The Team Lally radio show is very glad to have on the show Dr. Theresa Wee. Dr Wee is  pediatrician, obesity health and wellness expert. She shares her experiences in her expertise and how she recovered from a major challenge in her life. Dr Wee also talks about Walk with a Doc O’ahu, their programs and how they help keep a healthy and educated community on health and wellness. Listen in to know how to live healthy and also how you can join Walk With a Doc.

Also in this episode: Tips of the week. Team Lally’s wealth building seminar and goal settings. How to be part of Team Lally. Open houses.

Who is Dr Theresa Wee? 

Dr. Theresa Wee is a pediatric, obesity health/wellness expert and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Wee is a graduate of the University of Hawaii, John Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu and completed her Pediatrics Residency at Columbus Children’s Hospital at Ohio State University, and an Ambulatory Fellowship at Columbus Children’s Hospital. She was born and raised in Hawaii and even at a very young age she always wanted to be a physician. After a tragic and very trying experience she had overcome hardships through her faithfulness in God and continued hope. Dr. Wee also experienced being kicked out of her office because of rent issues but eventually she was able to buy her own 2700 square foot office. She has established in her own experience that there is always hope and purpose and that we should also give back to the community with one’s success.

Dr Wee is part of a non-profit organization Walk with a Doc where doctors invite all people to join them for a walk. Through walking regularly with groups of people Dr Wee is able to present health topics, provide healthy snacks, coffee blood pressure and provide advise on being healthy.  
Walk with a Doc was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. Frustrated with his inability to effect behavior change in the clinical setting, Dr. Sabgir invited his patients to go for a walk with him in a local park on a spring Saturday morning. To his surprise, over 100 people showed up, energized and ready to move.

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Read Word For Word From Our Radio Below:

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show: the Team Lally Real Estate Show.  Grab a pen and get ready to take notes.  For the next full hour Hawaii’s premiere real estate leader Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to – or they’ll buy it!  Now here are your hosts Adrienne and Attilio.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate program, home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it!  If you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio.  I was stitching my own head wounds and while doing this lady tapped me on the shoulder and started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions.  I said “those are great questions.  Highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional,” and then I said “but mom, what other questions do you have?”  So in case you’re out there stitching up your own head wound.  No I’m just kidding.  Here’s the deal.  We’re going to talk about Real Estate today and if you hear anything that sounds like legal or tax advice we’re not providing that.  So please run that by your appropriate attorney or CPA or whoever you get that type of advice from.

Adrienne: So how did you get a head wound?

Attilio: No I think of these situations that I’m in where-

Adrienne: These random things that happen.

Attilio: No it’s not for real.  I’m thinking like what is completely 180 degrees diametrically opposed to the situation I could be in?

Adrienne: But sometimes you are in them and I don’t know.  Did that happen or-

Attilio: Well I’d have to have sutchers, I’d have to have like a mirror, a steadyhand, lots of grain alcohol to numb the pain.

Adrienne: You just never know like you always have all sorts of stuff in your car.  You seem like you’re prepared for anything.

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: Okay so quotes of the day from Hawaii Pacific Property Management.  Duke Kimhan sends these to us everyday.  So this one is for today.  “Have the courage to live.  Anyone can die.”  That one’s from Robert Cody.  This next one is from John Wooden, “If you’re not making mistakes then you’re not doing anything.”

Attilio: I think he was a football coach.  Yep.

Adrienne: Yes I think that.  It’s like we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.

Attilio: Yes except for that time we lit our hair on fire and jumped off the cliff.  There was no learning moments there.

Adrienne: Alright and the last one is from Mark Twain.  “It’s better to remain a silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubts.”

Attilio: Remove all doubt.  If you’re a fool, when i doubt, keep quiet.

Adrienne laughs.

Adrienne: Okay so we have our tip of the week.  Property management tip of the week.  I think Duke is in a walkthrough right now.  He’s super busy.

Attilio: He’s 100% focused on his clients right now.

Adrienne: He is.

Attilio: We want to talk to you about Hawaii Pacific Property Management.  They’ve got a rent guarantee. What’s that about Adrienne?

Adrienne: So basically if they can’t rent your home in 30 days

Attilio: Uh-huh.

Adrienne: – they’ll pay the rent.

Attilio: They’ll pay the rent?

Adrienne: They’ll pay the rent.

Attilio: That is just crazy.

Adrienne: It is but it’s like crazy good.

Attilio: Crazy good?

Adrienne: Crazy good for the clients.

Attilio: Give them a call.  What’s the number they should call?

Adrienne: They can be reached at 445-9223.

Attilio: Alright let’s talk about it here.  We’ll give our tip of the week for property management: vacation rental.

Adrienne: Mmm.

Attilio: Is vacation rental legal in Hawaii?  It’s a tricky question.

Adrienne: It depends.

Attilio: It depends?  Like you mean the adult diaper or the situational thing?

Adrienne: Yes exactly like both.

Attilio: Well here’s the deal.  I think it was in the 80s they passed a law.  If you’re in a residential area you’re not able to – I think it was less than 30 days, something like that.  Now by the way don’t quote me on this.  You go to DPP or DCNA and you go to their websites or you just Google the word.

Adrienne: There was a great article in Pacific Business News recently about this whole vacation rental situation.

