Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kapolei is a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Kapolei, HI. We provide Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs, developed by the Gracie Barra Association — the number one Jiu-Jitsu team in the world. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, commonly referred to as the ‘Gentle Art.’
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect martial art for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves, learn a new skill and get in better shape.
Our school is run by Professor Elias Ramirez III, a world-class Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor. He has been a Head Instructor in Anaheim Hills and Baldwin Park, CA as well as here in Honolulu, HI. Learn more about Professor Elias Ramirez III by coming in to train.
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Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attillio.

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Intro: It’s time to enter the world of Real Estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true Real Estate radio show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour Hawaii’s premier Real Estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in Real Estate news and real world strategy on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to – or they’ll buy it.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed Sold program “Or We’ll Buy it”. If you have any questions, just call us at 799-9596 or you can check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attillio: Hey everybody this is Attillio. I was at Kellawilliams, Honolulu going through some Bold training, learning about life, changing mindsets and learning how to prospect, that’s what Bold training is. Hopefully we’ll talk more about it later but anyway, lady tapped me on the shoulder, started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions and I said, “hey those are great questions. Highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional but then I said “but Mom, what other questions do you have?” So if you have anything on the show sounds like legal advice, Adrienne, where should they run that by?

Adrienne: Well, they should run it by their local attorney.

Attillio: Uh huh…

Adrienne: Which, actually, later on in the show we are going to have someone who’s got a Law degree – specialising in the estate side of business. If you have a question we can count on our guest who’s going to be on later and then for what, for the tax advice, who should we contact?

Attillio: Uh, let’s see here, his name is Travis Brads up on 721-6880.

Adrienne: Yes, and what’s his tagline?

Attillio: His tagline is “Paying taxes is voluntary.”

Adrienne: Oh right, okay, so I have some power thoughts from Bert Rodriguez and motivational tools for success.

Attillio: Mmhmm. What are they?

Adrienne: This is a short one today. It’s on peace of mind, ‘cause you were talking about mindset…

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: With the Bold training and everything.

Attillio: Mmhmm.

Adrienne: Alright, so “if you want tranquillity and peace of mind in your life, stop the struggle within yourself. When you resent, resist or dislike or fight what you must do or the situation you find yourself in, you are creating opponents.

Attillio: I think that was so deep

Adrienne: You’re creating opponents from within yourself, right? So at Bold class yesterday they were talking about “who’s your biggest competitor?” I mean, I guess we had one answer but the first thing that came to my mind was myself.

Attillio: Yeah, so your number one competitor is yourself because you’ve got to be careful of that “junk monkey”. What’s a junk monkey?

Adrienne: The junk monkey is that little voice inside of you that tells you all these excuses as to why you can’t do something; a limiting belief is what a junk monkey is.

Attillio: Yeah, it’s when you’re getting ready to do something, it’s that voice in the back of your head that says “Nah, do it tomorrow.” Next thing you know you’re sixty years old, you’ve got a big pot belly, divorced, broke and you’re living in a van down by the river, with the words “junk monkey” spray painted on the side of it.

Adrienne: No, no….so, get rid of that junk monkey.

Attillio: ‘Else that’s your future.

Adrienne: That’s right. Alright, so, you wanna talk a little bit more about Bold while we’re waiting for our VA tip of the week?

Attillio: Sure, alright, so Bold is, well, first of all it’s an acronym which stands for…

Adrienne: Business Objective Lifestyle Design…

Attillio:..and if I had to describe it, I would say it’s a class, it’s a seven, eight week class that…it’s not, like, eight weeks straight. It’s usually one day a week for seven to eight weeks and what they work on is your mindset, ‘cause you know, if you’re pretty laid back, winging it, not really determined kind of person, it doesn’t matter what you learn as far as the success tools because you’re not going to execute on it and have the right mindset. It’s a waste of time. So they go hand-in-hand – mindset and building a business. A Real Estate business.

Adrienne: That’s right. And then also, they teach you some objection handling.

Attillio: Objection handling, prospecting, a lot of scripts. What are scripts?

Adrienne: Scripts are an efficient way of making your point, right? And of using your words.

Attillio: An efficient way to use words are what scripts are. Now, when people hear scripts, I know what they’re thinking: “Well, I’m going to sound like I’m reading a script.”

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: I’m going to sound mechanical. I’m going to sound canned.

Adrienne: That’s a junk monkey.

Attillio: That’s a self-limiting statement or thought and we know that’s not true. I’ll give you an example, Brad Pitt. When you see him in a movie, he’s getting paid, I don’t know, ten, twenty million dollars. He sound like he’s reading a script?

Adrienne: No, he sounds – he’s a great actor – he sounds natural.

Attillio: Compelling stories. Speaking of actors that sound natural…

Adrienne: …and have great stories..

Attillio: And have great stories, Gabe Amey is coming on to talk about Hawaii VA loan.

Adrienne: And the VA tip of the week.

Hawaii VA Loans Intro.

Adrienne: Well, welcome Gabe, Gabe Amey of Hawaii VA Loans.

Attillio: Gabe, are you there?

Gabe: How’s it going fellas? So, hey, thanks for the great introduction. I feel kinda like, maybe set up for failure here, I’d better be on point!

Attillio: You’re like, the Brad Pitt of VA Loans.

