Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi had a wonderful conversation with Dirk Koeppenkastrop, Ph.D., Founder and Co-Owner, IL Gelato Hawaii and IL Gelato Cafe. Dirk shared how he started in Hawaii and why he decided to start gelato business in Hawaii.

Isle Chef Dirk Koeppenkastrop

Past Chair of the Hawaii Restaurant Association, is founder and co-owner of IL Gelato Hawaii and IL Gelato Cafe, an authentic Italian-style gelateria at Kahala Mall, Kalihi and new at the North Shore Market Place in Haleiwa

IL Gelato makes their gelato and sorbetto fresh daily and focuses on all-natural Hawaiian, Asian, and Italian flavors.

Dirk is the Team Captain of Team USA competing in the The World Gelato Championship – a highly prestigious event in the culinary industry –held every two years as part of the International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Confectionery and Bakery Goods in Rimini, Italy. The Championships will take place from the 22th to the 25th of January 2016.

IL Gelato Mission and Vision

“We want to make people happy!”Happy IL Gelato Oahu Founder On Oahu Real Estate Show
It is our mission to make people happy by serving great tasting and natural gelato (ice cream). With our gelato we  want to introduce “slow food” as well as bring the joy of “la dolce vita” to Hawaii. We combine passion and creativity to develop a unique spectrum of Hawaiian and traditional Italian flavors. 

Kahala Mall
Center Stage Area
4211 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI, 96816
Phone: 808-732-3999
Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:00am – 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Haleiwa Market Place
North Shore Market Place
66-250 Kamehameha Hwy., C104
Haleiwa, HI, 96712
Phone: 808-637-7100
Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 9:00pm 

Iwilei Factory 
501 Sumner St., Suite 501
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: 808-542-9276
FAX: 808-536-6961
Email: Info@ILGelato-Hawaii.com
Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm for Scoops, Quarts & Tubs
Or by appointment


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Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: He’ll pay the rent.

Attilio: No way.

Adrienne: Yep.

Attilio: Are you serious?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Is that for real?

Adrienne: It is.

Attilio: You’re not pulling my leg, are you?

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: I’m very serious about this.

Attilio: Alright so rent guarantee, so if anything..

Adrienne: You have nothing to lose. Just give him a call, 445-9223.

Attilio: Nothing to lose but everything to gain. And on the internet?

Adrienne: HiPacificPM.com

Attilio: Alright, so

Adrienne: Let’s bring our guest.

Attilio: And so on I was I was I was over there in the farms on the Westside checking out the GMO crops.

Adrienne: A huh.

Attilio: And I was hanging out with my son, we were walking down the roadway we just cruising checking it out lady came up to me start asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions I said “those are great questions” but highly recommend you see the appropriate licensed professional and then I said “Mom what are the questions you have see if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice who should you run that by?

Adrienne: I think, I think she had a question about where did you leave your phone?

Attilio: Left it with Kiolki the homeless guy down in the lobby.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attilio: But anyway if anything on the show sounds like legal advice to see if they run that by and what are we looking for?

Adrienne: They should run it by a local friendly attorney.

Attilio: That, who..

Adrienne: There’s actually like in that book of lists there’s like a whole bunch of them in there.

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: I was going through that yesterday.

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Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: At 721-8680.

Attilio: Speaking of taxes.

Adrienne: What about taxes?

Attilio: Did you know Italy is one of the countries they have the highest amount of people who do not pay taxes? Like, completely blow it off.

Adrienne: Really?

Attilio: Yep, I looked it up.

Adrienne: Wow.  Amazing, so.

Attilio: Yeah, not paying your taxes over there is like a, like a pass time.

Adrienne: That’s just what they do?

Attilio: That’s… it’s common, you know. Over here, that’s called the Willie Nelson and you go to jail.

Adrienne: A huh.

Attilio: But in Italy I think it was something like 60% of their income, is totally not taxed.

Adrienne: Well maybe that’s part of..

Attilio: Of the GDP.

Adrienne: Maybe that’s why their roads are so bumpy.

Attilio: They’re so bumpy.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: But I heard they got good gelato.

Adrienne: They do.

Attilio: Speaking of gelato..

Adrienne:  We have a guest here in the studio that’s going to talk all about gelato.

Attilio: We go from tax evasion to gelato, that’s how we do in this show.

Dirk: Well, Italy is the work right.

Attilio: (giggling) Well I’m italian so I’m only talking about my people here. And you know, it’s a cultural thing but Italy is you know, the creator of civilization, right? Modern civilization.

Dirk: Yes it is.

Attilio: And it’s where a lot of, you know, hey, Rome, they were around for a thousand years.  

Adrienne: Okay so let’s just get back up for a moment here. Who’s this mysterious voice?

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: Well, I’m Dirk, from IL Gelato Hawaii.

Attilio: A huh. 

Dirk: And my whole name is Dirk Koeppenkastrop (something something something). Are you still there?

Adrienne: Oh yes.

