Joining Team Lally in this episode is Mark Tsuda, Executive Director of Ilima At Leihano.  Mark talks about his childhood, being born and raised in Oahu, but also spent some time in Guam. We talk about how Kapolei’s continuing growth in the past few years and how Ilima At Leihano is a part of the development in the form of a senior living community
Mark talks about what sets Ilima At Leihano apart from other senior residences, departing from the clinical feel, instead providing a more active and resort like atmosphere.  He also talks about the facilities, amenities and common daily tasks available to residents.
Mark discusses some of the more common questions and concerns that families have when looking for Senior Assisted Living. Mark goes through the typical process involved in working with prospective clients and the steps they would need to go through to be a part of the Senior Living community.  Mark also tells us some success stories they’ve experienced in Ilima At Leihano.
Also in this episode: Pearls of Wisdom, Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who is Mark Tsuda?

Mark Tsuda is the Executive Director of Ilima At Leihano. Ilima is the only senior living community of its kind, located within the 40 acre Leihano mixed-use community in the heart of the new “Second City” of Oahu, Kapolei.  Ilima at Leihano fosters independence and a feeling of ‘ohana that provides a sense of community and peace of mind.
Mark is a successful senior executive with leadership positions as Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Officer, Board of Directors, and Regional Vice-President in the Retail and Hospitality industries. 

Team Lally Show with Mark Tsuda

Ilima At Leihano


Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio! 

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out online at www.teamlally.com.  

Attilio: Hey everybody, this is Attilio. You know, I was working out at Orange Theory this morning. Highly recommend as a place to work out uh, they’ve got a new location. Kapolei. And I’ve been working out there since they opened in September. Anyway, burning my 500 calories for the day, lady taps me on the shoulder when I get off the treadmill. She starts asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions. I said, those are great questions! Highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. And then I said, but Mom, what other questions do you have? So, if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice, hey, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out online at www.teamlally.com.  

Attilio: Hey everybody, this is Attilio. You know, I was working out at Orange Theory this morning. Highly recommend as a place to work out uh, they’ve got a new location. Kapolei. And I’ve been working out there since they opened in September. Anyway, burning my 500 calories for the day, lady taps me on the shoulder when I get off the treadmill. She starts asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions. I said, those are great questions! Highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. And then I said, but Mom, what other questions do you have? So, if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice, hey, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: They should run that by Myron Kamihara of Kamihara Law.

Attilio: Awesome.

Adrienne: You can call him at 352-6417 with all of your legal questions.

Attilio: What’s that number again?

Adrienne: It’s 352-6417.

Attilio: Alright, and if you hear anything on the show that sounds like tax advice, hey, go find an, your friendly neighborhood CPA. Uh, because we’re not providing any tax or legal advice, it’s purely anecdotal uh but we call edutainment. Edutainment. What’s that Adrienne?

Adrienne: Well, we’re going to educate you and entertain you all at the same time.

Attilio: So, speaking of which?

Adrienne: We have some pearls of wisdom.

Attilio: Pearls of wisdom from our good friend Steve Rider.

Adrienne: Yes, from his book, Change. Alright so this one is on lessons: “The best lessons I ever learned in life came from the worst experiences that happened in my life.”

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: So, I guess at the time it’s like, what the heck? But you can look back and, you know, if you’re, if you’re optimistic and a positive person, you’re going to take, you’re going to take something from every experience.

Attilio: Well, you know, it’s okay to make mistakes but uh, what they recommend is always make new ones. No repeating!

Adrienne: No repeating! Alright, so this one is about thinking. “Whenever you think about giving up, think about why you kept going for so long.” It’s all about mindset.

Attilio: Okay, you going to do a three-peat?

Adrienne: The last one. The last one, okay. “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited over what could go right!”

Attilio: There you go. You know all these quotes remind me of the concept called mindset. And uh, I just want to let our listeners know, hey, we can speak to five different topics, they’re ten-minute talks. Somebody told me call them Attilio talks. And uh, it’s the Italian version of a TED talk. But anyway, come into your place of business, uh, Adrienne, you know what does that mean, familiarly breeds contempt? When you’re sharing information with people that are close to you?

Adrienne: Well it’s kind of like the, the stranger effect, right? So, you can say things over and over to your children, to your staff, and if someone comes in that is a stranger or someone that they’re not familiar with and they say the exact same thing that you’ve bene saying, and everyone’s like oh! That makes sense!

Attilio: Yeah, so it’s called—so it’s called the stranger effect, having somebody else come in and say the same information, they’re like oh! That totally makes sense! So, speaking of strangers, but he’s not stranger danger.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: His name is Duke, he’s with Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Hey Duke, are you there?

Duke: I’m there, I’m here! I’m everywhere!

Adrienne: (laughing)

Duke: I like the strange comments.

Adrienne: You are definitely not strange.

Attilio: Yeah, we said you’re not, you’re not stranger danger.

Adrienne: Yes.

Duke: I’ve been called worse.

Adrienne: So, you’ve actually got a tip for us on property management. What is it this week?

Duke: Property management tip of the day is hire a professional that specializes in property management. When you’re going to pay the same amount for somebody who’s’ part-time or somebody who’s full-time, why wouldn’t you choose somebody that only does property management? That’s my tip.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Now, could you maybe give an example of some, that you think, don’t, don’t give any names, but maybe some nightmares that you’ve taken over from someone who doesn’t do this full-time?

Duke: Yeah! I have three of them this weekend, that all said that they had an agent that wasn’t full-time and she wouldn’t answer their calls and called them back anywhere from 2-4 days later, after they emailed or called her or texted her about what’s going on with their property. They never saw their lease, a copy of their lease, they never, don’t have a copy of their property management agreement, and they’ve never been to the property in 5 years.