Gabe: Okay, I’ll take it. Laughs. Alright guys, so hey, calling in with some VA Loans tip the week, right? And one of the things we at Hawaii VA Loans, we like to educate all of those who are especially active, after duty service members who are stationed here in Hawaii. They’re getting a basic allowance for housing, so housing each month, to cover either their rent or their mortgage and recently, in 2016, New Year came by and there’s been revised housing allowance rates. So one of the things we’ve done is we did a blog post outlining what those rates are and it also helps you translate based on what you’re getting, what your pay rank is and what you are getting in housing allowance. That actually translates into a purchase price for VA Loan with no down payment. So just to give you an example, say you are an OR6 in the military and you’re getting a housing allowance of 2904, so you’ve got dependents and you’re getting 2904 a month, you could either pay rent, and over the three year period you’re going to be paying about one hundred and four thousand dollars in rent okay?

Attillio: Wow.

Gabe: Or, you could actually buy a single family building with no downpayment  up to 544,000 and if you want to go condo, since there’s maintenance fees, they’re closer to 492,000. Now, let’s say you are an 03, well that purchase price gets you up to  640,000 purchase price on a single family drawing and a 589,000 dollar purchase price on a condo. So, again, one of the things, we’d like to just educate those out there who are getting housing allowance is maybe instead of paying someone else’s mortgage down , you can actually purchase your own property without a downpayment and own a home as well.

Adrienne: Yeah, that’s building wealth. Now, we have some clients that are in the military, and they’re getting ready for PPS and what we encourage them is to take a look at what’s going on at each duty station and think about picking up a property and as they go to each duty station, use the VAH to build their wealth. I mean, this is a great tool that they’ve been given with the VA loan.

Attillio: Yeah.

Gabe: One thing to keep in mind is the scenarious I gave you they were based on a 4 percent APR or 4.22. But rates change all the time. In fact, rates are closer to three and a half percent now, so that you would have an even higher purchase price, purchase power. So again, rates change all the time, day to day, week to week. But at least this kinda of gives you a general range of what housing allowance can turn into in terms of a purchase price if you actually want to own.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Well, this is some great information Gabe, you’ve been super helpful. Now, if any of our listeners want to learn more, about their particular situation, what’s the best way to come to get a hold of you?

Gabe: The best way is, visit our website. You know, a lot of people out there, they don’t want to really talk to a sales person right away.

Attillio: Sure.

Gabe: I get it you know, and me, personally, I like to get my own information, search around first, so we’ve got a lot of great researchers on our website hawaiivaloans.com, take a look, get to know us, learn more about what we do, and the researches that we put out and if you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call on 808-792-4251.

Attillio: And Gabe, you said something interesting there,yeah. People don’t want to talk to scary sales people. I’ve met every single member of the team of the Hawaii VA Loans. Folks listening in, I have verified, they don’t have horns or a tail or a pitchfork, they’re really nice people.

Adrienne:  Very, very helpful.

Attillio: Very helpful, they take a completely consultative approach, just sitting down with you, and helping you guys make the best decision for your veteran families.

Adrienne: Yes.

Gabe: Okay, yeah, we like to educate, you know? We’re educators in this industry and we know if we can educate people, then people will gravitate towards us and that’s our philosophy.

Attillio: Excellent. Alright, Gabe.

Adrienne: Thanks Gabe.

Gabe: Have a good weekend.

Attillio: Enjoy your weekend. Thanks, Gabe.

Gabe: Happy superbowl.

Attillio: Alright!

Adrienne: You too. Alright, so that was Gabe Amey of hawaiivaloans.com. You can check him out at hawaiivaloans.com or give him a call at 792-4251

Attillio: 792-4251. Alright, are we going to bring Joy on?

Adrienne: Yes, we’re going to bring Joy on.

Attillio: Hello, Joy are you there?

Joy: Yes I am. Thank you so much for calling me.

Attillio: I’m so glad you called. I was feeling kind of bummed this morning so I’m glad now that we have Joy in our lives.

Adrienne: Yes.

Joy. Alright!

Adrienne: Okay, so Joy, she’s part of…is it the Puna District?

Joy: Yes, I’m part of a big house of representatives of the Puna District on the big island.

Attillio: Alright!

Adrienne: Now, you know, Ray, our team member, had helped her to purchase her home over here and we’ve gotten to know Joy so she keeps us up-to-date. So, I heard that you’re working on something that’s very important and actually something that we’ve recently had quite a bit of experience with.

Attillio: Are we using the word “squatters”?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: Alright, so tell us about squatters and what should we know about that situation, Joy.

Joy: Okay, well, here in Puna we’ve had a massive rise in foreclosures and the result of that is we have these vacant homes that’s owned by banks who do not live here. So, squatters have moved in and the police and the courts are unwilling to evict them unless the owner themselves file for some repossession. However these owners are banks live, like, in Germany, Deutsch Bank or over in the mainland, and so, neighbours and homeowners association are having a difficult time trying to evict these squatters. So, I’ve introduced a bill called HD number 1561. It isn’t heard yet, but hopefully because I’ve heard from you all over there in Oahu as well as a number of other Realtors who have serious interest in this. But basically it allows for neighbours, ordinary citizens and homeowners association to have standing to summarily to possess to evict squatters. And these are people who I’ve defined as those who are unlawfully residing or occupying a property to which the person has no title or lease or other legal claim. So, it doesn’t allow for citizens to own the property but at least it allows for homeowners to evict them so at least we have more control over our neighbourhood.

