Every week, Team Lally is committed to bringing you the latest in real estate news and the latest real estate strategies through our radio show. We have a very special show today with some very special guests, and we can’t wait for you guys to take a listen. 
First, we will be joined by Jim Owens of Hawaii VA loans who is going to talk to us about how he and his company make the loan process as simple and stress-free as possible for VA loan home buyers.
Next, our property management specialist, Duke Kimhan, will join us to discuss what’s happening in the property management area of the market. Duke also discusses his 30 days or less rent guarantee, where he will pay your rent if he doesn’t find you a renter within 30 days.
Then we will be joined by Momi, a former school teacher turned publisher, who will talk to us about her magazine and the type of impact it has had on her community.
Finally, some members of our team will call in to give you the latest rundown on every segment of the market, so you are completely informed on what’s happening in Hawaii real estate. 
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Team Lally Real Estate Show With Momi on Outreach in the Community

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(Music Intro)

Adrienne:  Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions you can reach us at –

 (808) 799-9596 that’s (808) 799-9596, or check us out on the web at www.teamlally,com.

And that’s L-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  Well hey everybody, this is Atillio. I was at a tattoo convention at the “Blaze Del” and I was walking around the floor and this lady tapped me on the shoulder and started asking me a buncof tax and legal questions. And I said, “Those are great questions? I highly recommend you seek the advice of a legal licensed professional.” And then I said, “But Mom, what other questions do you have?”

Adrienne:  I have a question?

Atillio:  What’s your question?

Adrienne:  Does your mom have any tattoos?

Atillio:  Not that I’m aware of? Not that I want to know about either maybe? But, anyway, so if you hear anything on the show that sounds like legal advice? Who should they run that by, Adrienne?

Adrienne:  They should run it by the attorney’s with heart.

Atillio:  And.

Adrienne:  And, Cane & Herren.

Atillio:  Cane & Herren check them out on the internet at – www.caneandherren.com.

Adrienne:  They’re awesome.

Atillio:  Cane & Harren – H-e-r-r-e-n.com. Anything that sounds like tax advice? Hey, run that past your local neighborhood Spiderman CPA.

Adrienne:  Speaking of CPA’s and tax people?

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  Professionals, we’re going to have one on probably in the next few weeks. I was able to see the significant amounts on my taxes for 2014. So let’s, we’re going to bring him on, and he’s going to share some of his knowledge here.

Atillio:  And you know what? If you need, you’re like, hey I need tax help now. His name is Travis Brench.

Adrienne:  And yes, he can give, you can give him a call at – (808) 235-6880.

Atillio:  What’s that number again?

Adrienne:  (808) 235-6880

Atillio:  6880. But Travis Brench is our guy, our go to guy for.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  Preparing our taxes.

Adrienne:  And saving you lots of money.

Atillio:  And he doesn’t do a Willie Nelson.

Adrienne:  No.

Atillio:  What’s a “Willie Nelson?”

Adrienne:  He’s way above board, he will not land you in jail. Alright, so, now it’s time for the VA tip of the week. And we’re going to be bringing on.

(Musical Interlude)

Adrienne:  So we have Jim.

Atillio:  Jim are you there?

Jim:  I am here, Hi ya, how ya doing?

Atillio:  Did you hear your intro music?

Jim:  I heard the intro music, sounds good, thank you.

Atillio:  You know, I was telling Gabriel earlier. You know, we’re getting all, “Fancy Smasy.”

Jim:  Hey, that’s right, that’s how we roll. Na, we’re quick, simple and easy is how we like it.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  I like your guy’s new radio spot,

Jim:  Thank you.

Adrienne:  And Jingle, it’s very nice.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  We got to promo it for ya.

Jim:  You might consider getting in here, they helped us get that together. We’re really thankful about our and then they put that together for us.

Atillio:  Well, hey, jingles are really a way to get people’s attention. But tell us why we want to do business with VA Loans, because I know there are lots of reasons.

Jim:  Sure, we are, we try to make the VA Loans Home Buying process extremely simple. Getting a loan now days, can be pretty tricky. But we, a, try to break it down to really simple terms. As well as take care of the tricky parts and make it as easy as possible for them, the home buyers.

Adrienne:  So, I’m really loving you, you are like constantly putting out information through Facebook. With all these different tips, just like, keeping us educated and up to date with what’s going on with the VA Loans, VA Benefits. But what is your tip this week, class?

Jim:  Tip this week is? Is about Condominiums.

Adrienne:  Okay.

Jim:  So, when you’re buying a VA Loan home, if you’re buying a condominium, you have to be approved by the VA. Which sounds like a better in reality? Which I would say, I don’t have the exact numbers? Well, probably about 75% of all condos have, my guess are approved. There are a ton, there is this huge.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Jim:  And check it out on our website. www.mauivaloans.com. And then we have a resources link, and in there you can see our condos check tools. It’s really easy to use. Type in the first few letters of the condominium that you want, the name. And the list will pop-up and you can see which exact condominiums are approved. The VA does have a website as well. I would like to think that the user inter-face is easier, ease of use is easier than ours.

Atillio:  Yeah. No, we know it is.

Adrienne:  You got the baby.

