Joining Team Lally in this episode is James Colburn the The “Resucceed” Coach, book author and Development Consultant.  James talks about the reason he decided to start writing his book and the entire process that took place for him to complete it.  
James discussed the background of the book and how he had once defined his identity to achievements and success, and how he failed by not planning his business and creating a plan for fulfillment.  James also gives us a quick walk-through of the “5-minute epic evening ritual” that he created and wrote about in the book.
Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week’s Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who is James Colburn?
James Colburn is the “Resucceed” Coach, book author and Development Consultant. He has over twenty-one years of executive and entrepreneurial experience. He offers a unique and refreshing business acumen in the areas of business strategy, innovation, branding, and accelerated profit strategies in the areas of culture shift creation and management.
Whether you are looking for a Master Facilitator to steer a high-impact event or customize a culture / employee / customer satisfaction process, you can be assured of several things: Clarity, action and tangible results. 
Read word for word from our Honolulu real estate episode with James Colburn, author of The ReSuceed Coach:

Team Lally Show with James Colburn

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Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, the Team Lally real estate show. Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to! Or they’ll buy it! Now, here are your hosts, Adrienne and Attilio! 

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.  

Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio! You know, I was down at the uh, Sand Island Beach Park uh, picking up bottle caps. I found Pacifico bottle caps, I found Heineken bottle caps, and Corona bottle caps. And as I was putting them into my bucket, because we were, we were down there uh, doing a beach cleanup, and reflecting upon my life, this lady came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions. Can you believe that? And I said, those are great questions, highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. And then I said, but Mom, help me pick up this trash, we’re trying to clean up this beach! So, if you hear anything on the show, sounds like legal advice, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: They should run that by uh, Kamihara Law.

Attilio: What’s the number and website for them?

Adrienne: Yeah, you can call the at 352-6417 or check them out online at www.kamiharalaw.com.  

Attilio: Alright, and if you hear anything that sounds like tax advice, we’re not doing that. Run it past a CPA.

Adrienne: Yes. Or your local uh, friendly tax professional.

Attilio: Now, before you get into the quotes, why were we down there doing a beach cleanup? What was that about?

Adrienne: So, we had our annual RED Day. Which we talked about I think on last weeks’ show. Renew, Energize, and Donate.

Attilio: Yes, it’s an acronym.

Adrienne: Yes. So, we were out there, we had over 100 of our, of our Keller Williams Honolulu associates and uh, partners out there and family members, we were all picking up a ton of trash.

Attilio: So, Keller Williams does this every May 11th, uh, all around the world. Wherever Keller Williams is, either on that day or close to it and we go back into the community and do something for the community so uh—

Adrienne: So, this year it was the beach cleanup.

Attilio: Yeah, so if you’re an individual organization thinking hey, I want to do beach clean ups! How do we do that without reinventing the wheel? Go to www.808cleanups.org and Fawn and her crew will come out, organize it, safety briefing and by the way, last—

Adrienne: Or, or you can just go join one that’s already in place on the calendar, they have a, they’ve got the calendar.

Attilio: Go to the calendar, either, either pick a beach you guys as a group are going to do or go join one of the clean ups in existence. Last thing we want to share with them: how many pounds of trash did we pick up?

Adrienne: It was like 630 pounds of trash.

Attilio: Yeah, approximately 630 pounds, you’re like, wow, that’s a lot of bottle caps. Cigarette butts, broken glass, and so.

Adrienne: Dirty diapers.

Attilio: Take care of the island! Yeah, I picked up a couple of those, I was trying to not throw up in my mouth.

Adrienne: (laughing) Yeah, it was a lot of trash. Alright, so we have some quotes. This first one is uh, from Peter Drekker. “What gets measured gets improved.”

Attilio: What gets measured gets improved? Is that the way that we said it? Can’t expect what you don’t inspect.

Adrienne: That’s right.

Attilio: Alright, next quote.

Adrienne: Alright, this next one’s from John F. Kennedy. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

Attilio: Awesome!

Adrienne: So, it’s important, you’ve got to be active! Alright and then the last one is from John F. DeMartini. This is about questions. “The quality of your life is based partly upon the quality of your questions you ask yourself daily. If you’re inspired about your life, or if you’re not living a life you truly dream of, it just may be because you are not asking yourself the highest quality questions. The moment you do is the moment your life begins to change.”

Attilio: So, if you’re wondering, why, where were all those quotes coming from? Well, we’ll be glad to tell you. Uh, later on in the show, after the first break, we’re going to have the author, James Colburn on. He wrote a book called Resucceed. Create an extraordinary future while you sleep by using the five-minute epic evening ritual. And that’s where those quotes came from! Speaking of quotes!

Adrienne: We have Duke with Hawaii Pacific Property Management on the line.

Attilio: Hey, Duke!

Adrienne: To give us our property management tip of the week!

Attilio: Hey, Duke, are you there?

Evan: Good morning, guys, this is actually Evan on Duke’s behalf. 

Attilio: Good morning!

Adrienne: Oh! Oh, hi, Evan!

Attilio: You sound just like Evan!

All: (laughing)

Adrienne: So, we’ve got Evan from Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Thank you for calling.

Attilio: One of the awesome team members. What do you, what do you have for us today, Evan?

