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This week on the Team Lally Radio show, our special guest is Allegra Gast of Aloha Nutrition. Allegra teaches us the difference between nutritionists and dietitians and the extensive education a dietitian needs to go through. She talks about the importance of diet both to stay healthy and those who already have a condition. Allegra also tells us about health and nutrition for breastfeeding mothers and the importance of lactation consultants. Allegra provides some tips for holiday eating and staying healthy this season. She also announces her upcoming health expo in January. Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings.

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Team Lally Show with Allegra Gast

Nutritionist, Aloha Nutrition 

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real-world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio!             
Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio. Uh, if you hear anything on the show sounds like uh, tax advice, what should they do with that Adrienne?
Adrienne: Uh, they should seek the appropriate licensed professional.
Attilio: What if it sounds like uh, legal advice?
Adrienne: Well, same thing for that. Or, you know what, they can call Myron Kamihara of www.kamiharalaw.com.
Attilio: Okay, so this is the part of the show where we give you a life coaching moment. Life coaching moment, okay, so come close to the radio, listen up folks. You know what? Take notes! It’s always good to write things down because it allows us to reflect upon them later and you’re more likely to retain the information and/or act upon it if you write it down! Take notes, folks! You know, most people figured that they stopped learning when they, when they’re done with high school, college, or some kind of course, but what do we know about learning?
Adrienne: That it continues on throughout your life.
Attilio: Stops when you’re taking the dirt nap. And you’ve got the headstone above your, above your casket. And that’s what it’s going to say on the head, headstone. I finally stopped learning. Okay, so here’s your, you know, it’s important this holiday season, so I have a homework assignment for everybody listening uh, to our show. And here is your homework assignment, you ready?
Adrienne: Ready. I’m writing, I’m writing it down.
Attilio: I want you, the next time that you go out to dinner with your uh, with whoever, you know, going out to dinner, is that a special occasion?
Adrienne: Depends on where you’re going.
Attilio: Okay, let me narrow you down, is that a special occasion versus going through a drive-thru? Sit down dinner at a restaurant, versus a drive-thru or warm it up, the stinking TV dinner in front of your, at home, on the couch?
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: Which would you, what’s more appealing, is it special?
Adrienne: It’s special.
Attilio: Yeah. That answer you gave is special. People might think you’re special.
Adrienne: I know that I’m special. My mom—
Attilio: Did you come to the studio in the short bus?
Adrienne: No, my mom told me I’m special.
Attilio: Alright, lots of definitions of that though.
Adrienne: Isn’t that special.
Attilio: You’ve got to clarify. Is she the church lady?
Adrienne: She is.
Attilio: So anyway, this is your challenge for this holiday season and hopefully you’ll continue this habit into the future forever. Leave your phones in the car. All of them, you know, a lot of times, we, we complain and we, you know, go, uh, look in the restaurant, and look at all the different tables of all the people, especially the families, and look at all the phones. Everybody’s all gathered around the phone and they’re not communicating with each other, especially when it’s a time to break bread. Uh, we have Allegra, she’s going to be our guest here in the studio and she’s going to talk about, one of her tips is going to be about talk more, eat less.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: Talk more, eat less. So, in addition to it being a diet tip, it’s just a great way to connect with your, the people that you’re going to dinner with! Leave the car—
Adrienne: Leave the phone.
Attilio: In the phone. No, I’m purposely mixing it up.
Adrienne: Phone in the car, oh, make sure they’re listening.
Attilio: Leave the car in the phone! I’m seeing if they’re listening. Leave your phone in the car. All of the phones! In the car! If the kids don’t want to leave the phone, then leave them in the car with their phone. Okay. So, you can be one of those parents that ends up on the news. Kids locked in the car. But they’re playing Angry Brid, they’re ok. They have the air conditioning running. Leave the phones in the car. What’s the test? What’s the homework assignment, Adrienne?
Adrienne: Uh, leave your phone in the car. Next time you go out for dinner.
Attilio: Now, and if I said, you know—
Adrienne: But actually, and then communicate and have conversation and focus on being present.
Attilio: If you’re having a hard time with that, download this new app, it’s very popular, it’s free, it’s called look up.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Attilio: Very popular app.
Adrienne: Okay, speaking of the popular apps, I have some popular quotes that came from uh, Duke Kimhan from Hawaii Pacific Property Management.
Attilio: Yes.
Adrienne: Right, so the first one is from Lynne Chi. “When hungry, eat your rice. When tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.”
Attilio: Sounds like a, like a, Motown song.
Adrienne: Well—
Attilio: (singing) Only fools will laugh at me. Go ahead.
Adrienne: Alright, the next one’s from Bryan Tracy. “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude towards what happens to you and in that, you will be mastering change, rather than allowing it to master you.”
Attilio: Cool.
Adrienne: Well we were talking about this, what 10% of life is?
Attilio: No, well—
Adrienne: Right?
Attilio: Life in general, 10% of it is the things that happen to you. 90% is what?
Adrienne: How you respond.
Attilio: How you respond or react to those situations, because we can’t, it’s going to happen. But you can control how you’re going to react to it.
Adrienne: Alright, and the last one is from the unknown.
Attilio: From the unknown.
Adrienne: From the unknown.
Attilio: Is this one, is this one, I think the one who wrote, no it’s Anon. Phillipino philosopher, she lives in ___, her name is Anon.
Adrienne: Okay this one is, “Live every day as if it’s your last, embracing each experience as if it’s your first.”
Attilio: Say that one, one more time.
Adrienne: “Life every day as if it’s your last, embracing each experience as if it’s your first.”
Attilio: You know that reminds me of what the ancient Chinese uh, gym teacher who only had one leg said, uh, to the, to the parents that wanted to go into a bigger home, because they had so many kids. He said, “Have you tried adoption, because homes are very expensive here in Hawaii.” You know what his name was?
Adrienne: What was his name?
Attilio: He’s a gym teacher with only one leg. His name was One Gym Shoe.
