We had another awesome show with Justin George & Ray Stosik!

Read word for word from our episode with Justin George & Ray Stosik below:

Announcer: It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show: the Team Lally Real Estate Show.  Grab a pen and get ready to take notes.  For the next full hour Hawaii’s premiere real estate leader Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to – or they’ll buy it!  Now here are your hosts Adrienne and Attilio.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it.  If you have any questions you can reach us 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Hey everybody this is Attilio. Let’s see, what was I doing? I was munching down on a whole a bunch of See’s Candies that Nathan from Pillar to Post – he’s our highly recommended home inspector – dropped off at the office. Oh by the way did you know there was a little bit left that had some candies left? I put them away. I threw them away.

Adrienne: You put them away in the trash to save yourself

Attilio: I put them away in the trash because we had eaten through almost like 90% of the box I wanted to save for everybody this morning.

Adrienne: It was horrible.

Attilio: That’s why I put out the –

Adrienne: Thank you for saving us.

Attilio: I put out a bunch of tangerines in this morning to replace the See’s Candies. Well anyway while I was doing that this lady tapped me on the shoulder, started asking a bunch of tax and legal questions. I said those are great questions, highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. Then I said, “But mom, what other questions do you have?” So you if you hear anything on the that sounds like tax advice, hey, go run that past a CPA. If it sounds like legal advice hey go see an attorney. Speaking of attorneys-

Adrienne: And CPAs.

Attilio: CPAs. Well.

Adrienne: Well we’re going to have some CPAs on the show later.

Attilio: Yeah but let’s talk an attorney.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Hey it’s that time of the year where people start thinking about trusts.

Adrienne: Mhm. Wait – trusts? What’s a trust?

Attilio: What’s a trust? A trust is a way for you – and again this is not legal advice, this is purely anecdotal, run this past an attorney, in fact an attorney we recommend you run this past: his name is Myron-

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: – Kamihara(SP). We’ll give you his information later on but he talks about planning.

Adrienne: And he’s going to be joining us in a future show.

Attilio: Yeah. If you own a home or any kind of assets and you want to pass it on to your heirs without a whole bunch of headaches and bickering and fighting and all of that, you’ve got to set up a trust.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: If you don’t have a trust you’re going to go through prograde. It’s more expensive and there’s a whole bunch of down sides on that. But enough of that, let’s get to our golf quotes.

Adrienne: Yes. So the first one is from Arnold Palmer: What he said-

Attilio: Arnold Palmer didn’t he invent that ice tea drink?

Adrienne: Or maybe it was named after him.

Attilio: Oh it was named after him.

Adrienne: Or maybe he was named after it. I don’t know.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Okay but what he says is that “I have tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game. It’s called an eraser.”

Attilio: Hee hee. Hah hah. Ho ho.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: That’s how Santa would laugh at a golf joke. Hee hee. Hah hah. Ho ho.

Adrienne: Okay this next one is from Ted Ray.

Attilio: Ted Ray.

Adrienne: He says that “golf is a fascinating game that has taken me nearly 40 years to discover that I just can’t play it.”

Attilio: Can’t play it.

Adrienne: Alright and then the last one before we bring on our property management tip of the week.

Attilio: Mhm.

Adrienne: From P.J. O’Rourke, “Golf combines two favorite American pastimes: taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.”

Attilio: Taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: That sounds like what a caveman would do when they went hunting for their food.

Adrienne: Well that’s the two favorite American pastimes.

Attilio: Maybe it’s the oldest American pastime because that’s what cavemen used to do. They’re like “you know what’s let stop.” They’re hitting the rocks to get their food and then are like “Hey let’s create a game out of this. Hunting.”

Adrienne: Alright.

Attilio: No I think it was invented by the Scottish.

Adrienne: What was invented by the Scottish? Golf.

Attilio: That’s my understanding.

Adrienne: Well you know what? We’ll find out more about that later in the show.

Attilio: Yes.

Adrienne: So stay with us but we do have a very special guest that’s calling in to talk about property management. We Duke Kimhan with-

Attilio: Duke!

Adrienne: Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: Hi Duke, are you there?

Duke: Hey can you hear me?

Attilio and Adrienne: Yes we can.

Attilio: It’s perfect.

Duke: Okay great, great.

Attilio: Alright.

Duke: Let me just take care of bluetooth here. I’m in my car. So tip of the month is get a property manager who is full time.

Attilio: Full time.

Duke: There are a lot of property managers who do buy/sell real estate and have a small portfolio of homes that they manage, but we’re a company that only does property management so we are very familiar with all of the laws, the 29 page landlord tenant code, also all the new and current laws that we have to go to a class on. Comfort animals, and medical marijuana, and all the other things that play into your lease.

Adrienne: So I want to tie into this-

Attilio: No I was going to do a reenactment.

Adrienne: If you’re going to go and work with an agent that has, like you know, a buyer or seller that they need to go and meet and then your property – most of the time – your property that they’re managing is not going to be at the top priority.

