Joining Team Lally today is Myron Kamihara and Vladimir Gaad! In today’s show, Myron and Vladimir discuss how they got into estate planning, the common misconceptions about estate planning and when is the best time to start planning.  They discuss the when, the why and the how of going through the steps to properly plan for your estate. We also talk about their upcoming estate planning seminar soon for our VIP clients as well as some interesting experiences they have encountered while helping clients plan for their estates.

Who is Myron Kamihara?
Myron Kamihara is the CEO of Kamihara Law, who helps clients prepare for the future with personalized estate planning designed around their family’s unique goals.
Myron is licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii and is a current member of the Federal District Court of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Bar Association. Myron is known for his strong work ethic, exceptional people skills, and compassionate, personalized service in the areas of estate planning and contracts law. Before opening his private practice, he served as Legislative Attorney for the Hawaii House of Representatives Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee.

Who is Vladimir Gaad?
Vladimir Gaad is an Attorney-At-Law at Gaad Law Firm LLLC for more than 5 years. He specializes in Personal Injury, No-Fault, Workers’ Compensation, Landlord-Tenant disputes, and Administrative Law. He graduated from University of Hawai’i at Manoa – William S. Richardson School of Law.

To contact Myron and Vlad, please visit www.kamiharalaw.com

To RSVP for the estate planning seminar, please visit: https://www.teamlally.com/estate-planning-seminar.php

Read word for word from our episode with Myron Kamihara and Vladimir G’aad below:

Team Lally Show with Myron Kamihara and Vlad Gaad

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate, in Oahu, with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show. The Team Lally Real Estate Show! Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi, will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home, at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596, that’s 799-9596 or check us out at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio! Hey! Uh, you know where I was? I was camping on top of Mount Ka’ala and I’m not make, usually I make these little scenarios or situations up, but this is actually true! Um, for those of you don’t know, here’s your little factoid for Oahu. Mount Ka’ala is actually the highest point on Oahu. I think 4,000 feet above sea level and it’s cold up there!

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: And it’s wet! Anyway, I was up there with my two teenagers, Attilio Jr. and Isabella. We were camping up there literally just last night. And uh, it was a great experience. They enjoyed it and anyway, believe it or not, we were on the trail coming back down, this lady stops us in the middle of the trail, starts asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions. I say those are great questions, however I recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. And then I said, but mom, what other questions do you have? Yeah! so if you’re ever up on Mount Ka’ala and someone starts asking you tax or legal questions, just, give them the disclaimer!

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: They need to talk to the appropriate licensed professional and um—

Adrienne: Or they could run. Because that would be kind of weird. 

Attilio That would be kind of weird, yup. You know so, also if anybody asks you tax or legal questions, and they’re holding a bloody machete, start running. 

Adrienne: So, we do have uh, a treat for you guys. We do have uh, in studio, guests, some attorneys that can answer those legal questions today. 

Attilio: Mmm hmm!

Adrienne: So, um, later on in this show we’ll bring them on. I have some quotes for us. Alright, so the first one is, “I would rather make my name than inherit it.”

Attilio: Yup!

Adrienne: And that’s from William Makepeace Thackeray. 

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Alright, and then the next quote is from Andrew Carnegie. “I would as soon leave my son a curse as the almi—almighty dollar.”

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And the last one is a call, a Congolese proverb. “Those who inherit fortunes are frequently more of a problem than those who made them.”

Attilio: And uh, do you know what ___ said before she would get into a fist fight? “Hold my baby!”

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: There’s your quote for today.

Adrienne: That has nothing to do with estate planning though.

Attilio: Yeah but it’s, it’s a pearl of wisdom. You know, you see this girl coming after you and she’s telling her friend, “Hold my baby!”

Adrienne: Lookout!

Attilio: Watch out!

Adrienne: Okay!

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: I’ll keep that in mind. Alright so speaking of, of that, we have Anthony Provenzono on the line to talk about CCIM.

Attilio: Hi Anthony, are you there? 

Anthony: Hey guys, how are you?

Attilio: Welcome to the show!

Adrienne: Yes, welcome!

Anthony: Thank you. 

Adrienne: So Anthony’s going to talk with us today a little bit about CCIM and the upcoming event next month!

Attilio: Yeah, so first off, uh, Anthony, you’re the uh, the current president right, for the local Hawaii chapter of CCIM?

Anthony: Yup, just became president as of five days ago!

Attilio: Okay, and for those of us not in the know, what does that acronym stand for? CCIM?

Anthony: Certified Commercial Investment Member. 

Attilio: Alright. And that’s uh—go ahead, Adrienne.

Adrienne: Oh, and I was going to say and there’s an event that’s coming up, February 3rd. Tell us a little bit about that event, Anthony.

Attilio: Yeah!

Anthony: Uh, it’s our 2017 annual forecast for real estate. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: And, you going to have those guys like, they’re wearing turbans and they’ll like tell your future?

All: (laughing).

Anthony: —they tell you what’s going on. 

Attilio: Is the great Swami going to be there? No, not that kind of forecast. 

Adrienne: Not unless you dress up like that. 

Attilio: Yeah. 

Adrienne: (laughing) Look out, Anthony!

Attilio: Your presentation should like Johnny Carson hold the envelope up to my head. 

Anthony: (laughing) I think you should. I think you should.

Attilio: So tell us about this forecast because uh, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s one of your largest attended events for the whole year?

Anthony: It is, it is. We actually already have over 500 people signed up as of today, so. 

Attilio: Okay, and people can still, people can still sign up? They can either do individuals or they can go what? Tables of ten?

Adrienne: Guest table. 

Anthony: Yup, so you can get a table of ten, uh, premium or standard table, $700 or $600 respectively. Or you could come, you know, solo, um, if you’re a member of CCIM, you get a $55 rate, $65 for non-members and it’s $10 extra at the door if you want to do it last minute.