Evan: Well, one thing when you do hire a property management company, uh, the main thing that we find that you’re hiring a property management company for is to protect your home. And so, there’s several ways that Hawaii Pacific Property Management protects your home and for us, it starts with our tenant screening process. So, we have minimal standards as far as credit scores. We do a thorough criminal background check and we also do calls to previous landlords, just to make sure that we’re getting the right person and the right fit for your property.

Adrienne: Sounds like you guys turn over a lot of rocks to make sure that it’s the right tenant.

Attilio: Now—

Evan: We definitely do.

Attilio: That sounds like the winning formula for you guys, eviction guarantee, tell us a little bit about that one before we let you go.

Evan: The eviction guarantee for us states that if we’re allowed to uh, select the tenant for the property, and eviction becomes necessary, Hawaii Pacific Property Management will foot the bill for whatever the costs are to perform the eviction of the uh, tenants. Typically, uh, the eviction process starts uh, within 5 days of the tenant not paying their rent. Uh, after the 5 days, if we’re not in communication with the tenant, uh, we, we begin the process by posting an eviction letter on their door.

Attilio: Oh, wow, so all that, all that fun and, and exciting stuff that nobody wants to do, you guys take care of that.

Evan: Nobody wants to do! We take care of that. Within 10 days of us posting the letter, we’re down at the courthouse and, and we’re seeking a court date and the process has already begun for us. Typically, what we’re trying to do when we do an eviction, is get the tenant out within the, within the 30 days of the month.

Adrienne: Mmm hmm. That makes sense.

Evan: That, yeah.

Adrienne: You’ve got to be aggressive.

Attilio: While, while following the law, right, that’s where everybody gets into—

Evan: While following the law. That way it, it protects the owner in the sense that we can use their, the tenant’s security deposit to make up for the rent of that one month.

Attilio: Alright. Well thanks, Evan.

Adrienne: Thanks, Evan. Awesome, awesome tips. Thank you so much.

Evan: Well I appreciate your time and everybody have a great day!

Attilio: Thanks, Evan.

Evan: Okay, bu-bye.

Adrienne: Thank you! So, that was Evan from Hawaii Pacific Property Management. If you want to get ahold of them, to learn more about their rent guarantee or their eviction guarantee, I think they’ve got like 5 different guarantees.

Attilio: They’ve got uh, they’ve got guarantees on top of the guarantees.

Adrienne: Yeah, just give them a call at 445-9223 or you can check them out online at www.hipacificpm.com.

Attilio: Or check them out on Yelp! They’ve got some great reviews.

Adrienne: Yes, they do!

Attilio: And, they also have a rent guarantee. If they put a tenant in there, or uh, if they go to market your home and don’t get a tenant in there within 30 days at an agreed upon rent, they’ll pay the rent.

Adrienne: They’ll pay the rent!

Attilio: Alright, who’s next?

Adrienne: We have uh, Vlad on the line.

Vlad: Hello.

Adrienne: Vlad, Vlad are you there?

Vlad: I am here! Can you guys hear me?

Attilio: Yup!

Adrienne: Yes, with his legal tip of the week?

Attilio: Yeah, what’ve you got for us?

Vlad: Okay, uh, we’ve uh, been discussing the past uh, few weeks about uh, probate and protection. Now uh, I want to actually give you, the legal tip of the week this week is, protect yourself by insuring that you are insured. What I mean by that is uh, you should, you should check with your, the trusted advisors, for, for uh, if you were to go purchase a property, you’d go see your, a real estate agent or you know, the realtor that you trust. Uh, but you want to check with your financial advisor and/or your insurance agent to make sure that your property is protected. Uh, case in point would be, you want to make sure that you have enough auto insurance in the event that if you were to cause some kind of accident uh, your personal assets would not be affected.

Attilio: Gotcha.

Adrienne: Is there, is there something that’s, that, that’s come up recently, Vlad, that’s like a, a story where you know?

Vlad: Yeah! You know a lot of the times, uh, you hear a lot of commercials that say, oh, they offer you just enough insurance to keep you on the road. The legal amount in the state of Hawaii is uh, $20,000 in uh, bodily injury and $40,000 aggregate, meaning if you hurt more than one person, they’re going to only cover up to $40,000, but I mean, you, uh, what’s the current uh, price on a, uh, single-family home at the moment guys?

Attilio: Uh, median price is about $750,000.

Vlad: So, with $750,000 right, you’ve only got $20,000 in coverage and you really hurt somebody, uh, you know, nobody wants to think about that but you really hurt somebody in, if they can go after your $750,000 house because your insurance is uh, just not enough, you don’t want that to happen!

Adrienne: No! That’s a, that’s an excellent tip. You don’t really, you know, necessarily always think about those things unless you’ve got a great uh, insurance agent. We, we, we recommend Bradley Maruyama from Allstate. He does those insurance reviews to make sure that we’re all properly, properly insured.

Attilio: Alright, Vlad, anything else?

Vlad: Uh, no that’s, that’s all, that’s all for this week, thank you guys!

Attilio: Alright, thanks.

Adrienne: Okay, thanks, Vlad.

Vlad: Yes! Have a good one, bye!