Attilio: Wow.

Duke: So, we’ve taken them back in their units for the first time in 2-5 years. It was a shock! They said they’ve never seen pictures of their unit and their realtor appeared to be too busy to deal with them.

Adrienne: I think the realtor was becoming a stranger. Stranger danger.

Duke: Wow!

Attilio: Yeah and I think—

Duke: So horrible.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attilio: The big comment that the owners had is you know, we never authorized the building of those dungeons in the basement for all of our ___ victims. We didn’t’ approve that at all!!

Duke: When you entrust me with your $4-800,000 home, or more, I take that very seriously. So.

Adrienne: And you guys have this communication guarantee. Could you share with our listeners about that please?

Duke: We guarantee that we’ll call you back within one hour or less. Or answer the phone, how’s that?

Attilio: Yeah, that’s a great one!

Adrienne: And then what happens when your property is, is vacant and you know, we’re trying to get new tenants and how often are, are you guys updating the owners?

Duke: Well there’s no fee upfront to join our company and we don’t charge any uh, fees whatsoever when your home is vacant or goes vacant. There’s no re-rent fees, there’s no maintenance buffers, there’s no charge to you except for the 10% of the gross rents we collect on rent day. That’s it!

Attilio: Okay!

Adrienne: Just keep it simple!

Attilio: Alright.

Duke: Very simple.

Attilio: And you guys have this, one last thing, rent guarantee, what is that about?

Duke: Rent guarantee states that if we can’t rent your home in 30 days or less, on the 31st day, we pay that amount of money!

Adrienne: Wow! That is amazing.

Duke: We rent your home. That’s right.

Attilio: Yup. So, check them out on Yelp. They’ve got great reviews.

Adrienne: They’ve got a lot of awesome reviews.

Attilio: Alright, thanks, Duke!

Duke: Well, thank you!

Adrienne: Thank you!

Duke: Well you guys enjoy! Beautiful day out. Bu-bye.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attilio: So, remember, go with the full-time property management company that has full-time staff.

Adrienne: And that will communicate with you. Will answer their phones! And return your calls!

Attilio: You don’t want to, you don’t want to leave the biggest investment of your life, your real estate investment property, to the hands of a part-time person! Not a good idea!

Adrienne: So, you can give them a call at 445-9223, that’s 445-9223. Or check them out online at www.hipacificpm.com.  

Attilio: Hey, we’re not telling you to hire them but check out their reviews and at least interview them. That would be the wise thing to do.

Adrienne: Okay, so speaking of wise things to do, we’ve got uh, Myron on the line from Kamihara Law.

Attilio: Kamihara Law. Myron, are you there?

Myron: Yes, I am, good morning!

Attilio: Good morning!!

Myron: Thanks for calling me wise.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: Yeah, what uh, what wise legal tips do you have for us today?

Myron: Uh, well you know what, uh, I’m at ___ now, and I was thinking about it and I, I think you know, we always talk about trust planning but there’s a few, and by few I mean a lot, uh, of people who don’t establish a trust and you know, their family members are left with the burden of planning for probate and so, when you file for probate, uh, I guess uh, the tip of the day would be to file informally as opposed to formal probate. Now the difference is, one is contested as opposed to the other which is uh, uh, uncontested I guess for a lack of better word and its basically a settlement uh, all the heirs at law are gathered, they agree ___ this person should be the representative, otherwise known as a personal representative, to undertake inventory of the estate, pay off their debts, and completely close out the estate and it, it’s more of a settlement around people’s discussions between the heirs and the personal representative as opposed to a litigation type setting where you have a judge uh, heirs are represented by attorneys and attorneys argue on behalf of each heir and so the tip of the day is, if you don’t plan, you know, uh, or if you’re in a situation of having to file uh, probate, it’s much better to file an informal probate as opposed to a formal probate. And it’s cheaper.

Attilio: Cheaper, that’s the big reason why. It’s cheaper!

Myron: Sure!

Adrienne: So, informal probate good, formal probate bad. But even better, just plan and get your trust in order now. Right?

Myron: Sure, the first step is planning, you know? You can call me to plan, and if not then you would have to file, uh, well you’re, you’re, I guess your heirs would have, or your loved ones would have to file probate but definitely informal is better than formal.

Attilio: Yeah, you know, I think that’s the, the, you know, I’ll tell you, and you know this, why do people not call you up and do this? What, what keeps them from doing this?

Myron: You know, that’s something someone was saying is uh, people just put it, put it in, on the back burner, they don’t think that you know, they, something could happen to them. Other, other uh, excuses I’ve heard are, you know, people don’t like test faith in a way, you know, they think if they plan for death then something’s going to happen to them. And uh, you know, I, I think the best uh, the best like, I guess, comment or ___ that I heard from one of my clients is it gives them peace of mind and it’s a consistent ____ from all of my clients.

Attilio: So, I think people need to redirect the negative thoughts of dealing with death or you know, putting a bet. It’s kind of like, you know, your black checks’ going to come up and that means your death so you’re going to buy some insurance on that, but then buying the insurance makes it come up. No, that’s all about superstition and you have to plan because I, I, we’ve seen it with so many clients that call us. No will, no trust and it’s all messed up and it, it just takes forever and it costs a lot of money that just didn’t need to be spent. But anyway, uh, thanks so much for calling in with that, informal!

Adrienne: Yes, thank you.

Myron: Oh, no problem.

Adrienne: Thanks, Myron.

Myron: Thanks for having me on, bu-bye.

