Submitting Offers

Please include ALL 4 items with your offer as ONE PDF file – in the order listed.

  1. Purchase Contract: Submit normal Purchase Contract. Deadlines will be corrected in the Counter once we receive written approval from the lender.
  2. Pre-approval Letter from Lender in Agent Remarks – or – Proof of Funds (for cash offers)
  3. Short Sale Guidelines Document

Do I have to use the Seller’s Lender?

It is not required but recommended. We advise our sellers that there are lots of lenders and lots of levels of quality when it comes to getting pre-approvals and loans closed. We know that most buyers do not even shop for a lender but go with the first one they come across. It has been our past experience in fact that some lenders will give a pre-approvals to a buyer with a less than ideal financial situation. When lenders do this a seller may end up opening escrow with a buyer that can never truly close. Again it is not required – but recommended that a buyer be preapproved with one of our trusted lenders to make them a better consumer of lending services. This will also make the seller feel confident that they are opening escrow with a buyer with competent financing.

Submit Offers And Showing Requestion To: Offers@teamlally.com

Withdrawing An Offer: Please email Offers@teamlally.com and type the property address in the subject line followed by the word withdraw.