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In today’s radio show, Adrienne and Attilio are joined by Cindy Perkins from Top Gun Painting. Cindy talks about how she became involved with Top Gun Painting. The services at Top Gun Painting include painting for residential and commercial properties, furniture refurbishment, water-proofing, and more. Cindy explains that they will do anything you need to make your house look beautiful. The versatility at Top Gun Painting is truly what sets them apart from other painting companies.

Team Lally Radio Show With Cindy Kramer of  Top Gun Painting

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Announcer:  It’s time to enter the world of real estate, with Hawaii’s own true real estate show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. Hawaii’s premier real estate leaders, Adrienne Lally and Atillio Leonardi. Who bring you the latest in real estate news, and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home, at a time and price you agree to, or they’ll buy it. Now here are your hosts, Adrienne and Atillio.

Adrienne:  Welcome to the “Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions, just give us a call at

(808) 633-8633, that’s (808) 633-8633 or check us out on the web at – www.teamlally.com that L-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  Well hey everybody this is Atillio, I was up, you know, I think I was protesting? At one of these telescopes. This lady taps me on the shoulder, and I’m going to tell you. There’s a high probability that this lady would be tapping me on the shoulder at one of these events. Because she’s, she would take us to these as a child. But anyway, she started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions? And I said, “These are great questions, I highly recommend you see the licensed professional.” And then I said, “But mom, why do we have this protest?” Honest truth, we used to, that’s a joke, but? As far as, my mom asking me legal and tax advice? I am serious when it comes to here. Seeking the appropriate protesting, my mom, God bless her. She is a native Hawaiian. She’s part of that Renaissance movement back in the ‘70’s. As a child growing up, 8, 9, 10 years old, I was like, Yea! We’re at this event, all these Hawaiian’s around, what’s going on? And so that’s what I used to do. I didn’t understand what was going on? But hey, it was me being a part of that. But anyway, I, if you hear anything on the show that sounds like tax or legal advice? If it sounds like legal advice, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne:  They should run that by the attorney’s with heart, Cane & Harren, right here in Yookoo.

Atillio:  If you hear anything that sounds like tax advice, hey go see your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, or CPA.

Adrienne:  Or tax advisor?

Atillio:  Yeah, because today we are going to talk about fun things, educational things, and real estate things, then.

Adrienne:  And legal things here in just a couple of minutes, we have David Cane up. Catch what’s going on with his legal tip of the week.

Atillio:  David, are you there?

David:  Hey guys how are ya?

Atillio:  Good.

Adrienne:  Doing great.

David:  Hey, listen we have some great something? So topical, you guys aren’t going to be able to believe it?!

Adrienne:  Okay.

Atillio:  Okay.

David:  Okay, so yesterday, yesterday, United Air, no I’m sorry, American Airlines computer issues. The stock market computer issues, Wall Street Journal computer issues.

Adrienne:  Oh.

David:  Everybody’s asking? Hum, kind of odd it all happened at the same time?

Adrienne:  Yeah.

David:  Was it a hacker? Or did all three just legitimately go down at the same time? We’re going to talk about hackers. Right now, as of as we speak. There is a hacking group called, “The Lizard Squad.” That is actively at war, right now, with what we call, “Denial of Service.” Or complete denial of services attacks. Against “PlayStation Network” and “Day Break Games” which were formerly – “Sony Online Games” and they are doing it right now. And so you’re probably asking, why? What’s going on? You know, how does this affect me?

Atillio:  Yes.

David:  Well I’m glad you asked that. Because.

Atillio:  I asked you telepathically.

David:  It does, it affects us all.

Atillio:  Yes.

David:  It affects us all, with delayed flights, and everything like that. Personally, I think, my personal opinion was? That it was a hack.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  Attack. And you know, something that big? It was probably done by a government, maybe China, North Korea. And I mean, we have proof that these governments have hacked into our computers previously.

Atillio:  Yep, yes.

David:  Including the department of defense computer. So, it really does affect us. So guys, here in Hawaii, we have a law, Hawaii Revised Statute, Section 708-890. And it is all about computer crimes. And let me tell you something? We take them seriously! Any computer crimes cause any damage over $10,000.00 is considered an A-Felony. Which means you can go to prison for 20 years.

Adrienne:  Oh, wow.

David:  Yep. If you break into someone else’s computer without authority.

Atillio & Adrienne:  Mm- huh.

David:  And don’t do any damage at all? It’s still a C-Felony, meaning you could go to jail for up to 5 years. Now that, let’s talk a little bit about that? There was a case in Michigan a few years ago, where this guy, named Leon Walker, who broke into his wife’s Gmail account. Because he suspected her of, you know, doing the a little, “Hanky Panky.”

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  So let’s take a look at here Emails? Well, he found her log-in book, her passwords and her log-in names? Logged into her account, read those Emails, and guess what? He used them later in the divorce case, against her. Unfortunately, his lawyer forgot to tell him that this is a computer crime that he committed. And guess what? He was charge with felonious computer crime in Michigan. And received a suspended five year sentence.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Adrienne:  Geez.

Atillio:  So what is that?

David:  By going into his wife’s Email. And they were married at that time.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  So, was he an authorized user? That’s what he claimed? But the court didn’t buy it. And he was convicted.

Atillio:  Geez.

David:  So these are serious crimes we’re talking about, going on right now guys, right as we speak. That this group, “The Lizard Squad” is committing these hacking crimes. Against, Sony Online Computers. And this came from, actually the other day in Finland, when it was one of these, “Lizard Squad Guys.” He’s 17, he’s in Finland, his name is Julius Teeveemaki. And he has committed, he was convicted of committing 52,000 counts of computer crimes.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

David:  But only received 2 year suspended sentence based on his age and other factors.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  Well, this morning, the president of, “Daybreak Games.” His name is John Smedly, was literally outraged, and started Tweeting, “Hey, we’re coming after you civilly. We’re going to do this, we’re going to do that.” So, “The Lizard Squad” attacked their computers, and that’s what’s going on right now.