Attilio: Yeah, and you know—

Adrienne: So, so is this just, yeah, is this just for realtors though? Can other people come besides realtors? 

Anthony: Nope, anybody can come, anybody.

Attilio: Open to the public, if you want to know, so let’s tell them why they want to come! Well first of all, you know, um, a big chunk of the people, most of the people in the audience are going to be from the real estate industry and we know our real estate professionals, they’re very organized, they RSVP well-ahead—

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: You know, they put the things on their calendars and they’re super organized. They don’t, no, they’ don’t do things like last minute. But in case you do, they can still go to the door. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm. 

Attilio: And attend the, and so even if you haven’t RSVP’d, I’d highly recommend you get down there. 

Adrienne: Well, Anthony, what is the capacity of the space?

Anthony: I mean we can have as many people as we wanted. 

Adrienne: Okay.

Anthony: I think we’ve had upwards of 700 at one time. 

Attilio: Let’s go for a thousand!

Anthony: Let’s do it!

Attilio: Yeah, so here’s the deal folks! You want to become more educated, you’re an investor, maybe you work for um, you know, a company that’s in, you know, I look at it this way, most companies in some way in Oahu are touched—

Adrienne: By real estate. 

Attilio: By real estate.

Adrienne: Yup.

Attilio: So if you want to be in the know, from a whole uh, plethora of real estate uh, industry experts as they say, speaking on their different topics, umm, this is the, this is the event to attend and um, um—

Adrienne: It’ll be fun too!

Attilio: It’ll be fun! 

Adrienne: tell us about how, how the presentations are going to work Anthony. 

Attilio: Yeah, how are you guys changing that up to make to more engaging?

Anthony: So in the past we had 10 minute presentations by each of the people up there, and now we’re doing 2-3 slides, so you’re really cramming in as much information and we’re engaging the audience by asking the audience questions to each of the panel that’s on their respective topics. 

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: So a lot more engagement this year than previous years. 

Attilio: Yeah!

Anthony: Yeah!

Adrienne: It’ll be fun!

 Attilio: So if you want to know anything about residential real estate, commercial, office, industrial, um also you’re going to have what, uh local economist Paul ____, making his forecast. 

Anthony: Mmm hmm. 

Attilio: So everybody’s going to be there, their expert opinions and um, forecast on what’s going to be happening in 2017 so if you’re getting ready to uh, you know, make some, make some investments, get rid of some stuff, um—

Adrienne: This is the place for you! 

Attilio: Yeah!

Adrienne: So Anthony, where could they go and RSVP? Where’s the best place for them to sign up?

Attilio: Yeah. 

Anthony. Um, you can go on www.ccimhawaii.org and just look for the forecast 2017 and sign up there. 

 Attilio: Okay. Now let’s talk about your guys’ overall mission statement and CCIM. What is, what’s, you know what’s the main purpose of your organization?

Anthony: We try to educate people on um, any kind of real estate investments mainly, so if you’re buying real estate or you’re helping people to buy real estate, you want to really know the numbers behind it. CCIM is a great way to do that. 

Attilio: I know we talked about it the other day, the, the uh, the first course. What is it, course 101?

Adrienne: Yeah the 101, I think it’s coming up in March. 

Anthony: Correct, yup!

Attilio: Yeah, um, we highly recommend if you’re, if you’re a realtor. I think the big thing that you talk about is like, especially if you’re working with investors, for you to be able to intelligently create uh, any kind of analysis for them right?

Anthony: Yeah, they essentially take the emotion out of buying an investment property and you’re able to educate and analyze an investment property for you or your client. 

Attilio: Alright. 

Adrienne: Alright well thanks so much Anthony for calling in to talk about the CCIM event. 

Anthony: Thanks guys!

Attilio: Thank you. 

Anthony: I look forward to hearing you guys speak on February 3rd!

Adrienne: We’ll have our Swamis on!

All: (laughing).

Attilio: Headdress and everything. 

Adrienne: Alright, see you later Anthony.

Anthony: Thanks, bye!

Adrienne: Alright, so we’re going to take a real short break, but when we come back, we have some very special in-studio guests, and they’re going to share some very important information.

Attilio: They’re going to help you avoid probate and get a trust for your family!

Adrienne: So stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: The team Lally real estate show continues. 

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: And if you have any questions you can give us a call at 799-9596, or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com!

Attilio: Hey, before we bring out our two guests, our guests, there are two things we want to talk about. I want to talk about recruiting and property management. So what are we going to talk about with property management? Let’s give a tip of the week. 

Adrienne: Well we can talk about the rent guarantee.

Attilio: Hey, you know what, here’s the, here’s something—

Adrienne: The Hawaii Pacific—

Attilio: It both covers recruiting and property management. It’s called background checks. 

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: Very extensive background checks. So here’s one of the, one of our interview questions. Uh, you know, this is probably, this is an interview question that works both for a tenant and somebody that’s potentially wanting to be on our team. 

Adrienne: Yes, and this could work for any business owner as well. 

Attilio: If you’re a business owner—

Adrienne: So write this—

Attilio: Recruiting, write this down. Come close to the, come close. Little bit closer. That’s not good enough.

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: Get a better pen. Alright, so here’s the deal. Um, the question you want to ask is, we do a very extensive background check. I’m talking extensive! Is there anything you would like to share with us right now? And you’d be surprised, some of the, somebody answered that question with a question, they said, does your firm press charges?

Adrienne: We’ve had all sorts of fun answers come out of that.

Attilio: No, they never said that. But anyway, always ask that question because you’d be surprised at what kind of information comes up. Um, it’s very important: a bad hire or a bad tenant can cost you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars so the, the key phrase here, here’s your quote of the day, slow down to speed up! 

Adrienne: Slow down to speed up!

