This week on the Team Lally Radio Show, Brad Maruyama of All State Insurance joins as our featured guest. Bradley talks about how he went from playing baseball in high school as a local boy, to being successful in the Hawaii Insurance business.
Bradley gives some excellent advice about rent loss insurance on investment properties. He goes on to demystify all the confusing options and choices to insurance policies. He explains how his team reviews each plan with their clients to get them the best policy and coverage. 
We talk about what sets apart Bradley and his team from online insurance agents.  Bradley also tells us some interesting experiences he’s had while working with clients and their insurance coverage. We also learn about what Bradley calls “The Moment of Truth”.
Also in this episode: Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who is Bradley Maruyama?
Bradley Maruyama was born and raised in Hawaii. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University Of Hawaii at Manoa. 
He is the owner of Maruyama & Associates/Allstate Insurance in Hawaii. With over 20 years of service to customers of All State Insurance, he’s come to know many local families and developed many relationships which he has used to better understand the needs of his customers.
Read word for word about our episode with Bradley of Allstate below:

Team Lally Show with Bradley Maruyama

Annouoncer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio! 

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! If you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com!

Adrienne: Well hey everybody, this is Attilio! I was uh, doing mu Orange Theory workout this past weekend, it was a dry try. Dry try competitions, $25 to enter, 2,000-meter roll, 300 body movement on the floor and a 5k run. And I was uh, I was coming down the last mile of that 5k run, this lady tapped me on the shoulder, yes. While I was on a treadmill. And started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions and I said those are great questions, highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional and then I said, but Mom what other questions do you have?

Adrienne: I’ve got a question.

Attilio: Wait a minute, if you hear anything on the showyou’ve got to let me finish the disclaimerour attorneys give us specific instructions, to finish the disclaimer.

Adrienne: Okay, okay and then questions will be answered later.

Attilio: No, all questions must be submitted in writing. That’s what Willy Wonka said. Anyway, if you hear anything on the show sounds like legal advice, who should they run that by, Adrienne?

Adrienne: They should run that by uh, Myron Kamihara of Kamihara Law.

Attilio: What’s their phone number?

Adrienne: They can be reached at 352-6417.

Attilio: Or on the internet at?

Adrienne: Www.kamiharalaw.com.

Attilio: And if you hear anything that sounds like tax advice, we’re not giving you any tax advice.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: Maybe, we’re like tax knock-knock jokes, or tax jokes, but no tax advice.

Adrienne: Uh, our, well our advice on the tax advice is to find uh, a CPA. Or a tax professional, your local friendly uh, tax pro.

Attilio: You know, we learned about that in our trained presenter class that we had the other day from the mortgage guy and he talked about you know, when you use those acronyms, that people may not know what they are. What’s a CPA?

Adrienne: A certified public accountant.

Attilio: Are you sure?

Adrienne: I’m not.

 Attilio: You said it with a question mark.

Adrienne: I think so, that’s what it stands for.

Attilio: You know what it is, you know what CPA stands for? Certified public accountant.

 Adrienne: Okay, then I was right! You’re like, you’re, you’re making me doubt myself.

Attilio: I was questioning you because you, you were, you were stating it like a question. Be confident! Even if you’re saying something that’s completely wrong! Say it with confidence!

Adrienne: Okay, I will say the quotes of the day!

Attilio: Okay, go ahead.

Adrienne: With confidence! Okay, so no, so the first one is from Irvine Himmel. “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is.” Uh, the next one uh, from Gandhi. “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

Attilio: Who was that from?

Adrienne: That’s from Gandhi.

Attilio: Oh, Gandhi.

Adrienne: It’s not freedom, I’ll repeat it! Because it was pretty deep. “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” I think that we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.

Attilio: Was that the guy that was in that civil war movie with Scarlet O’Hara. Gandhi with the Wind?

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: Oh, okay.

Adrienne: Okay, and then the last one is from your favorite, author Anon.

Attilio: You know, there’ s a famous Greek philosopher, his last name is Anon.

Adrienne: Oh. Yes.

Attilio: Some Phillipino.

Adrienne: I think it’s a her. It’s not a him.

Attilio: No, I think we should say that’s a famous Phillipino philosopher. Last name is Anon.

Adrienne: Okay. So: “Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a brand-new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.” And all of these quotes are brought to us today by Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: Duke Kimhan.

Adrienne: And speaking of Duke Kimhan.

Attilio: I don’t know, do you, we might have him on the line in a little bit.

Adrienne: It looks like we do have him on the line. I see he’s on line one.

Attilio: Okay, do we have Duke on the line? Alright, here’s Duke! Duke, are you there?

Duke: I am! Good afternoon! What a beautiful day! Wow, beautiful out!

Attilio: It is! So, what’s your, yeah! Go for it!

Duke: The tip of the week is when you’re getting insurance as an investor homeowner that has property management going on and tenants in your house, make sure you talk to your insurance agent about getting coverage for lost rent. And this is due to fire, mud, uh, some kind of plumbing issue, disaster, yeah because when the tenant gets their insurance and everybody’s got insurance that ___, no one’ going to pay the owner for rents that aren’t being paid.

Adrienne: And I’m glad, I’m glad that you’re bringing this tip up because our guest later on in the show is the infamous Bradley Maruyama!

Duke: Bradley Maruyama.

Adrienne: From Allstate 

Duke: There you go! Alright, good!

