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Jim is a Game Changing Serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor in several disruptive companies. Throughout Jim’s career, he has been passionate about creating effective and powerful experiences that help people and businesses initiate positive and sustainable change. Jim was one of the first members of the start-up, Bamboo.com in 1999. Bamboo.com disrupted the real estate industry overnight by introducing the 360-degree virtual tour technology. In less than one year, Bamboo.com grew to 1500 employees, generated $30M in revenue with over 100,000 real estate agents purchasing their technologies. Following its IPO, Bamboo merged with Ipix in 2001, and became the world’s leading provider of online virtual tours. Following the success of Bamboo.com, Jim founded The Ultimate Game of Life, an online education, training, and coaching platform. To date, over 20,000 entrepreneurs from 55 different countries have achieved major life and business results. In October of 2015, Jim invested in and co-founded a software company calledPowur whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy worldwide.Powur, a certified B Corporation, joined forces with SolarCity and over 80 other solar providers. To date, we have the largest network of solar providers and over 4500 agents selling our software solution that is changing how we produce, store and consume energy over the next decade. Jim also donates his time as the Chairman of the Board with The US Green Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to build the largest network of businesses focused on sustainable business practices. Jim is one of the most sought-after public speakers, guest on radio and tv shows and business advisors with over 25 years of professional speaking experience, and has given more than a thousand presentations on Business and Life.
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Team Lally Show with Jim Bunch

Founder, The Ultimate Game of Life / POWUR, PBC

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real-world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio!
Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 799-9596 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio. Yes, okay, here’s our legal disclaimer: if you hear us talking about anything that sounds even remotely, even if it smells just a little bit like legal or tax advice, we’re not doing any of that. Today, we’re going to be talking about, what are we going to be talking about today?
Adrienne: All sorts of fun things. And personal growth.
Attilio: You know what, that’s why I paused. By the way, you know when super intelligent people, they pause because they have so many words floating around, so many thoughts floating around in their head, that they’re like, they’re cycling through all of it. That’s why I said, what are we going to talk about today. So anyway, uh, I like it, you know, I’ve had listeners tell us, hey I like tuning into your show, I’m always coming away with something, some big takeaway and, and the big setup is that, you know what you’re going to hear on today’s show? Something that might change your life forever!
Adrienne: So, pay attention.
Attilio: Pay attention, take notes, come close rot the radio, no, a little bit closer. Alright, so this is our life-coaching moment at the top of the show. Where I want to share something with you that we’ve learned uh, because is it good to be in a state of growth all the time?
Adrienne: Yes, because if you’re not growing, what’s?
Attilio: You’re dying.
Adrienne: That’s right.
Attilio: If you’re not growing, you’re dying, see, I was pausing, I had so many thoughts and words in my head, I was like, I had that look on my face like uh, what did you say? Okay I got it. Alright, so here’s our life-coaching moment, I want to talk about uh, Jodie Tanga from Pacific Rim, she shared with us the other day this book called uh, Scrappy and it’s about uh, scrapbooking and collecting, cutting out pictures, no, no, no, not that kind of book.
Adrienne: Wait, I have a cat named Scrappy.
Attilio: You have a cat named Scrappy?
Adrienne: Because he likes to scrap—
Attilio: Is it a he or? A she?
Adrienne: He, and he’s fat and he likes to fight.
Attilio: Is he a closer?
Adrienne: No.
Attilio: Are you going to put him in cat fights? Do they have MMA for cats?
Adrienne: I don’t know, if they did though, he’d be the, he’d be the winner.
Attilio: Okay, so anyway, she was sharing some stuff with us and she went through a quick highlight of the book, and shared it with our team. By the way, uh, here’s a success for you if you have a sales organization. Do a morning huddle. Do a morning huddle, only 15 minutes, to get your day started, check in, get everybody pumped up, ready to go, uh, talk about any challenges, big wins, do a morning huddle.
Adrienne: Have your plan for the day.
Attilio: Have your plan for the day. Do you ever see the football team get on the field and they just boom! Everybody goes to their positions and they know what to do?
Adrienne: No.
Attilio: No! They always what?
Adrienne: They always have a huddle!
Attilio: They always have a huddle up. Huddle up. Okay, so here’s what we learned at uh, at this huddle from Jodie, thank you to her, about this book called Scrappy. Uh, it, and here’s the big tagline or the, the big starting you know, take away from the book was, doing the right thing does not necessarily mean that it’s always going to work. So, it’s kind of like, kind of like a little bit about the, the book Who Moved My Cheese you know, is life isn’t, you know, the cheese is what we’re always seeking, but here’s the deal, the cheese is always moving, and how are you going to deal with that, so I want to talk about the things that are, that, there’s that one thing that’s within your control and what is it?
Adrienne: You!
Attilio: You! What’s bouncing around, in your medulla oblong, that’s called your brain, or part of your brain, because—
Adrienne: Your thoughts, your mindset.
Attilio: What’s between the earlobes is the only thing that you truly have any control over and be careful. Don’t have this victim language. Well, they got me upset. Bologna! You allowed them to let you get upset. Okay? Take responsibility. So, she talked about, preparation breeds confidence. Preparation breeds confidence, you know, if you’ve got to go present information, do a sales presentation or have any kind of interaction, preparation breeds confidence and I, what I added to her, her take on that, or from this book, is that sometimes are we, when we start off anything new, are we experts from day one?
Adrienne: No.
Attilio: No!
Adrienne: No, we’ve got to go through that learning curve.
Attilio: And you’ve heard, you’ve got to go through that learning curve and you’ve got uh, you know, you have, you know, like if you get into any kind, any kind of business, you’re not going to spend a whole year being prepared and then get in front of a client to go make some money.
Adrienne: Like getting ready, getting ready to get ready.
Attilio: Yeah, that’s called bankruptcy, so you’ve heard the term, “fake it until you make it,” but I want to take that word fake out of there because your subconscious mind and your process and your mindset has to be that you one hundred percent own it. And I will tell you right now, when I was a brand-new licensee, back in 2006 and I sat down with people, I was extremely, confidence was bleeding from my eyeballs, clients kept telling me, you’ve got something in your eye, yes, that’s called confidence! It’s oozing out of my eyeballs and, and, and then as I would, as we were in this business, we become more confident because I would say more confident, I would say more competent because we knew what we were doing.
Adrienne: More competent, yes.