Attilio: Alright guys, if you want to not put that off, you know.

Adrienne: Just give Myron a call.

Attilio: Hey, we’re all leaving this planet the same way! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re all leaving it the same way so plan now!

Adrienne: And you can call Myron at 352-6417 and get that plan in order!

Attilio: Alright, are we going to bring Tony on?

Adrienne: Yes. So we’ve got Tony from Triple A Roofers Hawaii!

Attilio: Hey, Tony!

Adrienne: Hello!

Tony: Hi guys!

Attilio: Hey, welcome to the show! So—

Tony: Thank you.

Attilio: Let’s talk about the roof, the roof.

All: (laughing)

Adrienne: Give us some—

Attilio: The roof is not leaking! No.

Adrienne: Roofing tips of the day.

Attilio: Yeah, what’s your roofing tip of the day for us?

Tony: Roofing tip of the day is, always for home-owners to please do their research on the contractors that they are using!

Attilio: Yes.

Tony: That’s always uh, our number one tip. Um, and just if they’re unsure, you know, try to call people that have recently, get references. You know, recently we’ve been coming across a lot of homeowners who have been coming across other roofing companies that are not licensed, uh, yeah, they’re saying they’re licensed and then when homeowners go and do their research, they’re finding out it’s a lot of different addresses and some homeowners have even found out that some people are actually being sued you know, and they’re being sued in a lot of different states and then they’re coming here to Hawaii and trying to open up business and things like that are going on, that’s what we’ve been recently encountering.

Adrienne: So, so Tony where is the best place for consumers to, you know, to search and find out—

Tony: DCCA.

Attilio: Yeah, DCCA. The Department of Consumer—

Tony: DCCA, yes and then also uh, the Better Business Bureau, you know, those are the two main ones that you can contact to check on licensing and you know, sometimes there is uh, references in there, you know, or it just, even asking their, you know, asking their neighbors. You know, but ask, when, when the contractor does come to you, ask them, are you licensed.

Attilio: Do the research.

Tony: Can you show me the license. You know what I mean? That way you’re—

Adrienne: Make sure that it’s their license not like someone else’s license with their name on it.

Attilio: Or they might be like, oh! I thought you meant my driver’s license, yeah, I’ve got one of those!

All: (laughing)

Tony: No, you’d be surprised, people will, sometimes people will say yeah, I’ve got a license and all they have is a DE license.

Attilio: You know one of the things that uh, you bring up a really good point because this, a lot of this stuff comes up uh, during uh home sales. People go to resell their homes, they fill out a seller’s disclosure. There is a question in there, this is required, it’s Hawaii Revised Statute 508D, that you have to uh, disclose any material facts uh, to the potential buyers or buyer that you’re in escrow with and there is a specific question about roof repair. And then it even asks you for who the contractor was and everything else, so, if it’s not licensed, you know, that may—

Adrienne: Yeah, you could be—

Attilio: Be a cause for concern for potential buyers for your home! So, do it right! And, and—

Tony: Exactly!

Attilio: And if you don’t do it right, it’s your own darn-ass fault!

Tony: It’s their own ass-fault.

All: (laughing)

Adrienne: Alright.

Attilio: Alright, thanks, Tony.

Adrienne: Thanks, Tony.

Tony: No problem, you guys have a great day!

Attilio: You too.

Adrienne: You too. So, you—

Tony: Bye!

Adrienne: So, you can get ahold of uh, Tony at uh, Triple A Roofers Hawaii, you can call her at 531-2211.

Attilio: Give them that number one more time.

Adrienne: 531-2211 or www.triplearoofershawaii.com.

Attilio: Hey, folks, we’ve done the research, we’ve recommended them, they’ve done work for us. If you just want to save time and not have to go through all of that, just go with our recommendation. We, Adrienne and I, Team Lally, putting our personal reputation on the line for Triple A Roofers.

Adrienne: You know, I think they did Duke’s roof too!

Attilio: They did Duke’s roof! He’s one of our business partners!

Adrienne: They do good work so give them a call!

Attilio: Duke was like, no stranger danger here! We want Triple A Roofers to do my roof. Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, so we’re going to take a short break but stay with us, we have a very special in-studio guest joining us today.

Attilio: We’re going to talk about senior living!

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: It’s, it’s cool. It’s awesome.

Adrienne: And you need to be in the know.

Attilio: And you need to be in the know. Take care of Grandma and Grandpa.

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: If you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody we’ve got a special guest in the studio today. Here to talk about Ilima at Leihano, Ilima is the only senior living community of its kind, located within the 40-acre Leihano mixed-use community in the heart of the new second city of Oahu, that’s Kapolei!

Adrienne: Ilima at Leihano fosters independence and a feeling of O’hana that provides a sense of community and peace of mind.

Attilio: Alright, so here today to tell us more about Ilima at Leihano is Mark Tsuda and uh, Mark, before we get started, we always like to kind of get to know our guests, local style, a little bit. Uh, so where, are you from Hawaii, are you from somewhere else?

Mark: Uh, first of all, Adrienne and uh, Attilio, thank you so much for having me on the show and uh, I’m uh, local boy born in uh, Oahu but uh my parents are both uh, college professors so we did uh, spend a good chunk of our time in Guam uh, while I was in elementary school through high school. So, I know the common question is uh, what high school did you go to.

Attilio: Yeah!

Mark: My common high school is uh, is going to be uh, George Washington High School in Guam but my, my dad graduated from ___, my mom graduated from McKinley.

Attilio: Well you know, he did chop down that cherry tree but he didn’t tell the truth.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: That’s okay, he was the first president. George Washington. So, Guam’s a territory of the U.S., right?