Atillio:  Just go to www.hawaiivaloans.com. You know, so you’re checking out new condos, and you’re texting yourself? And you see it’s not on the list? Don’t send yourself the sad face emocon.

Jim:  Right, right. We can get VA Condos approved.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Jim:  So just take a look at co-operation from the seller. We need some condominium doc.’s. We put those together and we especially send the package to the VA. And there’s an approval process of, look through it, review it. And hopefully it’s yours and approval. We’ve done this many times over the last few years. And I don’t think we’ve ever been turned down. And they happen, there could be reason why? It wouldn’t be the curve, but for the most part? We’ve had good luck doing it in this.

Adrienne:  So what would be the reasons why the VA would maybe not approve a building?

Jim:  Sure, sure. They’re really looking for the financial health of the condo. So, if your condominium has multiple units? If for some reason there’s, really high delinquency rate? Then the among the owners of it, the HOA dealers are not? But those staying in the condo are not being paid. Or if there’s for some reason there’s marred or repaired, or hidden, there’s no reserves in that, the condominium’s financials that could be a reason. Another one is that there is some kind of structural litigation. So, yeah, you know, there is some problem with, you know, it could affect how safe and sound it is? The structure of the condo. And there’s litigation between the builders and the Condominium Association itself. It will be, that’s the most common reason why, something, you won’t be approved.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  And those are great reasons, you know, to protect them, the Veterans. You know, potentially.

Jim:  Exactly.

Adrienne:  You know, potentially purchasing into a building that’s not financially sound. It could end up costing them a lot more money in the future. So?

Jim:  Right. There could be potential for future special assessments, right? They could raise your monthly maintenance fee a ton. So, yeah, it’s really all to benefit the Veteran. Really, to make sure they don’t get into a situation that was unknown, and really didn’t want to get into.

Atillio:  Hey, a is there a loan limit? Is it still 721?

Jim:  It is still 721, 050.

Atillio:  Okay.

Jim:  That is for 100% financing though. You want to buy a home, or with a VA Loan? That is more expensive than that? You can, it’s just a small down payment, with down payment requirements. So it increases as your, as you go above that limit. But compared to any other loan program, it’s still minimal.

Atillio:  So, hey, someone sent us this message? Good job to the realtors. Hey, we don’t know if realtors listen to our show? Either happily every, or grudgingly? But either way. And this is what I would tell you fellow realtors. You know, I, the key to our success is? Working with preferred lenders. Hawaii VA Loans, is the preferred lender that what other lenders we work with. And we find it just makes the whole home buying process easier. So if you’re a realtor out there listening to this show? I highly recommend you go visit them. You guys got two offices where they are.

Jim:  We have one in Kapalua, right across from the Home Depoe. And one in Kalua across from Foodland.

Atillio:  Right across from Foodland.

Adrienne:  And so lots of options.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Jim:  Lots of options, lots of options.

Atillio:  Yeah, we know, when first statistically when your client. If you than when working with a buyer. You get educated on their financing? You have an 80% high probability of closing a deal with them. So, realtors, check them out, www.hawaiivaloans com. And you guys are always happy to have realtors come visit, isn’t that right?

Jim:   Always happy. We are always happy. We actually just remodeled, the Kapalua office. So yes, please come in and take a look, say “Hi.” We’d love for you to come talk homes with ya. And figure out how we can help ya, increase your movement.

Atillio:  So you guys finally got rid of the picnic tables and the dunk booth?


Jim:  And the carnival booth. Well, yes.

Atillio:  Go check it out, we haven’t been there in a while.

Jim:  Ah, yes I’ll buy.

Atillio:  Okay.

Adrienne:  Alright. Well, thanks so much Jim, for calling in. And see the awesome tip of the week. You can reach Jim, or his whole team at – (808) 792-4251. Or at www.hawaiivaloan.com.

Atillio:  Thanks Jim.

Jim:   Alright guys, thanks for having me.

Adrienne:  Alright.

Jim:  Alright, take care, bye.

Adrienne:  Alright, so I think we’re going to now take a short break.

Atillio:  Oh yeah 

Adrienne:  Yeah. Okay, because Duke hasn’t call in yet, so? It’s property management tip of the week.

Atillio:  We’ll go chase him down during the break.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  Okay, so stick with us. Next we have some guest coming on that are going to share information with you. And that will…

Adrienne:  Change your life forever.


(Music Out)


(Music In)

Adrienne:  Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to the, “Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. You have any real estate questions? Just give us a call at (808) 799-9695, visit us on the web at – www.teamlally.com.

Atillio:  Wow, speaking of property management? That was a Segway.

Adrienne:  No how about, the guaranteed sold program.

Atillio:  What about it?

Adrienne:  There’s a guaranteed rent program.

Atillio:  Yeah, we’ve got a guarantee, we’ve got all kinds of gurantees.

Adrienne:  Yes, but Duke as a guaranteed rent program.

Atillio:  Oh. And Duke are you there?

Adrienne:  He is.

Duke:  Oh, hi, good afternoon.

Atillio:  Hi, welcome.

Duke:  Yeah, guarantee rent, yes sir, yes we do.

Adrienne:  So tell us about the guaranteed rent? And who are you?

Duke:  I am Hawaii Pacific Property Management Company.

Atillio:  Oh, awesome.

Duke:  And I am a big fan of the, “Team Lally Real Estate Show.”

