Listen to our episode we had with Pacifico Pizza Napoletana:

Joining Team Lally in this episode is Alastair Hannmann, owner of Pacifico Pizza Napoletana, along with his wife Brittany.  Alastair talks about his roots, growing up in Guam with his father from England and mother from the Philippines.  He talks about his college days and how he got in to the pizza business, instead of following his original plan of playing golf in Hawaii.
We also discuss how Alastair took advantage of the Hawaiian lifestyle of ordering food for takeout and building his restaurant business in Kaneohe and Kapolei.  Alastair also talks about his employees and how he was able to build and train an excellent team with the local talent.
Also in this episode: Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who is Alastair Hannmann?

Alastair and his wife Brittany have owned and operated Kaneohe’s Boston Pizza for the past 10 years, and they now bring us Pacifico Pizza Napoletana, the only pizzeria on the island to offer 4 gourmet pizza styles under one roof!  Please welcome our guest, Alastair Hannmann. 
He used to be in the Financial business and was a pizza maker during his college years.  When he came to Hawaii from Guam he studied the craft of pizza making.  
With his wife he has lived both on the east coast and California, learning the different styles of pizza available in the country.

Team Lally Show with Alastair and Brittany Hannmann

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio! 

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! If you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or you can check us out at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Hey everybody! Hey uh, I was uh, this is Attilio! I was eating some awesome pizza in Kapolei, we’re going to tell you where, uh later on in the show but this lady came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder while I was enjoying this awesome pizza, started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions and I said those are great questions! I highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional and then I said uh, but Mom, what other questions do you have? So, if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice, they should run that by who, Adrienne?

Adrienne: You know what? They should give uh, Myron Kamihara a call.

Attilio: Yeah, what number?

Adrienne: They can reach him at 352-6417.

Attilio: Check them out on the Internet, www.kamiharalaw.com. Okay! Anything sounds like tax advice, hey, go see a tax professional because we’re going to be edutaining you today! Speaking of it, edutaining—

Adrienne: I have uh, some pearls of wisdom.

Attilio: Oh, yeah?

Adrienne: Courtesy of Hawaii Pacific Property Management and uh, our friend there, Duke Kimhan.

Attilio: I think when we have this part of the show, pearls of wisdom, we should read some of the comic book strips from “Pearls Before Swine.”

Adrienne: I don’t—

Attilio: That’s like Angelo’s favorite comic.

Adrienne: Oh, I don’t, I don’t read the comics.

Attilio: It has like alligators and—

Adrienne: I, I read the, I read the quotes that Duke sends us and that’s how I start my day!

Attilio: Is that how you start your day?

Adrienne: That is how I start my day.

Attilio: I start my day with a 60-minute cardio workout.

Adrienne: I start my day with a quote of the day.

Attilio: Okay, go ahead!

Adrienne: Okay, so the first one’s from Theodore Roosevelt. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

 Attilio: Okie dokie.

Adrienne: And I know, we talked about that this morning in our team huddle. Mindset.

Attilio: Mindset?

Adrienne: How, how important it is.

Attilio: I, we talked about time blocking. That’s a mindset.

Adrienne: It is!

Attilio: I’ll tell you more about that later in the show too!

Adrienne: Alright and then the next one is from author anon.

Attilio: Anon, he’s a very, he’s a very prodigious writer of quotes. This Anon guy.

Adrienne: Okay, so this—

Attilio: What’s that, Vietnamese?

Adrienne: Well, how does it have to be a guy? Maybe it’s a lady. I think it’s a lady.

Attilio: Anon because that’s uh, Vietnamese for Bob.

Adrienne: It’s a lady—

Attilio: No, it’s Vietnamese for Bob!

Adrienne: It’s a lady Bob. “The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.” Alright and then the last one is an ancient Indian proverb. “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”

Attilio: That’s a lot of pearls of wisdom there! Almost a full necklace!

Adrienne: I know! So, speaking of these pearls of wisdom, we do actually, Mr. Duke Kimhan from Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: Sponsor, sponsor of the quotes of the day. Hey!

Adrienne: Yes, he’s going to share with us some more pearls of wisdom!

Attilio: Hey, Duke are you there?

Duke: Hey!

Attilio: Say, oh, you’ve got a little bit of, little bit of Tricky Ricky connection but that’s okay, we can still hear you!

Adrienne: Or not.

Attilio: Or not.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: Are you still there?

Duke: ___ and we’ll see wat happens.

Attilio: Oh, there you go, that’s better!

Duke: Can you hear me?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: What have you got for us this week?

Duke: So, the PM tip of the week is find a property management that’s full-time. Most of our property managers that we do, uh, business with are not full-time property managers. So, that causes a problem when the property manager has other things to tend to besides your property and your maintenance.

Attilio: Yeah, especially when you call to check on your property and you hear yelling in the background: “Would you like fries with that?”

Adrienne: (laughing)

Duke: (laughing)

Attilio: So, it can be a little bit challenging, that focus

Duke: Yeah. Hawaii Pacific is full-time property management; we do not do buy/sell real estate. We have other talented realtors out there like the Lally team who do specialize in buy/sell. We specialize in property managing.

Attilio: Yeah, that’s important, especially when uh, you know, it’s not like uh, it’s not like challenges with a, with someone’s investment property. You’re going to come up when it’s uh, um, when it’s uh, convenient right?

Duke: Right, we always get, we always get maintenance calls when it’s not convenient or there’s a service tech or on a Friday afternoon or a Sunday morning and, and our maintenance department jumps on it um, and we dedicate you know, some of our staff just to maintenance.

Attilio: You know, uh, toilets always get plugged up during three times of the year: Super Bowl, Final Four, and the World Cup. Those are the three most popular times for a toilet to get plugged up in a rental property.