Adrienne: One Gym Shoe. (laughing)
Attilio: (laughing)
Adrienne: Okay, on that note—
Attilio: People are like, we tuned in for this?! Yes, you did.
Adrienne: It’s going to get better, so stay with us, okay, so we do—
Attilio: No, that’s it, it’s all down-hill from now.
Adrienne: No, it’s going to go uphill. Here we go, so I think we’ve got uh, we’ve got Janyce on the line to talk with us about her tip of the week.
Attilio: Hey Janyce!
Janyce: Hi!
Adrienne: Hello!
Attilio: What’ve you got for us this week?
Janyce: Well, my tip of the week is dead space. Uh—
Attilio: When you go to, when you go into someone’s house, Janyce, do you say, I see dead space.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Janyce: Not out loud, but it is a common thing that you will see, especially in kitchens, in places that have been quickly remodeled without permits or without paying design professionals uh, touch on it. And you’ll find especially in corners, just monstrous dead space and there’s an assortment of things available, accessories I should say, to accessorize your cabinets, and to organize your space. And they range from uh, the ability for people who may have back trouble or who are older, to change an uh, shelf to a sliding tray, so that it comes out further to your corner space having an organize so that when you open the doors, actually in the room, enabling you to not only use all that space, but to easily access everything that you put in there.
Attilio: I, you know, I was thinking about funny space, would it be if it you made your guest bath room, but you put it behind like one of those bookshelves? And then you, when your guests come over it’s like, yeah, it’s down the hall on the left. What? It’s down the hall on the left. It’s right there!
Janyce: No, no one ___ review would say about that.
Attilio: But uh, anyways, so that dead space and then I heard also too about like uh, like putting drawers in the toe kick area?
Janyce: Oh, that’s been common for years in Europe, uh, there are certain brands of European cabinetry that actually have pre-set kits to go in there, everything from shoe-shine kits to ___ to mini-safes that are designed to go right in there and just recess back in without being noticed, so, once again, no more dead space!
Attilio: Nice! No more dead space. Then, then, I think, I think you should do, you should have like uh, six, call it a sixth sense design tip of the week.
Adrienne: (laughing)
Attilio: (whispering) I see dead space. Thank you Janyce!
Adrienne: Yes, thanks Janyce—
Janyce: You’re welcome.
Adrienne: For the excellent tip. Alright, so you can uh, reach Janyce at 206-7107 or check her out online at www.dreamhousedrafting.com.
Attilio: It’s always better to get more information to make an intelligent decision, especially when remodeling or redesigning or even just when going ground up. It’s always good to bring in an expert like Janyce, we highly recommend her. Speaking of experts!
Adrienne: We’ve got the Mortgage Genius! Jodie Tanga!
Attilio: Hi, Jodie!
Jodie: Hi!
Adrienne: Hello!
Attilio: What’ve you got for us this week?
Jodie: Well, I wanted to share about a, a nice little couple who happen to be good friends of mien that I talked to this week. Uh, they had been basically wanting to buy for the past two years and they’re both quite successful in, in their careers, and uh, you know, they’re really busy, and finally, they made time to, for, for a five-minute phone call, and I, we got their information, we reviewed credit, we got their documentation and, you know, they qualify for, $600,000, and uh, they you know, what one of the things that they’d expressed was they’d wished they had known sooner and that they’d tried sooner because they have $45,000 saved up, and we put together 3 different, 3 different scenarios for them, which, one using the full $45,000 and then the two others using less than that, and they just didn’t really, they’ve heard about it, like low down payments and stuff like that, but they just didn’t think that uh, they were too, call it scared, call it just, I mean, life gets you busy and all that stuff and so, now uh, you know, now the hunt is on and they just wish that they, they just feel like they’re behind the ball on that now.
Adrienne: Well they didn’t, they didn’t make it a priority or maybe it was just like, not getting educated.
Attilio: Maybe they should just give you permission for the, for you to stalk them. To stalk them, and like just like, sit in their driveway and wait for them to come home, because it—
Adrienne: Have you got five minutes?
Attilio: Well, here’s uh, this is what I tell people, listen up folks, come closer, come even closer. This is what we know, you know, Oprah has a really good question, I listened to her uh, Super Soul Sunday, by the way, if you want to have continued growth in your life, listen to podcast, the good ones. Oprah’s got one, she always asks this question of her guests, right at the end. What do you know for sure? And I would say, Oprah, this is what I know for sure, when I get on the show. Homes uh, in the future, will be more expensive than they are today. This I know for sure, so the longer you wait, what happens?
Adrienne: They’re just going to get more expensive!
Attilio: And Jodie, you, you always said this, uh, when interest rates are low, it’s kind of like when it’s cold, is it more likely to get more colder, or warmer?
Jodie: Right. Exactly. And so—
Attilio: Mmm-hmm. So, interest rates, where are they going to go? Most likely.
Jodie: They’re going upwards, they’re trending upwards.
Attilio: So, you’re going to be able to qualify for less and the home’s going to cost more! What are you waiting for?
Adrienne: Do it now!
Jodie: Yes!
Attilio: Do it now.
Adrienne: Gotta do it now.
Jodie: Do it now! And you know, you’ll be surprised what you, what you qualify for and, and don’t be in that camp of our, some of our parents and some of our grandparents, uh, you know, wait till you have 20% down, no one buys with 20% down!
Attilio: Yeah, except people who are doing money laundering. They’ve got way over, they’ve got these 55 gallon drums of money and they’re like, oh, we should go buy a house. With 50% down, no! Who puts that kind of, it’s, it’s, you know, you are, uh, and sometimes I find you know, I’ve talked to people where their mortgage was either the same or a little bit less than what they were paying for rent.
Adrienne: And then they got the mortgage interest deduction! So, it’s like, they’re better off! Exactly! So. Alright, thanks Jodie! Excellent story!
Jodie: You’re welcome! Thank you!