Atillio:  Oh, thank you.

Adrienne:  And we are a big fan of “Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Duke:  If we don’t rent your home in 30 days or less, we pay the rent.

Atillio:  I’ll tell you what? When you’re listening or my mom is listening? See, that’s two listeners.

Duke:  That’s right.

Atillio:  So tell us more about this rent guarantee? Because my mom might be listening in. Well, when we go and assess your home. We actually give you a rent guarantee price. That if we don’t rent your home in 30 days or less, we’ll pay the rent, very simple.

Adrienne:  Wow. I think you guys are so awesome. Without your recording, pictures and video. It’s not been a problem to get the homes rented.

Duke:  You know, you want to make sure, that people who are listening? Know, that the best time to rent their home is? April through July. Once we get into August, since school starts. It’s going to be a little bit more difficult. And the traffic is on the run. So, the side will come down just a little bit.

Atillio:  Okay.               

Adrienne:  That makes total sense. But, that would be all the more reason to reach out to Hawaii Pacific Property Management Company. And talk about, you know, the things that are used to get their home rented to those. I guess there’s less renters out there? From August till, you know, January.

Duke:  Well, we just got an influx in of military families that are moving in. You know, before the school’s start, and during the summer time.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  So, we see a drop off just a little bit, it’s the months of August and September. And a little bit in January, February, and in the summer during holidays. But for the most part, most of our military runners and most of the runners in these days. In the upper categories of price range, due to we have pets. And I want to talk about that real quick.

Adrienne:  Okay.

Duke:  It hasn’t changed much since 2014? And it gave the owners the ability to charge up to one month’s rent for a pet deposit. Most of our families that are coming in are very surprised that the pet deposits are here so high? And 80% of the homes today do not allow pets. And that’s still a category that you can discriminate against, up to the manager.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Now, there was a situation, to know where someone had a service, it was a comfort animal? Or something?

Duke:  A comfort animal a-huh.

Adrienne:  So, you cannot discriminate against a comfort animal, you can discriminate against the pets.

Duke:  We can’t exactly?

Adrienne:  Okay.

Duke:  But we can. There’s the comfort animal and then there’s the service animal must be disclosed ahead of time.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Duke:  So there are lots of things that are going on in the Property Management Company inside. Even the Medical Marijuana Law, is.

Atillio:  Yeah

Duke:  Is giving property managers a difficult time. So, get somebody who’s experienced, who has legal-council. Who can help you with that, with those issues.

Atillio:  Yeah, I think to, when people don’t disclose that stuff up front. I mean, it kinda speaks of their personal ethics. And I don’t know? Is that really a tenant you want to have? They just can’t be right up front about it? Everything, because they’re, there are laws in place to protect that. Protect them, not just beyond up front.

Duke:  Yeah, and you know, we ask people up front on their credit report because we’re allowed to check that. We’re not allowed to share that information. But we do check the background, credit history, rental history. We ask people right up front, how’s your credit report? How’s your credit history? How’s your rental history? And a lot of people say, “Oh, it’s great!” You run their credit and you get all kinds of surprises?

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  So you guys verify everything? You don’t just trust them?

Duke:  Yes, we got to verify, even with the Human Resource Department on the base, the contract use, and when the dates they’re coming in?

Atillio:  Yup.

Duke:  So just make sure, you know, and make sure everybody is aware that what’s going on?

Atillio:  Yeah, we’ve sold so many homes that we always get the ones where it was a rental. And then management themselves tells them, “Here,” over, and over. They seemed like nice people. 

Adrienne:  We thought we’d rent to them?

Duke:  You know, I have a house right now that I’m rehabbing. And the owner is, was very surprised when I took over the rentals from another company.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  And I sent the pictures back to the owners. And they actually got on a plane one week later and came to Hawaii to look at the house. Because they didn’t believe it?

Atillio:  Wow.

Duke:  It was completely wrecked.

Adrienne:  Wow.

Duke:  They had a security deposit of $2500.00, but I think we are right at $8800.00 for what it cost on repairs to the house.

Atillio:  So you’re going to lose money.

Duke:  And it was a very, very, nice family. And they were absolutely SHOCKED!

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Well, you had mentioned that you took this over from another property management company? And I just want to point out, that not all property management companies do business the same way. Like I know that you guys won’t go in and check on the property and check in with the tenants.

Duke:  We do.

Adrienne:  And it’s not just like.

Duke:  We do, at six months we do a walk through, it’s on the lease. And the lease memorandum. And we do a walk through, we do a four month walk through if you have pets.

Atillio:  Yep.

Adrienne:  And that’s very important, because you’re being pro-active.

Atillio:  And I think too, you guys do the pictures and video up front, so you’re documenting the property prior to move in.

 Duke:  Every time we get a new tenant we do, we take new pictures, and new video

Atillio:  Yeah. So can we have a camera? No, what’s that big hole behind the kitchen door? Oh, that was like that when we moved in. I don’t think so.

Duke:  Yeah, it’s a tough business, and it’s a lot of follow-up.

Atillio:  Yep.

Duke:  But I think where we are at now are? We released, try to do that better. Is try to answer my phone.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  But my only ones that is calling me? Was are the people who are paying my salary. So, I answer my phone, if there are a few owners out there listening? You’re trying to call me? I’ll call you back within one hour or less. Find me on my voice mail. We’ll get to that.