Attilio: Slow down to speed up. So, that was our property management tip of the week. Hire a professional property management company. How about one that’s got a rent guarantee? What’s that rent guarantee Adrienne?

Adrienne: That’s right. So, the, Hawaii Pacific Property Management has a rent guarantee. 

Attilio: Uh-huh.

Adrienne: If they don’t rent your home in 30 days, they’ll pay the rent. 

Attilio: They’ll pay the rent, that sounds crazy! 

Adrienne: Yes, it is, it is crazy, but give them a call.

Attilio: So are they crazy or are they good?

Adrienne: They’re both!

Attilio: They’re crazy good?

Adrienne: They are.

Attilio: Alright. 

Adrienne: So you can call them at 445-9223, that’s—

Attilio: What’s that number again?

Adrienne: 445-9223.  

Attilio: What if I don’t like talking to somebody, I’m an introvert, I just want to check them out on the internet? 

Adrienne: You can go to www.hipacificpm.com.

Attilio: One more time my pen, my pen ran out of ink.

Adrienne: Www.hipacificpm.com and I just want to also, I was reading a quick review, from one of their happy recent clients.

Attilio: Go for it!

Adrienne: This is from Gavin.

Attilio: Uh-huh.

Adrienne: “After researching property management companies in Hawaii and meeting with a few, we finally decided to use Hawaii Pacific property management to manage our rental. In the very beginning they were knowledgeable and professional, so we were extremely satisfied with their work. Evan has gone out of his way to ensure necessary repairs were done timely and kept us up to date on both the repairs and the tenant search. We highly recommend Hawaii Pacific Property Management.”

Attilio: You know I talked to Jim the other day, he said the two main missions, the two main purposes for working with a client are making sure that the rent comes in and that the property is taken care of. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: So that’s what they focus on! We highly recommend you give them a call. Professional property management! Save you lots of time and effort and headaches. 

Adrienne: Yes!

Attilio: Okay. OH! You know, one other thing though, Yelp reviews, I want to talk about Yelp reviews. Two things you want to avoid uh, avoid doing business with people that have these types of Yelp reviews. One: they’re all perfect!

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: Number two: they’re all negative. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: Because what does it say about either one of those?

Adrienne: They’re something going on there.

Attilio: There’s something going on there because it’s literally, if something’s all negative, then you just have a bad business and people are, are, are, are putting it out there. Um, if—

Adrienne: And then if there is a negative review, you want to look at how, how does the business respond. 

Attilio: Yeah. 

Adrienne: To that negative review. 

Attilio: That’s why I said!

Adrienne: Yes. 

Attilio: Not all perfect. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: You know Team Lally, we’re not all perfect on our, on our Yelp reviews. 

Adrienne: We’re, we’re pretty close though.

Attilio: We’re pretty close. 

Adrienne: There’s a couple of outliers—

Attilio: Property management!

Adrienne: You know, we can’t make everybody happy.

Attilio: You know what?

Adrienne: We’ve got a couple of—

Attilio: Here’s the deal

Adrienne: Interesting customers. 

Attilio: Interesting characters.

Adrienne: Interesting characters, yes. 

Attilio: That leave reviews on there . . . 

Adrienne: And then come back two years later to update it. 

Attilio: You know, when they’re, when their screen name, when their screen name is “crazyrus,” and I work at ToysRUs, and my name is “crazyrus,” um, there’s a, there’s a tip there. So be careful and take it with a grain of salt. But again, like Adrienne said, take a look at how people respond because again, there’s people out there, you could do everything right, they’re still going to be pissed off and negative. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: And crazy. 

Adrienne: And that’s ok! We’ll just love them where they’re at, which is not with us, you know. 

Attilio: You know, I always say, behead them with kindness. 

Adrienne: Yes. 

Attilio: That’s my motto, behead them with kindness.

Adrienne: Okay, speaking of beheading with kindness, we have two awesome attorneys here in the studio with us. 

Attilio: You got the intro?

Adrienne: We have Myron Kamihara and Vladimere Gaad. They specialize in estate planning. 

Attilio: Mmm hmm.

Adrienne: Um, so, so welcome guys!

Attilio: Welcome to the show!

Myron: Thank you!

Adrienne: Alright, so we’ve got a, we’ve got a couple questions for you guys. So, um, so we’ll start with you Myron. So Myron tell us a little bit about yourself, like how did you get into estate planning?

Myron: Alright well, well thanks for having us on. Um, my name is Myron Kamihara and I, I got into estate planning uh, couple years ago because uh, I remember being younger, my grandmother uh went to an estate planning lawyer and I felt as if she got ripped off um, and also, uh, her wishes weren’t documented—

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Myron: As um, I perceived she wanted them to be and on top of that uh, I, I think rip off is an understatement. She paid roughly $14,000—

Adrienne: Oh wow!

Attilio: Wow!

Myron: For an estate plan. Yeah, and that just included a trust and some of the um, you know, ancillary documents you get from the—

Adrienne: And then uh, Vlad, what, what made you decide to get into estate planning?

Vlad: Uh, hi, um, this is Vladimere Gaad, um, I got into estate planning uh, mainly because of working with Myron and uh, to provide a little bit more affordable access, uh for folks. 

Adrienne: Okay, so tell us like where, where are you guys from, are you from here or did you come from the mainland?

Myron: Well I’m, I’m born and raised local. I grew up in Salt Lake, moved out to Kapolei, and now I live in ___ Beach. 

Vlad: Uh, I am too uh, local. I’m born and raised in the ___ area, but uh, I grew up in ___ and ____ and just ____ in general, we bounced around a lot. 

Attilio: Alright, so you know we’ve got to ask this question. It’s um, it’s the one thing that everybody looks at on our resume. Um, what high school did you guys graduate from?

Vlad: I went to Yolani.

All: (laughing).

Myron: I went to Saint Louis. I’m a fellow ILH, uh, student I guess, or graduate I should say. 