Attilio: And stuff, but in the beginning, preparation is good and you can spend a lot of preparing for things, there is no shortage of information, with today’s day and age with the internet, uh, we are in the information age, Tony Robbins says it, we are swimming, we are literally drowning in information, but we are starving for wisdom, so here’s your wisdom today with all this information and everything, webinars and podcasts and coaches, and everything else that’s out there, here’s how we filter it down to allow us to be a very successful real estate team and have personal success is that, you’ve got to have in your mind, you’ve got to adopt confidence from the beginning, in the middle, and at the end and always. When I walk into a room with people, I, we may not, uh, when you sit down with someone and they get you and they persuade you and they get you to come along, what is, what is having them, uh, what are they doing that’s having you come along or go along with them? Their expert knowledge, or their confidence.
Adrienne: I would say their confidence and then, just their ability to build rapport, ask questions, and you know, just have a plan.
Attilio: But if I was an expert, because uh, this is from the Calvin Coolidge quote, the world is full of educated derelicts. The world is full of talented broke people.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: But his thing was all about persistence and stuff like that, but I would tell you this, is that if you walk into the room and you’ve got a PhD in whatever it is that you’re going to be talking about, and you are not confident—
Adrienne: It doesn’t matter.
Attilio: People are not going to want to change their way to your thinking, they’re not going to come along to whatever product or service that you’re offering, they’re, they’re not going to be in, they’re not going to be engaged. You’ve got to be confident. So, I’m going to give you one strategy today, one strategy, because we can talk about it in the nebulous 30,000-foot level, like okay, that’s great, now I know, what do we do?
Adrienne: Yes, how do you do that? Tell us more!
Attilio: Number one, and you’re going to help me out, because you’ve been in this business longer than I have, we’re going to give them three things, I hate that when we go with ten things.
Adrienne: Yeah, just—
Attilio: Do you know why, do you know why people have a top ten list? David Letterman. That is the scientifically proven fact, quoted, as quoted by Attilio Leonardi, that the only reason why we have a top then is because of David Letterman in ’90s.
Adrienne: Well we’re going to be efficient.
Attilio: Yeah, we’re going to go with three. Number one: you’ve got to have a written affirmatio and by the way, there’s a whole, there’s a whole process and strategy to writing affirmations, and I’ not taking about the uh, what was it, uh, what’s that guy from uh—
Adrienne: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and—
Attilio: And doggone it! People like me. I’m not talking about the SNL funny, Stewart Smally, you don’t, I think he’s a Congressman, anyway.
Adrienne: Well I guess his affirmatios worked.
Attilio: They worked, no, in real life, he’s a Congressman.
Adrienne: In real life, yes.
Attilio: I forgot his name, but anyway, listeners are going I know who that is, they’re yelling the name out right now, but anyways, so you’ve got to have a written affirmation and you’ve got to verbally say it out loud, every morning. When you get up in the day, just like exercise, brush, treat it like brushing your teeth. Lea, would you ever leave the house, without brushing your teeth? We hope not. We hope so, that you’d always brush your teeth, so you’ve got to treat it like brushing your teeth. Number two: what would be the number two thing to breed confidence. What’s the strategy?
Adrienne: I think just to have an excellent morning routine. You know, you have your affirmations, your journal, you have uh, you exercise, you have those habits, those success habits, that get you set up for your day.
Attilio: They interviewed a top-ranking officer in the military, high-ranking officer and they asked him, why do you make these young men and women in boot camp make their bed? Guess what he said? Because I like seeing a quarter bounce of their very tight-drawn comforters. No! That’s not what he said, what he said was that it gave these young men and women, who have no discipline in their lives and were seeking it, by the way, their mom was there, the sergeant.
Adrienne: No, the mom is not in—
Attilio: Yeah! He says, I’m your momma! The sergeant in boot camp, that’s what I’m saying, because that’s the mom.
Adrienne: Because they don’t let your parents into boot camp. They only get to come at graduation.
Attilio: Your, your mommy and your daddy is there, and that’s the drill sergeant is the point I was making.
Adrienne: That’s pretty scary.
Attilio: But in the interview that I read of him answering this question, it was this, if you want to start your day with some sense of accomplishment, go make your bed. Because then it’s something small, that everybody can do on this planet, you don’t have to have nay special skills or training or anything like that, make your bed. Because then you’re programming yourself that day for checking something off your task list and having a sense of accomplishment. By the way, I learned something about Oprah Winfrey.
Adrienne: Does she make her bed every day?
Attilio: No.
Adrienne: (gasping) She has someone else make her bed?
Attilio: She’s no longer my hero. No, no, no. I have a big, by the way, I’ve got to do my Oprah Winfrey shout-out, Oprah, if you or someone on your team is listening to my voice right now, we’d love to have you on the show. We’ve been asking for like 6 years. But I will be persistent and Oprah Winfrey will, maybe she’ll call in. We know she lives in Hawaii, she owns property here, she, big fan of Maui. But anyway, Oprah Winfrey, this is what I learned about her. She doesn’t make her bed every day.
Adrienne: What does she do?
Attilio: She only makes it on the weekends but she goes Martha Stewart on it. Like the throw pillows, and she makes it all super fancy. So, she doesn’t make her bed everyday but she, she really goes all out on it on the weekends.
Adrienne: I would think that she has people to make her bed.
Attilio: Nope.
Adrienne: Like she would leverage that. Because I’ve leveraged that to my children.
Attilio: She’s a very, she’s a very private she’s a very private person, uh, and as a home body, to be home with you, yeah, she doesn’t, isn’t like, when she’s out, she’s out, but when she’s home, and she’s perfectly fine being by herself and not having a lot of people all over the place. I learned this from listening and reading and seeing everything, anything about Oprah, huge fan. So, Oprah’s people, I think, I’m her number one fan in Hawaii, she should come be on our show. So anyway, that was to make your bed and you had something else, have a morning routine.
Adrienne: Have a good morning routine.
Attilio: One last one before we move on.
Adrienne: That would be four.
Attilio: No. We always over achieve, we give them more than they want, or do we leave them wanting more?
Adrienne: I think we should leave them wanting more because I have some quotes that came in from Hawaii Pacific Property Management.
Attilio: Okay, I have five more things that will, will—
Adrienne: Well let’s save it for next time, please.
Attilio: Hold on, don’t step on my sentences.
Adrienne: This is radio, that’s what we do.
Attilio: I have five more things that will help you with the strategy for, for faking it until you make it and give you confidence in the day. But we’re going to tell you on the next show. Go ahead.
Adrienne: Okay, so, here’s the quotes, courtesy of uh, Mr. Duke Kimhan from Hawaii Pacific Property Management.