Atillio:  Because he cannot talk to you right now, he’s on the radio.


Atillio:  Cut him some slack at least. For a couple of minutes.

Adrienne:  He kept calling. You can give him a call at (808) 445-8223 either he’ll answer the phone or he’ll get right back to you.

Atillio:  Or team members will help out, too. Yeah.

Adrienne:  Yeah.

Duke:  That’s totally.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  And that was the best website?

Duke:  www.hipacificpm.com

Atillio:  H-I, short for Hawaii. A pacific, short for the Pacific Ocean. And “PM” short for property management. Hi Pacific pm.com

Duke:  Yes, thank you so much.

Atillio:  Alright, thanks Duke.

Adrianne:  Thanks Duke.

Duke:  Take care.

Atillio:  Alright then. If your pen ran out of ink, his phone number is (808) 445-9223, that’s (808) 445-9223.

Adrienne:  Alright, so, we have our guest Momi.

Atillio:  Momi, are you there?

Momi:  Hi!

Atillio:  Hello.

Momi:  How are you?

Atillio:  Good, good. Hey, thanks for calling in, and being our guest. Okay, hey, so. Of the

Adrienne:  Oh, Atillio has an awesome intro for you.

Atillio:  Oh yeah.

Adrienne:  We were talking about it in the car ride.

Atillio:  Okay, we’ll go from there, go for it.

Adrienne:  So, I was talking about all the things you were involved with, you know? You’re a local girl, you know, grew-up on the west side. You were a teacher there too, right? In those schools in that system, over there?

Momi:  Yes.

Atillio:  Yep.

Momi:  Actually I taught in the public school system a couple of years. And then after that I retired. But then for the most part, most of my career I taught in Waimea, born and raised.

Atillio:  It’s hot over there too, nah, just kidding. Yeah, I lived in both places.

Momi:  Yeah, that’s true.

Atillio:  I lived in both places. No way Lahaina, is anywhere close to that. Right now, Arizona is probably 118 degrees? But, um, did everything sells, you know, we had a chance to talk briefly, you told me, the books, and speaking, and so I was thinking? You know what? You’re going to be like the Hawaiian Oprah?

Momi:  No, I don’t know anything about that?

Atillio:  Shoot for the moon.

Momi:  I’m not about to sing, I’m just not sure if people want to hear it?

Atillio:  We’re going to call it the “M Show,” for “Momo.”

Momi:  Yeah, that’d be decent.

Atillio:  You’ll have an “M” magazine and the whole works. But, anyway, you know? That aside, for our listeners we’re local style with our guests. Tell us about you, and what your objectives are? And as a business person, and as a spokesperson. Tell us who you are?

Momi:  Well, okay. I guess the first thing I would like to talk about is? Is the Yani magazine?

Atillio:  Okay, so you have a publisher.

Momi:  Yes, yes. My husband and I, we just started a couple of issues, you know, just came out.

Atillio:  Yeah. Yes.

Momi:  To me our mission for that magazine is called, Hawaiian Islands.

Atillio:  Okay.

Momi:  It’s a magazine for the community, for the people, by the people. And what we are trying to do? Is such, you know, driving the sentence and to come in and support our community. And you know, bring that, you know, to the company sensitive and global instances as we play and share information that inspiration comes by. Thought provoking spacing multiple order base and all.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And we’re trying to do that by celebrating the unique Hawaiian Islands. And supporting our residents through the best. They are grounded by our indigenous culture. And you know, people, a lot of people that I have met, you know, over the course of my life. They think that they don’t, if they are not from the Hawaiian island. They are going  to drive to the Hawaiian island. And somebody might steal their car? Or they might get lost. We’re really trying to do that.

Atillio:  Yes.

Momi:  You know, it’s kind of unfortunate, because note, the thing is, when you’re living in Hawaiian isles and sometimes, even if you try hard not to? You’re going to sell your place.

Atillio:  Sure.

Momi:  And you know, it’s hard sometimes, not, and so what we are trying to do is? Write stories about how people are doing the best that they can. You know, living their life, their lives, their tasks, their journeys. And using those stories to be inspirational. Because we have tons of faith for our people out there.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  Those are the type of inspirational stories are full.

Atillio:  Tell us the name if the magazine again?

Momi:  Okay, it’s called, “Na Pua Hawaiian Isle.”

Atillio:  Okay.

Momi:  And right now, again, it’s very small. And we are looking for support. We are looking for those stories. Our last issue, we featured on the cover, four men. Who are are residents of Lanai and they were born and raised on actually their Uncle George. He was born and raised in Nana Kuli.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And then we have Sam Papuli and Pat Halloway and they were born and raised in Lanai. And then we also have Johan Mitchelle who wasn’t born in Lanai, but raised there. He decided to bring his Jujitsu to Lanai. Because that’s where he said the warrior spirit was strong.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  So, anyway, we featured him on the cover for the very reasons that we talked about. They all have different paths. But typically on the same darning. Hinding, the best that they can by living their best lives. You know, honoring their beliefs and their values. And they want to share, they were so happy to help me share their stories. Hoping that they could influence and inspire, maybe young men and women. And I think I lived their journey. You know, so I would, you know, like to share our website – www.monilani.org m-o-n-i-l-a-n-i.org. And we have that both two issues online. You can click on the icon on that and open up that entire issue.