Attillio: Yes, so, like, a citizen’s arrest. We’ll call that a citizen’s eviction.

Joy: There you go.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Well, this is super important. We have a client right now that’s dealing with a situation right here in Oahu, and the law is just in favor of the tenant or the trespasser or squatter or whatever you want to call them. And someone who’s a professional at this, they’ve been able to work the system and stay in these places for months at a time.

Attillio: Yeah, there’s the situation involving a penthouse here in Oahu and the owner spent I don’t know…

Adrienne: A couple of hundred thousand…

Attillio: Maybe quarter of a million, I don’t know, remodeling it. Somebody affiliated to them got access, no interest, no title, not on title, and they’re squatting in the unit right now and unfortunately, it’s not like…I think if somebody broke into your house right now as a criminal, you would be able to get them out of your house with the police but if they got in with the keys and then started living there unbeknownst to you, they can stay there as long as they want, and unfortunately, I mean even the electricity’s off and they’re really destroying the interior, selling off furniture, I mean it’s really a nightmare of a situation. I know this a titled owner and not some of the neighbors that have to worry about it but there are other people that live in this condo unit so it’s good you’re proposing that. When you say it’s “not heard yet”, what does that mean?

Joy: Okay, in order for a bill to become law…

Attillio: Uh huh.

Joy: It needs to go through committee hearings. In which case, then, both sides will be heard and before processed through the house and then it goes to the senate and if it passes through the senate the governor can either let it become law or signs it into law. So right now the committee, I don’t know which committee this is assigned to, the committee chair has chosen at this time not to hear it. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be heard later on. We have until May to have hearings heard for this legislative session. So, it’s really early on because, you know, the legislative session only started January – 20th, and we’re allowed 48 hours notice. If this gets heard, I am going to seek an amendment to allow for presumption that, presumption of title is not in the occupant’s time if in the realty property tax office it’s not in the occupant’s name. That way the burden then falls on the occupant to show that they have legal title. Okay. You know, when you generally try to evict somebody, the burden is usually on the person who wants to evict, that’s why landlords go in to court with leases. Okay. But if you’re going to be a neighbor or citizen who wants to evict somebody, you’re not going to have a lease to show the court that you have a right to evict this person. So what I want to do is probably amend this so that it will apply to your Nuwanna situation, so that the presumption will be against the occupant, unless, and then it requires the occupant to come up with a legal deed, legal title, legal lease, to show that they have a legal right to be there.

Attillio: Okay. Well, great.

Adrienne: Joy, thank you so much for all for your hard work. It really does make a difference in our community.

Joy: Okay, thank you so much and I will tell Ray when it comes forward for hearing so hopefully you folks can submit testimony in support of it unless I have testimony it doesn’t pass.

Attillio: Yes.

Adrienne: We support you.

Joy: Thank you so much.

Adrienne: Thank you, Joy.

Attillio: Thank you Joy.

Joy: ‘Kay, bye bye.

Attillio: Bye bye.

Adrienne: Alright, so we’re gonna take a real quick break, but when we come back we have some in-studio guests that’s going to share some very important information…

Attillio: …that will change your life forever. So stay with us.

Commercial break.

The Team Lally Real Estate Show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Sold program “Or we’ll buy it”. I’m Adrienne…

Attillio: …and I’m Attillio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call on 799-9596 or check us out online on teamlally.com.

Attillio: Yeah. That’s us.

Adrienne: Yes that is us and we have some in-studio guests that are joining us today from the Gracie Barra Kapolei Jiu-Jitsu.

Attillio: Yeah, so who’s our first guest? What’s your name?

Myron: I’m Myron, one of the owners of Gracie Baaha – actually…

Adrienne: Oh, sorry.

Myron: Yeah, we pronounce the R, actually I shouldn’t say “we”, I guess…

Adrienne: So it’s Baaha…


Attillio: Okay. And, so, now we’re going to go into the Jiu-Jitsu or we’re going to talk about some legal matters?

Adrienne: Whatever they’d like to talk about first.

Attillio: Well, let’s direct traffic here…

Adrienne: Okay, well let’s do the Jiu-Jitsu first.

Attillio: People like to be told what to do!

Adrienne: Yes, and I’m telling you Jiu-Jitsu.

Attillio: You know, when people walk into your Jiu-Jitsu…what do you guys call it, gym?

Myron: Yeah…

Attillio: …’cause we don’t just randomly walk around, we…

Adrienne: We’re gonna change mics because that third mic sounds kinda scratchy.

Attillio: Okay.

Adrienne: Why don’t you guys come over here…alright.

Attillio: Alright, so, I think we should just go into the legal aspects and then the Jiu-Jitsu right after.

Adrienne: Well then why did you even ask me?

Myron: Laughs

Attillio: What’s that? ‘Cause I was just humouring you and then two minutes later I just tell you what to do.

Adrienne: Mmm. Don’t. I’m going to tell you what to do.

Attillio: Laughs.

Adrienne: We’re going to talk about Jiu-Jitsu. So we have Coach Myron and Professor Elias or ELeeas…please explain to us.

Prof Elias: Either one is okay. It’s just Eleeas is the way you pronounce it in Spanish and Elias is English, so, most people pronounce it easier with Elias. Laughs.

Adrienne: Okay, so what is the difference between Coach and Professor?