Attilio: Well we’ve got to kick Adrienne out of the room, you went public school huh?

Adrienne: I was at public school. 

Attilio: She’s a public school girl. 

Myron: Oh, I see!

Vlad: I see!

Adrienne: Okay, so um, so, moving onto the estate planning, what is the, the number one misconception that you guys have found from, you know, dealing with clients?

Myron: Right, um, you know, I want to make it clear, I was going to say that uh, the number one misconception is that a will will protect you. Although the number one misconception is that you have to have a lot of money to plan for your estate, which is completely incorrect. You want to add to that Vlad?

Attilio: Well you know, I have a yoyo collection. I don’t want that just to go to any yoyo!

All: (laughing).

Attilio: I want that to go to, you know, my kids!

Vlad: Well I, I think people uh look at assets as just property or money but you know, uh as a parent, my most valuable assets are my children. 

Attilio: Yeah. 

Vlad: And I’m sure you could relate to it as parents. 

Adrienne: Yes!

Myron: And so with a will plan, you know, uh, wills protect your children. they implement guardians in the event that you pass away when you’re a minor.

Attilio: Yeah, watch the movie “Annie.” Do you really want them singing that song, “Bet your bottom dollar”?

Adrienne: No!

Attilio: Tomorrow. Everything’s going to be okay? 

Myron: “Annie” was a good movie but no!

Vlad: Yes. Absolutely. 

Adrienne: So, so Vlad, um, in your, in your experience with uh, with, with estate planning, what would you say, like how soon should somehow start to plan for their estate plan?

Vlad: They should be planning yesterday!

Attilio: Yeah.

Vlad: They should be doing it as soon as possible. 

Attilio: Yeah, no regrets. I think, I think, the, we had it! Adrienne you probably had it, I had it! Procrastinating! And all you’re doing is like, really not uh, making sure that you’re aware of any buses, you know when crossing the street, so you don’t get hit by one. Um, but you know what, this is how life works. Um, I think it was in the movie, I don’t know what, you know, I think it was in the movie, I forgot what the name of the movie was but there was a reverend up in front of the congregation and he says, “Death comes unexpectedly.” And he was just like yelling it—”Death comes unexpectedly!” So, get your spiritual house in order um, but for the, everybody else that’s left here on planet Earth, you’ve got get uh, get your assets and your other wishes, and it’s more just about handing off wealth, you talked about something very important. If you’re kids are young and something were to happen to you, you want to know how will they be taken care of. 

Myron: Sure, sure, um, you know another thing is to maintain the family that you have like in harmony, um, you want your wishes documented um, because you don’t want to disrupt the harmony after you die, and most of the time, Vlad can attest to this, uh, when someone doesn’t have an estate planned, we have to file for probate, um, family members do fight. 

Attilio: Yeah. 

Adrienne: So, so what is, what is probate? Could you guys just tell us briefly like the gist of that?

Attilio: Yeah, and why, why do we want to avoid it?

Adrienne: Yes. 

Myron: Well you want to avoid probate because you are in court, and it can be expensive. It is basically, if you will, a lawsuit you’re filing against yourself.

Vlad: On behalf of your creditors. 

Myron: It will be expensive, it will be expensive. Um, it, it’s a lot more expensive than estate planning. Um, Vlad touched on a good point though too is, that you’re basically notifying your creditors of all your wealth and it’s made public to everyone who has internet access. Not to mention probate is also time consuming. 

Vlad: Yes. 

Adrienne: So on the average, how long does a, a typical probate take?

Myron: Uh, at least eighteen months I would say. 

Vlad: Yeah. 

Adrienne: What’s the longest one you’ve ever seen?

Vlad: Oh, probably a little over two years, yeah. 

Attilio: Alright so what’s the, what are the, what’s the, people are asking now, oh, oh now we’ve got them all scared, they’re like, “Oh, I gotta do this now!” 

All: (laughing).

Attilio: You know what, fear is a motivator and it’s, it’s, you know, motivation can come from any kind of different direction. Here we are! It’s the beginning of the new year! You’re starting off with a blank book, you decide what pages you’re going to write in the story of your 2017, um, if something, heaven forbid, were to happen to you, and a lot of times too, with the trust, um, people can, something can happen to them but they can still be alive right, but just not, be incapacitated?

Myron: Yes, yes, um, with our trust package, we, we draft collateral or ancillary documents I should say, and one of those is the durable power of attorney. now the durable power of attorney kicks in when the principle is deemed uh, you know, incompetent, either by a judge or a doctor. And so an agent would step in, um, when they die though, once the principle dies then the trust would step in and govern um, distribution and everything other than um, that, yeah. 

Attilio: So if you’re in the hospital and you cannot move and all you can do is blink, you would directions in there so that then you don’t have to worry about, I’m blinking, I’m blinking, get away from the plug, don’t pull the plug yet!

All: (laughing).

Attilio: I’m blinking over here, I don’t want to go into the light just yet! So you guys have uh, healthcare directives, um, talk more about that. 

Myron: Advanced health care directive, uh, ensures that how you want, well it, it ensures how you go out, the way you want to go out.

Attilio: Yeah.

Myron: Yeah, it’s you know, like you mentioned, when you’re, well, when you’re lying in bed, and uh, you’re unable to give informed consent, uh, medical providers must uh have informed consent in order to perform some type of procedure um and in this case, you’re, you’re allowing an agent that you designate to give the informed consent for you.

Attilio: Okay. 

Adrienne: Now you guys are having an event coming up. January 23rd. 

Myron: Yes, yes, it’s going to be a seminar thanks to the good folks at Team Lally. And uh, we will be talking about estate planning and probate uh, and you know, encouraging people that, like Vlad said you know, you should have planned yesterday. 