Adrienne: So, this tip tied in perfectly with our, with our guest today.

Attilio: You know he’s not infamous, infamous is like people who escape from prison. He’s famous.

Adrienne: Oh, okay well he’s famous.

Duke: (laughing)

Adrienne: Well you never know.

Attilio: So, that’s a great, that’s a great tip, Duke! And uh, I know you’ve, have you, can you share like a first-hand situation where this has occurred, good or bad?

Duke: We had a fire in one of our homes and what had happened was it burned out the cabinets and some of the refrigerator, so, it was about $16,000 in repairs that had to be made but the people didn’t have a kitchen, so what happened was when they started to work on it, they quoted us 3 weeks, changed out the cabinets, changed out the refrigerator, and people paid rent for only a week because the other 3 weeks, they weren’t going to be staying in the house. So, their insurance put them up in a hotel, but the homeowner’s insurance did not pay them the other 3 weeks of rent.

Adrienne: Ouch!

Duke: Yup! So luckily we got, we got it done in 3 weeks and they only lost one month of rent.

Attilio: Okay. And that’s something you guys remind them of, right?

Duke: We do!

Attilio: You consult with them andgood!

Duke: We talk to them, yup!

Attilio: And then tell us, uh, one last thing. What’s this rent guarantee that you, that I hear that you have?

Duke: Well, the rent guarantee states, uh, in writing that we will pay you the amount of rent, an agreed upon amount of rent, if we don’t’ rent your home in 30 days or less. Very simple.

Adrienne: Wow! That’s amazing!

Attilio: That sounds awesome!

Adrienne: Okay, thank you 

Duke: Okay! Well thank you so much, what a great day out today, enjoy the weather!

Attilio: Go enjoy, thank you, Duke!

Duke: Alright, bu-bye!

Attilio: Today’s awesome weather was brought to you by Hawaii Pacific Property Management. And Duke and his team. They’re out spreading sunshine and rainbows everywhere!

Adrienne: You can reach them at 445-9223 or online at www.hipacificpm.com.  

Attilio: Speaking of good weather, sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns, we have, is it Jody?

Adrienne: Jody! The Mortgage Genius!

Attilio: Jody, are you there?

Adrienne: With her uh

Jody: We’re here! How’s it going?

Attilio: Mortgage Genius! We should have like, some kind of theme music like maybe like James Bond music when you come on for the Mortgage Genius!

Jody: Yeah! I want James Bond music.

Attilio: (Singing) Then you’re going to be like we have a silhouette of you like holding a gun.

Jody: Yeah, perfect! I love it!

Attilio: Alright, so what’ve you got for us this week?

Jody: Okay, so! Taxes are due pretty soon. I know that a lot of people file extensions uh, and for some of you it might be a little bit too late but anyone that’s self-employed, we, you know, if you’re hoping to be able to purchase or refinance in the coming year, please let someone, me or your loan officer of choice, look at your taxes before you file them. And that’s because many people that I know that are self-employed, get quite aggressive with their write-offs and expensing and it’s really going to come back to haunt you when, when you find that property that you want to pull the trigger on.

Attilio: Yeah, we, we met a lot of entrepreneurs. They say they have two types of businesses: the one, the one that’s the, that pays their bills and allows them to go to Vegas, and then the one that they show to the IRS.

Jody: Right!

Attilio: Two different businesses, I don’t’ know why. And then oh, wait! There’s a third one: when they go to sell it. It’s like the most profitable thing on the planet Erath.

Adrienne: All these different numbers.

Jody: Yeah, it’ s a blessing and a curse, you know, to own your own business and it’s just, we have to be strategic if you know that you are going to want or if it’s even in the realm of possibility, let someone look at your taxes first so that we can be strategic about it.

Adrienne: Not, not just someone, but like a Mortgage Genius!

Jody: Right, right! Preferably the Mortgage Genius.

Attilio: Yeah, alright that was an awesome tip because uh, I know that’s, the paperwork you guys ask for when people are refinancing or purchasing, is tax returns, right? Especially self-employed people, that’s like a critical piece of information.

Jody: Right and the, the days of oh, well, you know, you can tell on my tax returns how much I make. That, those days are long gone. So, people you know, I, what I see on your, as a net figure after all your write-offs, that’s what you make, and that’s what you’re going to get to qualify off of, so let’s be strategic here.

Adrienne: Excellent tip, thank you!

Attilio: Thanks, Jody!

Jody: Thank you guys

Adrienne: Okay, so that was uh, that was Jody Tonga of Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Attilio: What’s a good number for her?

Adrienne: You can reach her at 488-5510 or

Attilio: This, this, say it! I always have, fumble this uh website, but you’re pretty good at saying it.

Adrienne: I am, I’ve been practicing this!

Attilio: Say it in a way that, if I was 11 years old that I would get it.

Adrienne: Okiya, pac, like Pac-man. But just pac.

Attilio: (Pac-man noises)

Adrienne: Rim. M-T-G, dot com. (Www.pacrimmtg.com).

Attilio: That, they were distracted by my Pac-man special effects, so tell them again.

Adrienne: Www.pacrimmtg.com

Attilio: Yeah, check them out folks, they’re in ___. Uh, it’s the city with all the vowels. And uh, they’d be happy to meet with you, you know, it’s never too early to get educated on the home purchase or home refinance process. They’re mortgage brokers which means that they are looking for the best deal, not the deal that their maybe employer or brick and mortar is telling them to push. They’re looking literally for you for the best deal.