Attilio: Now, I’ll pay a million dollars if someone wants to call in to the show and pronounce that properly.

Dirk: Well it took my children a couple of years to learn this.

Attilio: Yep, and do they, you know, my first name is Attilio, it’s like a weird name, but I can imagine that with the unusual last name you have, the kids like, the first day at school must have been very difficult for the teachers.

Dirk: Yes. So we told them they should go by the first name.

Attilio: By the first name?

Dirk: Yep, we kept that simple.

Attilio: So, the first letter is K like kilo. So at least they’re in the middle of the alphabet.

Dirk: (giggles)

Attilio: Has Kiolkie showed up with my phone? Oh, thank you.

Adrienne: Thank you Matt.

Attilio: Thank you Kiolkie.

Adrienne: No, that was Matt. Matt got it.

Attilio: For Matt.  So awesome that our producers go down is that they go down to the lobby to track down homeless peole to get my phone that I lost 20 minutes ago. So, back to the show we have a soldier tell us about well first of all tell it local style you’ve been you been you been to Hawaii, you left Hawaii, came back you been here long enough to understand kind of little bit about the culture we like to know about the person before we start getting to know about your business. So tell us about you how did you know tell us that history of that you did you did again about where you from originally and how you got to Hawaii.

Dirk: My name doesn’t give it away, but it’s german.

 Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: So I’m gelato maker in Hawaii from Germany.

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: And always what everybody is asking me is why is that? Why are you not italian?

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: And the answer is that Germany is the biggest gelato market in the world.

Attilio: Really?  

Dirk: So far, I think it will be taken over by China pretty soon.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: But Germany has a lot of Italians who came in the in the 60s, because of the Wirtschaftswunder in Germany, so they came before a lot of labor.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: For the work. And then with the work came the people and the gelato. So Germany has developed its own gelato culture. For instance the spaghetti gelato which I will be talking later on.

 Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: It’s a german invention, it’s not an Italian invention.

Attilio: Ok.

Dirk: And so I’m originally from Germany. I came here in the 80s for windsurfing, at the time when Robby Naish and Pete Cabrinha was out there at Diamond Head.

Attilio: Wow.

Dirk: So I was reading the magazines, I was 18 years old and in Germany and I got the travel bug. So I saved up some money and came over here to Hawaii to learn the windsurfing.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And got totally hooked finally kind of travel every year to Hawaii for the windsurfing and get better and better served in the waves, and then I figured I’d I don’t want you back.

Attilio: Yea.

Dirk: So I went to the University of Hawaii to see whether I could study there.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: Because I was studying chemistry in Germany and I was past my pre exams diploma and for coincidence I met a German professor here studying or actually teaching at the UH and he wanted to have a German student.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: So he invited me over to come here to go for the PhD program once I’m done with masters. And that’s what I did. So I got all my exams done, came over to Hawaii, started as a teaching assistant then became a research assistant and finally ended up with my PhD in 1992. And so then I discovered Hawaii is such a great place, kind of hard to go back to Germany

Attilio: Yes, a huh.

Adrienne: So how did you go from chemistry to gelato?

Attilio: Was it chemistry?

Dirk: Actually I’m a physical chemistry by training.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So making gelato, and this has been a discovery later on in the game.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: On my career, that’s very very similar. So my first drop in Hawaii actually was to start an environmental testing lab.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And I really enjoyed that and always want to have my own laboratory. That never happened so in between I went back to Germany and part for the the education of our children but also part for my career because I did want to go places and Hawaii was a little small.

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: So we went back to Germany, went to Munich and I started working as a consultant and work primarily for american companies in Europe. And I was working in the chemistry analytical field, as well as the biotech and medical. So I was working with those companies, ended up working for one of them and then finally I said after 12 years “Enough of my career”, let’s go back to Hawaii and let’s do a dream let’s have a little laboratory out here ourselves.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And by coincidence I ran into a friend of mine skiing. He just opened up a gelateria in Berlin and so I visited his place and I thought “Hey Geez this is like my chemistry lab”

Attilio: (giggles)

Dirk: And so then the idea was born to go back to Hawaii and open my gelato lab And so that’s what we did. Five years ago we came back to Hawaii from Germany, we basically did all the research in Italy, we actually went to the Carpigiani Gelato University, to learn how to make it.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And so I want to do that the Italian style and so I basically learned how to do it. I mastered the field and because of my PhD in chemistry, that was rather easy, and all of the maestros taught me what to do.

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: But they couldn’t tell me why, so I started the signs of the gelato making and that was the thing. so I ended up with my little extra tables and make my recipes in the series and then I put it to work and it works, so I finally ended up to be the gelato maker for the gelato Team USA, and in two weeks we going to have the Gelato World Championships in Italy, and I’m going to be the team captain for the Team USA and with the skill sets of a physical chemist.

Attilio: Ah huh.

Dirk: And then I have been able to perform at that level for the World Championships

Attilio:: Oh wow.