Attilio: That’s not what’s happening with the part time property manager.

Adrienne: I think so.

Attilio: I’ll do a reenactment right now.

 Adrienne: Okay do your reenactment

Attilio: So ring ring, you’re calling your property manager. I’m your property manager.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: “Hello,” and you’re like, “Uh I want to find out what’s going on. Have you put a new tenant in there?” Then your property manager does this: “Wait hold on-”

Adrienne: CLICK.

Attilio (off-mic): “Hey uh yeah um would you like some fries with that? Would you like cheese on that? Okay your total’s $14.92. Proceed to the next window to make your payment.”

Attilio (on-mic): “Oh your property, yes, I have it on the-” No okay. We’re joking. They have a part time job.

Adrienne: I think what Duke was saying was that like, not like the part time job, but like they’re going to be distracted with the buy/sell business because that can be very time consuming as well.”

Attilio: Well 90% of realtors, if you take a look at our industry, they’re selling somewhere between zero and five homes. That’s not enough income, and with property management you’ve gotta have a lot of properties under management to pay the bills. So at most it’s going to be a part timer, and I don’t know about you but would you want a part timer to do brain surgery on you?

Adrienne: No. I want fulltime brain surgeon.

Duke: Yeah just like you wouldn’t want a part time attorney handling your case in court. You want a full time realtor who is going to pay attention to details, we do a four or six month walkthrough. Four if you have pets in there and six if you don’t. So we send those reports, pictures of any repair that probably needs to be taken care of, and we have an addendum that states that if the tenant doesn’t take care of the repairs that are needed in the walkthrough within ten days, that we can terminate the lease.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Yeah.

Duke: So you know we work off of two premises: one is to put money in your account, and the second is to protect your property. So any decision we make will be based on those two goals that I have that I go to work for everyday.

Attilio: Sounds simple.

Adrienne: Now you guys have this crazy thing called the rent guarantee.

Attilio: Tell us about that.

Adrienne: What is that?

Duke: No one else in Honolulu is guaranteeing their work on the property management side. I give you two guarantees: 1.) If I don’t rent your home in 30 days or less at an agreed upon price I’ll pay that amount of rent. Second: If I put a tenant in your unit and they have a 620 credit score or above, and a pretty okay or nonexistent criminal record, that we will pay for the eviction if that ever came down to that.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Now I know we were talking about these part time property managers. I think we should do a shout out to them because you have a return to agent guarantee. Can you talk a little about that because I know we have realtors that listen?

Attilio: Listen up realtors.

Duke: We give the first whole month property management fees back to the realtor as a referral and we also have a 100% that the client will return to the agent guarantee also and my referral. So I do not do buy/sell real estate. So if you refer me your client and say they want to sell at some points, we’ll be more than happy to refer them back to you as the buy/sell agent.

Adrienne: Well that’s just awesome. I know that there’s not a lot of companies out there that offer all these guarantees so just you’ve got to give them a call.

Attilio: So if you’re a realtor chasing your tail stop doing that. Just call Duke and his team.

Duke laughs.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: He’ll take care of that. Take some stress.

Duke: And we don’t take any money upfront of a new client. So all my owners never pay anything from the time they sign on with me.

Attilio: You know and because you guys are interacting with the client more so than a part time property manager you’re more likely to be hearing that conversation from the owner, that it’s time to sell.

Duke: That’s right.

Attilio: Yeah.

Duke: Yep. They usually contact us right away and they say “Hey in about six months I think we’re going to sell the place.”

Attilio: Yep.

Duke: And I say “Okay. Let me get you back in touch with your realtor.”

Attilio: Okay. Awesome sauce

Adrienne: Alright.

Attilio: Thanks Duke.

Duke: Great.

Adrienne: Thank you, Duke.

Duke: Thank you! Take care.

Adrienne: Awesome info.

Attilio: Alright so that was Duk with Hawaii Pacific Property Management. They’ve got that rent guarantee. What’s that phone number?

Adrienne: You can give them a call at 445-9223, that’s 445-9223.

Attilio: Or on the internet at-

Adrienne: Hipacificpm.com.

Attilio: Alright I think hear some harps in the distance. Do we hear some harps in the distance?

Adrienne: No harps?

[Fantastical harp theme]

Adrienne: Oh there they are! I feel so relaxed when I hear that sound.

Attilio: Yes I’m falling onto the floor like a bowl of jello.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: Okay, alright, so we’ve got Janyce. Janyce on the line from Dream House Drafting.

Janyce: Good morning.

Attilio: Good morning. So whatcha got for us this week?

Janyce: How are you?

Attilio: Oh we’re doing great.

Janyce: Well just kind of in general the … always works in your favor.

Adrienne and Attilio: Mhm.

Janyce: Sometimes you can encounter surprise information on your property that you may not have been aware of. If you’ve got a date and you’re thinking, “by this time I want to have a certain remodel done or a certain addition done.” It pays to plan ahead, get your designs in order, get your stuff into the building department, so that that way you can allow not only for how long it takes to get things through the building department these days but also to be aware of anything that might be a surprise.