Adrienne: Yes.

Mark: Guam’s a, a, trust territory of the U.S. just like uh, Puerto Ricco. Uh, and it actually was uh, it was nice uh growing up in Guam uh.

Adrienne: Did you learn the ___?

Mark: Uh, wow, Adrienne, that’s terrific. It is ___ and actually my wife’s ___.

Attilio: Oh, yeah?

Mark: And so, I, I spoke a little bit when I was uh, younger, but uh not so much now. But they are, a lot of people from Guam living in Hawaii.

Attilio: Yeah! Yeah, I have a really lot of good friends that are from Guam.

Adrienne: We’ve got a, we’ve got a couple of team members that are originally from Guam as well, so.

Attilio: That is correct.

Adrienne: There’s good people coming out of there.

Attilio: So! So, Guam, came to Hawaii, uh, and then here you are in Hawaii, you’ve been here a long time, you’re actually a local Kapolei resident, we’re, we’re—

Mark: Yes, I’ve been in Kapolei since uh, 2002 so my goodness, I’ve seen it uh, come up from uh, uh, limited uh—

Attilio: Safeway, that was about it. Safeway and the James Campbell building.

Mark: Oh, my goodness, but then everything has been coming up and boy, you don’t need to go to the town anymore! It’s uh, stay west Oahu, Kapolei side. And there’s a lot of nice restaurants that’ve come up recently.

Attilio: I know, Cheesecake Factory! Coming soon! Everyone’s like what? We’re tired of going into Waikiki and waiting an hour and forty-five minutes to go sit. We’ll go to the one in Kapolei.

Adrienne: You know what else is coming soon?

Attilio: What’s that?

Adrienne: Is the Rascal Flatts restaurant.

Attilio: Rascal Flatts?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Yeah?

Adrienne: So, we’re excited—

Attilio: Gary LeVox.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Alright, so—

Mark: Where, where is that?

Adrienne: It’s going to be at the mall.

Attilio: ___.

Mark: Oh, ___?

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attilio: Yeah.

Mark: Oh, okay!

Attilio: So, yeah, three movie theaters, two Starbucks and a partridge in a pear tree—no, they’ve got everything in Kapolei. So, let’s talk about uh, Ilima, Ilima at Leihano, tell us—

Adrienne: Which is also in Kapolei.

Mark: Yes, uh, so uh, we just got our assisted uh, living license back in February, uh, I’m sorry, September of last year. So, uh, we’re still in the uh, wrap up stage with uh, our residents. Uh, we are on the uh, a 40-acre Leihano master community association and actually we’re the uh, master developers. We uh, bought the whole 40 acres. Our community, Ilima at Leihano, uh, we sit on 3.8 acres and we have uh, 84 apartments.

Attilio: Wow. Now we were there for uh, Kapolei Chamber networking event, so we got a chance to take the tour and you have that nice back patio and it was a lot of people there and I was, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw, it was very nice, you know. I was thinking maybe like I, I thought it was going to be like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Nurse Ratchet you know in her office, making me take my medicine. But it wasn’t like that at all!

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: It was, I felt, a couple of, it almost felt like a resort. It’s what it felt like.

Mark: That’s exactly, it’s exactly, Attilio, what we’re uh—

Attilio: Like a country club.

Mark: Trying to do so, not a clinical feel at all, uh, more like a resort, home, uh, one of our residents even uh, described us as a, a cruise ship without the water. Daily activities every day, uh, we have uh, very high-end uh, meals, uh, our chefs uh come from a background where uh, one of them was a pastry chef at ___. Uh, ___, ___, so, uh, we do a pretty nice job with our food.

Attilio: I’m thinking, maybe I should uh, dye my hair and—

Adrienne: Well, well, you only have a few more years.

Attilio: I’m going to get a fake I.D.! You know, we did, back in the day—

Adrienne: How old do you have to be to uh—

Mark: Oh, you, you folks got a lot more years but it’s uh, 60 years.

Adrienne: Oh, 60 years? Okay.

Attilio: This is the time when you know, back in the day, want to get the fake I.D. to go to the night club. I think I want to get like fake I.D.s so I can go live over here early and, and just relax!

Mark: So, and then, and then in addition to that nice ___ you were mentioning uh, we do have uh, we do have a big activity room and uh, some of the things that uh, kind of set our senior living community apart is uh, uh we, the whole building is licensed as assisted living and that’s a little bit different because as you progress by needing more care, you don’t have to move apartments. Meaning you don’t have to move to different floors as you progress. You stay there, in your apartment, and we come to you. Until you get into the uh, uh, memory care, uh, Alzheimer’s, dementia stage and then uh, we do have a separate wing for that. But otherwise, uh, you stay put, we come to you.

Attilio: That’s nice!

Adrienne: So, there’s different levels of, of care?

Mark: There is.

Adrienne: Going from what, independent all the way to completely assisted?

Mark: Exactly right. And uh, it, it does go up uh, actually there’s’, there’s five different levels of care.

Adrienne: Oh, wow!

Attilio: Yeah I know when—

Mark: So, it does progress.

Attilio: Yeah, I know in Hawaii demographically we have a very uh, very uh high population or a percentage of our population that is in the, like uh, 60 and above, 80 and above, we just seem to, I don’t’ know, it’s—

Adrienne: They’re calling it what, the silver tsunami.

Attilio: Silver tsunami. That there’s a high percentage of our, per capita of the, of the senior ages people you know, you’re in Hawaii, you know, you want to probably if you’re going to live a little bit longer because the weather’s nicer. And uh, um, you know—

Adrienne: And people are just happier here!

