Joining Team Lally in this episode is Barrie Desmond, the owner of Lice Clinics of Hawaii. Barrie tells us the story of what brought her to Hawaii and what got her in to the lice clinic business. She talks about the misinformation about lice in the home and lack of credible advice on the internet. We also discuss how Lice Clinics helps to educate the local community about preventing and curing lice.
Who is Barrie Desmond?
Barrie Desmond is the owner of Lice Clinics of Hawaii. She has lived in Hawaii for 18 years, is married with 2 daughters, age 12 and 8. She got into the lice business after experiencing the lack of effective help and over the counter products available when her own daughter got lice at camp. It has been her mission to help our community through education, and by offering safe and effective treatment options.
To reach Barrie you may contact her in the following ways:
Phone: 808-670-3585
Website: https://www.liceclinicshawaii.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiceClinicsHawaii/