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About Island Pacific Academy

Island Pacific Academy is an independent, non-profit, co-ed, college preparatory, K-12 school located in Kapolei, O’ahu. The school has grown from 200 original students in September 2004 to a current enrollment of approximately 525 and graduated its first class of 45 seniors in May 2010. IPA’s current Head of School is Gerald Teramae. IPA gained provisional accreditation at the end of its first year and is fully accredited by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). IPA is an International Baccalaureate(IB) School with authorization for the Middle Years Program(MYP) for grades 6-10, and the Diploma Program(DP) for grades 11 and 12.
A rigorous academic program, which prepares students for college success is fundamental to the school’s purpose. Our purpose is to provide children with a place-based, academically challenging and developmentally appropriate educational experience led by talented and caring teachers in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. IPA is committed to high personal and academic standards for its students as well as to the development of character. Students progress through a cohesive curriculum that offers a breadth of academic subjects and encourages students to experience fine and performing arts, community service, and athletic opportunities. Our students are intelligent and possess the soft skills that are necessary for a world that is becoming more technology driven.Our goal is to graduate young men and women whose performance matches their abilities and reflects the fundamental core values integral to the school’s philosophy. These values include generosity of spirit, kindness, recognizing the inherent value of each student. Students guided by such values become good citizens of their communities, nation and, indeed, the world.

Who is Charmaine Hauanio-Kuewa

I am originally from Hilo, Hawaii. I had the great fortune of attending The Kamehameha Schools where I was a boarding student for 4 years. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach, the movies. I love to sing, dance and produce events. I spent many years in the Hawaii Visitor Industry working in Sales and Marketing, then moved into Advertising Sales. I also served as the Area Director for a local non-profit, para-church organization, Young Life which gave me the opportunity to work with middle and high school students while mobilizing both volunteer and financial resources. I’ve spent time as a Special Event and Wedding Planner and also worked for my church as a Producer of weekend services who oversaw several different ministries made up of volunteers.
I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Konrad, for 10 years and we have a daughter, Meleana who is 7 years old. My introduction to ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY happened in 2015 when we were looking for a school for our daughter Meleana. We went to tour the campus on from that very first day there, we could tell it was a close-knit community that was full of aloha. The schools tagline “Where Values Matter” told us that not only would our daughter receive the kind of academic challenge we desired for her, but that our values would be reinforced at school, helping her to become a kind, compassionate, strong leader equipped with the tools she will need to succeed in life.
In my current role as Director of Advancement, I have the opportunity to use the experiences and skills gained through all of my previous employers in one place. I am proud to be part of the ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY ‘Ohana.”

Show transcription:

Team Lally Show with Charmaine Hauanio-Kuewa

Director of Advancement, Island Pacific Academy

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real-world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio!
Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio. And you know, this is that uh, well by the way, if you hear anything on the show sounds like legal or tax advice, we’re not doing that. We’re not going there.
Adrienne: Not today anyways.
Attilio: Not, no, not ever!
Adrienne: (laughing) Well sometimes we have experts on and they give legal and tax advice.
Attilio: If you hear a CPA or an attorney on the show, and we announce it and introduce them, then we’re giving legal and tax advice, or maybe, you know what, even the CPAs and attorneys will do the same disclaimer.
Adrienne: Yes, because their advice may not partake to their, you know, their particular situation.
Attilio: What they’re saying is that if somebody takes that legal or tax advice and they don’t have some kind of contractual arrangement with them as a client, then they’re like well, so and so told me to do this! You know? So that leads me into our life coaching tip of the uh, tip of the top of the hour.
Adrienne: Okay.
Attilio: Which is, you have a choice folks, would you agree Adrienne that where we are at in life is uh, based on our choices?
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: Or is there some, you know, external force, you know what? I’m, and I’m not talking about a higher being or a faith or religion or any of that stuff, I’m just talking about do we have more control over our lives than a lot of people think?
Adrienne: Yes, life is, just a series of choices.
Attilio: Series of choices.
Adrienne: It’s a series of choices. However, though, like when you’re younger there are some things—
Attilio: Oh, don’t be “however-ing” me!
Adrienne: There are some things that you don’t have control over. Right?
Attilio: Okay and so, so this was uh, this was gathered from, I’m glad you mentioned that, in England, I think it was England, Ireland, and Great Britain, they uh, or all, you know, those group of islands and that country, they did uh, the longest human development study of children, it’s actually been going on for 70 years. And they’ve been studying children and just uh, gathering information from these children uh, they study something like, they’ve done it and they’ve gathered data from I think, 4 different points in history on something like 15,000 children. What, you know what they learned?
Adrienne: What did they learn?
Attilio: So, here’s the part where the choice part is a little tough. That children born into poverty are more likely to have you know, uh bad health, declining memory, not make as much money, and it is true, but guess what the good news is?
Adrienne: What’s the good news?
Attilio: You, even if you’re born a couple of steps behind, go, at the disadvantage that this is what the parents, the parents who, this is how the parents treated the children even in poverty and how they ended up excelling. Do you want to know what that parental tip is? And this is a 70-year study. Studying thousands of children.
Adrienne: What do the parents do?
Attilio: The parents that were very attentive to their children’s well-being, their goals, uh, the children had a higher probability of breaking out that, of that cycle of poverty. And being successful and I’m not talking about just making money, but they, you know, having successful relationships, if the parents paid attention and were really involved, and one of them was, putting the phones away. Being present, being present, I know you’re looking up your quotes, that’s why you’ve got your phone out, and there’s no children around, so you’re okay, you’re in the non-children, it’s okay to be plugged in—
Adrienne: It’s kind of questionable though.
Attilio: It’s not questionable!
Adrienne: No, no—
Attilio: You’re questioning a 70-year study?
Adrienne: No, I’m questioning the children—
Attilio: What’s questionable about that? There’s no children around? Yeah, okay.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Attilio: Ooooh! Got me! Anyways, so here’s the deal folks. That when you pay attention to your children and have conversations, focus, the greatest gift that you can give to children is what?
Adrienne: Your attention. Your time.
Attilio: Your attention. Time. T-I-M-E. The greatest gift. They don’t care what you make, they don’t care what kind of gifts you give them, they don’t care what kind of freaking vacations you take them on. They want your attention, they want your time, they want eyeball-to-eyeball contact and you sincerely feeling like you’re hearing what they, what they’re saying and you’re interested in what they’re doing.
Adrienne: Well I’ve got something to add to the, you know, the children that are born into poverty. Well like, a lot of the, those families, they’re going to, you know, maybe have broken families, maybe single mom, so, it can be a little bit more challenging you know, if the mom’s trying to work and spend time with kids, so, you know, I think it’s important that you just get the family support, get the family involved as well.
Attilio: And here’s the one thing we’ll leave you with. Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, he says this, our past, our past, does not determine our future. Our past does not determine our future, so many people out there, and actually I wanted to talk about is the victim mentality, versus non-victim. Victims, oh!
Adrienne: Poor me.
Attilio: I grew up in a divorced family. My mom beat me with a rubber hose every morning when I got up to go to school. And then we use that when it’s like, you know what? It’s in the past. Happy people, you know what happy people focus on? The present and if you’re uh, a business person, you’re bouncing between the future and the present because you’re goal-oriented but depressed people always bring up the past and this horrible childhood they had. We’ve all had bad childhoods. Not all of us, but.
Adrienne: I don’t think everybody.
Attilio: But a lot, but we, but we’ve got to stop using it as an excuse for the adult that we are today.
Adrienne: Yeah, get over it already.
Attilio: Get over it! I was talking to Adrienne, I was like, you know, if I had a therapy office, I would give 5 second therapy sessions. And it would, you just come into my office, write the check, $100 for 5 seconds of therapy. And you come into my office, sit down and it’s like, okay, you ready? I was like, tell me all your problems, okay, and I’d just say, well, I guess it would be longer than 5 seconds. You know what I’d tell them? They’ve got to fill out a questionnaire. I give them a 10-page questionnaire that would ask every conceivable question about all the problems that they have and by the way, so that I don’t’ have to listen to it. They would just put it in writing and they feel like, like they’re sharing.
Adrienne: That’s so insensitive of you. As a therapist.
Attilio: They don’t know that I don’t look at it. But anyway, I would say, you know what? I looked at your documentation and here’s what I’ve come to a conclusion. You need to get your beep together! Get over it! Life is tough, and make some choices and figure out what you want to do. It’s, and you know what? Guess what? Here’s the good news. It’s not that bad!
Adrienne: And you know, I think that you should wear a drill sergeant hat. While you’re telling them that. Just for emphasis.
Attilio: Stop being a victim and take responsibility for your lives. Here’s the deal folks, it is scientifically proven, any, any, anybody that teaches webinars, anybody that teaches any kind of formal success advice coaching is going to tell you this one thing. Where you’re at in life, your physical, you know, the physical condition that you’re in, uh, the relationships you have, the amount of money you have in your checking account, the kind of car you drive, the school you go to, how your kids are, those are all based on choices that you are making. And it’s either the choices you’re making or not making!
Adrienne: Which are based on programming. Right? You make choices based on the programming that you have.
Attilio: Yeah. Anyway. Every time you listen to our show, every weekend, we guarantee you that uh, we may not be sharing something helpful, but it might be funny. Hopefully it’s funny and helpful. We call it edu-tainment.
Adrienne: So, speaking, yes, so speaking of which, I’m going to go into the uh, quotes of the day.
Attilio: Quote of the day.
Adrienne: From Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Duke Kimhan sends them out to us daily. So, the first one is from Unknown. “With every rising of the sun—”
Attilio: Uh, that’s a, a Phillipino philosopher, his name is Anon.
Adrienne: It’s a her. “With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun.”
Attilio: There you go.
Adrienne: So, every day is a new day.
Attilio: Every day is a new day.
Adrienne: That’s what my uh, 7-year-old says. He says every day is a new day, Mommy.
Attilio: He jumps out of bed and screams it at the top of his lungs. The neighbors are getting kind of upset. They’re like, we’re tired of these new days.
Adrienne: No, you know what they’re upset about? They’re upset about his drumming.
Attilio: The drum set.
Adrienne: The drum set that he likes to play in the garage.
Attilio: If I was your neighbor and I drove by and I saw the garage open, I’d go get that drum set. And I’d donate it.
Adrienne: I’m glad you’re not my neighbor. Alright, the next one is from Winston Churchill. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
Attilio: Keep going.
Adrienne: Don’t stop. (laughing) Keep on going. And the last one is from Jim Roan.
Attilio: And don’t pick up any hitchhikers.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Attilio: They might have pitchforks, horns on their head.
Adrienne: It would be kind of dangerous.
Attilio: Pointy tails. Don’t pick up hitchhikers in hell, okay?
Adrienne: (laughing) No. Good advice. Alright, this one is from Jim Roan. “Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.”
Attilio: Unless you change. Yeah, Sieg Siegler said it best, he says we’re eager to change our circumstances but we’re unwilling to change ourselves. Newsflash folks! Can’t change your circumstances unless you’re willing to change yourself.
Adrienne: That’s right, you’ve got to start with you. So, we’ve got—
Attilio: Who are we going to start with, speaking of change?
Adrienne: We have uh, Janyce from Dream House Drafting.
Attilio: Janyce. Hi, Janyce, are you there?