Attilio: Yes! So, knowing that in mind, uh, the point being is that there’s a lot of people that are either of that demographic or they have mom/dad/grandma/grandpa and they’re, you know, this is something that they’re thinking about. Uh, and so let’s talk about some of the common questions or, or pieces of information that people research when looking at this for themselves or for a loved one.

Mark: Well, they uh, they look at the uh, facility and, you know, just like with um, I believe real estate, you seem to get a lot more for your money out of West Oahu. And so, that’s what people are looking for, they’re looking for uh, the daily activities, they’re looking for the uh, care service and um, Adrienne, it was very interesting that you mentioned silver tsunami because that’s a term that’s uh, used a lot lately and uh, they haven’t done a census for a while, but back in 2014, 16% of Hawaii’s population is uh, 65 and older and uh, and in another 20 years, they expect 30% of the entire population will be 65 years and older. So, that is a tsunami.

Attilio: There’s going to be a lot of people—

Adrienne: So, so you better put, you better put your reservation in now!

Attilio: So, you guys better practice your meditation, it’s going to be a lot of people driving in the left lane really slow.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: Just relax! Grandma and grandpa, they’re just, you know, they’re going out for a cruise. And uh, so tell us about uh, you know, obviously, um, cost is going to be something people are thinking of, top of mind uh. What, what, you know, how does that work as far as how are people, how, you know, typically what, what are you looking at as far as your clients? How are they paying of this?

Mark: Uh, we’re uh, private aid, uh, senior living community, so they’re paying for it out of their uh—

Attilio: Retirement.

Mark: Pension, social security, retirement, uh, from their investments. Uh, and uh, sometimes uh, the, the kids are kicking in.

Attilio: There you go.

Mark: So, they can give back a little bit to their uh, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Yeah they, the, the parents took care of them for all those years, it’s time, you know, their turn to give back to—

Mark: Right, right.

Adrienne: And help out.

Attilio: Now, obviously, you guys uh, the, the developers of this program saw something that was uh, uh, definitely a need for it here in Hawaii. And uh, the, the people or the, the people that were developing this, were they uh, are they locally or are they coming from the mainland?

Mark: Okay, that’s great um, um, the developers is CISCO Senior Living and it’s a senior living uh, company that, that focuses on senior living. They’ve been in business for 25 years. There’s uh, 21 senior living communities in 7 states and uh, the U.S. mainland and this is their first in Hawaii. So, uh, we’re bringing a lot of uh, experience, 25 years’ worth of experience in senior living specific to west Oahu.

Adrienne: So, are, are they planning on opening any other communities based on the statistics of the aging community?

Mark: Well, we do have the whole 40 acres uh, we have um, uh, so the, quite a few pieces of it to uh, Embassy Suites, Residents Inn, ___, ___, Catholic ___, uh, Queen ___. And uh, National Kidney Foundation and uh, we are holding uh, some joining acreage for us to expand and we’re just trying to get through this wrap-up stage.

Attilio: Gotcha. And it’s been a long time in coming because I remember the sales office where, where the Queen ___ is now, it’s been going for a long time so we appreciate CISCO, the developer hanging in there and not pulling the plug and you know, going out of here, because I know in Hawaii, uh, there’s a lot of things that need to be worked out for you to open up a business. We know it’s not the most business-friendly state, in the, in the, in the nation.

Mark: Yeah, uh, when we opened up in uh, when we received our Assisted Living Facility License in Septembers, we actually opened up on January, so can you imagine, it’s uh, $35 million facility and we couldn’t accept anybody except independent living which is just like a regular apartment rental.

Attilio: Gotcha. Okay. Alright, so if, if somebody were to come by uh, what’s a, what’s, if people were to come by and visit, what do you, what do you all do? Do you sit down and do a consultation, you take them on a tour? Both?

Mark: I believe it would be uh, same like real estate, we sit them down, we uh, I get to know them, talk story, you know, local style, and uh, ask what they’re uh, looking for and uh, and try and uh, fit them. And uh, a couple of other things that make our community a little unique is uh, our apartment sizes uh, they’re pretty much the largest uh, in the senior living communities on Oahu, studios are starting at about 440 square feet. One bedroom’s 590, uh, two bedrooms are at the 950 but we actually only have one two-bedroom apartment left. Uh, we also have uh, full-size refrigerators and these things that I’m mentioning are things that uh, we haven’t seen any other senior living communities, so full-size refrigerator, uh, cooking is allowed in the room, in fact our uh, one and two bedrooms have uh, uh, cook tops. Uh, two-burner cooktops, uh built into the counter. We’re also pet-friendly and our memory care area, we have a private memory care garden. So, it’s uh, a gated garden so our residents and memory care can go in and out as much as they want and so they have the security of uh, of being in the area, not wandering off and being secure.

Attilio: Now you mentioned uh, cooking in the room. Can I do a, can we do ___?

Mark: Uh, you cannot do ___. But, we have an activity group that has a full-size kitchen open every day, happy to uh, first-come, first-serve, yes sir, reserve them for Sunday get-together for the family.

Attilio: Cook the pork butt, but they’ve got to use the liquid smoke, no ___.

Adrienne: Now, now what, what kind of activities do you guys do like on a weekly basis?

Mark: Uh, on a weekly basis, actually there is about 5-6 different activities a day. And they uh, range from uh, let’s see, our happy hours are Friday with live entertainment. Always using local entertainers. Uh, we have the, uh, Texas Hold ‘Em, we have a little Texas Hold ‘Em, we have uh, bingo, we have blackjack, we have uh, ceramics, uh, paper mache, uh, we bring in an uh, an artist uh, to do uh, painting classes, and then we have uh quite a few outings, so we’ll drive to go ___, stop by the uh, shrimp truck, you know, get some lunch, bring them back home, uh.