Prof Elias: Uh, just time, belt. So, anything before black belt is Coach, after black belt it’s Professor, when you get to your fourth degree on your black belt, then you become Master and then seventh degree is Grand Master.

Adrienne: Wow, okay, so…

Prof Elias: That’s about, maybe, sixty years after you’ve been training Jiu-Jitsu.

Attillio: Wow.

Adrienne: So, how many years have you guys training?

Myron: I’ve been training now for about five years. Elias really is being modest, I should say, and a little coy, so basically, the difference between Professor and Coach is that he could kick my butt whenever he wants to, at will…

Attillio: Laughs.

Myron: …and there’s nothing I can do about it, not because I’m not trying to, but because the skill level is just completely, just better. He’s just better. That’s the difference.

Adrienne: So, he’s also just been doing it a lot longer. How long have you been training?

Prof Elias: I’ve been training for a little over nine years. I’ve actually…that’s pretty much it, nine years. It’s really just the amount of time you put in. It’s not magic but the time you put in helps the skill level for sure.

Attillio: Well, we always know in learning something it’s sequential right? auaou have your basics and then you build upon that, it’s kind of like, we know success is like a staircase. You can’t skip steps, you’ve got to go up the steps. As you build your expertise, right? So, tell us about Jiu-Jitsu. What is that? What culture is that from? What does that mean? Does it have a meaning?

Prof Elias: Yeah, well Jiu-Jitsu originated…it means gentle art, it’s from Japan, “Jiu-Jitsu” is from Japan but it originated actually in India and then from India it then went to China, from China the Japanese took it over and then in Brazil they have the largest Japanese community outside of Japan, after World War I. And so, one of their account coma went to Brazil, taught a Brazilian Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and then he evolved it today, ninety years later, into what is now considered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Adrienne: Okay, so what is the main difference between the normal Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian?

Prof Elias: Japanese Jiu-Jitsu – make it easy as far as an analogy goes, it’s very similar to Judo. It was, traditionally speaking, a lot of take down, a lot of position and strength, a lot of submissions, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu evolutionised that entire process. There’s thousands of submissions, as well as take downs still, but it’s not predicated off of strength as is Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. It’s more predicated off of, actually using leverage. So, if you’re a lot smaller person, you have a better opportunity, a better chance against a bigger person.

Attillio: Sure.

Adrienne: So, using your height to your advantage.

Prof Elias: Yes, yes, it’s funny; in most sports as far as being tall would probably be a big advantage, a lot of American sports, Whereas, in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it doesn’t matter. You can be the shortest guy in the academy and you can still be super dangerous.

Attillio: Now, we know that learning all these different kinds of techniques and stuff, we see a lot of use of it. It’s really getting popularized through the MMA?

Prof Elias: Yeah, yeah, definitely. UFC, All of the MMA forms are really something that, if you look at most of the MMA forms, seventy-five percent of MMA forms, like, as far as finishes goes, use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ,it’s a huge addition or something that most MMA fighters understand today that they have to have to have to be able to be successful and it’s helped with the recognition of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a lot – especially in the US. When ’93 oand ’94 happened, the first UFC and second UFC, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wasn’t even heard of in the US and then Horace Garacie came along and was just submitting everybody and then Americans all about what’s hot, so all of a sudden, it was, so in the last twenty three years Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s really exploded and it’s now the fastest growing martial art in the United States, so…

Adrienne:…so, your guys’ gym, you have a location that’s out of Honolulu and the one out of Kapolei, but this came from the mainland, this Garacie Barra, so can you tell us a little bit about that story?

Prof Elias: Yeah, so I actually helped open up the first one here in Hawaii in Honolulu, so there’s one on King Street, and we opened in 2009 and I came from Southern California where we had already over thirty Garacie Barra alone just in Southern Californa alone. We came to Hawaii to Honolulu, opened up an academy In 2009, May First to be exact and it just exploded here and I actually left to California for a few years, came back and was back for a few years and met my partner, Myron, one of my students and we decided to open up a brand new academy, our Garacie Barra in Kapolei. We realised that the West-side was an area that was needing of some martial arts, some self-defence, sometimes. I mean it’s grown immensely so we thought it’d be a great opportunity, for not only the community to be able get ingrained in some self-defence, but as well, just allowing us to share our knowledge with the local area. So we went to Garacie Barra Kapolei for the West-side.

Attillio: Tell us about the name again? What was the origins of the name?

Prof Elias: Yeah, so Barra was, so Myron, my partner Myron touched on it a little bit. So Garacie Barra’s original school was in 1986, actually this is our thirty year anniversary. So, Garacie Barra’s been around for thirty years and it was started by Carlos Garacie, in a community of real diginero, that’s called Barra Da Tijuca.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Prof Elias: So instead of the orginal school was called The Garacies of Barra Da Tijuca, but then when master Pablos Garacie Junior, who was the founder, started having bouts, about to be promoted and wanted to open schools in different areas of Brazil, rather than call every school the Garacies of Barra Da Tijuca, they shortened the name to just Garacie Barra.

Attillio: Gotcha.

Prof Elias: So, now, it’s the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in the world with over three hundred locations around the world.

Adrienne: Now, is he still around?

Prof Elias: Yeah, Master Carlos gave me all my belts up until black, so he gave me my blue, purple and brown, and he would spend half his time where I’m from which is the headquarters in Lake Forest and then we moved our headquarters to Irvine, California. He would spend half his time there and half his time in Brazil. So, every three months he would come down, train, teach, I remember rolling with him, fifty-two year old. I was a young guy, you know mid-twenties and he was just still smashing me. It helps you gain a large respect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Attillio: Gotcha.