Adrienne: Alright, so you can give Jodie a call at 488-5510 or check her out online at www.pacrimmtg.com.
Attilio: Alright, next up, we’ve got Duke!
Adrienne: With Hawaii Pacific Property Management.
Attilio: Hey Duke, what’ve you got for us?
Duke: Hello, we’ve had lots going on right now in the property management side, end of the year blues, need to get your house rented? Call us and we can guarantee that we can rent your home, so we’ll guarantee that in writing.
Adrienne: Wow.
Attilio: Yeah, no, nobody wants a vacant, vacant property underneath the Christmas tree.
Duke: (laughing)
Adrienne: Horrible.
Attilio: You’re like—
Duke: It’s not giving you money, it’s taking your money.
Attilio: You should like, this is what, you should like bump your kids, take all the presents, throw them in the closet, put one present and they open it up and it says, our rental property is vacant, we had to return all your gifts. Had to make a mortgage payment.
Adrienne: That’s so sad!
Duke: That’s the ultimate lay-away gift right there.
Attilio: The other one, you could do the Jimmy Fallon one, when he was having people, it was hilarious, he was having the parents, eh would, he would bring the food out, like cookies or whatever, and he said, uh, we pre-chewed your food for you. And the kids are like, what? Like older kids. The babies, the babies would just eat it, because that’s probably what you do anyway for them, but the older kids are like eeewww! We pre-chewed your food, they didn’t chew it up, but they just chopped it up so it looked like it but uh, anyway, so if you don’t want to have pre-chewed food, or an empty home during the holidays, you should give Duke a call.
Duke: Yeah, we’ll take care of all the hard work for you, we do all the marketing, the background checks, the criminal checks, the employment verification, the commanding officer, information for you and contact, and then we’ll make sure that the people that are vetted in your unit are guaranteed against eviction. If there’s any legal costs for eviction, well, we’ll take care of that.
Adrienne: And then you guys do the walkthroughs, right? And if they’ve got a pet—
Duke: We do a walk-through, that’s right!
Adrienne: At 4 months and then no pet at 6 months, right? Just to double check.
Duke: 4 and 6 month walkthroughs. Yup! We go in and check out your house for you. Send you pictures and then if things are not uh, taken care of or they’re living a little dirty, we’ll give them a ten-day notice.
Adrienne: And that’s it.
Duke: Fix it up, clean it up, or ship out.
Attilio: Yeah, because they’d be like, oh yeah, we just have a small uh, wiener dog, and then you guys go do the walkthrough and it ends up being a pony.
Duke: Yup! Great Dane.
Adrienne: That actually happened, well not the pony but like—
Duke: Yeah, that actually happened.
Adrienne: It was a very large dog.
Attilio: Very large dog. Well—
Duke: You can count on us to, to hold up our end of the bargain, and guarantee your house will be rented. And there’ll be no more additional costs for you, all the uh, additional on-boarding costs are waived, there are no fees, to our owners, to start up with Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Zero fees, no upfront fees.
Attilio: I like that Columbo question you guys ask in the interview process with the tenants and it goes like this, you know Columbo right? He would always be like, they thought they got away with it! Then he would turn back around, I’ve got one more question. And here’s the Columbo question, everybody can use this in your relationships, hiring people, but I actually got this from a property management company and I passed it on to Duke. Is there anything else, we do a very extensive background check, is there anything else you would like to share with us? And you’d be surprised what people tell you.
Adrienne: And you would use this in your relationships?
Attilio: Well, you could. You should! For those—
Duke: Well there was this one time, right, there was this one time.
Attilio: Because, you know, you always, you know, hindsight’s 20/20 right, you’re like uh-oh! I didn’t, I didn’t check her out on Facebook, I didn’t know her name was #crazygirl. And I should’ve asked that question. So, do your due diligence, whether it’s in your personal relationships or tenants for your property. Ask the Columbo question. Alright.
Duke: Check us out on our website or you can look us up on Yelp, either one.
Adrienne: Yeah, you guys have a lot of excellent reviews on Yelp.
Attilio: Don’t take our word for it, take their happy customers and tenants words for it.
Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Duke!
Attilio: Thanks, Duke!
Duke: Alright, take care!
Attilio: Alrighty.
Adrienne: Alright, so you can give them a call at 445-9223 or check them out on www.hipacificpm.com.
Attilio: I think before we take a break and before we uh, bring our guest on, we were going to have a little chat with uh, R.B. Kelly. Okay.
Adrienne: Yes, the body language tip of the week.
R.B.: Alright, hi Adrienne, hi Attilio! This week our body language tip is all about an eyebrow flash. Now when you first meet someone, if you recognize them, you will actually instinctively flash your eyebrows at them, and when I say flash, I mean you’ll raise your eyebrows for half a second, maybe one second tops. But you’ll see this whenever you see someone you recognize or whenever you hear something interesting. So, if you’re meeting someone new and you want to make a good first impression, you want them to like you, you want them to think that you like them, you always want to send them a really quick eyebrow flash. Just half a second, maybe one second tops, that you’ll just lift your eyebrows and then drop them back down and that says, I see you, I recognize you, I like you.
Adrienne: So, but what happens if you continually raise your eyebrows?
R.B.: If you, if you flash your eyebrows like suggestively, then they’re wagging up and down, that is too much, over the top, and they’re probably not going to be your friend. So, you just want to keep it one eyebrow flash for a half a second, maybe one second tops. And that’s our tip of the week.
Attilio: Alright, thanks R.B. I guess, you know, you don’t want to go with the jumping caterpillar eyebrows.
Adrienne: What is that?
Attilio: That’s like, weirdo! Alright, so hey, we’re about to take a break, but stay with us, when we come back, we’ll be talking with Allegra Gast of Aloha Nutrition. Who will tell us about how to stay healthy this holiday season. Stay with us!
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Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.
Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne—
Attilio: And I’m Attilio.
Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Well hey, our guest today was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but has lived most of her life overseas. She attended Drexler University in Philadelphia with, and uh, got a degree in nutrition and food science.