Adrienne: So, do you guys have a, a bus?

Mark: Yes, we certainly do. We have a big bus and a van.

Adrienne: Oh, nice! And how many people can go on these outings all together?

Mark: Uh, 14, 14 at a time, so it’s a—

Adrienne: Fun group.

Mark: Pretty uh, decent.

Adrienne: Yeah. Like a party bus.

Mark: And you know, one thing, even though senior living comes across as a, a little bit pricey, just remember that this is an all-in price that includes all your meals, all three meals, it includes uh, housekeeping, it includes all the maintenance, it includes all your utilities including your premium cable, and uh, transportation. A lot of times as seniors, they, they don’t want to drive anymore. They can’t drive anymore, so we’ll take them on the little errand runs to Foodland, Safeway, CVS, Target and then we do the outings, so you’re not just stuck at the community, you get to go out.

Attilio: Do you guys have a, a private jet, what’s it like to go to Vegas?

All: (laughing)

Mark: That would be nice, that would be nice.

Attilio: You know what, you bring Vegas home with the Texas Hold ‘Em.

Mark: Yeah.

Adrienne: Alright, well I think we’re going to take a short break but we still have more questions, so, stay with us!

Attilio: We have uh, Mark Tsuda and he is the Director over at Ilima at Leihano, so stay with us, we have more questions talking about senior living in Kapolei!

[Music fades to commercials]


Announcer: It’s the Team Lally real estate show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody, we’ve got our in-studio guest, Mark Tsuda, and he is with Ilima at Leihano, it’s a senior living community right here in the heart of Kapolei. And we want to talk, a couple more questions and then uh, we’ll move onto our agents talking about open houses but uh, what, what were those other questions we talked about?

Adrienne: Yeah! So, could you share with us, uh, some success stories that you guys have seen since you’ve been open.

Mark: Sure, Adrienne. There’s uh, a lot of times it’s, it’s a bit of a struggle to get the parents or grandparents to move from their home into a senior living community because it’s, it’s scary.

Adrienne: It’s a change, yeah.

Mark: And so uh, we did have um, uh this one lady, local lady, uh, move into the community and she moved into the community uh, the uh daughter spends a lot of time with her, but of course she cannot, she doesn’t spend 24/7 with her, so we’ll go out of our way and, uh, one of our staff will you know, knock on her door in the morning and say, oh, okay, it’s breakfast time, so then we’ll take them to the uh, uh, the dining room and then we’ll, we’ll sit, actually sit down and have breakfast with them and also try and introduce them to uh, the other residents and it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to find a fit. You know, what, what table are you going to sit at? So, we try and acclimate them to that.

Adrienne: So, like helping her to create some new relationships.

Mark: Exactly.

Adrienne: So, that she’s happier there.

Mark: Right, right. And it uh, it actually takes maybe about 45 uh, 45-60 days for them to feel very comfortable and what was very nice is uh, after a few months, oh, and uh, I guess the, kind of funny part is, she was, she was actually a little mean in the beginning, so there was some profanity involved and a little bit of yelling, you know, like uh, uh, for care services, and you know, which is, we’re patient, we’re nice about everything. And it, a few months later, uh, her daughter shared a story with me and she came and she said, oh, Mark, you know, my, my mom, she’s just so happy over here and everybody likes me. Everybody likes me and I’m really, really popular.

Adrienne: Awe!

Attilio: Oh, wow!

Mark: So, that was, that was a nice, nice story.

Attilio: So, she, when she walks into the cafeteria, she’s like __ over her cheers.

Mark: Right, right.

Attilio: You know, they’re like—

Adrienne: That’s, that’s, that’s great that you’re able to, you know, have that transition of her going from like not really wanting to be there to now feeling confident and comfortable and then happy with her new, her new living experience.

Attilio: Yeah I’m sure, because they live in their, live in their homes for many, many years, that’s a huge comfort zone. You know—

Mark: And uh, kind of a related story is uh, we’d have uh, a group of ladies, say about 3 ladies and they’re talking together and then uh, they, they want something and all of a sudden uh, you’d be surprised, a little profanity comes out, okay, but then they stop and then they get together and then they pray.

Attilio: Oh, wow.

Mark: I’m so sorry, I, I shouldn’t have said, please forgive me. Anyway, that’s just part of the transition process.

Adrienne: Profanity.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: That’s, you know, that’s—

Mark: And, and it just sounds funny coming from a sweet, you know—

Adrienne: From like Grandma. Like.

Mark: It just sounds funny coming from Grandma.

Attilio: Yeah, so, the, that’s a good thing because you, you known, it sounds like almost in the cafeteria it’s just like when you’re back in school, you know, everybody has their little social groups, we call them cliques.

Adrienne: Like you start to kind of regress, right? Like back into—

Mark: Exactly right, you really do. For the, it is a challenge, uh, with the seating arrangements in dining.

Attilio: Yeah, everybody wants the, they’re, they’re used to sitting in their little social groups and if you disrupt that, then they start swearing like sailors!

All: (laughing)

Attilio: And you go okay, we’re going to put you over here with your retirement—

Adrienne: Then you end up with ___ punches.

Attilio: We’re going to have you over here with the retired Navy—

Adrienne: You don’t let them fight, right, there’s no, no lunchroom fights?

Mark: No, no, no fights, no fights.

Attilio: You guys don’t have a boxing ring with the boxing gloves and? No.