Duke: Well we try to head most of your maintenance problems off with a 4 and 6-monht walkthrough and we do a rent guarantee. Where if we don’t rent your home in 30 days or less at the guaranteed price, we’ll pay that amount of rent!

Adrienne: Oh, wow!

Attilio: That sounds awesome!

Adrienne: Now you guys have, you have some other guarantees as well.

Duke: We do! We guarantee that we’ll answer the phone when you call and we also guarantee the tenants that we put in there, so if we have to evict them, we’ll cover the cost of the eviction.

Adrienne: Wow!

Attilio: Awesome!

Adrienne: So, like there’s really no risk for anyone to hire Hawaii Pacific Property Management. To get their property rented and, and cared for! Right?

Duke: There’s no money up front that I need from you, I just need your signature to authorize me to manage your property on your behalf and that’s it!

Attilio: That’s it!

Adrienne: Now, you guys just did a really, like a, an awesome video that you sent out to your owners.

Attilio: Very detailed, lots of information.

Adrienne: It’s about like, you know, what, what exactly that you do to earn those managing fees, so—

Duke: Well just to list a couple, there’s one, we do the 4 and 6-month walkthroughs, we handle all the maintenance, we take everything off your plate. We guarantee and warranty the tenant we put in there and we advertise and push the 17 different websites and over 20,000 eyes a day will look at your ad!

Attilio: Nice! Okay.

Adrienne: That’s pretty amazing!

Duke: It is!

Adrienne: Well thank you so much, Duke! For sharing that tip of the week!

Attilio: Thanks, Duke!

Duke: Alright!

Adrienne: Have an awesome week!

Duke: Hawaii Pacific Property Management! We’ll talk to you later!

Attilio: Alright. So, I know what you’re thinking! How can I get ahold of these guys? I don’t want to get stuck with a part-time realtor that might be uh, asking, asking uh in the background if you want any fries with that or if I want to supersize it! I want a full-time realtor that’s not working the drive-thru at McDonalds. What’s the number to call?

Adrienne: You can reach them at 445-9223, that’s 445-9223 or www.hipacificpm.com!

Attilio: And you know the second part is not only full-time as a realtor, but full-time property management. There’s a lot of realtors out there trying to do everything and uh, it’s really hard to do everything well!

Adrienne: Yes, they’re focused on property managing.

Attilio: There’s no such thing as doing everything well.

Adrienne: Okay, so speaking of focus, we have the Mortgage Genius, Jody Tonga! From Pacific Rim Mortgage joining us with her mortgage tip of the week.

Attilio: Jody, are you there?

Jody: I’m there, how’s it going?

Attilio: Good! What’s your, what’s your pearl of wisdom in the finance world today?

Jody: Okay, so this is kind of an intricate one but it’s really important, especially uh, I know you guys as well as I work with a lot of V.A. um, homeowners and buyers and sellers. Um, so what the V.A., the good old V.A. is doing uh, right now, is they’re going through all of the approved, the V.A. approved condos and projects, which would, you know, be all of the, even if it’ s single family home but it might be in a condominium property regime that would be still considered needing a V.A. approval. Um, and any of the ones that were coupled off of an SHA approval that has now expired, they are pulling. The approval.

Adrienne: Oh! So how many, how many does this affect? Do you have a number on that?

Jody: Well they’re doing everything at once so, it’s, it’s a lot. So, we’re going through, so what we’ve done on our end is we’ve gone through and told um, well we’re not done yet, but we’re pulling all the ones that were coupled off of an SHA approval and then we’re going to check which ones are now expired, which is probably most of them and we’re going to assume that even though the V.A. hasn’t gotten to it that they’re going to pull the approval. Um, and then we’re proactively working on getting them re-approved. But! For instance, Sunrise, Sunrise I mean, that’s heavy—

Adrienne: And that’s in ___ Beach, right? Sunrise in ___ Beach.

Jody: Sunrise in ___ Beach. I probably do on, in any given month, one or two transactions in there that are V.A. Um, that one has just been pulled.

Attilio: Gotcha.

Adrienne: Oh! That’s huge!

Jody: Yeah, so we’ve already submitted for the re-approval but it’s just peace of mind to know um, especially if you’re thinking about selling because you know, PTSD ___ and if some of you know, your guys’ clients are thinking about selling, we have to um, research a little bit more excessively rather than saying well it was V.A. approved last time so we know it’s V.A. approved now.

Adrienne: So, that’s not necessarily the case and now we need to be proactive in getting it back on that V.A. approved list.

Jody: Correct.

Attilio: You know what it sounds like when you work with a lender that’s not proactive?

Jody:  What?

(record scratching noise; scream)

Attilio: That’s what it sounds like. But when you work with Jody and her team, this is what it sounds like. (harp music)

All: (laughing)

Attilio: Alright.

Jody: Yeah, so we’ve already submitted Sunrise, so, I’ve, I’ve talked to a contact up at the V.A. and he said that that should be done, um, soon but it does, it’s crazy! Because all of our, like all the ones that we just know, that are V.A. approved, they might not be anymore.

Adrienne: Well, it sounds like you guys are definitely ahead of the curve and that’s why we do business with you!

Attilio: Yes!

Jody: Thank you!

Adrienne: Thank you, Jody, for that awesome, that awesome tip of the week!

Attilio: Thanks, Jody!

Jody: Okay, have a good one!

Adrienne: You too!

Jody: Bye!

Adrienne: Okay, so that was Jody Tonga, the Mortgage Genius with Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Attilio: How can we get ahold of her?

Adrienne: AT 488-5510 or you can check her out online at www.pacrimmtg.com.

Attilio: Don’t, don’t, don’t get caught on the mistake of working with an unproven lender! We’ve checked her out, and you’re, you’re, your interaction with her is not going to sound like this: (scream). It’s going to be like this: (harp music). That’s much more soothing, more relaxing.