Attilio: We saved it to our Google Drive.  If you would like us to send you a copy it was very good, well put-together article about all the ifs ands or buts about vacation rentals.  We have a copy of it we’ll be glad to send it to you.  Just send us an email at info@teamlally.com.  Subject line: “Vacation rentals?”  Big question mark.

Adrienne: We’ll send you the article.

Attilio: So they passed that law and so people at the time were issued I think it was temporary vacation unit – TVU certificates or something like that and then they stopped issuing them.  A lot of people think that you can go one today.  You can’t.

Adrienne: Nope.  Not available.

Attilio: They’re not issuing anymore of those.  There are some homes that have them from back in pre-80s days and so long as they kept renewing them.  I think there was some fee every two years and so long as they renewed them then they remained in place.

Adrienne: I think we actually have one of our listings – has one of these rare certificates.

Attilio: It’s kind of like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory golden ticket.

Attilio singing to the tune of “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket”: I’ve got a temporary certificate for rental.

Attilio: That’s how the song goes.  No no no.  (singing)  I’ve got a golden ticket

Attilio singing to the tune of “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket”: I can do short term rentals.

Attilio: But if you’re not here’s what’s going on with the city and county.  Last year’s budget was a hundred grand for some part-timers.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: This year’s budget coming up in 2017.  $300,000 for 5 full-timers to go after you for your legal vacation rental.

Adrienne: Illegal!

Attilio: Illegal!

Adrienne: And how are they doing this?  Are they cross-referencing?

Attilio: So January of this year they passed a law.  All vacation rentals must have a TAT, transient accommodation tax number, on your ad if you have a vacation rental.  Then they’re going to cross-reference that with your property and/or if you have a certificate.  So things to know.

Adrienne: So they’re going to check and make sure that you’re paying the taxes, and that are you legally able to operate?

Attilio: Yeah so this is how people get busted.  You got a nice house in Lanikai and you’re having weddings, family reunions, a bunch of fraternity boys staying every weekend parking all over the place, partying until two o’clock in the morning because they don’t care, they don’t live there, and your neighbors get pissed off and then they report you, and that’s how you get in trouble.

Adrienne: Game’s over.

Attilio: Unless you have a lot of Asian relatives that seem to be getting married every single weekend.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: It’s most likely you’re doing an illegal vacation rental.  So anyway.

Adrienne: So be on the lookout.  They are starting to crackdown.

Attilio: So if you have it or you’re thinking of buying an investment property and they’re advertising it as a vacation rental you might want to talk to Duke’s team and have them check that out for you because you’ll probably want to have them manage it for you, and maybe it’ll end up being longterm rental.  Okay that’s our property tip of the week.

Adrienne: And you can reach them at 445-9223 or check them out online at hipacificpm.com.

Attilio: Now before we go to the next break I want to give people a little peek – oh we got somebody.

Adrienne: We have a tip of the week.  There’s not a break yet.

Attilio: Janyce with the harp music.

Dreamhouse Drafting harp jingle plays.  

Janyce: Good morning.

Attilio: I was all stressed out and then I heard the harp music and I’m so relaxed now.

Janyce laughs.

Attilio: Janyce.

Adrienne: Welcome.

Attilio: Welcome

Janyce: Thank you!

Attilio: What’s your tip of the week for us today?

Janyce: Well I thought today we’d just review a few of the kind of pertinent “Did you knows” regarding permitting to make sure that people are aware of little things that may come into play because frequently urban legend has people thinking that they don’t need permits in an awful lot of circumstances where the city sees it completely differently.

Attilio: So you’re going to give us a top 3?

Janyce: Well sure.  Changing doors and window.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Changing doors and windows!

Janyce: Your walls, your property walls and fences.  If they’re 30 inches or taller they definitely need a building permit.

Attilio: Okay.

Janyce: And any time you add or remove any walls.  So it doesn’t matter if you’re not enlarging the footprint of the home and if the work is completely interior.  You know it also requires a building permit.

Attilio: Yeah you know we’ve talked to seller in the past who get all upset because they thinkt heir place is all legit and it’s not.

Adrienne: Well I have a question about the plumbing and the electrical, Janyce.

Janyce: Mhm.

Adrienne: We’ve had a little discrepancy with a client about that aspect of them upgrading their home and needing a permit or not needing a permit.

Janyce: Okay so whether they need a permit or not they should be able to prove to you by plumbing and electrical was done by a licensed professional with a current contractor’s license in that particular discipline.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Janyce: Plumbing and electrical usually have to do with kitchen and bath remodels and it can get kind of tricky but as a general rule if you do it all at once, if you relocate items, you are most likely going to need a building permit.

Attilio: Okay.

Janyce: The city that calculates the requirement by usage of an area times a certain value.  So it comes up over a certain value you’re going to need a building permit and a lot of people have heard about $500 for electrical and $1,000 for plumbing however you need to bear in mind that the plumbing and electrical is located within a certain space of the home and if working on that plumbing or electrical other items in the home are being inspected, which is highly probable, then it’s easy to find yourself going over that threshold and if you don’t cross that threshold then you can simply have your plumber or electrician do a plumbing or electrical permit and in those cases it’s a simple paper permit with no drawings which they can do online and it’s a small fee.