Attilio: Home of the guaranteed rent.
Adrienne: Yes, okay, so Marianne Williamson says, “Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fear. And nothing controls you, except your beliefs.”
Attilio: You know, when you said nothing binds you except your thoughts, you know what I thought of? What about duct tape?
Adrienne: (laughing)
Attilio: Okay, go ahead.
Adrienne: Okay, this one’s a Latin proverb.
Attilio: You going to say it in Latin? Or are you going to do it in English?
Adrienne: I, I’m going to do this in English, I don’t, I don’t speak that Latin—
Attilio: E pluribus—
Adrienne: No. Maybe pig Latin. Okay, “if the wind will not serve, take to the oars.”
Attilio: Take to the oars.
Adrienne: Alright, so I don’t know that Duke’s going to be calling in with his property management tip of the week.
Attilio: Well we’ll give it.
Adrienne: Yeah, so what is, so what’s the tip, the tip this week?
Attilio: You know, the property management tip of the week, you know, he’s, he’s had a couple of them but, one of the best ones that I like, because you know we had, we talked to somebody a couple days ago and they said hey, I self-manage, I like hearing your guys’ tips and stuff like that, so—
Adrienne: Very helpful.
Attilio: Let’s come from contribution and share with these people these, these property management tips of the week, by the way, by the way, why is it important to know this information? 90, probably 90-95% of the wealth in this country was built how?
Adrienne: On real estate.
Attilio: Real estate!
Adrienne: Real estate.
Attilio: Real estate, by the way, the home you live in, is not an investment, because if you sell it, you’ve got to go move somewhere. The only time it truly becomes an investment is if you want to go live on the beach. I guess in Hawaii that could work! So that, you know, I’m an optimist, I see all those homeless people and I’m like, oh! They just sold their primary residence and they’re just independently wealthy and have a lot of equity and they’re just living on the beach. I’m an optimist.
Adrienne: So, so yes, we ran into somebody who actually had vacated their home, they moved into a larger home, and uh, they were self-managing. And basically, they let their tenant out of the lease early so that they could move into the base housing. So, he said that was a big mistake. Because it’s been vacant and he has not been able to get it rented. And his big hang-up was—
Attilio: Wait, wait, how come he, he didn’t get it rented, it’s vacant?
Adrienne: I well, I don’t know because he’s just doing it himself. So, he’s having trouble and he’s having to pay like all these mortgage payments and I said, you know what? You just need to call Duke, doesn’t matter that you live down the street, Duke has amazing marketing, he’s going to be able to get someone in there and alleviate that stress of having to pay two mortgages every month.
Attilio: I’ll tell you right now, uh, I watched a documentary on the Trump family, so I actually know the history, here, here’s one of the things, I hate that when people make statements and then you start drilling them down on it and they haven’t really done any research uh, if you know the, the, the Trump family, basically Frederick was the great grandfather who came from Germany penniless, and I’m, and I don’t want to get into any political discussions of what we think about this or that, yeah, I’m scared, I’m scared, scared, you know what? That his finger might be on the big button uh, launching the nukes, but, anyway, that aside, uh, go deep on stuff and do some research. I know a lot of people, and by the way, you have to, because people will call you out in 10 seconds, how?
Adrienne: It’s called Google.
Attilio: They’ll go on their phone and Google it and they’re like, okay, so the ultimate BS detector is Googling it. So be factual with your information and be humble, so, I, I am circling back around to being competent, here’s the deal, there’s a difference between being obnoxious and being confident, being rude and being confident, and this is it. Everything, if I say something, so this is humility, uh, sprinkled over confidence. If I say something and I know it’s a fact, what do I say in the beginning of that, before the factual statement?
Adrienne: I could be wrong.
Attilio: I could be wrong.
Adrienne: So, every time he says that I’m like (sigh).
Attilio: I could be wrong. But I’m pretty confident that the sky is blue. But I could be wrong.
Adrienne: Or the other one is, I agree with you one hundred percent from your perspective.
Attilio: That’s called agreeing not, uh, agreeing, what is it, agreeing to disagree?
Adrienne: Agreeing to be, to disagree.
Attilio: Yeah, let’s agree to, disagreeable. No, that’s not being disagreeable. It’s one of those things where it’s kind of like the velvet hammer where you hit them over, bonk them on the head with the little velvet hammer and then they go, wait a minute, you just hit me with a hammer, wait a minute, you just said you agree with me, but you’re not agreeing with me.
Adrienne: You just try and confuse people.
Attilio: Anyway. So.
Adrienne: He can’t put that past me now.
Attilio: Property management here’s the deal, you need to have somebody between you—
Adrienne: And the tenants.
Attilio: And the tenant. At the bottom line, one or two months of vacancy is more money than you would pay at a whole years’ worth of management fees.
Adrienne: Yup, so just hire Duke.
Attilio: Just hire Duke, I’m telling you guys right now, uh, you know, I did sleep in a Holiday Inn and I do know how to change an oil on a car, but do I do it myself, no, that’s not the best use of my time.
Adrienne: Okay, so you can call Duke at 445-9223. Or check him out online at www.hipacificpm.com.
Attilio: And before we move on, tell them what about, what’s, he’s got this crazy insane rent guarantee. What’s that about?
Adrienne: So basically, if he can’t rent your home, at the agreed-upon price and/or timeframe, he will pay the rent.
Attilio: No way! What’s that all about?
Adrienne: Yes, yes. It’s, it’s absolutely crazy, I think they’re the only ones that offer this rent guarantee.
Attilio: By the way, check them out on Yelp, they have a lot of good reviews, and a couple crazies.
Adrienne: Yes, from disgruntled tenants.
Attilio: And I’ll tell you, here’s the last thing about reviews before we go to our break. Look for companies that have a lot of reviews, but here’s the, here’s the makeup or the demographic of those reviews. You’ve got to have, you’ve got to have a lot of good reviews, but it’s okay to have some crazies in there, because look at how they deal with the negative reviews.
Adrienne: Yes, exactly.
Attilio: That’s a more legitimate business. Speaking of reviews, and things like body language.
Adrienne: Yes, we have our uh, our weekly tip from the Boyd Language Boss.
R.B.: Alright, hi Adrienne, hi Attilio. It’s great to be here, this week your body language tip of the week is actually to watch facial expressions. Now, if you are watching someone’s facial expression, you need to know, their emotions are broadcasting these facial expressions, so if you can find out what expression they’re making, you have an inside tip as to what they’re actually feeling. And the easiest way to uh, to diagnose that expression is actually to mimic it. If you see someone making a face and you want to know what they’re thinking, I want you to mimic their facial expression. This is something you do naturally, but when you do it consciously, it will help you figure out what they’re feeling and where they’re coming from.