Adrienne: So if any of our listeners out there want to come to the seminar and have the opportunity to ask their own questions, just go ahead, just send us an email, info@teamlally.com, we’ll RSVP for you!

Attilio: Yeah! So seating will be limited because uh, we don’t have a big place, and every time, you know, the last time we did this, we had a lot of people show up. I counted! There were 20 people in the room.

Adrienne: Mmm hmmm.

Attilio: The last time we did the presentation and um, yeah, you be, you’d be surprised if uh, you know what, I’m curious. Uh, in the, I was at the grocery store, you know they have all that interesting information there in the magazines right when you’re trying to check out. 

Myron: Right. 

Attilio: Well they had like a whole bunch of people that have passed away. I’m wondering if you guys did the research, I know you did it on one individual, I don’t’ want to let the cat out of the bag, but of all those famous individuals that passed away in 2016, I’m wondering how many of them had, had actually created a trust. I, I’m, this is like future reference type question, I don’t know, right, I don’t expect you guys to be like Jeopardy professionals and know the answer like right now. But uh, because I think, who passed away, was it Mrs. Reagan? I don’t know, I saw a bunch of—

Myron: Uh, Carrie Fisher. Um, Princess Leia, what was her name?

Attilio: Princess Leia. 

Vlad: Carrie Fisher, her mother’s name?

Attilio: And her mom passed away. 

Myron: Debbie Reynolds. 

Vlad: Debbie Reynolds, that’s right. Um, everyone—

Myron: Also George Michael recently passed. 

Vlad: Oh, that’s right! Christmas day.

Myron: Yes, so I’m sure they had large estates um, you know, that’s Vlad’s department to do the uh—

Adrienne: The celebrity research.

Attilio: Yeah, the celebrity research. But uh, anything from the, uh, celebrity research department?

Myron: The celebrity research department has not determined whether these uh, recently deceased celebrities have uh, any estate plans. 

Attilio: That’s what I think you guys should do, you know, you have all their pictures up like on a grid, on a slide and you say, “Do you guys know who these individuals are?” Guess which one, you know, do you think all of them had a trust fund when they passed away. And then you know, you’d be surprised at uh, because you even said it, we’ll go to the opposite end of the spectrum, I know you talked about an individual whose estate was hundreds of millions of dollars, and they didn’t have anything in place!

Myron: Right. 

Attilio: So even people who are wealthy do dumb things. Or don’t think about it.

Myron: Don’t do things at all.

Adrienne: Could you guys like, explain the amount of money that was lost in probate due to this, this particular celebrity, I think it was Prince right, you had given that as an example. 

Myron: (gasp).

Attilio: Wait, I thought we were. 

Myron: We were supposed to keep that—

Attilio: Yeah. 

Adrienne: Oh, oh okay, you know what, we’re not going to tell you now. 

Attilio: She went to public school. 

Adrienne: You have to come to the seminar to hear.

Myron: Now the celebrity research department will have to work before the seminar. 

Attilio: Get some more, get some more celebrities! Go ahead, Vlad. 

Vlad: The amount lost was $150,000,000, roughly. 

Attilio: $150,000,00?! Almost, almost half of the estate!

Vlad: Almost half of the estate, yes.

Attilio: Holy cow!

Myron: $250,000,000 was the amount of the estate, he did nothing, there’s tons of claims from um, incarcerated rappers who claimed to be his uh, love child and, you know, now the effects of it is showing. 

Vlad: It’s over, over 700 claims and yes, um, one being an incarcerated rapper claiming to be a love child as well as a secret wife. 

Adrienne: Oh! All sorts of stuff comes out during the probate!

Myron: Yeah!

Vlad: Exactly, which is why you need to plan! Plan yesterday!

Attilio: They should have a reality show called “Probate.” What happens after?

Myron: “Celebrity Probate” would be kind of funny though. 

Vlad: That actually might be interesting, yes. 

Attilio: There’s a producer listening to this show right now, he’s on vacation in Hawaii, just happens to be listening to talk radio, I don’t know why, he should be on the beach. 

Myron: Right.

Attilio: They’re going to have “Celebrity Probate.” Going to be right after “The Apprentice” with Arnold. 

Adrienne: Okay, so guys, so, so what else should we know about estate planning and probate?

Myron: Well let me just give you our uh, quick um logo. Uh, we want you to plan to protect before probate. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Vlad: We want you to trust in God and—

Myron: And believe in Kamihara. Yeah, I think um, maybe another misconception I want to bring up, and I mentioned it in the beginning but, you know, people have a will and they feel as though that would protect them. Uh, or protect their assets and in actuality in Hawaii, even if you have a will, you would have to file for probate, so um, your personal representative would have to hire an attorney, and file for probate and uh, you know exposing the estate to creditors and the public. 

Vlad: In addition, uh, somebody could also challenge the will depending if certain things were served correctly. 

Attilio: Yeah, because I, is there a higher probability that somebody’s going to contest the will versus a trust, that they’re more likely to go off the will versus the trust?

Vlad: Yes. 

Attilio: As far as when they’re contesting, if they’re contesting something in the—

Myron: I think the currency of the Hawaii probate court is to give deference to a will. Um, even if there is a sense that it was, well, uh, even if it, if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the law as far as form. Now, if we go into other arguments such as uh, undue employment and things like that, and evidence has to be presented, but thus, you know, creating extra money uh, extra attorney’s fees and depleting the estate because the attorneys have to go into court to argue about it. Uh, as opposed to a trust, any contestation normally disinherits the person who contests, or brings up a claim of contestation and it’s done within the privacy of one attorney’s office. 

Attilio: I think that was what you had mentioned before too, if you get like one nephew, and he’s been a bad boy, and you want to write him out, what do you call that, disinherit?

Myron: Yes. 

Attilio: Yes, so you can also do that in the trust?

Myron: Yes.

