-photo by Agent Image
A listing presentation can say a lot about an agent and their personality. Read below as we identify five types of agents and what their listing presentations might look like.
The “Dynasty Era” Agent (Old School). They’ve been in the industry for 30 years, know their listing process, and they’ve always scheduled a 2 ½ hour time block for an extensive listing presentation. Much of their presentation centers on them, their success, client testimonials, and a gratuitous pic of them with their dog or their luxury automobile.  They bring good marketing information, market stats, and still use the listing flip-book binder that they began with in 1984.  Much of the visuals are still stock-photos, or Microsoft clip-art from Windows 95.  Because of hard work, and a fair share of personal promotion, this agent sells enough homes to make a generous living, even though they work 7 days a week.
 The Straight “A” Student (The Perfectionist). This agent held their 4.0 from elementary school until they received their final diploma. Their class projects made their peers look like slackers in 9th grade and they do the same today. Their kit comes in a beautifully bound box, branded with their immaculate logo. The box contains books with professional-grade photos of homes they’ve sold, it’s so beautiful you want to make it your newest coffee table book.  Regardless of whether this agent is actually a luxury agent or not, they tend to present with opulence and style.  Being the consummate professional and a hyper-perfectionist, no one can do it better than them.  An assistant?  Never!  No one could create the perfect comparative market analysis and absorption rates quite like they do.
The Motivational Speaker. This agent has a way with words.  Just touring the seller’s home provides great opportunity to focus on building rapport and espousing complimentary platitudes over the family pictures and the Seller’s décor.  Their uni-bound listing presentation handout is chock full of visuals created in power point that help to back-up their claims of multi-million dollar years, how they outsell the competition, and the many incentives they offer to get the seller’s to sign on the bottom line.  They are a master at 20thcentury sales dialogues, and pride themselves on their closing tie-downs and assumptive sales language.  They’re most likely a designation junkie and once had high hopes of joining the esteemed ranks the industry’s top sales trainers.
The Tech NerdNot much for small talk, or sales dialogues, these tech-savvy agents wow potential sellers with their implementation of technology.  They use their iPad or Surface to walk the prospective seller through their PPC campaigns and how they create a specialized sales funnel for every listing.  They never miss an opportunity to demonstrate how their IVR system captures leads from buyers sitting in their automobile in front of the sign.  They utilize their CRM system to showcase how many registered buyers they have waiting for a new listing to pop up in the seller’s neighborhood.  They get a big chuckle on bringing up competing agent websites on their mobile device to show the seller what a non-optimized, non-responsive website looks like.  These agents are connected at all times, and you can usually spot them multi-tasking with multiple handheld devices.  Their Google glasses often hide their sleep deprived strained eyes.
The MBA Clad Gen Y. These marketing gurus have a license to sell, and a masters in marketing to get the job done.  To get to their pre-listing package you need the password to their protected link, and their marketing plan make the largest firm in town look like an amateur did it. They’ll walk you through a mock-up of the listing specific marketing calendar, and most likely have already set up the stagers and photo shoot for first thing tomorrow morning.  Their Madison Avenue creativity shows up when they offer to provide a customized yard sign, a listing micro-site, and to host an art show on premises featuring the string quartet from the local philharmonic. They are so successful with their marketing and staging efforts that it almost tempts the sellers to stay.
– by Partner Xchange