Oahu Moped Riders
Gov. David Ige signed a new law into place that will require all Hawaii mopeds to become safer on the roadways. 
Starting January 2017, all moped owners in Hawaii will be required to pay for annual vehicle registration, safety inspections and license plates.
All moped owners will have to pay an annual $27 registration fee, $12 higher than the previous $15 one-time fee.
Who was pushing to implement these new moped laws? The counties. Hawaii (Big Island) and Maui already require all moped owners to do annual safety inspections.
People who are in favor of the new Hawaii moped laws hope that this will crack down on illegal moped modifications. Some moped modifications allow owners to make their mopeds faster or louder.
With the new moped law in place, police are allowed to send a moped back in for a safety inspection if they feel that the moped may have illegal modifications. They are also allowed to seize and even sell a moped if it is deemed unsafe for the road, or has no tags or inspection decal.
Register your moped, failing to register will subject owners to facing a $100 fine. Anyone caught using a fake tag, license plate or illegally removing one from a moped can be fined up to $500.
Moped owners are not required to show proof of insurance in order to pass a safety check. Take your time reading the new moped law the will take place soon.