Adrienne:  That’s great that you have the entire issue and have it online as well. You guys have it on any kind of social media yet, or just on the website?

Momi:  It’s just on the website right now. You know what was really incredible? Is when that second issue came out. We had a lot of Facebook, people were sharing on their Facebook pages and 

Atillio:  On their timelines yeah.

Momi:   Yeah, and so we shared the link and then people would share our link. And so, you know, it’s very welcome. From people, from Lanai, Makaha, and Wailea, and Kailua. We kind of stare at that one thing, you know, that stereotype.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  It seems like every one outside of Lanai has.

Atillio:  A-huh.

Momi:  So that engagement with the publication has been very welcoming and you know, people have accepted the publication. And so we appreciate that.

Atillio:  Tell us what Napau Awiani, what does that stand for in English?

Momi:  Yeah, it’s just, barely, it’s called, “The Flowers.” Of Hawaii. But metaphorically, the flowers represent our people.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  You know, I’ve heard? I’ve heard from many people. Transplants who are Lanai all over the world. That’s the one thing that they say. That the people there are beautiful. They want to share their aloha. And if you go there and welcome, that’s exactly what they get. If they welcome that and just embrace their differences. And look at what they see, with that type of attitude. What they get is positive.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  What, and not to say, that we don’t have prejudges there? But it does.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And so, again. We’re just trying to highlight those things. You know, how people make, who maybe might highlight that stereotype? Who could think that.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Well I can attest for that much. My in-laws have, every time they have come to visit? They like to stay at the Mahi Beach Cabanas. And that is their favorite place to stay. They love staying in Wailnea. This side has the best beach is, and the people are so friendly. So they’ve always had these very positive experiences. And even my dad, he lived on it, Molokia. Now he lives in the Maka Towers just certainly loved just the quiet, the peacocks.

Atillio:  I think, I know, my mom lives near Winer Valley Road, She lives up in Hawaiian Homes. So we’ve been out there a really long time. And this is, what’s effecting you, it’s, you see stereotypes, but as I like to use it? Another word interchangeable with that is? Our perception is in our right. When people go out into the community with the perception like I’m willing to jump. Then you attract that to yourselves. To where as you, it’s just like going to someone with arms open, verses crossed. You get what you project. And, yeah, no. You, I always tell people, you can be shopping at “Tomorrows” and you might have somebody using it. And somebody using the card? And you might have somebody that drives a Ferrari that is just a. The.

Adrienne:  A graphic.

Atillio:  It could be a culture that diversity that live in Lanai that have diversity also. And everybody gets along.

Adrienne:  Now, Momi, if we have any of our listeners that have positive stories that they want to share. Like, what was the best way for them to

Atillio:  To get ahold of you?

Adrienne:  Yeah, reach out to you?

Momi:  Absolutely. You could call, either myself or my husband. And I can give the number, if that’s okay?

Adrienne: Sure. Yeah.

Atillio:  Sure.

Momi:  Okay. We’ve got (808) 888-9434. And no, not Beth on Holloway on the cover, of course his name is. It’s like that.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  Yeah, it’s like, he’s exceptional.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And then and that’s the type of crazy story we like to tell. But that’s not the only story.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  We want to tell stories of this. Every day men and women living their lives. You know, I have a perfect example of this. It that place, try and find, you can just tell the writing at the time of moment. You know, I work for this.

  In the number of one hone in this business. Of information she gave me for, you know, so many years of their lives there. Trying to effect change in our students. I’m going to be where great marks like: grandmothers, and you know, just it’s within the daily just. Things affect others, you know?

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And so those are the ones certain kind of want for ourselves, you know? We want to tell real stories of real struggle and real strengths. And we think that is what that want as well. And it’s funny, because a couple of weeks ago I just was walking to try and you know, packing out the magazine. And I met up with this woman, outside of the post office in Lanai. And we got to talking, and I told her what I said. Custom stories of inspiration, personal stories that, you know. I told her that and she said, “You know what?” We need a copy of writing like that because I need inspirational stories.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  You know what? We all do. And so we’re tired of all of the negative things and we just want to just kind of focus on the positive. And so that’s what we’re trying to do.

Adrienne:  So, are the local businesses out there in Lanai being a.

Atillio:  Are they show their support?

Adrienne:  Support.

Momi:  A yeah. Because it’s very new, a I haven’t been able to coach that many. But I know that the, merger and Lanai stores. I come from Lanai, they have been very, very supportive. And our sponsor, our local 316. In the end they helped us buy a sponsor. They helped sponsor us. So yes, finding a lot of support. And so right now, we’re in the very beginning stages. There being, you know, knocking on doors. And sharing this and hopefully people who have the same vision will be able to help us with anything, anyway that. And anyway financially, or for it, you know, or for inspirational stories. Or even things like model farms out there.

Atillio:  Yeah,

Momi:  Or even the museum we have out there. Or all the different organizations doing things for our people. And so anyway, we welcome.

Atillio:  Yeah. So I see real quickly, three things that you are needing.

