Our featured guest in this episode of Team Lally Radio Show is Theresa Paulette, currently the Victim Services Specialist for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She talks about the dangers of drunk driving, to bring more awareness about the irresponsible and dangerous behavior of drinking and driving, as well as the cost paid by the victims and their families.
MADD is a national grass-roots organization that was started in 1980, by Candy Lightner, a mother in California, whose 13 year old twin daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She joined forces with Cyndi Lamb, whose 6 month old daughter became the youngest paraplegic after a drunk driving crash on the east coast and together they testified before Congress. This started the change in America’s acceptance that until that time considered drunk driving as just an accident. MADD made a nation aware that drunk driving is not acceptable, it is a violent crime and it’s 100% preventable. MADD along with our highway safety partners has greatly reduced drunk driving fatalities and injuries across America, but will not stop until “there are no more victims” of drunk and drugged driving.

Who is Theresa Paulette?
Theresa was originally from Seattle and has been living in Hawaii for the past 50 years. In 1992, she chose to volunteer for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) after losing her 15 year old son in a crash involving a man who had been arrested 6x because of drunk driving.
To reach Theresa you can contact her in the following ways:
Phone: 808-532-6233
Website: www.madd.org/hi