Mike Keiter – MAPS BOLD

Team Lally had a great conversation with MAPS BOLD coach Mike Keiter. Mike explained that MAPS or Mega Achievement Production System is a vision of Keller Williams Real Estate. It is a coaching program designed to get the agents’ production forward. It is a solution to a shifting market and helps the agents to adapt. BOLD (Business Objective, a Life by Design) program is designed around mindset.

Mike brings 25 years experience with him to Keller Williams. With a diverse background in investment property, luxury homes, income producing and residential, Mike adds value as a coach to your transaction so you get the deal completed in a timely manner.

To help real estate agents increase their profitability, KW MAPS Coaching offers BOLD: Business Objective, a Life by Design.

Written by Dianna Kokoszka, BOLD teaches techniques that propelled Kokoszka’s million-dollar real estate career and secured her place as the industry’s “queen of systems and scripts.” BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, and lead generation activities. This transformative program increases sales through the relentless pursuit of leads and business-building activities. Discover the transformational results BOLD will have on your life and career. Choose abundance for your life. Last year, BOLD graduates INCREASED their CLOSED TRANSACTIONS by 50% and INCREASED their INCOME by 114%

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Read Word For Words Of Our Hawaii Real Estate Show Below:

Announcer:  It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu, with Hawaii’s only true Real Estate Radio Show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leaders, Adrienne Lally and Atillio Leonard, will bring you the latest in real estate news. And real world strategies on how you can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to, or they’ll buy it. Now here are your hosts: Adrienne and Attilio.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 799-9596, that’s 799-9596, or on the web at TeamLally.com 

Attilio: Well hey everybody. This is Attilio. I was talking with my buddy this morning, Ryan Fletcher, and you know what he said to be genuine and authentic then grab people’s attention?

Adrienne: Is that what he said? 

Attilio: No, you know what he said? To get that result from the people you are communicating with, interacting with, he said “tell a story.”

Adrienne: Well tell us a story.

Attilio: So I have a story for you guys today.

Adrienne: I like stories. 

Attilio: So, when I was young my mom moved us to the island of Kauai, and for a little bit we actually lived on the beach. 

Adrienne: A huh.

Attilio:  This is back in, uh, in late 60s early 70s and it was kind of like Haman,or you know you’re kind like of..

Adrienne: But you didn’t know any better.

Attilio: Hey! I think I was probably 5 maybe 6 years old, but I just remembered it was like we were camping for a very long time.

Adrienne: I see.

Attilio: And it was on the beach and we used to pick puka shells, and we used to string them up and sell them to the tourists and hm  we tried cave diving out in Kauai. So, anyway, I  was at the beach, I was 5 or 6 years old, this lady came out to me and started tapping on the shoulder, started asking a bunch of tax and legal questions. I said “Those are great questions! Would you like to buy my puka shell lei? 

Adrienne: (giggles)

Attilio: And if you have those kinds of questions you should seek the appropriate licensed professional but then I said “But mom, I can still find more puka shells, to make for the leis.” But I highly reccomend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. So if you hear anything on the show that sounds a little about Attilio does a little story, if you hear anything on the show that uhn sounds like tax advice.. you should run them by who, Adrienne?

Adrienne: You can call our friend Travis, Travis Branch, he can be reached at 7216880, his uh, his tagline, what we know him by is, “taxes are voluntary” 

Attilio: Unless you’re really nosy!

Adrienne: (chuckles) 

Attilio: Uhn, legal advice! You hear anything on the show which sounds like legal advice, we need a lot from …

Adrienne: You know what? We’re actually having an attorney to turn on next week.  

Attilio: Oh yeah?

Adrienne: I’m sure he can advise us on those types of laws.

Attilio: Hey! If you’re an attorney and you’re looking to grow your business in 2016 and you want to come on a give a legal tip of the week..

Adrienne: Give us a call.

Attilio: Give us a call, what’s the number?

Adrienne: 799-9596.

Attilio: Are you gonna give us some power thoughts?

Adrienne: Yes, some power thoughts. Motivational fuel for sucess.

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: From our friend Bert Rodriguez.

Attilio: Who’s Bert Rodriguez?

Adrienne: Ok, so here’s a little story about Adrienne.. I 

Attilio: Once upon a time!

Adrienne: Yes, I was living in South Florida for some time, and decided that I wanted to learn to be a kick boxer, and I was at a kickboxing gym and really training a lot, and .. Rodriguez, has, he actually trained 10 world champions kick boxers. 

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: I was training and learning the sport and you know, it was a lot of fun but it was a lot of work.

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: And I, uh, got to know Bert reall well. 

Attilio: What’s he called? Bert, was it Master Bert?

Adrienne: Master. Master Bert.

Attilio: Okay. Master Bert

Adrienne: And he actually, uh..

Attilio: Does he have a lot of little english children running around saying “Master Bert!”

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: No? Oh, okay. 

Adrienne: No, he has like all sorts of different black belts, he is a master in many forms of martial arts, which is why many people seek him out for 1 on 1 training, so his first book was about his experience with, well he talked about his.. his life and then his experience training one of the 9/11 terrorists. He didn’t know that they were terrorists, he was just training them, and he found out after the attacks. 

Attilio: One to put down on the resume.

Adrienne: Well, I mean, I think it’s important. You know, when he talked about the psychology and then just, I mean, the  FBI was at his gym, and it was a, it was a, I think it was..

Attilio: It was an interesting life experience.

Adrienne: It was.

Attilio: And from this, he learned these powerful thoughts, which are? 

Adrienne: And this is from his second book: “Motivational fuel for sucess.” So I’m going to read the one on choices and decisions. “Life is a constant road of confrontations, 

Attilio: Ah huh.

Adrienne: With choices and decisions, making tough decisions can be stressful and consuming. You must find the courage to take a leap of faith, even when the consequences may seem vague or unknown. Fear and doubt will keep you in a frozen cathatonic state. By not making a decision and bravely accepting responsabillity for whatever the outcome you will guarantee certain failure. You will never discover what could have been. Live life to the fullest, or die trying.”

Attilio: Good stuff.

Adrienne: Yes. 

Attilio: Alright, so… 

Adrienne: You got one life to live.

Attilio: Yeah, one life to live. 