Atillio:  Oh wow.

David:  I know, isn’t it crazy?

Atillio:  So what’s the penalties again, for breaking into your wife’s account?

David:  The penalties, if you cause $10,000.00 worth of damage, if you steal, like if you log into a bank’s computer, steal more than $10,000.00, or if it’s a major infrastructure, or Emergency Service, or governmental computer; it’s an “A” Felony. Meaning, that you could go to jail for 20 years.

Atillio:  20 years, wow, so this.

David:  So even this reading Email on someone else’s computer without authorization, is a “C” Felony.

 Atillio:  “C” Felony, and what’s the punishment for that in Hawaii?

David:  Five years.

Atillio:  Five years?!

David:  Yep.

Atillio:  So if you want to know what’s going on with your loved one’s account? Just ask them.

David:  Hey, listen to this? If you walked into it? When authorized to.

Atillio:  A-huh

David:  When no one’s in that particular office, and you sit down and you start reading that guy’s computer.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  Without authority.

Atillio:  Yep.

David:  That’s a “C” Felony.

Atillio:  Oh, five years huh?

David:  Five years.

Adrienne:  What if they had their Email, you know, left open?

David:  Then, even if there isn’t anything on there.

Atillio:  Five years.

Adrienne:  Oh, wow, ow.

Atillio:  Yep, five years.

David:  Five years in jail.

Atillio:  So they caught this a, knock yourself out baby. You know, in fact they busted this 17 year old girl in the Ukraine. Her first name was Ibana her last name was Tinko, for. No, no, no. So, yeah, what people don’t realize? I know its funny hearing it all here on a real estate show? We were listening to the show right before us? And it was a doctor advising a parent about a bowel movements of a child.

Adrienne:  And potty training.

Atillio:  Potty training, so they were like, wow, coming up with some opposite end of the spectrum, cyber hacking. Like, you know, the seriousness of it, that’s what they said. The next terrorist attack is not going to be somebody flying a plane into a building, it’s probably going to be a cyber-attack.

David:  I think so guys, and I just want to put out there for everyone.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  That these are very serious crimes, and the state of Hawaii takes them very seriously. So don’t try to break into somebody else’s computer. Or don’t go in without authority.

Atillio:  Yes.

David:  Like you do have authority and read people’s Emails or anything like that. Because you are technically committing these computer crimes, under 7088-90.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  So David, real quick? Would you say that the laws here in Hawaii are more strict.

Atillio:  Strict.

Adrienne:  Than other areas of the United States? So is it?

David:  It looks like, however the one in Michigan, it looks like there is kind of standard federal law as well, about computer crime.

Atillio:  Yeah.

David:  But the one in Michigan was very similar to the one in, the law that we have. And that is, this guy Leon Walker did get convicted on, and did go to prison. And had a five year felony term, very similar to the law we have.

Atillio:  Wow. Well, thanks so much for the information and enlightenment today.

Adrienne:  Yes.

David:  Always something? You bet.

Atillio:  Watch out for the lizards!

David:  Thanks guys.

Atillio:  Alright.

Adrienne:  Thanks David.

David:  Okay, bye.

Adrienne:  Alright, so if you need any kind of legal advice or legal services? You could?

Atillio:  Check out Cane & Harren.

Adrienne:  Yes. And that’s Cane & Harren. That’s – C-a-n-e & H-a-r-r-e-n.com.

Atillio:  Or you can call them at – (808) 242-9350, that number again is – (808) 242-9350. Did you want to share some quotes, before we take the first break?

Adrienne:  Well we have Lisa on.

Atillio:  Is she on?

Adrienne:  She’s on and she’s called in.

Atillio:  Lisa, are you there?

Adrienne:  With her secrets.

Lisa:  I am.

Atillio:  Alright.

Lisa:  Hi guys.

Atillio:  Hello, hello. So what you got to share with us today? Tell us who you are and what you’re sharing?

Lisa:  Okay, I am Lisa Teichner, and I am the Maui Expansion Director for Keller Boy Williams in Honolulu. In the process of opening a new office here on Maui for Kelly Boy Williams, funny how this all came about? And today, I want to talk to you about last week. I mentioned, I guess it was two weeks ago? We were having a workshop about, for a new book, called, “The One Thing.” Which is a New York Times Best Seller, Wall Street Journal Best Seller, and on USA Today. It’s a fantastic book, and we had a workshop, which went really well on Monday at the Realtors Association. And I think that some of the places that the principles that they share, it’s not just about real estate. It’s about anybody in their life who wants to improve their habits.

Atillio:  Yeah, yes.

Lisa:  And wants a better life. So one of the things I wanted to mention today was? The 66 days challenge. Which was now, a lot of us are on, since we went to the class on Monday.

Atillio:  A-huh.

Lisa:  The 66 day challenge is designed to be able to form better habits. So you pick on habit that you want to focus on improving for 66 days straight. So, like you, whether it’s like a physical health habit or is work related habit. The idea is that you want to actually think small, and focus on, you know, being disciplined, building one habit at a time instead of trying to do too many things and getting into that habit of having done it enough times to develop it once you’re done with the 66 days. It makes it a lot easier to do it. So, for example, some of us are on a wellness challenge.

  So we pick one specific thing to focus on for 66 days. For some people are doing the business challenge, where, you know, they make phone calls, whatever, they do their follow up calls. For a real estate agent they might be doing their follow up calls from 10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. every single day for 66 days.

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  So that they build that habit.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  So, Lisa, what is your attention to wellness?

Atillio:  For 66 days?

Adrienne:  Yeah. She was that.

Lisa:  12 are mine, I’m, my wellness habit is? Cutting out sugar, going without sugar. So I am not eating anything with sugar in it for 66 straight days. In the hopes of that bad habit that it will be broken. And I will be able to focus on all of the other wellness things. And there’s four other goals I have there, but you got to pick one, and that’s the hard part. You, well people say, well I want to do this and this and this, and then you?

Atillio:  You never do any of it.

Lisa:  That’s right.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Lisa:  So, sugar, that’s my thing, no sugar 66 days, and I’m on day 2.

Adrienne:  And how’s it going so far?

Lisa:  No, it’s going great, really good actually.

Atillio:  That’s why you didn’t want a king sized “Snickers Bar” I was offering you this morning.

Lisa:  I know, I, it’s really hard to say that. No, but for me it’s like, not even that bad with the candy bar, but Starbucks? But you know, like a mocha, or, you just don’t realize or bread or scone, or treats, or whatever? It just turns into.

Adrienne:  It’s hiding everywhere, this refine sugar.

Atillio:  I have the bonus on crack, “Crispy Creams.”

Lisa:  Oh, yeah, I love that’s me after 66 days if I eat one of those.

Atillio:  I can eat a whole dozen by myself.

Lisa:  A yeah.

Atillio:  But anyway, so, I want to speak about that because I read the book myself too. And what they are saying, people are saying, why 66 days? You know, everybody has a common method, its 21 days to develop a habit. But what they did in the book. Because they went and studied information, and they found? The complexity of the thing you’re trying to break or learn determines how long you should do it for. Before it becomes an ingrained habit. And they found that wasn’t it at the mid-point? Depending on the complexity?

Lisa:  Yeah.

Atillio:  It’s basically 66.

Lisa:  It’s what we called it, which is funny because, “The sweet spot.”

Atillio:  Yeah.

Lisa:  And eighteen days, anywhere from eighteen days to 254 days. You’re right, it depends.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Lisa:  It depends on how complex?

Atillio:  Or how difficult?

Lisa:  Or how difficult the habit is?

Atillio:  Yeah. So.

Lisa:  So, right, that would be suddenly urgent. You kind of have to gage it? See, 66 days is better one. Twenty one is, really doesn’t work, depending on what the habit is? It may not be long enough.

Atillio:  Yeah. And you know, if it’s a dark matter? Physics, it ain’t going to happen in 21 days. You’re gonna?

Lisa:  Right.

Atillio:  Right. I guess it’s going to take a little longer than that. But, yeah, thanks for sharing that. These and many other are the deposited benefits of being and associating with some, with Keller Williams. Is everything educational way.

Lisa:  Yeah, and if people want a copy of, for anyone who’s listening? And they want a copy of the book? “The One Thing” and they can call me, and I’ll give you my number on the air it’s 870-1009. And I actually ordered some more copies of the book. Because we did give as a gift to everyone who was at the workshop we had. And there were about 40 people there. I did order more, so if somebody wants one? Because they can call me, it’s a life changer, it really is, I’ve used it for time blocking. And it’s been incredibly effective.

Atillio:  Time blocking, educational.

Adrienne:  So Lisa when is the next, I know you’ve been doing workshops, doing a lot of workshops. Is there any one that is coming up soon, that you want to let our listeners know about?

Lisa:  Yeah, we have, we do have an educational calendar that I can send out. Again, if somebody calls me, I will send them out the July dated calendar that we have. We have workshops in our office regularly in Honolulu Hawaii. So, again, just call me at 870-1009 and I will send you copies of the schedule. But, for realtors, we have workshops that are specifically real estate related. We’re doing workshops for the millionaire real estate agent.

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  Which is an excellent book, and I do those, you know about every other Friday. But I want to make sure that I get them the right dates. And then, you know, we have those workshops too.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Lisa:  Yeah, the “One Thing” workshops.

Atillio:  “The One Thing” is great, I want to plan on it, if you’re a business owner? It doesn’t matter if you are in the real estate industry or not, success is generic. In these would have been habits, or techniques or things you should have known, but now you’re a contractor paying business, carpentry business, general contractor, hanging biz, any kind of business. You should actually read this book.

Lisa:  It’s fantastic.

Atillio:  Yep.

Lisa:  The way it takes you to extraordinary in its results just by changing habits. And yeah, it’s wonderful, it’s not a best seller for no reason. It’s very good.

Atillio:  Yeah. Adrienne and I got a chance to meet the author and J. Papasan walked up to him and said, Jay, your book is my second favorite book of all time.”

Lisa:  And he said, “What was your first?”

Atillio:  And I told him, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Stephen Covey.

Lisa:  Oh, yeah. I knew that, that’s a really good one too.

Adrienne:  And he was flattered.

Atillio:  He was flattered to be second, to that book.

Lisa:  And that’s huge, you know?

Atillio:  Yeah.

Lisa:  I knew that from my favorite, “A thousand man Thinkus.” By Allen.

Atillio:  Yes. I read that book, that’s a good one.

Lisa:  The one thing is, my new favorite book right now.

Atillio:  Yes, Okay.

Adrienne:  So thank you for everything you’ve done. Give Lisa a call if you want to learn more about the educational opportunities, or to learn more about the “One Thing”

Atillio:  870-1009, that’s 870-1009, thanks Lisa.

Lisa:  Thank you.

Adrienne:  Alright, so we’re going to take a real short break. And we’ll hear the Maui Mortgage Minute.

Atillio:  And then we have a guest who’s going to share information with us that’s gonna change our lives forever.   

Adrienne:  So stay tuned.


(Music Out)



Adrienne:  Welcome back, and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, the home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne.

Atillio:  And I’m Atillio.

Adrienne:  And today, we’re talking to Cindy Kramer, from “Top Gun Painting” She’s here with us in the studio. Share a little bit more about the painting business here.