Adrienne: So is he gonna come out to Hawaii? Maybe do a pop by?

Prof Elias: You know what? Laughs. That would be the dream, he…I know a lot of guys, friends of mine who come around from Garacie Barra to visit Hawaii always check in with me and talk about doing seminars and different things like that at the academy and usually it’s on their timeline. Everyone wants to come to Hawaii so it’s never a hard thing but Master Carlos is so busy with so many Garacie Barras around the world. It’s difficult for him to focus on just one school but hopefully when he comes…if he comes we’ll definitely have him.

Attillio: Now we know, not everyone wants to take the classes, just speak to your basic soccer mom who doesn’t want to go and be in an MMA format, you know on the paper view on the weekends and they just…so let’s talk to the soccer moms out there. Why would it be a benefit for them to kinda take one of these classes?

Prof Elias: Well, that’s a great question, you know, you talked about MMA forums and you were saying how on the MMA…so MMA forum, what it did it just allowed everyone to get an interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But when you come and you train at Garacie Barra you kind of realise we’re not a “come and beat them up”…we’re not a UFC at all, we’re actually a very family friendly atmosphere that doesn’t include any punching or kicking, it’s just on-the-ground grappling using joint manipulation to be able to hopefully have someone tapped.

Attillio: Uh huh.

Prof Elias: So, I would say to the soccer moms out there, come in and try, we have a great women’s class taught by Coach Heather who’s a brown belt at the academy and she does a lot of stuff that incorporates working out as well as self-defence. So it’s really a safe environment for whatever walk of life you’re from

Attillio: So, if you’ve got that teenager, don’t want to clean their room, and you wanna take them down, show ‘em who’s Mom…

Prof Elias and Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: You say “what did you say? You gotta go clean your room now!” “Yes Mom!”

Prof Elias: Laughs.

Attillio: And then they’ll tap out and go clean their room.

Prof Elias: Yeah.

Myron: You know, just to address your question a little bit more, Attillio. It’s not even just the physical aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that has got us addicted as well as our students, it’s more of…I mean, obviously you get a good work-out every time you come in…

Attillio: Yeah.

Myron: But then, you know, for kids, we notice that it builds self-confidence, it instils some discipline in them and so when they perform well outside, or off the mats, I should say. So it’s the intangibles, too, that come into play with any martial arts, I should say, not just in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but in our case it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it’s just part of, your soccer mom, that we’re talking about, you know. To be able to know that you can defend yourself will give you some type of self-confidence out on the streets, right?

Attillio: Yeah.

Myron: And so, if that’s one thing that our soccer moms can take away from our programme, you know, we’re all for it, and you know, Elias touched on it earlier that we have a great teacher by the name of Coach Heather who teaches an exclusive women’s only class every Tuesdays and Thursdays I believe, right…

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Myron: So, she does a great job with the soccor moms and makes it fun, makes it non-UFC, if you will, so that we’re not giving off the vibe that we’re turning soccer moms into fighters.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: Yeah.

Myron: You know what I mean? So, I can understand where your question is coming from, but to address it a little bit more, we have the teachers who are able to show the same technique with the same effectiveness but keep it fun for your modern soccer mom.

Attillio: Yeah, just for the average lay-people.

Adrienne: And I just also wanted to give a quick testimonial. Both of my boys are enrolled at your guys’ school and it has made such a big difference in how they carry themselves, and just, you know, that discipline, and, a lot of the times at home, you know,  “I’m gonna tell Coach that you said you weren’t gonna clean your room, he’s gonna be very disappointed” and, you know, they don’t want to disappoint you guys, so thank you. Thank you for helping at home.

Prof Elias: You’re welcome. Your kids, they’re a pleasure, by the way.

Attillio: I think so, too, you tapped on it, you know, just learning that skillset that you may not use. Because, I think when people have that, when they go to these classes and learn this…well seguing a little bit, when we interview, in our interview to have people join our team, we’re only looking for superstar top producers. What’s one of our questions, we ask, Adrienne?

Adrienne: We ask them if they’ve ever had a Coach and “what was your experience when working with that Coach? Or have you ever played sports and taken direction from a Coach?’

Attillio: Or “are you a member of Garacie Barra?”

Prof Elias and Myron: Laughs.

Attillio:…because this is what we know is that people that have had Coaches before are teachable and Coachable. And that’s one of the key cornerstones or foundation of somebody that’s going to be successful, because there’s certain things that we cannot give you. You’ve gotta have it coming into it, and so, then getting back to what I originally wanted to say…was that, sounds you’re building character and building self-esteem, so a lot of times, the way you carry yourself in the public makes you go from maybe that victim persona, to like, “hey” I won’t say “don’t eff with me” but, yeah, that’s pretty much what it is, is you’re more confident, right? And if you don’t have that victim persona, people just are not necessarily want to mess with you ‘cause those predators – they’re looking for the victims, right? And there’s no section at Garacie Barra that teach people how to be victims. It’s more like, hey, should you be in this situation you’ll be able to defend yourself.

Prof Elias: Absolutely, yeah, that’s a great point.

Attillio: What other questions have we got for ‘em?