Adrienne: So, speaking of soothing, relaxing, less stress, we’ve got Vlad on the line, he’s uh, Myron’s partner.

Attilio: For Kamihara Law! Vlad, are you there?

Vlad: Yes, I’m here, how are you guys?

Attilio: Good, good. what’s your legal tip of the week for us this, this time around?

Vlad: Okay, uh, basically we are um, following the uh, plan to protect before probate. Uh, and so the legal tip of the week is, basically make sure you have a will! Uh, while a will doesn’t protect you from probate, at the very, very least, make sure you have a will that comports with Hawaii law. And what I wanted to add to that is if you do get uh, ___ estate planning services from uh, Myron and myself, we do make a ___ will, uh, for you to make sure that everything goes and gets funneled into the trust.

Adrienne: What does that mean, pour-over will?

Vlad: Uh, you know how you have that yo-yo collection that you always talk about? In the even that you forget to put any of your yo-yos into your trust, we have a pour, the pour-over will. Make sure that anything that you forget, it pours straight into the will. That’s basically—

Adrienne: Oh! So, it’s like a catch-all. It just gets everything.

Vlad: Yes! Exactly!

Adrienne: That’s awesome!

Vlad: So, so basically the, the tip this week is, if you’re not going to prepare, I mean, we want to make sure to plan to protect from probate but make sure you at least have the will. But, of course, to protect from probate, you definitely want the trust.

Attilio: Yeah, okay!

Adrienne: That’s an excellent tip, Vlad!

Attilio: Thanks, Vlad!

Adrienne: So, Vlad, what, what’s the best number for them to get ahold of you guys at if they’ve got more questions on protecting access?

Vlad: Uh, the best number is, to reach us at is uh 352-6417. Or for myself it’s 220-3260.

Attilio: Thanks, Vlad!

Adrienne: Thanks, Vlad!

Vlad: Okay, thanks, have a great week guys!

Attilio: You, too. Bye.  

Vlad: Bye.

Adrienne: Aloha.

Attilio: Alright, you know what? Speaking of talent, I wanted to talk to you about recruiting.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attilio: Adrienne, what do we know about recruiting? Because you flipped the page over.

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: Here’s what I know about recruiting.

Adrienne: Is that we’re always looking for great team members!

Attilio: Don’t contact us if you’re a mediocre producer, you’ll be wasting your time.

Adrienne: If you’re super uptight, sensitive and your feelings get hurt easily, don’t call us!

Attilio: Don’t call us. Wait, did I just say that? Oh, no, yeah.

Adrienne: I said that!

Attilio: You know what, the crazy thing is we have an $80K guarantee.

Adrienne: What did you say? $80K guarantee? What’s that?

Attilio: If you do everything that we train you to do and don’t make $80K in your first year, that’s $80,000 folks, we’ll write you a check for the difference!

Adrienne: All lead system scripts and coaching are provided and are proven to be the best in the industry. So just go to www.jointeamlally.com.

Attilio: That’s www.jointeamlally.com. Go through our process and see if you guys can make the cut!

Adrienne: Yup! Or come check us out at our next career night, it’s actually going to be May 1st.

Attilio: May 1st? Alright. If you forget any of those dates, just go to www.teamlally.com. Go to the “Events” section, you’ll see all of our things that are coming up. Uh, speaking of which um, we, well no. It’s time to take a break?

Adrienne: It’s time to take a break.

Attilio: I was going to tell them about the, you know, we do have a Mastermind on the last Friday of every month but uh, but you, the Mastermind that we just had was this past Friday. You missed it because you, we brought in somebody to talk about investors but go to our site and you’ll see the, the up and coming ones every month. And they’re not just to agents, anybody in the community! If you want to get more edu-muh-cated on real estate, come to our Mastermind.

Adrienne: Alright, so we’re going to take a quick break but when we come back we do have a very special guest here in the studio with us!

Attilio: We’re going to be talking about pizza! And how you can get awesome pizza in Kapolei! Learn more, stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: If you have nay questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody we’ve got uh, a call-in guest. It’s uh, Janice from Dream House Drafting! (harp music) Janice, are you there?

Janice: Yes, I am! How are you guys doing?

Attilio: Doing great! What’s your, what’s you’re tip of the week for us this week?

Janice: Um, verify, in a word, verify!

Adrienne: So, the tip is the word of the day. Verify.

Attilio: Verify.

Janice: It is! And so, you need to verify whether what you’re doing needs a permit or not. You need to verify if the person ___ a license on it, ___ contractors ___, if it’s a company, are they authorized to work for that, or are they some weekend warriors, who doesn’t know about it? As in the unfortunate case of one of my clients that I’ve ___. They were totally just ___ somebody else’s contractors ___ business card. That person ___ because they should retire and so totally different people. Don’t know each other ___.

Attilio: Yup, so verify everything!

Adrienne: You’re like the CIA?

Attilio: Yeah, trust no one, verify everything. So, and we can go on the, if you just go on the DCCNA’s website, anybody who has a license in the state of Hawaii, you can look it up and see—

Adrienne: And then you can even see fi there’s any kind of issue that they’ve had! With their license.

Attilio: Any complaints, stuff like that. If they’re, if the, who they are matches up with the license.

Janice: And you should also know that every time a building permit is issued, that the city employees actually verify who the people are on the contractor’s statement. The electrician, the plumber, the license general. They make sure that those licenses are current and that their insurance is current. So, it’s important.

Adrienne: Verify, verify, verify!

Attilio: Verify, verify, that’s the word of the day!

Adrienne: That is a greater tip, Janice!

Attilio: Thanks, Janice!

Adrienne: Thank you.

Janice: Take care!