Atillio:  But before we do that. You know, Cindy this is a local style. We want to know about the person? Then we start learning about the business. That’s how the local style is. We want to know the people? So tell me, tell me about yourself a little bit?

Cindy:  Like they say, I’m Cindy, and I’ve been on the island about four years.

Atillio:  Okay.

Cindy:  And I’m originally from Idaho.

Atillio:  Wow, Idaho.

Cindy:  I grew-up in Idaho. I came here because my daughter is having a baby. And that’s my story.

Atillio:  Great, you were going to help her with the baby, and then you just stayed.

Cindy:  And then I just stayed. Yep

Atillio:  That’s good. You get to stay.

Cindy:  Yes, yep.

Atillio:  Isn’t it freezing like Minnesota? Or no, would you say, I’m outta here after the baby’s born?

Cindy:  Probably. Yeah.

Adrienne:  So with that, “Top Gun Painting” how did that? How did you get involved with?

Atillio:  With Top Gun Painting?

Adrienne:  Top Gun?

Cindy:  Um, we just met each other down there, which is Ted Argerano.

Atillio:  Yep.

Cindy:  We met each other, and then we connected. And then I just started helping him with his business and.

Atillio:  Okay.

Cindy:  And started doing his paperwork and stuff around, and here I am. And just continuing on with that.

Atillio:  Gotcha. So as we say, that’s important when you have a business you got to have the front of the house. Which is actually doing the work. Getting up and the back of the house keeping it going, organized, the appointments, bidding estimating.

Adrienne:  So his business is, does not go on vacation, right now? Cindy’s over here.

Atillio:  Doing some public relations.

Adrienne:  That’s right.

Atillio:  You were going to say something?

Adrienne:  Yeah, painting.

Cindy:  I think I’m the front of the house.

Atillio:  You’re the front of the house.

Adrienne:  She’s the front of the house, she’s the PR and the.

Atillio:  Answering the phone.

Cindy:  That’s right.

Adrienne:  Keeping everything organized.

Cindy:  That’s right organizing.

Atillio:  Okay, so and the website painted a couple of times, it’s Top Gun Painting and the numeral #1.

Cindy:  Yes.

Atillio:  Top Gun Painting numeral #1, dot com. www.topgunpainting1.com.

Cindy:  That’s right.

Atillio:  The best phone number is (808) 250-9159, (808) 250-9159. Now we’re going to talk about the reasons why they should be calling you guys. Tell them, tell us about your, what kind of painting you do?

Cindy:  We do all types of painting we do: Residential, Commercial, we do a lot of furniture, refurbishment, water proofing, and roofing, we pretty much do it all. We do anything you need done, to make your place look beautiful, we’re there to help you.

Atillio:  Okay.

Cindy:  Yeah.

Atillio:  Alright.

Adrienne:  And then you guys work all over the island?

Cindy:  All over the island, you know, we’re actually trying to get a job right now in Oahu.

Adrienne:  In Oahu.

Atillio:  Well alright!

Cindy:  We’re trying to expand out a little bit.

Atillio:  Where’s that cow pole stork calls and says, we need the building repainted?

Cindy:  You say what? Right there.

Atillio:  We got to bring a generator, because the building don’t got enough electricity. I remember the last time I was over there. But, okay, right on. Last time you were telling me, telling us about, gosh earlier during the break? Prior to bringing you on before the commercial or residential and you guys see, you do both. Then, I think that says a lot when a commercial client says, they hire you because the hotel industry you guys are currently the job you are currently doing?

Cindy:  Yes, we are currently doing, I am currently working on one of the big resorts on the island. And, you know, that’s what we like to do. Because it’s an on-going thing. And yeah, they seem happy with us. I think our work is good, and all of that.

Atillio:  I think that tells the consumer that if you can work for a high expectation company like, especially the resort. Because everything is about aesthetics.

Cindy:  Yes.

Atillio:  Than that tells them that you’re going to do a good job on their residential painting.

Cindy:  Yes, and we take a lot of pride in our work. Again, if you’re not happy with our work, we’re not happy. So.

Atillio:  Gotcha. You had a question Adrienne?

Adrienne:  Oh, I was going to say, like for this resort not only were you guys going to do painting. But you were also going to be doing some refinishing.

Atillio:  Refinishing.

Cindy:  Refinishing, yeah, we’ve done some water proofing over at the, over there. We’ve done a lot of dry wall work for them. We also do dry wall work, furniture.

Adrienne:  So what would you say differentiates your guy’s company?

Atillio:  From other painting companies?

Adrienne:  From other ones that are out there

Cindy:  I just think because we’re so versatile, you know.

Atillio:  Yes.

Cindy:  We do so many things that, you know, it’s not only about coming over and painting your house for you. Where, we’re there to do whatever you need to be done. You know, we’ve done some cement work.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Cindy:  All kinds of different things, so if you need the job done, then we’ll try our best to.

Adrienne:  To figure out what needs to be done.

Cindy:  Yeah. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out.

Atillio:  Now, Ted, how did he start the business? Did he have to buy someone else’s business? Did he have to start off as a one man operation?

Cindy:  He started off, I think in California and having his own business. And then he came over here on a vacation. And just fell in love. So, he just brought his business with him.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Cindy:  And it’s just been growing since.

Atillio:  So you had experience prior to getting on the island, and?

Cindy:  Yeah, yes.

Atillio:  Just duplicated that level of success here on Maui. And where did he come from originally?

Cindy:  From San Francisco.

Atillio:  Oh, so San Francisco is like, yeah, it’s too cold over here!

Cindy:  Yeah.

Atillio:  I’m going to go where it’s warm.

Adrienne:  Yeah, too many homes too.

Cindy:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Yeah, San Francisco. Yick. Yeah, and aggressive drivers too.

Cindy:  Aggressive everything.