Adrienne: Well, is there any other things you guys wanted to touch on before we moved over to our questions about estate planning?

Attillio: Actually I’ve got some questions, so if somebody’s listening right now, we’re piquing their interest, they wanna know what’s the costs, what’s the classes, where’s the location? Stuff like that.

Prof Elias: Well, we’re located in, we’re in Kapolei, so, it’s over in the Camero Industrial area, the address is 1019 Lauia Street. It’s a little confusing to get to. As far as cost goes, we try to sincerely work with each, family individually or person individually or come up with something affordable. I don’t want to say it’s like a donation-based. Obviously we are a business but at the same time it’s really about the love of Jiu-Jitsu and trying to spread it in the entire West Oahu. So, you know, definitely whenever you guys are free, come down and check us out at Garacie Barra, Kapolei.

Attillio: Do you guys have families all come in at the same time or the classes kinda  overlap?

Prof Elias: Absolutely. That’s been one of the, to be honest with you, that’s been one of the biggest surprises in Kapolei is the amount of families…I’ve had, we’ve had so many. I’ve been at eight different Garacie Barras around the world and this is the first Garacie Barra, an area that’s had the amount of families are participants in the same academy. There’s probably, I would twenty different combinations of either, mother daughter, father, daughter, son, just combinations in the academy and one of the reasons is we try to make it  affordable for families but the other, I think it’s just something you can share if you’re a parent with your kid .’Cause it is a low impact martial art. You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself if you’re an older adult or you have to work, you have to walk around, you can’t be hurt every day, so it’s really something that a parent can get involved in and actually train and practice with their kids, really, in a safe environment, so, it’s been a really pleasant surprise in the West Oahu area, especially Kapolei, it’s been amazing.

Attillio: Alright, so, hey folks if you’re just tuning in this is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the what?

Adrienne: The guaranteed Sold program.

Attillio: And who do we have in the studio right now?

Adrienne: We have Elias or Professor Elias.

Attillio: Eleeas!

Adrienne: Eleeas.

Adrienne and Prof Elias: Eleeas.

Adrienne: Eleeas. And Coach Myron.

Attillio: Yeah, with Garacie Barra, so it’s, it’s a…how would you describe it in a sentence…Jiu-Jitsu…gym??

Prof Elias: Jiu-Jitsu academy, gym or…there’s no wrong answer. Laughs.

Attillio: Yeah, family environment, so we just learned something that a family that can do take-downs together stays together. That’s a Jiu-Jitsu family motto, but, alright. And then one more time for the people listening, what’s the website?

Myron: Alright, it’s www.gbkapolei.com , GB as in Garacie Barra. I wanted to just re-iterate or clarify our address. It’s 1019 Lauia street. My partner has those California accents, so, you didn’t hear the “ia” at the end of Lauia but it’s Lauia street.

Attillio: Alright, and then in the local-style directions, what’s around?

Myron: Okay, so, if you’re coming down Kalaeloa, you’ve got Costco on the left, you go through Kapolei Parkway, you make your second left which is Opakapaka, which is right after Hardware Hawaii and public storage, so, some public storage, line public storage, and then, you make that first left, after that first left you’re going to be by the Lawns Distribution Centre. You make your immediate first left and then your first right is Lauia.

Attillio: Yeah, so the Camero industrial area past Costco.

Myron: Right, we’re right in that industrial spaces, off of Lauia – real easy to find.

Attillio: What’s the name of the complex?

Myron: Uh, is there a name for the name of the complex? I don’t think so, yeah…

Adrienne: Okay, so you guys are on Yelp too, you can just click that “map” feature and it’ll take you right there.

Myron: Right, right.

Prof Elias: We have some signs to try to help anybody lost. Laughs.

Attillio: Gotcha. Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, so, make sure to go check them out or give them a call, message them on Yelp, or Facebook, or I think you guys are on Instagram as well, see what’s going on.

Attilliio: Alright, is there a good phone number for the gym?

Prof Elias: Yeah, yeah, you can give us a call actually. The number is 808-779-2806 and you can call us on the second number as well.

Myron: The second number is 808-352-6417. It’s just basically our cellphones, so, it’s directly to us, so you’ll talk to either Professor Elias or myself and we’d love to have you.

Attillio: You guys have a lot of information on your website?

Prof Elias: Yeah, we try to put, we put some Bios on there, some cool information…

Attillio: Any videos?

Prof Elias: Pictures, videos. A ton of…we’re still…it’s a work in progress. None of us are going to claim to be amazing computer…

Attillio: Webmasters?

Prof Elias: Webmasters, but it’s definitely…

Attillio: Jiu-Jitsu Master! Not Webmaster!

Prof Elias: Yeah, yeah, come into the academy to learn Jiu-Jitsu, no problem, but, uh, if any Webmasters out there, you guys can help us with some advice.

Attillio: Alright, so that’s gbkapolei – G for Garacie and B for Barra, Kapolei…dot com, gbkapolei.com.

Adrienne: Do you wanna touch on…let’s touch on a little bit of the estate planning. So Myron also has a very successful estate planning…

Attillio: So you don’t end up in probate, and getting taken down by the court system…

Myron: Laughs.

Attillio: …we’re going to talk about the Jiu-Jitsu of estate planning.

