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Announcer:  It’s time to enter the world of real estate with Hawaii’s own true real estate show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. Hawaii’s premier real estate leaders, Adrienne Lally and Atillio Leonardi who bring you the latest in real estate news. And real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at price that you like and you agree to, or they’ll buy it. Now, here are your hosts – Adrienne and Atillio.

Adrienne:  Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions you can reach us at (808) 633-8633 that’s (808) 633-8633 or just check us out online – www.teamlally.com and that’s L-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  Hey everybody, this is Atillio. I was heading out to our soon to be open office. At the Queen Waikoloa Shopping Center at our new Kilauea office coming soon to a neighborhood near you. This lady tapped me on the shoulder as I was going up the steps and started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions? I said, “You should really seek the appropriate licensed professional.” And then she said, “Aw, but mom.” And then I said to my mom, “What other questions do you have?” So if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice? So Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne:  They should run that by the attorney’s with heart, “Cane & Harren.”  Right here in Abooko.

Atillio:  Yeah, check them out online www.caneandharren.com, that’s H-a-r-r-e-n.

Adrienne:  e-n.

Atillio:  e-n

Adrienne:  .com

Atillio:  .com.

Adrienne:  4242-9350

Atillio:  Yeah. You like that word. Anyway, if you hear anything that sounds like legal, tax advice run that past your friendly neighborhood Spiderman tax professional.

  By the way if you are a tax professional? We are looking for someone to call in and give us the tax tip of the week. If you want to help promote your business? Give us a call, what’s that number?

Adrienne:  They can call us (808) 633-8633.

Atillio:  Alright, got some quotes for us? Or?

Adrienne:  Well, we actually have, speaking of Cane and Harren? We have David Keene on the line to share his legal tip of the week.

Atillio:  David, you there?

David:  Hello guys, how are you?

Atillio:  Good.

Adrienne:  Doing great David.

David:  Okay, so, well, today’s going to be an interesting topic. And it’s gonna to be if you guys know? House Bill 321, in the House Legislation. You guys know what that is?

Atillio:  Oh, yeah. I have no idea?

Adrienne:  Anyway, yes.

David:  That happens to be the Medical Marijuana Dispensary System Act. And that is before the governor can give right now for signature. He hasn’t signed it yet? But he says he will. So, we’re looking for him to sign that bill any day now. And basically, guys, back in year 2000, 02/14/2000 Act 228 was in-acted by the state. And that allowed Medical Marijuana. And eventually, the individuals that use medical marijuana, they have to have a doctor’s essential permission to use that. There’s way about 13,000 present patients. And actually quite a few here on Maui, quite a bit on Oahu and big islands. So, the new medical marijuana dispensaries is just an Act, states that; in order to assist them, those patients, there will be dispensaries. For a kind of drug stores for marijuana if you will?

Atillio:  Dang.

David:  And a, the licenses that will be required by the State Department of Health, they are going to be issuing a total of 8 licenses.

Atillio:  A-huh.

David:  Each licensee and they have to be different licensees on the islands. Each licensee, can have two dispensaries.

  It looks like in the year 2017 provided this law passes. It looks like that’s going to be increased to 30 licensee, but right now, we are talking about eight. And it’s really, guys, I have read and re-read The House Bill, and it’s very comprehensive, it’s a lot of pages. And basically it’s like a long laundry list of these individual dispensary licensees will need in order to be licensed. Kind of one of the main issues of so involving these, is the federal legislation. The federal government classifies marijuana, is as a Schedule 1Narcotic. So Schedule 1 Narcotics are kind of the same class as Methamphetamine and LSD. They have essentially it is said to believe that it has no remedial value what so ever, no value, no therapeutic value, no value what so ever. That’s what Schedule 1 means. Obviously, many of us believe that the feds are wrong, as far as that goes. The states are concerned, and are working to change it. But just one thing, in order to let everyone know, let everyone out there know that’s one of the things king is working on amongst all the other things that we do here.

Atillio:  With you guys’ participation in that?

David:  Well, right now, we’ve assisted in kind of drawing up the legislation, to the way we look at it. We’ve done some seminars over on Oahu. Hear about the legislation itself, and kind of what kind of pitfalls it presents for the licensees and dispensaries. That’s kind of what we’re doing right now, and we’re doing only, we are only representing one client per island. Because we don’t want to compromise or conflict of interest. So, that’s the main thing we’re looking at. How it effects these regulations in fact federally, will it affect our client’s rights federally? What the agricultural law, what the criminal law, any employment issues, all of those. You know, the contracting with potential sites licensing and things like that. So, we’re creating teams, and building up new relationships with people, investors, things like that.