Adrienne: She’s a registered dietitian and a breast-feeding specialist who believes that strong support, accountability, and encouragement are critical for proper nutrition and breast-feeding.
Attilio: Here today to talk to us about the difference between nutritionist and dieticians and the perfect diet for any individual, please welcome our guest, Allegra Gast. Welcome!
Allegra: Thank you so much! Thank you, it’s awesome to be here. Great opportunity.
Attilio: Great, so uh, let’s, let’s start off with that, that, uh, we gave them a little teaser, what is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist?
Allegra: Yeah, so really anyone can be a nutritionist, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, they read a book, they take an online course, they’re a nutritionist. A dietician on the other hand, has to have a degree in nutrition and food science from an accredited university, they then have to go on to do a one-year internship at a hospital, long-term care facility, public school, and outpatient, and then they have to go on to take their boards. To become uh, a registered dietician, so there’s a lot of schooling, a lot of uh—
Adrienne: A lot of regulation.
Allegra: Yeah. Exactly.
Attilio: So, you can’t just sleep at a Holiday Inn. And wake up the next morning and like, I’m a dietician, and also a rocket scientist. No.
Allegra: No, you have to pass your boards.
Attilio: And boards, I mean, that’s, that sounds like the stuff like what doctors have to go through, right?
Allegra: Yup.
Adrienne: You’re actually more extensively trained than the doctors for the—
Attilio: Regarding diets.
Adrienne: Yeah, and the food and, and how it affects our bodies.
Allegra: Yeah, I mean doctors only have to take a semester of nutrition whereas we take all four years. We have the degree in nutrition, so in the hospital settings, doctors do work very closely with dieticians. You know, they refer us to a lot of their patients.
Adrienne: So, like when do they call you in? At what point?
Allegra: Yeah, so, every, at the hospital, every client, or every patient has to have their meals prepared, for them, but if they’re in the hospital because of a cardiac arrest, a stroke, then they’re going to call the dietician to come in and educate them on the cardiac diet, which is low saturated fat, cholesterol, you know, uh, watching your salt intake, so, we will go in and talk to the patient about how to have a proper diet, and then we’ll communicate with the kitchen what kind of diet they need. While they’re staying at the hospital.
Attilio: You ever had patients that have uh, Cheeto fingers?
All: (laughing)
Attilio: Uh, room 302, we’ve got Cheeto fingers in there! You walk in and you’re like, step away from the Cheetos! Put the Cheeto bag down. Now!
Allegra: Not so much Cheetos, but definitely the soda, the Pringles, the other junk food.
Attilio: You know, I’ve seen some people coming out of the 7/11 I was like, holy moly, I would, I thought the cups couldn’t get any bigger and it literally, it looked like a mini cooler.
Allegra: Yeah, it’s, it’s crazy and then they wonder why they’re in the hospital!
Attilio: Yeah, you know, this soda is great, I’m going to be a diabetic by noon, but.
Adrienne: Now, do you do a lot of consulting with the, with diabetics? As well?
Allegra: Yup, so right now in my private practice with Aloha Nutrition, I specialize in prenatal and breast-feeding nutrition, so even though I’ve worked in a variety of settings, I have a strong passion with working with women and I do see a lot of women with gestational diabetes, so having to council them on their sugars is very important, because it affects their baby. So.
Attilio: Yeah, I know that uh, I was hearing a TED talk and it was uh, eh was uh, like a coach that athletes but his thing was all about just diet and, and I don’t, and you studied the science but, I mean, he was saying somewhere 60-70% of our performance is based on what we eat.
Allegra: Mmm-hmm, I’d say 80% diet, 20% exercise. You know, it starts from the inside out.
Attilio: So, the information you’re sharing with our listeners today is important, I mean, it’s like, energy levels, focus, you know, mental acuity. So, let’s talk about, but you know, we’ll go back to the other thing here because I know we have a lot of moms and there’s always this, you know, help with the, the verses, I call it the versus questions, uh, breast-feeding versus not, not breast-feeding, what is—
Adrienne: Formula.
Attilio: Yeah, what’s opposing, pros and cons of breast-feeding versus not?
Allegra: So, formula really just has the basics, uh, it’s also made in the factory, you don’t necessarily know what’s in it. Uh, breast milk is natural, it has antibodies, growth hormones, enzymes, uh, it also protects moms uh, against breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uh post-partum depression and it also helps with weight loss, uh, it also just helps with that whole bonding between mom and baby and that closeness. Uh, and breast milk has very healthy fats which help with brain development and there’s been some studies showing that breast-fed babies have a higher IQ uh, because of those healthy fats that are in breast milk. So, breast milk is amazing.
Adrienne: That’s the best.
Allegra: Yup! Breast is the best.
Adrienne: Yeah, like I’ve breast-fed all three of my children, and they like, they hardly ever get sick.
Allegra: Awesome.
Adrienne: So, you will save on, you know, your trip to the doctors, yeah and its free and you lose the weight right away. So, like, so what happens though, if like you find you’re not producing the milk, like, what kind of uh, advice do you have?
Allegra: Well I always wonder why they don’t have enough milk, is it just they are saying that because a lot of moms think that they need to be pumping huge amounts of bottles, but a baby’s stomach is very small and also breast milk is always changing the calorie amount, so as a baby gets older, it’s not that they need more breast milk, because the breast milk is always changing, whereas formula, because it’s made in a factory, it has always the same amount of calories, so as the baby gets older, you have to keep giving them more and more formula, so some moms will compare how much they’re making to their formula-fed friends, uh, and see that they’re not necessarily making enough, but the best way to see if a mom is making enough is watching the baby, is the baby growing, is the baby thriving, is the baby having good output, you know, those are great indicators, uh, but the thing that’s going to drive your milk supply is breast feeding on demand, you know, it’s that supply and demand, the more you breast feed, the more you remove the milk, the more you’re going to make.
Attilio: To produce, yeah.