Adrienne: So if it’s like a basic little kind of job under, you said $500 for electric and $1,000 for plumbing the permit’s not needed, but once the pricing gets higher it still sounds like pretty simple as long as you’re using a licensed professional.

Janyce: It’s very easy to go above that threshold though.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Yeah.

Janyce: So people need to realize that plumbers and electricians that people who provide services, in the case of plumbers, you may not want to do that job but the value in that job and the price per hour and the cost for fixtures and if you go and decide to add a new fixture say in the bathroom well then you know the board of water supply has a new fixture count fee that has to be considered sometimes, sometimes it’s a wash because of the credits you might entitled too but all of these things would be handled and cared for and if it’s a simple plumbing permit that does not require any plans then very minimal expense to your homeowners and absolutely no delay in their process towards moving on where they’re still in their home as opposed to trying to rush an after the fact building building permit.  I suppose that’s what we’re trying to educate people on – that the ramifications of not getting a permit can be way worse in addition to the costs later on when you’re on a hurry, you need to sell, you need to refi, because you didn’t do it before.

Attilio: Alright so let’s give our listeners a quick summary.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: #1 even if it is simple it sounds like it’s so easy to mess that up.  So go to a professional.  They can at least give you a call or give you some advice right?

Janyce: Of course.

Attilio: A wise man has many councilors and a fool has none.

Adrienne: Then I would say that also if you have already gone and done all this work without the permits I know that Janyce specializes in after the fact permits.  She’s got all the answers on the permits.

Attilio: Thanks Janyce!

Janyce: Sometimes we have to do research.

Attilio: Alright Thanks Janyce.

Adrienne: Alright thank you Janyce.

Attilio: Alright so Janyce can be reached at what number Adrienne?

Adrienne: 206-7107.

Attilio: And what’s the name of her website?

Adrienne: It’s dreamhousedrafting.com.

Attilio: Alright so stay with us we’re going to get right in and take a break.

Adrienne: Yes a real short break but don’t go far.

Attilio: We’ve got Dr. Theresa and we’re going to talk about walking

(Commercial Break)

Announcer: The Team Lally Real Estate Show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it.  I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody we’re going to welcome Dr. Wee to the show and let’s see here – a little about Dr. Wee.  She’s a pediatric, obesity, health and wellness expert.  She’s been in practice for 20+ years.  Dr. Wee is a graduate of the University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine.  Born and raised here in Hawaii and in her spare time Dr. Wee enjoys being with her family, staying active, and volunteering for various charitable organizations such as – and that’s what we’re going to talk about today – Walk With the Doc here on Oahu.

Adrienne and Attilio: Welcome!

Adrienne: Welcome.

Dr. Wee: Thank you.

Adrienne: Would you prefer just Theresa or Dr. Theresa?

Dr. Wee: That would be fine.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attilio: Alright.  Dr. Wee though that’s only got like three letters.

Dr. Wee: Yeah actually people call me Dr. T.

Adrienne: Oh!  Dr. T.  I like it.

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: Any connection to Mr. T?

Dr. Wee: No.  No.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne laughs.

Adrienne: Okay so Dr. T welcome to our show and thank you so much for joining us on our show.

Dr. Wee: Thank you.

Adrienne: And thank you so much for joining us.  So we like to start off with learning a little bit about you.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: Born and raised here.  Attended Marinose schools and graduated from UH Manoa.  Always wanted to be a doctor.  Read books about the first women doctor since I was about six or seven.  Always wanted to be a physician and basically I guess my goals happened and I married my medical school classmate Steven Wee.  We both lived in Columbus, Ohio.  We went to Ohio State University for our residency.

Attilio: Oh wow.

Dr. Wee: We returned here.  We heard that there was a little medical building going up in Waipio Gentry and at that time it was all pineapple fields but in 1984 my husband Dr. Steven Wee, internal medicine, and I opened our office and so we were practicing there.  Approximately six years ago my husband, after we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Attilio: Oh wow.

Dr. Wee: Within a few weeks my rent went up more than double so basically they kicked me out of my office-

Attilio: Oh wow!

Dr. Wee: And for about three months I had to decide if I even wanted to continue being a doctor.  It was a very difficult time and I can only tell you through the Grace of God I just said, you know, here’s where my Catholic background – I know there’s a God.

Attilio: Yes.

Dr. Wee: “Please show me concretely what I’m supposed to do at this time and I want to reach out to people who have had just unexpectedness mishaps-”

Attilio: Challenges yeah.

Dr. Wee: Challenges.  “-there is hope.”

Attilio: Yes.

Dr. Wee: And then within five days a woman came to me and said I have a lot of experience.  Your friends sent me here.  And then she said, “can I pray for you right now?”

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: Since then I’ve actually bought a 2,7000 square foot office.

Attilio: Oh wow!

Adrienne: Congratulations!

Dr. Wee: I own it.

Attilio: You can only kick yourself out!

Adrienne laughs.

Dr. Wee: And we, you know, together we designed it, my practice manager Laurie Anne Wallace.  I’m happy to say we have an internal medicine doctor, hired another pediatrician, and I want people to know that there’s always hope and I wake up each morning now – this is what motivates me and I feel that I do have a purpose and that God said “you’re not done yet.”

