This week on the Team Lally Radio Show, Isaac Stegman and Andy O’Shea from the Kaizen Coaching Group joins as our featured guest.  We kick things off with Isaac and Andy telling us how they both got into coaching and consulting as a career. They also talk about what makes them so excited an passionate about coaching and consulting and how it makes a difference in peoples lives. Isaac and Andy also share their some of the success stories they’ve experienced in their years of coaching. They also give advice and tips for would coaches and also for anyone who might be looking be coached, tips on how to identify the right coach.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who are Isaac Stegman and Andy O’Shea?
Isaac Stegman is the Founder and President of Kaizen Group. He has coached some of the top Real Estate Agents and Loan Originators in the country, as well as consulting for both entrepreneurs and organizations. Having recruited and trained over 1,000 sales consultants, Isaac has almost 20 years of sales and leadership experience where he has consistently been in the top 1% of his industry. Andrew “Andy” O’Shea is the Leadership Coach at Kaizen Coaching Group.  Andy has over 20 years of successful leadership experience. He has proven his leadership metal as a successful CEO in several settings, Manager in a Fortune 500 company, and most recently serving as GM for the largest real estate group in Washington. He’s coached CEOs, business owners, and many top producers.


Read word for word from our episode with Andy O’shea with Kaizen Coaching:

Team Lally Show with Andy O’Shea and Isaac Stegman

Kaizen Coaching Group

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real-world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio! 

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.  

Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio. You know, the other day I was uh, I was, what was I doing?

Adrienne: You were climbing Koko Head. 

Attilio: Oh, I was climbing Koko Head, that was the most creative thing you came up with? Ok, good. I was climbing Koko Head barefoot, going up the, going up those rail road ties, at a good pace, uh, this old Japanese man passed me and uh, uh, then as I was going up this other lady tapped me on the shoulder, asked me a bunch of tax and legal questions. And I said those are great questions, I highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional and then I said, but Mom, what other questions do you have? So, if you hear anything on the show that sounds like uh, legal advice, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: They should run that by uh, Myron Kamihara of Kamihara Law.

Attilio: And what if they’ve got like, like more questions uh, not necessarily of what we’re bringing up but maybe in their own lives, they’ve got a legal question.

Adrienne: We have—

Attilio: Who should they call? Or wait, what’s the number to call?

Adrienne: Yeah, they can call him at 352-6417. Or check them out at www.kamiharalaw.com. Okay, so I’ve got some pearls of wisdom courtesy of Hawaii Pacific Property Management. The first one is from that author, Anon.

Attilio: Anon.

Adrienne: Anon.

Attilio: He’s a very famous Phillipino philosopher, his name is Anon.

Adrienne: No, it’s she.

Attilio: Oh, it’s a she?

Adrienne: It’s a she.

Attilio: She is a very famous Phillipino philosopher and her name is Anon.

Adrienne: So, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” So, actually we were talking about this in the car on the way over. I said, what did we learn in the last 24 hours? I said, to say no! So, that really ties in well with this, this first quote.

Attilio: So, today’s time management tip of the day: no!

Adrienne: Just say no.

Attilio: Can’t’ do it all, there’s only so much time in the day.

Adrienne: Okay this next uh, pearl of wisdom is from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Attilio: Ralph Waldo Emerson. Do you know who that is

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: I think he was a great American poet, author.

Adrienne: Okay, well this is what he has to say: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: So, you’ve got to just push yourself. And be—

Attilio: And not doing the easy stuff all the time.

Adrienne: Yup. And don’t be scared to fail.

Attilio: I finally got out of the kiddy pool and started swimming laps the other day, it was invigorating.

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: You know I was just, I just got tired of kicking all of them kids out of the way and doing my running, my running Zumba laps in the kiddy pool.

Adrienne: Oh, I was doing Aqua Zumba.

Attilio: Oh, yeah?

Adrienne: Yes, that’s way more funner than laps. Alright the last one is from Charles Garfield: “Workaholics are addicted to activity. Super-achievers are committed to results.”

Attilio: Committed to results.

Adrienne: Be committed. So, speaking of results, we have uh, Janice on the line to talk about design permits and planning. Janice, are you there?

Attilio: Hi, Janice!

Janice: I’m here! Good morning.

Attilio: Good morning! What uh, what tip of the week do you have for us?

Janice: Well uh, I’m kind of writing down some thoughts and I thought about some of the things that I’ve seen people doing. So, this is the thought for today. Did you update your kitchen or bathroom? Change windows? Or open up a space to achieve the popular open concept? If so, you may need a building permit. Many are surprised to learn that alterations which do not enlarge a home also require a building permit here in the city and county of Honolulu. So, the lesson to take away is, in the case when it comes to your home, it is better to ask permission first since the cost of forgiveness can be extremely high.

Attilio: You know I have a good friend of mine, he’s a Phillipino contractor, his name is Assumption. Assumption ____. And uh, every time I go to him, he says oh, no need permit. But that’s wrong so again, yeah, I’m making light of it in a joke but it’s, a lot of people, how many times I hear so many friends, relatives, say oh! They did this, this or that and I ask them, did you get a permit? Oh, didn’t’, don’t need a permit! I didn’t, I didn’t extend the footprint of my home!

Adrienne: You know the other thing too that sometimes will come up and this always confuses me, is with the commercial properties. Or like they think that they might not have to get the permit just because it’s commercial.

Janice: And you, commercial regulations and commercial review are much more stringent than residential. Because think of how many other people are impacted by what you do! You share ceilings, walls, floors, with a neighbor. Most of the time a lot of people think that because a high-rise condominium is not going to have, you know, structural reloading partitions in terms of the rooms and walls, that they can do whatever they want. But there, too, the building codes apply and building permits are necessary. It’s just, it’s harder for anyone who’s not within the specific unit to ever see them but eventually lots of times they do get discovered.