Adrienne:  So, David, you mentioned that the federal government doesn’t recognize it as therapeutic? But obviously the state has differences of opinion. What kind of challenges could arise basically, based on that?

David:  You got it, I mean. Okay, there was a, you know, that the Department of Justice recently put out that they said they will, that the Department of Justice will not be spending any more resources to prosecute dispensaries if there is state law in that particular state that is in-acted. However, they kind of reneged on that, because they have gone after quite a few California dispensaries. Now, California, Colorado has a very comprehensive law, and we haven’t seen the feds? We do, do a little earlier, but we lately haven’t seen the feds against the licensees in Colorado, lately. But they’re definitely is an issue. I believe there is an issue in that? I think that president Obama is for licensing these. And in fact his yearbook is prune hole is kind of said that, you know? In not so many words, but? I think that the Department of Justice doesn’t want to follow that edict, but does want to prosecute them, marijuana, so there’s a problem recently, in the past couple of weeks. The several legislature that the federal government has more or less said, look, we want to move toward the legalization of marijuana. Honestly I think that’s gonna happen, guys. I think that’s what we’re going to see within the next two to five years. Legalization of medical marijuana across the board period. And you know, a lot of these issues will won’t even have within state licensing. But until that happens, yeah, there’s a conflict. Yeah, you said it, there’s, there is a major conflict.

Atillio:  Yeah, I’ve heard there, I listened to a broadcast with a family, they’re running a farm. You got workers, they’re W2, they got insurance, 401K’s the whole nine yards. And the federal officers come in and shut the whole place down over night.

David:  Yes.

Atillio:  So I guess they can?

David:  They can, and that’s a good point. That the farmers had to seem to have less rights than like the dispensary system is better off. I think, in doing the law right than here. They’ve got a lot of good ideas, including what we call, “Vertical Implementation System.” In which, the license holder is responsible. Some from literally growing the plant in some fashion, up through distribution, etc… So, that’s in my opinion a really smart system, unlike what California has. California does not have that, and they have a lot of problems.

Atillio:  True.

Adrienne:  So, David where will this Maui dispensary be? Do you know?

David:  Yeah. That’s a great question too. You know the one last specified the dispensaries themselves cannot be within certain zones, including school zones, parks, park in which children are playing. So, you know, like here, I was on Channel 2 News the other day? And they asked me, the exact same question? Of where do you think these dispensaries are going to be? I said, “You know, maybe, Kanawha, maybe on Oahu? Here towards the airport? Maybe towards here away from schools. That’s another kind of mine field that we hopefully will help people with. It’s very similar to the Liquor Licensing Laws? Which literally, we have to take a map and draw a radius circles around where the radius circles folder is going to have liquor and contact all those people within that circle. And essentially get their consent. So, I think it’s going to be very similar.

Atillio:  Great, I think seriously, they should put in next to their “Krispy Cream Doughnuts.”


Atillio:  Just kidding, just kidding.

Adrienne:  Great, well, David, thank you so much for the update on this law. And we wish you the best of luck with the continued legislation and keep us posted.

David:  Okay guys, we sure will. And thanks very much.

Atillio:  Thank you.

David:  Bye-bye.

Atillio:  So that was David of Cane & Harren, check them out at – www.caneandharren.com 

H-a-r-r-e-n or give them a call at – (808) 242-9350, that’s (808) 242-9350.

Adrienne:  Alright, so, we have Lisa, Lisa are you there?

Atillio:  Lisa, you there?

Lisa:  Yes, I am.

Atillio:  Alright. We’re catching you on a lunch break, is that right?

Lisa:  Yeah, that’s right, teaching classes today at the Realtor and Association in between classes.

Atillio:  Alright, so, nice.

Adrienne:  What are you teaching today?

Lisa:  A, I just kinda zip forms class. Which is our Hawaii standard form on libraries class. Every time we line up a purchase contract, any type of offer? It goes through a standard zips form. So which I teach out at the Realtors Association. Which I’m about to teach elective Electronic Signings Class.

Atillio:  Alright.

Lisa:  Yeah! Hooray for paperless transactions!

Atillio:  I know, it’s like, you know, people ask, “Do you have a fax machine?” I’m like, what is a fax machine? We actually have a copy machine is like a fax machine. People are like, I had a lady call me the other day, are you going to be standing next to your fax machine? I said, it’s like impossible, because it just comes to my inbox, because nobody even has?

Lisa:  Exactly. I just came from my desk and it just comes right to my Email. And we’re good, but.

Atillio:  So, talk about teaching opportunities, learning opportunities, any other learning opportunities?