Adrienne: Make your decision, move on, whether it’s good or bad, just make the decision.   

Attilio: Uh hug. Kind of like when we were learning, I think we were learning in, I don’t know, in a Bold class, it was a sales training class that we’re taking currently, and it talked about jumping of the high dive and the questions to us, as the students was “When do you get rid of that fear, that allows you to jump off the high board, and the answer is..

Adrienne: I think it’s always there.

Attilio: The answer is you don’t!

Adrienne: Yeah, it’s..

Attilio: About what you’re gonna do to overcome it, and you just go. Leap! 

Adrienne: And I think it was Darren Hardy he had a little training that talked about just being brave for 20 seconds.

Attilio: Yep. 

Adrienne: Alright, it’s like that moment right before you act, like, that’s the moment that you’re, you know, you’re working things up. But once you’re actually doing that activity it’s not, it’s too easy.

Attilio: So, describing to you in the words of Christie, our producer here, you know, she saw that hot guy at the bar.  

Adrienne: (giggles)

Attilio: Who she had his number, and was just about to send that provocative text, and it’s that feeling you get, Christie, right before you hit the send button. Boom, you just hit it. Send it.

Adrienne: (giggles)

Attilio: If you have that “Oh, should I really send it?” This is what we do. “Should I really send this?” Boom, the finger already hit the button.  

Adrienne: Done. 

Attilio: That’s our.. Because if it’s making you feel uncomfortable you should, it’s telling you that you’re getting out of your comfort zone, and no one ever regrets, oh you know what, no one ever regrets reaching out for the hot guy at the bar, but they do regret not reaching out to the hot guy at the bar. 

Adrienne: So get comfortable..

Attilio: Unless he has bad breath! And holds a conversation like a tree stump. Then you regret that. Like, oh man I shouldn’t have sent that text message to him. 

Adrienne: Well, I think the lesson here..

Attilio: But Christie, this is what you do:

Adrienne: You wanna get comfortable being uncomfortable. And that’s, that’s what causes growth. 

Attilio: But Christie, always have a path to escape. Just tell him “Oh, you know what? I’m going to the restroom I’ll be right back.” What he doesn’t realize is you’re going to the restroom at your home. 

Adrienne: (chuckling) Alright, so, I think it’s time to talk about a recent testimonial. 

Attilio: It’s a long one.  You’re gonna get like, highlights only? 

Adrienne: I.. you didn’t highlight it for me, I hadn’t the time. What were you doing?

Attilio: (coughs)  Yeah, so anyway, this is from..

Adrienne: This is from a client who relocated recently from Glen Burnie, Marylands, and he said it was a whirlwind  and he had never even been to Hawaii before. So one day he was searching for properties online and he noticed a listing that he liked that was actually being managed by Team Lally.  

Attilio: Yep. 

Adrienne: And he decided to call in, to see if it was still available. 

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: So, the property already had an offer on it, and he ended up connecting with Rey, our buyer agent. And Rey helped him to find another house. 

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: So Rey and John spoke for about a half  hour, discussing potential areas and investigating the communities. But this all being done in a long distance.  

Attilio: Yep. 

Adrienne: So Rey was doing a good job, educating and painting a picture, of how things, how things work here. 

Attilio: A huh.

Adrienne: So why don’t you read the next part? 

Attilio: What do you want me to read? This part right here?

Adrienne: Oh yes. I was paraphrasing.

Attilio: “Fast forward”, that part?

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Ok. “Fast forward a week or two later, I’m on the plane for a six days company provided house searching trip. On the plane trip over, I had developed a list of about twenty properties that I wanted to see. Rey was extremely flexible, he was wanting to meet day and night, even offering me to meet me when my plane landed.” Super awesome! 

Adrienne: Wow!

Attilio: “For the three days straight Rey and I went through to almost every single house that I requested to see within the day. Rey spending literally from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. driving us all around the island, trying to find me the perfect house.  With my house searching trip almost ending, I woke to a message from Rey on monday morning saying he had found the winner and was scheduling to show it to me later that day. Rey and the mortgage team worked tirelessly for the next few weeks to process the purchase of the house, again showing their flexibility allowing me to complete the necessary paperwork over email and through the mail.” And you know what, read the last part here. Bring it to a conclusion. Tie up nice and neat. 

Adrienne: Oh, okay. “So, it has been a joy working with Rey and the team. And he is a true asset to Team Lally and Keller Williams.”

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: “I’d highly reccomend his service to anyone, I know that from working with Wolmes, his attention to detail, flexibility and desire to understand what the buyer wants in a home.”

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: “Makes him a winner.” 

Attilio: Yeah. Alright, so we have a guest. 

Adrienne: (surprised)  We do?

Attilio: We have a guest, and his name is Mike, or Michael. And he’s a very special person. He’s so special we’ll put him in the line right now. 

Adrienne: (chuckles)

Attilio: Hey Mike! Are you there?

Mike: Hey Attilio. How are you?

Attilio: Doing great. I got Adrienne here too. 

Adrienne: Hi Mike. 

Mike: Hey Adrienne.

Attilio: And Mike, welcome to the Team Ally Real Estate Radio Show. It’s Hawaii’s only one hour real estate radio show where we can talk about whatever we like because we’re paying for it. 

Attilo & Mike: (laughs)

Adrienne: And first of all Mike, we just want to thank you for taking the time, I know that you are out and about enjoying Oahu, doing some fun things, like helicopter rides and horseback riding.

Attilio: Yeah, you’re in vacation mode. But thanks for interrupting your vacation for a moment. 

Adrienne: Yes, we appreciate this.

Mike: Yep. Today is a work day today is a play day.  

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: That’s it. So, Michael, tell us, you’re what’s called ta MAPS’s coach? What’s that?

Mike: Well, MAPS is Mega Achievement Production Systems, which is a division of Keller Williams Real Estate, it’s a coaching program that’s designed to get the agents to move their productivity forward.   

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: This program was created in 2009, when Dianna Kokoszka was asked to do this. 

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: You know, we got the step back in the economy.

Attilio: Yeah. 

Mike: And agents needed some help. 

Adrienne:Ah huh.

Attilio: So this is the solution to the shifting market. It’s to come up with some coaching to help people, help realters adapt? 