Adrienne: And these are not good surprises right? These are surprises that cost you money, or extra time, right?

Janyce: And you know about these things because you guys send me-

Adrienne: All sorts of surprises.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne laughs.

Janyce: Not really. It’s just easier to look up for you what was or was not done.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Janyce: I mean sometimes it’s not always that anyone is selling and a buyer questions something, sometimes it’s during the process of trying to do a remodel that you discover, goodness sakes, when we submit plans for this house the city’s going to have questions about all of these differences between their documents and how the house really is, and you may have never known about that especially when you purchased it but there you are.

Adrienne: And these kinds of discoveries could mean the difference – hundreds of thousands of dollars as we’ve found.

Janyce: Unfortunately yes. They certainly can. I’ve seen projects not go forward on time because of the cost of correcting things that had been done by the prior owners.

Adrienne: So do your due diligence.

Attilio: Yeah because you don’t want to be like this guy.

Screaming sound effect.

All laugh.

Attilio: That’s what happened when he bought a house that had open permits. He was looking at his permit report and he was like –

Screaming sound effect.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Attilio: So anyway avoid that and – 

Adrienne: Just you know what call Janyce. She will help you.

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: That’s the solution.

Attilio: Janyce was one of those students in school, like she would always be first with her reports.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: And all her homework would be done all the time. The teachers were very – they liked Janyce when she was in highschool.

Adrienne: Yes her work ethic has carried onto her business.

Janyce: All the way through.

Attilio and Adrienne: All the way through.

Attilio: Janyce always had her work done early. So have her get your work done early on the permitting process and give her a call. Thanks Janyce.

Adrienne: Thank you Janyce.

Janyce: Thank you.

Attilio: Alright so you can reach Janyce –

Adrienne: At 206-7107.

Attilio: On on the internet-

Adrienne: At dreamhousedrafting.com.

Attilio: Alright we’re going to take a break. All you golf nuts out there. We’re going to be talking about the Sony Open with our special guests here so stay with us.

[Commercial break]

 Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596, or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey we’ve got a special guest in the studio. It’s the Lone Ranger. He just came in on his horse.

[Horse sound effect]

Adrienne: Wait wait wait. I thought that we were going to be talking about the Sony Open.

Attilio: Oh. Yeah uh sorry. I was just using it as an excuse to use the sound effects on my phone but anyway.

Adrienne laughs.

Adrienne: Okay so we have Justin George, he’s the director of sales and client services for the Sony Open.

Justin: Thank you. I appreciate you having me on the show today.

Adrienne: Welcome. Yes thank you for joining us.

Attilio: This is what kids do every time Justin shows up.

[Children cheering sound effect]

Adrienne laughs.

Justin: Hopefully just my daughter and her classmates. That’d be great.

Attilio: There you go.

Adrienne: So Justin’s joining us today to talk about the Sony Open which is coming up next month, right?

JustinT: In about 3 ½ weeks.

Adrienne: 3 ½ weeks. Great. The countdown is on.

Attilio: Taking over the whole east side. I went to one Sony Open, it was really interesting and I’m not even a golf fan. We walked around it – it was with my friend Ross, he’s a big golf nut.

Justin: Yeah we’re trying to get the non golfing crowd out to the tournament. We’ll have the NFL Playoff games available to watch while you can grab a cold one and walk around the course and check on the game at the same time. 

Attilio: Oh wait a minute there’s no alcohol at these types of events are there!?

All laugh.

Justin: A little bit. Yeah you’d be surprised.

Adrienne: So who’s playing, or who are the big names that are playing at this tournament?

Justin: Well we’ve got our defending champion Fabian Gomez who wanted to play off last year over Brandt Snedeker and Brandt will be back as well. Some of the local talent that we have. Parker McLachlin, who’s been playing really well this year and won on tour a few years ago will be back to join us this year. Kevin Hayashi, a senior member, locally won the spot for the Aloha Section so we will definitely have some local talent out there as well.

Adrienne: Nice.

Attilio: So you’ve got to quality you can’t just go sign up at some booth to play in this tournament right?

Justin: That is correct. We do have one amateur. So a local amateur spot that was won by – give me a second here – Brent Grant.

Attilio: Brent Grant?

Justin: Won the amateur spot locally so definitely come out and support the local players but we do have some big names as well like Jason Dufner, Webb Simpson, Jimmy Walker, Zach Johnson who won the tournament a few years ago, and then a guy who’s up and coming who’s won four of his last five tournaments Hideki Matsuyama has been taking the golf by storm and he won Tiger’s event where Tiger came back a couple weeks ago and will be the superior field so we’re very excited to have Hideki joining us and hopefully bring out the local Japanese crowd as well.

Attilio: By any chance will Happy Gilmore be on the line up?

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Justin: We actually had Happy Gilmore participate proam several times back in the first 6, 7 years of the tournament but I guess he’s a little busy these days and Adam hasn’t been back the last few years.