Adrienne: Now, what if they’re making kind of like an angry face?
R.B.: Then they’re probably angry and you shouldn’t mimic that facial expression because then you might get a little bit angry. Hope that makes sense, and that’s my tip of the week.
Attilio: Alright, thanks R.B.! Hey, we’re about to take a break, but stay with us. When we come back, we’ll be talking with Jim Bunch of POWUR and the Ultimate Game of Life. He will tell us what technologies are going to shift the game of life and business. So, stay tuned!
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Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.
Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne—
Attilio: And I’m Attilio.
Adrienne: And if you have any questions, you can reach us at 799-9596 or on the web at www.teamlally.com.
Attilio: Hey, do we want to give a mortgage tip of the week before we get into it? For Jodie?
Adrienne: Sure!
Attilio: Sure, what’s your mortgage tip of the week? I gave the property management one, tag you’re it!
Adrienne: Is that uh, you know, it’s very, the very first step in looking for a home is actually not looking for a home, it’s actually to get pre-approved.
Attilio: And make sure that you’re getting pre-approved, not pre-qualed, pre-qualed is like, when you go on match.com and they put the real sexy picture and then they show up for the date and you’re like whoa! Record scratching. That’s a pre-qual. Pre-approval is you did a Google Hangout with them and you did a video chat before you met in the bar, and what you saw in the video is what showed up at the bar. That’s a pre-approval. Okay.
Adrienne: Okay, I don’t know if that analogy really works, but—
Attilio: It does work, Tony Robbins says, talk in things that people understand, about things they don’t understand.
Adrienne: Well I think a pre-qual is more like just having a conversation and a pre-approval is you’re just putting all your information out there. Right?
Attilio: Has everyone ever dated in their life? Unless you like live in a cave or maybe you got convicted when you, when you were a teenager for life and you’re in solitary confinement. Everyone’s dated, so they know what that means.
Adrienne: Alright, so you can uh, give Jodie and her team a call at, what is her number there? 488-5510. Or check them out online at www.pacrimmtg.com.
Attilio: Even if you’re already working with a lender, hey, do a little fact check, quality control, check out to see if you’re getting the best deal. Give Jodie a call.
Adrienne: That’s right.
Attilio: Alright, so our guest today is the co-founder and president of POWUR, the first clean energy technology platform that is disrupting and decentralizing the way the world uses energy.
Adrienne: He grew up in Florida, has lived in both Canada and sunny San Diego and attended the University of Florida.
Attilio: As a leader in advancing and educating people about environmental sustainability, and clean energy, he has founded several organizations such as Ultimate Game of Life and POWUR, by the way power is POWUR, while helping start up and grow www.bamboo.com.
Adrienne: Here to tell us what technologies are going to shift the game of life and business, let’s welcome our guest today, Jim Bunch!
Attilio: Hello Jim!
Jim: Hello, it’s great to be here, thanks for the invite!
Adrienne: Yes, we’re so excited to have you.
Attilio: Yeah, so uh, we want, so, Hawaii, we have, you know, we have cultural differences uh, in, all places in the world and one of our cultural uniquenesses here in Hawaii business-wise is we like to get to know the person a little bit before we get into the, into the business. And so, tell us a little bit about yourself. Uh, where were you born and raised.
Jim: Born and raised down in Florida, uh, went to school there, had a great time, played sports, and uh, couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Quickest way possible. And uh, that took me to University of Florida where I thought I was going to be a doctor and what I realized is I started my first company in college, in nutrition, and that took me down a whole different path.
Attilio: So, let’s talk about that, what, what was that company you like, what was it about?
Jim: Well here’s the, here’s the funny thing. And, and this goes back to marketing and finding something cool and being able to, to really reposition it. The nutrition company at the time was selling these vitamins and minerals, 72 whatever, as a way for older people to get healthier. Well, I was in the University of Florida, known as a party school, and we realized, wait a second, this stuff actually cures hangovers better than it cures disease.
Attilio: I was thinking the word hangover before you even said it.
All: (laughing)
Jim: So, we repositioned it, and uh, you know, started to make a little money in college, had some funny and realized that we could help a lot more people if we repositioned that product, i.e. college kids being sober for class is important.
Attilio: How is that, so there’s a line from that robot movie, uh, see a need, fill a need. Son, come over here, this is how you build wealth. See a need, fill a need.
Jim: You got it, you got it. Add more value, like we were talking about before. Add more value to more people, that’s how you create wealth.
Attilio: And so, what, what did your parents do for a living. Be honest with you, that’s one of our interview questions for team members. What did you parents do for a living.
Jim: My mom was a dental hygienist, one of the best as a matter of fact, I used to spend most of my time at a dentist’s office which is why I thought medicine was the path.
Adrienne: Oh, no wonder your teeth are so straight! And white and sparkly.
Attilio: Do you have any cavities? No. (laughing)
Jim: I do have cavities, I will, I will admit, not now, but as a kid, yeah. (laughing)
Attilio: That’s like the preacher’s son, drinking and you know, drinking, carousing around town.
Jim: Rock music, right.
Attilio: It’s the dental hygienist child with uh, with the cavities.
Jim: Uh, that’s super bad, my mom would be like wait a second, hold on, we did good. Uh, my dad was a Vietnam vet, you know, went through those challenges, front line Marines so uh, you know, unfortunately his path has been a little bit tougher, uh, but my mom remarried when I was five to my stepfather and he was an electrician, always ran a small electrical business, 3-4 employees, and uh, you know, just a great guy, taught me a lot about the values about business.
Attilio: Yeah, so that’s, that’s your tip for you people out there, bringing people onto a team, or hiring, ask people what were their parents like, because does it say a lot about—
Adrienne: Like the environment that they grew up in, and—
Attilio: Obviously, entrepreneurial environment with Dad running a, an electrician’s business. And stuff like that, so you were, your DNA was being, being set from a young age to be that serial entrepreneur that you are today.
Jim: Didn’t realize it at the time, but it definitely, the foundation, and my mom’s boss, uh, you know, she had a couple of dentists that she worked for, but one of them in particular was a Doctor Torrez who was Puerto Rican passionate as all get out, about life, about business, and I remember going into the office and he was always grabbing me by the back of the neck, jimmy, Jimmy, you’re going to be something great some day! And I think I was his adopted kid! He had kids but I was the kid that would listen to him, ___ his own kids.