Lisa:  Yeah, I, we do have a workshop coming up and I wanted to give all and talk a little bit about that. But I did have a little tip of the week I wanted to share. Which definitely relate to the workshop that’s coming up and it’s the importance of time and blocking. Not just for, I mean, we’ll talk about it as it relates to agents, realtors. But it’s really for anyone, anybody. That needs to kind of get a handle on their life and schedule. And it’s one of the things that hits home with me. I’m reading the “One Thing Book” and it naturally helped me to get better at time blocking. It felt as an example, agents in their business are very, very active, you know?

  As in, they wake-up, they check their Email, and they put out fires, or you know, take calls, or take Emails from clients, all day every day. They are just being very, very active. They take clients on showings, when they need to look for them. So it’s very hard for them to be able to take control of them and their schedule. They even might have a business where they have a schedule like that to relieve. So, they best thing that I would suggest people do, is to time block their day as much as possible.

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  And people say, oh, it’s just so hard for me to do that. But, I mean it’s even more possible than they think? It is, they just have to get in the, a little bit stricter, I mean to protect that time block. So for example, you have an agent or anybody? Say, Monday through Friday this is what I tell the agents to do. They handle their personal business, on any Emails they get, they want, before 9:00a.m. In the morning. And then from 9:00a.m. till 11:00a.m. they should be working on 3rd generation, right? Calling potential perspective clients, working on setting appointments. And then 11:00a.m. to 12:00noon, they handle follow-up, following up from previous ones. And from 12:00noon to 1:30p.m. they either have lunch. And then from 2:30p.m. to 5:00p.m. in the afternoon are appointments, listing appointments, client consultations, showings, you know, going to look at properties, open houses. So, it sounds easier said than done. But it’s amazing how we start to take control of our schedule. That way, it just works. The one in the evening has its own time block, and then when you’re at home. You want to time block it for family too. But, so that’s gonna too be effective immediately. And in one of the workshops we have coming up is, a workshop for this book, “The One Thing.”

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  And it really asks the question, what is the one thing you can do? Such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary for you. So, we’re going to do some goal setting, learn how to time block. Identifying a focusing on what that one thing is for you? So we are offering that to any of the realtors on Maui.

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  You know, it doesn’t matter what company your with? It’s open, it’s going to be at The Realtors Association, on Monday July 6 2015.

Atillio:  Monday, July 6th.

Lisa:  And that’s from 9:00a.m. to 12:00noon.

Atillio:  Okay.

Lisa:  On Monday – July 6th, so they can register for that by contacting, they can call –

 (808) 270-1046 and leave a message there. And we will get back to them and put them on the list. It’s for anybody else that’s listening that’s not a realtor?

  That is interested in this book and wants to learn more about time blocking? They can call and now, you know, how we can get a book to them and get more information to them about it. So they can learn about it too. There’s workshops available for non-realtors, we just happened to be doing one of them, but open to the realtors as well as a business.

Adrienne:  Lisa, would this one apply to, if you were in like, the real estate industry? You know, like a Loan Officer or maybe an Escrow, maybe if they would like to attend?

Lisa:  Actually, you could kind attend as an invited guest, if you are an affiliate. We have affiliate members as a realtors associate if they want? In fact we do have a Loan Officer coming that I am aware of. So, yeah, that’s a great question. And yeah, they can, they are invited as well, they can come too.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Again, what’s that number, Lisa, for folks to come to this?

Lisa:  It’s (808) 270-1046

Atillio:  270-1046. Alright, and this is where we’re going to read about people who operate in the top of whatever industry they are in, they time block.

Lisa:  That’s correct, they, it’s a common across the board, it looks like successful people we have talked to in any business. They do this type of thing, they have a time block, yeah.

Atillio:  Yes.

Lisa:  Surely.

Atillio:  Okay. Well, hey, thanks so much.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks Lisa.

Lisa:  You’re welcome you guys. Have a great rest of the day.

Atillio:  You too.

Adrienne:  Alright. So now it’s time for the Maui real estate minute.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  Nothing more important than that. Messages, but when we come back we’re going to be talking about – Clean Air.

Atillio:  Clean Air, stay with us.


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Adrienne:  Welcome back and thanks for listening to the “Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guarantee sold program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne.

Atillio:  And I’m Atillio.

Adrienne:  And today we’re going to talk to you about clean air.

Atillio:  And we have Robbie Dean, he’s with the Maui Real Estate Advisors. And I want to give a big Kudos out to Robbie and his partner. Talk about realtors getting involved in trying to make a better community, for the community that they work in. And he’s going to be hosting an event tonight. But I’m going to let Robbie come on and talk more about it, Robbie, you there?