Adrienne: And like what kind of diet though should you have, like what if you’re not eating enough calories?
Allegra: Yeah, so, you do want to make sur that you are getting sufficient amount of calories, but, it actually does not matter, moms diet doesn’t play a huge role in the amount of milk because you think of the women in like Africa or malnourished countries, they’re still making milk for their babies, uh, so really, the nutrition comes down to the mom’s health, you know, is, she needs to make, make sure she’s eating properly for herself.
Attilio: She can’t be like smoking cigarettes and eating Snickers everyday either, right? I mean, they’ve got to—
Allegra: And definitely a lot of the uh, vitamins and minerals that she eats will go to her breast milk to protect the baby.
Attilio: And I think about it too, we, we’ve got to think about it from a logical standpoint, breast milk’s been in development since the dawn of time, whereas formula, that’s uh, modern concoction right, it wasn’t around forever.
Allegra: Yeah.
Attilio: And I think it came more out of, would you say maybe more came out of convenience? Than necessity? I mean, what’s an extreme example of uh, of someone that, that, no matter what you do, they cannot produce breast milk?
Allegra: Yeah, well, actually it’s funny you say that because I have a friend uh, she’s probably one of my first clients, but she was diagnosed with insufficient glandular tissue, so that means that her body never made enough breast tissue, so she was never able to exclusively breast-feed her baby but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t able to produce any milk, she just wasn’t able to exclusively breast-feed, so she did partially formula and partially breast milk. Uh, for her baby to thrive and she breast-fed for a good while, uh, I mean eventually her milk supply did decrease, but that’s mostly because she didn’t have enough breast tissue. So, I mean, formula has definitely saved lives, you know, there’s a lot of times that women, yeah, don’t, can’t produce enough milk. Uh, so, I think formula is great, in those uh, instances. Yeah.
Attilio: But if you had to choose between the two, definitely breast milk is going to have way more benefits.
Allegra: Yeah, so that’s, I mean, breast-feeding is hard you know, that’s why they created the profession lactation consultants because they need us, you know, a lot of moms do struggle with breastfeeding uh, so, you know, maybe becoming a lactation consultant can help moms. In those instances.
Attilio: Yeah, I think my firstborn, I took him, I brought him back home to, because my dad was in the hospital and we had a business run and so I just brought him with me, uh, and uh, you know I had to go to formula, I tried the breastfeeding with him, didn’t work out.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: And I had, and that’s when we ended up switching over to formula. But, all the other two were breast fed and they’re all happy healthy and they—
Allegra: Yeah, and I think breast milk has definitely gotten the, I mean, sorry, formula, has gone the long way from how it was uh, years ago. And you know, babies are still thriving on formula uh, but of course, breast milk is significantly better than formula.
Adrienne: Well let’s uh, let’s move on to some holiday eating tips, I know you came out to talk to our team last week and they just had so many questions and loved all of the information that you had shared with us and with the holidays coming up and you know, the, the, the rich meals and you know, weight gain, what are, you know, could you share with our listeners maybe a couple of those tips you had shared with our team?
Attilio: Yeah, what’s tip number one?
Allegra: Yeah, well you actually mentioned it earlier, in this uh, in the show, about uh, talking more and eating less.
Attilio: By the way, you almost said podcast, we do, this is uploaded and turned into a podcast.
Allegra: Okay.
Attilio: So, you are correct, you are correct, it is a radio show and a podcast.
Allegra: Yay! Uh, so yeah, talking more, treating the holiday as one day, you know, what you eat on that one day is not going to sabotage your whole diet, you know, what you eat one day you’re not going to gain weight, uh, you’re not going to become deficient just by what you eat that one day, so really enjoy the holiday, you know, it’s a time when you’re with your family, with your friends and you get to enjoy that company.
Attilio: I think when you said, too, you, I remember what you told our team is that it’s about uh, your long-term habit, eating habits that make you end up not—
Adrienne: Not being healthy.
Allegra: How you eat on an average.
Attilio: What you see in the mirror.
Allegra: Yeah, exactly.
Attilio: Alright what’s, and you know, so, and I’m segueing just a little bit, you know, that’s, this is one of the interesting things that we do with our teams, so we highly encourage people to come check us out, because some of the things that we do, we bring in a dietician to speak to the team.
Adrienne: Because we care about them and their health, it’s important to us!
Allegra: And it affects your business, you know, if people aren’t healthy, they’re calling out sick. So, we want them to be healthy to help be in your business.
Attilio: I think that’s the, and you just mentioned something important it’s not like everybody’s eating to become an Olympic athlete, but if you just want basic, basic health and uh, and the uh, the what, immune system, so but anyway, let’s keep going with our holiday eating tips, number two!
Allegra: Yeah, so tip number two, make half your plate non-starchy vegetables, so what are some non-starchy vegetables that come to mind?
Attilio: Uh, Cheetos!
All: (laughing)
Adrienne: Kale.
Allegra: Yeah, kale, broccoli, uh—
Adrienne: Spinach.
Allegra: Sweet potatoes, spinach—
Attilio: How is a sweet potato not a starchy vegetable?
Allegra: So, because of the sugars, so, uh, potatoes, regular potatoes, are considered a starchy vegetable, uh, it breaks down a lot faster, so it raises your blood sugar. Faster than uh, regular sweet potato.
Attilio: So, you should get sweet potato fries. Hey! That’s like saying oh, you know, I didn’t, I went with the regular Twinkie as opposed to the deep-fried Twinkie.
Allegra: Yeah.
Attilio: But uh, okay, so not—
Allegra: Yeah, so making half of your plate, you know, your bright green vegetables, uh, and then filling the other half with the foods that you do want. Uh, and that leads into point number three, uh, fill your plate with the foods that you’re more excited about, you know, sometimes we just pile our plate up with all the food that we see, but you’re not really excited about all of them, so, you know, take, keep in mind that you’re still eating all these calories, so you really want to eat the ones that you’re more excited about.
