’s welcome our guest today, Michael Tseng.
Attilio: Hey, Michael!
Michael: Hey guys, hi Adrienne! Hi Attilio, how are you guys doing?
Adrienne:  Welcome to the show!
Attilio: Alright, so, uh, the beginning part of our, whenever we bring the guests on, we always like to, local style, business is talk about you as a person a little bit, get to know you real quick, uh, are you from Hawaii or if you’re from somewhere else, how did you end up here, or what’s your story?
Michael: Uh, I moved here from Las Vegas with my family, my wife has uh, family, relatives here that are from the island and it made it easy for us to move here. And uh, we’ve lived here about 3 years, a little more than 3 years now, and we love it.
Attilio: What brought you back, what brought you to Hawaii, your wife back home and you for the, to come live here?
Michael: Uh, we came here, I cam here for work, my wife came here to uh, with some partnerships that made sense for us to move here and it was a nice place to raise our kids.
Attilio: How many kids do you have?
Michael: I have 3, they’re uh, 4, 6, and 8. ___ their birthday just passed. 4, 6, and 8.
Attilio: So, real quick, and we always like it when the dads come on or the moms come on, why don’t you say hi to all 3 of your kids in case they’re listening.
Michael: Hi Mila, hi Juno, hi Sabin!
Attilio: You know the kids get a kick out of it especially when they hear their names on the radio.
Michael: They’ll love it.
Attilio: Yeah! Alright, so, let’s talk about this MyGoCenter. And uh, well how did you guys, first of, how did you guys come up with the name?
Michael: Uh, when we built the business center, we, we were thinking about our members, what they would be and probably you know, what kind of makeup they would be and most of them would be on the go. So, we’re like hey, you know, it makes sense to put go in the name for the uh, the business and we came up with MyGoCenter.
Adrienne: Now, this MyGoCenter, how did you guys come up with this, with this concept, it’s a little bit different than the traditional shared office spaces.
Michael: Yeah, they, you know, it’s been, I’ve been a customer of Executive Suites for about 16 years, and all across the country I use it because it’s easy to scale, uh, the number of offices you have up and down, uh, depending on ___ are, and so through the years I learned about what I need as a customer so I, I approached them, a friend of mine, who works for Regis and he, Regis is an executive suite business and he, I convinced him to move back to Hawaii because he’s from Hawaii, it would be great if we could build it here on the west side because it doesn’t exist and I need, I need it for some customers and so we decided to build MyGoCenter together from a customer standpoint and from the operator standpoint.
Attilio: So, you, you’ve been a customer of this type of service for 18 years and you’re like, man, I wish they did this, and I wish they did that! And you made that list—
Michael: Yeah, so, exactly, yeah, it was, the list was uh, very.
Attilio: Yeah, so let’s talk about a couple of those things. What are some things that you’re going to see in the MyGoCenter that your, that, you know, that you thought in your opinion were lacking in those other type of executive or shared office spaces?
Michael: Sure, the uh, the culture is probably the most important part, is the connection to the location, the business center, uh, it varied by different business suites around the country and different places here in Hawaii too, so one of the things that you’ll have at MyGoCenter is that you’ll always feel connected to the center as a member and that we look out for you first, and not just so, look to sell you products and services. We, we look to protect you, we look to help you strive with your businesses because if you do well, we do well, everybody does well. So, the customer and member comes first.
Attilio: I think yeah, one of the key thigs you guys like doing is connecting the members with each other because there’s a lot of, everybody’s got their databases or their client databases and there’s probably a lot of overlap in, in products or services that people can be sharing with each other and kind of like instead of, you know, renting a room in a house and you never get to know your roommates, you encourage us to get to know our roommates.
Michael: Yeah, it’s fun to do because some people, even though they, they are okay with meeting people, it’s easier for somebody else to introduce you to somebody else, so, it’s fun for us to do that and then you kind of let them go and see where it goes and it’s nice to see the, those relationships blossom into uh, different uh, things that they do together, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does, but most of the time we see that it blossoms and it’s pretty interesting to watch.
Attilio: Yeah, that uh concept you’re talking about, Michael Mayer wrote a book called 7 Levels of Communication and it’s called the Triangle of Trust. And so, when you have a person between the two, that makes the introduction, uh, some, it’s a warm connection as opposed to a cold and they call it the Triangle of Trust.
Adrienne: The MyGoCenter, Triangle of Trust.
Michael: I like it.
Attilio: So, one of the, this, I got this question from John Maxwell. And he, do you remember, do you know what question I’m thinking of, Adrienne?
Adrienne: The, who do you know, that I should know?
Attilio: Who do you know that it should know? And uh, that got him an introduction to I think it’s John Woodmen, uh, which is the, the basketball coach, they actually named the court after him and he’s like one of the winningest coaches in college basketball, author, speaker, and uh, just got some great wisdom and he got to go spend the whole day with him, because he asked somebody else, who do you know that I should know? So, anyway.
Adrienne: So, the members of MyGoCenter—
Attilio: They’re always asking Michael all the time, who do you know that I should know? And Michael, you can be good with making those introductions. Alright.
Michael: Yeah, we think about that every day.
Attilio: Yeah, let’s talk about the menu. The menu. Menu of services.
Michael: Uh, so we uh, we have co-working where members can come in and just work in the common open space, and then we, we have virtual uh, office plans where somebody can use our address for their place of business. And we have uh, phone answering and also full-time offices at our location. Uh, we do have something else that’s coming out on this that’s pretty interesting I think for your listeners. We have a recording studio that’s coming online in uh, about 2, in a few weeks, where you can record podcasts and record music videos and edit it at our location.
Attilio: Cool! I think people need to be more into that, because that’s literally how people are seeking to get information is, I know I listen to a ton of podcasts and it’s a, its’ a very low-cost, low, energy way of uh, establishing your credibility in the marketplace and probably even creating some SEO back to your website.
Adrienne: And just getting the, getting the content out.
Attilio: And stuff like that, so, uh there was something else I was going to ask you guys, uh, the—
Adrienne: I wanted to know how long has the, the Kapolei location been open?
Michael: So, they, the location uh, opened in, officially February of this year, but we expanded into a new location in September, that was a bigger location. Uh, so we, we closed the smaller one and then moved into the bigger space.
Adrienne: I think that just shows the, the demand, you know, it’s like wow, you guys are only open a few months and then okay, we’ve already got to, we’ve already got to expand because of the demand that’s, you know, it’s needed there on the west side.
Attilio: So, and then what—
Michael: There’s a market that’s not, sorry, go ahead.
Attilio: No, go ahead.
Michael: So, there’s a market that’s not being served out there and we’re, we’re serving a demand that, that’s huge and uh, everybody appreciates and we appreciate it too. It’s nice to see people come out and do work and connect and just make things happen.
Attilio: Yeah, I know, used, when I started in real estate, I, my office was Starbucks and the staff, they just, for some reason, they were getting all upset with me, like, because uh, you know, like taking calls for me, uh, you know, like I would go in and say hey, did I get any mail? Sent over here with my name on it? By chance, did this client come by on Saturday, I, you know, I wasn’t able to make it but were you able, were you guys able, to you know, take care of him because I wasn’t able to make it to the Starbucks? So—
Michael: That’s why they made it cold!
Attilio: Yeah, exactly. But, you know, I’m just joking, but in reality, I’m being funny, but in reality, a lot of people, that’s what they’re, they’re not forwarding their mails and their phone calls over there, but you’re meeting clients in a Starbucks environment and obviously Starbucks doesn’t want to hear this because they want you to do that and go over there and drink more cups of coffee but, again, the managing of the evidence for perception, if you’re a business owner, what does it say if you’re meeting with them in the Starbucks?
Adrienne: Yeah, that you’re not very together, like you’re not as professional as meeting in a, in an office space.
Attilio: And it’s just a perception, we’re not saying that you’re not professional, you’re not good at what you do, but again, people make very surface level judgments and/or, and/or uh, you know, decisions about you based on, there’s another book by Dr. Koldini, it’s called Pre-suasion, so when you meet with them, in a professional environment before you even started the conversation, they’re more likely to want to do business with you because of the environment that you decided to meet with them in. And it’s kind of noisy at Starbucks, sometimes it’s like, then you get that person that starts leaning over and starts wanting to listen so, if you’re talking about—
Adrienne: Something
Attilio: You know, something confidential, uh, that can kind of be a weird situation when you’ve got to like, you know, be, correct me if I’m wrong, like in the movie, like in the TV episode from the ’70s, called Get Smart, they don’t have cones of silence. At the Starbucks, right?