Robbie:  I am thank you, thank you for reaching me and giving me the opportunity to be heard.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  Now you have to have an excellent subject line in your Email. It’s like we’re in undated with Emails, and I was like, wow, look what’s happened? See what this is about? So?

Atillio:  The subject line was, “Air to Angry People to Breath.” Then he grabbed our attention. In fact, we just reached out and talked to you this morning. And said, “We got a show this morning.” Hey we need to help Robbie get the word out on this event you’re, that you’re hosting. So tell us about what’s this topic?

Robbie:  Well, a, there was this recent cane burn. Last month, the cane burned daily. I described two and a half day. If you feel personally, like you need to know? When you can burn for half a day or geographically where they are. There is an app. That helps out.

Atillio:  Okay.

Robbie:  This time of year just daily I get a notification that there will be a change. And depending on the wind, and control winds, and not always do the control burns directly affect the key areas in some south Maui, which is literally downwind from most of the sugar cane fields that have, that are predictable winds or Northeast trade winds.

Atillio:  Yes.

Robbie:  Or from the south. But in anyways, there was a burn last week. And I remember it filtering. We got a bunch of these schools and such that have respiratory problems and such. And some that are much less noticeable. One child went to the hospital. You know, I guess what I want to say, is that we all are in this together, now the community. The whole entire island. And I don’t want to, you know, speak out in way that ruffles other people’s feathers.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Robbie:  So we understood that some people have jobs in the industry. And everybody just needs to respect how this is affects people. At this day and age, I’ve been here 17 years, I’m 65 years old. Got here when I was 48 years old. We lived in upstate New York. I couldn’t even burn a pile of leaves in my yard. Of course that was back 17 years ago, or I would be fined. To think that we are living in a day and age that. Where so many people can be affected by a commercial practice. That just has major impact. I guess what I want to share, is that. For 14 and a half or so years, my body was, I had an immune system that would resist. But I’m finding that there is a cumulative effect on breathing the pollutants the particulate matter, just this air quality. We wake up and we already have a sore throat already, our eyes are burning. We find, you know, we have repertory issues. And with that being said, there’s no other incidents, or no other calls for clean air. So, tonight, County, LA, County of Los Angles State Representative is hosting, at the Activity View Center, from 6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. A forum, if you will? So, Dr. Lauren Tang from the County District Health Office will be there. Dr. Joe Ritter, who’s very aware of matter of air quality will be there. A number of other people will be there, to stop this can burning. From a cultural and historical perspective. As well as the impact on public call and the environment and now the economy. And the question is, if we can, you know, we look at what’s happened on our planet with as many people as we have had. We look at things that need to change, things that are causing climate change. The long that things effect air, the longer things that effect our health. And this is just an important opportunity for people to take time and have their voice heard. And correctively look for a solution that works across the board in a holistic way.

Atillio:  Yeah, I like the way, you’ve given them a modern way. You know that there are both sides to every earth situation. And I like how you brought that to the table. Yeah, there are other people who are employed, or they’re companies, and you know, the companies of theirs is going to have an impact on them. And air quality, so it’s always, we have to find some middle ground that’s going to work for everybody, everyone. The, you know, some people are really listening in are, or maybe they don’t have a real understanding of it? You know, I’ve grown-up here, sugar canes have been a part of Hawaii for a long time. And the reason why the burn it, correct me if I am wrong? Is because it makes it easier to harvest.

Robbie:  Yeah, that’s what we’re told.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Robbie:  But there’s also green harvesting, there’s other methods that are out there.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Robbie:  And there’s other crops, you know, there’s not just an, “All or nothing.” Concept.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Robbie:  Where there is to be other viable uses for the land because we don’t want it to lay sour. And be a bust situation. I don’t think it’s an absolute, we’re going to stop and you people go find other jobs. I think we need to move toward a solution where people’s livelihood suffers.

Atillio:  Yes.

Robbie:  Considers, with people’s health to be considered. And, you know, is sugar a real viable crop today. Or is it subsides that help make it viable? Are there other crops, for instance, the tropical plantation about a month ago. There was an entrepreneurial conference on that ali. Where different possibilities and concepts for business were presented. And the one that won, was a gentleman who had a certain type of tree, and had a certain type of berry. That is very highly productive, and used for energy. How that crop was grown, and the berry is used to transition that material as energy. It had a very high level of emissions and success and value. Not only that, it had a nutritional food value. So there are, you know, if we open our eyes. And we’re not just afraid to be looking for solutions deep down because of our own circumstances. There may well be a viable alternative. And the truth is, you could ask many doctors on this islands. The downwind done from cane burning over time. You can become more and more susceptible to this, the effects. Some people fortunate that we aren’t. And others are and we need to be respect that. This is our health and our well-being that we’re considering.