Attilio: Now a lot of times a lot of these un-permitted situations are coming up as people are uh—

Adrienne: Are selling!

Attilio: They’re selling! And so, if you’re in that situation and you’ve got an un-permitted, you can’t do a permit after the fact, we do highly recommend you give Janice a call. Because you can, you can help them figure, unwind, unravel that mess, too right?

Janice: Yes, and in some cases, they can’t get a permit for what they’ve done, so they’re going to have to put things back to some semblance of the way they were or something that they would be comfortable with to compromise and then in other cases, most cases, people have done things that make sense and you see how they’ve come to benefit from it but then you need to make sure that it was done correctly. That it meets current building codes so that it’s safe!

Attilio: Alright! Well thanks, Janice.

Adrienne: Yes, thank you, Janice.

Janice: Thank you!

Adrienne: Alright, so if you want to get ahold of Janice, you can reach her at 206-7107 or check her out online at www.dreamhousedrafting.com.  

Attilio: By the way folks, she’s an expert at the whoops permit. You already did the work and you didn’t’ get the permit. And you’re like whoops! We need to get that permit so we can sell the house and get more money for it. She can help you out.

Adrienne: Okay so speaking of—

Attilio: Speaking of oops!

Adrienne: Not oops! Speaking of helping out.

Attilio: Is it Jody?

Adrienne: Let’s get the Mortgage Genius on the line. That’s Jody from Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Attilio: Jody, are you there

Jody: I’m here!

Attilio: You’ve got, I said, the transition, I think you’ve heard it, but I was like oops! But you know what?

Adrienne: There’s no oops!

Attilio: Yes, there is!

Adrienne: Not with, not with Jody’s name.

Attilio: Jody, I know you have a topic to talk to, but I’m not talking about, on Jody’s part, I’m talking about the clients we work with and they do the oops things. When you’re in the middle of escrow but anyway, I digress! Jody! What’ve you got for us today?

Jody: Okay, so, we all know, and most of us are probably like, part, so happy because taxes are done, and we’re, or I would say maybe like 60% of the population is like, a weight lifted off their shoulders, and then 40% of the population is still like, dang! I’ve still got to do my taxes. Um, and so I wanted to share that one, we’ve past the, the technical due date of your taxes, if you want to buy it’s still totally, totally possible, but there are requirements. Um, one of them being, we need proof you filed an extension. Because we all know that you can file an extension and you can, it’s not technically due until like October. Um, and so that’s all fine and dandy, but you’ve got to do the documentation which is, file the extension.

Attilio: Yeah I know I was, I was at a Procrastinators Anonymous meeting the other day and this one guy got up and said, you know it’s been 10 years since I filed my taxes on-time. And uh, anyway, we did an intervention, gave him an extension form, but all, up until October so that’s, you know what, you’re right! That’s called the oops.

Jody: Right, and then, well there’s, there’s one, there’s more. There’s like uh, tip, that was the tip and there’s like Tip A, but which is, if you’re going to owe taxes, which even people that are paid you know, normal W-2 style, sometimes owe taxes depending on how aggressive you go with your withholdings uh, and so if you’re going to owe, I don’t know if people know this, but you’re supposed to pay, what you’re going to owe, what you think you’re going to owe.

Adrienne: Like the estimated taxes?

Jody: Correct.

Adrienne: Even, even before the extension time is up in October.

Jody: It’s due before October, so technically what that means is yes, the, the IRS is giving you an extension of the, until October but they’re not giving you an extension on what you were supposed to pay. So, if you wanted to do a loan, and buy a property, uh, which is a good idea, then you and you filed a, you filed your extension, that’s all fine and dandy. Give us evidence of the extension but if you are, are going to owe, we, we will also delve into that, so we’ll be like, okay, let’s do an estimate on what you would’ve owed and then we do need to see that, you know, you’ve paid that to the IRS ahead of time.

Attilio: Or you just pull a Willie Nelson and blow all that stuff off.

Adrienne: But then you won’t get your loan.

Attilio: And you won’t get your loan and you’ll live in a van down by the river! Somebody’s van! Alright.

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: Alright, so thank you. See, those were oops tips!

Adrienne: Yes, thank you Jody.

Attilio: I didn’t file my taxes by April 15th, oops! You’ve got to do that extension and still have to make those estimated payments.

Adrienne: Yes, they’re still due.

Jody: Right. And for anyone who hasn’t filed, I mean there’s a lot of strategic ways to make sure you’re putting yourself in that, in the proper position if you do want to buy this year. So, for if you haven’t filed, uh, its, it’s really important, don’t be scared, don’t feel like well I’ll call the, I’ll call the lender once I do file. It, if you haven’t filed, call the lender first so that we can look at everything and advise.

Attilio: So, make sure you get your advice from Jody Tonga over at Pacific Rim and—

Adrienne: Because she’s the Mortgage Genius!

Attilio: Not from, not from Assumption ___, because uh, get the, get the facts, get the details, don’t make assumptions that prevent you from getting what you need. What you want to do in life! Thanks, Jody.

Jody: Thank you guys!

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright so you can give the Mortgage Genius, Jody Tonga, a call at 488-5510.

Attilio: Or on the internet at?

Adrienne: Www.pacrimmtg.com.

Attilio: Now, uh, folks, you feeling like a low IQ situation, you’re feeling your brain is a little sluggish? Give Jody a call! She’ll at least, just having a conversation with her over the phone raises your IQ by at least 10 points because she is the—

Adrienne: Mortgage Genius!

Attilio: Alright. We’re going to take a break?

Adrienne: No, we’ve got uh, Anna on the line.

Attilio: Oh, Anna!

Adrienne: From Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: Hi Anna, are you there?

Adrienne: And then, then we’ll take our break.