Janyce: Yes, I am! Good morning.
Attilio: Alright, and what’ve you, so what helpful tip do you have for us today?
Janyce: Well, you’re speaking about people making positive change so every time someone decides to do a remodel, it’s usually going to be a positive change. However, my tip for the day is going to be directed to those people who like to follow what others have done and just go uh, based on what they’ve heard from others. I would say be proactive and verify whether what’s going on actually is legitimate. There are a lot of resources that one can use, including the city’s website. The reason for most of my tips are inspired by current clients’ concerns and if you have a moment I could share an anonymous one with you.
Attilio: Sure, go ahead.
Adrienne: We love these real-life stories.
Attilio: Uh, make sure and change the names to protect the innocent.
Adrienne: Yes.
Janyce: There shall be no names at all in this. Let’s just say that this high-rise building (laughing) the high-rise building in which I am being asked to help someone who wants to enclose their Linai. Apparently half of the building has Linais enclosed already and everybody seems to think that all this person has to do is what everybody else did. Well, what everybody else did was ___ particular service provider for enclosing their Linai and everybody else is under the impression that there are permits for such work however the, the key word is there is one permit for one lucky condo owner. Everybody else doesn’t have one.
Attilio: Oh wow. It’s good to know, just don’t, don’t make assumptions just because everybody else has it done that you can get it done.
Janyce: Yes, everybody is functioning on the assumption that oh, well, all you have to do is go along with what everyone else had and you’re good to go. And everyone else doesn’t have—
Attilio: That reminds me, the advice is don’t be the tenth drunk driver. Nine drunk drivers driving down the wrong way on a one-way street and you’re the tenth drunk driver. Still everybody wrong.
Adrienne: Yes.
Janyce: Or the ten that pass by the officer and then he decided to look up.
Attilio: He was on Facebook.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: He was on the Facebook site called you have one job! Alright Janyce, so yeah, don’t make assumptions on that. You know what the best way to avoid that would be to call you!
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: So, you can verify.
Adrienne: She will verify, what is accurate.
Attilio: Thanks, Janyce!
Adrienne: Thank you, Janyce!
Janyce: You’re welcome!
Adrienne: So, you can give Janyce a call at 206-7107 or check her out online at www.dreamhousedrafting.com.
Attilio: Real quick, here would be the reasons why you’d want to call her: if you need to get a permit, if you have some type of construction or modification to your condo or home that’s already done, and it’s not been permitted, she can do after-the-permit help.
Adrienne: Or if you want a whole new home.
Attilio: Or if you want to do it right from the beginning.
Adrienne: She can draft it all!
Attilio: Yeah, from the ground up, to a room. Don’t recommend the jacuzzi in the kitchen text to the toaster oven though.
Adrienne: No.
Attilio: Can’t get a permit for that. Nope.
Adrienne: So, we’ve got uh, we’ve got Tony from AAA Roofers Hawaii on the line with their roofing tip.
Tony: Hi!
Adrienne: Hello!
Tony: Hi guys!
Attilio: Hello, hi, Tony!
Tony: How are you guys?
Attilio: Oh, we’re doing terrible.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Tony: Awe, doesn’t sound like it. (laughing)
Attilio: No, I always like to give the opposite, uh, today’s opposite day, we gave all opposite answers today.
Adrienne: No, we didn’t.
Tony: Ah, yeah, my son likes to pull that one on me every now and again.
Adrienne: See, even she agrees with me about the uh, children in the room.
Attilio: Yes.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: Tell him, son, the underwear goes on the inside of the clothes, not on the outside.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: We’ve got to cut you off with that kind of opposite behavior. So, what’ve you, so Tony, what’ve you got, AAA Roofing, what’ve you got for us today, what’s your tip of the week?
Tony: Well I like what Janyce was saying, uh, if I can kind of reflect a little bit on that one where she was talking about other people just assuming that because one person has done it, that they’re okay to do it. We have encountered with associations uh, with that particular problem where because one person got it approved, in a cul-de-sac, a lot of home owners were depending on their contractors to do the right thing for them at that time, and they found out that the association did not approve certain things. So, my tip for that is you know, as a homeowner, even though you’re having somebody represent you, in uh, permitting or roofing or any, anything that has to do with your home, you know, you need to, you need to do your own research on your own as well. Don’t just take their word, their word for it, you know. Call, call your association and just verify, just to be sure and if, if, if your contactor does not understand that, then you shouldn’t be with that contractor. Now, you know, because—
Adrienne: Now I know you guys do a lot of like work with the insurance companies and the associations, you’ve got like a whole, you know, customer service department that deals with that. Can you talk about that a little bit?
Tony: Yeah, so we deal with a lot of different insurance companies as well, uh, as far as looking for wind damage uh to their, to a homeowners’ roof, uh, we also help with the mortgage companies as well, that goes along with that because when you put in a claim for any type of wind damage that occurs to your roof top, a lot of times the insurance companies will make it paid out to the homeowner and the lien uh, the lien holder, which would be the mortgage company. For us, that is part of our service, as to helping assist with that process and get, gathering all the paperwork, turning it into the mortgages, to make sure that whatever uh, from the claim when you first open the claim to the ending, things are moved by smoothly. Uh, that is a service that we provide for our homeowners, you know, so we do deal with a lot of different associations, insurance companies, mortgage companies, you know, but the bottom line is, you know, as a homeowner, you know, you want to make sure that you’re in the loop.
Attilio: I know, you know—
Tony: Because everything will fall back on homeowner.
Attilio: I heard too that it’s a proven fact that clients who work with you, you’re better looking because the ones who didn’t work with you, they were all stressed out and they got all these wrinkly foreheads and they’re like ahhahah! I don’t know what to do!
