A Copy And Pasted Ad

Copied and edited content from realtors are going down in the books as the most common form of rentals scams in Hawaii. Lets say a real landlord, property manager, or realtor writes up an amazing home description for their newly vacant home or apartment and posts it online for rent. Someone from anywhere in the world, lets call them a scammer will easily copy and paste the home description in a new ad, but will lower pricer than the other ad.  Prospective renters will pounce on the fake ad because of the appealing price. This type of scam is known as a “clone scam”, this scam is targeted directly at someone who is too busy to see the property or renting off island and is willing to put down money sight unseen. Another giveaway are oddly requests asking for unusually high security deposits. The goal for every real estate scammer is to walk away with as much money as fast as possible. To fight scammers, report their ads as fast as possible. If you are victim of a real estate scam, we recommend your the local law enforcement and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. (FTC)