Attilio: Okay. Hi Anna, what’ve you got for us? Tip of the week, property management.

Anna: Hello! Property management, we’re in the busy season of the year. May uh, April, May, June, July. The busiest four months for us so for those owners who are going to be moving and will need your property uh, rented, do it as soon as possible, we are getting 20-30 calls a day. People are moving, people are looking for rentals, we’re very busy, so the sooner you do it, the better. Don’t wait until summer ends because uh, this is the time. Our uh, rental uh, turnaround time right now is about 15 days. So, 10-15 days, properties get rented. So, this is the time to get your property on the market.

Attilio: Now I, I recorded uh, two in-bound calls to Anna. One was from uh, a homeowner that was well-prepared and one was from an unprepared owner, let’s go ahead and play those. Hi, yes uh, I, I’m going to be renting out my property about three months from now, and I was wondering if you could meet with me now so you can tell me what I need to do to get ready for my property, ready for sale and then Anna was like—

Adrienne: No ready for rent.

Attilio: Yeah, ready for rent. Sorry. Perfect yes, we’ll meet with you yes, we’re come right out, yes, that’ll be fine. Alright, second phone call. Hi! Yeah, we’re getting ready to move uh, when do you, oh, tomorrow, okay, wait, hold on—aahhh!

Anna: (laughing)

Attilio: That was the second phone call. So, don’t’ put, don’t put Anastasia in that position where she’s got to scramble like that. Call now, right, that’s what you’re telling people. Call now and schedule that consultation!

Anna: Yes! Exactly.

Adrienne: Alright and then, you guys have this crazy thing called the rent guarantee.

Attilio: Do tell.

Adrienne: What is that about?

Anna: Uh, the rent guarantee is a special program that we offer. Uh, which means if we don’t get your property rented at an agreed upon price within 30 days, we’ll pay you the rent!

Attilio: Wow! I think you should call, you should call Anna and get the details on that!

Adrienne: Yes!

Attilio: Because that sounds crazy!

Adrienne: It does!

Attilio: Or good, but as we like to say, it’s crazy good.

Adrienne: They’re crazy good!

Attilio: Alright. Thanks, Anna!

Adrienne: Okay, thank you!

Anna: Alright, thank you guys! Bye!

Attilio: By the way, if you want to get ahold of them, what’s a good number to reach the Hawaii Pacific Property Management?

Adrienne: You can call them at445-9223.

Attilio: Oh, you know what? My pen just ran out of ink, what’s that, I got a new pen, what’s that number again?

Adrienne: That’s 445-9223 or you can check them out at www.hipacificpm.com.  

Attilio: They’ve got a couple of other guarantees, ask them about their eviction guarantee, their communication guarantee, and uh, all the awesome marketing that they do!

Adrienne: They do! Okay, so, we, I think it’s time for us to take a short break. When we come back we have two very special guests joining us.

Attilio: Yes, we’re going to be talking about Masterminds, how it can make a huge critical difference in your 2017 and the rest of your future!

Adrienne: So, stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey we have uh, special guests here in the studio.

Adrienne: We actually have two special guests!

Attilio: Actually, I lied, they’re not in the studio.

Adrienne: They’re on the line with us

Attilio: Who, what if we didn’t say anything, nobody would know!

Adrienne: Well, they, nobody would know.

Attilio: Nobody would know, that’s how radio works.

Adrienne: Except for—

Attilio: We would know!

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: And we’d be, you know we’d be nervous and flubbing things, because of our guilt, it would just overflow. Anyway, our guests today, we’re going to introduce one of them and then the other one’s, then Isaac will introduce himself because he’s so awesome. But go ahead.

Adrienne: Okay, so, our guest today has over 20 years of successful leadership experience.

Attilio: He has proven his leadership mettle as a successful CEO in several settings, managing in a Fortune 500 company and most recently serving as GM for the largest real estate group in Washington.

Adrienne: He’s coached CEOs, business owners, and many top producers. Let’s welcome our, one of our guests today, from the Kaizen Coaching Group, Andy O’Shea!

Attilio: Hi, Andy, are you there?

Adrienne: Hello, Andy!

Andy: I’m here, yeah, thanks for having me and for having Isaac come for, excited to be here today!

Adrienne: And then we also have our second guest—

Attilio: Which is Isaac.

Adrienne: Isaac Stegman. Of Kaizen Coaching Group. And Isaac, could you give us uh, a quick intro as well.

Attilio: Tell us about yourself.

Isaac: Sure, so I’m the ___ President of Kaizen Coaching and we have several coaches currently. Uh, work with some of the top real estate agents, loan officers, in the country and also do private cooperate consulting for title companies and other businesses.

Adrienne: Awesome and we’ve, we’ve known Isaac for, I don’t know, how many years now? Probably like four. Four or five years?

Isaac: Yeah, we—

Adrienne: We go way back.

Attilio: So, we’ve got some questions for you. What’s the first one Adrienne?

Adrienne: Okay, so this is for both of you guys. What specifically prompted each of you to go into uh coaching and consulting?

Andy: So, great question. For me it’s, I’ve been doing coaching in different industries for many, many years and I just find it so incredibly rewarding to help people, you know, dramatically improving their lives, helping to grow their businesses, helping them to really develop as leaders. For me it’s just so rewarding to do coaching and consulting to help people improve their lives.

Attilio: Gotcha.

Adrienne: And Isaac?

Isaac: Yeah, so I’ve been a coach for a number of years. Actually, Hal was my first, Hal Elrod was my very first coach back when I was 19-20-years-old and uh, part of what I was doing was being group coached by a guy named D.R. Whitson who uh, coached a lot of the mega agents and business owners being here in Washington. And I met a guy named there Jeff Laysom and what we do is group role-playing and one-on-one coaching in there and what I found out is I really enjoyed the one-on-one time.

Attilio: Gotcha.