Mike: Yeah yes, and the program, the coaching that’s all, you know, coaching isn’t something we do. There’s no magic skill, what coaching does is it helps people self-discovery on their own what is they’re missing in their business and helping them move forward.    

Attilio: Ah huh.

Mike: And the Bolt programs basically were designed around mindsets.

Attilio: Yeah.

Mike: You know, you can have all the skill in the world and it’s not gonna do you any good if you don’t have the right mindset.  

Attilio: Got you. 

Adrienne: So, so Mike you go around the country teaching this.. was it 7 week course? 

Mike: Yeah, it’s a, 7, 7 days and it’s over usually 8 weeks. We give them the first couple of weeks to build momentum.  

Adrienne: A huh. 

Mike: Well that, you know, we give them a homework, and we give them goals to achieve. And then each week I’ll fly in. I’m currently doing four of them right now. I’m doing three in California and then the one down here. And then, uhn, going each week, and while they do that, they still have acess to coach with me you know, in the room. They can email me or text me so I can help them increase their business.     

Attilio: Now Mike, you mentioned something during the class about the criteria to become a coach, and what was interesting is that you said, literally to become a criteria for coach you just go to be a community college drop out, not really have done anything in Real Estate and then just do an interview and then boom you’re a coach.

Mike: (chuckles) 

Atillio: No, that’s not what you said. You said something else. You said, tell us, you know, I want to give people a background here. Tell us what your background is and how that qualified you to become a coach! 

Mike: Well, it’s, you know, Dianna set a criteria very strict, a very strict criteria because there are a lot of great speakers out there in the world, I mean even speakers that do better than myself.  

Attilio: Yeah.

Mike: Yet what Dianna is looking for is somebody that has real world experience, and so for us to be Bolt coaches we have to have a minimum of 75  deals a year, for at least 2 years, and so that’s the base criteria. And then they go through personality tests and thing like that, to be able to seek us. Dianna want us to experience what the agents feel.

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: Because we know, some of the agents are scared to death, you know theirs hearts are pounding when they know they got to pick up a phone and call someone.  And we’ve all been through that, at one point or another. And I went through the same thing, you know 25, 26 years ago when I was getting started

Attilio: Yes.

Mike: And nobody was there for me.

Adrienne: So really just being able to emphatize with the agents. 

Mike: Yeah, and walk them through the process, you know, sometimes they, you know, I believe I said this yesterday, some agents they need a kick in the pants, they want that kick in the pants, others they junt want their hands held. Be shown that it’s gonna be okay you know.  

Adrienne: A huh.. 

Mike: And great things happen on the outside of that fear. 

Attilio: Yeah. And, so, that’s what I like about the coaching, you know. And you said it a little bit ago is you can’t step outside of yourself to see what you’re doing wrong. You do need a 3rd party to do that.   

Mike: Yes. Sometimes we get so close to the fire we don’t see what’s going on. We don’t see if we’re going in the wrong direction or not.   

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: And that’s what coaching does. It allows me to go where 1) You don’t want me to go, and 2) To go where you don’t see where you’re going.  

Attilio: Yeah. And then, so, and then, uh, in the beginning you got your license, so a little bit more about your history. Then you put together a team.   

Mike: Yeah, we, well you know, for a number of years, you know, I’ve either been on my own or been with other companies, and then in 2012 I came to Keller Williams and my team leader said “You know, I think you’d be a great salesman with another team that’s coming in to our company, as they are lacking in a certain lead, and you know, and they’re leaving like a million dollars a year on the table.”

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: “And I think you would be a great fit” So I teamed up with another high producing team to be able, you know, when she came in they were doing 75 deals a year, and then we put a team together and were doing 110 deals one year. And the next year we did a 140 deals, and I actually stepped away a third of the way throgh year to become a Bolt coach, which shows the value of systems and how production can go up with less people.   

Adrienne: It sounds like you had great synergy with your partner.

Mike: Yes. Personalities are so key, you know. Because she was that high, deep personality that just wants to get it done right now. 

Adrienne: A huh.

Mike: While I was more the more nurturing type, where, you know, the people that aren’t ready to buy or sell today.  

Attilio: A huh.

Mike: They eventually want to do it down the road, and so, you know, we worked well together. She could take care of the mouth business and I could nuture the long term business.

Attilio: Yeah, and you know, for the listeners, either a layperson, looking to work with a realter, you’re a realter. To put this in context, someone like yourself was doing a hundred plus transactions a year in the industry, and we find that in, the industry of the United States, pretty much the same city to city, as it is here in Honolulu. Adrienne, 50% of the realters, just 5000 licensees on Oahu, half of them are going to do what? How many transactions a year?

Adrienne: Zero. 

Atillio: Zero! And 40% of the other half, are gonna do how many?  

Adrienne: Maybe 5 to 7.

Attilio: 5 to 7. 

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attilio: So to do a 100 plus transactions a year, 75 transactions as a minimum, to be a MAPS coach is like, you’re going to learn how to boxe and everyobody is Muhammad Ali at the minimum.

Adrienne: A huh.

Attilio: So, anyway. 

Mike: Absolutely. And then, the interesting thing is, in mine scene and Dianna’s scene, what we see people go through the company and through MAPS Coaching is, there are people that are coaching right now that are doing 1,500 deals a year, we have one guy that has got a goal of 2,000 deals a year. And you can’t do that yourself.     

Attilio: Yeah.

Mike: And the whole premise of what we do is to help you build what we call the seventh level  team so you can step away from the business, because we start out as real estate agents and we move over to become business owners.  

Attilio: Yeah, yeah. 

Mike: You have to know where that line is to be able to cross over. So no, you’re not just the only one out there selling real estate. Your team is doing and you grow together. All of you grow.  

Attilio: Hey Mike, can we take a quick break and still come back and ask you more questions? 

Mike: Yeah, absolutely. 

Attilio: Okay. 

Adrienne: Alright, so hang tight. We’re gonna, what, bring Duke on?

Attilio: Yes, let’s bring Duke on. Before we go to our break, we’re gonna bring Duke on. 

Adrienne: (giggles)

Attilio: Duke, are you there? 

Duke: I am. Great conversation. 