  1. Let me know? Is stories. Because that’s what the end user wants. Is to see those inspirational stories. If anybody has stories you could get a hold of? Get ahold of your number.
  2. You gotta have, it’s a publication. It’s a business, you need advertisers. I mean.

Momi:  Yes.

Atillio:  You can’t have, because people aren’t subscribing, right? I mean, it’s a free distribution. What’s the point of people subscribing?

Momi:  No, we want it made a free, you know, publication.

Atillio:  Okay.

Momi:  Right.

Atillio:  So have to have advertisers. And then the third one? I just thought of?

  1. Is one I just thought of, that is, some of the businesses are more of a retail located nation maybe it would be helpful if they gave you a distribution point.

Momi:  Yeah.

Atillio:  For the magazine.

Momi:  Right, also that’s good point, thank you.

Atillio:  Yeah, and then, just for the people out there. The other way you can do it? Grass roots there. Above this a, publisher in your own backyard, local girl. Is, really take her magazine and post it through the power of social media. On all of your Facebook timelines. And even make it more effective, personalized, add a comment. Don’t just post it there, add a complement, a comment. And we would highly encourage you to get a Facebook site for the publication Itself, so people can go check it out online, and you know, and all that good stuff. And because everybody is on Facebook. It seems the way people communicate.

Momi:  You know, those are really great ideas, I appreciate them thank you.

Atillio:  Yeah, Um.

Adrienne:  So, one more time Momi, what is the website? And best phone number?

Momi:  Okay, the website is – www.momilanai.org –  m-o-m-i-l-a-n-a-i.org. The number is –

(808) 888-9434.

Atillio:  Okay guys, your pen ran out of ink, that’s –  (808) 888-9434, that’s (808) 888-9434. Alright, so anything else that snippet you want to share with the community? What else you involved in? Besides the magazine, what else do you want to be in?

Momi:  Well you know, I, they just left the building. If I, this is very emotional time, this time in June. Because I’ve been back and forth with the last publisher with a lot of fears. But I am moving now into the publishing.

Atillio:  So you’re focused.

Momi:  No, Yes. I’m trying to decide if it is the time.

Atillio:  What should I do?

Momi:  Yeah, that’s who. Yeah, good play.

Atillio:  Yeah. So are you going to do it ? You know, we’re more that welcome to have you on the show, come visit us in the office so we can talk about more of our social media marketing we’re getting. Knowing we can help you out with that. And again if anybody wants a copy of the magazine? You want to check it out online? You want to support with the advertising?

Adrienne:  You want to supply a story?

Atillio:  You want to be able to distribute this magazine in your retail business that has a lot of traffic? Give them a call (808) 888-9434. Thanks so much Momi, for being on the show. Oh, any last questions we should have asked you, that we haven’t?

Momi:  No, I just wanted to say though, that I do have a couple of books published, so far.

Atillio:  Okay.

Momi:  And again, just so were for a real struggle, and sense knowing just doing the best that you can, and in your best light.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And I really learned that when you replace your struggles you will have less pain. So, to hold you back.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  And when you can embrace those other people, they are inspired by that.

Atillio:  Yeah, yes.

Momi:  So, you know, that’s kind of like a hard time my life has been. Great fun and find and look for every lesson, in every single struggle, and try and look at any typical signs. And look at those struggles like they are blessings.

Atillio:  Yes.

Momi:  And lead and get more coming to you. And that’s defined of the needs, the writings that I like. I just hope that people will find that the very intention. And that they see it, they read me for it. And are inspired. Like you said, that’s a great suggestion, hey make a comment. You know, and share your stories. And I guess that’s what we are? You know, back when I was going through my own personal struggles. With my own, you know, relationships that, you know? I didn’t start fighting then. And I think that was really difficult for me. Was, I didn’t have the ones I thought I could turn to in terms of. Having the same types of the struggles.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Momi:  You know, it was really difficult because I felt very alone. And I had a lot of supportive family, it’s not that. I needed to talk to someone, or others who are going through similar experiences.

Atillio:  Sure.

Momi:  And I didn’t have that.

Atillio:  Okay.

Momi:  I, it was kind of like I feel like we need to do what we’re doing now. Because we’ve got to be supportive part for others. Who are going through, same struggles we’re going through.

Atillio:  That’s your purpose and mission. So again, you got the books you can share. Help them and inspire them, looking for inspirations and inspirational stories.

Momi:  Right.

Atillio:  Right. Alright, well Momi, thanks for being on the show.

Adrienne:  Yeah, and thank the people. Thanks Momi, and have a great weekend.

Momi:  Alright, thanks you two.

Atillio:  Alright, take care.

Momi:  Alright, thanks guys, take care, bye-bye.

Adrienne:  Bye. So, we’re going to take a real short break. And when we come back, we have open houses.

Atillio:  Open houses coming soon. A whole bunch of real estate related information you’re gonna want to hear.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  You’ll all hear.

Adrienne:  Don’t go too far?


(Music Out)


(Music Intro)


Adrienne:  Welcome back, I’m Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. You have any real estate questions? Just reach out at

(808) 799-9596, or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Atillio:  Well hey, everybody, we’ve got awesome team members calling in, who’s first? Is it Michelle?

Adrienne:  Yep. Yes, it’s Michelle with.

Atillio:  Hey Michelle.