Adrienne: They’re like professional shoppers.

Attilio: Professional shoppers. You can go toe-to-toe with their, like Jeopardy style! Go against the Mortgage Genius. It’s like that show on Netflix, the Beast! Jody is the Beast! She knows all the answers.

Adrienne: Okiya, so speaking of knowing all the answers, we’ve got Vladimir ___ on the line.

Attilio: Oh, is he here?

Adrienne: He is on the line! To give us his, his legal tip of the week.

Attilio: Hi, Vladimir are you there?

Vlad: Yes, I am! Attilio, Adrienne, how are you guys?

Attilio: Good! Give us your legal tip of the week. People are like, man, I listen to this show every week with all this helpful information! It’s better than you know, like, they’re like wow! Okay, go ahead.

Vlad: Okay, the legal tip of the week is to make sure you have a HIPAA waver.

Adrienne: What’s that?

Vlad: No, unfortunately not of your hip. A HIPAA waver is actually for your medical records. Um, the HIPAA is basically the privacy act to make sure that your medical records stay private. Um, it’s why you have to fill out so many forms at the doctor’s office and what have you. So, um, in order for you, or for somebody, in the event something were to happen to you and somebody needed to obtain your medical records, it would be good to designate somebody as uh, someone who can get your medical records using a HIPAA waver. Um, Myron and I can prepare a HIPAA waver very easily and uh very affordably for any of our clients so um, my recommendation is to get one just to make it easier, in the event that something happens. For anybody to obtain your medical records. But, let me say something else! Even better. The HIPAA waver is included in our estate plan if uh, any of the listeners out there would like to proceed with one.

Attilio: Gotcha, awesome!

Adrienne: So, it’s part of the package?

Vlad: Part of the package.

Attilio: So, that time I had that football-size ___ removed from my neck, I should, I should sign that form if I don’t want anybody to find out. Oh, wait, I just told everybody listening to this show. I had a football-size ___ removed from my neck. Uh-oh! Neverminded the HIPAA. Anyway, but if your, part of your trust program, you guys have them fill that out. I’m sure there’s a bunch of other documents and great consultation and you can take people through and um, what else, Adrienne? For Vlad?

Vlad: Well we always try to plan to protect before probate and the HIPAA waver is definitely part of that plan.

Adrienne: Part of that plan.

Attilio: Alright, I know, Vlad, look at his car, he has a bumper sticker: “Plan to Protect Before” what is it again?

Vlad: Probate.

Adrienne: Probate!

Attilio: “Plan to Protect Before Probate.” Oaky. Thanks, Vlad!

Adrienne: Thank you, Vlad!

Vlad: Okay, have a good one guys!

Attilio: You too!

Adrienne: Alright so you can reach Vlad over at uh, www.kamiharalaw.com.

Attilio: What’s the number?

Adrienne: Or, you can call him at 352-6417. 

Attilio: You know they’re really great guys. They’ll um, if you feel maybe a little bit nervous going to an attorney’s office, they’ll come to you. They’re like old-school doctors from uh, Little House on the Prairie. They do house calls.

Adrienne: Very nice. So, give them a call. Okay, so I think it’s time to take a short break, and then we’re going to

Attilio: Yeah I’m so tired.

Adrienne: We’re going to be bringing our guest on! So, you want to stay with us.

Attilio: Yeah, we’ve been talking for 13 minutes, I’m just all worn out. Let’s take a break. Okay!

[Music fades to commercials]

Annouoncer: The Team Lally real estate show continues!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Hey, before we introduce our guest, we want to talk you guys about uh, a class we took in the last two days. It was called “Train the Presenter.” And it was bout public speaking. We’re talking about that during the break and I just wanted to mention something real quick. People fear it more so than death and you know what Jerry Seinfeld said? He said if you go to a funeral, you would rather, they fear it so much, they’d rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy!

 Adrienne: Oh, wow! Well we took a class to overcome that fear!

Attilio: So, we can do the eulogy. Hopefully not for any close relatives.

Adrienne: No, we took the class not for eulogies but to enhance our teaching skills and abilities.

Attilio: Education.

Adrienne: Yeah! So, we wanted to give back. So, on to our guest.

Attilio: Okay! Our guest today was born and raised here in Hawaii. He earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Adrienne: Through the years he’s come to know many local families and developed many relationships which he has used to better understand the needs of his customers.

Attilio: With over 20 years of service to customers of Allstate Insurance, he’s the owner of uh, Maruyama and Associates, Allstate Insurance. Please welcome our guest, Bradley Maruyama! Welcome!

Adrienne: Welcome, Bradley!

Bradley: Thank you for having me, it’s a privilege to be here today!

Adrienne: We’re so excited to have you actually in the studio!

Bradley: Oh, yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a studio and it’s, it’s uh, so far such a great experience.

Attilio: Yeah it’s fun. It’s just like talking story except we’ve got microphones and ___ our producer and

Adrienne: And you got to hear your commercial live.

Bradley: Yup, got to hear the commercial live. Nobody can see what I look like!

Attilio: Well, okay, so uh, local style business as we are, part of our culture is we like to get to know the person before we start talking business. And number one question every local person wants to know. We know you’re from, born and raised here in Hawaii, but what high school did you go to?

Bradley: Uh, I graduated from the Pacific Institute in 1996.

 Attilio: Oh, wow!