Attilio: Yeah, Duke, so what’s your, so Duke you are with Hawaii Pacific Property Management

Duke: We’re. Property management company, home of the rent guarantee.  

Attilio: Yeah.

Duke: We don’t rent your home in 30 days or less, we’ll pay you the rent. 

Attilio: You know, he used to be with the mafia and it was “If we don’t rent your home in 30 days, we will burn it down for the insurance money”. 

Duke: (laughing)

Attilio: Then he switched over to a legal life? No, never did that. Duke never did that.  

Duke: That’s funny.

Attilio: Actually, your family history is big with the HPD. Honolulu Police Department.

Duke: Yep. My brother just retired.

Attilio: Right, well. 

Duke: Yep. So, tip of the week is going to be a pretty easy one.

Attilio: Yeah. 

Duke: Do not sublease. Do no let your tenants sublease your unit. Get a property manager to go in there and check it, every 4 to 6 months.  

Attilio: Yeah.

Mike: To make sure there is no..

Adrienne: No shenanigans.

Mike: Not a milicy living in your home.

Attilio: Yeah, they might be running a hotel maze out of your house. Renting the rooms out. 

Adrienne & Duke: (giggles)

Attilio: Renting and … Maybe like to mother, you know ..

Adrienne: So I’m interested in why you gave this tip. Has you recently, have you seen that happen?

Duke: Yes, in one of the owner’s home that I was talking on the radio right now, that was a 150 pound dog in there, registered as a 50 pound dog. 

Atillio: Uh huh.

Adrienne: Oh.

Duke: So we went in there to go look at this 50 pound dog. And it was the size of a horse. Or a lion. 

Atillio: Oh wow.

Adrienne: (giggles)

Duke: Yeah.

Adrienne: Yes, so.

Duke: So we had to give him a five day notice. 

Atillio: Notice, yep.

Duke: He decided to take his lion with him and leave.

Atillio: Then he moved in to the Honolulu Zoo where he is currently residing.

Duke & Adrienne: (Chuckles) 

Atillio: But anyway, so very important, you know you’re busy out there with your lives, you’re investing in the properties so that you can take care of your financial future, have somebody keeping an eye on it for you that would be that would be Duke and his team.

Adrienne: Yes.

Duke: That’s right. Give us a call. 445-9223 or www.hipacificpm.com 

Atillio: Alright.

Duke: We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne: And I just want to point out that I think it’s great that you guys go in every, you know, 4 to 5 months just to do that. The spot checks.

Atillio: The walkthrough. 

Adrienne: Yes. 

Duke: Yes, the walkthrough. 

Adrienne: Yes, I mean, that’s crucial.

Duke: Yeah, that’s required. It’s in our lease, and it also says that if we don’t, you don’t correct the problem within ten days you’re gone. You’re out of here. 

Atillio: Yeah, so I guess somebody between you and the challenges of interesting tenants, we highly recommend Duke and his team.

Adrienne: Yes.

Duke: Thank you so much!  

Atillio: Alright, thanks Duke.

Adrienne: Thanks Duke.

Duke: Beautiful day. Aloha! 

Atillio: So Adrienne he has a rent guarantee, what is that again?

Adrienne: So basically if he doesn’t rent your home in thirty days, he will pay the rent. 

Atillio: He’ll pay the rent. Give him a call for the details on that, so he can go over that with you, but that’s how confident his team are in what they do, that they are willing to put that up.

Adrienne: That’s great.

Atillio: Alright, so now we’re gonna take a break and then bring Mike. 

Adrienne: Bring Mike. Yes, so stay with us. 

Atillio: Alright, we got Mike from Bold. He’s Bold! 


(Music Out)


(Music In)


Adrienne: Welcome back, and you’re listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it.  I am Adrienne.

Atillio: And I’m Atillio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596.

Atillio: What’s the number?

Adrienne: 799-9596

Atillio: Or reach us on the web at TeamLally.com, that’s L-A-L-L-Y. Hey! So we still got, we got Mike.

Adrienne. Yes, we’ve got Mike Keiter.  

Atillio: Mike Keiter, Bold’s coach and, so, Mike, a little bit about your background, as you are like, I mean today do you consider yourself a professional real estate investor? 

Mike: I’ve been investing, well that’s how I got into the real estate business in the first place.

Atillio: Yeah. 

Mike: I.. I wanted my gloves as racing cars, and my racing don’t pay any money.

Atillio: Yes.

Mike:  I’m on a small level, but I needed to get in to some, you know, something to bring me income so I could continue racing,  and I started out as a real estate investor and then I set out like, can I just make my own comissions, you know, when I make my own deals? 

Atillio: Got you. And, so, what kind of.. Adrienne has got a question for you.

Adrienne:  Well, I.. I just found it very intriguing about the stories that you were sharing with us yesterday, about all the different types of homes that you’ve invested in, you know, from smaller ones all the way up to very high ends, luxuries.

Atillio: Multi-million dollar properties. 

Adrienne: Yes.

Atillio: What’s some uh, give us top two tips you’d give for anybody that’s looking to invest in real estate.

Mike: Just, just be smart, you know, you make your money when you buy, it doesn’t matter the level, you know. 

Mike: It takes the same amount of work doing the big deals as it does the small deals.  

Atillio: Yeah.

Mike: And it’s when you buy is where you make your money, not when you sell. And a lot of times, people want to get into the game, they feel like they need to be in the game and then they find out they bought the wrong properties and they lose thousands of dollars  and they say “Oh, I’m never gonna do that again.” Now the fears steps in. 

Atillio: Yeah. Or that self-limiting belief, right?

Mike: Yes.

Atillio: Yes, so we call that a Homer Simpsom. When you do something and it doesn’t work out and you go “D’oh!”.  

Mike: (giggles)

Adrienne: What we learned about that “D’oh!” in our Bold class was that you learn mostly from the downs and the challenges, more than from the wins and the yeps. 

Atillio: Yes.

Mike: Yes, absolutely. In Bold we have what’s called a set of “Bold Laws”, and these Bold Laws were created by Dianna and they came from her failures.

Adrienne: Uh huh.

Mike: You know, in her career, selling four thousand homes over twenty plus years she had some failures too. We’ve all had failures and setbacks, and we’ll continue to have that, and the Bold Laws helps us focus on that everyday.