Adrienne: No.
Attilio: Where they drop down from the ceiling?
Adrienne: Not at this time.
Attilio: I want to paint a picture for you, the cones of silence would come down, but there was no way for the sound to come out of the cone of silence to the other person who was in their cone of silence, so, the big, the guy running the agents, the detective, the spy agency, the cone would come down and then the Get Smart character would come down, and they’d be like, I can’t hear you, and then they’re like, they kept sticking their heads out of the cones of silence because they couldn’t hear each other, it worked too well. Anyway, let’s talk about other services that you guys provide.
Michael: Sure, we have, we are handling uh, we take your packages so you don’t uh, so you don’t have to miss your package and go all the way to the airport and uh, pick up your missed package. So we’ll sign it for you and we’ll call  you when it arrives and we’ll even take on uh, lease agreements for some people, say you’re a real estate agent and you want us to drop off uh, some paperwork for your client, you can leave it there for your client to pick up and they can also drop off different paperwork also, so it’s very convenient, we become, we become your backbone, we, we, we’re, I consider us, uh, in, like a, we do the layup and you guys do the slam dunk. We’re a support system.
Adrienne: Part of the team.
Attilio: Making everybody look like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.
Michael: That’s our job.
Adrienne: So, you guys also have a space so that if you wanted to do like a, a presentation or do like a big meeting, that that could also be made available. Yeah, tell us about that.
Michael: Yeah, so we have an events space, we have uh, there’s two parts to it in the one in Kapolei. The uh, inside space, you can have uh, a seminar-style meeting uh, bookings for after hours or during the weekend and it sits up to about 50 or 60 people. And then uh, we have a cocktail, and we have technology also, so we have technology, we’ve got TV screens, touch screen TV, you can video conference in, we have, we have wireless mics, speakers, we have a pretty good setup for whatever you can think of. And on—
Attilio: Now, I wanted to share with you, Michael, first-hand experience, we did the, last Monday, the, the seminar that we did. What I liked about it is you guys have the double monitors, so you have the monitors that was directly behind us, and then one right around the corner for the other people, big, big TV monitors so, and playing, playing, and so our PowerPoint presentation, we could show it on two different monitors at the same time, we didn’t’ have that, we weren’t as techy like that before.
Adrienne: I know, that’s very convenient, loved it!
Attilio: But keep going, keep going, Michael, you were saying?
Michael: Yeah, we didn’t want anybody to strain them, that’s why. (laughing) Uh, so the, so we have a big Linai also, we have a 900-square-feet Linai, and it’s available for bookings, we can probably fit up to almost 100 people out there for uh, fold-up seats, type of setting, or you can do a 75-pesron cocktail event there or holiday party. Uh, and we have uh, you know, again, speakers and wireless mics, it could be a full-on production for whatever you can think of.
Attilio: Now, if I’m just, if I just, you know, where does it start off as far as your pricing, I want to come in and use the common area, the coffee machine, the, you know, a la carte services, what am I looking at?
Michael: Sure, very, very affordable, so co-working, if you want to just come hang out, $49 a month. And you can come for 5 days out of the month, it could be any of those 5 days that are open and uh, if you want to come every day of the month, it’s $149 per month and includes coffee, water, tea, free Wi-Fi, our uh, events space, if you want to book it, for uh, after-hours and the evening time, it’s only $70 an hour if you’re not a member. And if you’re a member, it’s, it’s $60 an hour. For the Linai for events, you can book the whole space for $120 an hour. If you, if you want the technology with it, meaning the wireless speakers, the, the uh, the microphones, uh and, and the whole setup, we make it easy for you and just charge a flat $175 per hour, that way you don’t get any surprise bill at the end and you can really manage your budget.
Adrienne: Nice!
Attilio: Okay, I think we should, the theme of our show will be the easy button show since we had Duke talking about evictions, which is easy, they just do it for you, Jodie about comparing your interest rates, uh, Janyce about design tips, all easy stuff that you can go to these professionals and now, I’m thinking, here’s your ideal client, and this is how everybody starts off, you’ve got the day job but then what you do is you’re bridging your business as you grow and leading with revenue, what’s that mean, Adrienne, leading with revenue?
Adrienne: It means you want to keep your cost down.
Attilio: Yeah, lead with revenue as opposed to getting in over your head and, and uh, having too much overhead.