Tony: It is funny because we do have some homeowners that are, you know, and it’s, it’s understandable, homeowners are skeptical when, okay, I’m having somebody come in and trying to get information from my mortgage or my insurance but there’s homeowners that get very skeptical and so we understand that and we will allow them to go ahead, you know, you want to do it, that’s fine, I’m like, you know, a lot of them come back, Tony, please, I need help, can you do this? You know? And it’s understandable for us, because you know? It is in their interest, you know, that they are concerned about you know, they’re afraid of personal information and stuff like that. But, us, at AAA Roofers, you know, everything that we do, homeowner is always in the loop. And nothing comes back to us, everything is always goes back to the homeowner. We make sure that the homeowner is informed 100% from beginning to end.
Attilio: Awesome.
Adrienne: You guys rock!
Tony: Ah, thank you! We try!
Attilio: By the way, if you don’t call Tony and her, her family, family-owned business, you don’t call Tony, it’s, what is it?
Tony: If you don’t have your roof done right the first time, it’s your own asphalt!
All: (laughing)
Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Tony.
Attilio: Thanks, Tony!
Tony: Alrighty guys, you guys have a good one. Bye!
Adrienne: You too. So, you can reach uh, Tony and AAA Roofers Hawaii at 531-2211.
Attilio: Wait, they’re still laughing from that tagline. Give them the number one more time.
Adrienne: 531-2211 or www.aaaroofershawaii.com. Uh, now I think we’ve got an uh, a body language tip from RB Kelly.
Attilio: Alright.
Adrienne: So, let’s uh, let’s do that.
Attilio: Get your pens and papers, take notes!
RB: Hi Adrienne, hi Attilio! I’m so happy to be here. Alright, so this week, your body language tip is to actually look at people’s feet. That’s right, their feet, and not for the reason you think. Some people judge others by like how well they take care of their shoes, but that’s not what I’m thinking of here. We actually point our toes towards the things that we like. And we point our feet away from the things that we don’t like. And so, if you’re talking to someone and you notice their feet are pointing away from you, you want to make sure you give them a chance to leave. Maybe they’ve got another appointment, maybe they’ve got to run, take something out of the oven, I don’t know. But if their feet are pointing away from you, that’s a huge sign that something else is on their mind. On the other hand, you want to make sure that when you’re talking to someone, you make sure your foot is pointing towards them because that subconsciously non-verbally tells them that you’re interested and engaged in what they’re saying. Alright, well that wraps up my tip of the week, but I was so thrilled to be here. Thank you, Adrienne, thank you, Attilio! And I hope I see all of you soon!
Attilio: Thanks, RB!
Adrienne: Yes, excellent tip about the feet.
Attilio: So, but don’t be one of those weirdoes that’s just looking at the feet and not making eye contact, that could kind of—
Adrienne: Look up!
Attilio: They’ll be like, what the heck are you looking at? I’m wondering if you’re engaged because your feet are not pointing towards me.
Adrienne: So, you can get more body language tips from RB at www.bodylanguageboss.com. Check her out on Facebook too.
Attilio: If you have a team meeting at your company, here’s an interesting uh, thing to do. Look under the table, if you’re the leader, and you have influence over your organization, everybody around the table, their feet will be pointing in some kind of direction towards you.
Adrienne: Unless, unless they don’t like you.
Attilio: Unless they don’t like you.
Adrienne: Or they have somewhere to go, they might be pointing the other direction.
Attilio: If the feet are pointing in some other, all over the kind of direction then you take a look at what, you know, what’s your message.
Adrienne: Take a look at yourself.
Attilio: Take a look at yourself, maybe you get something, maybe get some, uh, you know, some leftover from lunch stuck between your teeth.
Adrienne: Who knows.
Attilio: Who knows, but that’s a good cause for reflection.
Adrienne: Yes. Okay, so, uh, I guess we’re going to, we’re going to take a break here. But you want to stay with us, we’ve got a very special guest uh, she’s going to uh, be talking about—
Attilio: She’s going to be talking about IPA, her name is Charmaine, she’s my, also my classmate.
Adrienne: And then how IPA prepares young people for the challenges of post-secondary education and life in the 21sst century, so. Stay tuned! Stay with us!
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Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.
Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne—
Attilio: And I’m Attilio.
Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com. So, we’ve got a guest today, she is the director of advancement at Island Pacific Academy. She comes to IPA after many successful years in sales, fundraising, relationship-building, and project management.
Attilio: She oversees all fundraising, annual giving, marketing and development of the private K-12 college preparatory school. Let’s welcome our special guest today, from Island Pacific Academy, it’s in Kapolei. Charmaine, oh, Charmaine, you get hyphenated name. Tell us your last name.
Charmaine: Hauanio-Kuewa.
Attilio: Alright.
Charmaine: Your all-American name. (laughing)
Attilio: You, so, when Hawaiian marry one Hawaiian.
Charmaine: That’s right.
Attilio: That’s what we call it. Hyphenated Hawaiian name.
Charmaine: Until you purchase a home and you have to sign all those documents with the, the hyphenated name, right?
Attilio: Broken, broken hand over there with the hyphenated name.
Adrienne: Did you drop your middle name or do you still have that, too?
Charmaine: I still have that too?
Attilio: A long Hawaiian middle name?
Charmaine: Short Hawaiian middle name. ___.
Adrienne: You’re lucky.
Attilio: My middle name is ___ and it, it was, I was named after what my grandmother saw when I was first born. She was at uh, it is, the English translation is busier-than-a-one-legged-man-in-a-butt-kicking-contest. She was at the butt-kicking contest and she got the announcement that I was born that day and she was like, I think I will name him ___. Busier-than-a-one-legged-man-in-a-butt-kicking-contest. No, that’s not what it means.
Adrienne: So, so when you sign all your documents, like is your hand very tired and you have to sign your full name?