Adrienne: Alright, so that’s uh Janice Myrland. She can be reached at 206-7107. She can help you with all your verifying and permits and drafting.

Attilio: What’s the name of her company?

Adrienne: She’s a great resource. (harp music) Dream House Drafting.

Attilio: Dream House Drafting!

Adrienne: Dot com!

Attilio: Dot com. Give her a call. Uh, especially, you know what, if you’re thinking about selling, you should, you should give her a call, or give us a call, we’ll put you in touch with her because a lot of people are surprised that uh they have additions that maybe they bought the house the way it was and it’s not permitted! And what do you, why is that important if you’re selling a home and you’ve got an addition that’s not permitted?

Adrienne: Well they can’t count that as uh—

Attilio: For the appraisal.

Adrienne: As part of the appraisal. And then some types of loans won’t even allow the buyers to purchase it?

Attilio: V.A., right?

Adrienne: Yeah, V.A.’s pretty strict FHA so yeah if you’ve got un-permitted parts of your home, structures with plumbing and electric that could be a, a big issue.

Attilio: When in doubt, check it out! Give, give uh, Janice a call! (harp music) This is what it’ll sound like when you do business with her. Get ready to sell your home. Alright so we’ve got our guest!

Adrienne: Yes! Yes, we do.

Attilio: Okay, so, our guest today used to be in the financial business and uh, business world and was a pizza maker during his college years. When he came to Hawaii from Guam he studied the craft of pizza making.

Adrienne: With his wife, he has lived both on the east, east coast and California learning the different styles of pizza available in the country.

Attilio: He and his wife, by the way, wife’s name? Brittany! Owned and operated a pizza business for the past 10 years and they now bring us Pacifico Pizza ___. The only pizzeria on the island to offer 4 gourmet pizza styles under one roof, please welcome our guest, Alastair, is it Hannmann?

Alastair: Hannmann.

Attilio: Hannmann.

Adrienne: Welcome

Alastair: Thank you!

Attilio: I know, with ___, we want to say Hann-a-mann, but it’s not Hann-a-mann, it’s Hannmann.

Alastair: Yeah, ___’s Hann-I-mann.

Attilio: But uh, alright! So, um, local style, when we have our business, local entrepreneurs on the show we like to know a little bit about you before we get into the business. So, tell us, if you’re not from Hawaii, how did you get here?

Alastair: Uh, I was born and raised in Guam, um, my parents, uh my mother’s from the Philippines and my father’s from ___. I came to Guam and was born and raised there. I went to high school in Guam and uh growing up in Guam, it was always a dream to leave the island and go to college on the mainland. And when you grow up in Guam, our version of the mainland is coming to Hawaii.

All: (laughing)

Alastair: So, it’s the next closest state to us, where it’s a U.S. territory. So, uh, a lot of opportunity for us coming from Guam to Hawaii as well as uh colleges and schools and so forth.

Attilio: Well say, you know, since we’re on the line, I know we know Brittany will be listening later, but why don’t we say hello to Brittany. That’s you!

Adrienne: Oh!

Attilio: Alastair, say hello to Brittany. Hello, Brittany!

Alastair: Hello, Brittany!

Attilio: Well, you’re going to say hi to his wife?

Adrienne: I will say hi to Britany as well! Aloha, Brittany!

Attilio: You best friends on uh, Facebook? What’s going on?

Adrienne: We probably are. I’ve got a lot of friends on Facebook.

Attilio: Well, let’s, let’s uh, um, let’s, you know, first hand we can tell you right now, highly compliments. We’ve, we um, every Tuesday we have our team meeting and we do bring in, bring in lunch for the team and we’ve had your guys’ pizza a couple of times.

Adrienne: And it’s so good!

Alastair: Thank you.

Attilio: And it’s so good.

Adrienne: Delicious!

Alastair: Thank you!

Attilio: Mouthwatering awesome!

Adrienne: I look forward to our Tuesday meetings just for the pizza!

Alastair: Nice!

Attilio: So, um, tell us uh, let’s, let’s go back into the day, college days, go back in that memory. You know, for Adrienne and I, we’re glad that uh, Facebook and Instagram wasn’t around back then and uh, so, because then there, we just have the memories and we can just remember them the way we want to remember them.

Alastair: Exactly.

Attilio: Not have to be uh, called out on Facebook or Instagram. So! Uh, how did you get into pizza? Way back in the college days.

Alastair: Well when I was in Guam, my, I wanted to come to college. I grew up as a golfer, I’m, originally wanted to come to Hawaii to play golf and wanted to play college golf at UH. That didn’t’ end up panning out so I uh, researched more colleges here and found out about Hawaii Pacific University. I went to Hawaii Pacific University for 4 years, got my BS/BA in entrepreneurial studies, uh, special program at HPU only offered. Because I was very interested in the small business world. Uh, coming from a business family, I always wanted to feel the sense of entrepreneurial-ship and uh, the sense of being your own boss.

Adrienne: So, in, in your family like, your parents, what kind of business were they, were they—

Alastair: Uh, my father was in uh, industry um he did fire alarm and traffic systems so growing up I was always in his office, see him work a lot of hours. He ran that business, had another, uh, office here in Hawaii. My grandfather sold medical devices and was in that world, so sales was always been a big part.

Adrienne: Did they ever have you help them?

Alastair: Yes!

Adrienne: I call them office chores, I bring my kids to the office and they, okay we have some office chores today!

Alastair: Yes, I knew all about the stationery ___ when I was a kid. Staples, rubber bands, everything.

Adrienne: So, you were organizing them?

Alastair: Yes, yes.

Adrienne: Did you—

Attilio: In the copy room.

Adrienne: What about the paper shredding?

Alastair: Yeah! That was fun, Xeroxing.