Isaac: Um, so that was a lot of fun for me and uh, eventually Jeff and I decided to partner up and start a coaching company and uh, I was from his real estate team at the time and he was running the coaching company and then we flip-flopped and he’s now running his real estate full-time and I’m running the coaching company. It’s working out really really well! So, I just, I just fell into it, it was an opportunity that was there and it was something that I enjoyed and then I got more immersed in uh, learning uh, the finer points.

Adrienne: Now I want to go back to your, your first coach. Hal Elrod. The uh, The Miracle Morning and I know that he’s uh, he’s thanked you in his books and uh, I think that’s a, that’s an awesome first experience to have, you know with that coaching. And we’ve had, we’ve had Hal on our show, too. He’s an awesome coach. Okay! As is Isaac and Andy here. So, alright, so you two, what is it about coaching and consulting that makes you so excited and passionate to do what you do?

Andy: You know what makes me excited is watching people improve. Watching their relationships improve, watching their health improve, watching their businesses grow and their income, you know, it’s not about the money but it’s what about the money can do for them and for the important people in their life. So, when you’re doing coaching and consulting, it’s really about helping people grow and improve and have that spectacular life they always knew they could have, they just weren’t quite there yet. That’s, that makes me passionate and, and coaching one-on-one and doing group stuff, doing speaking opportunities, that’s, that gets me excited and passionate about doing it.

Attilio: Gotcha. Now, the—go ahead!

Isaac: Most of our clients that um, come to us, they’re not, they’re not looking for production necessarily, they’re already top producers. They’re looking for some relief in the production. They’re already working 70-80 hours a week, they’ve got more production than they can possibly handle, and they’re about to get a divorce and have a heart attack and they don’t know their kids. You know, so, one of the things that I really appreciate about it is watching their lives become more fulfilling and more meaningful and for them to uh, start to actually engage with life. A lot of the time is people that are higher producers, they’re just on autopilot, churning out the ___. And they’re not actually engaging with, you know, their best relationships and a lot of the things that really make life worthwhile, so that’s the first thing I enjoy and then the second thing to be honest is just leveling myself up. Very challenging as a coach to be preaching something, telling somebody something that they should be doing and looking at yourself and going, man, I still, I’m only a 6 out of 10 or only a 7 out of 10 or maybe I’m a 3 out of 10 and so, uh, the most rewarding part for me on the back end for myself is the opportunity every single day to evolve and grow myself personally in order to be the best coach that I can be

Attilio: I think yeah, you’re hitting on that law of the picture from John Maxwell and you know it’s like that parent puffing on a cigarette telling their kids don’t’ smoke.

Isaac: Or yelling at them not to ___ their sister.

Attilio: Exactly.

All: (laughing)

Adrienne: So, it’s your opportunity every day to you know, make a difference in others’ lives as well as improving your own.

Attilio: Yeah, and, and a lot of these guys and gals, they all know what they need to do. I mean, I know you guys have had some, so we want to know about some success stories. I know you’re thinking agents that were like 3 1/2 feet tall and other, mega agents at 7 feet tall? And, and, uh, what other, other success story. What kind of success stories can you share with us?

Andy: Well you bet. I’ll share one, I know Isaac’s got a lot of great success stories. So, one of the most thrilling for me is uh, just the guy that I’ve been coaching for about 3 years to double his business every year um, and even more than the business growth is he’s really grown as a leader. He’s becoming a different person over time and what that’s done is he’s now running his business rather than just being busy. And he’s making more income and he’s spending more time with his family and he’s not working nights and he’s not working weekends, and he’s actually given them the peace and the comfort to have the second child that they’ve been wanting to have. And it’s that quality of life that his business is growing but he’s doing it by developing as a leader. And that’s just a great success.

Adrienne: Alright, and, give us a success story, Isaac, one of yours.

Isaac: Sure. Um, one of my favorite ones right now is one that pops into mind as a success is my current business partner, Jason ___, who, number one loan officer in the country, a guild that just did over $2 million in loan volume last year, and the cool thing was, oh, over the last year and a half that we’ve coached together, umm, he’s now evolved his business to where he’s not really working 30-35 hours a week a lot of times and he’s at all of his son’s baseball games and he’s at all of these family events. Uh, and he’s, he doesn’t work very much on nights and weekends so, and he’s, and he’s grown from under $100 million in the last couple years to over $200 million, by working less. And so, that’s been really exciting and that’s now developed into a partnership, which is, I love partnerships, it’s very rewarding for me, uh, and so that’s the first one that comes to mind, is, is that’s been such a great revolution to watch him grow and actually be able to partner with him now is such an honor.

Attilio: Sounds like you guys are teaching people how to say no. We talked about it at the top of the show.

Isaac: Absolutely.

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: It’s a new time management tip. Hey, uh, we need uh, somebody to chair this committee for this event. NO!

Adrienne: We, I, I, we even have a little pen in our office, it says no in all of these different accents and ways, so.

Attilio: Every time Adrienne wants to spend something on some new program, I just get that pen out. Hold on! Let me sign the check for that! NO!

All: (laughing)

Adrienne: Okay, you two, so uh, how many years have each of you been coached yourselves and what value has that brought to you and your clients?

I Well I’ve been at this for almost 20 years now, uh, off and on, and I’ve had multiple ___ to coach, in fact last year I had 5 coaches because I was doing some Ironman training and other stuff and I believe that anywhere you want to be better in life, you get there faster by having a coach. And so anywhere that I could find that I could pay somebody who had a proven track record of results that I wanted to have, I was paying them to help take me there. Um, and currently I have 3 coaches and I believe that you know, my thing is, you get what you pay for, generally with coaching and so I’m always looking for who can I spend more money on coaching with knowing that if I’m spending $500 a month I might get a, you know, 2-3 times return on my investment or 4 times return on my investment, if I’m spending $5,000 a month, I’m probably getting 10 times return on my investment because they’re better and better coaches. So, that’s what I’m looking for, I want to spend as much money as possible almost on coaching as long as it’s very intentional in getting me where I want to go.