Attilio: Alright, so you’ve got more questions about making sure that your family is protected?

Adrienne: You can uh, give Vlad and Myron a call from Kamihara Law. They can be reached at 352-6417 or www.kamiharalaw.com. And then also call our good friend Bradley Maruyama.

Attilio: Yeah, his number?

Adrienne: Free insurance review.

Attilio: His number: 591-8016, 591-8016. Www.allstate.com is where you can go, but you know? You want to know who our trusted advisors are? People that we develop relationships, they return your calls, they are honest, they do what they’re going to say. Go to our website, www.teamlally.com and look up the, get the drop-down menu, “Preferred Vendors.” They’re al there! Along with videos!

Adrienne: Yes. So, we’ve got uh, we’ve got PacRim.

Attilio: PacRim. Jody?

Adrienne: Uh, it looks like uh, she’s got uh, a stand-in for the Mortgage Genius.

Attilio: Alright, who’s the Mortgage Genius on the line?

Adrienne: Yes.

Casey: Good morning, Attilio and Adrienne, this is Casey, how are you guys?

Attilio: Good!

Adrienne: Hi, Casey!

Attilio: Hi.

Casey: Hi! Uh, I am very excited to be joining you guys today so thank you for, very much for that opportunity. The one topic that we kind of wanted to discuss is something that’s uh, forever changing with loans and mortgages. Which is student loans and student loans are something that you know, most people can definitely relate to with having them. Uh, back in April, which was just a month ago, not even a month ago, April 25th, Fanny Mae had changed their guidelines with the student loans prior it was we needed to hit for the payment amount that was the escape payment. So, even if your actual payment is lower than that, because let’s say you’re on an income-base program, the lender required you to know what your payment would be if you were to switch to a fixed payment and we had to count the higher of the two balance, or the two monthly payments as your monthly obligation for your debt. With the change, we can actually utilize the number, which is being reported on the credit report, which is great for a lot of people, especially if they’re going to be on a graduated-base plan or even an income-based plan, uh, the other thing is, when your credit report is reflecting a zero payment, because maybe you’re on a different payment plan, or your loan is in forbearance, the uh, amount we can take for it is 1% of the balance or the amount based on, it will be amortizing, whichever is going to be more favorable to the client. So, those are really big changes that are going to be really beneficial to a lot of people and, and make the purchasing experience a little bit easier for them, especially when they have student loans.

Attilio: Yeah, because I think, they’re talking about it like it’s the next big wave that’s going to hit is all these student loans that people have and if you can’t, it’s hard, like, how are you going to approach home ownership if you can’t get underneath this big mountain of student loans?

Casey: Correct. Absolutely. You know, and it’s just something that, the majority of people have and it’s a good benefit and they’re realizing that the rules needed to change a little bit to help people get home ownership.

Attilio: Yeah, you know, all my kids, they go to the University of 7/11 and no, no, no, just kidding! They go to real universities but we’ve been beneficial, benefitting enough in this real estate business to have them paid but I had student loans. Adrienne, did you have student loans?

Adrienne: No! I joined—

Attilio: You didn’t?!

Adrienne: I, I joined the—

Attilio: Paid as you go?

Adrienne: I joined the military.

Attilio: Oh, you joined the military. What about you, Casey, did you have student loans?

Casey: I did, and so you know, even for myself, this is wonderful news!

Attilio: Good! So, you, you’re feeling it on a personal level?

Casey: I am! I’m feeling the impact and it’s making me really excited to help pass on the great news to everyone!

Attilio: Good! Alright, awesome.

Adrienne: Alright, thank you! Thanks, Casey!

Attilio: Thanks, Casey!

Casey: Thank you so much you guys, you have a wonderful day!

Attilio: Alright, so unless you join the military like Adrienne, no more student loans, then you’ve got student loans and you want to find out how can I incorporate student loans into my home purchase plan, who can they call, Adrienne?

Adrienne: They can call uh, Pacific Rim Mortgage at 488-5510 or check them out online at www.pacrimmtg.com.

Attilio: Casey, she sounds just like Jody.

Adrienne: I know, that’s her sister.

Attilio: I know! That’s what I was saying, she sounds just like Jody!

Adrienne: Okay! So now uh, next we’ve got Janice on the line from Dream House Drafting.

Attilio: Hey, Janice!

Adrienne: With her—

Janice: Good morning! How’s it going?

Attilio: Good!

Adrienne: Great! So—

Janice: Remember late March we talked about that word, “verify”?

Attilio: Yes!

Janice: Well, I just wanted to re-emphasize it because in recent weeks, I’ve met someone who attempted to do just that and unfortunately ended up with not the outcome that she would’ve hoped for. She’s a military lady and when deciding to do her home remodel, she thought that she would not trust her own ability to certify and verify a contractor and electrician and a plumber so she decided to limit her choices of exterior cabinets, counter tops, etc. to what a local big box had to offer and to take advantage of what they had in terms of certified professional installers.

Attilio: So, they were going off of their referral? From the big box, I know it and, and, this sounds like one of those, it’s in the movie where they have like a foreshadowing. So, between, you say the rest of the story.

Adrienne: Verify.

Janice: (laughing)

Attilio: The sound effects are “duh-duh-duh-duh!” What did you find out?