Attilio: And then we’ve got to take off that excited list the Jell-O shots, don’t fill your whole plate with Jell-O shots, no matter how exciting, maybe you’ won’t be a little bit excited after you had a whole, but the family’s not going to be excited.
Allegra: Yeah, so if, you know, like at Thanksgiving, if you see the stuffing and you see the rolls, yeah, just the regular bread, and you really like stuffing, go for the stuffing and don’t eat the roll, you know, because it’s just a regular roll, you’re probably not excited about it.
Adrienne: It’s like, because you don’t have stuffing all the time. Right? Rolls are, you know, kind of an every day.
Allegra: Right, right.
Attilio: I think people’s mindset too when they go through a buffet line is like they just got off a desert isle, haven’t eaten in three months and just a mountain, I call it the mountain plate. You know? If it’s paper plate, they’ve got to have two hands because it could collapse at any moment and kill a small child with the amount of food that they’re piling on the plate because they’re like, folks, the food’s not going anywhere, it’s still there at the, at the buffet line.
Allegra: Yeah, and the reason why they do that is because they skip on breakfast and lunch, they try to save up all those uh, all the calories or their hunger for the big meal, but if you’re not eaten gall day, yeah, you’re going to be like rapping this and—
Attilio: Be like a holiday zombie.
Adrienne: Making good choices. With what you put on your plate.
Allegra: Yeah, just trying to feed your body, so making sure that you’re still eating breakfast and lunch.
Attilio: Okay, and then what’s the, so what was, what number are we at? Was that three?
Allegra: I think we’re on number four.
Attilio: Now we’re on four.
Allegra: Yeah, so uh, you know, be careful with the beverages. Alcoholic beverages really pack on those calories, uh, and they’re empty calories, so empty calories mean that they don’t provide you with any nutrients or any nutrition. Uh, also the alcohol can lessen your inhibitions, so you’re more likely to eat more. So.
Adrienne: You had mentioned something at our team meeting about red wine. And the iron.
Allegra: Yeah. Yeah, so red wine actually has a component called tannins uh, and tannins inhibit iron absorption, so, I recommend not eating your spinach or uh, I guess you wouldn’t eat oatmeal but, but like foods with iron, you don’t want to have it with uh, your red wine. Uh, I mean, if you want to enjoy it, that’s fine, but if you’re trying to increase your iron, you don’t want to eat them together.
Adrienne: Like don’t do it on a regular basis.
Allegra: Yeah.
Attilio: So, I’ve got to stop drinking that glass of wine with breakfast?
Adrienne: Yes, yes please, please stop that.
Attilio: I also heard that tannins also blocks your ability to uh, receive personal criticism in an open-minded fashion. And you get all grumpy. Alright, so, so the alcoholic beverage, because again, it’s the holidays, and, and you know what’s a good tip on that too? Is uh, we have uh, Honolulu’s finest uh, at different checkpoints. To see if you are, if you are partaking in those nutrition empty beverages and they’re going to ask you to breathe into something and then that’s not fun. So, anyway. What’s the next one?
Allegra: The next one I have is uh, choosing your plate wisely, so a lot of times you know, the small plate is the salad plate and then the bigger plate is the meat, and the starch and uh, you know, the other foods, whereas you should have it in reverse, take the bigger plate and fill that with all your vegetables and your salad and then if you’re going to have meat, use the smaller plate. So that you’re not eating as much of it uh, or hardly any of it, or any of it ideally.
Adrienne: You can have the, what is it, the tofurkey.
Allegra: Yeah, the tofurkey.
Attilio: Okay, so you people with these holiday parties, do, don’t, I, you know, make an announcement because some people get scared, they get this like, this plate inhibition like oh, if I bring, I fi have small plates at my get-together I might be like I’m cheap because I don’t want people to eat a lot of food, but maybe just make an announcement, hey, we’ve got small plates, because we’re thinking of your well-being, and uh, we have plenty food, but we’re having the small plates.
Allegra: Yeah. And if you’re, if you are someone who likes to have seconds, use that smaller plate because then you’re still getting your seconds, whereas if you’re serving that bigger plate and you’re going up again for seconds, you’re eating double the amount, whereas if you use the smaller plate and you like to go up for seconds, then that, you know, it has equal, one plate, one bigger plate that you normally eat.
Attilio: I think we should go all the way to eight and if they want the last two, they’ve got to go to your website. What’s your website?
Allegra: My website is www.aloha-nutrition.com. And you can also find me on Instagram, at aloha.nutrition.
Attilio: Alright, so give them, what’s the, what number are we on now?
Allegra: Uh, seven, eight? Six?
Adrienne: Well, why don’t we do one more tip?
Allegra: Alright.
Adrienne: One more tip.
Attilio: One more tip?
Adrienne: And then if they want more, they’re going to have to go and connect with, with Allegra, yes.
Allegra: Well let’s try the one that we already said about don’t skipping the meals, you know I think that’s a really big one, uh, you know, eat still a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch, uh, so that you don’t overdo it at that holiday meal.
Attilio: And I think, yeah, because everybody goes to these holiday meals like they’re like, they’re like uh, international uh, champion food, into an eating contest or something.
Allegra: Yeah.
Attilio: But uh, and uh, one of the other uh, the talking, more talking, less eating, was that one of the last ones?
Allegra: Yeah, yeah, and really, I think the last one is, enjoy the holiday. You know? It’s time to like I said, be with one another and uh, you know, we don’t have these holidays every single day, so enjoy it, don’t deprive yourself.
Attilio: Exactly, because when you hold out, will power is, people, we learned this, will power is bologna, you just end up binging.
Allegra: Yup, yup, exactly.
Attilio: And just going all crazy with uh, you know.
Allegra: And those, that’s the problem with all those fad diets out there, you deprive yourself of those foods and you know, that desire for that food gets so strong that you then just binge and you sabotage everything.
Attilio: Zombie apocalypse on your refrigerator. Alright, we’re going to take a break?