Atillio:  I know for a fact we have a client that’s in Gia, and she’s selling her place because she has some breathing issues and is going to move to Lahaina. Because she just can’t take it anymore. So, I mean, it’s like a firsthand account of how it’s making it. Some kind of change in their life. But, where are they going to live?

Robbie:  I actually have two friends, who were friends, clients. They were both, they moved off of Maui actually.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Robbie:  Actually lived in the Hauk area. And one lived here and we met them. And, yeah, So, I think it’s just time and again to open the conversation, and have some professionals, and I am not a professional in the field. But I am effected by it. And I feel it is time for me to stand up. And I do want to say that, that line stuck out in my mind. Quoted, that.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Robbie:  That line from a Kenny Loggins song in the ‘90’s. “So this isn’t the new top.”

Atillio:  Yes, so again, for those of you just tuning in, we’ve got Robbie Dean from the Maui Real Estate Advisors. Again you are facilitating or are you just getting the word out for this event?

Robbie:  Yeah, I just put the word out to my professional colleagues.

Atillio:  Okay.

Robbie:  Because they are a conduit to citizens who live, work and live on Maui. And, you know, the more people we can engage in the conversation come up. The solutions to cure everybody.

Adrienne:  Now, Robbie, is there like, the citizens cannot make it to this forum? Is there any other place that they can get information, is there a Facebook group? Or is there?

Robbie:  You know, I don’t know the answer to that?

Atillio:  Sure.

Robbie:  I would say, coming out of the contact on this? There is a channel for that to happen, unless you help out for this?

Atillio:  And again, the event people.

Adrienne:  It’s tonight.

Atillio:  It’s tonight. You’re listening to a live radio show, so it’s tonight, 6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. at the Keyha Community Center. You’ve got, it looks like you’ve got a list of some nice presenters in there. Giving some very helpful information there. It’s probably a big forum for people in the community. Hey, you know local style? Don’t grumble if you, don’t want to participate and make changes in your community. And I like what it says on this Email that you sent out. Well, Halo for taking the time to make our community what we want it to be.

Robbie:  Exactly.

Atillio:  And a, any other last things you want to, final things you want to share for this event?

Robbie:  Yeah. It’s one of three thank you for noticing. And thank you for inviting me to come on and call in and put the word out. So people can take a little time out of their evening and come be positive. And let’s talk about what can work for all of our sakes.

Atillio:  Okay, great. If someone wants to give you a big Manalo for going to this extra effort, do mind? And if we tell them your number?

Robbie:  Not at all.

Atillio:  Alright.

Robbie:  (808) 250-3564, and I’m happy to engage in conversation, as long as it is positive. It’s really about.

Atillio:  Yes.

Robbie:  How do we move forward together.

Atillio:  Alright, so that’s Robbie Dean, from the Maui Real Estate Advisors. Again, his number is – (808) 250-3564. If anything, do some business with him. I always appreciate our fellow realtors getting out there and participating in the community and making it a better place for everybody.

Robbie:  That’s a wonderful spirit, thank you so much.

Atillio:  Thank you Robbie.

Adrienne:  Thanks Robbie. So, we’re gonna take a short break now. And when we come back, we’re going to have open houses, smokin’ hot deals.

Atillio:  Come and see properties.

Adrienne:  Come and see properties. Oh, so much, so don’t go too far?

Atillio:  Yes.


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Adrienne:  Hello and welcome back, I’m Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, just give us a call –

(808) 633-8633 or check us out online at www.teamlally.com that’s L-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  I want to share some praise for ya folks. One of our team members here did a great job. This is our most recent Zillo review that we’ve had.

  And here it is, Team Lally provided us with the guidance we needed, and we really needed it since we had two schools going at the same time. And we are doing the 1031 exchange. There were so many papers and people to keep separate, at time I mixed them up, but they didn’t. We had all the help we needed between our realtor – Brandon Force, right here on Maui. Our Escrow Coordinator – Alishia Borehouse; phone calls were probably returned even at three hour time difference we had, meaning, they got that early morning calls. And that’s who closed on time, and we couldn’t be happier. If you need help, they are the best to work with. Thanks so much for Alishia and Brenden are awesome team members during that transaction. Closed and you had something going?

Adrienne:  Yeah, so. By the way, if you are enjoying the show and you’re thinking about selling your home? That’s what we do best.

Atillio:  Really?

Adrienne:  Day in and day out, we sell homes for happy customers. Just go to – www.teamlally.com. To contact us. And just give us a chance to apply for the job of selling your home.