Adrienne: Tell us!

Janice: So, what I found out is an older 50s vintage single-wall construction home. Where now an entire wall is separated, kitchen from living room has been removed. And we have a very nice open floor plan, total kitchen remodel, although we don’t have GFI outlets, uh, in the kitchen like we need, close to the sink and then a complete bathroom remodel and what really scared me was __ old foam pads single wall construction, well, the thing that’s in now is those barn doors and she wanted one. And so now there’s this heavy wood barn door hanging from one of those old-style, you know, interior partitions, __ ceiling and that’s, that to me is just scary so the moral of the story is you have to verify and re-verify! After I did her report for her, I included code references so that she could go back to the big box and say hey, those guys were not only supposed to get a building permit, but they should know that! Because they all have licenses! So, beware!

Attilio: Beware! Trust no one, verify everything! I think that’s the tagline from the X Files. No!

Janice: (laughing)

Attilio: Alright.

Janice: But that’s what we have to do. Be careful!

Attilio: Alright. Thanks, Janice!

Adrienne: Thanks, Janice!

Janice: Okay!

Attilio: Hey guys, if you want peace of mind for all of those kinds of scenarios and not have to wonder, hey am I throwing the dice here? And, on whether this, even a licensed person knows what they do, are doing, coming from a big box, Adrienne, ultimately, what should they do?

Adrienne: They should just give Janice a call!

Attilio: Just call Janice!

Adrienne: Just give her a call.

Attilio: What’ a good number for Janice?

Adrienne: You can reach her at 206-7107. You can check her out online at www.dreamhousedrafting.com.  

Attilio: So, you go into this stressful situation of a remodel. When you call her, then your mind is going, you’re going to hear the sound of harps. (harp noises)

Adrienne: Alright, so, we’re going to take a short break. But when we come back, we’ve got a very special guest joining us.

Attilio: James Colburn!

Adrienne: So, stay with us!

Attilio: Yeah, author of the book Resucceed. Stay with us!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: The Team Lally real estate show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adriene—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out online at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody, our guest today has over 21 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience.

Adrienne: He offers a unique and refreshing business acumen in the areas of business strategy, innovation, branding, and accelerated profit strategies in areas of culture, shift creation, and management.

Attilio: Whether you’re looking for a master facilitator to steer a high-impact event or customize the culture, employee and customer satisfaction process, you can be assured of several things: clarity, action, and tangible results!

Adrienne: Joining us today, all the way from Seattle, Washington, is the Resucceed coach, author, and development consultant, let’s welcome James Colburn!

Attilio: James! Welcome!

James: Hey everyone! Thanks for having me!

Attilio: Sure!

James: Thanks for having me I, I hope uh, I hope I’m translating uh, appropriately here from Seattle, Washington all the way over to the sunny shore lines.

Attilio: Yeah! That’s what’s great about technology, you sound like you’re right next door.

Adrienne: Yes!

James: Oh, there we go. There we go, well thank you, thanks again for having me on, I, this is exciting.

Attilio: Sure!

Adrienne: Well, James uh, we uh, Attilio and I have your, your book here, Resucceed and uh, and that, and that’s kind of how we got connected, I think a mutual friend of ours, uh—

Attilio: Isaac!

Adrienne: Isaac Stegman had uh, had connected us and this is just an amazing book and story that you have here. Uh, maybe you could share with our listeners, you know, what, what made you decide to write your book?

James: Well, you know, it, you know, I, writing a book is, is, it’s harder to sit down and write it than to actually uh, to actually write it. Meaning it’s hard to just literally set aside the time that it would take uh, and then of course we all just get wrapped up in perfectionism, so I did several years of just that. I was wrapped up in the perfectionism of writing the book, so it took me several years to get to the point where in March of 2016, I just said hey, you know, James, you know, get over yourself. Let’s get this thing done. Let’s have the book edited, and uh, get it out on Amazon. So, that was what I did uh, now it took me about 12 months of re-writing it one more time and uh, handing it off to an editor and the whole premise of the book was just to, the realization that oftentimes, uh, highly-successful, highly-achieved individuals uh, oftentimes are, are rarely fulfilled. There’s not a lot of passion and joy and purpose in that achievement and I was one of those guys. And uh, so this book, called Resucceed, uh, is me really unpacking what that meant for me in that process and then also just a new way uh, of looking at life, by asking great questions. So, instead of chasing after all the right answers, uh, Resucceed teaches that quality of our life really is the great questions that we ask and uh, so I created this bedtime ritual called the “5-minute epic evening ritual,” and it’s just something you do 5 minutes before you go to sleep where you ask 3 great questions around re-assessing, re-engaging and re-affirming and uh, personally I’ve just experienced a complete transformation, literally in any area of my life that I choose, based on asking great questions instead of chasing all the right answers.

Attilio: So, yeah, so let’s unpack that a little bit more and, and we want to talk about the 3 different questions?

Adrienne: Well I—

James: Oh, yeah! Yeah, go ahead.

Adrienne: Well I was going to say um, you know, like you had initially talked about um, not, not, things not being enough. You know, it’s like you’re successful—

James: Yeah!

Adrienne: So maybe you could speak to our listeners about you personally and your, your backgrounds.