Atillio:  It brings up that old pain everyone brings up now, “The Golden Gate Bridge.” Once you get start at one end? Then you finish the other end. You have to go back and start at the other end.

Cindy:  The other end, yeah.

Atillio:  It sounds like, some of your corporate clients? Once you get done down to the other end, then you go back and start again.

Cindy:  Exactly.

Atillio:  Because you’re constantly very cogent of their aesthetics and their areas and their common areas.

Cindy:  Yeah.

Atillio:  And the areas and the rooms they want a good experience with their clients that come back. And spend those three, four, five, six hundred bucks a night to stay.

Cindy:  Absolutely. Yeah.

Atillio:  Anyway, as far as, if I’m a residential client and? Whoa, this happened to me at my house. I know you guys, we have a lot of planned communities here, get that ladder?!

Cindy:  Yes.

Atillio:  Because it’s time to paint your house. And you got about six months for you to go and get it done. So, how do you guys handle that? Because I know, like in the associations. They are very specific, you got to follow them like the, paint, color, size.

Cindy:  And yeah, I’m like, you know, we did get the rules from our House Association. And we followed those rules. And, you know, basically the client will pick their color. And things like that. So, we’re more in keep with it, the rules, yeah.

Atillio:  The Homeowner Association?

Cindy:  Yep, yeah.

Atillio:  Alright. It’s time, we always have that question? What is that strangest painting request, or job that you guys have ever done?

Cindy:  Um, I can tell ya, a funny story, about something that happened.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Cindy:  We were doing some tables for one of the resorts. So, four tables, and the person that was doing it? Makes the materials a little bit.

Atillio:  Okay.

Cindy:  Wrong, and you know, no bodies perfect, we all make errors. And so one of the visitors that was staying at the resort set his glass down on one of the tables. Then went and jumped in the pool. When he came back up out of the pool, his glass was stuck to the table. (Laughing) So he couldn’t get it off. So, of course you know, we wind up getting a call, something’s not right? So, we had to go over and take care of it. But, you know, it’s kind of a funny story.

Atillio:  And it was the president of the resort.

Cindy:  (Laughing)

Atillio:  I thought you were going to say, like, we mixed the wrong colors and then we painted this thing, and it was a total mess-up.

Cindy:  Oh, no, no, no, no.

Atillio:  And then the people were like, that is a great color, we love it. And you guys were like, oh, yeah, we planned that. Ah, no, but, any kind of any big residential homes, or like famous people, rich, you can like sorta say their name? But not tell us any, I don’t know, any of those?

Cindy:  No, no. A?

Atillio:  Have you painted a really old house?

Cindy:  No, no, Oprah houses. Yeah, we’re working on that.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Cindy:  I’m trying to get us there, but that hasn’t happened yet, but soon.

Atillio:  Okay.

Cindy:  But soon.

Atillio:  As far as they know, I’m a big, huge fan of old. But if you asked me the question, who would be that one person you would want to have?

Adrienne:  Maybe you should listen to me right now?

Atillio:  Watch it! And we know she owns property on Maui, so we got to? This is that part of the show, where we got to do the “Oprah Show.” Oprah, if you or any of your staff, or any of your enteraz are listening right now? What, 1. We would love to have you on the show. And, Cindy Perkins – “Top Gun Painting” If you guys need a painter?

Cindy:  At your house.

Atillio:  Come and paint your house.

Cindy:  Yes, and I’m going to be there too. So see, I will supervise it.

Atillio & Adrienne:  YES!

Cindy:  So we can have tea. Dinner and chat.

Atillio:  Share and talk about the latest book.

Cindy:  Yes.

Atillio:  That you recommend reading. But, again, if you guys are just tuning in? We have Cindy Perkins with “Top Gun Painting.” Right here on Maui, then her number (808) 250-9059. What’s the website Adrienne?

Adrienne:  www.topgunpainting1.com

Atillio:  No, I’ve got to ask the question? I’m wondering if Ted is a Top Gun Fan? Or does like everyone on the team have like, those names? Like: Maverick, Rick, or, do you have those names?

Adrienne:  Is that how he got the company?

Cindy:  No, he just likes, “Top Gun” But yes he does name all of his employees.

Atillio:  So what’s his “Top Gun” name?

Cindy:  “Flash”

Atillio:  “Flash!” He’s never been arrested has he? No, just kidding.

Cindy:  No, we don’t want to go there.


Atillio:  He doesn’t come to work in trench coat does he? Does he?

Cindy:  No, no. That would be weird, that would be weird like that.

Atillio:  But what were the names from Top Gun? It was?

Cindy:  “Duck”, was there “Duck” or what it “Goose?”

Atillio:  Or maybe it was duck, duck, goose? Not at all. Hey all the Top Gun fans that are listening in right now are screaming. Because they want to call in and tell us all the names. But it was?

Adrienne:  Well, if you are a “Top Gun” fan you definitely need to hire these guys for your next paint job, or furniture refinishing.

Atillio:  And if I call you guys and get put on hold. I want to hear the “Top Gun” music when I’m on hold.

Adrienne:  A, no.

Cindy:  No, but I will do that. That’s going to be, I’m going to do that today.

Atillio:  Yeah, yeah.

Cindy:  Actually, that’s a good idea. Such a good idea.

Atillio:  The main guy for the mission, what’s his name? Mission Impossible?

Adrienne:  Oh, Tom Cruise?

Atillio:  Tom Cruise.

Cindy:  Tom Cruise.

Atillio:  I bet you could get him? If he’s listening? Tom, Tom Cruise. You should have Top Gun Paint your house, or any of your vacation properties, that would be appropriate.

Adrienne:  So Cindy, when someone calls in? And they have a question? What do you hear most of? What kind of frequently asked questions do you guys get?