Adrienne: But he was giving you those affirmations.
Jim: He was giving me the affirmations. He also was the first one who introduced me to personal development and I don’t know if I should say this on the air, but I, I did end up, uh, you know, taking a copy of his boot legged Tony Robbins tapes, back when I was a kid, no worries, I’m friends with Tony, so I’ve worked with tony in my early twenties, but uh, yeah, it was really, it was like you know, Tony, he says listen to these tapes, take the actions, and if you don’t, then stop listening to the tapes, so tape three I stopped listening to them because at the time, I didn’t take those actions.
Adrienne: Hmm, you weren’t executing.
Jim: Wasn’t executing. But at least I listened and followed what he said. So.
Attilio: Well, you know what’s neat about Tony. You can go on YouTube, it’s all there! And they, they asked what, like, why do you put everything out here for free? And then you’re not chasing down people that are uploading it without your permission. Here’s the one thing you know, you went, what was it, you went to UPW?
Adrienne: Yes, Unleash the Power, actually it was last year, this time and that—
Attilio: How many people were in that?
Adrienne: There was like 10,000 people in that, that stadium.
Attilio: And was it free?
Adrienne: No, it was pretty expensive. And it was just like, but the energy though!
Jim: It’s an experience.
Adrienne: It’s way different than watching, yeah, than watching on YouTube, it was just, it was, it was so, you know, it was so impactful that I actually stopped eating meats because Tony did a whole day on nutrition and I was like, oh!
Jim: You pay for the experience. Yeah, I took my sister for her 16th birthday to UPW, so this was a long time ago, I’m’ dating myself a bit here, but she stopped eating meat, then my mom went, my mom stopped eating meat, and that’s been 20 years ago.
Adrienne: Oh, wow.
Jim: Yeah, so it is transformational when you can be around masters who have mastered that level of the game and I tell people, you know, Tony is one of the most inspiring motivational people on the planet, but the environment that’s created is unsurmounted, you cannot experience that anywhere else unless you’re in person, and it can shift you at a very deep, DNA level fi you allow it.
Attilio: Yeah, he always is talking about them using that phrase, you know, shifting you or changing your energy, changing your state, that’s how he says it, we’re going to change your state.
Adrienne: But you’ve got to be open to it, though.
Jim: You’ve got to be open to it and here’s something I learned too, so you know, you talk about the path and, and we’re fast-forwarding a little bit but, being one of the guys who built those events, because I was around Tony when I was 23, that’s when I first started working with him and I’m a little older than that now, (laughing) right? But one of the things that I realized is, you know, people were getting excited, getting pumped up and you know, they’re with us for 3-5-14 days at some of the bigger events, but then I noticed that only about 4% of the people, I know you love stats, right? Only about 4% of the people would actually go back home and apply or stick to what they had learned.
Adrienne: Just do the work.
Jim: Any idea why?
Attilio: No idea! I could be wrong, I could say, no, no, no.
Adrienne:  Human nature.
Jim: It’s the sky is blue, yes, no, the uh, the, one of the things that I discovered from another mentor later is I asked him, I said, why do so many people spend all this time, all this money, they want to make these changes, they want to change their diet, they want to change their finances, they want to change their relationships, but they don’t, its temporary.
Adrienne: Yes.
Jim: He said, it’s because they don’t understand that your willpower is not as strong as the environments.
Attilio: Yes.
Jim: And you’re in the seminar for 2-3-10 days, whatever, but then you come back to your same old what?
Adrienne: Same old life. Habits.
Attilio: Same old, same old.
Jim: Same old environments.
Attilio: The people.
Jim: The people, there’s 9 different environments, and this is why I founded the Ultimate Game of Life is because I realized, if you don’t change these 9 environments, the human will go back to their old behavior within 2-4 weeks. 2-4 weeks, which is why you see the yo-yo diets, you see people in and out of debt, you see people get wealthy and then poor, because their subconscious, as you know, is being constantly conditioned and programmed but they don’t understand the environments are pulling them back to their old behaviors. And there’s a great TV show, have you seen The Biggest Loser, the TV show?
Adrienne: Yes.
Jim: Alright, in the beginning stages, I’m a student of all kinds of things, in the beginning stages, people go on, they lose weight, they’re in a new what?
Attilio: Environment.
Jim: Then what happens? About 5 weeks in they take them back to their old what?
Attilio: Their old environment.
Jim: And you see the people, you see their jobs, you see that world and they have the stark contrast, you go, wait a second, I don’t want to be here, I need to go back to the ranch, because if I don’t, I’m not strong enough right now—
Adrienne: The will power.
Jim: You’ve got it! So, they’re trying to use will power to change their life, will power to change their environments, and they have to, you have to redesign the environments, to redesign your life.
Attilio: Well what—
Adrienne: Or you just have to have extremely strong will power.
Jim: Which is about 4% of the population. 4% of the population has that internal, they block out everything else and that’s, that’s it, they make that decision, they make it happen.
Attilio: They’re Olympic level athletes, uh, they’re at the peak of whatever industry or career that they’re part of, but will power, we learned about it in the book called The One Thing, is will power  is a temporary energy source, it’s not sustainable to, to maintain that discipline and, we are the sum of the 5 people that we spend the most time with and, if you lost 150-200 pounds and you go back to hanging out with your overweight relatives, who are eating KFC every night—
Adrienne: They’re not going to be helpful.
Attilio: And you said it, human nature, we’re like water, what happens with water?
Adrienne: It rolls downhill.
Attilio: It settles at the lowest point, it’s always human nature.
Jim: Well even those Olympic athletes, right, if you were to take an Olympic athlete, like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, right, they took him off the streets, put him into a positive environment, more, you know, boom, he changes. You take an Olympic athlete and you put them in an, an unhealthy environment, they will succumb to—
Attilio: They’ll revert.
Jim: Every time.
Attilio: Yeah. Alright, so let’s talk, we, we, we talked about, you know, uh, how you were raised uh, parents and, and where you’re coming from in your origins, uh, so what, so, let’s go back a little bit to that timeline. What did you do after college?
Jim: So, after college, I though, alright, I’m going to go build this nutrition business, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and honestly started partying way too much. (laughing)
Adrienne: And using your vitamins.
Jim: Using my vitamins to recover, but you know, there’s just a—
Attilio: 96% of the listeners can relate.
Jim: Yeah. (laughing) 4% didn’t hear what we said anyway.