Adrienne: Getting into debt right up-front.
Attilio: Yeah and stressing out and having you, you know, your family kick you out of the house because you’re not paying the bills. So, you could bridge because you have the home office, which you can work out of, to keep your expenses down, but if you need to meet in a professional environment, not like a Starbucks—
Adrienne: MyGoCenter.
Attilio: MyGoCenter! For $50? Just to give you guys a, give you guys some comparison here, we have just a small tiny 1200 square foot office and that’s $5,000 a month, that’s $60,000 a year versus $600. What sounds better, when you’re starting off?
Adrienne: I like the $600.
Attilio: $600 sounds way better when you’re starting to grow your business and you can, it allows you an opportunity to lead with revenue. And uh, anything else, Michael, you want to share about the—
Adrienne: Well I would ask about your, your additional locations and the plans uh, for expansion.
Attilio: When’s that coming on-line and where’s it going to be?
Michael: So, we, we have a location that we’re about to sign the lease for, we just finalized all the, the details, and it’s near ___ uh, shopping center area. And it’s, if you’re a member for any location, you can use your membership at any location. So, we’re, it’s great for professionals on the go!
Attilio: Yeah, and the access is uh, with the fobs and stuff, is it 24, 24 hours?
Michael: So, we, we’re, we don’t’ have the 24-hour access for coworkers yet, but we’re going to, once we have a set location, we’re going to introduce a new membership package where you can access it 24 hours a day.
Attilio: Cool! Okay. And uh, but you talk, well the permanent people have it, the ones that have the—
Michael:  Permit, you have a full-time office, you can go in and out as you please, yeah.
Attilio: Yeah, so and then that’s a good, good bridging one too because you can just do a smaller office space and then as you get something bigger, then you, you can use the time to shop around but establish yourself with a fixed space. Again, I think we’re running, renting uh, you know, a little space for a lot less than $5,000 a month. So. Alright.
Michael: Flexibility.
Attilio: Yeah! Michael, anything else you want to share with us regarding the MyGoCenter?
Michael: Uh, I just want to say that we uh, we thank everybody who’s supported us so far and we really appreciate the uh, the different kind of businesses that come in because, for me, the most interesting part about running MyGoCenter is meeting all the members. Everybody has an interesting story, everybody’s doing something different and you find out what, like something else that’s, something like wow, I can’t believe that existed, it’s pretty interesting. So, it’s really a fun business because we, we get to really connect people and put them together and, and uh, and really help them because we, when a member comes back to us and tells us how much we’ve helped them, that, that just made our day because that’s our mission in life.
Attilio: Got any events coming up, that you can think of?
Michael: We have a cryptocurrency event coming up on November 16th, it’s a, an event called, “What is cryptocurrency?” so that’s, so if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, you might have heard of bitcoins, that’s the type of cryptocurrency and uh, we’re having a seminar with uh, kind of a versus viewpoint, procs and cons about, some people who like cryptocurrency and some people who say stay away from it, so it’s pretty interesting seminar, its free, you just have to register, and you can register from our website, and uh, it’s November 16th at 6 p.m.
Attilio: And will you be having a little networking before or after?
Michael: Yes, we always, we always network. (laughing)
Attilio: Always be networking!
Adrienne: It’s all about the networking!
Attilio: ABN, always be networking! Okay.
Michael: ABN. (laughing)
Adrienne: Well thank you so much, Michael, that was uh, excellent information that you’ve been able to provide to all of our listeners. Now, if any of our listeners want to get ahold of you to sign up—
Attilio: Or get more information.
Adrienne: Or get more information, what’s the best, yeah, what’s the best way?
Michael: They can email me, which is michael@mygocenter.com. Or you can call us at 808-215-0600. Or you can stop by, and we’re open, during regular business hours.
Attilio: And then, uh, the website is www.mygocenter.com?
Michael: That’s right, www.mygocenter.com.
Adrienne: Alright.
Attilio: Thanks, Michael!
Adrienne: Thanks, Michael!
Michael: Thanks for having me, have a good, great day!
Adrienne: Alright, so I think we’re going to take a quick break, when we come back, we’ve got uh, some events to share.
Attilio: Yeah, we’re going to be talking about how you can learn more about solar power to close more real estate deals. And we might even be talking about some free pumpkin pie, so stay with us!