Cindy:  Oh, mostly we get, what is the longest lasting paint? And what type of paint should we get? You know, how long is it going to take? You know, just general questions like that.

Atillio:  Okay. These will what we tell all our clients. And, you know, we’re not, this is a real estate team. If you’re not, if you’re looking for a discount, a flat fee, that’s not us. We’re full service, we do very good work, and we charge for it. Are you guys? I’m going to guess, with how busy you are? The you’re not the discount, flat fee, super cheap painter. You know, if you’re looking for the local painters, don’t call us.

Cindy:  Sure, that’s right. But, oh, we’ll still work with you, you know. And give you the most best price that we possibly can.

Atillio:  And Adrianne, what’s the difference between price and value.

Adrienne:  Well, it’s the value of what you the client is willing to pay for that service or goods. And then the price and value of what they do need to match up.

Cindy:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  And I imagine a corporate client, they’re value is going to be very high. So, they’re not going to, keep expenses low. But, they’re not? I’m going to imagine they’re not hiring the cheapest painter. They’re going to be hiring the painter that’s going to do the best work.

Cindy:  They’re going to hire the best painter. And that’s us at, “Top Gun Painting.”

Atillio:  www.topgunpainting1.com Tom, any other questions for Cindy? You know what? The question should be about, the questions we haven’t asked about you?

Cindy:  Um. You asked me about all the right questions.

Atillio:  We asked you all the right questions?

Cindy:  Yes.

Adrienne:  Well, what kind of, let’s see? Your average home. What kind of price range are you looking at? As far as price to get the exterior, the whole exterior home painted. Just for

Cindy:  Well, you know, there’s a lot of variables? Because it depends on if, you know, how much scraping they have to do? And you know, what, if there is water damage, or anything like that. So there is a lot of variables. So it depends on what kind of paint they want? All kinds of different things. I would say, the average price for a house to be painted? About between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00.

Atillio:  Have you ever gotten a request where some, a lady shows you her finger nail polish, and she says, Oh, I want my house painted this color?

Cindy:  We did have that, but it wasn’t a whole house, it was just a bedroom.

Atillio:  Oh, just a bedroom.

Cindy:  Yes. And then she, we did it? We hesitated about it. And she absolutely hated it.

Adrienne:  Oh.

Cindy:  So then we made it right. And we went and did it a different color.

Atillio:  Well, maybe midnight desire is good for finger nail polish? But not so good for a master bedroom.

Adrienne:  So you guys will do like one interior room?

Cindy:  Oh, sure.

Adrienne:  So no room is too small?

Cindy:  No room is too small.

Adrienne:  That’s good to know.

Atillio:  Number one worst fighter pilot nick-name? Bunny Rabbit. What’s some of the other names of the Top Gun names of the staff have?

Cindy:  Oh, yes you put me on the spot?

Adrienne:  She’s like, do I need to?

Atillio:  What’s yours, what’s your name?

Adrienne:  She’s like I don’t have to do this.

Cindy:  No, I do not have a name.

Atillio:  You don’t have one? What the? Adrienne has a Top Gun name, but she, “Roller Derby.” You know like in, “Roller Derby.”

Cindy:  Yes.

Atillio:  They have roller derby names, share with the audience what’s your roller derby name?

Adrienne:  “Lally-gagger.”

Atillio:  “Lally-gagger.” That’s her last name Lally, and gagger. But anyway, so, anyway. It was good to meet the other half of “Flash.” from “Top Gun Painting.” Numero one. Numero One?

Adrienne:  Yes, Cindy Perkins here, and if anyone is interested in getting a quote, or finding out more about additional services that they have besides, the painting, and furniture refinishing. The best number to reach you guys at – (808) 250-9159.

Cindy:  Or you can call me – (808) 446-4567.

Atillio:  Alright, you talk to Cindy, and you know what? If you have suggestions for a Top Gun name? Call her at give them to her.

Cindy:  Oh, great.

Adrienne:  She needs a name.

Cindy:  I do, I need a name.

Adrienne:  Give us the number one more time?

Cindy (808) 250-9159 or (808) 446-4567.

Atillio:  Alrighty, we’re going to take a break.

Adrienne:  Yeah, we’re going to take a real short break. But, when we come back. We’re going to have some real estate.

Atillio:  Real estate related topics and whatever we feel like talking about, because it’s our show.

Adrienne:  That’s right. So don’t go too far.

Atillio:  Yep.


 (Music Out)


(Music In)


Adrienne:  Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is “Mr. E”

Adrienne:  No.

Atillio:  No? No, Mr. E. I’m just in the mome, in the mood, listening to Mr. E, on an intro music. A yeah, so Hey, Maui, we’re the only real estate show where we got Mista E in the background music. And?

Adrienne:  It’s the home of the guarantee sold program.

Atillio:  Guaranteed sold program where we.

Adrienne:  Where we’ll buy it.

Atillio:  Where you’ll buy it?

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  That’s pretty outrageous.

Adrienne:  It certainly is.

Atillio:  If you want to know more details about that, you should give a. What number should they call?

Adrienne:  You need to call us at – (808) 633-8633.

Atillio:  Or check us out online at – www.teamlally.com, that’s L-a-l-l-y.com. Hey folks if you’re looking to get your home. Here’s one of the things I know we do. We get homes sold for more money in a shorter period of time.

Adrienne:  Yes we do.

Atillio:  The more money, the better that makes sense. What’s the shorter period of? Why would you want to get your home sold in a shorter period of time?

Adrienne:  Well, there’s this opportunity called, “Cost.”

Atillio:  Opportunity cost.

Adrienne:  There’s holding cost.

Atillio:  Holding cost.

Adrienne:  And then you know, when your home is on the market a long time? It get’s yeah…

Atillio:  It gets stale, and then there’s just me repeating what you’re saying.

Adrienne:  Who wants a stale home?