Adrienne: We, we could bring over uh, Coach ___, and he could give them some lessons.

Attilio: Teach them some Granny Jujitsu.

All: (laughing)

Attilio: You didn’t give me your brownie for dessert! I, I’m going to have to take you down! No. Btu it sounds like a really, you guys have gone out of your way to make people feel comfortable because they’re moving from something that they’ve lived in for all their lives with their family to a new facility, it’s strange, different environment. Let’s talk about the staff, because you had mentioned during the break, they’re kind of the key to making people feel welcome.

Mark: They, they are absolutely key. You know, we take care of our staff, our staff takes care of our residents. So right now, we have 52 staff, so it’s a pretty uh, decent number. For our community. Every single one of the staff lives west Oahu, except for one. And actually, that’s our uh, food and beverage, dining manager. He’s uh, lives in Waikiki.

Adrienne: Oh! A townie!

Attilio: We’ve got to talk to him because I know some—

Adrienne: We’ll have to convert him.

Attilio: I know some good uh—

Adrienne: He’ll come around soon.

Attilio: I know some—

Mark: He’s going to get much more for his money out uh, Kapolei side.

Attilio: Yeah, I know a great realtor that we can help him with that.

Mark: Absolutely.

Adrienne: (laughing)

Mark: And, I, I, hear so much stories from our, so much stories from our uh, associates, our employees, saying that you know, they came back uh, two-and-a-half, three hours of life back by being able to uh—

Attilio: Work in their community.

Mark: Work, work in our community, they live ___, Eva, one of uh, the staff, she was spending, because she, she needed to ride the bus and she uh, she worked in Hawaii ___ because she worked for uh, a caregiver.

Attilio: Way on the east side, yes.

Mark: She was assigned, her client was in Hawaii ___, she lives ___, four hours each way.

Adrienne: Yup. I believe it. That’s just—

Attilio: Now because they get—

Adrienne: That’s horrible.

Attilio: Live and work in their own community, they’re taller, they’re skinnier, and they’re better looking.

Adrienne: And they’ve got their life back!

Mark: They’ve got their life back, they really do.

Attilio: So, thank you so much for coming into our community, having some good quality uh, really uh, affordable, you know, uh living wages type, type employment, I think that’s key because that’s what the, what Kapolei was designed for and thank you for being a part of that. Uh, any last questions, Adrienne, for Mark?

Adrienne: Oh, Mark if any of our listeners want to get ahold of you guys, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Mark: Best way is to call our uh, community, Leihano senior living community in Kapolei. Our number is 674-8022, our uh, director of sales’ name is Amanda Schwobes. Or uh, feel free to call me! Mark Tsuda.

Attilio: Alright and that’s uh, 674-8022, what’s a good website for you all?

Mark: Uh, our good website is uh, www.ilimaatlehano.com.  

Adrienne: Nice. Alright, thank you so much, Mark, for being on the show with us today, it was a pleasure.

Mark: Thank you for having me!

Attilio: Alright so next up what, we’re going to be talking about open houses?

Adrienne: Open houses.

Attilio: Open houses.

Adrienne: Or, or buyer tips.

Attilio: Seller tips.

Adrienne: Buyer tips.

Attilio: Coming soon listings.

Adrienne: All sorts of stuff.

Attilio: So, hopefully the beverage manager is listening to the show because uh, maybe you want to go heck out one of these open houses on the west side!

Adrienne: So, we’ve got, we’ve got Tina on the line.

Attilio: Alright Tina.

Adrienne: To talk about her open house this weekend or a tip.

Attilio: Tina, what’ve you got for us?

Tina: Hi guys! Hey, we’ve got an open house in Kapolei happening this Sunday. Uh, this is a gorgeous house, it’s really amazing views, uh, it is sunny double-deck that looks like we’ve got a three-bedroom, two-bath, uh, it’s really elegant, it’s got all of the surfaces are really, really top-shelf uh, beautiful wood floors and uh, it’s just really, really elegant and that is uh, located at 92-464 at ___ Street in Kapolei. And the, yeah, it’s really beautiful and it’s on a really big lot and it’s uh, very, you know, from the outside it’s really aesthetically pleasing and on the inside, you walk in and it’s really well-appointed. So, the price point on that one is $789,000 which is a pretty reasonable price point when you consider what this home, what these uh, points are. So, yes, come see me, this Sunday from 2-5 p.m. and I’d love to be able to share this home with you and uh, we’ll see you then!

Attilio: Alright, is there, is there a dress code because you said this place is elegant and well-appointed, I feel like—

Tina: You know what, just, just wear your slippers and ___, yeah, ___, you know, dress Hawaiian style and I’m going to be, I’m excited to meet everybody that wants to come see this home and, and yeah! It’s beautiful.

Attilio: Wear your board shorts, come check out this awesome home.

Tina: Wear your board shorts, I love it.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Thanks, Tina.

Tina: Thanks, you guys, thanks so much for being out there and uh, we really appreciate uh, Team Lally and it’s just, it’s awesome for our buyers and sellers so. Thanks, and aloha!

Adrienne: So, so speaking to that, we are actually having a Career Night on May 1st, from 5-6 at our office and we’re looking for more great team members like Tina.

Attilio: Go to team. go to www.teamlally.com, check it out, RSVP, we hope to see you there! Next up!

Adrienne: Is Michael!

Michael: Hi guys, good morning!

Adrienne: Hello!

Attilio: Alright, what’ve you got for us?

Michael: I will be sitting this Sunday from 2-5 out in Salt Lake area, at 2888 ___ Street. So, for all my agent buyers out there, wonderful, wonderful, location. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath, one covered parking. Out in uh, Salt Lake region, close to ___ High school. And very close to the freeway. Easily access to anywhere on the island guys. Come check it out!