Bradley: In the Manoa Valley.

Attilio: In the Manoa Valley. Did you walk up, up the valley to school and, and, and go up the hill again back to home?

Bradley: No, I caught the Yamaguchi Bus from Pearl City every morning at 5:30 in the morning.

Adrienne: That’s an early day!

Bradley: Oh, yeah, bright and early.

Attilio: Did you play sports?

Bradley: I played baseball uh, for all 6 years at ___ and I went on to coach, I coached the ___ from ’97 to 2005.

Attilio: Oh, wow! So, you’re still a big fan of baseball still today?

Bradley: Still a big fan, uh, I’m not, I’m no longer playing baseball but I still like to be around the filed in Manoa, watching the Pacific ___.

Attilio: So, that, that, when you hear that crack of that bat on that ball it must give you some chicken skin. That’s a familiar sound for you, right?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. Absolutely!

Adrienne: So, so Bradley, well how did you, how did you get into the insurance industry?

Attilio: From baseball to insurance?

Adrienne: Yeah, how did that journey happen?

Bradley: Well uh, my career after college started as a floor-covering wholesaler, so selling to people like American Carpet One, ___, uh, getting our products specified in ___, and the construction industry was fun and it was booming, uh, but I did see that there was opportunity in the insurance business where you can help families, you can be more of a trusted advisor and at the same time, build a business, a team that I could perpetuate and someday give to my, my sons.

Attilio: Gotcha. And wait, how many kinds do you have?

Bradley: I’ve got a step-son that’s 11 and I’ve got newborn that’s 23 months old.

Attilio: They might be listening to the show! What’s their names?

Bradley: The 11-mmonth, uh, the 11-year-old, Noah, and the 23-month-old is Karson. With a ‘K.’

Attilio: Noah and Karson, ooh, with a ‘K’? Alright, that’s unique. Right on, okay! So, um, more about insurance. Uh, Duke, Duke brought up something. I don’t’ know, maybe we should address that

Adrienne: Yeah!

Attilio: One of those quick things to talk about.

Adrienne: So, he talked about a, an owner that did not have that rent loss insurance. Could you maybe expand upon that, that type of coverage through the eyes of an official?

Attilio: Yeah, what does that mean?

Bradley: Yeah, so Duke brought up uh, a very uh, good point when you’re renting out a property, whether its’ a home or condominium so it’s very important that you look at um, two different types of properties. Rent loss insurance will cover the rent loss in a case of a loss of fire, water, and also commonly wind. So, uh, if the house is unlivable and the renter can’t stay in the house due to water damage or fire, that’s where we compensate the rent that’s lost during the time the tenant’s not able to stay in there. Now the tenant most of the times will have renter’s insurance. That coverage would be called additional living expense under policy. That’s what gives them the money to go and stay at a hotel or a comparable property while the house is being rebuilt or fixed.

Adrienne: So typically, with these uh, the insurance writers on investment properties, you know, how, how much more are you looking at to have that additional you know, peace of mind?

Bradley: Yeah, so to go from a homeowner’s policy to a landlord’s policy, it actually gets a little cheaper uh because you’re not having uh, as much personal property uh, while you’re living in it versus renting it out. So, the rent loss insurance, make sure you tell your agent that’s it, you’re going to change it to a landlord’s policy so that rent loss insurance is attached to that new policy.

Attilio: Would you say there’s a common misperception that the homeowner, they don’t like to tell you because they think their insurance is going to go up! So, they leave like, they just, they think oh I have homeowner’s insurance and I’m just going to move on and stick a tenant in there. Do you find that, I would think that people probably make that mistake?

Bradley: Yeah I think they, they could be a perception where it could be more expensive or just the lack of knowledge of not knowing that there’s a difference between a landlord’s and a primary household policy.

Adrienne: And now there’s this other policy, what is it, the H06?

Bradley: So H06 policies is going to be your common condo policy uh, again, a lot of misperception. Um, most people will, will think that their master policy, that the condominium association carries, is enough. Uh, but now more and more companies, or loan companies, people like Jody Tonga, will require what’s called an H06 policy that will cover the contents and the interior um, of the condo unit itself.

Attilio: I think some associations uh, because I own a couple different properties. Some associations will request that you do and request a copy of it if uh, I’m not mistaken. And some don’t, but in general it’s probably a good, wise thing to do, correct?

Bradley: Oh, absolutely! Um, what, what’s most important at this point in time is a lot of condominium associations are increasing their deductibles to lower the cost to the unit holders and ___, who I idolize tremendously, has been going out to these associations and then doing uh, more, more knowledge of, building more knowledge within the unit and complex uh, that she does insure. Um, but a lot of again, a lot of association deductibles have gone from $5,000 to $10,000. A lot of them have gone from 10 to 25 so it’s very important to take a look at what your master policy with the association deductible is.

Adrienne: Nice. So, so, Bradley, with all these different options for insurance, it can get confusing. You know, there’s just so much out there. How does, you know, how do you and your team help to uh, create the best plan for your, your clients?

Attilio: Navigate these choices.

Bradley: Okay, so there, there are a lot of choices, uh, I think this is what makes me a little different in the industry. Is that, whether you have a current policy or you’re getting a new policy, always review it with the agency uh, we do have a process right now in our office that prior to renewal, we’re calling each and every homeowner and condo-holder, uh, condo owner, to come in and do a personal review with me, myself, face to face or by the phone, preferably face to face, and we go down uh, down het list of all the different coverages to see, are we adequately covered? Are there any gaps? Um, are there discounts that we’re missing? So, again, I, the biggest hint, because there are so many options, is to call your agent and do a personal review with your property insurance.