Adrienne: Well no, we have some more questions.
Attilio: Oh, no, we have some more questions. Oh, just going off, we’ve got to leave them wanting more with the ten tips.
Adrienne: Yes, yes, so—
Attilio: Okay, go for it.
Adrienne: So, Allegra, do you have any events coming up or health fairs?
Allegra: Yeah, so I’m actually planning an expo uh, in January, January 27, at the ___ Mall uh, which is the Kapolei mall and I was actually at Orange Theory running on the treadmill and my mind was just wandering and I was like, oh my gosh, we should have a baby expo for all the mothers, all the uh, you know, pregnant moms, where they can just come to one location and learn about what Oahu has to offer. You know, it’s uh, very overwhelming for a mom, pregnant, post-partum and with children uh, because there’s a lot out there uh, and just doing Google searches doesn’t always help so they can just go to one location, talk to these people—
Attilio: Face-to-face with somebody.
Allegra: Yeah, they can really see what we, what Oahu has to offer them.
Attilio: And a lot of times too, you’re able to, I know one of the benefits too is maybe you’re, maybe a new mom on the island and you can network and meet other moms and maybe start a little baby group. Because I know that’s a popular thing.
Adrienne: So, you said January 20?
Allegra: January 27th.
Adrienne: Oh, 27th.
Allegra: It’s a Saturday, last—
Adrienne: And what time?
Allegra: Uh, it’s from 10 to 5. At the Kapolei mall.
Attilio: Now is it going to, is it, nutrition fair or is that the baby expo?
Allegra: Uh, it’s similar like the baby expo but smaller, so, there’s going to uh, and a bunch of services, so there’s going to be an infant and uh, pre-natal chiropractor, adula, massage therapist, different boutiques, uh, infant photographers, myself as a lactation consultant and dietician, uh, we might even have a little fashion show going on, uh, so yeah, we’re teaming up whit the mall and trying to do a big event there, so it’s going to be a lot of fun, everyone should come out.
Attilio: So, they’ll know, now they’ll know on that day when they’re driving around the pond, the parking lot, where they’re seeing all these baby on board stickers in the back of all those minivan windows. All the little babies are going to be over there!
Adrienne: So, do you have uh, more information about this event on your website or on Facebook?
Allegra: Yeah, so on my website and we’re creating uh, an event page on Facebook, so uh, be on the lookout for that, it should be coming out soon, uh, but yeah, come to my website, I have a lot of great information, you can always reach out to me, uh, come to my Instagram, aloha.nutrition uh.
Adrienne: And then the website is www.aloha-nutrition.com.
Attilio: And for you over-achievers, we don’t spell out the word hyphen, it’s actually the symbol hyphen. Okay. Last question, what’s the perfect, what is the perfect diet for someone, and it’s kind of one of those tricky questions, right?
Allegra: Yeah, so there is no perfect diet out there. Everyone is different, everyone has a different body composition, a different lifestyle, different fitness level, so there is no perfect diet for anyone and that’s what I do in my practice, is I create individualized and customized diet plans to meet that client specifically where they’re at. I take into account their current weight, their lifestyle, uh, their genetics, and we create something to fit them. And that’s the problem with those fad diets is they really generalize everyone, and it doesn’t work for people.
Attilio: Yeah, just—
Allegra: So, there’s no perfect diet.
Attilio: Same thing with exercise, though I’ve found a website out there that has the perfect exercise routine on it. You guys want to know, start the new year out with a great exercise routine? Just go to uh, www.getoffyourbuttanddosomething.com.
Allegra: I like that.
Adrienne: Or www.eatlessandexercisemore.com.
Attilio: Www.eatlessandexercisemore.com. Also, very popular website and it’s, it’s sweeping the nation. And uh, alright, any last questions?
Adrienne: Or tips or anything you want to leave our listeners with before we move on to our open house?
Allegra: Yeah, I think the main thing is, you know, be kind to yourself, be kind to your body, uh, listen to your body. If you’re craving something, go for it, don’t sabotage your whole diet because you’ve been holding off for this one treat for so long that you just binge, uh, you know, really listen to yourself and uh, start thinking about your health, I mean, we only have this one life, how do you want to live it? Do you want to—
Attilio: And you’ve got the one body.
Allegra: Yeah, the one body or one life—
Adrienne: Take care of it.
Allegra: Yes. Absolutely. So, taking care of yourself, you know, change happens now! So, reach out!
Attilio: Yeah, you know, I, I don’t know who I heard the quote from, but it’s like, nothing dramatic is going to happen overnight, but you can make a small change overnight.
Allegra: Yup, yup.
Attilio: A small change that literally changes direction.
Allegra: Baby steps.
Attilio: You know, one of the big ones for me, just to share with uh, I used to not eat the breakfast and I just make it a habit to eat that breakfast because you talk about making sure we have the fuel through the day, I know, when, like they sometimes call it bio-availability right? As opposed to just skipping meals, because we talked about that a little bit.
Allegra: And how’s that been for you?
Attilio: It’s been good because I feel like uh, you know, I’m not, you know it’s like, we, we always, we make time for what’s important, so if you’re not making time for breakfast and you’re not treating it as important and I’m not like getting all super hungry for lunch, eat less at lunch and then, then dinner’s not this big scarf fest. Right?
Allegra: Yup, yup, yeah.
Adrienne: He’s setting himself up with, for success by having breakfast.
Allegra: Absolutely. Most important meal of the day.
Attilio: Alright, so we want to uh, thank our guest for being on the show.
Allegra: Thank you so much!
Adrienne: Yes, thank you, Allegra, it’s been great, as usual.
Attilio: Allegra, our guest, and uh, give them the website one more time.
Allegra: Www.aloha-nutrition.com.
Attilio: Alright, awesome.
Adrienne: Alright, so I think we’ve got uh, we’ve got Mike on the line.
Attilio: Hey, Mike!