Adrienne:  Hey Michelle, with coming soon properties.

Michelle:  Hey, you guys! It’s so good to hear both of your voices on the radio.

Atillio:  Yes. Alright. So, what we got coming up?

Michelle:  Okay, so, we got one coming up in Macatevo. Offering a single family home, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2000sqft., the lot is about 5092sqft., and it was built in 1987.

Atillio:  Great.

Michelle:  The next one, we have a homestead if anybody is looking for a homestead? We have one coming up in Wiani. We’re currently doing some painting of the exterior of the home now. So that’s what you’re going to get. Now, that’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, home. And the lot, there is 7400sqft. Home built in 1977.

Atillio:  Alright, so the Hawaiians.

Michelle:  Hello Hawaiians, we got to take care of the locals.

Atillio:  Yep.

Michelle:  And then I’ve got another single family in Awapu. And that one is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2100sqft. Home. The lot is 6000sqft.

Atillio:  Alright.

Michelle:  And I got one more I got to tell ya about. Time for one more real quick?

Atillio:  Oh yeah, keep going.

Michelle:  Okay, well we have more and I say, I can’t touch on everything, a lot of them all the time. This one is a, I would say the “Grand-Daddy” of all of them. Then at Ocean Point, and this is a big home, at 2,042 sqft. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, it’s got a full bedroom and a full bathroom on the first floor. You need a low electric bill? It’s got a full PVC system. It has a salt water in ground pool, that’s heated.

Atillio:  It’s got a pool? No way?!

Michelle:  With solar. Can you believe that? A feature pool.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Michelle:  With solar. And you don’t have to pay a giant electric bill for it. A two car garage. It has upgraded flooring, and upgrade linoleum, in the back. It’s got steps outside of stone. And you can really tell pride of ownership in that home. Actually be coming in the next week.

Adrienne:  I know that home looks like a model home. It’s.

Michelle:  It really is. There’s nothing that you have to do in that home except move in. And some of the furnishings once it hits the market. Some of the furnishings will be up for sale. In the negotiation of loft.

Atillio:  While you’re sitting in traffic, run right home and come in the home right off the bat. Through the back door and rip your clothes off and jump in and do a cannonball into warm water.

Michelle:  Exactly, and another thing, just as, tell all the viewers to just remember when they were little kids when this one hits the market. We always have a walking video tour. So, if you get home from work and you’re tired and you want to walk through these awesome listings? All you got to do is go to www.teamlally.com and you can walk through them in the privacy of your own home, with our walking video tour. 

Atillio:  Now let me ask you something, Michelle, if I am working with a realtor that doesn’t have these “Coming soon” inventory? Am I going to get beat out on them and all that stuff? Because they didn’t have these things on the MLS?

Michelle:  You might, you might get beat out?

Atillio:  If I’m getting beat out? You might want to have access to some of our “Coming soon” stuff and like Michelle said, “You haven’t, might even mention tomorrow?”

Adrienne:  Yeah.

Michelle:  You might even, there might even be twelve to fifteen more that I could talk about? So I will, I have. You’ll have to come see Adrienne Lally and find out?! What goes on.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Maybe we should do a show all about our coming soon?

Atillio:  I think we could fill an hour. I’ll attest to that, but?

Michelle:  We could absolutely do that. And every single part of the island.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks Michelle.

Atillio:  Thanks Michelle.

Michelle:  Have a great day. Thanks

Adrienne:  Alright, so. Our next awesome team member is Angelique.

Atillio:  Angelique are you there?

Angelique:  Hey Atillio, Hey Adrienne.

Atillio:  Hey, hi. What open are you sitting at tomorrow?

Angelique:  Alright, so tomorrow? I’m going to be sitting at First and sixty nine Prim Road. It’s a beautiful white single condo.

Atillio:  Okay.

Angelique:  Unit 2612.

Atillio:  Unit 2612

Angelique:  A beautiful overhead view, ocean view, a three bedroom, 3 bathroom, and underground parking.

Atillio:  Alright. So if you’re like one of those neat freaks that needs your own bathroom. Go get your own room.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Atillio:  This is the one.

Angelique:  That’s unheard of, true parking. That’s awesome.

Atillio:  Especially in Waikiki, yes. Fishing in Waikiki, I’ll tell ya. Hey close to the sand folks. I’ve seen parking stalls come from for sale in villas, a $40,000.00 – $50,000.00. Just for one parking.

Angelique:  I’ve seen one sell for $65,000.00. that was one I saw

Atillio:  Holy moly! That’s more expensive than the car that would be parked in it? Unless it was like, yours? Oh, no, just kidding.

Adrienne:  Alright, so go visit Angelique, tomorrow morning, she’ll be there between from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

Atillio:  You’ll have what? Instructions on the lobby, so they can buzz themselves in, or call you?

Angelique:  Yes.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Angelique:  Yes, prior to downstairs, I’ll leave instructions on who all to let up? And come check it out this weekend.

Atillio:  Alright. Angelique, Waikiki.

Angelique:  Waikiki.

Adrienne:  Thanks Angelique.

Atillio:  Thank you Angelique.

Angelique:  Thank you have a good day guys.

Atillio:  Alright, next up is Michael. Michael are you there?

Michael:  Aloha, guys, how are you?

Atillio:  Good.