Atillio: Yes. 

Adrienne: What would you say is your favorite Bold Law?

Mike: “What you focus on expands.”

Atillio: “What you focus on expands.” 

Mike: Yep, and that can be a positive or a negative, cause I mean you know, we’ve all said “could this day get any worse?” and it does.

Adrienne: A huh. 

Mike: Yet when we focus on it in a positive way good things happen. 

Atillio:  You know, that reminds of the time I went, took my kids I had that big chimichanga, and uh, no just kidding.

Adrienne: (giggling) Gross. 

Atillio: (laughing)  It was expanding on the ride home!  But no, uh, so, every week you guys were asking us to focus on one of the “Bold Laws”, and so the Bold Law that I’m focusing on this week is “Logic makes you think, emotions make you act.” Uh, Michael, Mike, what’s been the diferent ways you explained or analogies you used to that particular Bold Law,  “Logic makes you think, emotions make you act.” 

Mike: Well it doesn’t matter if we’re walking into a store or making the biggest purchase of our lives, we think about it logically. Number one, “Can I afford it?”,  the cost of that product or whatever it is make sense.

Atillio: A huh.

Mike: That’s logically, and what gets us to move forward is emotions, you know, it’s either you see, the dream we see, we doing this house or making a profit on this house to a foreign investor or just living our life, in our dream home and retirement that’s the emotional side of this. 

Atillio:  Uh huh.

Mike: The logic kind of goes out the window.

Atillio: Yeah so if you are in, what you’re saying is like, if you’re in the sales industry or anybody who is self employed or an entrepreneur, you’re all in the sales industry. If you got a wife you sold yourself on her, so they’re going to go through a logical process to make a decision but ultimately to move forward and commit you got to tap into their emotions. 

Mike: So, and I said this yesterday in the reunion. We’re in the humans’s emotions business. 

Atillio: Yes. 

Mike: The real estate business is not the buy product . We’re helping people make emotional decisions because it’s one of the biggest and investments in our lives when they decide to, you know, either invest in a piece of real estate or buy their dream home and in some cases they fight and save for years and years and years and is this the right purchase at the right time?

Atillio: Yeah. Okay.

Adrienne: We actually had, we had dealt with that just this the past week. We got a client that, they saved and saved and saved.  

Atillio: Oh yeah. 

Adrienne: I think it was like U$40.000 that they had saved in all their station in Japan. For this, you know, for this perfect home in Hawaii. And then they had a bit of buyer’s remorse. 

Atillio: Yeah, so, we kind of brought them into the office and we looked at it as an opportunity to demonstrante our level of costumer’s service like “We closed the transaction, see ya!”

Adrienne: (giggling) Yeah!

Atillio: No, we brought them into the office, had a very good long meeting with them, went through all the options, provided all kind of different solutions and they appreciated the fact that we were willing to meet with them after the transaction, because I think that’s a true test of our character as a team.

Adrienne: A huh. 

 Atillio: It’s the, you know, are you willing to continue the relationship with the client after the close of the transaction, and we are. 

Mike: Yes, and I think that’s why your team is so sucessful, because of your communication and your upfront approach, you know, cause we don’t want to talk anyone into something they really don’t want to buy.

Atillio: Yeah.

Mike: And you know they’ll get another house along, another time, but when you can keep that open communication and become a part of their family in essence for years and years and years you know they come back to you time and time again.

Atillio: Yes. Alright so, wrapping up and letting you get back to your family here, you are a MAPS’s coach, again what does MAPS stand for? 

Mike: Mega Achievement Production Systems.

Atillio: And of course that we ghave the luxury of coming to getting know you and it is called “Bold” and what does that acronym stand for?

Mike: Bold is “Business Objective, Life by Design.” 

Atillio: And can you give us a little like, one or two sentences on what does that mean?

Mike: Well it’s designing your life the way you want. I mean, most of us prefer not to be working yet we all have bills to pay. It doesn’t matter what level of income or what our lifestyle is. 

Atillio:  Ah huh.

Mike: We want to design our lives so that we can take our vacations, we can work the hours we want, and a lot of times the people that come over to the real estate industry that are working long hours and are not making any money and we help them change that around to where they’re making more money working less hours cause that’s why they got into this business.

Atillio: Yes. You mean a life by design doesn’t mean I get up in the morning and just  “I want to be successful I’m not sure what my game plan is but I’ll figure it out later on!”

Mike: (giggling) No.

Atillio: It’s not like that? Oh okay. (laughs)

Mike: No, not quite. We have to have some goals. Goals are so important. 

Atillio: No, it’s not a life by winging it. It’s a life by design. 

Mike: Right.

Adrienne: Mike, we want to thank you so much. Number one, for coaching us and helping us to create this life by design.

Atillio: A huh.

Adrienne: And all the, all the great things that you do for the agents all over the country.

Atillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And then also for taking the time today to take all into this show.

Atillio: Yes. We appreciate you.

Mike: Absolutely, I enjoy coming over to the islands, the people here are so friendly and nice be around. I have so much fun everytime I come over here. I need to get over here way more often and I plan on doing that in the future.

Atillio: Alright, well, we look forward to you visiting again.

Adrienne: Yes.

Mike: Ok, I appreciate the offer. Mahalo!

Atillio: Mahalo! Thanks Mike.

Mike: Bye bye.

Addriene: Alright. So that was Mike, our Bold coach. Very sucessful realtor there in the mainland. Out of, I think it was Boulder, Colorado. 

Atillio: Yeah, Boulder, Colorado. So, uh, so we’ve got.. hm, do you want to take or break? Are we bringing Janyce on?

Adrienne: We’re going to bring Janyce on. 

Atillio: Janyce! Let’s bring Janyce on. Janyce, are you there?

Janyce: Yes I am.

Atillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Janyce from Dream House Drafting. 

Atillio: And Permit-Check, so Janyce tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.

Janyce: Well, Dream House Drafting is a design and drafting service that provides mostly services for residential customers, new homes, interior remodels, home additions and of course the currently popular accessory dwelling unit.

Atillio: Acessory dwelling unit. Am to use. 

Janyce: Yep.