Adrienne: Now you guys also offer to review like even if they’re not with Allstate, if they’re with a different company. To, to just review and make sure that they are getting the best, you know, coverage and, and pricing.

Bradley: Yeah, absolutely, so

Adrienne: Tell us a little bit more.

Bradley: Most coverages are very similar but there are companies that do have different writers that other companies don’t have. But, I’m very happy to look at your policies, whether it’s with Allstate or XYZ company to see if there are any gaps. Or uh, mis-coverages on your policy.

Adrienne: So, it’s like a free insurance review?

Bradley: Free insurance review. Costs you no money, just time.

Attilio: Well, I think

Adrienne: It’s good to have a second set of eyes.

Attilio: Yeeha, and I think that uh, the important thing is here, that you guys are actually a brick and mortar, uh, business here in our community. You live and work in our community and so it’s a good thing for everybody if they uh, I’m sure you can save them money but in addition to that they’re helping with the local economy by doing business with you locally.

Bradley: Absolutely.

Attilio: And you’re somebody they can go visit and talk to or you can go visit. I know you said you’ve gone out and visited with clientele if their whole house burns down. You know, I don’t think that online guy is going to, gong to send somebody from the, they’ll send you an email! They’re not going to send somebody to come talk with you and, you know, like how you guys are with your company, which we appreciate.

Adrienne: So, so speaking of that, could you share with us maybe a recent story or success story that you know, would be useful for our listeners, you know?

Bradley: Yeah, a recent success story um, we, we had a client that’s been with Allstate over 40 years and um, they came in to do a personal insurance review with me, and some of these older policies don’t have the same type of coverage as, as we do today. So, in this case, uh, the client only had fire insurance under primary household policy. So, by doing the review, we’re able to find that this policy should be upgraded or updated to our current uh, Allstate policy today which would have given them fire, water, wind, theft and vandalism and of course, soon after it was converted

Attilio: Something happened?

Bradley: The washing machine blew up.

Adrienne: Oh!

Bradley: Um, which damaged uh, the living room, the hallway, and two bedrooms. Uh, I think the water extraction alone ran $4200.

Adrienne: So, so by doing that review you’re able to make sure that they saved that jus alone, at least $4200, probably more than that!

Bradley: Yeah, and then so we have to replace the carpet, uh, dry out the carpet and then put in new carpet. But I would have had that awkward conversation of

Attilio: We’re not covered.

Bradley: We’re not covered.

Attilio: Uh-oh!

Adrienne: Wow!

Bradley: Which again uh, going back to Adrienne quote, sometimes you do learn the hard way, where uh, it was the opposite where I had to tell the client there was no coverage. Um, so again, doing these personal reviews, having them come in, we make sure they know what they’re covered, can really make or break the power of the agency.

Attilio: So, we can go through a wall by banging our head against it or we can realize that if we look down about a waist-high, there’s a thing called a doorknob. Two hinges on the right and all we’ve got to do is turn the handle and open the door. I like that, that way better. You know I have all these stitches on my forehead from opening doors the wrong way and I prefer to use the handle. So, that’s like having you guys do that insurance review, right? Is that you’re going to help them, you know, with some preventative measures and give them some peace of mind. I think of you guys local, you’re in good hands.

Bradley: Yeah, good hands.

Adrienne: But even more so with Bradley. It’s the moment of truth.

Attilio: The moment of truth. Tell us about that.

Bradley: So, the moment of truth, I, I, I’ve told Adrienne and Attilio this since I’ve met then. No matter what company, how good, how big, how strong, how good the brand recognition is, the company is only as good as the moment of truth. So, if you’re going to pay for a policy, you want to make sure and have insurance that, when there is a claim, your agent’s going to be right there to walk you through the claim. You want to make sure that you have the right coverages so the claim is paid out. Again, the moment of truth is the optimal time where you want the company and the agent to pull through when there is that fire, that water damage claim, or that wind damage done to your roof.

Attilio: Gotcha.

Adrienne: And I, I know, Bradley, you have probably very many examples of this moment of truth with your years of experience. Could you share with us a, a moment of truth story?

Bradley: There’s one that always pops into my brain uh, it, it was a single parent uh, she was living in ___, which is a condo, and it was on Christmas day.

Attilio: Let’s call her Mary. You know Frank de Lima liked to use that, Mary! Her name was Mary! She lives up ___no, no. Okay, go ahead.

Bradley: Her uh, dishwasher uh, pipe broke and water was uh, constantly coming in, it was Christmas day, uh, of course many companies were closed, uh, and uh, the water extraction company also did not respond uh, which I usually the company that works 24/7. So, I actually got in my car Christmas morning, I went there, I took the pictures, I’m not an adjustor, but I wanted to document and I wanted to start the process, so uh, I went there and actually helped the gal dry up some of the, the water that we could have and started taking apart the laminate floor and start drying it out so it wouldn’t cause further damage and mold and mildew.

Adrienne: Oh, wow! Christmas morning!

Bradley: But I had to make that decision, you know, uh, this could not be covered, it might not even be covered but based on the facts that I’ve seen and the documentation and pictures I took, uh, I went there to help out this

Attilio: Did it end well in the end?