Adrienne: I took my kids minigolfing and I thought I had three little Happy Gilmores so they will gladly sub in.

Attilio: You know what and her little kids played the role perfectly because they were dropping F bombs at every hole-

Adrienne: They were. They were. I was like embarrassed. I’m like, “Did you watch that movie?” They’re sore losers.

Attilio: Yeah.

Justin: Really?

Adrienne: So speaking of kids do any kids participate in this or is this an adult only event?

Justin: The actual tournament is an adult only type of event but we do have a free event on Tuesday of tournament week. It’s called the Hawaii Tourism Authority Pro Junior Challenge.

Adrienne: Oh nice!

Attilio: Oh wow.

Justin: And we have five PGA Tour professionals that we pair with five local Hawaii State junior, local golfers that have won various tournaments and qualified to be part of this pro junior challenge. So Tuesday afternoon at 2:45 we’ll have these five teams and some of the juniors – we have a couple of them from Punahou School, Claire Choi and Evan Kawai, Zachary Kaneshiro from Mid Pacific, Allysha Mateo from Maryknoll, and Justin Arcano from Baldwin High School have qualified and so far we’ve secured Fred Funk, Parker McLachlin, Camilo Villegas who’s a big star on the tour, people love the way he reads his putts, he gets as low to the ground as you can possibly be to read his putts so he’s a star on tour. And then Rory Sabbatini. So we’ll finalize the final pro in the last week or so but it should be a really fun event to have these five juniors get to be paired with five professional golfers in a free event for the kids to come out after school.

Adrienne: Sounds like an experience of a lifetime.

Attilio: Yeah.

Justin: Absolutely. They work all year round, these kids, to qualify for this opportunity to play three holes with a PGA Tour professional and win some prizes, and the big supporters Hawaii State Junior Golf, we raised over $10,000 for junior golf as a result of this event.

Attilio: How do these kids do this without freaking out? I mean cause they’re like – like if you’re Lady GaGa’s idol and then you got to go on stage with her you’re just like “Aaaaaah!’

Justin: It’s amazing. I thought the same thing, that they’d shank into the crowd or something.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Justin: But they actually play, sometimes, better than the pros!

Attilio: Oh wow.

Justin: Last year one of the juniors chipped it in from 50 yards out.

Adrienne: Oh wow!

Justin: And his team ending up winning the competition so  

Attilio: The pros are like “Hey kid! Don’t make me look bad, I’m going to have to trip you when we’re walking to the next hole.”

Justin: Exactly.

Attilio: “Hey here have a beer!” No, just kidding, don’t give the juniors no beer.

Adrienne and Justin laugh.

Attilio: But anyway so you know, walk us through – so we jumped to that one event and people aren’t realizing, and neither did we, that it’s more than just a one or two day event. You – start from the beginning. What’s going on with the timeline with the Sony Open and all the things attached to it?

Justin: Definitely. The early part of the week is a great time to come out and get some pictures with the pros and do autographs. So starting Monday, January 9th, most of the players are out there practicing. Sony has a private Pro-Am that day so we encourage to come out. That day’s also free to come out, and then the practice on Tuesday. Our official Pro-Am on Wednesday features 50-52 of the top players playing in the tournament with mostly local amateurs and guests of Sony corporation, we do actually still have a couple of spots available to play in the official Pro-Am. A unique opportunity you can’t get with any other sport, you actually play the sport with the professionals. So it’s a great opportunity. The tournament officially starts on Thursday, through Sunday. Four rounds live on the Golf Channel. We have over 16 hours of live coverage on the golf channel. So we expect a really thrilling event like last year. We don’t always want a playoff but it definitely adds to the excitement of the tournament and the tournament with a playoff like we did last year.

Adrienne: Now you had mentioned during the break that you guys do something special for the military. Could you share with our listeners about what’s being offered for the military patrons?

Justin: Absolutely. The Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, a local shipping company has sponsored our ticket giveaway to the military. So all military and veterans are free access to the tournament all week and Pasha sponsors the hospitality tent along the 18 Fairway where we have hot dogs and hamburgers, beer and soda, and drinks complimentary for the military to come out to the tournament and just be our guests and we’re grateful for Pasha for our support for that and also for Friends of Hawaii charities, the host of the organization, to offer this great opportunity for our local military to come and be part of the event. And we’ve been very fortunate that every year we get some of the professionals to come over to the military tent and be a part of the festivities and take pictures-

Attilio: Sign autographs. Wow.

Justin: Absolutely. So guys like Fred Funk, Rory Sabbatini, Billy Hurley who used to be in the military and now is a PGA Tour pro and won a tournament recently. So we um have a lot of the pros that really respect what the military is doing for our country and they want to show their support so it’s a great opportunity.

Attilio: Yeah that’s great. So if you’re a military personnel out there-

Adrienne: Or a veteran.