Attilio: Yeah especially with all that schooling, all that time and effort

Adrienne laughs.

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: And I know people who get into the medical field you do it because you want to help people.

Dr. Wee: So my passion has always been, you know, helping our obese families.  Right now we’re in an obesity crisis.  More than 2/3s of our children and adults are overweight or obese.

Attilio: Yes.

Dr. Wee: This will be the first generation of young people who will be more unhealthy than their parents.

Attilio: Yeah I think the statistic was the life expectancy is actually getting shorter.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Attilio: So the next generation’s life expectancy is going to be shorter than their parents.

Dr. Wee: Yes and I’ve seen it in my practice.  I’ve actually been in private practice for 32 years now and I have seen the increase in obesity, type-II diabetes in children, and other problems.

Adrienne: So have you always been in pediatrics or were you-

Dr. Wee: Yes always my specialty is pediatrics and as I mentioned I decided I wanted to do something that I’ve always had a passion for and that’s to help others – other families and parents regarding this problem.

Attilio: I know you came to us via the connection with Orange Theory and Scott the owner.  What do they call it?  I forgot what they call them.  They’re not gyms – studios!

Adrienne: Studio.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: The studio out in Kopalei and I was talking to Scott and he was talking about trying to get the kids to come in during the day because everybody’s working.  They’re not working out in the daytime.  And then bringing the kids in and walking them through just one of their classes to get on the treadmill.

Adrienne: Like a kid workout.

Attilio: Yeah a kid workout.

Adrienne: That would be fun.

Dr. Wee: Yeah so it’s just reaching out to families and just simple things like walking.  Walking is the best exercise.  You don’t need any – no equipment.

Attilio: Just legs!

Adrienne: We got great weather why wouldn’t you be outside walking?

Dr. Wee: And it has the lowest dropout rate

Adrienne: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: So approximately two years ago – actually from Ohio State University where I trained Dr. David Sabgir, about twelve years ago, he’s a cardiologist, he developed this Walk with a Doc program.  Now they have over 200 groups across the U.S. as well as four other countries.

Adrienne: Oh wow.

Dr. Wee: They have statistics that are unbelievable.

Attilio: Sure.

Dr. Wee: Even the surgeon general – he became a CNN Super Hero because of this program that he started in the U.S.

Attilio: Walk with a Doc?

Dr. Wee: Walk with a Doc.  There is a Walk with a Doc Hilo.  My fellow classmate Dr. Craig Kadooka.  He runs that one.  He started it two years ago in Hilo and they meet every Sunday morning at Liliuokalani Gardens.

Attilio: So let’s talk about yours.  Your Walk with a Doctor.

Dr. Wee: You know I’ve finally got my non-profit organization kicked off February of this year and I now have had over 300 people signed up.  We normally get about 30-40 people every week.  We meet Saturday at Central Oahu Regional Park near the tennis courts.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attilio: Saturday what time?

Dr. Wee: 8 A.M.  We start 8 A.M. sharp and it lasts for one hour.  We welcome people of all ages.  Our kaikis, our kapoonas, we welcome families, strollers, dog on a leash, and it’s just – I start off with a health tip, five minutes.  Then we go ahead and do a warmup and we walk for 50 minutes.  We do a cooldown and I have fruits and water.  Refreshments.

Attilio: Alrighty so Central Oahu Regional Park.  If you guys don’t know where that is I think it’s also called the Patsy Mink Central Oahu Regional Park over there in – what is it?  What’s across the street?  Big seedy diner?

Dr. Wee: Actually Waipio McDonald’s, Waipio Gentry.

Attilio: Stay away from the McDonalds.

Adrienne and Dr. Wee laugh.

Attilio: Don’t go to the drive through and go on a walk with your-

Adrienne: They do have some healthy options there.

Dr. Wee: They do.

Adrienne: They have the salads and I like those fruit and yogurt parfaits.  That’s all that I get at McDonald’s.

Attilio: You know what I like?  You know what I like about a McDonald’s?  It’s driving past it to the all you can eat salad bar.  So you got this Walk with a Doc Saturdays 8 A.M.  Every Saturday?  Weather permitting?

Dr. Wee: Every Saturday rain or shine. 

Attilio: You know what this is what I tell people when you walk in the rain – you know what could happen?  You could get wet.

Dr. Wee and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: Get your okole out there.  So I always talk about it and I joke about it but there’s a new diet sweeping the nation – it’s called eat less and exercise more.  And if you want the details go to getoffyourbuttanddosomething.org.

Adrienne and Dr. Wee laugh.

Attilio: I just made that up.

Adrienne: Or you can go to walkwithadoc.org.

Dr. Wee: Yes and it’s really great because that park is so huge and there’s paved walking path

Attilio: All inside the park because the park is big.

Dr. Wee: Yes we just within the park and we have – even if you’re a new person who hasn’t done any exercise.  It’s never too late and everyone will walk at their own pace so the slower walkers walk with one another.

Attilio: Okay.

Dr. Wee: Families will walk with one another and it’s such a great place to make friends and-

Attilio: Interact with your fellow human beings.

Dr. Wee: Yes!

Adrienne: So how many people you said?  About 30 to 40?

Dr. Wee: 30 to 40?