Atillio:  Nobody wants a stale home, it’s kinda like crackers.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  Your home is kinda like crackers, it goes stale after a while and nobody wants, it just doesn’t taste good. So people stop looking at your home. It’s important to get it sold during that honeymoon period.

Adrienne:  That’s right.

Atillio:  Alright.

Adrienne:  I’d just be speaking of the honeymoon period. We have Anastasia.

Atillio:  Anastasia, Russian Princess.

Anastasia:  Aloha everyone.

Atillio:  Hi Anastasia. And so, Anastasia is one of our awesome business partners, buyer agents. What are you going to share with us today?

Anastasia:  Well I have been doing a lot of talking with buyers this week.

Atillio:  A-huh.

Anastasia:  What I’ve found is buyers are just so excited about them. The home buying process at the properties that they present one important step in the whole home buying process.

Atillio:  Oh, I thought you were going to say, they were going to make sure their breath was fresh?

Adrienne:  That too, that is important. But first things first.

Anastasia:  No, it’s not that.


Atillio:  So, again, getting, visiting with the neighborhood and find out what you can afford? I think that’s important good tip.

Adrienne:  A-huh. And if they have a problem?

Anastasia:  Further than that, the pre-approval. The money for that posture way ahead of all the other buyers. Is that they will look at that offer and will be stronger of those already put up.

Atillio:  Yeah, if people, the easy way to remember, this is how you remember it? Pre-approval, approval starts with a letter “A” prequel, a letter starts with a letter “Q”. If you want to get an “A” on your offer? Go with a pre-approval not a prequel. That’s the easy way to remember, right? Put a memory hook in your brain right now.

Anastasia:  Yep.

Atillio:  Alright.

Anastasia:  A great way to remember it.

Atillio:  So,

Adrienne:  I make you call the “Lally Mortgage Team.”

Atillio:  Call the Lally Mortgage Team.

Adrienne:  They can help with that pre-approval process, they make it easy.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Anastasia:  Yeah, and so fast, shave off fines in the escrow process. And by getting to that pre-approval phase.

Atillio:  Yeah, so, check out the www.mauimortgageteam.com. Their number – (808) 270-2775 eh? Anything else you want to share with us today Anastasia?

Anastasia:  Yeah, what, one more thing about getting that pre-qualification or that pre-approval.

Atillio:  Yes.

Anastasia:  A lot of sellers in home in second is using agents who only sell to people who have gone through that process. So if you’re skipping that step? You might miss that property.

Atillio:  So?

Adrienne:  That’s their ticket to entry.

Atillio:  Their, you know, the sellers don’t, you know, it’s like the suits Nazi in that Seinfeld episode.

Adrienne:  No house for you.

Atillio:  No house for you. You don’t have pre-approval, no house for you. So get pre-approved.

Adrienne:  You don’t want to be rejected.

Atillio:  You’re going to be at the door, no house for you, get pre-approved. Alright.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks Anastasia that was a great tip.

Atillio:  Thank you.

Anastasia:  Thank you. Bye.

Atillio:  Bye.

Adrienne:  Alright, now I think we all also think of our, No Lally sign on our street yet?

Atillio:  No sign. It’s not on our street. Brenden Forest, may the force be with you.

Adrienne:  I hope you call in. Oh?! I see him calling in. And I’m out of the state. Brenden Forest.

Atillio:  Brenden Forest are you there?

Brenden:  I’m here.

Atillio:  Alright. So?

Brenden:  There’s a disturbance in the force.

Atillio:  You detected a disturbance in the force? And what have you learned from the a?

Adrienne:  The disturbance?

Brenden:  Well, a mostly I was listening to that tip a, the lessons from Anastasia. That was, but I would also say that, also a lot of the times investors feel the way, I have all this cash in the bank, I don’t have to prove it. But yet you still do.

Atillio:  Yes.

Brenden:  But yet you do. You can’t quite blank out all those multiple offers, no matter what those offers might be? But you still need to provide proof that it’s there.

Atillio:  Yeah, well. There’s a famous line from that movie, “Jerry McGuire.” What was the line in the movie, from Jerry McGuire?

Brenden:  “Show me the money.”

Atillio:  Cuba Gooding Jr. Just remember him, he’s just like, going all out in that kitchen. Talking to, how ironic? It’s that Top Gun character.

Adrienne:  Tom Cruise.

Atillio:  Tom Cruise, he was the sports agent.

Adrienne:  We just can’t escape Tom Cruise. It’s Tom Cruise day.

Atillio:  And that Cuba Gooding Jr. character was telling him, you want my business? You got to?

Brenden:  “Show me the money.”

Atillio:  “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” So you gotta, even if you’re all cash buyer, you got to show people the money. How do we show people the money? Do what? Do they bring a big briefcase full of hundreds all wrapped up?

Brenden:  First, if in fact this is your first rodeo, you might?

Atillio:  If it’s your first rodeo you might? But most savvy investors don’t. They will always tell us. This is not.

Adrienne:  Not my first rodeo. And our response is? Good news, we’re experienced cowboys and cowgirl. So, you got to show them the money. And so how do we do that Brenden?

Brenden:  What I always instruct is, if you get a personal account or business account or something? Of course like I said, white out the account information, other than their names. And then of course the value that they need in that account. That’s one way, but there’s a couple of other ways as well.

Atillio:  I tell them black it out with a marker, so it looks like a CIA document that’s been re-docued. And.

Adrienne:  And they can also ask their banker just to write a letter. If they want to just keep it really clean.

Atillio:  Formal.

Adrienne:  The thing is? That if they show they have all this extra money, that they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

Atillio:  Yeah, by saying they have.

Adrienne:  Negotiation.