Bradley: Yeah, it ended well, we covered the claim, we got to uh, give the client a brand-new laminate floor uh, we got salvage some of the Christmas gifts and we went on, it was a, it worked out all and all. But again, I felt like I was a trusted advisor, I felt like when the person really needed me, I was there to help service and be that agent that separates me from the, from the industry.

Attilio: You know, they always say, it doesn’t matter what you know, it’s, it’s how much you swear.

 Adrienne:(laughing) No, that’s not

Attilio: No, no, no! That’s not. It, it doesn’t matter how much you know, it’ show much you care. Yeah.

Adrienne: And Bradley does care a lot.

Attilio: No swearing, only caring! But uh, alright so um, Allstate Insurance um, you guys have a team, I know that’s very important because if you’re a solo agent trying to do everything, that can be difficult, right? As far as uh, supporting your, your clients and uh, so tell us about uh, maybe you guys, you know, how many people in your team 

Bradley: I’ve got uh, 5 licensed uh, agents on my team currently and I have 3 unlicensed people that help me do the everyday servicing, sending out insurance cards, taking payments, uh, but the one thing I’ve got to say about the team, it’s, it takes all of us to make a successful, I can’t take any of the credit. I, it’s the people that surround me that make us so effective. Uh, the, the thing that I can say about it is that we’ve retained the majority of my team for the last 12 years.

Attilio: Wow, that’s’ got to say something about your company.

Adrienne: Wow, that’s huge!

Bradley: So, and I, again, that’s

Adrienne: The culture is there.

Bradley: The culture, yes.

Attilio: Well hey if you’re just tuning in, you’re listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it, I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And we have Bradley Maruyama from Maruyama, uh, Team Maruyama Allstate Insurance. What’s a good number for, for you guys?

Bradley: Uh, best number: 808-591-8016.

Attilio: 591-8016 and if they go to Allstate they can drill it down to your guys’ company? Or do you guys have like a domain name?

Bradley: Oh, we have, if you go to www.allstate.com, uh, my, my profile will pop up.

Adrienne: So, I’ve got a question back on to the, the team. It sounds like an awesome place to work. Are you guys currently hiring or are you growing your team?

Bradley: We’re, we’re always constantly looking at, and growing. As the company grows, we have to make sure we have enough capacity to keep the same level of service, so always looking.

Attilio: Good!

Bradley: For new team members.

Adrienne: So, if any of our listeners would like to apply to be a part of your team, how would, what’s the best way for them to, to do that?

Attilio: Call the same number 

Bradley: You call the same number, uh, you can ask for me. No experience required, I, I pay for the training, I pay for the, for the testing uh.

Attilio: You buy them one bubble drink?

Adrienne: (laughing)

Bradley: We buy lunch on Fridays.

Attilio: Oh, lunch?

Adrienne: Ooh, lunch on Fridays!

Attilio: Come get an interview, get a bubble drink. So, that number, same number, 591-8016, 591-8016. Hey, we know two things, two attributes of very successful companies. You retain your people and number two, you’re always looking because like you said, you want to make sure that your level of service stays in line with your growth.

Bradley: Absolutely.

Attilio: And uh, so that’s good things there. So, I think it’s time to take a break.

Adrienne: Yes, we’re going to take a short break, but stay with us, we’ve got more questions for Bradley!

Attilio: From Allstate Insurance, stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: It’s the Team Lally real estate show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey, everybody, we still have uh, Bradley Maruyama with Allstate Insurance in the uh, in the studio with us today. During the break, we were talking about

Adrienne: Hurricane people.

Attilio: People full of hot air! No, no, no, we were talking about hurricanes. Hurricanes. So, let’s talk about hurricanes. What should, should, and hurricane insurance, what should people know?

Bradley: Okay, you know, uh, by doing these reviews that seems like it’s been the center of our conversation today. Many people, when they’re buying their first home, they’re getting the minimum coverage just to suffice the loan. Now the minimum coverage is just to cover the dwelling coverage, or the house. Um, what we at our agency want to ensure is that you do the review and you figure, uh, you get to gain knowledge on what the other coverages are. I don’t want to be that agent that when the hurricane comes, we’re not going to give you a brand-new couch, we’re not going to give you a brand-new TV, washer, dryer, microwave, computer. You’re going to need the necessities to get back on your feet, so personal property coverage, um, could, you know for $25,000, might cost you $25 more per year. People don’t know that. They’re just trying to get the cheapest possible price at the time of closing. Loss of use, a lot of people in ___, they know what loss of use means. Again, it’s just like rent loss. When the house is unlivable, where are you going to stay? You and your children. Uh, while the house is being rebuilt and when it’s covered with water and mold and there’s no food, there’s no, so personal property and loss of use should be something you would like to add on your, on your policy. You know, to add some loss of use, some personal property, may be $50-60 more per year, but during this hurricane season coming up, we had a lot of close calls last year, uh, something to think about and to call your agent out on.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Or call Bradley.

Bradley: Or call myself.

Adrienne: Call Bradley.

Attilio: You know, one of the things that, you know, I think you talked about it before, there’s a difference between, there was something about the water, how the water gets in the house?