Attilio: Uh, do it, you know what? I don’t think, I think I just put K.
Adrienne: Well sometimes you have to like spell out your entire middle name. I’ve had to do that before. It’s no fun.
Attilio: Anyway! Any-hoo, any-how. So, let’s talk about uh, Charmaine, well let’s talk about you first, uh, you know, we both went to ___ school.
Charmaine: That’s right.
Attilio: Gotta be all proper when we say our uh, talk about our alma mater, ___ so class of ’85, okay, everybody doing the math now.
Charmaine: We’re fabulous now.
Attilio: We’re fabulous.
Charmaine: This is our fabulous year.
Attilio: You know what, real quick because everybody, we, you know, we always tell people when we bring guests on, in the mainland, boom, go straight, talk to business. But in Hawaii, part of our culture, part of our personal culture, part of our business culture is we get to know the person a little bit and that’s, that’s Hawaii, that’s local style. So, in high school, what was your clique? Did you have a clique?
Charmaine: I don’t think I had a clique, I think it was you know I was part of concert glee, I was a boarder, so I lived in the dorms, uh.
Attilio: Oh, what island were you coming from?
Charmaine: From the big island.
Attilio: Oh, from, what part of the big island?
Charmaine: My family’s from ___ but I grew up in ___. And so, uh, being a boarder at ___ for four years really helped me to, you know, get some really incredible relationships with my dorm sisters who we still keep in touch with and uh, the experience there obviously as we know just was wonderful for us, we had so many opportunities and uh, like you say, you know, it’s so important in Hawaii, the first thing when people ask here, what school did you go to, we all talk about our high school, whereas on the mainland, everyone speaks of their college. Right? So, uh, we are proud alumni, absolutely.
Attilio: Yeah, so ___, ___, you know, by the way, even though I grew up on Oahu, I lived all the way out in ___ and I don’t think they allow it nowadays because probably the, there’s not enough room but, uh, ten and eleventh grade, I was in the dorms.
Charmaine: Uh-huh, I remember that. I remember that, and you know, it’s about quality of life so when you have to travel so far to get to school, uh, really, I think, what time were you on the bus in the morning?
Attilio: Yeah, I was catching the bus at 5:30.
Charmaine: Yeah, and probably not getting home until after 6 at night, and if you wanted to be involved in sports or any extra, extra-curricular, uh, you know, it put some pressure on your parents.
Attilio: Yeah, come drive all the way into town.
Charmaine: Absolutely. So, that’s why I’m proud to be a part of Island Pacific Academy and providing, you know, an incredible private school, co-ed, uh, college preparatory education for students who are on the west side, uh—
Adrienne: That don’t want to be on the bus at 5:30 in the morning.
Charmaine: Who don’t want to be on the bus, exactly. Exactly. So.
Attilio: I’m tired of leaving for school when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark.
Charmaine: Yes, and eating all your meals in your car.
Adrienne: That’s no life.
Charmaine: It’s really sad.
Attilio: Dining room is H1.
Charmaine: Exactly. Exactly.
Attilio: So, how did you, so tell us about your career progression. How did you end up at uh, doing what you do at IPA?
Charmaine: You know I feel very fortunate because at IPA, as director of advancement, I have opportunity to use all of the skills that uh, I gained through my professional experience uh, I’ve been in hotels, sales and marketing, uh, for many years, representing hotels on the big island, both in ___ and ___, and also here on Oahu. I’ve worked for Hawaii Visitors Bureau, uh, I moved into advertising sales at the recommendation of my sales manager in hotel, because he felt that it was a more lucrative market for me and so did advertising sales here on Oahu uh, after that, I went into full-time ministry, I ran a local non-profit, uh, organization that worked with children in both middle and high-school. Uh, it was a partridge organization but it gave me opportunity to be a leader and to uh, help kids uh, realize their best selves and uh, give them opportunities in, in their own lives. Uh, after that, I went into uh, special events uh, corporate and wedding uh, planning, and worked for a, uh event production company here on Oahu for several years. And uh, timing was right at one point in, in that career where I felt like I wanted to take a break, uh, and found out I was having a baby. So, I took a break from work, got to be a stay-at-home mom, and then started working for my church as the uh, frontlines director and so, I oversaw all of our volunteers and produced all of our Sunday services and was a mom uh, of a kindergartener at the time and we had just started at Island Pacific Academy and uh, while I was there as a volunteer, this position opened up, uh, probably about 6 or 7 months after we became parents at the school. And I applied and here I am, using all of those skills uh, in this current position.
Attilio: How many children do you have?
Charmaine: I just have one.
Attilio: Just one, what’s his or her name?
Charmaine: Her name is ___ Grace Hauanio-Kuewa.
Attilio: ___, does she go by ___ Grace?
Charmaine: ___. She goes by ___ Grace when mom is trying to, make a point. You know, in the stern voice.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: We call that uh, embedded commands.
Charmaine: There you go!
Attilio: So, ___, she’s probably, she might be listening to this show later on, so we want to say hello to her!
Charmaine: Awe, thank you!
Attilio: And Uncle Attilio says wassup?!
All: (laughing)
Charmaine: She’ll love that.
Attilio: Gotta embarrass the kids you know, when they complain, but anyway. So.
Charmaine: That’s really nice, she’s uh, in second grade right now and uh, we’re preparing for her to actually have surgery tomorrow morning. So, uh, she will be listening to the show upon recovering. At some point, right?
Attilio: Good.
Charmaine: She’s just getting tonsils out, nothing big.
Attilio: Ah, get to eat ice cream!
Charmaine: Yes, exactly. And then sing her heart out afterwards, right? (laughing)
Attilio: Anyways, so, back to, back to Island Pacific Academy uh, what’ve you, so if there, I’m a parent out there in uh, the west side and you know, what are some, what are some key benefits for, for having our, having our children go there and be educated?