Attilio: And, and we want to remind our listeners, too, it’s not just quantitative, quantitative results but you mentioned it earlier, qualitative results. Like, making sure to maintain those, important relationships and have a good quality life.

Isaac: Yeah, I’m still, I figure the more I can get of that, the more I can then distill that, convey that to my clients and add value for them so, um, I’m not just looking for coaches that are going to be a great coach for me, I’m looking for people that add value for me that I can pass on to my clients and my other coaches.

Adrienne: So, Isaac, it sounds like you are, like you’re a great coach but then you’re also very coachable.

Isaac: Absolutely.

Attilio: Which is important.

Adrienne: Yes, because like you could spend all the money that you want, but if you’re not coachable, it’s not going to, not going to work!

Attilio: Hey, you know—

Isaac: I have been there, too.

Attilio: If you guys can share with our listeners, because you guys are coaches and you, and you, and you pay for coaching, is the uh, top three questions that you know, maybe like interview questions for coach, for a coach, because I know the quality of coaching is important you know, I was at the bar the other day and my coach said you know, I think that third tequila shot is a good idea. And I was like, that’s great advice!

All: (laughing)

Attilio: And uh, so you know, seriously but what, what’s, what would be the top three questions you’d want to ask a coach?

Andy: Part of it would be about uh, tell me about your visions for the coaching relationship. Tell me about your experience and how you see really making a dramatic difference in my life. One of the most important coaching questions that Isaac and I over time learned how to ask people, uh, when you develop the relationship is what topic are you hoping I won’t bring up today? Yeah, that’s one that, you know, because people always know there’s something they should be working on, could be working on, could help them grow and they just don’t want to bring it up ___ coach ___.

Attilio: Yeah, Adrienne, we were in, give us two more, or a couple more on those, but we were talking about it on the way to the show today. Fierce Conversations by Susan—wait, what’s her name?

Andy: Scott.

Isaac: Scott.

Attilio: Yeah, Susan Scott. And she said, Adrienne, what did she say? What’s the main gist of her whole book?

Adrienne: The—

Attilio: The quality of our lives is not determined by the conversations we have—

Adrienne: But by actually the ones that we’re not having.

Attilio: So, that’s a great way, hey, what’s, what do I not want to talk about today? We’re going to talk about that.

All: (laughing)

Andy: By the way, that book just came out, it’s like it’s, I think the 10th anniversary update or about to in like a week or so and she’s really excited about that. So, go buy the book!

Attilio: Yeah, we’re reading it together in one of our leadership groups right now and it’s awesome, right, this reminding me of all the great things in it

Adrienne: Okay, well—

Attilio: More questions?

Adrienne: Well, I, I do have more questions, but I think it’s time to take a quick break.

Attilio: Alright, so we’re going to give you more questions that you should be asking a coach from these awesome coaches uh—

Adrienne: Of the Kaizen Coaching Group.

Attilio: After the break.

Adrienne: Yeah, so stay with us.

Attilio: Yeah.

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Andy Gibb.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Hey I wonder if any of our listeners listen to the Bee Gees. I think it was like uh, 40 years that the Bee Gees was on last week, it was super awesome.

Adrienne: I, I miss that.

Attilio: We had a little “Stayin’ Alive.” Anyways, back to our questions for coaches.

Adrienne: Yes, so we have uh, Andy O’Shea and Isaac Stegman of the Kaizen Coaching Group and they’re actually going to be here next weekend.

Attilio: You can interview them personally!

Adrienne: Yes, speak to them face to face and ask them all these great questions.

Attilio: Let’s talk about this event.

Adrienne: Yes!  Okay.

Attilio: So, what’s the what, where and why?

Andy: The what where and why. Saturday the 29th from 9 a.m. to 1 at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. Uh, the Kaizen Business Group coming. Really focus on immediate business growth uh, more income, better balance, more time off. We have several really exceptional uh, speakers that are going to be sharing briefly some stories from their own experiences. Strategies, tactics, uh, that they’ve utilized to really grow their business, create great income and have that balance, that life/work balance that everybody hopes for. Uh, we’ll help people create step-by-step plans, clear vision, enhancing their relationships. Going to be a really inspiring time.

Adrienne: Now this event is really for uh, like anyone who has a business or is—

Attilio: Maybe has some personal—

Adrienne: Inspired to be a business owner.

Andy: Absolutely.

Attilio: And maybe just has some personal challenges and would like to get some external input.

Andy: Absolutely.

Isaac: Yeah, it’ll be a great group, focused on growth, personal growth, life growth, business growth uh, excellent speakers and stories. To be shared.

Adrienne: Now I have a, I have a link on here that our listeners can go to. The uh, it’s www.kahalaevent.eventbrite.com.  

Andy: Yes, that’s right.

Attilio: And oh, hey, so what’s the cost for this event?

Andy: The cost is $147.

Attilio: $147. That’s pretty inexpensive.

Andy: $147. Absolutely. Isaac’s been a coach of 20 years, I’ve been a coach for 20 years and as we’ve launched this, lead this event, some of the e speakers are just incredibly uh, productive people with a great quality so that’s just such a great value for that uh, three-and-a-half-hour summit.

Attilio: Yeah! And you know uh, Adrienne and I, you know, one of the big benefits or, or one of the reasons why we like going and attending these events is that you know if somebody’s spending that kind of money, because you, you said it earlier in the conversation. You get what you pay for. When someone’s spending, and it’s not, we’re not talking like uh, people you know, you’re, you’re bringing an event to us, because normally you’d probably be doing it in the mainland so we’d have to have, you know accommodations, flight arrangements—

Adrienne: Flight, yeah I mean it could end up costing thousands to go and attend something like this.