Bradley: Oh, okay, so it’s um, I like to go by a simple rule because there’s a lot of confusion whether it’s homeowner’s insurance, hurricane insurance, or flood insurance. So, I like to call flood insurance “ground water.” So, once the water touches the ground, water levels rise and enters your house, that would be flood insurance. Uh, your closer river, the water is already touching the ground, the river rises, comes into your house, flood insurance. But now the water never touches the ground, comes in through your roof because the shingles fell off, that would be your homeowners’ insurance. Uh, a branch uh, cracks your window during strong force winds, during a hurricane and water enters through the window. Hurricane insurance. So, I like to call it ground water and water that enters the house that never touches the ground.

Attilio: What if they’re filming uh, an action film and you had this high-water tower next to your house, and they actually blow up one of the legs and the, and the big water tank falls and explodes and all the waterno, I’m just kidding! You always get those people right, with the

Bradley: That would be flood insurance.

Adrienne: So, he has the answer!

Attilio: Who’s that character in the Allstate, he’s like just like, he’s always getting beat up and falling?

Bradley: Mayhem.

Attilio: Yeah, Mayhem. And then you also, you guys get that president from 24. Is he still doing that now?

Bradley: Uh, that is Haysberg.

Attilio: He’s like the best president. Even though fictional. Best good, see we remember these commercials! It’s very memorable, Allstate commercials. Well something about marketing, I, I just was reading in a book this morning and it was talking about people, when you, when you have humor in your marketing or you presentations, it actually makes it more memorable and when you make someone happy, they’re more likely to do business with you!! So, that, great, let’s follow with Allstate! Multi-billion-dollar company, they’re savvy enough to have humor in their marketing, maybe there’s something to be learned for us little entrepreneurs. That, incorporate humor in your marketing, your web presence. Not like obnoxious kind, but just a little bit.

Adrienne: Little funny ha-has.

Attilio: And so, I’ll leave you with this, you know, it’s very important to remember people’s names, right?

Bradley: Absolutely.

Attilio: You know, I know when people don’t remember my name because they come up to me and go, hey buddy! And I know they don’t remember my name because they’re just saying buddy. Oh, and I have one of those whack-a-doodle names, right, Attilio, maybe they don’t know how to pronounce it, but either way, uh, I, this lady came up to me the other day, I’ve known her pretty much all of my life, and she was like looking at me like, you know, I remember your name, it’s right on the tip of my tongue, I just, ahh! It’s just, it’s evading me, and then I looked at her and I said, Mom! It’s Attilio! Amway.

Bradley: (laughing)

Attilio: So, anyway, incorporate you know, humor to make a point. It brings the guard down; people are more likely to want to do business with you. Scientifically, endorphins are released into your system and you’re more open! Okay, so that’s your entrepreneurial tip from All, how we got from Mayhem

Adrienne: Courtesy of Allstate.

Attilio: And the 24 president 

Adrienne: From Bradley Maruyama. Your entrepreneur tip of the week.

Attilio: So again, uh, let’s warp it up and summarize. You, you’ll review people’s insurance. You’re looking for people to, to help you grow your team, and uh

Adrienne: The moment of truth.

Attilio: The moment of truth. What else did we talk about?

Adrienne: Hurricanes!

Attilio: Hurricane, oh, hurricane season is coming up!

Bradley: Oh, yeah, uh hurricane season’s coming up, uh, again, we had a lot close calls last year so, call your agent, call myself, review your hurricane policy. I, I also want to throw this out there. There’s a new carrier called Coastland Insurance. It’s an AM best uh, A-rated company. It might be something to consider. It’s a new company in town, uh, also known as ___, uh, but again, uh, their AM-best rating A shows strong financial stability of a company.

Attilio: Gotcha, alright anything else we haven’t gone over that you’d like to talk about?

Bradley: Uh, yeah, one last thing. Uh, something uh, that I gave a tip on a couple months ago is PV panels.

Attilio: Oh, yeah that’s’ right!

Bradley: I do a lot of reviews and when I’m going over a home review, most people don’t realize hat you have to let your agency know that you’re adding on PV panels. How much it costs and how many panels so we can update the home and hurricane insurance.

Adrienne: Very good tip.

Attilio: I think people make that mistake, right? Oh! My PV panels! That cost me $60,000, it’s covered! Nope! And then you’ve got a Homer Simpson.

Adrienne: You’ve got to update that policy! It’s so important!

Attilio: Yeah, because I know, Bradley’s a nice guy, he hates coming to you and saying oh, I’m sorry, it’s not covered! He doesn’t like doing that!

Bradley: It’s the toughest conversation.

Attilio: Okay, so if we want to get ahold of Bradley and his crew

Adrienne: Yup, you can reach him at 591-8016.

Attilio: What’s that number again?

Adrienne: 591-8016.

Attilio: Oh, wait, my pen ran out of ink, tell me one more time.

Adrienne: 591-8016. Okay, so I think we’ve got Ross on the line, to talk about uh, an open house coming up next weekend!

Attilio: Okay. Hey, Ross, are you there?

Ross: Yes, I am!

Attilio: Alright, what’ve you got for us?

Ross: So, this Sunday I’ll be at 85-919 ___ Street over in ___, that’s 85-919 ___ street in ___. This is a beautiful single family home in excellent condition. Uh, the, the interior is very spacious and has stainless steel appliances as well.

Adrienne: Nice!

Ross: There’s a nice backyard for those barbeques for your family, friends and neighbors and one of the best features is that it has a ___ on the home to help you save money on your electricity. So, I hope to see you there this Sunday between 2-5 p.m. Look for those red Team Lally signs. I’ll see you guys there! 2-5 this Sunday, thank you!