Adrienne: And you can just show up?  You don’t need to-

Dr. Wee: No.  Just show up and I just have you sign one waiver form and you’re in.  I also want to give a shout out.  I have a fantastic group of young men and women.  It’s called Teem Triumph.

Attilio: Okay.

Dr. Wee: And they just volunteer and they help me do the warmup and the cooldown and their whole passion is just help the community so they’ve also started a free workout – low impact workout – for all ages on Thursdays near the same election.

Adrienne and Attilio: Oh wow!

Dr. Wee: 6 P.M. Thursdays.  Every Thursday at 6 P.M.

Attilio: And what are they called?  Team-

Dr. Wee: Teem Triumph.  T-E-E-M.  Triumph.  And you can look them up at the website.  And they’ve also instituted hikes so it’s really wonderful because we’re working together as a community.  My goal is to make Central Oahu the healthiest community in Hawaii.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: So on your Facebook group right you have a Walk with a Doc on Facebook-

Dr. Wee: Yes on Facebook.

Adrienne: So would they do Walk with a Doc and put on Oahu or Honolulu?

Dr. Wee: Yes.  Walk with a Doc Oahu.  You’ll see a lot of our pictures each week and you can also go to the national website walkwithadoc.org. 

Adrienne: And then they can click through and then they’ll get to the local chapter?

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: After a little search.

Adrienne: What about this Teem Triumph?  Is their info on the Facebook page as well?

Attilio: Probably Google it.

Dr. Wee: Or they can Google Teem Triumph.  It’s T-E-E-M Triumph.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attilio: Alright.  Awesome.  So you know let’s talk about behavior changes

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Because that was like the big challenge or the impetus or motivation for coming up with this program because – yeah, behavior, you know we’re skinny kids.  Nobody was born like super fat.

Dr. Wee: No.

Attilio: Or obese to be PC.  And then the behaviors that are taught to us by our parents or modeled by our parents become our behaviors.  Next thing you know we’re 40 years old, 30 years old, 20 something years old, and now you’re finding with the kids.  It’s like they’re in middle school and they have these behaviors.  Maybe even elementary.

Dr. Wee: Yes.  There’s so many factors that go into this and I really try to train my young parents when they have their newborn baby, I mean starting from them, I’m always talking about setting boundaries.  Setting rules.  Really trying to just educate people.  Healthy sleep habits.  Eating healthy and having that family time.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: So a lot of it is parenting as well and keeping that family unit strong I think is going to benefit all of society.

Attilio: Okay and walking like you said.  No complicated equipment.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: No gym membership.

Dr. Wee: Yeah and it’s good family time and all ages can do it.  What’s really wonderful is in Hawaii we have multigenerational homes.

Attilio: Uh-huh.

Dr. Wee: And I tell the grandmas and grandpas “go walking with your child.  Don’t let them sit there and play with their iPad.  You know, two years old.”

Attilio: Video games.  Yeah.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Attilio: Yeah.  That sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Attilio: You know for those people that say “but” this is what we’ve gotta share with you: people who use the word “but” a lot have big ones.

Adrienne and Dr. Wee laugh.

Adrienne: Dr. T would you be able to share with us, you know maybe a success story of a family or a child that you’re able to help change those habits with your Walk with a Doc program.

Dr. Wee: I’ve only been doing this since February and I’ve already had several people come up to me with testimonials. People who never really exercise but they started walking.  There’s this one fella.  He started walking, he felt good, he started walking not only Saturday but Monday and Wednesday.

Attilio: Oh wow!

Dr. Wee: And soon he got his family started and then he went to his physician about three or four months later and he said “here’s your blood test,” his cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, everything, and he says “doc don’t play with me give me my results.”  He goes, “these are your results.”

Adrienne and Attilio: Oh wow!

Dr. Wee: And so you know I have several stories like that already and people just – feeling more energy.  I was just telling my husband it seems like almost every week I have someone come to me saying “Why are you doing this?”  You know.

Attilio: Uh-huh.

Dr. Wee: “Why don’t you charge me?”

Dr. Wee laughs.

Attilio: Sure.

Dr. Wee: I want to do this for you so that we can all get healthier together and I think that’s your thing – being a team.  I think we’re being a team.  We try to share our successes.  We talk about – “okay that didn’t work” but everybody shares ideas about how we can all succeed together.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: And I think that’s wonderful.  Another success was a family who started a garden.  A vegetable garden and their two kids never ate vegetables but now they grew this garden and now that was a little instep into starting vegetables and then fruits and now when they come in the kids are healthy.

Attilio: Nice!

Adrienne: They’re excited to eat what they’ve grown.  It was just that process of learning.

Dr. Wee: Of just giving them some ideas and that worked for them.

Attilio: Well we’re huge fans of Tony Robbins and Tony Robbins talks about – Adrienne progress equals what?

Adrienne: Progress equals-

Adrienne and Attilio: -happiness.

Attilio: Progress equals happiness and what he means by that – he gives a short little story about it.  In that it’s not about training for a marathon and then completing it, it’s actually just starting that first step of getting out there and walking.

Adrienne: It’s the journey.