Atillio: So what’s your, uh, so usually we have experts like yourself come on the show and give a little tip because it’s all about educating our listeners.

Adrienne: A huh. 

Atillio:  What kind of tip do you have for us this week?

Janyce: Well, my tip for this week is mentioning the fact that if you’re like most people, you’ve never taken a drafting or blueprint reading class.

Atillio: A huh.

Janyce: So the best way to be sure that the design of your new home, home addition, interior remodel or accessory dwelling unit will be exactly what you want is a 3D tour of the design. 

Atillio: Yes.

Janyce: And 3D tours are standard procedure for all Dream House Drafting projects. We do this during the design concept stage and the service is offered at no extra charge, because at Dream House Drafting we believe that your home should be your castle.

 Adrienne: So this 3D tour technology, is it something new or is it something that you’ve been doing for a while?

Janyce: It’s something that I have been doing probably from since like 2002. 

Atillio & Adrienne: Wow.

Janyce: When they came to be about I decided that it was an absolute necessity.

Adrienne: A huh.

Janyce: Even for people who insist that they could read blueprints, after the experience I had with a client who I did a good job of listening to her,

Atillio: Yes.

Janyce: And exactly what she wanted and the project came out exactly the way she wanted it. 

Adrienne: A huh.

Janyce: But I just didn’t want to put a client or watch them go through the stress that she went through, she walked me around her home to where the addition would be, we discussed the ins and outs of everything, but in truth, and nowadays, today she’s actually a real estate professional, back then she wasn’t.

Atillio: Yelp.

Janyce: But she really did not understand the drawings and she was stressed the whole process, during the design, during the permitting face, but until it was built she did not relax because she was not a hundred percent sure that I understood what she wanted. 

Atillio: Yeah, and that’s important.

Adrienne: So that, yes, this 3D helps to take the stress away, from the clients.

Janyce: It sure does. Because it’s not, it’s 3D and it’s in color.

Atillio: In color. 

Janyce: So.. 

Atillio: So if you’re working..

Janyce: Basically the computer builds it off of the floor plan that I draw. 

Atillio: Oh nice.

Janyce:  And you can see it from outside, from inside, from different angles and it can either be something that is, you know, on a laptop and being run in person or else I can PDF the different shots and send it to the person.

Atillio:  Well I think the average 12 year old would understand what I’m about to say but you’re kind of like the Minecraft for architectural drawing. 

Adrienne: (giggling) She was ahead of her time. 2002.

Janyce: No, well, actually nowadays most softwares allows people to do that. However I keep meeting people with horror stories about having given specific instructions that they did not like a certain thing or did not want a certain thing.

Atillio: A huh. 

Janyce: And when their place was built they found that the designer professional that they were paying had done what they thought was best and now that the homeowner said they wanted.

Atillio: Oh oh. 

Janyce: So, 3D tour is a way for getting something done and I even had one contractor asking me to provide some 3D shots to some of their less skilled employees in general.

Atillio: Yep.

Janyce: To make sure that when you have specialty items like, you know, built in nitches and things that they are hundred percent on point with what the homeowner wanted there. 

Adrienne: A huh. 

Atillio: Yeah, I think you’d agree it’s easier to make the change while it is still theoretical as opposed to after it has been built.

Janyce: Oh definitely. 

Atillio:  Make the change to the paper!

Janyce: Even after the basics of signing has gotten going, sometimes some things that people want, you know, has not been achieved and then they don’t even know about it.

Atillio: A huh. Well and then.

Janyce: Seriously though, sometimes people tell me exactly what they want and then when they see it in the 3D they go yeah that’s what I told you but hm, no, you don’t want that.

Atillio: No, yep. Which is good. Well, so okay, if you’re looking to add an addition to your home and you like Minecraft.

Adrienne: (giggles) Or if you just like not to be stressed out, you gotta give Janyce a call. With Dream House Drafting, you can, I have a number here. 286-7107.  Is that the best number for you, Janyce?

Janyce: That is the office number, yes. 

Atillio: Alright, perfect.

Adrienne: Okay, alright. So give her a call, she will take away the stress with, yep.

Atillio: With the 3D modeling.

Adrienne: Yes.

Atillio: Or renderings. Thank you, Janyce!

Janyce: Thank you, take care! 

Atillio: Alright, take care.

Adrienne: Alright, so we’re gonna take a quick break, but when we come back, we have some..

Atillio: Coming soon properties, we got open houses, we got words of wisdom and then we’re gonna talk some dirty. No, no dirty. Just stay with us.

Adrienne: Yes. 


(Music Out)


(Music In)


Adrienne: Welcome back! You’re listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. I am Adrienne.

Atillio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just gives a call, at 799-9596. Sure check us out on the web at TeamLally.com.

Atillio: Alright so we got, uh, is it Jim? 

Adrienne: We’ve got Jim Owens from Hawaii VA Loans on the line with his VA tip of the week. 

Atillio:  Jim, are you there?

Jim: I’m here, are you guys there?

Atillio: Yeah, we’re here.

Adrienne: Yeah, we’re ready.

Atillio: What’s your tip of the week for us? 

Jim: Tip of the week is to make sure people go ahead. If you’re shopping for a home, make sure you get anawesome lender and get pre-qualified and pre-approved beforehand. 

Atillio: Yes, you mean, don’t just like jump in a car like a chicken with its head cut off and start looking at homes. 

Jim: Just look at homes, put in offers and then figure it out later? No .

Atillio: (giggling) No.

Jim: No, allways better to talk to a lender first. Basically the main reason is there’s a lot of complicated rules we have to follow when we calculate income. 

Adrienne: Ah huh.

Jim: So, it’s specially important if you’re someone who is self employed, we definitely have to take a look your tax return to figure out what kind of income we can use. If you’re somebody who has got variable income, right?

Atillio: Yes.

Jim: If you got overtime, or you get shift differential pay, or, you got all this, you know, any kind of variations in your paycheck. There’s all these specific rules we have to follow, so we really want to make sure that we know exactly what kind of income we can use so that you know exactly what price of a home you can look for.

Atillio: Yep.

Adrienne: So Jim, could you just tell us a story about someone who did not get pre-approved upfront and what happens? 