Charmaine: You know, when you look at schools for your children, obviously you’re going to expect that you have rigorous academic activity. So, without saying anything about that because the curriculum is incredible, uh, what we charge our kids with uh, is, is really mind-blowing and, and the skills that they come out with, the students that we turn out are really incredible, they’re intelligent, they’re helpful, so at Island Pacific Academy, we really uh, our tagline is “Where values matter,” so we believe it’s important to lead with values and help to develop their leadership skills, inspire stewardship, and set them up for success in life, whether it be, you know, post-secondary education and one hundred percent of them typically go to 2 or 4-year colleges uh, but success is defined more than college, it’s you know, as we’re moving forward in this entry of learning we’re finding that students need to be, or people need to have soft skills that will allow them to be successful in life, not just book smarts. And so, I think we do a really good job of developing the whole child, and you know, families do a great job of instilling values with their children at home and I believe that IPA, we provide a safe nurturing environment where we, we reinforce those values and what we see, you know, as the combination of all of that work, are really incredible students. I never ceased to be amazed by the hearts and their minds.
Attilio: What, I’ll just keep going. I’ll just keep—
Adrienne: I was going to ask about like some of these extra-curricular kinds of things where you talk about being well-rounded so obviosity you have the academics, but give us an example of some of these programs that are offered.
Charmaine: Sure. So, obviously academics, we also have robotics, we have athletics, uh, we have choir, we have you know, the music programs, band, the ___, uh, in addition, students are really uh, encouraged to create meaningful learning experiences, if you will. So, I’ll tell you about an event we had a few weeks ago, uh, the students came into my office and asked if they could do a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. And this was, you know, just a few days after the hurricane and I said absolutely! What do you want to do and they wanted to do a dinner and maybe some entertainment and I said, well, you know, typically people respond to emergent situations. And so, if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to do it quick. So, in the matter of I would say, 8-10 days, they put together this event uh, they had people come out to the school and you know, we had some food trucks and a chili cook off and we had entertainment uh, for about 4 hours, and they were able to raise over $7,000 that went directly to the J.J. Watt Foundation for Hurricane Harvey and some of it went to relief of Hurricane Irma, which happened in the midst of our planning. Yeah, and it was completely student-led, they got the donors, they got the entertainment, they did everything and, you know, not only did they learn about logistical planning of an event, but they also got the satisfaction of knowing that they were able to help someone and oddly enough, that day a family came who had just relocated to Hawaii that day, after losing 2 homes in Hurricane Harvey and the dad works for Cheesecake Factory that just opened in Kapolei and so they came to our event, they shared their testimony about what they experienced and were so grateful that there was a community of people who were willing to help people outside of their own community. And we see that happening over and over at our school and just in the last few weeks, that kind of thing, they, they’ve, they’re doing a fundraiser right now, today in fact, they’re selling some items to help the uh, victims in Mexico, in Puerto Rica, the schools have all been wiped out so some money has been sent to help with that, uh, they, they really have a mindset of, as our, our founder of our school, Dan White, instilled, whenever you can, help. And that, it really is uh, true that we live that, that statement of where values matter and uh, they really look for opportunities to make a difference around them.
Attilio: That’s important that you send that message out because I think a lot of the research or a lot of the feedback we’re getting from the millennials, all these kids out there, these young adults is that they’re more focused on fame and money, so it’s, uh, it’s heart-warming to hear that the kids at the high school-level, are, we, and we define it in Keller Williams and within our own team and our own culture of uh, coming from contribution. Tony Robbins talks about it, we have, there are six human needs and uh, there’s four basic ones and then two of them are what we call the spiritual needs, one is uh, contribution and growth. And if you, you, if you’re not having those two spiritual needs being met, you, you won’t feel fulfilled.
Charmaine: Absolutely.
Attilio: So, you’re teaching these kids in high school, you’ve got to come from contribution, you’ve got to want to give back to your community.
Adrienne: Now I, now is it just the high-schoolers or is it the whole school?
Charmaine: Thank you, I was going to speak to that, so, we uh, we focus on what we call IPA gives back and so it happens in every grade level. In the elementary school, it’ll look a little different than it does in our middle and high school. Uh, the middle and high school actually go out and they provide service hours and they do events such as these, this Friday is uh, tomorrow is IPA gives back day, so our entire secondary uh, group of students, they are all boarding buses in the morning and going to six different locations on the island to provide community service hours as IPA gives back. In the elementary it’ll look a little different, so they will do things like writing cards to victims, you know, they can’t actually go out and do the work, but when they do their learning trips, uh, they look for ways that they can also make a difference, so they might go to a ___ patch and help as they learn. Uh, they’ve provided, they’ve done a community walk uh, in uh, Kapolei and they’ve created these QR codes so that we can make that available for people who might be new to the area so that they can learn about different locations so, a little bit different on the elementary side but everybody looks for an opportunity to help.
Attilio: You know, those little kids, I know they can operate like weed-whacker and longboard—
Adrienne: Well I’ve got, I brought little Chad with me to the, our Red Day, which was our beach cleanup, he’s 7. He was so excited to pick up the trash, he was like, oh! I hit the jackpot! You know, he was getting so excited about like filling his bag and you know, picking up the, the trash on the beach so, you know. Something to consider.
Charmaine: Right! Those younger students, and, and I know that families do that on their own and as part of the unit of inquiry learning in the elementary, those are exactly kinds of things that they learn, so they have an, inquiry unit that talks about taking care of, of our place, you know, and it’ll talk about recycling and of course the, elementary kids, my daughter, who’s also 7, comes home as the champion of recycling and you own, she’s the one saying, that car just drove by and threw a piece of trash out their window. Because they recognize—
Adrienne: Yes, they now.