Attilio: They’re like, party, I partied hard.
Jim: So, I, I realized very quick that that wasn’t going to work and plus I had moved away from my core business, it would be like a real estate agent moving to another part of the country, and all of a sudden—
Adrienne: Trying to restart.
Jim: They’re restarting and I didn’t, at 24 didn’t know how to build a network, I didn’t know how to add value to people, you know, I was in sale mode instead of going well how can I create a new network, how can I create more value for people, I was in a take mode, which is, doesn’t work. And so, it was a great wake-up call fortunately and not, I don’t believe the universe ever makes mistakes, I believe you’re going to meet exactly who you need to meet at the right time, at the right second, not a split second sooner, not a split second too late. I ended up meeting somebody who worked with Tony Robbins and I go, I remember a set of tapes that I listened to 3 of those tapes, tell me about this guy. And they were hiring somebody to go on the road and speak and sell Tony’s events and fill up those events like you were at, like the—
Adrienne: Yeah, Unleash the Power, yes.
Jim: Yeah, so uh, I joined what we call the SWAT team, there are 4 of us, and that’s when I spent the year in Canada, we would travel into a city about 8 weeks before Tony would get there and again, I’m dating myself because this is back before Google, right? And the way that you found your network was you picked up this big clunky thing called the . . . Yellow Pages.
Attilio: Phone book.
Jim: Yeah, the phone book, which kids nowadays, my kid doesn’t even know what that is, right? So, we pick up that phone book and we would go through and we’d go A through Z and we would start calling into businesses and we had a script. Just like we were talking about on the way here, if you make those calls, if you, if you put the energy out there, the universe will pay you back. So, we were doing 2-3 presentations a day, inside of offices that we booked ourselves in to speak and inspire their sales teams. And then we would sell them at the end of that to come to the live event and Tony took it from there. You know, so every 8 weeks, we would drop into a city with a cell phone, a phone book, and a place to sleep, and our job was to put 2500 people into those live events every 8 weeks. Hard core sales, commission only, but it was so fun, and I transformed everything, I got up, I mediated at 4 o’clock every morning, worked out, and I was in front of rooms by 7 or 8 am presenting 2-3 keynotes a day. Whereas most speakers would do 1 key note a month, we’re doing 2-3 a day, so repetition being the mother of all skill, as you know, over and over until you master it.
Attilio: And you know, and you had talked about, and I like this topic of why do 4%, only 4% of the people execute coming out of these events, the analogy that I use is like, uh, what is it? Who, it’s one of the BOLD laws, which is uh, success is simple but not easy. Success is simple but not easy, and, and what we mean by that, because people are like, well how come everybody doesn’t sell the amount of homes that you guys sell? Last year 172 homes, and I tell people, it’s very simple. Everything that we do is out there, there’s no secrets.
Adrienne: It’s execution.
Attilio: But it’s just like you know, brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal will allow you to die with the teeth you were born with. Exercising every day will have you the body shape that you want and eating the right things, are those like really earth-shattering, super discipline habits? Not really. They’re just tiny things but again, it’s human nature, they’re not going to do those things.
Jim: You got it. And, and again, I go back to the environment. If a, if I were to follow someone around with a video crew, for 90 days, and we said you’re going to focus on your happiness, health, and wealth for 90 days and we’re going to let 10 million people watch you, I promise you, (laughing) the environment would change a few behaviors, the way that they show up in the world and yet, that’s, you know, that’s not the way that most people live, but, if they do the right things, in the right order, over and over, they’re going to win. You said something earlier, too, about practice makes perfect or something to that effect, and I was reminded by another friend and mentor, he said, you know, I said practice makes perfect, right? And he goes, no! Absolutely not! If you practice the wrong things, over and over again—
Attilio: You’re reinforcing it.
Jim: You got it.
Adrienne: It’s perfect practice.
Jim: Perfect practice makes perfect ___.
Attilio: And uh, and then that’s our other BOLD law, hey uh, what is it? A professional practices until they get it wrong, no! An average person practices—
Jim: Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they get it wrong.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: That’s it, alright, so that’s what we’ve learned, so, now, we are fast-forwarding to today. The reason why we’re going to be uh, having our future conversations with other realtors on the island, let’s talk about uh, POWUR.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: People need more POWUR in their lives.
Adrienne: They do, and, and how, how did this all come about? Tell us the, tell us the back story.
Attilio: Clean energy.
Adrienne: Yes.
Jim: Clean energy. Well, so, I live in San Diego, a great family, great environment, we’ve really designed our life the way that we love so, I look at it, three of my favorite surf spots and that was kind of my life, and we donate to different charities, we usually choose one a year that we support and one of them was focus on protecting the rainforest down in the Amazon. Uh, some friends of ours Bill and Lynn Twist and so we thought donating our money was enough, they would take care of everything else and then uh, I ended up taking a trip down to the rainforest, and I took a good friend of mine, Jonathan Bud, uh, who is now my co-founder in this company and we realized while we were down there that this particular tribe was one of the only ones that’s been successful in fighting the oil companies from destroying this part of the Amazon. One of the most biodiverse parts of the planet, more animals, more species than anywhere else, it’s also considered to be the lungs of our planet because oxygen only comes from two places. The oceans and a couple of rainforests and yet, they were ripping them apart for the exploration of oil, so, when I first went down there, you know, I had some eye-opening experiences, got some realizations, and my business partner goes, that’s it, we’ve got to help the world shift to clean energy. We’ve got to build this software company, duh-duh-duh, and I go, you know what dude? That is a great idea, you should go do that.
All: (laughing)
Jim: And so, I said, go for it, so he did! He started, he put his first, put the first million bucks in himself, and he was off to the races. I kind of watched and mentored and you know, advised as we were going along and then I invested in the company and then I realized it was time for me to get involved. Because right now, more than ever, we have to shift to a more clean, sustainable energy for whatever reasons people want. But what I realized is, the way to do it, is to actually give the power back to people. Because right now, most people don’t have a choice with where they get their energy and so we thought, what if we could build a software company that connects the homeowners with the best solar providers and it allows other people like our agents, who are trusted advisors, to recommend who the homeowners should be going with. And so, uh, with my background in building virtual tours in the real estate industry back in the ’90s, uh, were realized, this is the way for us to shift the world to clean energy, faster because solar makes sense, right, it’s cheaper and it’s cleaner, but people are confused, they don’t know who to trust. And without that, that relationship, it’s—
Adrienne: Or also how to get through the red tape. You know, there’s a lot of different regulations and permits and—
Attilio: Yeah, from the public utilities.