Jim: Oh yeah I mean we have had, now I mean, and this has happened more than once where we have people call in and tell “hey I’m in in contract on a home.”

Adrienne: Ah huh. 

Jim: “No, I need, you know, I want to use my VA loan.” 

Atillio: Oh oh. 

Jim: I mean, this happened a couple of weeks ago. Somebody there on the mainland, they wanted, they somehow got into a contract for a home here,hadn’t talk to a lender, they sent us their paperwork, they’re self employed, they’re self employed on the mainland and  they’re moving here, they hadn’t even accounted for the fact that this new change of location.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: A huh.

Jim: Would change their cashflow. 

Atillio:Yeah, you know, there was a couple in the parking lot I came on, the guy’s name was Bobo and the lady’s name was Lani. And Lani was beating up on Bobo with a purse, so I come over running I said “Bobo, what happened? Lani, what’s going on?” She said, “Oh, my husband started showing me homes in the U$600,000 range but he is only via qualified for the U$500,000.” So, the lesson to be learned there is: Don’t name yourself Bobo. 

Adrienne& Jim: (giggles)

Atillio: And get pre-approved, get pre-approved is the lesson. So Lani won’t beat you with her purse.

Adrienne: So what happened with this particular person, Jim?

Jim: Unfortunately we just couldn’t make it work.

Atillio: Yes.

Adrienne: A huh.

Jim: There were too many variables. Had we, you know, had we prepped ahead of time, we could’ve, you know, they also had some retirement income as well, so we could’ve worked with them to figure out a better price range, like hey, instead of looking into single family homes in Kailua, you know, maybe a town home somewhere else would’ve gotten you exactly in the right spot, you’re still in, you know, you’re still in Hawaii.

Adrienne: A huh.

Jim: Beatiful place to retire. So a little preparation ahead of time.

Atillio: Yep.

Jim: Would take you a long way.

Atillio: Alright, and speaking of preparations you guys got classes, you got a website, you got coffices..

Adrienne: I think there’s a class coming up this wednesday.

Atillio: Yes.

Adrienne: Tell us where that is and what time.

Jim: Yes, it’s gonna be 6:30 and I believe it is in our Kapolei location.

Atillio: Okay.

Jim: To know for sure go check out our website hawaiivaloans.com  and there’s a link from seminars and that will give you all the information about theupcoming seminars.      

Atillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Awesome. And then the best number, if any of our listeners want to learn more about their VA loan, is..

Jim: 792-4251.

Adrienne: Okay.

Jim: 792-4251.

Adrienne: Awesome.

Atillio: Thanks Jim.

Adrienne: Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey, thank you guys, have a great weekend.

Adrienne: You too.

Atillio: Alright. You can also check him out on the internet at hawaiivaloans.com, that’s hawaiivaloans.com. Alright, who we got next?

Adrienne: We got Michelle! Calling with some “coming soon listings.”

Atillio: Michelle! Are you there?

Michelle: I’m here! 

Atillio: Auinala!

Michele: What a fantastic saturday.

Adrienne: Yes.

Atillio: Alright, what you got for us?

Michele: Okay, Maalea beach place. I got a three bedrooms, two baths, 1270 square feet, built in 2012 so a very new home.

Adrienne: Nice.

Michele: That will come up on the next week.

Adrienne: Ah huh.

Michelle: I’ve got, moving in to the Wailea area, on .. Makakilo I have a two bedrooms, 1onebath, 1557 square feet with upgraded flooring.

Atillio: A huh.

Michelle: I’ve got another one on the Wailea area, two bedrooms, two baths 796 square feet. We just listed that one however we’re doing our first open house the next saturday, February 6th. …

Atillio: Right on.

Adrienne: Ok.

Michelle: So get your homes done then before the Super Bowl. 

Atillio: Yep. 

Michelle: And then I have another one,  Another one I’m at home with you at Westview, Makakilo.  That one is a two bedrooms, two baths. Groundfloor unit, so you got a yard, not going to have to worry about not having a yard there. 843 square feet. It’s having brand new floorings for then this weekend.  That should hit it next hit. And the last one I’m going to talk about today is in the Queen Emma Gardens, in one of my favorites neighborhoods in town. That one is a two bedrooms, one bath, 749 square feet. Corner unit in the Queen Tower, got a gorgeous flooring in there and updgraded bathroom and you got also some ocean view out of where the kitchen is.

Atillio:  I know that one to it’s right across the YMCA, you can walk down to downtown Honolulu if you work there and..

Michelle: That’s right.

Atillio:  And the lawyers haven’t figured how to get rid of it. They got swings.

Adrienne and Michelle: (giggles)

Atillio: They got swings in the set over there. Actual swings. And a jungle gym, and a little kid’s pool, I mean it’s kind of like a little utopia that they have there. 

Michelle: It really is. It’s like 8 acres right there, in the gardens. They got like the traditional T houses there, going through reservations right now.

Atillio: Yep. Okay. 

Michele: It’s just beautiful.

Atillio: Okay. Thanks Michelle.

Adrienne: Thanks Michelle it sounds like you’ve been real busy.

Attilio: Yep.

Michelle: I need more so if you need some help listener, give me a call. 

Attilio: Alright.

Michelle: 799-9596

Attilio: Thanks Michelle.

Adrienne: Thank you. 

Michelle: See you, bye.

Attilio: Alright, next up to that is Brooks, Brooks you ready to send it in to the bleachers here, what you got for us?

Brooks: Okay guys, I got coming up, we have a large home in Makakilo, it’s a four bedrooms, two full baths laid out nicely and 1329 square feet of living area.

Attilio: A huh.   

Brooks: To the beautiful line out upfront. Sign ahead to use from the upstair bedrooms, all new appliances, that’s a new group going in downstairs, and in the next couple of days, a whole new fresh look.

Attilio: Ah huh.

Brooks: And then coming up we have a nice townhome unit, in the very desirable and much sized after view point from the Wainea community.   

Adrienne & Attilio: Cool.

Brooks: Yes, and this unit is former sales model. So it has 731 square feet, it’s on the ground floor, with a closed yard area. 

Attilio: Ah huh.