Adrienne: Now, who else is in this team?

Dirk: Well, we have a team of five people. We have our team manager and he’s a team judge and that he’s from these executive pastry chef from the Pebble Beach Resort California we have a pastry chef from the Johnson and Wales pastry school and culinary school.

Attilio: Ah huh.

Dirk: In Rhode Island. We have a pastry chef from Seattle and we have a culinary chef on Ice Carvor from Oregon. So we have  nice tea, mixed up from different places.

Adrienne: All spread out.

Dirk: All spread out. And you have me from Hawaii so we have quite a distance to cover.

Attilio: Now, the biggest mystery that people have from eating gelato. How do you avoid the brain freeze?

Adrienne: (giggling)

Dirk: Well this is an interesting part. Good gelato should not give you brain freeze.

Attilio: No brain freeze?

Dirk: No brain freeze. So, the idea is, I mean, it depends on where you are, you adjust the recipe to make the gelato feel warmer or colder.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: Here in Hawaii, tradinionally we have it a little bit colder than in other areas. For instance Germany, where it’s colder, you make a warmer gelato, so even in the winter time you would change your recipes, so the people would also eat gelato in the winter time.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: So there is a way of, say, manipulating the recipe so that you get a different mouth feel and a different cold feel in the mouth.

Attilio: Wow.

Dirk: So a good gelato should not get you brain freeze.

Attilio: So if you’re having gelato and you’re getting a brain freeze you’re eating cheap gelato! Refund your gelato!! Gives you brain freezes.

Adrienne: It’s the wrong kind. So where can we find your gelato?

Dirk: We have three locations on the island.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: We have our Kahala Store right in the center stage.

Adrienne: Okay.

Dirk: Just right there where the stage is.

Attilio: Yea.

Dirk: And it’s a gelato bar, it’s a 360 gelato bar italian style.

Attilio: Oh nice.

Dirk: So you can get to the gelato there but you can also get an awesome illycaffè, so everything is authentic italian. Or second location is in Haleiwa. We just started opening.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: So this is right in the North Shore marketplace next to Chollo’s, I guess everybody knows where Chollo’s is.

Attilio: Chollo’s.

Dirk: Yep. So people go for Chollo’s and afterwards for great gelato, and then we have nice outside sitting there, lots of parking. We have the whole range of coffees, gelatos we do also crepe and we do belgian waffles.

Adrienne: Cool.

Dirk: And everything around the healthy fair as well, so we’re using our own for making our own smoothies, so you can get the whole gama from real gelato ‘Dolce Vita’ to the healthy style with smoothies, and our third location and that is actually the original location this is just a stone throw from the studios here, it’s in Iwilei.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: In the Iwilei business center and that is where we have our wholesale and our manufacturing.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: And from there on we do the wholesale, we have a number of restaurants here in Hawaii and hotels where we serve it too. With Whole Foods, we have a number of outlets we support. The latest outlet we have is Cake Envy in downtown, not that far from here as well.

Attilio: A huh. Yes.

Dirk: So they are also carrying our gelato. And so these three locations you can get it. Also at our factory could just walk into Iwilei and take some gelato home.

Attilio: No I see that on your business card it says IL Gelato Hawaii. What’s the IL part?

Dirk: The IL means ‘the’. The ice cream. Yes.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So it’s very italian.


Attilio: Wow. And I’m a completely ignorant being, for someone named Attilio Leonardi. I know nothing about gelato, I’m gonna be learning everything now. I’m gonna imagine there isn’t anybody else who has wholesale, does a wholesale, redistribution retail store, team captain in the art and science of gelato making who has a PhD.   

Dirk: I think that’s true. I think I’m probably the only PhD gelato maker in the world. Actually I was thinking about it because the science of gelato is quite interesting.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And I have never read any book about the science of gelato making. So once our gelateria is working and growing and I have some time left I want to write a book about the gelato making process in the science thereof.

Attilio: Well you know there’s the, it’s called the art and science. Can you stress yourself and tell us about, you know, what is the art aspect of making gelato for you?

Dirk: Well, the artist, first of all of this selection of flavors.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And this is actually the fun part. In our wholesale business we’re working with a lot of restaurants.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And working with a lot of executive chefs who have ideas. So they come up and we talk sometimes over glass of wine and what kind of flavors we could come up with which match their menus and their dishes. So we come up with flavor combinations and then turning those into recipes, and I that’s where I think we’re stretching the art and the science and today actually I will be going to Haleiwa to create some more flavors. Because one of the tasks of the World Cup is a mystery box.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So and they have released all of the sponsors for the mystery box. A part of my preparation is to went through the list of the different manufacturers who sponsored the mystery of the mystery box and I will be basically selecting some of their for their their products they produce and I will make some gelato out of it. Today I will be working on some licorice I’m trying to work on some Corona and some nougat, we will be working on the grap of gelato and the sellers back to the different things and out of any food items you can make a gelato. It’s just a matter of getting the right recipe going I’m getting the right flavor balance.