Attilio: And Adrienne and I do spend that type of money and we do it every year to go to these different events to be always in a constant state of improvement or Kaizen and uh, so you guys are doing this event right here in our backyard, at the Kahala Resort. Uh, three, you said, three-and-a-half hours. What are, you know, what do you think are going to be some, I know you mentioned it already, but top three take-aways you think people might get from attending this event.

Andy: Isaac, why don’t you take that away?

Isaac: Yeah, so top three things they’re going to get uh, number one is inspiration. They’re going to see some people that actually did it. There’s a guy there who’s a martial arts coach who runs a really successful martial arts, martial arts school here. He’s also been fighting cancer for several years and he’s got the best attitude, mindset, out there, and he’ll share about how success is not necessarily always financial uh, and how you can just be a happy person. All this time we have a local business owner, Heather, who’s going to be talking about being happier at work. We’re going to have uh, business owners who are making you know, over $1 million a year and we’re going to share how they got from Step A to Step B and then have actual plans so I think the first thing is just the ability to understand that it’s possible for them and these success stories are real-life people, to be able to talk to those people, and then secondly, walk away with tangible activities they can do today. Like, not something that’s planning 5 years in the future, we’re going to have some things for everyone, so they can walk away immediately input and in fact, if they don’t feel like, if they implement one thing that I talk about in the end, and after 30 days if they’ve done it and they don’t feel like it’s been a massive value, we’ll actually refund their money and give it back.

Attilio: Nice!

Adrienne: Oh, wow!

Attilio: We like those kinds of guarantees. It says a lot about you and your organization and that you guys are very confident in the information and material that you’re providing to these attendees.

Adrienne: So, I also want to point out too like, about you know, this, this Kaizen Group. There, you know, they’re coming here and you know, one of the things that really, you know, touched me, is that they wanted to find, like how can we give back to the local community?

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: And they’re all about, you know, giving back wherever they go. And it’s very important so I know on, I think on Wednesday, they’re going to be doing some, some community work. For some much-needed you know, people within our community.

Attilio: Are they in a witness-protection program? What is this, what, who are we helping?

Adrienne: Oh, I, we, we connected Isaac with Auntie Robin of Pearlside Boxing and you know, Pearlside Boxing is a non-profit and Auntie Robin, what she does is she really works with a lot of people in the community who need help. So, I’m not sure what they’re cooking up but I know that they’re excited about doing some good things within our community.

Attilio: Auntie Robin, ___ we just spent with them and made a little donation. They’re, Pearlside Boxing, and you know what I love about them is they’re taking a lot of these youths, these youths out there, these young people here, who’ve got a lot of anger in their lives and redirecting that in a positive direction which can only be better, not only for these kids, but for the, our community and our society as a whole. So, we are real always appreciative to Auntie Robin and ___. And thank you guys for helping and supporting them!

Adrienne: Yes, thank you.

Isaac: Our pleasure!

Attilio: Okay, you know, so, and I, I was saying it and I got off-tangent. I, I went looking for a squirrel, I’ll come back to it. Is that the reason why Adrienne and I like going to these events that are not free, that cost a little bit of money, that, because we’re going to get around people that are wanting to invest in themselves and are like-minded. I think that’s a key thing, is build a Mastermind or a network of people that are like-minded, are success-oriented, and you are going to have a high probability of going in that direction, getting around people that are like that. Right?

Andy: Yes.

Adrienne: So, again, if any of our listeners want to have a life-changing weekend, April 29th, you’ve got to www.kahalaevent.eventbrite.com and just sign up! Just do it now!

Attilio: Alright. So, uh, guys, are there any questions that we should have asked that we haven’t? That you’d like to, to cover before we move on?

Adrienne: To touch on.

Isaac: Yeah, two things. One is it’s actually if they put in, in the Event Brite link, if they put in the promo code “Lally,” L-A-L-L-Y, if they put in the promo code, they get an extra $50 off right now!

Attilio: Oh, nice!

Adrienne: Wow!

Isaac: Uh, towards the event so it’s only $97 and they can use, and, a little secret? I mean most of this content is the same stuff that we’re teaching in our private Mastermind. The days leading up to it we’re charging several thousand dollars for. They can get most of that information uh, different you know, same venue even for $97 which is just, it’s our way of giving back to the local community and I appreciate you guys uh, you know, promoting that for us and, and making that offer, so, the other thing I wanted to say is that, I want to go back to the questions to ask a coach. Because the people listening to this show actually want to know how to find a coach. I think the first thing they need to look for is, does the coach ask great questions. So, if the coach is selling themselves, if they get up to the coach and the coach is selling themselves, probably just walk away. Um, if the coach spends most of the time listening, and asking great questions, they’re probably a great coach. And the way you know is when they ask a question, if you have to stop and think before you answer. If they’re easy questions, you can answer right away. What was your volume last year, things like that. That’s probably, they’re probably an ok-coach. If they’re asking questions you have to stop and think, for thirty seconds before you answer, that’s a great coach. And then the other thing I’d look for is an expectations dialogue. Make sure you understand uh, what would you expect of me if we got into a coaching relationship, and what can I expect form you? Those are the two most important questions I feel you can ask.

Attilio: Yes, I think that’s great advice, because I think, if you look at anybody that’s achieved anything of, of greatness, it wasn’t them that did it all by themselves, it was with their, their team, their coaching, athletes, business people. I, I would be—

Adrienne: Yes, no one’s succeeds alone!

Attilio: I would be surprised if you have anybody that’s achieved anything at a high level that they didn’t have a coach or mentor. Uh, that’s, that showed them the way. You know, I think, I’ve heard this on a TED talk, what’s great about us human beings is we have uh, a cumulative knowledge. And you’ve got to go get it! It’s all out there! You’ve just got to go get a coach who can help you and provide you direction.