Jim: Right.
Attilio: Local government and then you also have the people that would love to just come in and install it, but they’ve got to work hand-n-hand, now I want to kind of drill it down because uh, we’re going to talk about realtors and how they can get involved in something like this and why they should and what’s the benefit to them, but correct me if I’m wrong, my favorite statement, anybody can get involved they don’t have to be a realtor, right? Anybody can get involved with power?
Jim: Yeah, we’re a software company, we license our software and that’s the whole idea, is this is a crowd movement, uh, not too long ago we did a crowd fundraise, we had never done one of those before, and we broke the world record for fastest to raise $1 million and it’s actually $1.4 million we ended up with instead of 500 people which is what we want, we had 760, so we had to give money back to a bunch of people and it shows the demand of people saying we want clean energy, but as you mention, the public utilities which should be owned by us, the public, aren’t really operated that way. So, now, we’re helping the crowd take their power back. And that’s why we’ve put the U in POWUR, not to mention the other URL was already taken.
All: (laughing)
Attilio: Gotcha! That’s what I find.
Adrienne: So clever!
Jim: Yeah, well.
Attilio: All the, all the spelled correctly uh, domain names are gone, yeah. So, if you just misspell it a little bit and, and, that’s a good, putting you back in power, so let’s talk about more about that, and let’s, let’s go to our niche, our niche listeners, our fellow realtors.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: Because, as you said, you used that word, uh, that phrase before, trusted, trusted—
Adrienne: Advisor.
Attilio: Advisor. And most homeowners uh, again, are utilizing a relator, we talked about it on the way here to the studio, to help them make what kind of decision? The biggest financial decision for most people, so they usually, if you develop a good relationship, they trust, they’ll go to the realtor and ask them, you know, uh, I’m thinking about getting some plastic surgery, can you recommend any—no, no! They’re not asking for plastic—
Adrienne: They ask about solar, they ask about remodeling, they ask about you know—
Attilio: Plumbing, electrical, probate, attorneys.
Adrienne: Yes.
Attilio: You’d be amazed how many inquires we get for just different things that have to do with, and some people will ask about stuff that has nothing to do with real estate because they feel that we’re in the community and we’re doing a lot of business and interacting.
Adrienne: Do you have a good baby sitter for my children?
Attilio: And that we’re interacting—
Jim: I think the level of trust for a baby sitter by the way, I mean that’s, that shows you the importance of the real estate advisor, and I keep saying advisor because I believe that with technology, and we talked about this too, there are so many disruptive technologies coming down, that’s what made my living is, is identifying the trends, and what are the technologies that are going to disrupt the world, for better?
Adrienne: So, you’re a disruptor?
Jim: I’m a, I absolutely, in a good way! (laughing) My wife might say different, she says sometimes I get a little, you know.
Attilio: Well, you know, like you mentioned before, the car was the disruptor of the horse and buggy. I don’t know anybody that wants to be riding around right now on a horse and buggy when we’ve got Bluetooth and music and air conditioning and suspension and all of that. So that’s a good disruptor.
Adrienne: Maybe the Amish?
Attilio: Maybe the—
Adrienne: The Amish.
Attilio: Except for the Amish.
Jim: It’s true! And the Amish and we talked about you know, the record industry being disrupted by MP3s, there are still vinyl collectors, right, they’re not going to leave the planet, right? But the reality is, the masses have switched to hey, I’d rather have 10,000 songs on my phone than carry around 10,000 albums.
Attilio: Yeah, we’re not—
Adrienne: That would just be impossible.
Jim: Not going to happen.
Attilio: We’re not talking about the outliers that want to hear the little scratchy crackly pops and whatever in their music, like you do with the vinyl record, which is super, my daughter, she’s 18 years old, she has a record, vinyl record collection, and a record player. And so, uh let’s talk about, so let’s talk about the realtors. If I’m a realtor, I’m listening to you right now, what key pieces of information uh, can you share with me that would help me do, you know, be a better advisor to my clients?
Jim: Well I think like we talked about before, always, always, always be looking to how do I add more value to more people and that comes in my realm of hey, who are the people I can connect this person with. Maybe they are looking for somebody to help with pest control, maybe they’re looking for something that’s not even inside your normal industry but the more connections you have, the more value who you are around the world, uh, so I think it’s people, number two is ideas. Sometimes you know, you’re talking to business owners, your talking to, you know, successful people and they may just be looking at something the wrong way, like you talked about before, they may be thinking, well I can do this on my own. You could be, but what’s the opportunity cost? What if you looked at it this way, so giving them ideas or a different frame of reference and then resources. I find the more that you can connect people to resources faster, even though you can Google anything and everything, you know, I may trust something that I Google if I can see that there’s 10,000 people that are rated it, but there’s things that I just don’t know yet.
Adrienne: Yeah, so just being able to help them to sort through all of this information.
Jim: You’re saving me time.
Adrienne: It can be overwhelming.
Attilio: You’re helping them, your helping them seek wisdom.
Adrienne: That’s right.
Attilio: Because we’re all swimming in, drowning in information. So, you know what? So, I’m going to ask you, I’m going to read the mind of a realtor that’s listening right now, we know that there’s the three most important things that you need to have in a successful real estate business and I just want to focus on the one. It’s called what? Sellers or buyers?
Adrienne: Sellers.
Attilio: Listings, listings, listings! So, give me some specific information that I can, that you can share with our fellow uh, realtor listeners. Because we know you’re listening uh, on how I can get more listings!
Jim: So, it’s a great question. Right now, solar should never be a surprise. In other words, it’s on a rooftop, typically, so, if you walk up and think about this for a second, if you see a rooftop and it has solar on it, there’s 3 questions every neighbor has asked that home owner. Number one, where did you get it, number two, how much did it cost, and number three, how much are you saving? So, they can either say, oh, I got it from Joe Blow Solar or my what introduced me?
Attilio: Trusted advisor?
Jim: My trusted advisor introduced me, you should connect with him or her. The moment they do that, you are now expanding your farm, you’re expanding your network. We’re seeing this happen all across the country now where agents are using this conversation as a way to add value even if somebody’s not ready to sell, it’s a relevant conversation to a homeowner.
Adrienne: To be helpful. Yeah.