Attilio: You know about their mistery box, right? Adrienne?

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: No, you see, it’s like on Iron Chef. They bring the box in, you have no idea what the ingredients are.

Dirk: That’s right.

Attilio: It could come out bits of concrete and rusty nails and you have to make something from it. The rules are typically you gotta use all the ingredients.

Dirk: You gotta use all the ingredients. Correct.

Attilio: So, I mean, how do you even prepare for that?

Dirk: Well that’s the kind of I will say, my preparations is to go through the sponsor’s list.

Attilio: A huh..

Dirk: Because everything is of course has a financial aspect as well. So the World Cup is pretty expensive, that they fly us over from the US.

Attilio: Yep.

Dirk: So there’re the sponsors and the sponsors have certain products so I can go from that list of products they make, what’s potentially into those mystery boxes.Attilio: So using reasonable deduction.Dirk: That is correct. So in 2014 I was a gelato maker for the Team USA and we have a mystery box going and I pulled pinole. Which is something the americans really hardly ever use in gelato making. And it’s a challenge itself.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: In Italy it’s something, you know, everybody uses pinole. It’s one of the finest and most expensive nuts out there for gelato making. So that was quite a challenge to convince my team to not do something american but do something italian and at that time I was the rookie on the team.  So we made cream cheese with pinole which didn’t go that well with the judges.

Attilio: Oh oh.

Adrienne: So who won this competition these last few years? Have we, has America ever placed in the top?

Dirk: Well, they were never placed on the podium.

Adrienne: Okay.

Dirk: However there’s individual  disciplines and individual prizes to win and the Team USA has been  actually quite successful.

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: So they won the People Choice Award and they had the best copa, the best gelato top. So there’s a number of prizes the US Team has won. However the USA never placed on the first three on the podium. So our goal this year is the humble goal is to be in the first five.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: Because we have very strong nations competing and at the same time our dream and our focus is to be on the podium but we will be happy if we can make it under the first five.

Attilio: Well then if you guys win this thing it’s kind of like the Stanley Cup and Team USA against Russia. U.S.A! We will be on the stands. I see that, so Team USA, so this is like a chef’s coat. What’s the, I mean, is it called the chef’s coat?

Dirk: Yes, so basically for the gelato making you have to wear the chef coat, whatever the sponsors for the teams are.

Attilio: Sure.

Dirk: So in, during the World Cup we have to wear the World Cup sponsored chef jackets.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: However, because we have the Team USA flying back and forth to all of those trainings we need a large sum of money to do that, so we acquired a number of sponsors for the Team USA.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And Stella is one of the largest sponsor we have and Cattabriga, these are very reputable italian companies in the gelato business. So anybody who knows gelato knows those firms.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: So they have been sponsoring the team with the gold and platinum sponsorship, but we have many other local, small companies as well. So as a tribute to those sponsors we have a webpage going it’swww gelatoTeam USA.com, as well as well facebook posts so we’re kind of showing what we do, however we cannot give away the elements we working on yet, so this is going to be blocked during the competitions, so we’re going to have a professional videographer and photographer with us.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: So we will be feeding the the press here in Hawaii and in the US with that the pictures of the competition and so we want to make sure that the sponsors. are represented well because they have been a part of our our our effort into getting ready for the for the World Cup and hopefully success.

Attilio: Yes. Today we’re not youtube streaming so you cannot see what Chef Dirk looks like. I mean, should we say Chef Dirk? Should we say maestro?

Dirk: Maestro.


Attilio: Maestro, Maestro Dirk. He’s wearing a coat and it’s got the sponsors on it. Kind of looks like a chef’s coat for NASCAR, and then he’s got khaki pants and he’s got Converse on! That’s the cool kind of chef we like, the ones with the Converse.

Dirk: Well at the Team USA I cannot wear that during the competition.

Attilio: Oh you cannot?

Dirk: Last time I got shoot out over this. I have to player the black pants and I have to have a black kitchen shoes.

Adrienne: Very formal.

Dirk: Very formal. So here in Hawaii, hawaiian style.

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: So I can dowhat I want, and that’s the part of the fun of being an entrepreneur.

Attilio: Yep.

Dirk: But during the competition there’s some formality and we got to wear this super long hats, I mean.

Attilio: Oh, the tall hats.

Dirk: The tall hats, yes.

Attilio: So if you have a mohawk you can hide it beneath the chef’s hat.

Adrienne: So what’s your favore flavor, of gelato?

Dirk: Well, my favore flavor is pistachio. So pistachio together with a gianduia, which is chocolate hazelnut. 

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: That’s for me the epitome of an italian ice cream. So this is in a fresh baked cone, with some whipped cream. 

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: Did you notice that, did know that the italians and the germans always whipped cream in the gelato?


Attilio: Did not know that.

Dirk: That’s like the only topic allowed.

Adrienne: Oh.