Attilio: Tell us the Costco story.

Adrienne: Yes!

James: (laughing) Thank you. So, I uh, you know, the, the, the quick and dirty here is that on Christmas Eve 2006, so it’s a huge year in my sales career, I’d actually sold 120 houses that year uh, it was something that I business planned the year before, and I was successful and, and, and selling 120 houses, uh, and I had made a, a, in, well into the seven-digit kind of income that year and you know, on Christmas Eve 2006, you would think I’d be living the dream and but what I was really doing was trying to will my phone to ring, I was just, I did not know what to do with myself on Christmas Eve. My kids are playing Legos, my wife and my mother-in-law were cleaning up uh, and getting ready for festivities and uh, uh, package-wrapping and all sorts of kind of Christmas-y activities and I was just trying to get my phone to ring because I didn’t know what else to do with myself. I had been selling a house every 3 days and I did not know why people weren’t calling me on Christmas Eve. Well I did know, but I just felt massively uncomfortable! Uh, for me to have this lull in my business and what I realized right then and there, the cliff notes here is that uh, that I had assigned my identity to my next sale. I had defined my identity to my achievement and my success and where I had failed is that I had not business planned or I hadn’t created a plan for fulfillment and I learned and, as Tony Robbins uh, once said, success without fulfillment is failure. And at that moment, it just, it dawned on me, I had derailed and uh, and luckily the market uh, well, not luckily and luckily, the market shifted fairly significantly, I don’t know if you guys remember what happened in 2007-8-9-10-11 and 12.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Yup, we were there!

James: (laughing)

Attilio: We were doing a lot of short sales. Did a ton of them.

James: But, but uh, but uh, you know, it gave me quite a bit of time to uh, re-, re-define what success is and really, really integrate what I, what I call fulfillment uh, and passionate joy into, in to our already-successful life and what I realized is that there’s just a fear, I mean highly-successful individuals, no matter what you do, uh, there is a fear that if you uh, try to integrate fulfillment that somehow you’ll be less successful. And so, there’s almost this uh, sense out there that we need to defer the fulfillment stuff and the passion and the joy for another day. I just need to be uncomfortable a few more years. I just need to be unhappy with what I do a few more years. And what I realized is that what you, it’s all available to us right now, we could be fulfilled and highly-successful, in fact, the more fulfilled and the more passion and the more joy we have, in our, in our daily lives, the more we become who we are, we become better versions of who we are, which means we actually, we actually will be more successful! And, and more achieved in what we do as we, as we realize that it is, it is a chase to the thing that we don’t yet have. And, that deficit, that kind of living a life as a deficit is, it exists, was the thing that I needed to change personally.

Attilio: Well I see here in your book, I wrote, uh, I did a highlight. And it says this—

James: You wrote in my book?

Adrienne: (laughing)

Attilio: I wrote in your book.

James: (laughing)

Adrienne: We wrote all over your book!

James: Oh, thank you.

Attilio: “In the sham of achievement,” uh, you, you, is, this is the part where you were talking with your friend who’s achieved it but you could relate because you said “I know how fragile and tender it is to be caught” and you put in parentheses “lost,” “in the sham of achievement at the expense of losing myself.” So, that’s basically what you were sharing with us and that, that feeling that was bubbling up, right, it’s that hey, there’s got to be more to this than, than the next transaction.

James: Yes, absolutely, absolutely. So, there was this moment where in, in like I mentioned in 2016 where I had written this book a little bit here and there, over the years but in 2016 I said, you know what? Enough’s enough I mean, you can just talk about this whole thing or you can get done with it and start sharing it because I think it’s valuable. I think it’s valuable to consider the, you know, fulfillment, passion, joy. It also is allowable in our already-successful, already-achieved lives and uh, I want to, I want, I want to preach that message.

Attilio: Sure.

James: So, so yeah, so that’s the, the move to, to complete this book uh, uh, came about in March and then I don’t, uh, you’ve had Hal Elrod on this show, haven’t you?

Attilio: Yes, we have!

Adrienne: Yes, we’ve had him.

James: So, Hal wrote The Miracle Morning and he’s a friend of mine and so he, he helped me a little bit with uh, on content creation and, and one of the things that he challenged me to do was share with uh, with my book audience uh, this, uh, this evening ritual that I’ve created, called the “5-minute epic evening ritual.”

Attilio: Perfect because it’s, it’s promise number two, we’re going to hold you to, I will show you how. So, you’re going to show us how?

James: Well . . . (laughing)

Attilio: Give us a Miller Lite.

James: Yeah, exactly. Number one, there’s not a, there’s not a like perfect system to asking great questions. It’s really just being willing, it, here, bottom line to be a successful, highly-achieved individual, we just try to be interesting all the time! When what we, when we start to be interested, that’s when the juice happens, that’s when we create real connections with people that we don’t know, right? That’s when like as realtors, you know, you’ll get referrals because you, you actually were interested in someone’s life and they feel like you know them better than most, right?

Attilio: Yeah.

James: So, for me, you know, I mean, you know, I mean it’s, it’s like 101 in terms of relationships of being interested, correct?