Attilio: Yup. So, and then uh, pizza, what um, when did you, when did you start uh, getting into the pizza world like full-time?

Alastair: Well I came to Hawaii for college and I was looking for a job to do and besides going to the beach and hanging out with friends here and I always thought pizza was amazing, I got this job at uh, Boston Pizza here in Hawaii uh about 15 years ago now and made pizza for the company because I could just do it part-time on the downtime after class, I could come work short shifts, make $200-$300 a week, enough money to go get some beers and hang out with my friends and uh did that, and you know, as I was working in the business, I started to realize you know, there’s an opportunity here in Hawaii in the small business world uh, I see a lot of small businesses here. There’s not too many corporations here yet, back, this is 15 years ago, now they’re everywhere. Um, you know and I was like, wow, I really like to embrace this! If I do something in pizza, in my entrepreneurial career, I was like the service industry is number one here in Hawaii so you’re either service industry or you’re in housing, real estate um, you know, so. As I went through college I worked through the business. I started to learn more about it, learning more about entrepreneurial-ship in the state of Hawaii, what it costs to start ab business here. Um, the you know, the elements that are involved with getting a business license here, finding a space, all of the, all of the factors.

Adrienne: Logistics.

Alastair: All the logistics that it takes to open a small business. And HPU was amazing at helping me hone that in because a lot of my professors were working professionals.

Adrienne: So, they’re speaking from their experience, not from a textbook.

Alastair: Yes, so you know, I, I, I got a good chance to the see Pacific Gateway Center where they do, you know entrepreneurial incubators for small businesses. Um, to help them get off their feet, um, so. Learning about that I was like, well there’s a lot of money here in Hawaii. And—

Adrienne: A lot of opportunities.

Alastair: A lot of opportunity here and you know, especially in service so I was like why not embrace food? You know, so everyone’s got to eat! Now, early on in my career I learned that 80% of the Hawaiian population is take-out. So, people don’t cook at home! It’s just as expensive to go to Safeway or Whole Foods than it is to—

Adrienne: It’s called uh, Whole Paycheck!

Alastair: Yeah! Whole Paycheck! Whole Paycheck.

Adrienne: You go to Whole Foods and you spend your whole paycheck.

Attilio: Yup, Gentry’s coming out with new homes, and they’re not even going to have a kitchen in it! It’s going to be another living room! It’s just going to be a big counter where you can bring all your take-out, take-out food home.

Adrienne: So, so 80% that is all take-out?

Alastair: Yeah! Amazing and in my restaurants today, I don’t know if you know, my newest concept that we just built in Kapolei, we just took that out for now, but for 3 months. It’s a much smaller restaurant than we did in ___. Simply because my biggest challenge here in Hawaii is the cost of commercial real estate. Um, you know when you become a small business here, you’ve got to remember that it’s not just your real estate, that’s becoming your partner, your real estate agent. So, when you’re dealing with that, you have to factor in that massive cost into your product and operating, you’ve got to produce a lot of sales. So, I started looking at square ___ and I was like how many of these square tiles is this costing me a day? So, my company, my ___ restaurant’s 2,000 square feet. Our Kapolei location is 1,000 square feet. Right now, we’re doing more sales in Kapolei than we are in ___. So right there—

Adrienne: And you have a lower cost of sales?

Alastair: Our lower costs, our lower, we have a lower overhead.

Attilio: Fixed costs.

Alastair: Yeah, fixed costs are much lower and uh, we’re able to produce the same quality product there. We have a great team that runs the restaurant out there. And uh, yeah we’re very fortunate for it.

Attilio: Let’s talk about your team because we’re talking about it. To, well we’ve learned, Adrienne and I, from being in business for long, so long, self-employed, is you’ve got two components of a successful business: a business plan and the talent. Tell us about, how did you attract the talent that you have out in Kapolei?

Alastair: You know, a lot of the talent that we have is coming from a lot of the passion that we have in our brand. One of the things that we strive for is quality, and uh, the second thing that we really try and work on is authenticity. What we do in our restaurant is not just make pizza. We make a specific style pizza for each region of where it comes from. Um, there are over 47 different styles of pizza in the United States, so, or well actually the world, from Neapolitan to New York to Chicago to Old Forge, it, the list goes on and on. Focaccia style. So, I took the 4 major styles and honed in on them, specifically to where they come from. Um, with that, we ingrain that in our employees when we train them to where they’re amazed that they’re not just working for a regular pizza place, they’re working for an actual artisan bakery that is producing high-quality products so instantly they’re really stoked when they come in and see, wow! These guys are like mixing dough and they’re, they’re cutting the cheese, I’ve never seen the cheese in a giant block like that before! So, one of those things is it’s exciting of them to come work for us, um, you know I like to really give our employees a sense of independence when they work for us. We don’t like to micromanage our staff as much as possible. But, unfortunately in the restaurant business, there is some slight micromanaging when it comes, if you just come from ___ and you’re a little tired to come to work, and you’ve got a—

Attilio: It’s a lunch rush!

Alastair: Yeah! So, you know, one of those and you know, in the state of Hawaii it’s really hard to find good employees. It, it really is. It’s hard because we live on the relaxed island. People want to go to the beach every day.

Adrienne: And they’re on the island time.

Alastair: Yeah, the island life. So, you know, we, we try and do that. We have a really great benefit program at our restaurant where we offer our employees incentive to becoming managers or incentive to moving forward in the company. It’s not just here and if we train staff, I like to train staff that if they’re just going to be a register person, I’ll teach you everything you can know about working in front of house people. Dealing with customers. I’ll teach you the communication and skills you need to move on to another chapter in your life if it’s not in pizza. You can go sell real estate with Team Lally!

Adrienne: Yeah!

Attilio: I think a lot of people have—

Adrienne: —-across the street.