Dirk: So americans are used to put sprinkles and sauces and hersheys, so that’s a no go. So whipped cream however is allowed.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And this is what we’re famous for, in the Kahala Mall as well as the Haleiwa. We have awesome whipped cream for gelato and freshly baked cones everyday.    

Attilio: Well I know we’ve got a lot of listeners that will be popping there like “What am I gonna do this beatiful saturday day in Hawaii?” Go get some fresh made gelato. 

Adrienne: What would you say is the most unique flavor of gelato that your company provides?

Dirk: I think right now I am working on a very unique flavor and probably the most expensive flavor ever made, it’s a Fu Gua gelato.

Attilio: Fu Gua?

Dirk: Yes. So this will be, and I cannot tell to much about this.

Adrienne: Okay.

Dirk: But this will be part of the competition. 

Attilio: Oh wow.

Dirk: Yes so, two years ago we did it, and I can talk about that. We did also a savory gelato called “gastronomic gelato”.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And there was the cold Kona lobster gelato.

Attilio: Oh wow. 

Adrienne: Oh.

Dirk: So that was a pretty good one.

Attilio: No way. What do you mean when you say “gastronomic”?

Dirk: “Gastronomic” gelato. It’s basically not sweet.

Attilio: Oh, okay.

Dirk: It’s a savory dish, and goes along with some savory food.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So one of the tests during the competition is to have three finger foods and one savory gelato.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And we’re working on some duck dishes, so it’s going to be an awesome trio of duck, together with some great flavored gelato.

Attilio: (giggling) Alright Adrienne, you want to take a break and then we come back? Because I want to talk some more gelato.

Adrienne: Yes, we’re gonna take a short break, but don’t go too far. We have a lot more to talk about.  

Attilio: Yes.


(Music In)


(Music Out)


Adrienne: Welcome back! You’re listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596. Or you can check us out at TeamLally.com.

Attilio: So, we’ve got Dr. Dirk of the gelato! He has a PhD.

Adrienne: Hey, what’s his last name?

Attilio: I’m not even going to try! I’ll call you Dr. K but..

Adrienne: (giggles)

Attilio: But uh, for our listeners..

Adrienne: Maestro?

Attilio: No, it’s Maestro..

Dirk: Maestro..

Attilio: Ok, so tell us again your full last name.

Dirk: Okay the full name is Dirk (something something something) Is that right?

Attilio: Does it have an english translation?

Dirk: No it doesn’t. But it is a long story, it goes to the 1700s in Germany.

Attilio: In Germany.

Dirk: Yep.

Attilio: Alright.

Dirk: So I’m glad my first name is short.


Attilio: Dirk. Straight to te point. So..  we have maestro Dirk here. He’s owner of.. is it called ‘geleterie’?

Dirk: Gelateria.

Attilio: Gelateria.

Dirk: Yes. We have a wholesale bussiness.

Attilio: Yep.

Dirk: And wholesale means we’re manufactoring for gelato bars, like in Ala Moana.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: The gelato bars taking our gelato, the Whole Foods gelato bars is ours.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: And a number of more cake and gelato bar withou gelatot. And then we have a number of restaurant customers and hotels like the Halekulani.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: We have the Michel’s, we have the Hyatt, we serve in the Azure, without gelato. And many many more restaurants, good restaurants.

Adrienne: Sounds like you guys are dominating here in Hawaii.

Dirk: Well, I wouldn’t say dominating, but our gelato has been, because of the quality..

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: Has been quite successful.

Adrienne: A huh.

Dirk: And I think if you’re looking at a dessert, and you’re looking for a gelato, you know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for something not too fatty, not too unhealthy.

Attilio: Yes.

Dirk: And not too sweet, but still the texture and the sensation you expect from a gelato. And it’s amazing to see people who have been traveling to Rome and Florence and other places in Italy.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And come to our place and say “Hey, this is exactly the way they do it.”  And that’s great. So, basically, our business model is natural, local but also authentic. So, everything we make is made like the italians make it. Our coffe is Illycaffè so it’s a brute, super dark rose, very strong.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And the gelato is very creamy, very dense. However, it’s very low in sugar and very low on fat. So we only have about one third to one half to the fat of a Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: That makes it, I keep saying, makes me eat three times as much.


Adrienne: And it doesn’t give you brain freeze either.

Attilio: No brain freeze if it’s good stuff.

Adrienne: This stuff is good stuff.

Attilio: And the low fat low sugar, that’s just how gelato is made, you didn’t.

Dirk: Not normally. I mean, in Italy usually the fat content is between seven and twelve percent butterfat.

Attilio: A huh. Okay.

Dirk: And some people here in Hawaii also make gelato with a ten to twelve percent butterfat.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: We have geared the recipes towards six to seven percent butterfat, because it’s not really just the fat that would give it the flavor and texture. It’s really the way you make it, the procedure, and the freezing and the equipment you use.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: Primarily, it’s a matter of if you’re using the best ingredients and high quality ingredients, that’s where you get the flavors, and that’s where you get the texture from.      