Attilio: So it’s not only about leaving, leaving the good stuff to the loved ones, but uh it’s kind of like Santa Claus, you know, you can leave coal for Christmas for the people that are on the naughty list. You can have a nice and a naught list just like Santa Claus, in your trust. 

Myron: Yeah, that’s correct.

Vlad: That’s basically it.

Adrienne: So, if um, if one of our listeners wanted to get ahold of you guys, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Myron: Well you can uh, certainly go onto our website, www.kamiharalaw.com or you can give me a call at my office number, 808-352-6417 and again 808-352-6317. 

Attilio: Alright. 

Adrienne: Okay, and then how long like if, you know, they were to make an appointment with you, uh, how long is that first initial consultation?

Myron: Well, Vlad and I, we pride ourselves um, as business men and uh, also lawyers that provide services that’s most convenient for our clients. And so, rather than having our clients come to downtown, uh, find parking, fight traffic, we normally, I’d say with the majority of our meetings, is to go out and uh, meet them and, we normally can get to them within one to a few days, I would say. Um, and sitting in front of them and uh, determining exactly what type of services they would need. 

Attilio: Well that’s good. You know, other attorneys out there, you know, you go up to this drive up window, and they tell you what you need and then they say please proceed to the next window to make payment. These guys come to your house, that’s uh, you know, it’s kind of like, and yeah, I think to also to, is that, um, in the privacy of their home um, you know, it can be confidential, probably open up to you more, a little bit, about everything and their personal items and they can have other family members there. 

Myron: Yeah, we, we’re all about accessibility. Uh, when we’re able to go into clients’ homes, we do notice that the clients are more at ease. Easier to uh, talk to about uh, estate planning because it can be a very difficult topic particular if there’s disinheriting or any sort of um, things like that. 

Attilio: You know and if you’re drunk uncle is staying with you guys, you can come to our office and you don’t need to invite him. Because you’re going to disinherit him. But uh, um, go ahead Adrienne. 

Adrienne: I was going to say, what is the most unusual request that you guys have had in the estate planning?

Vlad: Hmm, I’ve got to think about that. Do you know?

Myron: I had, I had an interesting request where a grandmother uh, wanted to uh, adopt her uh, granddaughter. 

Vlad: I remember. 

Myron: We had to set up uh, the trust that way for, to set up a guardian. 

Vlad: Yeah, so I mentioned that a guardianship, or a guardianship is established within the will, well we established an estate plan for the grandmother and the grandparents um, and she was asking me about guardianship and I, I asked why? And she said because um, I believe she was um, the legal, uh, guardian of her granddaughter, right?

Myron: Yes.

Vlad: The mother I believe was um, had some issues, had some issues. Right and so um, she wanted to know how she could set up a guardianship in the event she passes away, and I was like well, it’s going be in the will. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Vlad: Uh, so yeah. Very good yeah, very interesting scenario. 

Attilio: Well I think what, what we’ll do is uh, at this point in the show, we’re going to take a break, bring on uh, bring on some agents to talk about some stuff, bring back uh, Myron and uh Vlad to talk more about trust before we end the show.

Adrienne: Yes, so stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: It’s the team Lally real estate show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Alright do you want to bring Kapono on?

Adrienne: Sure! 

Attilio: Alright!

Adrienne: Let’s bring Kapono on with his open house!

Attilio: Hey Kapono! Are you there?

Kapono: Hey I’m here, Aloha everyone!

Attilio: Alright, tell us about your open—

Kapono: I’m telling you about two local houses. 

Adrienne: Okay. 

Kapono: ____ is going to be in Kapolei. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm. 

Kapono: ___ has amazing kitchen, ___ panels, um, and then I’m going to be in ___ Beach, Ocean point, in the, in these desirable ___ townhomes __ and this one also has stainless steel appliances and ___ own TV panels. Um, and ___ in both of these houses. 

Adrienne: Okay, thanks, you guys are going to be there Sunday from 2-5. 

Kapono: Sunday from 2-5 p.m., yes.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks Kapono!

Attilio: Thanks Kapono!

Kapono: Yup!

Adrienne: Okay next we have Ross. 

Attilio: Ross!

Adrienne: To talk about his open house!

Attilio: Hey Ross, are you there?

Ross: Hey, thanks Attilio and Adrienne!

Attilio: Alright! Yeah, tell us about your open!

Ross: So this Sunday I’ll be sitting at 116 ___ Place, number 5 over in the ___ Hillside Estates.

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Ross: The gated community. Again the address is 116 ____ Place, number 5 over at ___ Hillside Estates and if you’re looking for a trophy home this could be it! This home has a ___ system that is fully owned, there’s granite, marble, oak floors . . .

Adrienne: Wow!

Ross: French windows, you name it, they got it!

Adrienne: Nice!

Ross: This Sunday, 2-5 p.m., look for the Team Lally renting Lally sign, this Sunday 2-5, I’ll see you there!

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks Ross!

Attilio: You open the windows over there, they go whee!

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: French windows.

Adrienne: Alright, so next we have uh, we’ve got Benji on the line to talk about some coming soon listings. 

Attilio: Hey Benji, are you there?

Benji: I’m excellent, thanks for taking my call!

Attilio: Yeah, what you got for us?

Benji: Alright, we’re real excited about uh, this ownderful open house opportunity on Saturday in ___, reason being we’re having is uh Saturday is out of respect for the Mormon community. 

Adrienne: Oh! Okay!

Benji: Yeah, so Saturday between 2 and 5, the address is 55321 Cam Highway, directly aacross the street from the Polynesion CUtlural Center. So it’s on the oceanside of Cam Highway, one house back from the beach, which is the famous uh, ___ Beach, it’s like a natural swimmign pool. 

Attilio: You know, you know what the sound of the doorbell makes when you ring the doorbell at this house?

Benji: (laughing) No, what is it? 

Attilio: Chi-hoo!