Brooks: It has great ocean views, great city views, and those are just some of the outstanding fetures. This is a two bedrooms, two full bath units with two parks installed, one of which is covered. And I’ve got a single family home in Upper Makakilo coming up as well. Three bedrooms, two baths, 1540 square feet of living area and 6095 square feet of land. Large yard, office ceilings, large two cars garage, stations, four plants and a owned TV system verified.

Attilio: Ah huh.    

Adrienne: (giggling) Alright. 

Brooks: And there’s more but I think that’s it for this weekend.

Attilio: Alright, thanks Brooks.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Brooks: Thank you guys. 

Attilio: Alright so folks you listening out there you’re maybe hearing that there’s a tidy inventory for real estate. That’s why we’re Team Lally, you might wanna give us a call and do a consultation with us if you’re looking to buy real estate anywhere in the state of Hawaii, we can help you. Speaking of..!

Adrienne: Of if you want to get in tp that coming soon list.

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: We can help you  get the heads-up in before it hit the market.

Attilio: Sign up for our VIP Buyer Program, at teamlallyvipbuyerprogram.com

Adrienne: Do we have that? 

Attilio: No, just call the phone number.

Adrienne: (giggling) Just call us. 799-9596.

Attilio: Alright, so Mike, are you there Mike?

Mike: Aloha guys, fantastic show. 

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Attilio: So tell us about your open. 

Mike: Please, come and visit me at 871916 Mohihi Steet, Waianae.  

Attilio: Yes. Ah huh.

Mike: I’m going to be sitting in a wonderful, huge home. Check this out guys, it’s five bedrooms, two and a half baths, on a huge lot.

Adrienne: Ah huh.

Mike: It just came onto the market today, and its price is to move. So if you’re out in the Waianae area, Maili area, come visit me to 2 to 5., at 871916 Mohihi Street. 

Attilio: You gotta say it like a japanese school girl. “Mohihi Street!”

Mike: “Mohihi Street!” (feminine-like giggles)

Attilio & Adrienne: (giggles)

Adrienne: And Mike are you gonna have a helper there, tomorrow? 

Mike: You know what, I need to convince him. We have to stop of at the Ale Moana for a nice, incentive gift.

Attilio: Yeah, come on, go do it. Mike is gonna buy you like a super duper banana split ice cream.

Mike: (chuckling) Alright guys, thank you so much.. 

Attilio: Alright, thanks Mike. 

Adrienne: Alright, so next we have Abi. 

Attilio: Abi! Tell us about your open.

Abigayle: Hi guys. Okay, I have a first open tomorrow, from 2 to 5, I’m gonna be at Ke Noho Kai TownHomes, so that’s 911050 Kaileolea Drive, number CC5. Three bedrooms, two baths, a little over a 1000 square footage, of living space. And it’s a single store unit. 

Attilio: A huh.

Abigayle: It has a nice, beatiful ceramic tile flooring. Some wonderful natural light, so please come down tomorrow for the first open, this home is going to go very quick. So come down to meet me tomorrow, from two to five.

Adrienne: We actually have two offers in hand the owner is going to be responding to offers after the open house.

Abigayle: Oh wow.

Attilio: But that’s an opportunity, so get out there.

Adrienne: Yes, that’s an opportunity. So go and see it today, I mean, tomorrow. 

Attilio: Yep.   

Abigayle: Tommorow yes, please.

Attilio: And I’ll be grabbing Abi’s business card and say I want to offer on this one, and if it’s not this one than it’s something else. But main thing, Abi, can you say “Jeans Warehouse”?

Abigayle: “Jeans Warehouse!”

Attilio: (chuckling) People are listening to your voice and they’re like “Did she get her learner’s permit? I mean is she like sixteen years old? No. She just sounds super young but Abi is one of our most experience in the real estate business, she is one of our most hungry, very agressive realters. You’ll definetely want to have her on your side when looking for a home.

Abigayle: You guys are right. Thank you so much guys, have a great day.

Attilio Thanks Abi.     

Abigayle: Thanks bye bye.

Adrienne: Okay, now we have Rey to talk about his open house! 

Attilio: Another one of our awesome, buyer agents. By the way, you know, Rey, this..

Rey: Can you hear me? 

Attilio: Yep. Tell us about your opening.

Rey: I’m not doing an open house this weekend, I’m sailing and going to..

Attilio: Oh yes! Awesome. 

Adrienne: Awesome.

Attilio: Are you on a boat?

Adrienne: He’s on a boat.

Rey: I’m on a boat with the family, great people.

Attilio: Alright.     

Rey: It’s awesome. Thank you, we’re having a blast.

Attilio: So why are you on a boat? How did you get there? 

Rey: Won a contest at Team Lally, a great place to work and a great place to live. 

Attilio: Alright.

Rey: Yeah.

Attilio: Alright Rey, thanks so much.

Adrienne: Enjoy. Have a great time.

Attilio:  We’re glad you got reception out there. Enjoy.

Rey: Awesome, thanks guys.

Attilio: Alright, so Rey is one of our buyer agents. One of our incentives was.. anyway it’s a secret contest we can’t tell you about it.

Adrienne: (gigling) We’ll tell you about it next week. 

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: So, thanks for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attilio: Gabe Omey and Jim Owens of Hawaii VA Loans.

Adrienne: Bradley Maruyam from Allstate Insurance,

Attilio: Jody and Tom Garret from Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Adrienne: Kim Green with TK Green LLC Hawaii Home Inspection

Atillio: Benjamin Mamuad and Antoinette Tores from AAA Roofers.

Adrienne: Koldene  and Lisa Walsh from Walsh Landscaping

Atillio: Janyce Myrland from Dream House Drafting.

Adrienne: Scott Williams from Merry Maids.  

Atillio:Tom Pattison of Pattison Land Surveying. If you want to get hold of any of our sponsors, just go to TeamLally.com.

Adrienne: I also want to give a big thank you to Matt and Christie, our producers here in the studio.

Atillio: Cheeho!

Adrienne: Make sure to tune in next week we’ll have an awesome guest, we’ll talk about something that will change your life..

Atillio & Adrienne: Forever!

Atillio: This is Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed..

Attilo & Adrienne: Sold program!  

Adrienne: We can’t sell your home at the agreed upon price and timeframe you want or we will have it bought in cash. 

Atillo & Adrienne: Thanks and Aloha!