Jim: Be helpful, yeah, and to be interested, be engaged and to be resourceful. The other thing that we’re seeing is uh, and this just happened in Florida and up in uh, San, uh, just north of San Francisco. Is agents who are using this conversation to show their model homes, so they’re running open houses where they’ll bring us or one of our solar partners in, and they’re doing a uh, educational inside of a model home. So, we had 70 people show up at a model home down in Cape Coral, Florida and this was 70 neighbors that came in to hear about clean energy and of course to take a look at the home. That’s 70 people that that agent didn’t know before.
Attilio: And so, I reached, I’m reaching through the radio to our fellow realtors right now, my hand is coming through the radio, and I’m knocking on the middle of your forehead and saying hello! And here’s my message for you today. Quick question. And we’re going to just remind people what they already know. Where are the most, where is the uh, the most expensive electricity in the United States?
Adrienne: Here! Right here!
Attilio: It’s right here in the state of Hawaii! And in fact, in fact, it’s actually not on Oahu, do you know where the most expensive, it’s all the outer island.
Adrienne: I think Kuwait maybe?
Attilio: All the other islands.
Adrienne: Yeah, neighbor islands.
Attilio: So, Oahu literally has the most expensive uh, electricity in the United States and it’s even more expensive on Kuwait, the big island, and Maui! So, hello realtors, wake up, call, you need to be having a conversation with these people when you uh—
Adrienne: Us of all people, here in Hawaii.
Attilio: Before you got the PV, what was your electric bill looking like on that home?
Adrienne: $600-700 a month.
Attilio: That’s a big chunk of change!
Adrienne: It was like a mortgage payment! I could have had a nice little investment property.
Attilio: You could have bought three homes in Texas for your electric bill.
Adrienne: I know, seriously!
Attilio: And that, so, uh, what, so, give them some other little, little, little pearls here, little nuggets regarding solar and, and being a realtor.
Jim: I think the, there’s a couple of things, number one, you really need to understand but not be an expert, so uh, what we do is we have a certification program, and that’s what we’re about ready to do with your office, right? And so, the first part is we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of solar. There’s good, there’s bad, and there’s ugly, and you need to be aware of it. Uh, number two, we talk about the financial and the RESPA, or legal side. Right? And number three, we talk about the marketing, what are the ways that agents are using this to, to really add value to homeowners whether they’re in the listing process or not right now. And also, to connect with a network of people across the world. You know, right now we have the largest coverage in the world, we’re the only one that’s doing international solar and we don’t sell the solar, we are a software company that connects to the best providers in every zip code in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia, and soon to be 190 countries. So, we’re, the, the core question is, do you believe that in the future, we’re going to continue to burn a fossil fuel, or do you believe we’re moving to clean energy?
Attilio: Yeah, no if anybody is—
Adrienne: Clean energy.
Jim: $6 trillion a year industry.
Adrienne: So, get in there now! Now.
Attilio: If anybody has watched any kind of documentary, we, there, there wasn’t an unlimited supply of dinosaurs that passed away and turned into crude oil, it was a fixed amount. And so, we are actually at the, getting to the tipping point where we are going to not be able to produce enough oil for the demand that’s being created, especially when all them Chinese people want to get cars now, even, even though we’re riding bicycles.
Jim: Well China, here’s what’s great about China right now because we are in that, involved in that conversation also. The world is moving to electric vehicles.
Attilio: Yes.
Jim: No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So, even if we could continue to use oil, we can’t afford to burn all that oil. Right now, the United States has 400 million barrels of oil underground, in reserves. If we burn that, that, the CO2 and the toxicity push up in the air, will put us into what’s called an irreversible state. It’s not that, it’s not even a, a, a technology like can we squeeze more out of our oil, we cannot afford to continue to do this. The, the planet is, all the scientists, with the exceptions of a couple of our world leaders, maybe just one, uh, believe that we just need to quit smoking because that’s what it is. You’ve got the planet smoking. And we can’t do that.
Attilio: We already started and you, and the carcinogens have already taken root in your lungs and it’s, its, you know, and we don’t want to get to that point so we’ve got to, we’ve got to have alternative energy, no ifs, ands, or buts. I think the human nature is that, unless it’s like immediate, like in your world, because I always tell people, the gas in Hawaii, as soon as it’s $22 a gallon, everybody’s going to be riding bikes and the bus and the rail, and electric vehicles. It’s not immediate right now.
Adrienne: And it did get up to like $5 a gallon.
Attilio: When?
Adrienne: A long time ago. I’ve seen it high, like, because I got, I get the 92 gas.
Attilio: You get the 92 gas.
Adrienne: And diesel.
Attilio: Okay.
Jim: And this is, this is what you call, in our case, in solar it’s called grid parity, meaning that it’s actually cheaper right now for people to have solar than it is for them to burn a fossil fuel. What do you pay a month now for electricity?
Adrienne: Anywhere between $18 and $50.
Jim: $18-50 versus how much?
Adrienne: $700.
Jim: $700. That is a, what we call a no-brainer moment. Right?
Adrienne: Exactly.
Jim: And when you compound that over 10 years, you’re talking about putting somebody through college So, the long and the short is, right now it already makes financial sense but, solar’s been around for 40 years, people just didn’t know that it was cheaper and they didn’t know who to trust, and that’s why I say, get a free proposal, if it makes sense, do it, if it doesn’t, don’t. But I can promise you here, it makes a lot of sense. Now, in Hawaii there’s a little bit of a lag time because there’s so many people that want it and the permits and different things, but you might as well get on the list now, and that way when it is available, you’re first in line. You know? You’re saving money day one.
Attilio: Alright.
Adrienne: Alright, well we are nearing the end of our show, is there any final thoughts you want to leave with our, our listeners?
Attilio: Yeah, what’s that one big tipping point to get that 96% who go back home and stay, start doing the same old, same old, how can we tip them over, they, they’re not going to get it by just going on and watching some YouTube videos or going to a website. How are they specifically going to tip the scale and take action?
Jim: I think like you said, you can start with who are the people that you spend the most time around, if you’re around people who are moving forward, you’re around people that are game changers, you’re around people that are positive, and inspiring, you’re more likely to be that way. So, really look at your environments and systematically upgrade your environments to upgrade your life.
Attilio: And about this decentralized uh, clean energy solar power, they can go, the website, is it POWUR?
Jim: Www.powur.com. And then of course you know, they can always connect and email if you uh, happy to come back to the inlands here, inspire more people, so.
Attilio: Yeah, we’ve got a 90-minute course that helps you get more—
Adrienne: Certified.
Attilio: Make you more smart.
Adrienne: Yes. (laughing)
Jim: Mo’ smarter.
Attilio: Mo’ smarta!
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