Isaac: That’s right.

Attilio: We highly recommend you guys!

Adrienne: Yes!

Isaac: Or you can spend 20 years looking for the information yourselves, because they already have. Only a few. And it’s kind of like the time machine, right? Uh, let me ask you guys, you guys have a lot of coaches, you’re very involved in coaching. What do you guys look for in a coach?

Attilio: Uh, you known, I, I think it’s those similar questions that you, that you asked. We’re looking, uh, like you said, um, you know, a lot of times we’ll—

Adrienne: For accountability. That’s a big one, uh—

Attilio: I like the coaches that say, “What kind of a, level of accountability would you uh, would you want the uh, the ten, I’m going to come, come kick your door in and, and uh, ask you what you, what you did since we last spoke or the ones that are you know, more uh, they want to dial it down and we say, you know, we always, and what they’re doing is they’re asking your permission to be as, be as direct as possible and I like that when a coach does that because they’re going to hold you to it.

Adrienne: And then also someone that will, you know, help you to kind of, if you have like a big goal, to someone to help you to kind of chunk it down. And, and be that, that, that sounding board or someone that has, you know, like, they’re, they’re able to see those blind spots. Right? So, those kinds of things are super helpful.

Attilio: Yeah! And then uh, somebody with a good knock-knock joke.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: Yeah.

Isaac: I’m going to put that on my list.

Attilio: You know, soon as I get on the phone they’re like, “You’re awesome, Attilio, you’re a pretty handsome dude,” no, no, no! Um, we, we like the genuine, I like genuine, authentic coaches and uh, you, when you meet somebody initially, everyone, everybody, human nature, we have this capability of kind of, I don’t what to say I’m making a judgment call, but you kind of get an understanding for that person, of what kind of person they are just by the conversations you have and you’re, you know, and it, and you’re going to either lick or not.

Adrienne: Mmm hmm. So, you have to have that click-ability factor.

Attilio: Rapport. Instant rapport.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Alright, well, thank you guys so much, Andy and Isaac, for our, for being our guests.

Attilio: Give us that website again with the—

Andy: Thank you.

Attilio: Register for this life-changing event. What’s that website again?

Adrienne: It’s uh, www.kahalaevent.eventbrite.com and remember to put in “Lally” and you’re going to get $50 off! Okay. So, this, thank you guys, so much!

Attilio: Thanks for being on the show!

Isaac: Thank you.

Andy: Thank you for having us!

Adrienne: Alright, so that was uh, Isaac Stegman and Andy O’Shea of the Kaizen Coaching Group. They’re going to be joining us on uh, the 29th over at the Kahala Resort.

Attilio: Yeah, now, you, again mindset’s critical. If you’re looking at that dollar amount and the time and the commitment is something that’s too big for you to deal with or you can’t, can’t’ make it happen, you’ve got to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, if you don’t do this, then when are you going to change? Right?

Adrienne: So just, just do it now!

Attilio: Okay, stop the insanity, what do I mean by that?

Adrienne: Just do it now. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you’re expecting, you know, some different results, then—

Attilio: That’s called insanity!

Adrienne: Yes! So, make a change.

Attilio: And it’s not a workout. Okay.

Adrienne: Insanity workout.

Attilio: No, it’s not.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Okay, so, I guess there’s a couple of events that we wanted to also touch on, that have, are having to do with giving back to the community.

Attilio: Okay, our first one is uh, Red Day. And uh, Adrienne, tell them what the, it’s, red is a color but it’s also an acronym that stands for?

Adrienne: Stands for Renew, Energize, and Donate.

Attilio: So, we hold this event, Keller Williams international, as an organization, has decided to give back in all the communities that we are in, by having an annual Red Day, which circulates around uh, Mo Anderson’s birthday. She’s one of the key, key founders of Keller Williams that really helped with our culture and development and about giving back. And what are we doing for this Red Day

Adrienne: We’re going to be doing a beach cleanup over at Sand Islands.

Attilio: What’s the date?

Adrienne: And uh, it’s going to be May 11th and you can sign up and come join us and clean the beach. If you go to www.teamlally.com/kw.  

Attilio: Now, the whole planet is affected by oceans so it’s important, let’s go clean those beaches!

Adrienne: Okay! So, we have uh, we’ve got Miranda on the line, to talk about an open house.;

Attilio: Miranda what—hi, Miranda, what’ve you got for us today?

Miranda: Yes, so I have this amazing home at 216 ___ Place. They’re in the Manoa Hillside Estates. It’s a beautiful, beautiful property. And it’s right near ___ Elementary and ___. And I’ll be there Sunday from 2-5, so come visit me.

Attilio: Alright, that’s Miranda

Adrienne: Are you going to have Clover with you, Miranda?

Miranda: Uh, no, I won’t have Clover with me, no.

Adrienne: (laughing) She’s so cute, Miranda’s got the cutest little baby.

Attilio: Yes. Alright, thanks, Miranda!

Miranda: Thanks!

Attilio: Alright, next up is Kelei. Kelei, what’ve you got for us today?

Kelei: Oh, hello Attilio and Adrienne, um, I’m’ here next to Kevin as well, we’re giving you a combination uh, Kevin will be doing his open house and I will be giving a tip so we’ll go with Kevin first.

Attilio: Go ahead.

Kevin: Alright, hey Adrienne, hey Attilio!

Adrienne: Hello!

Kevin: Alright, so this Sunday from 2-5 p.m. I will be sitting open house at 87-1013 ___ Street in ___. Uh, this property is listed for $449,000, it’s a three-bedroom, two-bath, little over 1200 square feet home so if you guys have time, come by and check it out.

Attilio: Even if you don’t have time, just go.

Adrienne: Just make time!