Attilio: Or a veteran. It’s a great opportunity that’s open to everybody for everybody to show their appreciation for your guys’s service to our country. So tell them again, what’s the date and what fairway and how do they – what do they do just bring their military ID?

Justin: They can go to our website friendsofhawaii.org and learn more about the military appreciation program. Also through the veteran tickets organization. They can get their tickets online through their military-

Adrienne: Like the MWR, right?

Justin: Absolutely.

Attilio: Yeah so they’ll be able to walk around but then you’ve got that hospitality tent where they can get all liquored up, get some free hot dogs and hamburgers.

Justin: Right so it’s along the 18th fairway and it’s available all afternoon Thursday through Sunday for them to come out and be part a part of this and just have a great time.

Adrienne: It’s amazing.

Attilio: Yes we appreciate your service please bring your DD.

Attilio laughs.

Adrienne: So you had mentioned something interesting – this Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Attilio: Yeah tell us more about that.

Adrienne: I feel like there’s a little bit of a misconception about this Sony Open and what’s behind it.

Attilio: Who owns it and who supports it, and who does it benefit?

Justin: Right so Sony is the title sponsor of the event but the owner, host organization of the tournament is Friends of Hawaii Charities and they’ve been in existence for almost 19 years as the host of the tournament and as the host all the proceeds from the tournament go to local charities and over the 18 years of the tournament we’ve raised over $16,000,000 for Hawaii charities.

Adrienne: Ooh! Wow!

Justin: Over 350 different nonprofit organizations and our leadership has focused a lot on grassroots effort, type of organizations so last year we raised over $1,000,000 for 150 local charities.

Attilio: Oh wow.

Justin: And we hope to exceed that number in 2017 as we progress to 2018 when we’ll have 20 years of the Sony Open at Waialae.

Attilio: Where does most of the money come from? Is it from the corporate sponsorships or the ticket sales?

Justin: Most of the money does come from local sponsors so we do have opportunities still for this year – mostly for hospitality at this point – to come on. We have an area called the Sweet 16 Chalet which is along the 16th hole which is one of the signature holes were the big W is behind the green similar to It’s Mad, Mad, Mad World, the big W to symbolize for Waialae. So you get to hang out, have the ocean view, Hy’s Steak House is Providing the Food. So you buy some badges for that tent, you get complimentary food, complimentary beer and wine, a signature cocktail, and be able to spend the day at the tournament and that’s how hospitality pro-am sales tend to be our biggest money makers to be able to raise a million dollars for charity.

Attilio: So if somebody wanted to make that investment in our community what kind of money are we talking about?

Justin: For the Sweet 16 it’s $185 dollars per day.

Attilio: Okay.

Justin: A regular ticket for the tournament is $25 per day or $20 in advance if you buy online or at a First Hawaiian Bank branch and so for the extra $160 you can hang out all day and have free drinks and free food from Hy’s Steak House and have a really entertaining –

Adrienne: And support local Hawaii charities.

Justin: Absolutely so a portion of your investment will go to the local charities for sure.

Attilio: So come on out folks. Come on, when you buy that package of microwaved popcorn at the Cub Scout at Safeway for $20 you’re not buying popcorn.

Adrienne: You’re supporting the Boy Scouts.

Attilio: You’re supporting the Boy Scouts of America so come out and support – what’s the name of the organization again?

Adrienne and Justin: Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Justin: Correct.

Attilio: Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Attilio: It’s like a collaboration of all these local nonprofits right? So they can apply?

Justin: Exactly. So we accept all of our grant applications by January 31st.

Adrienne and Attilio: Mhm.

Justin: So if you are a local 501c3 organization and you help women, children, the needy. We definitely encourage you to go to friendsofhawaii.org and apply for a grant and we average $5-$10,000 per charity that is approved.

Adrienne: Oh wow.

Justin: Yeah so it really helps these grassroots types of organizations with their efforts.

Attilio: So it’s gotta be like a legitimate organization. It can’t be like “Kids Who Have No iPads.”

Justin and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: It can’t be like one of those organizations right? Because you know Stephen that’s an atrocity, kids without iPads. I don’t know where this country’s going when not every child has an iPad in front of them.

Adrienne: My kids don’t have iPads.

Attilio: Well that’s good.

Adrienne: I know!

Justin: My daughter does and she loves it.

Attilio and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: Alright and then-

Adrienne: You know what I thought was really great though? I made the introduction for Project Hawaii because I don’t think that they were on that list and that was really great, and Justin was super helpful in helping Magin to get all squared away so she can apply and have this access to the grant.

Attilio: Hey if you’re a business owner out there, this is the type of marketing – it’s a two things with one stone kind of deal and it’s called For Benefit Marketing. Adrienne, in a nutshell what is For Benefit Marketing?