Adrienne: Centrally located, yes.

Michael: It’s very well located, price point is uh, there for us to move. It is uh, a unique property, so come on down, this Sunday from 2-5 at 2888 __ Street, floor number 1511 and we’ll be there waiting for you guys!

Attilio: Alright, heart of Salt Lake, look for the open, open house signs. Team Lally. Follow.

Michael: Follow the signs! Aloha guys!

Adrienne: Thanks, Michael!

Attilio: You’ll have from the elevator to the door, looking for the breadcrumbs, tell them Hansel and Gretel this, you should see this place. Alright, next up we’ve got?

Adrienne: We have Angelique! Angelique, are you there?

Attilio: Good Angelique. Oops.

Adrienne: I think we hung up on Angelique!

Attilio: That’s okay.

Adrienne: We can talk about Red Day and uh—

Attilio: She’ll call back.

Adrienne: And uh, but she already walked.

Attilio: Yeah, while we’re waiting for her.

Adrienne: And a couple events coming up.

Attilio: So, let’s talk about Red Day, May 11th! Is that the date?

Adrienne: That is the date.

Attilio: That’s uh, what day of the week is that, I think that’s a—

Adrienne: It’s a Thursday. And we’re going to be uh, over at Sand Islands cleaning—

Attilio: Doing a beach cleanup.

Adrienne: A beach cleanup with 808 Cleanups and uh, they’re actually going to be our guest next week.

Attilio: Yeah so, uh, by the way, this is open to the public, you don’t have to be with Keller Williams or a realtor, anybody else, but if you want to give back to the island, take care of the ocean, come visit with us at Sand Island beach park, May 11th at 8:30?

Adrienne: You can go to our website, www.teamlally.com/kw and find out more about that event.

Attilio: Alright, next—

Adrienne: And we’ve, we’ve recovered Angelique!

Attilio: Alright, Angelique!

Adrienne: We’ve got her on the line with us.

Angelique: Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! You guys dropped my call.

Attilio: What’ve you got for us? That’s okay.

Angelique: So yeah, I’m not sitting an open house on Sunday you guys, but I did want to call in and talk about an important tip for all you buyers out there looking to buy a home. Uh, you know the market is so competitive and some people think that, you know, when they write their offer, let’s just get that home inspection contingency and I want to let everybody know right now that that is your right as a consumer to have the home inspected by a professional home inspector. You know, he’s going to go through the entire home, check the roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing and all your appliances. So, that you can rest assured that you’re buying something that is not going to be a money pit in the future. So, I highly encourage anyone that is looking to buy a home to speak to one of the awesome buyer agents at Team Lally and uh, have a consultation so that we can talk a little bit more about this situation and all the contingencies that you have as a, your right as a consumer.

Attilio: Yeah, multiple ways to cancel, don’t be afraid to write an offer—

Adrienne: And don’t, don’t skip.

Attilio: Yeah, don’t skip.

Adrienne: No skipping!

Angelique: Don’t skip! These are your rights.

Attilio: Unless when you close escrow and you’re skipping up the sidewalk to your housewarming.

Adrienne: Yes, skipping, skipping—

Angelique: Yeah, when you get your new keys you’ll be skipping, when you get the keys.

Attilio: Thanks, Angelique.

Angelique: Alright, you guys, thank you.

Attilio: By the way, if you want to get ahold of any of our buyer agents, Adrienne, what’s a good, what’s a good number for them to call?

Adrienne: You can give them a call at 234-4421 and uh, they can direct you to any of our open houses, answer your questions, set up a consult, whatever you like.

Attilio: Just call the hotline, they’ll answer all those questions.

Adrienne: Coming soon listings.

Attilio: It’s never too soon to get educated about the home-buying or home-selling process, so do give that number a call. Same thing like we said with Duke with Hawaii Pacific Property Management, we don’t, we don’t expect or assume that you’re going to hire us just because you’re listening to this radio show, but here’s the assumption we will make. At least interview us. Check us out on the internet and all that good stuff. So, we talked about Red Day, we talked about Career Night. What else?

Adrienne: So, Career Night is May 1st. Monday, from 5-6. Then Red Day is May 11th. And then we’ve got the Charity Walk, so we’re walking for Project Hawaii. And that’s I think May 20th. So, if you want to join us, on any of these activities you can check it out on our website.

Attilio: Go to www.teamlally.com.

Adrienne: Under the Events.

Attilio: Well it’s backslash events (www.teamlally.com/events). Look at the drop-down menu, you see all the times for that.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Alright, so we are coming down to the last part of our show. One last think I’ll share with people, we have an opportunity to come into your workplace, talk about five different topics. Mindset, recruiting, time-blocking, I’m trying to remember what all the rest of them were. Oh, memory! No, just kidding! Anyway, short ten-minute talks, if you want somebody to come in with an outside voice to tell them what they already know—

Adrienne: Stranger effect.

Attilio: And remind them of these things that’ll make your workplace more happy, more efficient, we’ll be happy to do that, and we do it for free! It’s our way of giving back.

Adrienne: Well thanks for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attilio: And who are our sponsors?

Adrienne: Jody Tonga and Derek Tonga of Pacific Rim Mortgage!

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Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Lea, our producer here in the studio.

Attilio: And our guest. Chi-hoo!

Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life—

Attilio: Forever! This is the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed—

Adrienne and Attilio: SOLD PROGRAM!

Adrienne: If we can’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price and your time-frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Adrienne and Attilio: THANKS, AND ALOHA!