Attilio: Make time.

Adrienne: Yeah! Go visit with Kevin.

Attilio: Go visit with Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, exactly, bring ___, too.

Attilio: There you go.

Kelei: And my tip of the day is hire the right agent. Uh, if you want to, if you buyers want to know how to save $5, $10, or even $15,000 on your home purchase, please call Team Lally buyer agents and we’ll make sure to show you all the ways you can save money!

Attilio: Well, there’s a five-step process. Step 1 is get pre-approved, and Kelei and Kevin, if you call our buyer hotline, they’re going to share with you the other four steps. And all of those combined are going to show you how, how you can save $5-$15,000 on your purchase.

Adrienne: You can save money. Yes.

Kelei: Exactly.

Attilio: Alright, so uh, for Kevin, I want to go back to him and just say, he’s doing his open house, but I want him to say it on Sunday like, like it was a tractor pull. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Kevin, when is your open house?

Kevin: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Come to my open house!

All: (laughing)

Attilio: There you go, awesome!

Adrienne: Okay. Very good, alright, so then our buyer hotline, if you want those, the rest of those tips on how to save all of this money, is 234-4421. That’s 234-4421. Alright, and we’ve got Ray.

Attilio: Ray!

Adrienne: On the line, to talk about some coming soon listings!

Attilio: Alright, Ray, what’ve you got for us?

Ray: Well if we stop making these listings go live like the three we had today, I won’t have to talk about coming soon. No, just kidding. We actually have uh, two to talk about. One on ___ Street, up in ____ and the other one is on uh, ___, or I’m sorry, ___, it’s a single-family home so the, we have a ___ tree. It’s going to be live next week, uh, it’s coming, a single-family home, lower-inventory in the ___ area, so if someone’s interested in something like this, it’s best to give us a call uh, be put on a preferred client list so they can get the inside information.

Adrienne: A sneak peek.

Ray: What’s that?

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: They want a sneak peek? Give us a call!

Ray: Sneak peek, because we have plenty of footage of the property already and we just haven’t put it live. Same thing with the property in ___ and then we also have a listing that will be live today in town, in ___ Side, great investment property with uh, multiple rental units in it.

Adrienne: Wait, how, how many rentals, is it like, 9?

Ray: There’s 11 bedrooms in the property.

Adrienne: Oh, wow!

Ray: Allegedly.

Adrienne: Allegedly.

Attilio: Do they shave a sign out front, says Motel 6?

All: (laughing)

Ray: No, but they definitely have a great ___ and great investment opportunity for that property.

Attilio: Awesome, so—

Adrienne: What, like what, what would you say is the potential rental income for a property like this?

Ray: Uh, they’re getting close to $5,000 rental income on the property right now. Per month. Month in and month out and it could be higher.

Adrienne: Nice!

Attilio: Alright, grab your friends, create a ___, come over here and go buy this, you know, think about getting that money ready for this thing when it hits the market.

Ray: Yeah, or live in it and then rent out the other properties and have them pay your mortgage, right?

Attilio: Yeah, or maybe you’ve got adult kids and they just, they, you know, you don’t want them all living all over you on top of the couch so you can spread them out in all these rental rooms.

Ray: Rentals.

Attilio: Yeah! Alright, thanks, Ray!

Ray: Oh, wait, can I do the tractor-pull thing?

Attilio: Yeah, go ahead?

Ray: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, coming soon, soon, soon!

Attilio: There you go! Ray’s like the bouncer at that night club, he’s going to let you behind the velvet ropes, take a look at our coming soon properties. Okay! Thanks, Ray!

Adrienne: Thanks, Ray!

Ray: Bu-bye.

Adrienne: Alright, we’ve got uh, we’ve got Michael on the line.

Attilio: Oh, wow!

Adrienne: To talk about an open house. Or a tip.

Michael: Actually, guys I’m not going to be at an open house this weekend but I do have a tip for anybody who is looking to purchase a home. Obviously definitely get a, a, get together with us to do a buyer’s consultation to help educate yourself more on the home-buying process. And when you’re finally in the home-buying process and you’re under contact, for the love of God, please do not buy a car, a boat, or anything large that may affect your home purchase!

Attilio: Yeah we call those the—

Michael: Geeze, guys.

Adrienne: What about like designer shoes?

Attilio: No designer shoes.

Michael: It’s a no! Lay off any huge purchases, guys, please! Because it affects so much more than you think. Lay off the furniture buying too!

Attilio: Yeah, if you’re going to get some uh—then everybody gets all excited, you know, and, and you’d be surprised!

Adrienne: They just want to buy stuff for their home. Yeah.

Attilio: Even if you go into Macy’s and they’ve got to always hit you with that, would you like to apply, do you have a Macy’s card? No! Would you like to apply for one for an additional 10% off?

Adrienne: Just say no!

Attilio: Just say no!

Adrienne: Just say no.

Michael: Just say no, do a, do an old Nancy Reagan thing, I’m dating myself there.

Attilio: Yeah, just say no. Thanks, Mike!

Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Mike!

Michael: Just say no. Aloha guys!

Adrienne: Alright thank you for listening ant thank you to our sponsors!

Attilio: Jody Tonga and Derek Tonga of Pacific Rim Mortgage!

Adrienne: Bradley Maruyama of Allstate Insurance!

Attilio: Nathan Baker of Pillar to Post Home Inspection!

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Attilio: Janice Myrland with Dream House Drafting!

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Attilio: If you want to get ahold of any of our sponsors, just to go to www.teamlally.com.

Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Lea, our producer, here in the studio!

Attilio: Chi-hoo!

Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life—

Attilio: Forever! This is the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed—

Adrienne and Attilio: SOLD PROGRAM!

Adrienne: If we can’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price and your time-frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Adrienne and Attilio: THANKS, AND ALOHA!