Attilio:  Now, the show does, do the people do on the other islands here, our show. And are they on the other islands?

Dirk: No, we have not reached there yet.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: We’re exploring some options to the outer islands.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: But at this point of time, we have been here on Honolulu at the Haleiwa Business Center, we have been in the Kahala Mall, center stage. So that’s a very convenient location. And then we have lately also been on the North Shore, which we really love. Our store, in Haleiwa in the north shore market place.      

Attilio: Yep.

Dirk: Right next to Cholo’s, and that’s a really great hang out. So, we have a lot of people come there everyday and enjoying the gelato and the goodies we have.

Attilio: So, North Shore, they’re in Kailua at Whole Foods, you can go to Kahala Mall, and get some of that awesome coffee you were describing in the Kahala Mall location.

Dirk: Yes. Awesome.

Attilio: Alright. So, what kinds of questions do you have for him?

Adrienne: Hm.. I think I’ve asked most of my burning questions for him.

Attilio:  Well, you know, I can go endlessly with questions.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: But then we’re gonna get on to our callers here.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Okay, so last couple of questions. What’s the most interesting flavor that I could walk in to your store and taste right now?

Dirk: Right now, what we, let me just think about it. Well, the christmas flavors are finished.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So we had a great gelato, which was awesome. A candy cane, we have different peppermint, chocolate peppermint gelatos. We have actually one interesting one, it’s a dark chocolate sworn with ginger. So better.

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And that’s a unique flavor, and right now we’re working on our spring flavors, so they will come up pretty soon, and we will be announcing those.

Attilio: Alright so, if you walk in to your, uh..

Dirk: Gelateria.

Attilio: Gelateria.


Attilio: If I haven’t been there in a month or so I’ll probably gonna se a whole new different plethora of flavors. Or maybe some others. Some new choices.

Dirk: So, we have to sixteen to twenty flavors everyday.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: So, we’re keeping the base flavors, the same, because we have our locals, and they have..

Attilio: They want to come back.

Dirk: They want to come back, and they get very very upset if you don’t have their flavors.

Attilio: Yes. “Where is my..!?!”

Dirk: Exactly. But then we have our others, six to seven flavors we rotate all the time.

Attilio: Got you.

Dirk:So every week we have diffent flavors. So, always check our Instagram or Facebook. To see what flavors we have in what store. As well as just walking in, trying it. And that’s a good part, you come to the gelato bar. First of all, you see that beatiful, created display.  

Attilio: A huh.

Dirk: And then you start drooling, and you can ask for samples.

Attilio: Yes. Samples!

Adrienne: So, on the Instagram or Facebook, how do they search for it?

Dirk: Ah, you look for IL Gelato Hawaii.

Adrienne: Okay.

Dirk: For Instagram as well as Facebook.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: And we also have a web page, www.ilgelato-hawaii.com. And that’s how you find us.

Attilio: Alright. ILGelato-Hawaii.com. We want to, one last thing we want to wrap up. You guys are looking for sponsors, you’re interviewing sponsors. Interviewing potential sponsors to help defray the costs of getting you guys to this competition in Italy.

Dirk: Yes, so we have actually for this year, for 2016, so we’re leaving next thursday.

Attilio: Yep.

Dirk: So it’s coming up very quick. And the competition is from the 23rd to the 26 of January.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: And you can on our webpage and downstream or livestream the event. Keep in mind that there’s a 12 hour difference from here to Europe.

Attilio: Okay.

Dirk: The competition is livestreamed so you can watch us in action. And so, for this year we’re pretty much covered in all our expenses.

Attilio: Ok.

Dirk: Unless, actually we need maybe a little bit more sponsors from the locals.


Attilio: Yep. Local sponsors who can act quickly.

Dirk: Yes. So, there’s benefits for sponsors. We have a full blog on the Instagram, as well on Facebook we have the Team USA facebook page as well. Again, just gotta google “Gelato Team USA” to find us. And then, basically, we show our sponsors there, also representing the sponsors at the World Championship. So, and with our local press as well as our international press and the national press. So you will get some exposure there.

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attilio: So, we want to say a big thank you.

Adrienne: Yes, thank you so much for coming to join us and share all about gelato, and about the competition as well.

Dirk: Well, it was my pleasure. Just will leve my telephone number here.

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: Yes.

Dirk: In case anybody wants to call. Any questions about gelato or the sponsorship.

Attilio: Sure. 

Dirk: Try to find our locations, and it’s 808-542-9276.

Attilio: Alright. The number is 542-9276. One more time, you got that pen ready? 542-9276. Thanks so much for being on the show. Stay in the studio with us we may have some important gelato questions that pop up before the end of the show. 

Adrienne: Alright, so we have Abi on the line.

Attilio: Abi, are you there?

Abi: Yes! Hello.

Adrienne: Hi Abi, so..