Adrienne: Well it’s where a for profit business is partnered with a non profit and they’re helping to raise awareness and funds and to – you know what we’re with Project Hawaii is –

Attilio: Two things. Yeah. We’re giving her business coaching, we’re helping her raise funds. Because a lot of these nonprofits – listen up business owners – a lot of these nonprofit organizations have great heart and enthusiasm for their mission but they don’t have a lot of business acumen and that’s where you come in, in that partnership. You help them with their fundraising capabilities. Here’s the deal: I’m going to speak directly to you as a business owner. “Okay what does this mean to my bottom line?” because any time you want somebody to do something you’ve got to put in terms that benefits them. Here’s how For Benefit works with a business. Businesses: If a consumer is taking a look at a product or service and they consider them similar, if one of the businesses or products or services is connected to supporting a nonprofit or giving back in that community, 96% of the time the consumer is going to go with the business that’s supporting the nonprofit. So anyway, that’s for benefit marketing. If you want to participate in that the Sony Open-

Adrienne: Is an excellent way to do that.

Attilio: – Is an excellent way to do that. Absolutely.

Adrienne: Yes because they’re supporting 150 to 300 different local nonprofits right here in Hawaii.

Attilio: Yeah.

Justin: Absolutely so over the 18 years, over 350 nonprofits and just last year alone 150 nonprofits benefited as a result of the Sony Open and people making donations, and I just wanted to throw a plug out that as an individual you can also make a donation to Friends of Hawaii Charities through our Aloha for Hawaii Charities Program and you can direct the money to a specific organization that’s been pre-approved by Friends of Hawaii Charities to have your money directed to that charity and Friends of Hawaii Charities will make a match of that. Last year it ended up being about a 70% match.

Attilio: Oh wow.

Adrienne: That’s amazing!

Justin: Again this year expect it to be between 50%-70% depending on how much money is raised through a program. So you make a $1,000 donation to a nonprofit that’s on our list and that’s going to turn into a $1,700 donation to that organization.

Adrienne: Let’s make sure Project Hawaii gets on that list because you’re going to do some matching up with us.

Justin: Oh that’s great.

Attilio: Sure.

Justin: I just want to throw one more: that the Weinberg Foundation is our charity partner and for every dollar we raise through Friends of Hawaii Charities the Weinberg Foundation is our matching partner. So I just want to make sure everyone knows how great of a supporter of the Sony Open and Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Adrienne: Oh wow!

Attilio: And that’s been a great foundation. If you see any of these types of senior living, affordable housing, community centers, and you see that Weinberg name on there, that’s that organization and that’s the backstory on that. So that’s great, they’re putting their money back into the community.

Adrienne: So we’re going to take a real quick break but don’t go too far. We have more questions for Justin about this Sony Open.

Attilio: Yes.

[Commercial break]

Announcer: It’s the Team Lally Real Estate Show. Here’s Adrienne and Attilio.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Santa Claus.

[Jingle bells]

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Well hey everybody when opportunity knocks, open that door wide open. Listen up folks.

Adrienne: We have a very unique situation. A local chain of stores is looking to be bought out.

Attilio: If we told you the name you would recognize it immediately. Many of you have frequented one of their locations here in Oahu last year. Maybe in the last week.

Adrienne: We cannot disclose who they are unless you sign a nondisclosure. This business generates $30,000,000 in revenue every year with a net profit of $150,000 per month.

Attilio: If you or someone you know wants to know more details just send us an email to info@teamlally.com with $30,000,000 in the subject line. So we’ve got a secret. If you want to know what our secret is send us that email. Great investment opportunity.

Adrienne: Okay so back to Justin and the Sony Open.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: So during the break we were talking about some of the other activities and festivities that will be happening during the week.

Justin: Right as we mentioned earlier about trying to get that non golfer to come out to the Sony Open.

Attilio: Sure.

Justin: One of the things we have out there for the non golfer or even a novice golfer, is that the Aloha Section PGA has some free swing lessons out in our spectator village area so you can get a 10-15 minute lesson with a local PGA Pro.

Adrienne: Nice.

Justin: And kind of learn the basics of the game and have a chance to bring your kids out and they love to demonstrate for the kids and help walk them through the different aspects of the swing and hit a few balls in our hitting cages out there, and the spectator village is a wonderful place to hang out with the different concessions out there, and food trucks, and then the Michelob Ultra beer tent, beer garden, where we do have the NFL games on Saturday and Sunday because it is playoff time-

Adrienne: So you don’t have to miss the football game!

Justin: You don’t have to miss the football game and so we have the Sony Open on one TV and whichever football game is going on at the same time on the other TV, and grab a cocktail, and some food and spend the day in the Michelob tent.

Attilio: That’s awesome. Hear a bunch of screaming when you’re watching on the TV, either somebody scored a touchdown or somebody got a hole in one.

Adrienne laughs.

Justin: Yeah it got pretty exciting when the 49ers won the playoffs a few years ago. I don’t think they’re going to make it this year but when they were a few years ago, we heard some huge roars

Attilio laugh.

Justin: Somebody thought somebody made a hole in one on the 17th hole but it was the 49ers making a touchdown so-

Attilio: Yeah. Alright so both of the sports type people.