Attilio: Well, we have, we know it as coming from curiosity but Adrienne wants to talk to you about this uh, your checklist. She printed it out! She’s a good student!

Adrienne: I did! No, you have uh, some really great resources uh, so if our listeners want to go and get this checklist, where’s the best place, how, how do they get this?

Attilio: What’s the name of the checklist?

James: Well, so if you go to www.jamescolburn.net, C-O-L-B as in boy, U-R-N, and if you go to, under the “Resources” tab there’s this thing called the “Fast Launch Package.” What that will give you is the uh, “5-minute epic evening ritual,” checklist and guide, it’ll also give you 3 free chapters of my book in PDF form so you can just kind of get kicked off there as well as a couple training videos. Uh, the Fast Launch Package is really for people that are interested just getting the down-low, uh, on the “5-minute epic evening ritual,” understanding a little bit about how the book reads, uh, and uh, it, you know, that, that is the, the quickest possible way to find out more. Uh, or obviously go to Amazon and buy the book! In either Kindle and/or paperback, but yeah, showing you how would be sending you to get the “5-minute epic evening ritual” checklist uh, but in short, ultimately, there’s not perfect way to ask a great question, it’s just being curious like you had mentioned, it’s just being curious about your life. The life that you have not yet lived. I mean, that’s really it. I mean, we, the more successful we are as humans, the more invisible we become. I don’t care if you’re successful as a volunteer or successful as a parent or successful as a soccer coach, or successful as a sales person or successful in any area of your life, if you assign your identity to that success then you become, little-by-little, more invisible. And you are only known for your success, we hold it up like a banner. And the banner is hey, I did this! Like basically we’re pointing out all the things we did in our past, and saying this is who I am, but who we are and what we were successful in, in our past, aren’t the same thing. We, we, we, here’s more depth, our, our lives are a larger, more dimensions than one. And so, asking a great question or 3, each evening instead of regurgitating your to-do list before you go to bed and, and you know, is, and there’s a magic to it. There’s a science to it, so really, being able to uh, when you ask something, a great question, right before you go to bed, you actually engage the creative subconscious and it goes to work on that I mean most, I mean, and Adrienne and Attilio, you guys probably have slept on a big decision, correct?

Attilio: Yeah! Yeah, we always, our big thing, if it’s a good decision today, it’s a good decision tomorrow. Sleep on it! We’ve even told people that are, that are like, I’ve, I don’t want to interview with anybody, your guys’ is the only team I want to join! My whole life revolves around Team Lally. We’re like, great, sleep on that! Sleep on it!

James: Yeah, go home, sleep on it, and then let’s talk tomorrow.

Attilio: Yes.

James: Right. So, same idea but the difference is I am working on that sleep on it muscle seven days a week.

Attilio: Gotcha.

James: Seven literally, seven days a week and my life, it’s all about the 3 great questions. So, I used to regurgitate my to-do list on the yellow pad next to my bed every single night before I went to sleep. And you know, I had a lot sleepless nights and I’d wake up at 2 in the morning, wrestling with some odd you know, conflict or decision, but when I started asking curious questions about things that I did not yet have the answer to, and by the way, achievers, successful people, we just want to answer immediately so, the biggest challenge is you’ll ask a great question and then you’ll immediately try to answer it. Well, no! That’s why you do it 5 minutes before you go to bed and then you resist the urge, right? You resist the urge to answer the question. You just say hey! I’m just going to sleep on it. I’m just going to open myself up to the creative subconscious and the miraculous. To show up and, and give me some answers here and it’s amazing how many come and by the way, they’re completely different than you expected because they’re using a different part of the brain and you, you’re accessing a different, almost like a different reality because how you reason through things while you sleep is significantly different than how you reason through things in the, in the awake hours. The awake hours you use common sense and you use your past, your past performance to predicate your future and whereas when you’re sleeping, you use the far-reaching corners of your mind, the areas that you, you, that you normally don’t even have access to, to piece together answers to your great questions.

Attilio: Alright, so hey, you know what? Go ahead Adrienne.

Adrienne: Yes, I, you know what? We’re going to take a short break James, and when we come back we want to learn more about this evening ritual.

Attilio: We want to learn about those three questions.

Adrienne: Those questions. Yes. So, so listeners, stay with us!

Attilio: Yeah!

[Music fades to commercials]

Announcer: It’s the Team Lally real estate show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio!

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally real estate show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it! I’m Adrienne—

Attilio: And I’m Attilio!

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody, if you’re just tuning in, we have the author of the book called Resucceed. His name is James Colburn.

Adrienne: James. Yes.

Attilio: And we’re going to be talking about the “5-mintue epic evening ritual.” Let’s talk about that a little bit.

Adrienne: And the, and the questions.

Attilio: And the questions.

Adrienne: Yes, the 3 questions.

James: Yeah, thank you.

Attilio: Alright James! So, re-affirming, re-engaging and re-assessing. Let’s start off with the first one.