Charmaine: Our responsibility of taking care of our place.
Attilio: I think we should get all ___ on them, go get the trash, pull up next to them at the red light and throw it back in the window.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: I’ve seen that on YouTube, there’s a guy on a motorcycle, he had his helmet cam on and the guys at the McDonalds and throw the rubbish on the ground and he picks up the rubbish, knocks on their window and they roll the window down. He threw it back and I’m all like, half-empty milkshake and—I don’t recommend that, we’re not—
Charmaine: I don’t recommend that either. In today’s society that’s not safe.
Adrienne: Could be dangerous.
Charmaine: Yeah, just pick it up and throw it away for them.
Adrienne: Give them stink eye.
Charmaine: No, no, I wouldn’t do that either.
Attilio: I stopped him from littering but he shot me! So, anyway, the, uh, giving back to the community that’s nice that that’s the underlying theme and, and what’s being taught as the values. At IPA, so let’s talk about uh, the, you, you’re in charge of this, the event coming up. Tell us about this event.
Charmaine: Yes, absolutely, so we have what we call Grand Expedition 2017 and it is our gala event fundraiser presented by ___ Partners uh, this year. It will be held on Friday November 10. At the beautiful Four Seasons resort in ___ and uh, this year we have uh, several different chefs, Hawaii’s’ finest chefs including uh, chefs from MW Restaurant, 12th Avenue Grill, Flavors of Italy, the Mariposa, Green Apron Hawaii, ___ ___ and of course the Four Seasons resort. So, there will be food stations uh, there will be a live auction of items that are donated from community partners and there will also be special entertainment by Amy ___ ___ this year, so the event is from 6 to 10 pm in the ___ Ballroom and tickets are available on our website at www.islandpacificacademy.org.
Attilio: I think anyone, I went last year, I took Brooks, he was my date, from the team and it was a great event!
Charmaine: Thank you, thank you.
Attilio: Yeah, it had all the auction, had the good food, and uh—
Adrienne: Oh! Didn’t you, like you won something at the auction or you bid on something.
Attilio: Oh, yeah it was like a basket of these uh, cheeses and wines and—
Adrienne: Special ones from Italy. Gourmet.
Charmaine: Yes, it was Flavors of Italy from Chef ___.
Adrienne: That was so good.
Charmaine: Yes, Chef ___ and his wife, Desiree are parents at IPA and so we’re very fortunate to have them partner and so, I hope you enjoyed those goodies.
Attilio: Yeah, no I did and I—
Charmaine: Did you share?
Attilio: No.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: But uh, no, I think, I think it was the other way around, Adrienne never shared—
Adrienne: No, that’s not true, I opened, I opened up both bottles of wine. And shared it with the entire team.
Charmaine: Oh, very nice.
Attilio: You’re like hey, (slurred) would you like to try some wine?
Charmaine: Were they all pointing their toes at you after?
Adrienne: They were, they always point their toes at me.
Charmaine: I love it.
Attilio: (slurring) backwash in that but that’s okay, I’m going to share. But I liked the event last year, Tony Robbins was there, Oprah Winfrey, uh, Lady Gaga was the entertainment. I’m just kidding with you, you know what? Pretend that that, those are the people that in your mind are going to be there, but be motivated enough to go there to, to, to get that type of environment and experience. They’re obviously not going to be there, but it’s important. So, people can give back.
Adrienne: Yeah, so, with this event, you guys are obviously fundraising and then, like where does the money go to?
Charmaine: Thank you, so the money goes towards us uh, improving technology in all of our classrooms, uh, we’ll have opportunity for donors to choose from what we call our navigate the way board and so, there’ll be items uh, that’ll hang as the rising sun, or cranes, because Tokyo is our, our theme this year and people will be able to get, choose specific items that they want to give to, so let’s say it might be uh, art supplies for our art department, it may be project supplies for our seed uh, classes. Uh, and then also, we’ll have uh, some other opportunities to give perhaps it’ll be, you know, 100 dollars we’ll buy sets of 4 uh, iPad covers, uh, and of course, donations can go up more than that. Uh, it will also provide some financial aid assistance to some students who, like you talked about early in the program, who may come from families that are less fortunate and need some help, but they have students who are ideal for this kind of educational opportunity. So, uh, we really do rely on the partnership of many people and uh, this is an event that allows you to come out and have a great evening and enjoy good food, and wine and fellowship and just make a difference.
Attilio: You know, how much, do you know what the numbers were from last year, like how much money you guys raised?
Charmaine: Yes, uh, last year we raised about $96,000 at the Grand Expedition, so it was very successful uh, you know, Tony Robbins and Oprah weren’t there, but Star ___ was our, they wanted to, we didn’t have enough room, we sold out, uh, but Star ___, uh, entertained and you know, uh, that money was raised through ticket sales as well as our silent and live auctions. Uh, this year we will have a, a smaller silent auction, that will be more focused on uh, experiences as opposed to you know, gift cards. And then uh, our live auction—
Adrienne: Wait, is there going to be a basket though because I think that’s pretty special, like your own experience—
Attilio: Yeah, I’m going to have an experience in it.
Charmaine: You mean the Chef ___ basket from Flavors of Italy? Perhaps he’ll hear this and he’ll recognize our need for another donation.
Attilio: Come on, bra.
Charmaine: I do know we speak uh, with them about uh, also offering a dinner for 10 that’s cooked by him.
Adrienne: He’s an amazing chef.
Charmaine: He really is. And so, uh, that will be part of our live auction.
Attilio: I think last year and we’ll probably do it again, we had the uh, what was it? Four hours on our, on our yacht.
Charmaine: Your yacht, yes, thank you so very much.