Adrienne: So if our listeners wanted to go online what would be a good website for them to find out all of this information?

Attilio: Yeah.

Justin: www.sonyopeninhawaii.com.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Justin: That’s our official website to learn more about the tournament, and then friendsofhawaii.org if you’re interested signing up for a grant opportunity.

Adrienne: Or to donate money too

Justin: Or to donate money to the Aloha for Hawaii Charities. Either of those websites are great, and going back for the military, you just have to bring your military ID to the front gate and have free admission to the tournament all week.

Attilio: And they get to go to that hospitality tent on what, what’d you say? Fairway 18?

 Justin: Fairway 18. All day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Attilio: Free beer, hot dogs, hamburgers.

Justin: That’s correct.

Adrienne: And fun.

Attilio: And fun and watching some golf if you want to get there too. And then you said something about, what is the hospitality sponsorship? What is it? 1016?

Justin: Yeah by the 16th green. It’s called the Sweet 16 Chalet. It’s sponsored by Hy’s Steak House. Hy’s some of their signature dishes and last year they had their cherries jubilee out there so people hung out there for several hours with their pass and ate more than once.

Attilio: Wow. So either be looking at the desert or somebody sinking a nice golf shot and everybody in that area will be yelling out “sooie!”

Adrienne laughs.

Justin: Absolutely and just a picturesque hole looking out over Koko Head and so it’s a great way to spend, maybe get out of week early on Thursday or Friday afternoon and spend the afternoon at the 16th hole with a few friends.

Attilio: And I don’t know parking – they have the shuttles? Because I know that’s what we did. We parked in an area and then we got on the shuttle?

Justin: Yeah parking is free for the event. We have Hunakai Park all week and then the Kahala Community Park Thursday through Sunday is available and for people that live in Waikiki or are near Waikiki, for $2 each way they can jump on a Waikiki trolley at one of six pick up locations including the Hilton Hawaiian Village and near the Sheraton, the Duke Kahanamoku statue, and get a trolley ride right to the front gate and so if you are in that area, or have people that are going to be visiting you during the second week of January it’s a great opportunity to not have to worry about parking and traffic and just take the trolley.

Adrienne: Now do you guys need volunteers still for this event? Because I know there is lots of opportunities to volunteer-

Attilio: To help out.

Adrienne: And help out.

Justin: We do. We have over 1,700 volunteers for the tournament from over 400 marshals, and over 200 people doing the area called the shotlink, which is using the radar technology to figure out distances and how far the ball is from the green, how far each putt is, so it really helps the TV team to be able to add a little bit more flavor to the broadcast by having these volunteers out there, and then we have over 30 different committees from working with the players, working with the sponsors, doing admissions, parking, transportation, so a lot of different areas to be up close and personal both on the course and in a car ride to the course.

Attilio: You’re talking about like those people that hold that paddle that says “quiet.”

Adrienne laughs.

Justin: Correct.

Adrienne: You can volunteer for that.

Attilio: I heard you guys are going to put a little local spin on it ‘cause sometimes the local people they’re like, “Quiet what does that mean?” and they’re still talking story so you’re bringing in Uncle Willy from my old neighborhood and he’s going to – for the people that still are talking while the person’s getting set up for the shot – Uncle Willy will be out there in front of the group going “Shut up!”

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Justin: That is correct. Some of our marshals do get creative with their paddles.

Attilio: They’re professional shushers. “Shh! Hey! Hey! Shh!”

Justin: Our volunteer of the year from two years ago – we do have a volunteer of the year – was from Alabama and she is-

Attilio: A professional shusher.

Justin: Our marshal on 17 so she plays around and has her southern accent going on with her lingo making sure everybody gets a little quiet when the guys are about to hit.

Attilio: Good. And then you know I’m a professional-

Adrienne: Well is there still room though for more volunteers? Do you guys need more people?

Attilio: Probably always right?

Justin: Absolutely. We’re still recruiting especially for our marshals, the shot link, parking and transportation are the key areas. And if somebody would like to be a caddy and they know golf pretty well, it’s caddying for our local amateurs in the pro-am, they can call Waialae Country Club and sign up to be a caddy for the pro-am.

Attilio: Any professional beer tasters? Do you need any professional beer tasters?

Justin and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: I went to school for that.

Justin: We’ll have you out and we’ll give you a few.

Adrienne: Alright well Justin thank you so much for being on the show.

Justin: Thank you for having me, I really appreciate it.

Adrienne: Yeah this was fun to learn all about the Sony Open. I’m excited to go.

Attilio: Justin George is the director of sales and client services for the Sony Open and you guys, again, are supporting what is the nonprofit website?

Justin: Friendsofhawaii.org.

Attilio: Friendsofhawaii.org. Over 150 charities and you’re raising a ton of money. People think it’s just everybody-

Adrienne: And you match! They match too! They match the donation. That’s what, 70% match right?