Attilio: And take your time. Hurry up.


Adrienne: Where are you going to be tomorrow?

Abi: I was getting hungry listening to the show.

Attilio: I know.

Abi: Yep, dirty. Okay, anyways. Open house tomorrow, at 2 to 5. I’m going to be at 95-1079, Hookupu Street, in Mililani, Mauka.     

Attilio: A huh.

Abi: This is a four bedrooms, two and a half baths. A dettached single family home, we’re lifting it for $899999. ,So it’s $899,999. And a really, really nice house. It has designer touches everywhere, you got some hardwood floors in there, some ceramic tiles, stainless stee, granite countertops. And the owner is actually, you know, playing on it, got a new gutter system and roof recently installed. So please come down, check it out. I’ll be there from 2 to 5 tomorrow.

Attilio: Tomorrow. What part of the island again?

Abi: Mililani, Mauka.

Attilio: Mililani, Mauka. Look for the Team Lally signs. Thanks, Abi.

Abi: Thank you. Oh, sorry. Can I do a shout-out for Keli’i as well?

Attilio: Sure, go ahead. Do his.

Adrienne: Sure.

Abi: Yeah, so, he’s doing one tomorrow. Same time, but he’s going to be in Waikiki, at 430 at Keoniana Street.

Attilio: A huh.

Abi: And this is at unit 202, in Keoniana. Building, two bedrooms, one and a half bath. Really nice, spacious living area, about over 820, has a nice linea. We’re listing it for $436,900. You know, please come down. This is a very secure building, has a large master bedroom, you know Waikiki, great nightlife, close to the beaches, golf parks, you name it.

Attilio: Yeah.

Abi: So come down see Keli’i there tomorrow from 2 to 5.

Attilio: Alright, thanks Abi.

Abi: Thank you, bye bye.

Attilio: Alright. So there’s Mililani, Mauka. We got Waikiki. It’s a secure building. If you’re nice, we might let you in.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Brooks, are you there? 

Brooks: I’m here you guys. How are you doing?

Attilio: Good. Good. We’re wrapping up, we got five minutes and three people to squeeze in five minutes. Tell us real quick, give us one or two coming soons?

Brooks: I got one. Well, I got twenty but I’ll do one in particular. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to have a very nice and very large townhome in Makakilo. This unit has four bedrooms, two full baths. You don’t find a four bedroom house in town very often.

Attilio: A huh.

Brooks: It’s laid out nicely, in a 1329 sqft of living area, has a beautifil linea at the back and here’s a big one. It’s going to be priced to sell, empathize that. We often price well but this one in particular. That’s it, I got twenty more but..

Attilio: You know what? Leave us wanting more cause we got three more open houses to talk about.

Brooks: Yep. Yea.

Attilio: And if anybody wants to get any more information on our coming soon properties Adrienne, what number should they call? Thanks Brooks!

Adrienne: They can call..

Brooks: Thank you guys.

Adrienne: Yep. Thanks Brooks. They can call our buyer hotline, that’s 234-4421. 234-4421 and get a list of coming soon properties.

Attilio: Speaking of properties, Mike, what’s your open house?

Mike: Hi guys. I’ll be sitting in Kaniohe, at 45-697, Kamehameha Highway.

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: Out in Manai Hale.

Attilio: Alright.

Mike: Guys, it’s a beatiful two bedrooms, one bath unit. Priced to move.

Attilio: Very affordable. Right next to the Servco dealership.

Adrienne: You know what, I’ve seen offers coming in. Nothing has been accepted, so I’d say, if you’re interested in that area, you’d better get out there and take a look.

Attilio: Very rare.

Adrienne: Because it’s gonna be gone by monday.

Attilio: It’s gonna be gone by monday.

Mike: Yes.

Attilio: You might want to just camp out, like for Journey tickets or something, like a concert. Just go sleep in the front of the building. Wait for Mike to show up to do the open.

Adrienne: (giggling)

Mike: With some gelato.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: With some gelato. 

Mike: Bring chocolate ch..

Attilio: I think we might have to shoot you for that one. They don’t have that kind of flavors.

Dirk: No, we do.

Attilio: No, you do. Okay.


Mike: They served it to us at our Team Lally function.

Attilio: Alright, thanks Mike.

Adrienne: Thanks Mike.

Mike: Thanks guys, aloha! 

Attilio: Alright. Patrick, Patrick are you there? What’s your open house Patrick? Tell us about it.

Patrick: Hey guys! Good afternoon, and we’re doing an open house this saturday, I mean sunday. Ewa Beach. It’s over 2,600 sqft of living space, and your lot is 5,400 sqft, you got gorgeus floor plants. Just fall in the night, find the red Team Lally signs, you come find me and you find a great deal in this home. Bring your pre-approved letters.

Attilio: And if you’re a qualified buyer, Patrick might talk to you.


Adrienne: This one is priced very agressively.

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: I think we’re like the lowest on the market for that size of home.