Attilio: You’re not necessarily seeing the immediate results but just going through the process of starting to change your behavior actually makes your happiness go through the roof.  It actually makes you feel good.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Attilio: And if you can stay on that path-

Dr. Wee: Right, consistency.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: Just setting it as a priority but taking that first step and again when we do it as a group, especially my kapoonas, the seniors – I’m getting a lot of seniors.  I’ve even talked to Wahiawa Rainbow seniors and they’re really excited because normally they’re very isolated but now they’re making friends and they’re coming out, and they’re telling their children and grandchildren to come out.  So it’s been a very rewarding experience for me.

Attilio: Great.  A lot of interaction.

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: You know one of the things that in my mind – I want to create a mental memory hook in people’s minds.  You know when I see somebody that’s really overweight having a hard time getting around – they have a term for these people that are on death row it’s called the walking dead, dead man walking.  You know it’s a morbid thing that I’m sharing with you but hopefully it’ll – sometimes you’ve gotta impact people to get them to change and think of something.  When you see somebody that’s – all you’ve gotta do is go on Netflix.  Watch about three or four documentaries with factual scientific information backing it up and you’ll know that obesity is killing people.

Dr. Wee: Yeah and remember your health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  So really we have to examine what we’re eating and good quality, whole foods, you know we have so much processed foods with sugar and salt in them.  So if we can just get back to basics, you know.  We just tell people on these health tips that I gave, we just real simple things like drink water.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: I I had one family who just cut out the soda.  Any sugar sweetened beverage is really not necessary for anyone including orange juice.  It’s much preferable to eat a whole orange because orange juice has the concentrated sugar.  It’s almost as bad as sugar.

Attilio: Oh wow.

Adrienne: Mmm.

Dr. Wee: So water and milk are the two things we should all be drinking.  So just with that one concept one family, they lost – the mother comes to me and says hey I’ve lost 10 pounds just doing this one –

Attilio: Just drinking water.

Dr. Wee: Just drinking water.

Adrienne: And getting rid of all of the soda and orange juice.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Attilio: The passion orange and all those local drinks.

Adrienne laughs.

Dr. Wee: Those are just as bad.  Arizona Green Tea, Gatorade, Powerade these are really not necessary for the majority of us.

Attilio: So drink more water.

Dr. Wee: Yes and milk.

Attilio: So go to the Patsy Mink Central Oahu Regional Park on – what is it?  Every Saturday 8:00 A.M.?

Adrienne: Any other quick little tips you want to share with our listeners?

Dr. Wee: Yeah I wanted to let you know that sleep is extremely important.  Sleep and eating a good breakfast.  These are two things that have been shown evidence that it will help to prevent you from gaining weight.  So making sure that adults get 7-8 hours and eating that breakfast in the morning to get your metabolism starting.

Attilio: Wow.

Adrienne: So when you don’t eat breakfast it slows the metabolism down?

Dr. Wee: Yeah and then you tend to overeat in the latter part of the day.

Attilio: You binge.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.

Adrienne: Mmm.

Dr. Wee: And usually the wrong types of foods.

Attilio: Yeah.  That’s why folks listen up.  At Safeway – I shouldn’t have said Safeway.  But any kind of grocery store, where is all the sugary stuff?  It’s at the register so that you do an impulse.  They know what they’re doing with their marketing.

Adrienne: They know the buyer psychology.

Attilio: And if you look at it, and here’s your layout of your average grocery store, everything in the middle that’s not in the refrigeration is usually because it’s the processed stuff.  And what makes up the majority of a grocery store?  All the stuff in the middle!

Adrienne: Processed stuff.  Yeah.

Dr. Wee: In the middle.

Attilio: So if you want to eat healthy you stay to the fringe, to the outer part.

Adrienne: Stay on the outside.

Dr. Wee: Right.

Attilio: Stay on the outside and to the back and that’s where all your fruits and vegetables are.  Now I’m not talking about the liquor part where all the beer is because that’s also on the outer fringe so I’m not telling you go drink more beer but stay to the outer fringe.  The other one they say is never go shopping when you’re hungry.

Dr. Wee: Yeah.  Yeah.  I also wanted to share with your listeners that they got rid of the food pyramid so at the base it had quite a few starches but now we have my plate which is half your plate should be food fruit and vegies, 1/4 starch and 1/4 protein.

Attilio: Now that is not a local bay lunch I can tell you that right now.

Adrienne and Dr. Wee laugh.

Attilio: I think we will take a break but I know we have more questions.

Adrienne: Yes we do have more questions for Dr. T so stay with us.

Attilio: Stay with us your health depends on it.

(Commercial break)

Announcer: The Team Lally Real Estate Show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to The Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it.  I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out on the web at teamlally.com.  Okay so before the break we were talking with our in-studio guest Dr. T.  Walk with a Doc is her program.

Attilio: You know what I want to give her a shout out.  If you need a good doctor you should go to her place.  Go to weewellnesscenter.com to find out more information about her organization and all I now is if a doctor’s willing to go out into the community and give like that she’s going to be an excellent pediatrician and everybody should sign up under her and make her so full that she’s going to have a waiting list.

Adrienne: And then you also have internal medicine as well?  Right?

Dr. Wee: Yes.  Yes we do.

Adrienne: So you do adults and children?

Dr. Wee: And children yes.

Adrienne: So it’s a full on family practice.