Myron: Yeah, so, you know, I have to work outside of Jiu-Jitsu too to support the family. And so I’m a lawyer. I went to law school in Michigan then came back and started my estate planning business here. And I cater to basically… I like to say our generations of parents, but it’s directed at the younger generation to start planning early. And as you gain or acquire assets, we can change your plans over time, not only when you acquire assets, but also, in, I guess, reaction to any type of tax code change or any type of law change. You know the tax code changes every time a new administration gets voted into office. So, we have to prepare for that, so my clients that I have, I review their estate planning package every three years so that I’m on it for them.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: So, would you say that it’s important to pay attention to the laws that are changing to make sure that the plan is…

Myron: Right, absolutely, I mean at the point when you are drafting an estate plan, you cannot possibly plan for every single law that might be made, you know, so, it’s hard, so that’s why I have a review process. Like I said, every three years I go through everyone’s estate plan just to see, you know, if there’s something important that they should change or if there’s something important that my clients should be aware of.

Attillio: Sure, alright, so give us your number one tip and then we need contact information ‘cause we’re having a little traffic jam on callers here so we got to get to it…

Myron: Oh, okay, sorry!

Attillio: So, give us your number one tip? And I’m going to guess that you give a free consultation up front?

Myron: Sure, sure. Yeah. Number one tip is just plan, just give me a call and plan, because if you don’t, you know, you let the lawmakers essentially decide your distribution for you, right  ‘cause there’s an intestacy statute which means these lawmakers get together, they put into law who should get your stuff when you die, and you have no say of it.

Attillio: So, you said intestacy, but if I remember, if you die intestate, that means you don’t have any will or gave any instructions.

Myron: Correct, correct.

Attillio: You default to what the state wants to with it, and I’m sure your family would rather they have direction from you, that you speak to them from the grave!

Adrienne: Laughs.

Myron: So, not everyone’s situation is the same, too, right. Some people are not close with their sisters, their brothers, their parents and their intentions might be not to give it to them. But, lawmakers think, well, they try to think logically right? And so, they like to go down the line of family members who they believe should get it.

Attillio: Yeah.

Myron: But, it might not be your intentions.

Attillio: Alright, so what’s a website and a phone number?

Myron: www.kamiharalaw.com my phone number is 808-352-6417 and give me a call for a free consultation.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Attillio: Alright, give Myron a call. He knows his Jiu-Jitsu so he can handle it in the court or he can step out and meet you in the parking lot.


Adrienne: Alright, so we’re gonna bring Janice on from Dreamhouse Drafting. She’s got a tip of the week.

Attillio: Janice, what’s your tip of the week?

Janice: My tip of the week is a little bit of homeowner education. Everyone should know what a building permit looks like, and they should also insist on being the person that writes the check to the city and county of Honolulu for their building permit. The reasons for this is I keep meeting people who have sad stories to tell about having paid for services to do construction etcetera, and thinking that a building permit was being gotten, being told that a certain amount of money was for that purpose and then it was never applied for, never issued and certainly never posted on the front of their home, which is where it’s supposed to be, so people should know that a building permit is an eight and a half by eleven teal-colored sheet of paper with the insignia stamp of the city and county of Honolulu and on that paper it has the address, the scope of work and also the contact information for the inspector who’s assigned to that job.

Attillio: Now, for those of us who are not so sophisticated in our color palette, what’s another way to describe the colour teal?

Janice: It’s possibly more green than…

Attillio: Okay, green. A green piece of paper! At the front of the house and correct me if I’m wrong but you should…do you need to see it from the street or it just needs to be in a visible…

Janice: It is supposed to be visibly posted, so typically what someone does is put it inside of a front window or put in a plastic sleeve to protect it and the inspector who’s assigned to that area has a list and if they happen in that area they should be able to see that permit without having to knock on the door and have someone come and bring it to them.

Attillio: Now, I remember you saying that some time too, “be careful if you’re the neighbors and your neighbor is remodeling, because if the inspector is their inspecting your neighbor and you’ve got something blatantly…

Adrienne: Obvious…

Attillio: Obvious for a cause of notice of violation, congratulations!

Janice: Yep. They are within their jurisdiction to knock on the door and say “what’s going on?” and it doesn’t matter whether it’s internal and what tipped them off or somebody’s truck or dumpster or what is that stuff going on outside. And so, they may wish to see more than what’s the obvious going on outside, they may want to look around inside too.

Attillio: Alright, thanks, Janice.

Adrienne: Yes, thank you.

Janice: Thank you.

Attillio: Thank you. Have a great day.

Adrienne: Alright, so you can reach Janice at 206-7107 or dreamhousedrafting.com for your permit and drafting needs.

Attillio: Alright, so let’s talk about home inspection. We got Kim, he’s about to do one in six minutes, let’s bring Kim on the line.

Adrienne: Yes, that’s…

Attillio: AKA Tim.

Kim: Hello?

Attillio: Hi Kim are you there?

Kim: Hi.

Attillio: We’re trying to sneak you in before people show up for your home inspection, so give us a…what’s our tip of the week for home inspections?

Kim: Well, you know, what Janice had to say was a great one but also, when you’re buying a home, your inspector should be able to identify where your utilities turn ons and turn offs are, just in case there was ever a need to shut off the water. Really nice to know where to shut it off, and then the damage that you can stop is priceless.

Attillio: Yeah, I know, I remember being at a listing and the shut-off valve was actually overgrown and the just ended up cutting the grass, cutting the grass, just digging around it and I’m sure you don’t want to be doing that when you have massive flooding occurring in your house, you want to be able to get to it quick.