Atillio:  What about that last part? We’d love to work with you. Here’s the deal folks, don’t list your home with us.

Adrienne:  Interview us.

Atillio:  That’s it. Alright. So we got Anastasia on the line, Anastasia are you there?

Anastasia:  I’m here, hello.

Atillio:  Aloha, so Anastasia is one of our awesome team members. She one of our business partners. Anastasia would you share with us today?

Anastasia:  I wanted to share today, with our luxury owners out there. And our luxury agents.

Atillio:  Yes.

Anastasia:  Are Bascom Accelerated Marketing Program.

Atillio:  Okay.

Anastasia:  And that is an Accelerated Program that can give a 90 day plan to sell.

Atillio:  Sell your home.

Anastasia:  So these are for the luxury end owners and agents with these properties over $3 million dollars.

Atillio:  And you know what? One of them benefits are? And they have a whole list of them. Would you like me to share them with you?

Anastasia:  Yes.

Atillio:  Okay, one of them is, with you, the listing agent, we keep the listing. It’s your listing, we have nothing to do with any of that. That particular marketing, just our branding goes on there. If you’re Joe Blow or Joe Blow Realty? That’s the brokerage, that’s the listing agent. All inbound calls come to you. And you remain the listing agent on the listing. And you get all your commissions when it closes. If there is no body representing the buyer or whatever? Is there adrenaline.

Adrienne:  You represent both sides.

Atillio:  You get both sides.

Adrienne:  And then you get brought in by other buyers also. They all go to you.

Atillio:  Yes, they do. Your data base of some high luxury buyers. And it’s a win, win for everybody. The owner avoids, so here’s how the ideal scenario? If you’ve had, or been in this business position. Where you list it, the luxury property for sale, over a year. Spending all this money on marketing. You dread giving the seller up dates, whenever you do that. Because there is nothing, not much more to talk about, you don’t have an offer.

Adrienne:  Or showings.

Atillio:  Or showings. Or requests, or anything going on. And you’re just waiting for the hammer to come down. Or for the guillotine to come down and fire you. We have a solution to you, that will save that particular situation. And or an end or, use it as a tool to go and get more luxury listings for yourself. Let us help you, let us help you. Anyway, Anastasia, anytime you feel like, anything else you want to mention about our Accelerated Luxury Marketing Program?

Anastasia:  I think you guys got it covered. But that will be great.

Atillio:  So, hey, give us a call. Anastasia, anything else you want to share with us today? Or is it, that was your parallel wisdom?

Anastasia:  Say Please.

Atillio:  Alright, thank you so much Anastasia.

Adrienne:  Thanks.

Anastasia:  Thanks, thank you.

Atillio:  A-huh. Alright, so what are we going to talk about? Multiple offers situations?

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  Okay.

Adrienne:  While we wait on Brendon? And they need to call in with their topic. So here’s the deal folks, we’re, a, I don’t know if we’re in the middle of it, end of it, the beginning part of it? But the multiple offer situation, because we’re seeing those occur?

Adrienne:  Absolutely, we had one this morning. And things are kinda frantic.

Atillio:  Yeah, everybody’s scrambling to get their offers in, okay? So, before we bring Mylie up. Let’s get on three things they need to know and be aware of when you get multiple offers.


1.)    That I would say, the highest offer is not necessarily going to be

Atillio:  The superior.

Adrienne:  The superior, or the most likely to close.

Atillio:  Yeah. So you want to take a look at the top financing, did the offer come in with a pre-approval? Not a prequel, but a pre-approval?

Adrienne:  Exactly.

Atillio:  Did they have proof of funds? Or any money that’s going down? What else?

Adrienne:  Is it a contingent sale? Does it have something else that needs to sell? In order to survive in that? That can always cause issues.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  So if you have co-offers, we’ll look at all of them.

Atillio:  Make an apples to apples comparison?

Adrienne:  Come on.

Atillio:  And prioritize them for you.

Adrienne:  Exactly.

Atillio:  And the good news is, if you have multiple offers then if the first one doesn’t go through, you have back-ups to go through.

Adrienne:  It’s always good to have a plan “B” and a plan “C.”

Atillio:  Yep, and Mylie, are you on the line there? Mylie can you hear us?

Mylie:  I can hear you guys clear.

Atillio:  Alright, Mylie’s here, one of our business partners. She’s one of our team members. Mylie what you gonna talk about today?

Mylie:  I have this pretty exciting property that is across the street of Maui.

It’s buyers just waiting on to show it. This is a beautiful upgraded modern 2 bedroom, 2 bath house. At a side street, Lola neighborhood loop.