Adrienne: Yup!
[Music fades to commercials]
Announcer: It’s the Team Lally real estate show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!
Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—
Attilio: And I’m Attilio!
Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Alrighty, so we’ve got uh—
Adrienne: Got a couple of events that are coming up.
Attilio: The power event, when is that?
Adrienne: So, that’s going to be happening uh, Thursday, I believe that’s November 16th, yes. At 12 o’clock. Over at the Keller Williams Honolulu office.
Attilio: And it’s going to be, is it Jim Bunch?
Adrienne: Jim Bunch, he’s going to be uh, teaching us some great things and uh, all about solar.
Attilio: Yeah, so if you’re a realtor or maybe just a lay person out there, don’t necessarily need to be licensed or uh, a realtor but if you’re a realtor, it’s, I mean it’s geared toward the realtor audience. And how you can become more educated on what’s going on with the solar industry, uh, and he’s not, he’s not, he doesn’t offer cellular services.
Adrienne: Solar.
Attilio: He’s not one of the cellular companies.
Adrienne: Solar.
Attilio: Solar, solar companies. He is just talking about a concept of desegregating, decentralizing power consumption and uh, getting more and more of this green energy type out there. He’s going to teach you how to have conversations.
Adrienne: So, I mean here’s some of the, the highlights that it’s going to get hit in the training. Why do agents lose home sales because of solar? How we power the energy grid today. How net metering works. Solar financing. Lease and loan assignments and transfers. How to identify and validate the value and economic benefit of a home with solar. Five reasons why home owners don’t do solar. How to avoid losing sales in escrow because of solar issues. The difference between owned and leased systems. Solar eligibility. And how solar really effects the sales price of a home.
Attilio: And most importantly, I think what, free lunch?
Adrienne: And free lunch!
Attilio: Yeah, like, if you, not that it interests you but if you want free food, you should come check it out. Talking about free food, or do you want to keep going with that?
Adrienne: No, I was just going to say, you can go to www.kwhonoluluevents.com. And RSVP and get additional information about the event.
Attilio: Yeah, so that’s www.kwhonoluluevents.com. K as in Keller Williams, so Keller Williams, www.kwhonoluluevents.com. Uh, just click on it, RSVP, most importantly, here, there’s only one catch. Show up!
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: Okay, close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Okay. Next up, we’ve got Michael, Michael are you there?
Michael: Aloha guys, great show as usual!
Attilio: Alright, tell us about your, what’ve you got for us?
Michael: I have the privilege of going to be sitting in an open house this Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 1024 ___ Street, right off Ward Avenue. Guys, it’s a beautiful home, one bedroom, one bath, one parking, which is very important, great for first-time home buyers or investors who are looking to live in the punch bowl area. Guys, fantastic, we just had a great price improvement on it, come check me out, 1024 ___ Street, this Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Attilio: And so, wait, you said this is a house?
Adrienne: Condo! Condo!
Attilio: That’s not a house, one bedroom, (laughing).
Adrienne: No, it’s a condo. One bedroom, one bath, one parking.
Michael: One parking condo. Yes, and again, talked with the association, we’re good to go on all of that, let me know if you have any questions. When you visit me this Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. over at 1024 ___ Street.
Attilio: Alright, awesome, Michael.
Adrienne: Thanks, Michael!
Attilio: Thank you.
Adrienne: Alright, next up, we have, we’ve got Kevin on the line.
Attilio: Kevin, what’ve you got for us?
Kevin: Hey, Adrienne and Attilio, yup, uh, this Sunday, myself and another buyer specialist, Veronica Edwards. We will be teaming up to sit the grand open house at 91-701K ___ Road in Eva Beach. This Sunday from 2-5 p.m. This home is super special, it’s an ocean-front property for only $799,000. Yup, and ocean-front property in Hawaii for only $799,000 is such a great steal. You have to come by and check it out, it’s a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, single family home, the seller did such an amazing job to the home, so again, this Sunday, myself and Veronica, we will be sitting the open house from 2-5 p.m. at 91-701K ___ Road in Eva Beach. Hope to see listeners there, don’t miss out on this opportunity, the home is priced to sell, that’s all I’ve got, thank you for your time, Adrienne and Attilio.
Adrienne: Thanks, Kevin. Alright, well thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.
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Attilio: Chi-hoo!
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