Atillio:  By saying they have more money, than what the purchase price is. But somehow, get a proof of funds. So that seller can take you serious, right? There’s a lot of people who. I’ve, remember we took a call on this guy, and he was like, I bought this, I bought that. And you know what? Fine, and then we come to find out the guy was totally full of it.

Adrienne:  That’s right.

Atillio:  Yeah. And it happens all the time. There’s a lot of people that, again, anyway. That’s what the seller’s, I’ll be honest with you. We instruct our sellers to not let anybody see the home. Or if they are going to submit an offer? We need to see, even if you’re antsy yet and your putting some money down. We still need the proof of funds that you’re putting down. We want to know where that money’s coming from? Just think of Cuba Gooding Jr., he’s in his kitchen telling his sports agent, “Show me the money.” Alright, anything else, or any other highlights? Or real estate related things you want to share with us?

Brenden:  That’s it really. Speaking of bookoo money? And show me the money. I, usually my motto today is? You know, a really good deal, at a really good rate. But this, one? For those buyers out there, who won’t want to be buying big, top of the top. I think the most expensive real estate only house, on Maui’s market, as of right now? Because I know there is a buyer looking into it? They showed it at open house. I didn’t even know about this house. And basically it’s overlooking Kapalooka.

Atillio:  Yes.

Brenden:  It has four bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms, 7,500sqft. And it can all be yours for under $25 million?

Atillio:  $24 million? I say you’re going to be buying this house when you don’t like the colors of the interior, exterior. We know a great painting company, “Top Gun Painting.” Numero one.com. They even had the entire staff had has those names from “Top Gun.” They got the nick-names. They own the shirts, they should put them on the shirts.

Cindy:  Yeah, we’re working on this. Because of you, many, many, many great ideas right now.

Atillio:  Hey, you know that guy, “Sawed off Shot Gun?” You did an excellent job in the bedroom. I want him to come back so cool. You know it. And a.

Adrienne:  So tell us about this house Brenden?

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  What more do we need to know?

Brenden:  Well, ultimately, what I really want to touch on is? It’s not just the house, it’s, there are a lot of different techniques, you know, that the buyer brings to the table. It is, just up over $24 million. There are sometimes things that are priced down for buyers. This is business strategy.

Atillio:  Yes.

Brenden:  Don’t be afraid of the price. I’m sure you could get into it for what, less than that.

Adrienne:  Well, going back to that original sequence when we were talking about price?

Atillio:  And especially the value. You have to line-up. If they say, “No.” Can I have a stalemate. And everything goes stale, like those crackers. Don’t be a cracker. List your home with Team Lally.

Adrienne:  Don’t be a stale cracker.

Atillio:  Don’t be a stale cracker.


Atillio:  What else you got for us Brenden?

Brenden:  I do if you guys want to check out an open house this coming Saturday, from 10:00a.m. in the morning to 12:00noon. In Sea Hag, just look for the signs. I’ll be putting them up tomorrow. I’ll be doing the open house at Sea Hag Lane. That’s strictly North Sea Area, for those of you.

Atillio:  Okay.

Brenden:  It’s “Hooked on Phonics” trying to sound out for your guys, the street name there? And I said I will be there between 10:00a.m. till 12:00noon. Tomorrow.

Atillio:  10:00a.m. to 12:00noon. Of.

Brenden:  And as always if you could bring the lunch burgers that would be great.

Atillio:  Bring him a ham sandwich he’s hungry. He’s going to be there two hours prior to lunch, come visit. And give us a call.

Adrienne:  And that’s a three bedroom two baths?

Brenden:  It’s a loft too.

Adrienne & Atillio:  And it’s a loft.

Atillio:  Right on.

Adrienne:  It’s a great location.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  If you want the price? You’re gonna have to call Brenden at

 – (808) 633-8633.

Atillio:  Perfect house, if the kids are being misbehaving, it’s “Go to your loft!” Anyway, thanks Brenden, anything else?

Brenden:  I also have a future neighborhood rental.

Atillio:  You just keep going and going.

Brenden:  I do!

Adrienne:  What do we gotta do?

Atillio:  I just can’t get him off. No, keep going, go ahead.

Brenden:  Anyways, this one’s on Maui, of course it’s close to the airport, hospital, it’s got to be everything right within your reach.

Atillio:  A-huh.

Brenden:  Right now, its 2 bedroom homes there for a price. And then from $445.000.00 for a

3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, over 800 sqft. And of course we can also offer those at the upper ends, which is $929,000.00. For a 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath with 2400 sqft. So if you’re looking for right there in the middle. And finally, this one definitely lots of options, and I highly recommend it.

Atillio:  Alright, so if you’re looking for a hard working real estate team? You can call that number – (808) 633-8633 Brenden thanks so much.

Adrienne:  Yes, thanks Brenden.

Brenden:  Thanks, you guys are great.

Atillio:  Great. Alright, so, you know what? Adrienne’s reminding me that 23-24 minute from our property. Hey, if you’re a seller? You’ve got a high end property? And you’ve gone through five realtors? Properties not sold, it’s sitting, you’re absorbing all these holding costs.

Adrienne:  And all these possibilities.

Atillio:  And all these possibility costs. And you’re like, man I wanna sell. Give us a call, we’ve got an accelerated loan luxury marketing plan.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  I’ll tell you more about it, if you give us a call.

Adrienne:  Alright, well thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Atillio:  Like, Mike Davis and Jenny Madison of the Maui Mortgage Team.

Adrienne:  And if you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors? Just call – www.teamlally.com

Atillio:  We also want to give a big thank you to our producer, Gary, here in the studio.

Adrienne:  Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that will change your life forever.

Atillio:  Visit Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guarantee.

Atillio & Adrienne:  SOLD PROGRAM!!

Adrienne:  If we can’t sell your home in the agreed upon price and time? We’ll buy it for cash.

Atillio & Adrienne:  THANKS AND ALOHA!!