Kim: That’s right. This house that we’re at today is out on the west side, it’s awesome ,they have a whole panel in the garage with the access valve and you can just open it up and the important part in this case would be to make sure you have the screwdriver tool to open it up. Wouldn’t do you any good to know where it is if you can’t get to it.

Attillio: I know, that’d be frustrating.

Kim: Alright, great.

Attillio: Kim, thanks for calling.

Adrienne: Thank you Kim.

Tim: Alright, have a great day.

Attillio: Alright, Kim is with TK Green Home Inspections. Team Lally do we recommend him highly?

Adrienne: Yes we do.

Attillio: What’s a good number to reach him at?

Adrienne: You can call him at 590-7644 or..

Attillio: What’s the website?

Adrienne: tkgreenllc.com.

Attillio: Again, that’s Tony and Kim Green, that’s what the T stands for and the K stands for at tkgreenllc.com. Alright, who’s next?

Adrienne: Brooks.

Attillio: Brooks, alright.

Adrienne: Coming Soon Listings.

Attillio: Coming Soon Listings and don’t worry, take your time, hurry up.

Brooks: Okay.


Brooks: I got a three bedroom, three full bathroom, single family home in Sea Country coming up.

Attillio: Okay.

Brooks: That’s in Malia as you know on the beautiful West Coast. This is a steel frame construction, it’s got three years remaining on the builders’ warranty and this home would be ideal for the family just starting out. It has a spacious floor plan, many great design features built in and we’re looking at two weeks on this one. Do you have time for another one or you wanna get on to something else.

Attillio: No, I think, you know what, we’ll leave them wanting more, ‘cause that’s how it is with Team Lally, You want more? Give our cell or hotline a call and we’ll tell you more.

Brooks: That sounds good.

Attillio: Alright, thanks Brooks, we’ll see you at twelve thirty.

Brooks: Alright, I think next is Keli’i.

Attillio: Keli’i are you there?

Keli’i: Aloha everyone.

Attillio: Alright, so take your time, you have about thirty seconds to give us your open house details.

Keli’i: Alright I’m getting two. One for me and one for Abi. I’m getting at Miletys place that’s 7-176 Miapono road, number R43. This is a three bedroom, two-and-a-half baths home, and has of course the stainless steel plances and granite carport, come visit today until five. We’re also holding one, Abi will be holding one at Duke Point at Waichelei. Address is 94-5 King Einer street number T103 and this is a two bedroom, two bath condominium town home and it’s a modern home, so come check us out, we’ll be seeing today from two to five PM.

Attillio: Today?

Adrienne: Today ‘cause Superbowl’s tomorrow.

Attillio: Oh, that’s right.

Adrienne: So, no open houses tomorrow.

Attillio: No open houses tomorrow. We’re gonna hear a lot of people screaming for whatever team they’re promoting, but they ain’t gonna be seeing no open house. Thanks Keli’i.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Hilly: Thank you.

Attillio: Alright Kapono

Kapono: Hey it’s Kapono, hello everyone, so yeah Panthers is gonna win tomorrow…

Attillio: The Bronco fans go boooo…

Kapono: …but my first open house is a ground floor two bedroom, two bath unit in the West View Monkay Kilo Heights. It has brand new laminate flooring and beautiful ocean view in front of back yard, come visit me today, two to five PM.

Attillio: Pre-game, pre-game open-house. Alright Kapono, thank you.

Kapono: Go Panthers! Alright, thanks.

Attillio: If you’re Broncos fans you can stop by too.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: Yes. Alright, Mike are you there? We got a couple seconds left. Tell us about your open house today.

Mike: Okay, visit me today at two to five at 92-799 Makotilo drive at Makotilo gardens. Beautiful four bedrooms, two bath, newly renovated home, please come visit me, two to five today, I accept all fans.

Attillio: Alright, so, and what you going for? Panthers or the Broncos?

Mike: Whoever wins, come on guys.

Attillio: Alright, good diplomatic answer, nice one Mike.

Mike: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, if any of our listeners want to learn more about any of these open houses they can give our buyer hotline a call at 234-4421.

Attillio: We wanna thank our in-studio guests today, we had Elias…

Adrienne: Professor.

Attillio: Professor Elias and Coach Myron, Garacie Barra. Garacie Baaha. Cheko Barras at gbkapolei.com.

Adrienne: And thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attillio: Gabe Amey and Jim Owens of Hawaiivaloans.

Adrienne: Bradley Mariama of all state insurance.

Attillio: Judy Tanga, Derek Tanga of Pacific remortage.

Adrienne: Kim and Tony Green of T K Green Home Inspections.

Attillio: Benjamin and Tony Mahmoud of Kapolei Roofers Hawaii.

Adrienne: Coldean and Lisa Walsh of Walsh Landscaping Services.

Attillio: Janice Myrland with Dreamhouse Drafting.

Adrienne: Scott Williams of Merry Maids Honolulu.

Attillio: Thomas Pedecine with Pedecine Land Surveys Incorporated. If you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors just go to teamlally.com.

Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Matt and Christie our producers here in the studio. Make sure to tune in next week we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life.

Attillio: Forever. This is Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed…

Attillio and Adrienne: Sold Program!

Adrienne: If can’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price, standard, time frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Attillio and Adrienne: Thanks and aloha!