Atillio:  Okay.

Mylie:  You’ll recognize the lawn being over in the Maui Legend. And this space is incredible. It has craft man window, tile and hardwood floors, updated carpet. They put in all new paint, all modern paint scheme. An expanded three car driveway. Got it right there on concrete patio. It’s got AC, pantry, tons of room in the kitchen, hot water, and short but kind of not come with a honey dew list.

Atillio:  Yep, already.

Adrienne:  This ten-key I think?

Mylie:  Listed at $178,000.00 and the owners out there are having an open house on this Saturday, from 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. If anyone is interested I would love to answer their questions.

Attillio:  Alright, so get up and give our hotline a call – (808) 633-8633 and anything else Mylie?

Mylie:  The only other thing I did want to mention? And I just ran across it. The exciting thing is, I’m a home owner, and as a home owner I’m selling my home.

Atillio:  Yep.

Mylie:  A long time, it starts, as though our options are very limited. When it came to possible renting scenarios. And I wasn’t able to do the same with a lot of fantastic loan mortgaging. She has options that I didn’t know existed. And so I was financed for over ten years.

Atillio:  Wow.

Mylie:  It was just really exciting and really refreshing. So to people who are listening? And have home loan properties and you don’t know what your options are? Give us a call at –

And see what you can do? Because you don’t have to do anything.

Atillio:  Yep, and so, not only do we have one host home owner, we have two on my cell phone. I am a DC as they say. So we got some Hawaiian’s in the house, “Team Lally.”

Adrienne:  That’s right, me too.

Atillio:  What? Oh, that’s right we have three that live in Hawaii in homes. What are the odds?

Mylie:  Taking over.

Atillio:  Proud to be Hawaiian. Anyway, If you need any help? We have Myrina, the expert, which, who has first time knowledge.

Mylie:  Absolutely

Adrienne:  And so does Lally Mortgage Team.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  That’s right, awesome.

Mylie:  That’s absolutely true.

Atillio:  Okay, thank you Mylie.

Mylie:  You’re welcome, have a good week.

Adrienne & Attilio:  You too.

Attilio:  Okay, so we got Brenden?

Adrienne:  I think we got our “Maui Saw that on the street.” Of course.

Attilio:  So I think here with us today, Brenden. Again, he is one of our fine team members, and a business partner. What you got for us today Brenden?

Brenden:  You want to know your future neighbor.

Attilio:  Okay.

Brenden:  Okay, KoKolani has got to be one of the best places to raise a family I think right now on the islands. Because we have the cooler climate, that’s a little higher that’s not way out towards Kailua. Which people think is cool too. You also have a community, there’s heart, I’ve taken advantage lately of using the pool. It’s all price, in fact there’s rumor going around they’re all free there for the kids.

Atillio:  Oh, yeah.

Brenden:  There’s an area within walking distance. All this amazing shopping and everything else. There’s actually pretty right now, 19 homes for sale.

Atillio:  Yep.

Brenden:  And they range from entry level for $475,000.00 they are usually 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes around 1300sqft.

Atillio:  Yes.

Brenden:  And it goes all the way up to the bigger, you know, mega views, for about $2.2 million dollars. And this one, I want to see this house? It’s 9 bedroom, 6 bath, and almost 10,000sqft.

Atillio:  Wow.

Brenden:  So plenty of room for entertainment there.

Atillio:  And you got your.

Adrienne:  You could get lost in that house, it’s huge.

Atillio:  Got a golf course in there. The Community Center is totally awesome. You got that cool shopping at “Foodland.” I think? And then, correct me if I am wrong, but? My understanding is, the Maui campus for fitness school is right up the hill?

Brenden:  Correct.

Atillio:  Again, Hawaiian’s in the house! Just kidding. Anyway. Anything, so that’s our featured neighborhood. So, you know that’s cool that.

Brenden:  There’s also cheap condos available in the same area. Evidently there’s also condos available on the golf course? They sell for about $485,000.00. Pretty much you can get anything in that neighborhood.

Atillio:  Yeah. Pookalani. I feel like I want to say, like if I had a pooka t-shirt, or pooka teeth, I’m going to live in Pookalani.

Adrienne:  Well we sort of are? We moved.

Atillio:  Yes we did.

Adrienne:  Top dollar, very quickly.

Atillio:  God, yeah, when we did it? It was the next highest, it was a lot, so.

Adrienne:  A-huh.

Atillio:  If you’re up in the neighborhood? You need to look into making a move, we sell homes in that neighborhood already. Let’s help you sell yours. Well, Stan, is that it?