Mike: Hey, guys, awesome show again and great snacks that Allegra has on her website! Just to plug that. I, I am going to be having the privilege of sitting in upper ___ at 921032 ___ Drive, this Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. So, guys, go up the mountain, look for my signs, I’m going to be on the left-hand side, you can’t miss me! For a beautiful, I’m sorry?
Attilio: Go ahead, keep going!
Mike: Uh, it’s for a beautiful townhome that feels like a single-family home, it’s huge guys! Four bedrooms, two bath, corner end unit, guys, you’ve got to come check me out.
Attilio: Yes, you or the house?
All: (laughing)
Adrienne: Both, both!
Mike: Me, at the house!
Attilio: Check out Mike, he’s super sexy and he’s going to be at a super sexy townhome, now Mike, you’ve got the new, you’ve got the new open house signs that we gave you?
Mike: Absolutely! Red and white.
Attilio: And it says on there, “We buy homes.” What is that all about?
Mike: Well, just to let you know, that my brokers are professional investors, and we, they’re always looking to improve their portfolio, so if you can’t sell your home, we’re going to offer a—
Attilio: We’ll write you an offer!
Mike: Give an offer to you, right then and there, guys.
Attilio: So, look for the open house signs that say, “we buy homes,” Team Lally’s logo, open house with the arrow. And it’s kind of like Hansel and Gretel. Just follow the open house breadcrumbs.
Mike: Breadcrumbs!
Adrienne: Follow the arrows!
Mike: Breadcrumbs and look for me and check out this beautiful home guys, like seriously. It’s gorgeous, up there, it’s gorgeous.
Attilio: Alright, thanks, Michael.
Adrienne: Thanks, Michael!
Mike: Aloha guys!
Attilio: Alright, next up we’ve got Abby!
Abby: Hello!
Attilio: Hi Abby what you got, what you got for us today?
Abby: Okay, so on your way to Mike’s open house in upper ___ or maybe on your way down from Mike’s open house, uh, come check me out, I’m going to be in Kapolei, ___ subdivision, uh, it’s at 91-1036 ___ Street. It’s ___ Street.
Attilio: You’ve got to say that ten times fast!
Abby: Yeah, I know, I’ve been practicing it. And uh, it’s a, a two, single-family home, detached, three bedroom, two and a half bath, uh, ___ and I love it, and you’ll love it too, so please check out the signs as well, Team Lally open house, uh, mine’s actually Saturday, uh, 2 o’clock to 5 o’clock so it’s not going to be on your way to Mike’s uh, open house, I’ sorry, I forgot.
Attilio: They’ll be driving around for a long time! They’re like, we’re just living in our car.
Adrienne: You can see Abby on Saturday and go and see Michael on Sunday!
Attilio: We’re just going, we’re just driving around the islands to the next open house, we’re going to do a 24-hour open house-athon.
Abby: There you go, ____. Yup.
Attilio: Okay, thanks Abby.
Abby: Thank you!
Adrienne: Alright, so we, we have a lot of open houses going on, every week. And you can always find out about them if you go to www.teamlally.com and uh, select the open house.
Attilio: I thought it was www.teamlallyopenhouse.com?
Adrienne: Oh, www.teamlallyopenhouse.com. But you can see, check out all of the listings, we have pictures, we have video, we’ve got drone footage, so you can kind of take a sneak peek of, of the open house before you actually attend.
Attilio: Hey, thinking about starting off the new year with a different career? We want to talk to you about a career in real estate.
Adrienne: Now everyone’s perception of real estate is what we see on TV.
Attilio: But it’s not like that, that’s what we know. I’m going off script here, it’s more like reality.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: The point being is that we have a Career Night.
Adrienne: We do.
Attilio: And it’s not going to be in December.
Adrienne: It’ll be in January.
Attilio: In January, so I’m going to give you prep for the new year, always go to, so go to our website, www.jointeamlally.com, you can RSVP for Career Night, come check it out, we answer any and all questions regarding sales, uh, administrative roles, property management—
Adrienne: What about the meaning of life?
Attilio: Yeah, we answer the meaning of life at that Career Night. People have walked out of there like their whole lives have been totally turned around, one hundred, you know, as my friend, he’s not too smart, so his life was turned around 360 degrees.
Adrienne: Really?
Attilio: He just ended up right back in the same place, no, no, no, the smart person turns their life around 180 degrees. If you want to get dizzy, then it’s like 720, 720 degrees.
Adrienne: I think you would—
Attilio: That’s dizzy.
Adrienne: Okay, we don’t want to make you dizzy, we just want to change your life, so come out to our Career Night. That’s www.jointeamlally.com.
Attilio: You know, we’ve got, we’ve got like what, about a minute or two here, what are, what are some tips we can share for people, we’re coming up to the end of the year, you know what? The best time to be setting your goals for the new year was actually probably in the, in the, October—
Adrienne: October, November.
Attilio: But that’s okay, there are two times, the two best times to plant a tree are when?
Adrienne: Uh, twenty years ago.
Attilio: Twenty years ago.
Adrienne: And now.
Attilio: And today!
Adrienne: Now, just do it now.
Attilio: So, start writing down those goals and we learn this from one of our coaches, we don’t say the word goals, we say what?
Adrienne: They’re promises.
Attilio: Promises because when you—
Adrienne: Promises to yourself.
Attilio: Because if you break a goal then you’re like, ah, alright, I didn’t meet my goal, no big deal but if you break a promise, ooh!
Adrienne: You don’t want to do that. Alright, on that note, thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.
Attilio: Jodie Tanga and Derek Tanga of Pacific Rim Mortgage!
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Attilio: If you want to get ahold of any of our sponsors just go to www.teamlally.com.
Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Lea, our producer here in the studio.
Attilio: Chi-hoo!
Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life—
Attilio: Forever! This is the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed—
Adrienne and Attilio: SOLD PROGRAM!
Adrienne: If we can’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price and your timeframe, we’ll have it bought for cash.
Adrienne and Attilio: THANKS, AND ALOHA!