James: The 3 re’s! The 3 re’s. So uh, uh, the book obviously being named Resucceed, uh, and then breaking down the 3 questions into the 3 re’s, so obviously the first question is around re-assessing your life, so there’s 5 areas that uh, I’ve created about re-assessing so it’s the language that we speak to ourselves uh, managing our energy which has, uh, ends up being a massively important part of our lives that if we don’t’ have energy we don’t, we don’t do things uh, taking a really close look at our comfort zones, the ones that we keep and hold us back from people, from you know, obviously, you know, from the relationships with people from uh, trying new things uh, resistance, so the things that we do to avoid the things that we should be doing. And then what I call Lego time. And I can explain a little bit about that. So, uh, uh, this, uh, re-assessing a really good example for re-assessing questions would be in the, in the area of language. So, for example, uh, and these questions are actionable and uh, they have a timeline and they’re, and they’re, they’re timed. One of the things that I realized is that sometimes we bully ourselves into doing things, like for example, when am I going to get off my butt and go work out? Okay, so that is the (laughing) that is a question that you could ask, right? But it has uh, but, the first thing we all want to do to that question is rebel against it. Uh, so oh! An example of a language question, what I realized is that our language to ourselves can be worse than any other, you know, any, anyone else speaking to us, uh, in fact we, we’re pretty tough on ourselves so I uh, a good example of that would be, what would it look like to speak to, to myself with love, even when I’m attempting to challenge my behavior or feel frustrated with myself and then I always add in, tomorrow, or this weekend, you know, so it’s very actionable for the timeline and as simple as that might sound by asking the questions, your brain goes to work on that. And so just, you know, it, you know, you might go out, come on, you know, when’s the last time you’ve asked that question? So, when you start asking a question you normally don’t ask, and you ask it 5 minutes before you go to bed, it’s very interesting, your brain does go to work on that! Uh, another example uh, uh, language question would be, would it be possible to speak more words in encouragement than just favor. When I wake up, you know, so there’s a very timely uh, you know, because a lot of times we wake, the morning, we’re already running behind, and uh, the, the, the language that we’re speaking to ourselves, starting the day, it frames up our whole day. Um, so yeah, so that would be a re-assessing question. Then there’s the re-engage and re-engaging is first thing’s first, uh, meaning, you know, what’s the, what is the, the most important thing you could do and, and I actually uh, as the quote at the top of that chapter is from none other than Gary Keller, Jay Papasan. Um, what’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it, everything else would be easier or unnecessary?

Attilio: That’s a great question!

Adrienne: (laughing)

James: It’s a, it’s, it literally frames up the entire book with one thing. By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, and, it is actually one of my great questions. Uh, I put it in as the sample question in the chapter, in that chapter uh, called “First Thing’s First,” but then also uh, mentioned uh, one, a couple others, so like one is uh, what is the most powerful yet intangible way I can show my love to blank or to, you know, to X, so that they will remember it for a lifetime? Uh, and you know, just asking that question and then not answering it but waiting for that answer. By the way, I’m going to put a real quick plug in for uh, the book, Giftology. I don’t know if you uh, heard of this book. It’s amazing! Amazing!

Attilio: I think we have!

Adrienne: Yes, we’ve heard of it.

Attilio: I think I heard him on a podcast, he just like, I think the example he gave was like finding out what this guy’s, what his pants and suit and shirt size was and like buying his favorite brand of clothing and bringing it and putting it, like putting a showroom up in his hotel room.

James: Yeah, he bought, he bought every single thing in Brooks Brothers for, for a guy. Uh, right. Well, I’m not suggesting—

Attilio: The CEO. Yeah.

James: Yeah. But I’m not suggesting that but what I’m suggesting is, uh, you, you know, uniquely and creatively looking at life again, you know, from the standpoint of what’s the, what’s the one ___? So, and then, and then uh, I guess so what I, it would be the, the last re, if you will, would be re-affirming. I put re-affirming at the end because I, it, re-affirming is just a great last question to ask before you pull the sheets up and go to sleep. So, re-affirming’s around becoming and moments, the moments of brilliance in our lives and the miraculous and finding what I call granule gratitude and then celebration. A lot of people uh, including myself, avoid celebration, worried that perhaps the, the, the floor will disappear when we’re jumping for joy. Uh, so the, you know, there is this uh, this, this sense that, especially highly-achieved individuals, skip the whole art of celebration worried that it might jinx future success.

Adrienne: Now with all these, with, with all these questions, are, are, are we to be writing them down?

James: So, you, yeah, good question. So, I uh, I write them down on a 3 X 6 card. And I put them on top of my phone which serves as my alarm clock and uh, I put my phone across my room so that I don’t hit snooze and then in the morning, I revisit those questions. Uh, while having my miracle morning, by the way, my Hal Elrod miracle morning. I, I revisit the questions and uh, that card stays with me through the day, I, in the bathroom obviously uh, it stays with me in the car, uh, you know, in the bathroom when I’m getting ready. In the car, uh, at my desk, uh, and then I take one more look at those questions at the end of the day and you know what? You’re not going to receive an answer to each question, but you will be amazed as you do this and as you work on that re-uh, sleep on a muscle, um, you’ll be amazed how that, the answers to even your most unanswered questions will come alive to you, will, will take shape.

Adrienne: So, so when you’re done for the day with those questions, where do you put these cards? Do you hold onto them in a pile or?

