Many real estate agents struggle to keep in touch with their sphere of influence, and that’s not good. To get referrals and close warm leads, agents need to stay top-of-mind. Consistent marketing is key.

Try creating a monthly newsletter. It may sound old-fashioned, but newsletters work. It’s a way to show potential and past clients that you know your local market. It’s also a good way to make your name synonymous with real estate.

The key is to either email or snail mail a newsletter every month. This is the heart of a successful drip marketing campaign. Set-up a calendar of monthly mailings. Plan when you want to mail or email your newsletter each month, then do it every month. Marketing research shows it takes eight touches/mailings before a person recognizes your name. Because consumers are innundated with advertising, a newsletter allows you to soft sell your expertise. That’s called content marketing. You write about what you know and eventually, they trust you and buy or sell with you.

To start, find a newsletter template that you like. Some are free, others charge a nominal fee.

Here are a few that we like to get you started:

Zurb, this Silicon Valley-based design studio offers a responsive design email newsletter that will look good on any device from desktop and mobile.

MailChimp offers free email newsletter services that allow you to customize their templates and send finished newsletters to your sphere. Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

GraphicRiver offers 491 different downloadable printable newsletter templates for those who don’t mind footing the postal expense. Each template has a fee (from $10 — $50), but once you buy it, you own it. The beauty of buying a template is you never have to worry about a design being discontinued. Also, your clients get familiar with your brand and know what to expect every month. With all marketing, especially print, consistency is key.

Cake offers a real estate template that is listing rich. If you want to send a newsletter that features all of your listings, this might be the perfect layout for you. The problem is, clients will get tired of just looking at your listings. They want market insight. Be sure to couple every listing with your knowledge of the neighborhood, market statistics, and home decor trends.

What to write about:

Neighborhood events — If your community hosts an annual parade, concert or festival, your newsletter is the perfect place to write about it. You can ask your clients to join you for a day at the fair or outdoor concert. It’s a great way to network with your past clients while enjoying your community. Encourage your past clients to bring their friends, now you’ve expanded your reach. Take pictures at the event and publish them in your newsletter. Now, you’ve made your newsletter something people look forward to receiving.

Local farmer’s markets — If your community offers a farmer’s market, let your sphere know when and where it will happen. Feature one of your favorite farmers in your newsletter (accompanied by a nice spread of photos showcasing their organically grown produce).

High school sporting events — If you have to shuttle your kids to games every weekend, make the most of it. Announce the events in your newsletter and invite your clients to join you in cheering on your kids. If your clients have standout athletes, profile them in your newsletter. It will foster goodwill and show that you care.

Picturesque parks — Everyone loves a pretty picture. Take a day to capture some of the most beautiful places in your farm area. Don’t just say that your new listing is next to a park. Use your newsletter to show it off! The lakefront, ponds, sailboats, all of those beautiful images should be shared on your social media accounts and your newsletter. Immerse your newsletter content in all things local and watch as residents ask to join your mailing list!

New businesses — Your clients are not just buyers and sellers, often, they’re business people. Highlight your client’s business in your newsletter. When you give them business, their loyalty to you and your business will grow.

Client testimonials — Often your clients will tell you how much they appreciate you. Start sending out a post closing mini survey then take parts of those written testimonials and share them in your newsletter. You can also set up a Yelp page for your business. Take those reviews and publish them in your newsletter.

Questions & answers — Real estate is a repetitive business. While each deal is unique, there are questions that come up with every client. Instead of answering each person individually, write about it! Then when your new clients start asking those same questions, send them a copy of your newsletter.

Local charities — Most people hate watching the local news because of all the doom and gloom. Use your newsletter to share the good news. If there’s a non-profit that you volunteer with, write about it. Invite your sphere to its annual fundraiser, ask them to join you for a day of service, then write about the clients who joined you. Thanking them in your newsletter allows you to share good works while generating good will.

Community development — If you have a passion for economic development share that with your sphere. Write about local improvements, streetscaping and infrastructure improvements. If there’s a new development planned for your area, write about it. Share the floor plans, pricing and profile the developer. This is your opportunity to align yourself with all things real estate. You’re the source and the salesperson.

If you need help packing your newsletters rich content, be sure to check out our “shareable Content.” To learn how to share content, watch this video.