Oahu Vendors We Trust Program

If you’re a passionate Business Owner or Business Representative that want’s to expand their business, one might consider joining the Team Lally Preferred Program. Being a Preferred Vendor is an opportunity to grow your business. Teaming up with Oahu’s best realtors to advertise for targeted marketing achieves greater sales and business success all around. All clients who buy and sell homes with Team Lally have needs far beyond what we are able to offer — a title company, home inspector, mortgage lender, home insurance, and repairs to an existing home, new appliances, carpet, or fresh paint… In short, there is a large spectrum of services that Team Lally cannot offer, so we created Team Lally’s Preferred Vendor Program.

Vendors We Trust Sponsorship Program

Joining forces with one of the largest and most successful real estate teams of Oahu will prove well worth the investment! There are multiple benefits through this sponsorship program, here are a few to mention:

  • When our clients are in need of services or just information related to the sale or purchase of a home, they seek our advice. We provide an alliance list of professionals to refer who represent the best in their fields.
  • Joining your resources with ours will increase an already forceful marketing budget. Each Vendor we Trust is allowed to advertise with us through – direct sphere, internet, radio, and direct mail, just to name a few.
  • Each professional will be part of an exclusive referral network which includes the best of the best in their industries – who all share a similar target market.
  • First Opportunities for Sponsorship and “Expert” appearances in conjunction with Team Lally’s radio advertising.
  • Additional Exposure through other radio shows and weekly advertising spots

Join The Vendors We Trust Program

There are three steps to joining the Vendors We Trust Program, and it’s apply, interview, and decide.

Step 1: Apply

Share your interest about joining the Vendors We Trust with us by filling out the form below. Tell us about your business, what is one of your business goals, and why you want to be a Vendor We Trust?

Step 2: Interview

After reviewing your application, one of our Team Members will reach out to you to schedule a time to sit down with the Team Leaders of Team Lally.

Step 3: Decide

After the interview, you are not bound to being a Vendors We Trust. Take some time to think about if this is the best route for your business, and if being a Vendors We Trust for Oahu’s Top Producing Real Estate Team fits your business goals.

Step 1: Apply for Vendors We Trust Program

Step 2: Take DISC test

Take a disc test to finish your application.