Adrienne:  Great.

Atillio:  So tell us about this open house you’re doing tomorrow?

Michael:  I’m planning to be sitting at an open house in Carieary. Right there, The address is – 44591 White Lilly Road, Unit #53. It’s in the beautiful Kari-Ki Marina Community.

Atillio:  Tell us more!

Michael:  Absolutely, it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 parking in a gated community. Beautiful view Kona Bay and Akolo.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Michael:  Atillio, I gotta tell you something too?

Atillio:  Tell me something.

Michael:  This particular unit has its own private drive way.

Atillio:  WHAT?!

Adrienne:  No way!

Atillio:  That is ridiculous!

Michael:  It is. Its own private driveway, going to your unit. One of only four units in the entire complex that has that feature.

Adrienne:  There’s also a lot of extra guest parking.

Atillio:  Private driveway, with its own entrance.

 Adrienne:  Yeah.

Atillio:  I think this qualifies for this condo to be on, “Pit my could.”


Atillio:  Just has its own separate entrance.

Michael:  Not only that Atillio, it also has, this particular unit. When you make it inside the #43 boat slip.

Adrienne:  Wow.

Michael:  Included. Definitely for someone, somebody who loves boats and the water, it’s included.

Atillio:  So I could do like, a “Saturday Night Live” I’m on my boat.

(Adrienne Laughing)

Atillio:  Music video, and pull right up into my own slip?

Adrienne:  Yeah.

Michael:  Yeah, right into your own slip. Go to your club house. See the view of Karary Bay and Cholla.

Atillio:  You know the previous owner bought this just for the slip? So it’s like a $900 something $1000.00 slip? You know you got to have a reservation, you got to call.

Adrienne:  I’ll go and visit Michael.

Michael:  Listen to me, listen to me, 35 excuse me that’s 1195 Lilipuna Road, Unit 53. And you’ll be there.

Atillio:  Follow the signs.

Michael:  Seeing everybody there.

Atillio:  Follow the signs off on Lillypoona Road.

Michael:  Up to Lilipuna Road, to Lilipuna Place. You get to use that private driveway.

Atillio:  Yes, the private driveway, I call it the Costco parking, because you park so close to the unit you can drive all your stuff from Costco right into the unit. Spectacular views, there’s only two units in this one pod, or this one building. So, it’s awesome.

Adrienne:  Very private.

Atillio:  And there’s guest parking. And you can actually walk down to your slip. Where the loading parking for the actual slip is very close. So if you got your five, you know, coolers loaded with beer. Not going to be doing too much fishing with that much beer. But at least you need to get it onto your boat right away. Its very close, very convenient.

Michael:  Absolutely.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Michael:  Beautiful place, so come on and visit us guys.

Atillio:  Yep.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks Mike.

Michael:  Alright, baby.

Adrienne:  Miss you babe.

Atillio:  Alright, we got Ray. Ray, are you there?

Ray:  I am here. Good morning, I’m dreaming of being there fishing, drinking beer, and being rock stars still.

Atillio:  Boy, I tell ya. That’s how we roll. Tell us about your open house?

Ray:  A, my open house, is actually going to be in beautiful home. That I’m actually thinking about myself, possibly buying? But, I’ll give you that information.

Atillio:  Somebody else better buy that Ray? They is going to buy it out from underneath you, Ray. You better go buy it.

Ray:  It’s all about the location, location, location of this.

Atillio:  Yes.

Ray:  Location is 1310 Unit C in Wanaloa Lanai Place.

Atillio:  Yes.

Ray:  And it’s Unit 1B. And it’s in Wanaloa Valley. Which is right in the hill.

Atillio:  Right across from Red Hill, right up the street. Literally a stones throw across the golf course from Keizer Hospital

Ray:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  In a gated community.

Atillio:  In a gated community.

Ray:  In a gated community. And you can actually crawl into the garage with your Costco as well, yeah.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Ray:  Yeah, sure.

Atillio:  Yeah. This has got split AC though. I think literally they have the best model bathroom in the entire complex. That’s my opinion.

Adrienne:  So nice.

Ray:  Yeah.

Atillio:  Yep.

Ray:  It’s got a beautiful master bath, beautiful views from that, master. As well as from the main level, hardwood floors throughout, granite. Definitely a fully loaded house.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Ray:  Our house actually is it.

Adrienne:  It sounds like a house.

Atillio:  Feels like a home.

Adrienne:  Yep, yeah.

Ray:  1900sqft. But it feels like a home inside like, absolutely. Besides, you will be there from 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. tomorrow. A great time, a bunch of people over.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Ray:  Taking a look at a house, and a couple of other houses. Because of the community I will ask that information? But, other people might be interested in other homes that are in that same neighborhood. Because it is gated as well.

Atillio:  Okay, thanks Ray.

Ray:  Have fun, have a great day.

Atillio:  Okay.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks for listening, and thank you to our sponsors.

Atillio:  Gabe, my man, and Jim Owens of Hawaii VA Loans.

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Adrienne:  We also want to give a big thank you to Christie.

Atillio:  And John.

Adrienne:  Yes, our producers here in studio. Make sure to tune in next week when we’ll have one of our awesome guests talk to you about something that will change your life forever.

Atillio:  This is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guarantee.

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