Adrienne: Catered.
Attilio: And it was a catered event, but it felt like superstars, I think it was the ___ Partners that won the bid and it was $3,000-$4,000.
Charmaine: Yes, they did and they enjoyed that, that uh, yacht day that yacht experience. I hope we’ll be able to partner that way, thank you! We appreciate it.
Attilio: Alright, okay, getting ready to take a break?
Adrienne: Well, I think that we’re going to be uh, getting ready to bring Tina on, so, because we’re coming near to the end of our show here. We just, we’re having so much fun, time flies when we’re having fun.
Charmaine: Yes, it does.
Adrienne: So, it’s uh, before we let you go, is there anything more we’d like to—
Attilio: That you’d like to share?
Charmaine: You know, I would just like to say if anyone is interested in taking a closer look at the school, that they could take a look at our website, www.islandpacificacademy.org, they can schedule tours, uh, but if they want to experience our community, I would encourage them to come out to either this event or another event that we, we have in the spring called our West Best, which will be held the first Saturday in April.
Attilio: Alright.
Adrienne: Thank you.
Charmaine: Thank you, I appreciate the time.
Attilio: Thanks for being on the show, one more time if they want to go get their tickets for the event, what website?
Charmaine: Www.islandpacificacademy.org. or call 674-3528.
Attilio: 3528, 674-3528.
Charmaine: Yes.
Attilio: Okay, awesome.
Charmaine: Thank you so very much!
Attilio: Alright.
Adrienne: So, we’ve got uh, we’ve got Tina on the line.
Attilio: Hey, Tina!
Tina: Hi, guys! Hey!
Attilio: Welcome.
Tina: I wanted to call and let you know, we’ve got a really special house, in upper ___ and it’s going to be held open this Sunday from 2-5 and I really want our listeners to, to, to come and visit us because this is an extraordinary home. It’s custom-built, has, so it’s a one-of-a-kind, there’s not another one like it, and uh, it, first of all, it’s, it’s very, very spacious uh, and the master suite is incredible. I’m telling you, you could have a giant party just in the shower! It’s gorgeous.
Attilio: Awesome.
Adrienne: Party in the shower.
Tina: I know, right? (laughing) Bring all your friends and some Italian wine you were just talking about.
Attilio: Tina, Tina, Tina’s going to be dressed like the Dana Carvey caricature church lady. And she’s going to be like, isn’t that special! Every time you walk in the door.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: What’s this party in the shower? Did Satan make you do that?
Tina: Maybe. (laughing) Okay, let me tell you a little bit more about this house, uh, besides the fact that it’s very spacious, it’s really huge, we’re looking at over 3,000 square feet uh, 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths, so everybody gets their own space and uh, the massive garage, so you can bring all your toys and uh, and just, this truly is a home for uh, a nice large family. Uh, you’ve got beautiful green grass, very, very private and uh, a nice yard for the kids and the pets, and the in-laws and the cousins and you know, awesome barbeque out there, so, uh, let me tell you a little about where to find us, and it’s uh, in ___, it’s on ___ and the address is 92-1236 ___ Street and again, that’s uh, in upper ___, uh we’ll be there this Sunday from 2-5 pm and we would love to be able to show you this unbelievable home and, and that maybe this is going to be just right for you! And so—
Attilio: And you know what I figured, I figured it out, the difference designations for ___, you know, you’ve got the upper upper, lower lower, upper lower. When you go up the hill—
Adrienne: Well and there’s no middle.
Attilio: No, upper lower, so upper lower, no more upper middle.
Tina: No, there is an upper middle, there is, I live in middle ___, I know, I know it exists.
Adrienne: It exists, she lives there!
Attilio: It’s like middle earth, there’s lots of hobbits walking around. But upper lower, upper lower ___ is when you go up the hill and then you start going down.
Tina: Oh, that’s true too!
Attilio: So, that’s upper lower. First you were going upper, then you started going lower. So that’s upper lower ___.
Tina: I’ll be sure not to tell my husband you called him a hobbit.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: He has very furry feet, they’re very nice though.
Adrienne: Okay, thanks, Tina.
Tina: You’re welcome guys, bye!
Adrienne: Alright, so now we’ve got, we’ve got Abby on the line.
Attilio: Hi, Abby!
Abby: Hello, happy Thursday! Okay, so I have an open house, uh, 2 days from today, on Saturday, 2-5, I’m going to be closer to lower ___, in Kapolei, ___ subdivision, this is a single-family home ready to move-in, uh, 3-bedrooms, 2 1/2-baths and uh, really nice centrally-located of course, close to ___ it’s, you know you’re close to schools, parks, community pools and, uh, it’s got a nice backyard, uh, I think this is the, the seller, selling point. You know, for the seller and for buyers and uh, good for running around, you know, your little ones and your uh, little doggies if you have or big even, big doggies so come down, 2-5 on Saturday. I’ll be there.
Attilio: It almost sounds like nice with a Z, you know what nice with a Z is? That’s what the Italian American said, this house is nize! Alright, thanks, Abby.
Abby: Thank you!
Adrienne: Alright, so, before we end the show, just wanted to talk real quick, we’re having a business planning event on November 6, we’re going to give away all of our secrets.
Attilio: Yeah, so we’re going to go through—
Adrienne: How to be successful.
Attilio: We’re going to cover 10 points on our itinerary on how to make money in real estate and this is Tony Robbins’ favorite word, now!
Adrienne: Now, so, you’ve got to go to www.kwhevents.com and you can RVSP there, it’s going to be uh, over at the MyGoCenter.
Attilio: In Kapolei.
Adrienne: In Kapolei. You don’t want to miss this.
Attilio: You don’t want to miss this and we will cut you off! So, it’s going to fill up fast!
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