Dr. Wee: Yes.  Yes we do.

Adrienne: Awesome well I know that it’s hard to find a good doctor – I’m going to have to talk to you after the show.

Attilio: More questions?

Adrienne: More questions.

Attilio: Well you wanted to talk about something about HMSA or-

Dr. Wee: Well you know I wanted to tell you that when I first had this idea I looked for sponsors and UHA Health Insurance stepped up and really gave me within a week the CEO Howard Lee came up and gave me the money to get started.

Attilio: Oh wow!

Dr. Wee: So I’m very grateful.  I’ve also had the help of many other people.  Of course I couldn’t do it myself.  Stay Fit Physical Therapy gives me fruits every Sunday.

Adrienne: Nice. 

Attilio: Stay Fit Physical Therapy where are they located?

Dr. Wee: Yes.  They’re located in Kapolei.

Attilio: In Kapolei?  Oh alright awesome.

Adrienne: Oh!  I think that they’re in our same building!

Attilio: Oh are they?

Adrienne: Yes!

Dr. Wee: They may be.

Attilio: Oh the physical therapy- their front doors face the park?

Adrienne: Yeah in the James Campbell-

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Adrienne: They’re in our building.

Dr. Wee: They’re wonderful.  And then of course just everyone who helps to volunteer.  All the walkers are so inspired.  They help me put up the banners.  It’s such a wonderful community grass roots event.

Attilio: Mhm.

Dr. Wee: I really wanna invite everyone.  Just come up, you know, come out just for once and we have such a good time.  Bring your water bottle.  Wear your shoes and sunscreen and we just have a great time and I do want to thank God for just being with me along in this journey and I feel very blessed and my goal is to just give back and really help the community at this point.

Attilio: I heard he’s the best co-pilot.

Adrienne laughs.

Dr. Wee: He’s a pilot.

Adrienne: Now Dr. T are you looking for volunteers to help to grow the program or to be more organized?

Dr. Wee: I’m actually – I’ve been reaching out to other physicians and-

Attilio: Okay we need doctors.  Okay here we go.

Adrienne: More doctors to walk.

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: We’re in sales we’re going to close them right now.  Come on doctors! You know interesting statistics I know you doctors out there, the obesity also just because we know and we know what we need to do right doesn’t mean that we actually do it so I know there are doctors out there that are having some weight challenges so let’s role model what we want in our community.

Dr. Wee: Exactly.

Attilio: We need some doctors to start this.  Let’s have a goal.  There should be at least six of these things going on all across Oahu with our population.

Dr. Wee: That would be my vision and also you point out something – physicians we have a shortage.  We need to heal ourselves so that we can be at our best for our patients and I think that’s so important to be the role model so any of the physician extenders out there, nurse practitioners, physician assistant, you know give me a call.  Love to talk to you about opening another group in town or we could have several across Oahu.

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: And what would be a good way for them to get a hold of you?

Dr. Wee: They can call my office.  So I am listed there.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Okay.  I don’t think we have the office but you can always go to walkwithadoc.org or also go on to the Facebook group and you’re connected that way.

Dr. Wee: Yes.

Attilio: Alright so you’re sitting at home right now and you’re like “You know what?  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” and you want to make a change in your go to the park.  Go start this walking program.  You’re going to get a great health tip from Dr. T and if you don’t just imagine Mr. T kicking your front door in.

Dr. Wee and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: And saying “Come on fool get out there and walk!”

Dr. Wee: But thank you.  Thank you Team Lally for doing this type of community service.  Really appreciate it.

Adrienne: Of course.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Maybe you’ll see us out there one morning with you.

Attilio: Bring the whole team.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Dr. Wee: Most definitely.

Attilio: We do have fun meetings and hello team members listening in that might be on our fun meetings.  We’re going to help the Walk with a Doc at the park.

Adrienne: Well thank you so much Dr. T for joining us today.

Dr. Wee: Thank you.

Attilio: Alright so if you want more information go to walkwithadoc.org and you know please help support Dr. T and refer lots of patients to her.  Go to weewellnesscenter.com.

Adrienne: Alright and we have Abby.

Attilio: We got Abby.

(door bell sound)

Adrienne: We have Abby who’s been waiting patiently to talk about-

Abby: Hello hello.

Attilio: Hi Abby welcome!

Abby: Thank you!

Attilio: Tell us about your open!

Abby: Yeah so here’s a chance to see this lovely home on Sunday from 2-5.  It’s at 94-143 Daro Aulani Koana Avenue #481.  This house is situated in a really nice location.  You know it can’t get any better.  In the middle of Aulani.  It’s close to the world famous ʻIolani schools.  There an easy access to the army base.  There’s a nice yard space for your pet and it’s priced to sell so come on down because this is not going to last.  I’ll be there from 2-5.

Attilio: You know what?

Abby: Yeah?

Attilio: 2-5 you know what they can do?  It’s really close to Central Oahu Regional Park and on Saturdays at 8 AM they can by the tennis court and meet Dr. T for their walk with a doc program.

Abby: There you go.

Adrienne: Oh and then on Thursdays they could do that little – the workout with the Teem Triumph.

Attilio: 6 P.M.  Teem Triumph.

Abby: Nice.

Adrienne: So that’s a great location to be fit.

