Short Sale Tips For Success

1. Set yourself up on a client gateway with Adrienne’s Agent number. You become the prospect, and the custom search you want to create, and attach to your profile, is for an agent’s member number. Adrienne’s member number is 27165. As soon as one of our listings becomes active you will be notified. The benefit of this is we work with the first reasonable offer in the door. We will continue to work with that offer regardless of how many offers come in, even if they are superior. The exception to this rule would be if the seller instructs us otherwise.

2. We use Sentrilock and Showingtime for you convenience. We consider your time valuable and would ask that you call ShowingTime per our Agent remarks. They will be glad to schedule that for you. They are more efficient at it than we are. Call (1-800-Showing) 1-800-746-9464.

3. Activate your sentrilock card. All of our listing are on a Sentrilock. Showingtime will provide one day codes if you need them. Again please do not contact Adrienne or my self for one day codes. Showingtime will provide those. One of the benefits of having an Active Sentrilock card is that you may visit any of our vacant listings with out confirmation. Just go and show.

4. Have your client become comfortable with submitting an offer subject to inspection. We work with the first reasonable offer in the door. There are agents that we close escrows with consistently because they have educated their client to be comfortable with this. You will have an opportunity to get them into the listing latter, and well before we open escrow.

5. Have the right mind set and expectations as an agent and pass this mind set on to your clients. Short Sales require patience and flexibility. If this information makes sense, you will have a higher probability of success with us. If you are trying to pick apart or second guess the information we have provided here, then our process will be very challenging for you.

We do appreciate your efforts and consider it a privilege that you would consider using your valuable time to show our listings. If there is anything we can do to support you in your efforts please don’t hesitate to email us.