Joining Team Lally in this episode is Jackie Troller, the founder of OceanTroller Freediving. Jackie tells the story of what led her to move to Hawaii and study marine biology. She talks about the programs and new classes offered by Oceantroller Freediving. Jackie also discusses the different courses and disciples to learn and the best ways to start getting into freediving.
Who is Jackie Troller?
Jackie Troller is the founder of OceanTroller Freediving. Jackie is a professional freedive instructor and safety diver, primarily instructing freedive courses on Oahu. Her skilled background as a swim instructor, NOAA scientific diver, and part-time schoolteacher contributes toward her ability to effectively relay course content and the essence of freediving.
Having graduated with a degree in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii, along with residing in the Hawaiian Islands for 10+ years, she peppers her instruction with interesting facts about local ocean life.
To reach Jackie you may contact her in the following ways:
Phone: 808-489-3774
Email: jackie.troller@gmail.com
Website: oceantroller.com
Facebook: @oceantroller