Attilio: I think a lot of people have taken what they learned in their, in their part-time or initial jobs and built up on those skill sets so, speaking of which, skills, you know when they throw the pizza up in the air, do you guys throw the pizza in the air, to toss it?

Alastair: All the time!

Attilio: So, my, my question and I always wondered is um, do you guys use the 5-second rule?

All: (laughing)

Attilio: If you drop it on the ground. Oh! It was only, you know—

Adrienne: No, they do not use the 5-second rule.

Attilio: You don’t use? I always wondered that, when you’re throwing the pizza in the air, if you’re like brand new—

Adrienne: You, you use the 5-second rule.

Attilio: 5-second rule! I’m like, it’s pizza! It’s got like carpet hair in it and, what kind of topping is carpet hair and rocks? I didn’t’ know that was a topping.

Alastair: You know, it’s, it’s crazy, uh spinning pizza is a really interesting part of making pizza. When we train bakers, a lot of our bakers who work for us, we don’t hire chefs off the street. We hire guys that have worked for us for a few years, who understand the product, who understand our mission and we give them lots of training. They stretch a lot of dough balls, so there comes a lot before they’re actually allowed to just throw pizza in the restaurant.

Attilio: Gotcha. First thing is they’ve got to wash their hands!

Alastair: Yeah!

All: (laughing)

Attilio: We like that sign in the bathroom. “All staff must wash your hands before returning back to the workplace.” And uh, so you know, speaking about the uh, you know, it’s an interesting thing you mentioned before we brought you on was that you’re going to be traveling. Tell us about this, this like Pizza-rama, marathon that you’re going on.

Alastair: Yeah, I am uh, leaving next week to the International Pizza Expo in LAs Vegas, Nevada. It’s a worldwide competition where pizza ___, it’s independent pizzerias, we don’t call them the big three, the big three, the big corporate pizza chains are not allowed through the doors. This is small business guys who own restaurants from 30 people to 100 people and there’s a competition there where we compete for world’s best pizza. Last year we entered our Chicago style deep dish which we offer which is rated 12th in the world out of 60.

Adrienne: Oh!

Attilio: Wow!

Alastair: And uh, that’s found in our restaurant, called the Pesterifiic. It’s uh chicken bacon pesto and ranch. It’s amazing pizza and uh, a New York style, um this year we’re actually entering our Pizza Napolitano style, which is the pure Naples style pizza where we only bring in the flour from Italy, San Marzano and we fly in the ___ mozzarella that we use to make that pizza.

Adrienne: Now, I’m wondering if you know uh, the owner of ___?

Alastair: Yes, I know Dirk.

Adrienne: Because, because he went and he did the gelato world champion—

Attilio: Gelato marathon.

Alastair: Dirk and me hit it off really well because he is a purist in what he does and when me and him were talking it was just, we weren’t even talking about business anymore, we were just really talking about how passionate we are about our product, you know, I mean, in our business, when you sell something like we do, simply like gelato, it’s, if it’s not made right, it’s not right. It’s, here in Hawaii we’re such a melting pot, tomorrow I may have a person who came from Naples, Italy, last week and is like, I’m going to tell you if you have the best pizza, if this is made right. And same thing goes with gelato, so y out know, we have to be very specific on what we do. So, in this trip that I’m doing, I’m leaving to compete. I’ll be gone for a month. I leave to New York City after that, as well as Chicago to study the major styles in those cities and I, and back up in San Francisco to get certified by the International School of Pizza from Italy. It’s the only school in the United States that certifies pizzaiola. And we will be one of the first ones here in Hawaii to have that certification.

Attilio: Wait, what’s a pizzaiola.

Alastair: So, pizzaiola and pizzaiola, in Italy you must have a license to make pizza! You cannot just walk into a pizzeria in Italy and ask for a job to make pizza. The first thing the owner’s going to ask you is do you have your certificate from a master pizza maker? It’s an extensive training where they teach you everything about all the nuances of pizza, water, temperature, quality, ingredients, order of operation on when you build the pizza and so forth. Um, so when you get this license it’s, it’s, basically a—

Adrienne: Like a Master’s degree.

Alastair: Yeah, it’s like having a real estate license. You can’t sell real estate, you can’t sell pizza in Italy unless you’ve got this license so.

Attilio: You walk in, I want to work a for you! Do you have a license? And they say no, I don’t have it! Forget about it! Get outta here!

Alastair: Get outta here!

Attilio: Get outta here!

Alastair: So, in Italy it’s really specific on their pizza and the pizza business is exploded over the years to a $40 billion industry. It’s one of the fastest growing segments in the restaurant business. Nowadays you go to major cities between two ___ star-rated restaurants is a pizza restaurant and the pizza restaurant’s busier than ___ rated restaurant. Because—

Adrienne: The pizza restaurants are always busy.

Alastair: Pizza is, pizza’s in! People love it, pizza’s good, it’s healthy for you if it’s made right, we don’t use any artificial preservatives or anything everything is made from scratch in our restaurants. We use all the old baking techniques and uh, natural fermentation in our dough, uh, amazing product!

Attilio: Now let’s talk about that oven, you’ve got to look in the, it’ sin the back of the shop, I’ve seen it when I, when I’ve been in there. It looks like a space craft or something!

Alastair: Yeah! So, the, the interesting thing about our concepts with all of our different styles, we also use different techniques. Different flours, different ovens to cook our pizzas. So, to make each style specific for example, a New York style pizza’s cooked in a 500-degree oven, and for about 7 minutes. Our Neapolitan style, the original style of pizza from Naples, cooks in our wood-burning ovens that are imported from Italy, at 900 degrees for 90 seconds. No more! So, when a pizza cooks in under 90 seconds, you’re getting amazing flavor to where toppings aren’t really nuked, uh, I want to say. You know, they’re not really blended together so it’s very simple, the style of pizza. Italy is less is more, you know. Any Italian, and then you go to France, it’s so complicated and you get something that looks like a pea. And you know, you’re like, all this work and you’ve got this little pea! You know what I mean? So, you know, in Italy less is more um, so understanding that balance is kind of like the, they key thing. So, the ovens are really important to us, they’re, they’re really important to our concept. In Kapolei, we had an amazing time getting the oven in the store! Actually, the oven was over height by a quarter inch.