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: Because it’s across from the PCC! you ring the bel lit goes “Chi-hoo!”

Benji: Yeah, so that’ s uh, it’s the second lowest priced house in ___, just over a million dollars, but they’re both seven bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms uh, beautiful um, a big deck upstairs with ocean and sweeping mountain views and it’s also certified with the school, with CYDU for student housing, so it’s approved to house students, so it’s a pretty good ROI on your investment there. 

Attilio: Yeah, awesome!

Adrienne: Well thanks, thanks so much, Benji, for, for sharing with us the, the listing there in ___ and on Saturday you said, 2 to 5 right?

Benji: Saturday 2-5, refreshments, we’ve called a bunch of the neighbors, we’re excited, come on down and uh, refreshments on us, thank you so much!

Attilio: Alright, thanks, Benji! So, just a quick reminder when you go to that open, soon as you walk through the door give them a big “Chi-hoo!”

Adrienne: And then if you want more details on any of our open houses you can go to our website, and we’ve got a tab there for open house. I think you can even just go to www.teamlallyopenhouse.com

Attilio: Www.teamlallyopenhouse.com. Here, business owners, realtors, people, listen up, here’s a marketing tip for you! If you have a site within your page, within your site, that you want to direct traffic to, um, get a domain name and point it to that particular—

Adrienne: Just, just make it easy!

Attilio: Make it easy!

Adrienne: Make it easy to find!

Attilio: Make it easy, go to makeiteasy.com for more marketing tips.

Adrienne: So speaking of making it easy. 

Attilio: I better not make a, should stop making up those domain names, we might not know what kind of site it is!

Adrienne: I know! so speaking of making it easy, we’re going to bring back on uh—

Attilio: Don’t go to that website. 

Adrienne: Myron and, Myron and Vlad. To talk more about uh, the estate planning and their upcoming seminar. 

Attilio: Yup. 

Adrienne: So, um, so, so Myron, we’re having this estate seminar January 23rd. From 5 to, 5 to, 5 to 6.

Myron: Yes, it’s on January 23rd, uh, 5 to 6 p.m. um, this one is going to be uh, exciting because Vlad and if will come in uh, we’re going to talk um, your options, you basically have two of them, you know, either you estate plan or you don’t. um, and we’re going to suggest how you should estate plan based off what type of assets you have, um, and how to protect those assets. 

Attilio: You know what’s great about these types of presentations is one, if you’re, you know, kind of an out-going person you can raise your hand, ask the question. If you’re not, most likely somebody else is going to ask the question that you want asked, and you’ll get the answer just by being there in the audience. So a great time to interact with some attorneys uh, without it being uh like a situation where it’s like your one phone call. 

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: Or, you know, it—

Adrienne: (laughing) One phone call.

Attilio: I get my one phone call! So, with it not being in that type of situation you can actually have a conversation with some attorneys. Great guys, we highly recommend them in fact uh, we’re having it out at Kapolei?

Adrienne: Uh, yes, out at the Team Lally office so if anyone is interested in coming to attend the event, you can just send an email to info@teamlally.com and we’ll put you down on the RSVP list. 

Attilio: Alright so let’s hit the highlights of what we talked about today, so we’re talking about uh, estate planning and how trust will help you avoid probate and again, um, why, why do we want to avoid probate? Give them the highlights.

Myron: It’s expensive, Attilio.

Attilio: You know what, he said something so valuable that we have to repeat it!

Myron: It’s very expensive, Attilio. 

Attilio: Very expensive, so avoid probate unless you like spending money. And if don’t know of anybody who, well not, people love spending money but you want to spend it uselessly, right. 

Adrienne: It’s like more like throwing money away. 

Attilio: Yeah. So if, if you’re one of those people that drives an H1, throwing $100 bills out the window, don’t come to this seminar, okay, because you like just blowing money for no good reason at all, but we want to avoid probate. I think one of the other things you talked about um, when you have, when you set u p a trust, what does it avoid, what’s that negative thing that it avoids between the loved ones?

Myron: What it avoids is uh, the disharmony or the potential for disharmony and arguments because it specifically, uh, articulates and documents the wishes of the deceased or the person who has passed away. 

Attilio: Yeah, because you know, we, let’s talk about it, you know there’s some very, you don’t want people fighting over the, you know, you got the Bud Light, the Budweiser hat, with the crochet. 

Adrienne: (laughing).

Attilio: You don’t want the kids fighting over the Budweiser hat that was made from crochet from Grandma. So get a trust, it’s important!

Adrienne: Okay and then the best way for them to contact you guys, is?

Myron: Sorry, excuse me. Best way to contact us is uh, calling um, my office phone, its 808-352-6417 and if also have a website, www.kamiharalaw.com. Um, before that if just want to bring up one thing about the seminar though that if forgot, is that Vlad and if um, not only do we do the seminar but we make it a point to walk around and talk to everyone at the seminar, one on one, so um, and we’re not charging you know, $175 an hour, how much are attorneys charging nowadays?

Vlad: Uh, like $300 an hour. 

Myron: Something like that yeah. But we, we won’t’ invoice them. We want to make it easy for you to plan to protect before probate. 

Attilio: Alright, so if you guys want to get in on the local version of Johnny Cochran, and uh—

All: (laughing).

Attilio: They’re not going to bring out any gloves or anything like that, but um. 

Adrienne: He is the celebrity. The celebrity research department. 

Attilio: Right. You know and then uh, we talked about it during the break, you guys do other, other uh, areas of uh, practice. You want to mention some of those?

Myron: Yeah, if also practice in the area of claimants, worker’s comp, personal injury, family and uh, specifically nursing home law. 

Attilio: Okay. 

Vlad: Right and uh, if um, because estate planning uh tends to go hand-in-hand with uh, family law and unfortunately divorces, if, if have uh, if have experience in and if do divorces on the regular uh, alongside my estate planning practice. 

