We often cover higher level ways to grow your business, but the truth of the matter is there are small adjustments you can make to boost your business. If you’re a big picture person, remember details are crucial – make an effort to dig in and make necessary process shifts.

Let’s take a look at some simple activities you can add into your daily workflow that create maximum results:

Make a Call
Touch base by phone and be an active participant in building relationships with your sphere and past clients.  Your sphere and past clients are your best referral sources – use them. Consider this, if you’re already thinking you don’t have time.

In a 10 year study of over 6 million calls, it was found that:

  • There were 3.5 dials per contact.
  • There were 14 dials for every generated lead.
  • There 25 dials for every appoint set.
  • There were 41 dials for every closed transaction.

For those dials made to contacts:

  • There were 5 dials per lead.
  • There were 8 dials per appointment.
  • There were 13 dials per closed transaction.

Clearly, setting aside time every day to drum up new business is worth your time. So, start carving out time in your daily schedule to dial for dollars. Not sure where to start? Divide the number of contacts by 40 days (5 days per week for two months) and you’ll end up with your daily dials.

In-Touch Systems
Automating your client and sphere follow-up and in-touch systems is just smart business. By staying top of mind, you’ll be the first contact when your services are needed – but you already know this.

If you’re not sure what to communicate in your update, here are some ideas:

  • Quarterly Housing Trends eNewsletter
  • Weekly open house invite
  • Monthly Just Sold/Just Listed
  • Monthly community events, client testimonials and/or client success story

Lead Follow-Up
Increase your lead follow-up activity with some minor adjustments and system implementations:

  • Implement a CRM or Lead Management System. A management system will keep all of your lead information in one place (i.e., desired homes, areas, important dates). This is invaluable when talking with potential sellers and buyers; it lets them know you’ve been listening.
  • Don’t let that lead go cold. You should make an attempt to contact a new lead at least 9 times the first day the lead arrives. Also, for the first week continue calling the first week at least 4 times per day – be persistent.
  • Set up drip campaign of simple one or two line messages. Short messages are a great complement to your phone calls.

Open House Follow-Up
Following up with all open house attendees is a crucial practice. If you miss this opportunity, you are wasting your weekends and your dollars.

Here are some simple follow-up techniques to use:

  • Use a digital sign-in register 
  • Send an immediate email thanking them for attending.
  • Set up an automated home search for each of your visitors.
  • Include visitors as recipients in your weekly open house list email.

While you might have all of your systems put in place, if you’re missing simple follow-up activities, you’re leaving a lot of business on the table.