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Why Buy Luxury Real Estate At Auctions?

Buying Advantages

  • Commitment to Sell. 
When you attend an auction, you’ll know that the seller is committed to selling the property on auction day.
  • No Risk of Overpaying. With traditional real estate sales, many buyers of luxury homes, ranches, condominiums and other properties worry that they will pay too much. However, with an auction, the visible market value is established. So if you are the successful bidder, you will know that your price is fair market value.
  • Service. 
We will work closely with you in the days leading up to the sale, by providing you the information you need to evaluate the property and be prepared to make a sound decision on the auction sale day.
  • Auction Day. 
We provide a staff of professional auctioneers and bid assistants to assist you in any way throughout the bidding and buying process.
  • Streamline Non-Contingent Closing. 
We offer a more streamline non-contingent closing normally within 30 days.


  • As a Buyer, it is important for you to know that at an auction conducted by Accelerated Luxury Marketing, the Seller is committed to selling the property on auction day. Some auction companies have engaged in deceptive marketing practices, advertising an auction as ‘absolute or without reserve’, when in reality it is subject to the opening bids received by the auction company prior to the auction beginning. In these cases, if the opening bids are not acceptable, the auction is cancelled.
  • This practice is illegal in many states and has been deemed unethical by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). As leaders in the auction industry and members of the NAA, we recognize and adhere to the their Code of Ethics, which spells out the auction company’s obligation to properly inform the buyers during the marketing campaign whether the auction is absolute or with reserve. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with a clear and concise understanding of the property being sold, the terms of the auction, and the auction process as it relates to that specific auction.
  • Accelerated Luxury Marketing has been successfully marketing real estate by auction for years. We further understand that for us to continue successfully marketing real estate by auction, Accelerated Luxury Marketing must continue to market properties of sellers who are truly committed to sell. When you make the decision to attend our auction, you will know the seller is truly committed to selling the property on auction day.

Getting Ready

As with any other real estate purchase, it is important to do your homework, or as we refer to it as, Due Diligence. Here are some steps we recommend:

  • Study the information available on the property. This can be found on the Auction property page with full details about the location, size, acreage and many other aspects of the property. A property brochure is also available to view online or you may request one be mailed to your address.
  • Obtain a Property Information Packet. This packet contains many more helpful details, such as maps, demographics, zoning information, seller disclosure, inspection and floor plans.
  • Visit the property. Ultimately, there is no substitute for viewing the property. Our professional on site auction showing staff will give you a guided tour of the property and answer any questions you may have about the auction process and the property itself.
  • Arrange financing, if needed. Our properties are sold without contingencies, so you will need to make arrangements to have financing in place (if you require it) before the auction day.
  • Decide whether you wish to be represented by a real estate broker. Accelerated Luxury Marketing do not require that you be represented, however, if you are working with a real estate professional, they will be required to attend any open house viewings with you as well as the auction day.

Auction Day

  • On auction day, Accelerated Luxury Marketing suggest that you make arrangements to arrive at the property at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled Auction time. This will allow for you to complete your Bidder Registration, (if you have not already done so), collect your Bidder Packet, take a final tour of the property and ask any remaining questions you may have before the live auction commences.
  • Our professional auction staff will be available to answer any questions about the property, as well as the bidding process.
  • During the auction, our bid assistants will be available to relay your bid to the auctioneer and answer any questions you may have during the auction.

SOLD! You are the High Bidder.

Congratulations! You and your party will be escorted to the closing room immediately after the auction to complete all necessary documents. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the closing process and ensure a smooth transaction, in most cases; your closing will be scheduled within 30 days.