Attilio: I’m going to be surprised if it’s not gone by monday or tuesday.

Adrienne: Me too.

Attilio: Alright, thanks Patrick.

Patrick: Thanks you guys. Sunday 2  to 5.

Attilio: Sunday! 2 to 5, go see Patrick. So we’ve got Mililani, Mauka, we got Waikiki, we got Ewa Beach.

Adrienne: Koneohe.

Attilio: Koneohe.

Adrienne: We’re all over the place.

Attilio: And Angelique, where are you taking us too?

Angelique: Hey Attilio and Adrienne. All of your Team Lally listeners out there.


Angelique: Attention all you flippers, investors or do-it-yourselfers. You gotta come by the open house tomorrow that I’m gonna be sitting. I’m gonna be at 94-1277 Hiapaiole Place, in Waipahu.

Adrienne: A huh.

Angelique: It’s a four bedrooms, two baths, over 2,00 sqft, in its interior space. 6,000 sqft of land. And it has a great layout.

Attilio: Alright.

Angelique: Come and check it out, 2 to 5.

Attilio: Is this in Waipahu?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Or is it in WaiPAHUU?!

Angelique: It’s in WaiPAHUU!


Attilio: Okay. Alright, thanks Angelique.

Angelique: Alright thank you. Have a good day.

Attilio: Alright folks, inventory super tight in 2016, not a lot of people selling their homes, so you want to be working with the real estate team that has got a ton of inventory. We just went through more inventory in ten minutes than most realters will go through the entire 2016. You might want to give our buyer hotline a call. Adrienne, what’s the number?

Adrienne: That’s 234-4421. 

Attilio: Alright, so we have about a minute to talk about whatever we want to talk about.

Adrienne: Alright, why don’t we talk about our, we have a Career Night coming up.

Attilio: Oh yeah. When is that?

Adrienne: January 25th.

Attilio: January 25th. If you’re curious.

Adrinne: 4 to 6.

Attilio: I think it’s 4:30 to 6.

Adrienne: Oh, 4:30 to 6. Be early.

Attilio: Know what, just come early, if you want to know anything about the real estate career. You don’t necessarily have to have a license, you could just be borderline curious. Maybe 2016 you’re like “Hey, I’ve gotta make a change in my life and I want to see what these glamorous realters are doing.” And all that stuff you see on tv, completely bogus.

Adrienne: It’s not true.

Attilio: We’re going to talk about how the real world is, how to have a successful career in the real estate industry. That’s what’s happening at our Career Night.

Adrienne: Yes, come with your questions, they will all be answered.

Attilio: And even the meaning of life. Any question, you bring it to us, and we’ll have it answered for you. Maybe it won’t be a good answer but we’ll have an answer for you.

 Adrienne: Yes we will.

Attilio: Alright, what else? We got about maybe 45 more seconds. 30 seconds.

Adrienne: I don’t know.

Attilio: Hey, you know what. We’re always looking for people to come join our team.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: If you’re a licesend professional and you’re tired of less than spectacular real estate career, you’re just in the wrong vehicle. You’ve been driving in a Corolla with the muffler that’s falling off and you want to get into the Ferrari. 

Adrienne: We have a 60k guarantee.

Attilio: We have a 60k guarantee. If you don’t make 60k in your first year with our team.

Adrienne: We’ll write you a check.

Attilio: We’ll write you a check for the difference. So you’re saying if I make 50k you’re gonna write me a check for 10?

Adrienne: Yes I will.

Attilio: What? That is just crazy. Speaking of crazy.

Adrienne: Thank you for listening and thank you for our sponsors.

Attilio: Gabe Omey and Jim Owens of Hawaii VA Loans.

Adrienne: Bradley Maruyam of Allstate Insurance,

Attilio: Jody and Tom Garret, Pacific Rim Mortgage. 

Adrienne: Kim Green with TK Green LLC Hawaii Home Inspection

Attilio: Benjamin Mamuad and Antoinette Tores from AAA Roofers of Hawaii.

Adrienne: Koldene  and Lisa Walsh from Walsh Landscaping

Attilio: Janyce Myrland of House Drafting.

Adrienne: Scott Williams of Merry Maids.

Attilio: And last but not least Tomas Pattinson of Pattison Land Surveying. If you want to get hold of any of our sponsors, just go to TeamLally.com.

Adrienne: I also want to give a big thank you to Christie and Matt, our producers here in the studio. And also our guest. Dirk, thank you so much. 

Attilio: Yes, and Matt, thanks for getting my phone back from the homeless dude. Cheeho!

Adrienne: (giggling) Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that will change your life forever.

Adrienne: I also want to give a big thank you to Matt and Christie, our producers here in the studio.

Atilio: This is Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed…

Attilio & Adrienne: Sold program!

Adrienne: We can’t sell your home at the agreed upon price and the time frame, we will have it bought for cash.

Atilio & Adrienne: Thanks and Aloha!

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