Attilio: Thank you, Ross!

Adrienne: Thank you, Ross!

Attilio: You know, Ross is so dedicated to selling this home in ___, he’s getting a 96792 tattoo on his forearm.

Adrienne: No, he’s not.

Attilio: He’s not?

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: Oh, okay.

Adrienne: He’s dedicated, but not that dedicated. So now we’ve got uh, we’ve got Ray on the line to talk about a coming soon property.

Attilio: Ray, what’ve you got for us?

Ray: Yes, we have a great listing that’s coming soon in uh, Salt Lake. It’ a one bedroom condo and I’ll, and, and uh, the 5 regions building Salt Lake. It’s actually a lease home that’s very interesting because it has an extremely long lease hold period, I believe of 70 plus years. Yeeha! So, they can finance it, it can be financed uh, fairly inexpensive price point that’s going to be a great deal for someone that’s looking to be in that Salt Lake area and wants to have a lower monthly payment.

Adrienne: Nice! That’s a great opportunity!

Attilio: Unless you’re 5 years old when you buy this property and people say, well what happens when the lease comes up? I don’t know, I’ll be dead! Your ___ will have to deal with it. But uh, alright!

Adrienne: Thanks, Ray!

Attilio: Thanks, Ray!

Ray: Yeah I also had an open house for Angelique and I do have Brooks here uh since we’re having a lot of people calling in to the hotline so. He can speak to his coming soon as well if you want.

Attilio: Alright, tell us about Angelique’s open!

Ray: Angelique’s open is uh 116, it’s a gated community in Manoa. Its uh, it’s a great investment property or single family for if they wanted to move in there. You’ve got uh, 5 bedrooms, right in Manoa, right on the nice uh, stream there. With a huge backyard, great views, nice and tranquil and I’ll get you uh, and I’ll be sitting 2-5 at 116 ___ and Angelique will be sitting that open house this weekend in Manoa Hills side of the state.

Attilio: Alright, awesome.

Adrienne: Thanks, Ray!

Attilio: Alright, next up is

Adrienne: Brooks!

Attilio: You guys going to put Brooks on the line?

Adrienne: He’s going to hand the phone to Brooks.

Brooks: Okay! Hey you guys, how are you doing? Uh, just, how many, let’s see, it went live, it’s going live soon, it’s going to be uh, the first open house will be on the 9th and it’s uh, and when we talk about contractors, this is for your contractor listeners. This is a contractor’s special, so that’s what we say in real estate right. And, well what does that mean? Well, and so, property’s located in beautiful ___ Valley, very well located, uh, very much adjacent to Honolulu and so people can just basically roll out of bed, tap on the brakes a couple times and be at their office. It’s a really nice tranquil valley, nice views. This is an older home; it needs some work. It has great, this is the other thing you say in real estate, it has great ___. So, contractors are going to, they’re already talking about this property so if any of you guys out there that want to come do a fix and move in or fix and flip, this is the one! This is the great property, so ___ Valley coming up, she’s live in about oh, 4-5 days in our grand opening, open house will be on the 9th.

Attilio: You know, Brooks uh, ___ Valley reminds me of Frank de Lima. You know what he said.

Brooks: What did Frank say?

Attilio: He said, uh had this lady uh was talking with her girlfriend named Mary and he would ask them, hey Mary! How come your kids’ diaper is so full? And you know what Mary said?

Brooks: What did she say?

Attilio: She said because the, the diaper box, it says, holds up to 40 pounds!

Brooks: (laughing)

Adrienne: What does that have to do with his house?

Attilio: Nothing, it’s humor, this is, you know, it’s what we do!

Brooks: You know, ___ the house.

Attilio: Yeah I tell you, you’re just going for it, I helped you! Alright, thanks, Brooks!

Adrienne: Thanks, Brooks!

Brooks: Okay, thanks guys, see you!

Adrienne: Alright so now we have Kevin on the line, to talk about his open house! Kevin, are you there?

Attilio: Kevin? Kevin? He’s not the Verizon rep. Kevin, are you there?

Adrienne: (laughing) Can you hear us now?

Attilio: If Kevin were to answer the phone, this is what he would say. He would say, yes I have an open house I’ll be sitting, it’s going to be in the exciting part of O’ahu, yet to be determined. It’s going to be on Sunday between 2 and 5, hey, you know what, the good news is

Adrienne: Speaking of which, we have it all online.

Attilio: Yeah, it’s, go to www.teamlallyopenhouse.com. They’re always there!

Adrienne: Yes, and uh, there’s pictures, video, so you can take a look and then also we’ve got a whole coming soon inventory list. You can always give our buyer hotline a call at 234-4421. And get ahold of those coming soon listings or find out about any of our open houses.

Attilio: Hey, you know we talked it over with Bradley Maruyama with Allstate Insurance about recruiting. I want to talk about recruiting for Team Lally!

Adrienne: Alright, so yes, we are always looking for great team members.

Attilio: Don’t contact us if you’re a mediocre producer, you’ll be wasting your time.

Adrienne: The crazy thing is, is that $80K guarantee.

Attilio: I’m going to cut to the chase, go to www.teamlally.com if you want to learn more about joining our team.

Adrienne: Alright so thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors!

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Attilio: Chi-hoo!

Adrienne: And Bradley!

Attilio: And Bradley!

Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have one of our awesome guests talking about something that’ll change your life—

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