Attilio: Alright.

Abby: Yep.

Attilio: Abby do you like to walk?

Abby: I do like to walk.

Attilio: Alright so we want people to talk to your open house.

Adrienne and Abby laugh.

Attilio: Even if you come in from like North Shore just walk.  You’re going to have to start right now though.

Abby: Exactly.

Attilio: Alright Abby.

Abby: I’ll see you guys there I’ll have water waiting for you if you decide to walk from the North Shore.

Adrienne: Perfect.

Attilio and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: Follow the signs.

Abby: I’ll be there.

Attilio: Okay thanks Abby.

Abby: Thank you.  Bye-bye.

Attilio: Alright folks if you want to know about any of our open houses we only had an opportunity to talk about one but usually we’re having somewhere between three and six open houses every weekend.  If you go to our website – actually I’ll give you the domain name that takes you to the specific page.  What is it Adrienne?

Adrienne: It’s teamlallyopenhouse.com.  It’s that easy and all of our open houses are listed there, and actually every single one of our listings there has a real video tour.  So you can kind of preview it and figure out “is this the house I want to go see in person?”

Attilio: So it’s the Team Lally version of the surf report.  Letting you know where our open houses – and by the they’re all over Oahu and just follow the signs.  But if you want to have – if you’re one of them planners, super detailed oriented, you want to know the details, again go to teamlallyopenhouse.com.  Alright so I started talking about it in the beginning and now that we have time we can talk about it now-

Adrienne: Sure!

Attilio: I wanted to give people a little peek behind the curtain of Team Lally and what we’re going to be doing for – we’ll just say we’re doing it today –

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: That’s all we’ll just talk.  What are we doing today?

Adrienne: We are learning how to build wealth.

Attilio: We Colette Ching.  She’s one of our owner-operators and coaches and mentors.  She’s coming in.  She came in from the mainland to work with us on this but if part of our team – is we’re on a constant state of what?

Adrienne: Of learning.

Attilio: I thought it was like hangovers.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: No, not hangovers.  It’s learning!

Adrienne: We’re doing a pau hana though after.

Attilio: And we’re doing a pau hana.

Adrienne: In moderation.

Attilio: In moderation, no hangover.  But basically we’re in a constant state of learning and so a couple of things that if you were part of our team – and we’re going to talk more about our career night.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: And our recruiting and our website called jointeamlally.com.  But if you were part of our team this would be a day in the life of a Team Lally member so prospecting in the morning, go have a little bit of lunch, maybe if you didn’t have lunch because we would have food at this event and it’s called what?

Adrienne: Well they’d have time for an appointment even.

Attilio: Yeah a couple of appointments.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Alright so from 3-5 we’re having this – it’s a wellness mindset.  Not wellness.  I’m still stuck on the walk with a doc.

Adrienne: Wealth.  Wealth.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: You know what it’s wealth building.  Wealth building seminar with Colette and one of the things we have you do is bringing your vision board.  So we have our team do a vision board or a dream board.  What’s that?

Adrienne: So basically it’s like pictures of what the goals that you want to achieve over the next year.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: So it really helps you visualize-

Attilio: Words, goals.

Adrienne: Yeah and keep on track for your 2017 goals.

Attilio: So we’re going to be sharing our vision and our dream boards and also we’ll be going through our 135.  What’s a 135?  That’s somebody who doesn’t know how to count.  They’re skipping numbers.  No.

Adrienne: It’s a business planning tool.

Attilio: Yes.  What does it mean?

Adrienne: It’s the words that go along with the vision board, and the plan goes along with the vision so it gives you that execution plan.

Attilio: So real quick this is how it works for you guys who are into goal setting, goal planning – and we’re telling you now in the last quarter of the year because what do we prepare for in the last quarter of this year?

Adrienne: For next year. 

Attilio: All of next year and this is where you start.  Don’t be the average person.  They do it the next day on New Year’s Day with the hangover and like “oh man I’ve got to make a change.”  No!  Start now!  So one is your major goal, your main goal it can either be a business goal or a personal goal.  And then what’s 3 stand for?

Adrienne: 3 are the different pillars that are going to support that goal.

Attilio: Your main goal.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: And then there’s 3 things below each objective.

Adrienne: They’re the strategies.

Attilio: These are the strategies you’re going to use for the three goals that will help you meet your main goal.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: And it’s super simple.  It takes you, you know – spend 10, 15 minutes filling it out, look at it everyday along with your vision board, and your life will be better.  Maybe you have on there better health.  So one of the strategies could be-

Adrienne: Or maybe the goal was to become a doctor.

Attilio: Become a doctor.

Adrienne laughs.

Adrienne: You have your plan.

Attilio: So anyway that’s what we’re going to be spending a couple hours with our team doing today and that’s one of the learning opportunities we provide.  So speaking of new team members.

Adrienne: We’re always looking for great team members.

Attilio: Don’t contact us if you’re a mediocre producer.  You’ll be wasting your time.  Oh we’ve gotta cut it short.  Go, do the abbreviated version.

Adrienne: So just go to jointeamlally.com.

Attilio: If you want to find out more information.

Adrienne: Alright well thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

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Attilio: And Dr. T.

Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week we’ll have one of our awesome guests talking about something that’ll change your life-

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