Adrienne: Uh-oh!

Alastair: So, we had to remove the door jambs in the ___ place being open. It was, it was a nightmare! So, I’m glad we got it in there though!

Adrienne: You got it done!

Alastair: Yeah, we got it in there, I was already thinking we might have to find a new space! If we can’t get the oven in there!

Attilio: That’s okay, you had Tony and Joey and Nicky to help him get it in and they did it at night, because they had a hamma! And they were going to get that in the door no matter what! Anyways, so speaking of that, we’re going to take a break?

Adrienne: Yes, but uh stay with us, we’ve got more questions and then also we’ve got open houses and buyer and seller tips to talk about!

Attilio: We’ve got Alastair from Pacifico, is it Pacifico Pizzeria or?

Alastair: Pacifico Pizza Napolitano.

Attilio: There you go, alright, stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: It’s the Team Lally real estate show! Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne!

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: So, we’re talking like a pizza pie in the sky! That’s amore! (singing) So pizza in Kapolei! You can walk in, dine in, uh, Alastair, tell us more! What, what’s on the menu?

Alastair: Kapolei, we have a, we have a huge menu, so when you come into our restaurant, you’ll see probably about 40 different types of pizza you can choose from. One of the biggest things that we do in our restaurant, out of all of those 40 style, we feature 16 of them by the slice in our case every day. So, every day you come into our place, it’s a different set up. We have our usual, we have our garlic knots, cinna-knots, cheese, peperoni, spinach and garlic, meat pizzas, we have our Sicilians and Chicago styles by the slice. Um, you can also order take out, call in, um, 674-0123 or uh, soon to be doing online ordering at www.pacificopizzahawaii.com.

Adrienne: Ooh, that’s, that’s convenient!

Alastair: Yeah!

Attilio: Tell us, tell us the number again. 674—

Alastair: 674-0123 or look us up on Yelp um, we’re on there as well. Um, that’s a quick way to get ahold of us. Um we have a really cool little spot there in ___, there’s outdoor seating uh we have a little herb garden there. We’re located at the Kapolei marketplace, right across from ___ and Plantation Tavern.

Attilio: Next to ___, down the way from ___.

Alastair: Yes, yes. Get a work out and com in. We offer salads too for health-conscious people and don’t be scared of a slice of pizza. It’s a good combo right there.

Attilio: You know, I noticed too, you, in the herb garden thing, you’ve got, I thought you guys had like some rolling garden things?

Alastair: Yes, so one of the interesting things about our concepts is we uh, offer live herb gardens in front of our places, so we grow our own fresh basil that we put on our pizzas. All of our herbs that we use outside as well we use in all our dressings that are made from scratch—dill, chives, so on and so forth.

Attilio: Nice. You’ve got salads.

Adrienne: And you guys do catering as well?

Alastair: Yup, we have a massive pizza oven, so if your ever on the road and you see a giant wood burning oven that says Aloha on it, people mistake it for a giant cheeseburger. That’s another one of our mobile pizza ovens that we have that we do full-service catering, so you can call us if you guys, great idea if you guys are trying to sell a house, cater us to come have free pizza at your open house.

Adrienne: It’s like a pizza party!

Alastair: And that will attract some people!

Adrienne: Fresh pizza!

Alastair: Yeah.

Attilio: Fresh pizza from the oven.

Adrienne: That’s exciting!

Alastair: Yeah, 90 second pizzas! So, give us a call, you can uh find us online, all our catering information is on there, uh www.pacificopizzahawaii.com.

Attilio: Alrighty, that’s 674-0123. 674—

Adrienne: Yeah, 674-0123.

Attilio: Alrighty, thanks Alastair!

Adrienne: Alright, thank you, Alastair!

Alastair: Than you guys!

Adrienne: Okay, so we’re going to bring on Abby to talk about I think uh, an open house!

Attilio: Abby, are you there? Hello, Abby. Abby? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not Abby!

Adrienne: Maybe we’ll go on to Ross.

Attilio: No wait, is that, I think I hear her! She’s there? Have you fallen and you can’t get up? Alright. I think we’re going to have to move on to Ross. Alright, Ross, are you there?

Ross: Yes, I am

Attilio: Alright, tell us about, what, well what do you want to talk about today?

Ross: Well I have an open house that I’m sitting at this Sunday, 2-5.

Attilio: And where is—

Ross: And—

Attilio: Tell us more!

Ross: So, this property is located at 87-2143 ___ street number 48 over in ___. In the popular ___ country subdivision so with this property, it has an open kitchen and living room design. Accented with warm and natural lighting. The master bedroom and bathroom is on the ground floor as well. So, I hope to see you all there! 2-5 p.m. in the full, central AC. In the ___ subdivision.

Attilio: Alright! Bring uh, Ross, he’s a hungry relator so bring him some ___ okay?

Adrienne: Or some, or no, no! I think they should bring him some pizza!

Attilio: From Pacifico! Stop in Kapolei! Get Ross a nice hot piece of pizza. Alright, thank you, Ross!

Ross: Alright, thank you!

Adrienne: Alright so uh, now we’ve got Brooks on the line.

Attilio: Brooks, how are you?

Brooks: Hello!

Attilio: What’ve you got for us?

Brooks: I’m fine and you?

Attilio: Great!