Brenden:  Well, also I want to say, that you said, any investors that the deal of the day for asking those investors.

Atillio:  Okay.

Brenden:  And this particular one is here. And that’s just a huge that you’re looking for and it’s a short term rent house. As buyers and listeners may not know? Not every condo allows that. SO if you look at the entry level, the cheapest one on the island is $185,000.00. And of course it does allow for short term vacation rentals, and it’s a studio.

Atillio:  Okay.

Brenden:  And I said it was for $185,000.00, so for that price you can get into renting that out monthly. And they can perhaps come into some green?

Atillio:  And get into some green positive cash flow.

Adrienne:  What’s the maintenance fee on that one? Huh, Brenden?

Brenden:  That one, about $300.00 a month. So really your mortgage is?

Atillio:  That’s pretty cheap.

Brenden:  You can really carry that with very little.

Atillio:  Alright, if you want to know more about that, or any other properties? Our neighborhoods Brenden mentioned? Give our buyer hotline a call. (808) 633-8633. Brenden any other little quotes of wisdom?

Adrienne:  No, open house.

Atillio:  Open House.

Brenden:  Yes, Absolutely, it is open house in Keyhay, we’ll be doing it at Luard’s of Kennoway. And it’s going to be from 9:00a.m. in the morning to about noon. And then I will be at with my other partner I mentioned, at which she will be doing at the same location also on Sunday.

Atillio:  Cool, mega-mouth.

Adrienne:  So Friday from, is it 11:00? To?

Brenden:  9:00a.m. in the morning until noon.

Adrienne:  And then Sundays 2:00p.m. till 5:00p.m.?

Brenden:  I believe so, yes.

Atillio:  Yes, alright.

Adrienne:  Alright, this is what, 3 bedroom? 2 bath?

Branden:  There’s also the lot too. Where they wrap around the deck where you can get to the bedrooms. We have a nice ocean breeze. Which you can out stretch from the porch area.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Brenden:  So you can see the ocean.

Atillio:  Right on.

Brenden:  And there is also that complex has a really nice center with it’s own pool. If you get it after you get in or so.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Brenden:  Also a little bit option.

Atillio:  Alright, well thanks Brenden.

Adrienne:  So go visit Brenden and Anastasia will be out there in Keyleeland Friday and Sunday.

Atillio:  Look for the signs.

Adrienne:  Alright.

Atillio:  Alright, thank you Brenden.

Brenden:  Thank you.

Atillio:  Alright, so we a did get a letter from Hawaii Bank, where we did our Tenth Annual Fan Appreciation Party. We collected cans of food so the, there’s also a nice letter here. 125lbs of food to the Hawaii Food Bank. Folks we always think of the Food Bank during the holidays. But you know, people need this help all the time, all year long. So if you can, if you’re an organization, you know, try and collect some food. Some cans of food for the, your local Food Bank. I know they are in Hawaii. So, think about it in this low time during the summer when you can help them out.

Adrienne:  That’s it.

Atillio:  Hey, any last tips about multiple offers or anything. Oh, you know typical realtors we use the 3 “P’s” to get your hopes up. What are the 3 “P’s?”

Adrienne:  They are going to put the sign in the yard.

Atillio:  “P” for Put the sign in the yard.

Adrienne:  They are going to put it in MLS.

Atillio:  “P” for Put it in MLS.

Adrienne:  And lastly they are going to pray.

Atillio:  No, no. Nothing wrong with praying. Nothing wrong with praying at all. But, we do a lot more than that. We have a seven person program. And one of the “P’s” is Prospecting.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  And the end part of our day, every single person, every single license on our team does a follow-up calls. And we are working hard to follow-up all these leads on your home that’s listed for sale with us. We don’t, this is what we learned from Monica Reynolds, we, our responsibility is to follow up with whom.

Adrienne:  It is our responsibility to follow-up with our clients.

Adrienne & Atillio:  Not our clients to follow up with us.

Adrienne:  So finally, when we say, our advice earlier on about time blocking. Our whole entire team uses that time block method.

Atillio:  If you want to learn about time blocking and how to be more effective business owner? Give us a call, we’ll get ya signed-up for that class.

Adrienne:  That’s right.

Atillio:  Right.

Adrienne:  Well alright, thank you for listening, and thank you to our sponsors.

Atillio:  Mike Engine and Molly Matson with Maui Mortgage.

Adrienne:  And if you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors? Go to www.teamlally.com

We want to give a big thank you to Gary our producer in the studio. And make sure to tune in next week, we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that will change your life forever.

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Adrienne:  We can’t sell your home at a bottom price in your time frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Adrienne & Atillio:  THANKS AND ALOHA!