Attilio: Okay. 

Adrienne: Okay thanks guys. Is there anything, any other final words of wisdom you’d like to leave for our listeners before we, we let you go?

Attilio: Yeah, regarding estate planning?

Myron: I’m going to leave it to the wise one. Uh, Vlad, any words of wisdom?

Vlad: I don’t, not specifically for estate planning but I’ll leave you with a quick quote: “Achievement speaks louder than promise.”

Attilio: Yup. Alright, so.

Adrienne: Thank you guys for, for being here on the show with us today and, we really appreciate you, your information and we’re looking forward to the seminar on January 23rd!

Myron: Thank you!

Attilio: Repetition lends emphasis so what’s a, what’s a good phone number, what’s a good website?

Myron: Uh, 808-352-6417 or www.kamiharalaw.com

Attilio: Www.kamiharalaw.com!

Myron: Thanks guys! Thank you!

Attilio: Alright Adrienne!

Adrienne: Okay, you know that we’re always looking for talent. 

Attilio: I didn’t know that!

Adrienne: Okay, well we are!

Attilio: And so hey, don’t contact us if you’re a mediocre producer, you’ll be wasting your time!

Adrienne: If you’re super uptight, sensitive and your feelings get hurt easily, don’t call us!

Attilio: You must be able to prove you have the personality to be a superstar.

Adrienne: The crazy thing is, we have an $80K guarantee!

Attilio: What did you say?! Did you say $80K guarantee? What’s that?

Adrienne: So basically if you do everything that we train you to do and you don’t make $80,000 in your first full year, we’ll write you a check for the difference!

Attilio: Now we used to chop you up into little pieces and throw you in the ocean but that didn’t work out too well. So, that’s awesome! But here it is folks! you need to be confident, energetic and a person who wishes to be part of a fun and fast-paced team!

Adrienne: All ___ system scripts, coaching are provided and are proven to be the best in the industry!

Attilio: If you, if you’re teachable, looking to work with a high energy team that has a proven track record—

Adrienne: Just go to www.jointeamlally.com, that’s www.jointeamlally.com. And if just also want to point out, we’re looking for some administrative support as well, not just sales people. So, if you’re not into the sales and—

Attilio: If you want to be in the back of the house as they say, as opposed to the front to the house—

Adrienne: We are looking for those people too! So—

Attilio: Yeah! So I’ll give you some interesting statistics folks, there’s 6,000 licensees on Oahu, half of which sold how many homes last year?

Adrienne: Zero!

Attilio: Zero! Goose egg! Nada! Bupkis!

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: The other half or, let’s say, let’s call it 40% of the other half, how many homes did they sell?

Adrienne: A handful, maybe like 6-7 homes, at the very most. 

Attilio: So, from a statistical standpoint, if you’re thinking about making a move and getting into real estate, uh, within the first two years of real estate, at least 80%, here are the statistics, 80% of licensees end up quitting!

Adrienne: Mmm hmm.

Attilio: Why is that?

Adrienne: It’s that valley of death. 

Attilio: The valley of death.

Adrienne: You’ve got to get through that valley of death. 

Attilio: So we are like uh, we’re like uh, we’re like the guide on the River of Styx taking you into Valhalla and you don’t have to bring us a coin. We’ll provide you guidance, guidance, we’re kind of like the Siri of the real estate industry. We will tell you how to proceed to the route.

Adrienne: That’s right! So, check us out, give us a call, we’ll see if we’re a good fit. 

Attilio: Don’t call us, go to www.jointeamlally.com.

Adrienne: Yeah, www.jointeamlally.com, don’t call us, go to www.jointeamlally.com

Attilio: I’ll tell you right now, we have, a couple of things, we’ve had people call us up, if don’t want to go to this and that blah blah blah! I’m a seasoned agent, if just want to talk to Adrienne and Attilio! Well, if they’re not willing to go to the site and do the basics?

Adrienne: What else are they not willing to do?

Attilio: What else are they not willing to do?

Adrienne: What else are they skipping?

Attilio: So, humble implementation, that’s the quote from—

Adrienne: That’s Matt Wagner!

Attilio: Matt Wagner! So be humble in your implementation!

Adrienne: They’re like who’s Matt Wagner?

Attilio: Matt Wagner, oh so, so he’s our consultant, he’s with Radio and Television Experts, actually he’ll be on the show in February.

Adrienne: Yes, February we’re going to have him on. 

Attilio: Yup.

Adrienne: Amazing guy. 

Attilio: Alright so, uh, some other tips that we can share with people because we’re all about—

Adrienne: I think we should, if think we should talk about that investment tip. 

Attilio: What is the investment tip?

Adrienne: Well it’s not a tip, it’s the opportunity. 

Attilio: Investment . . . oh yeah! Okay! It’s in the, we have it here. 

Adrienne: No, if don’t think so, but it is a potential of up to $1-million-dollar return. 

Attilio: A million-dollar return!

Adrienne: Quickly!

Attilio: Okay, so here’s the deal folks, uh we have an investment opportunity, you’ve probably been in this establishment, there’s six locations here in Oahu, they do $30 million in sales every year. $150,000 net income! Every month! And we need investors to help us take advantage of this opportunity if you’re interested—

Adrienne: Send us an email to info@teamlally.com. 

Attilio: Alright!

Adrienne: Well thanks for listening and thank you to our sponsors!

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Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Steven our producer here in the studio!

Attilio: Chi-hoo!

Adrienne: Make sure you tune in next week; we’ll have one of our awesome guests talking about something that’ll change your life!

Attilio: Forever! This is Team Lally Real Estate show, home of the guaranteed—

Adrienne and Attilio: SOLD PROGRAM!

Adrienne: If we can’t sell your home at the agree upon price and your time frame, we’ll have it bought for cash. 

Adrienne and Attilio: Thanks and Aloha!