Brooks: I want to talk about the (laughing), I want to talk about this property one more time before we take it live next week on the, on the 29th. It’s a, it’s a beautiful property in ___, the one that, that I’ve spoken about before that has a forever views of the Diamondhead, the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The owners saw, watched their son deploy out of Pearl Harbor and watched the ship sail off into the sunset. Uh, it is just an incredible view, great home with a power plant on the roof that, that runs the ___ and keeps the ___ heat out of the inside of this home. Beautiful kitchen uh awesome floors um, real oak, white oak, hardwood floors and it’s, you know, beautiful landscaping, just a great, great property. Looking forward to, to meeting the buyers of this unique and beautiful property in the near future.

Adrienne: And this, and this property is actually right up the road from Pacifico Pizza.

Attilio: Right up the road!

Brooks: (laughing)

Attilio: You don’t even have to turn the car on if you want pizza! Just pull out of the driveway, take off the parking break, you’ll roll right over to Pacifico Pizza!

Brooks: That place was crowded the other day! It was popular, yeah!

Attilio: Good! That’s something about the quality of the pizza, people are hungry.

Brooks. I think so!

Attilio: I know when I go work out, if it’s in the day time and I’m driving past there, I’m like salivating but um it’s hard because then it’s, oh, should I get the pizza or go work out, but I do go to the workout and get pizza afterwards.

Brooks: (laughing)

Attilio: You know, one thing about that house up in ___, If you have a high-powered telescope you can check out the surf break at White Plains and you don’t have to drive all the way down, you can just look at it off your deck of your house.

Brooks: If it’s even a higher-power telescope you can check out ___ and all the breaks in ___, so we’re looking good there, yeah!

Attilio: Thanks, Brooks!

Brooks: Okay, thanks you guys! Bye!

Attilio: Alright, next up is uh, Benjy?

Adrienne: Yes, we’ve got Benjy on the line!

Attilio: Benjy, are you there?

Benjy: Hello?

Attilio: Hello! Benjy?

Adrienne: Hello!

Benjy: Hi! Hello guys! Yeah we have a great uh, ___ listing, it’s actually 3 listings that uh, an acre of land that’s subdivided into 3 parcels. Right on ___ Highway. 871320, so it’s right before ___ Point. We just sold a house about 3 uh, doors down so 2 of the parcels have structures and one is vacant land. It’s sort of a developer’s dream, dream property.

Attilio: And uh, where, where were you doing an open?

Adrienne: I think, yeah, I think that one’s going to be open also this Sunday, too right?

Benjy: Yeah, yeah so our star buyer’s agent Tina will be sitting open house Sunday from 2-5 and it’s right off ___ Highway, everyone will see the signs and uh, it’s right next door to the 2 brand new houses.

Attilio: Awesome, yeah the 2 brand new houses with the stone walls, so it’s, can’t, can’t be uh, not that hard to miss.

Benjy: Right?

Attilio: If you missed it, you’re not paying attention! You’re texting, circle back around and, and come back to the driveway. Okay.

Benjy: Come join us Sunday! And uh, during the open house you might be able to do some whale watching as well from the balcony.

Attilio: Yeah, beautiful view! Thanks! Thank you, Benjy!

Benjy: Alright guys, thank you!

Adrienne: Thanks, Benjy!

Attilio: Alright, that’s our second open house uh, if you’ve, go further past that one, ___ Road, take a right and you’ll see country, we’ve got 2 open houses, make the circuit of our open houses.

Adrienne: ___, ___ and then we’ve got Abby on the line to talk about her open house!

Attilio: Abby, are you there?

Abby: Yes, I’m here! Sorry, I couldn’t hear a while ago, but I’m here!

Attilio: We’re glad you survived! We’re glad you survived.

Abby: Awesome! So, guys, come down and see me this coming Sunday. I’ll be at 91-256, ___ in Kapolei, this is ___ subdivision. 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, 2-story house, uh this house has a beautiful, beautiful renovated kitchen and uh, it’s’ close to schools and it actually has __ system. So, come down, check it out, it’s not going to last long! Um, priced-to-sell and uh, I’ll be there from 2-5, watch for the open house Team Lally sign and uh, I’ll see you there!

Attilio: Alright, this is in the—thank you, Abby!

Adrienne: Yes, thank you, Abby!

Abby: Awesome, thank you!

Attilio: So, this is in the village, is it Kapolei? Um, $37 I think a month is the ___ fee that they have an awesome pool with a clubhouse.

Adrienne: A little workout place, right?

Attilio: Yeah, it’ s a—well, no, no workout place. Well they can do Zumba!

Adrienne: Okay, yeah so you’ve got a little community center.

Attilio: Yup, you’ve got a community center, they’ve got a park over there, basketball courts, it’s a very nice community. I personally lived in it for the last 15 years. My daughter teaches uh, is a lifeguard at the pool, teaches the little kids how to swim. So, we want to welcome our new neighbors into our community. Come visit our open house, look for the signs! Who’s next, Tina?

Adrienne: Tina! We’re going to bring Tina on.

Attilio: Hi, Tina! Hey, Tina, are you there?

Tina: I’m here!

Attilio: Alright, what’ve you got for us?

Tina: Well, uh, we’re going to be holding a really great piece of property open this Sunday and it is out in ___. It’s uh, right on ___ highway. There are uh, it’s basically 3 and 1, uh, there are 2 dwellings and 1 vacant lot, and uh, you’ll our big flag uh, our Team Lally flag and uh, come by and see us, it’s a great little place uh, I think a great opportunity for investors and uh, or to have an O’hana.

Attilio: Alright!

Tina: The address is 87-1320 ___ highway.

Attilio: Alright.

Tina: You’ve got that? Okay, everybody come out and see us, uh we’ll uh—

Attilio: Alright.

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