This week on the Team Lally Radio show, our special guests are Bryce and Serena Harken, owners of BOBA BROS Hawaii. They tell us the story of how they created Boba Bros – Milk tea in Hawaii. Bryce and Serena talk about the origin of milk tea and where the name Boba Bros came from.  We also discuss their success and advice for future local entrepreneurs.

Who are Bryce and Serena Harken?

Bryce and Serena Harken are the owners of BOBA BROS Hawaii. They were both born and raised in Hawaii.  Bryce went to Kaiser high and Serena to McKinley High, while both attended the University of Hawaii.  They are the parents of four boys,  four boba loving boys.  Serena always loved boba and milk tea which she introduced to Bryce.. and the rest was history.


To reach Bryce and Serena you may contact them in the following ways:

Phone:  18083811640

Facebook: Boba_bros_hi