James: Well, I have, I have a little wooden box that fits comfortably 400 of them. Uh, and then I revisit the cards by month, uh, so I mean I revisit the last 30 days each month. Uh, these, these cards, it’s, you know how you, you, if you journal at all and you go and revisit uh, you’re, you didn’t see it coming but so much of what you journaled came about? Uh, well, that’s you know, I mean there’s a 365-day journal basically of 3 great questions, so 3 times 365 and uh, and being just curious about our lives and what it could be and the unlived lives that we have let to live.

Attilio: Yeah, when I, when I journal and I look back I, I think two, two questions pop into my head: what the heck was I thinking? and—

All: (laughing)

Attilio: And number two, that’s awesome!

James: Yeah, exactly.

Attilio: It’s 50/50. (laughing)

James: Yeah. Exactly yeah, you know, it is amazing because you feel like you’ve had, you know the hand of God on you when you, when you look back to your journal and for me when I look back at my questions and just see how much of life uh, you know, has almost like a divine aspect to it uh, of grace.

Attilio: Sure! Now tell the listeners why you want the index cards to be blank as opposed to having lines on them?

James: Oh! (laughing) Well, so there, so I, I want to avoid the idea that we’re doing a to-do list. And so, I, I created, I found extra thick, non-lined cards on Aamzon.com, which works for me because that card stays with me throughout the day and I like to keep them and I want them to keep shape uh, and so I get these non-lined cards so that it doesn’t uh, have the tendency to look like a to-do list and then, it leaves a little bit more room for me to uh, not, I don’t know, just not have to draw within the lines. Some people can be uh, shaken by that. And uh—

Attilio: They’ll be like, I need the lines!

James: Yeah! So, order the lined cards, but you know what? Do yourself a favor and order 400 3 X 5 cards and put it at your nightstand and ask 3 great questions. You don’t even have to use my book to frame up those questions, but obviously, I’ve given you sample questions to get you kicked off in this direction and then just be curious about like, like I said, about the life you have yet to live.

Attilio: Now, are you uh, if people want you to come be a keynote speaker, speak on this topic, are you, is, is that something that you do?

James: Absolutely! Absolutely, especially in Hawaii!

All: (laughing)

James: But uh, no, I mean, for my, my thing is just, it’s a blessing and a gift to speak this life and, with people and just be a part of that conversation and uh, uh, I just, it was, I would be thrilled to, to, to share more, so absolutely. That, I also do what I call __ coaching. I work with highly-successful, highly-achieved individuals uh, interested in an, in integration of fulfillment in their lives and also uh, improving the, improving their success and their, and their bottom line so, I, I work with a handful of, uh, clients on a monthly basis. I only work by phone uh, and uh, I’ve, I love doing that. It’s another way to give back and uh, yeah.

Attilio: You get there quicker and you’re always on time! When you work by phone!

Adrienne: That’s true!

Attilio: You never get stuck in traffic!

James: Never, never.

Attilio: When you work by phone. Alright, well.

Adrienne: Well, thank you, James, so much! For joining us today and talking about this evening ritual and, and enlightening us.

Attilio: And your book called Resucceed! Give us that website again where people can go to get more information about you and then go to Amazon and actually buy the book!

James: Yeah, no doubt! So www.jamescolburn.net, uh, and you can actually follow a link to Amazon there or you can download the Fast Launch Package uh.

Attilio: We’re going to tell them go to your website, because they will give you some SEO, because they heard it on the show.

Adrienne: Yes!

James: Hey, thanks!

Attilio: Yes.

James: And uh, you know, if anyone does buy the book, give me a uh, give me a shout-out on Amazon reviews, that’s like gold for me. Uh, and uh, uh, and then, keep, keep a lookout because I’m in the middle of writing a second book called Teamify! It’s all about, and right up your alley, it’s all about uh, building a team! And not just a real estate but obviously, I have uh, uh, a slant towards that and uh, really uh, what I call uh, getting your life back, uh crushing your competition and, and starting a highly-effective team.

Attilio: Alright, well thanks, James!

Adrienne: Thanks, James!

James: Alright, thank you, thanks for having me.

Adrienne: Aloha.

Attilio: Alrighty, aloha! Alright, real quick, we’ve got a couple minutes left! We’ve got Mike?

Adrienne: We’ve got Mike on the line.

Attilio: Hey, Mike! We’ve only got a couple seconds, what’ve you got for us?

Mike: Uh, first off, I just want to wish Adrienne and all the qualified listeners happy Mother’s Day!

Adrienne: Awe, thank you, Mike!

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Mike: And uh, just a quick buyer’s tip guys, uh, definitely make sure that when you are looking at a home that you are going to move into that you actually can afford the payments! So, get together with a lender and see exactly how much you can qualify for. Factor in maintenance fees, association fees, all that stuff—

Adrienne: Property taxes.

Mike: Exactly!

Adrienne: Which by the way, are, they’re thinking about uh—

Attilio: Beer for your drunk uncle when he comes by to visit.

All: (laughing)

Mike: Something like that. Just make sure that when you guys are looking for a home, that you are definitely comfortable with your payments. And to figure that out, uh, give a call to our friends over at Pacific Rim Mortgage, uh, a shout and then they’ll help you definitely with that!

Attilio: Alright, thanks Mike!

Adrienne: Thanks, Mike!

Mike: Alright guys!

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