Justin: Correct. For our Aloha for Hawaii Charities last year, about a 70% match and for the Friends for Hawaii Charities Weinberg Foundation does an equal match in order to get us over the $1,000,000 mark each year.

Adrienne: I love that.

Attilio: Alright so if you’re out there and want to do something different that day, or a couple of days with your family, get out into the beautiful Hawaii weather. Hey if you’re a football fan go watch football, they’ll have the live football games. Golf nut, get out there, and if you’re neither and you just want to get out and enjoy our beautiful weather, I enjoyed it when I went, and I’m not a football fan or a golf fan, but it was really neat walking around a golf course and seeing how the other half works out there on the east side.

Justin: And we encourage everyone to come out, and especially again our military again please come out and be a part of the festivities.

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Well thank you Justin.

Attilio and Justin: Thank you.

Adrienne: Okay so we have Bradley Mariama from Allstate Insurance joining us.

Attilio: Hi Bradley! Are you there?

Adrienne: To talk about his insurance tip of the week.

Bradley: Yes I’m here.

Attilio: Alright what’s your insurance tip of the week?

Bradley: Insurance tip of the week. It’s not hurricane season, but pull out your homeowners policy and take a look at your hurricane policy.

Attilio and Adrienne: Mhm.

Bradley: You want to review to make sure that you do have personal property contents insurance as well as loss of use. Most people when they’re buying or purchasing their first home, they’re getting just blind coverage

Attilio: Yeah.

Bradley: But keep in mind if that hurricane comes through, you’re not going to get that new refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer, so it’s very important to get contents coverage and loss of use is very important because if your house blows away, your house won’t be rebuilt in three months. It’ll take a year so make sure you have loss of use coverage, or additional living expense on that hurricane policy.

Adrienne: Bradley how much extra does that cost
Attilio: Yeah.

Bradley: It all depends on what limits you’re selecting but it can range anywhere from $60 more per year to $120 more per year but again you’re looking at $10, $6-$10 more per month.

Adrienne: That’s like a no brainer. Just get all the coverage.

Bradley: It’s a no brainer. Yeah.

Attilio: Well hey you know here’s a no brainer

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: For you people out there that are lazy like me and you’re looking at insurance forms is like watching paint dry-

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: It’s super exciting. Do the easy thing, just call up Bradley’s team and you guys whether they got the insurance through you guys or not you guys will review it for them won’t you?

Adrienne: And make recommendations.

Bradley: Absolutely. We’ll review the policy, make recommendations. We can always look at other ways to save money when you call in. It’s not always even where you’re going to pay more so call us up, we’ll review your policy whether it’s with us or another company. It’s like going to the doctor. When you go to the doctor you get these check ups. You might be perfectly healthy, you may find out that you have cholesterol problems so give us a call and review your policy. 

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Yes. You need your insurance check up. It’s that time of the year.

Attilio: What if I’m one of the three little pigs, do you guys have insurance against wolves blowing my house down?

Adrienne laughs.

Bradley: Absolutely. Wolves, dogs-

Adrienne: Anything. Anything that blows the house down.

Attilio: Doesn’t matter if I live in a house made of sticks, of hay, perfectly like the brick houses, right? Low insurance on a brick house.

Adrienne and Bradley laugh.

Attilio: Hey you know real quick, funny hahas aside, the single wall versus the double wall. Talk to that real quick on that one.

Bradley: Okay single wall homes will tend to be a little bit more expensive versus a double wall. Usually the double wall homes … and the carers do find it to be much more wind resistant when it is double walled versus the old single wall, red wood wall.

Attilio: Yeah, okay, good to know.

Bradley: So when you are shopping keep in mind that the insurance costs could be $60-$100 more per month when you’re looking at insurance premiums.

Attilio: Ah. Words of Ed McMahon. “We did not know that!”

Adrienne: We do now.

Attilio: Now we know.

Adrienne: And so do all of our listeners.

Attilio: Alright thanks Bradley.

Adrienne: Thanks Bradley.

Bradley: Aloha and thank you so much and have a busy, happy holidays.

Adrienne: You too.

Attilio: Alright. So if you want to get that free hurricane insurance review –

Adrienne: Or a checkup!

Attilio: Just check your insurance.

Adrienne: Get healthy.

Attilio: He’s going to come to your house, make you stick your tongue out, say “ahh!” and then he’s going to review your forms. Not going to make you cough. And the number you can reach him at is-

Adrienne: 591-8016.

Attilio: What’s that number again?

Adrienne: 591-8016.

Attilio: And his website.

Adrienne: Well you can go to allstate.com but you’ve got to look up Bradley Mariama.

Attilio: Just Google Bradley Mariama Allstate Team, or the Mariama Team.

Adrienne: Yes. He’s awesome.

Attilio: And he’s awesome. Anyway, we recommend him to all of our clients.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: It’s very important if you’re a homebuyer to have an understanding of what’s going on with your insurance costs because that’s going to be an integral part of your monthly overhead.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Exactly, and we personally use him for our cars, for our homes, for our business. I mean there’s all sorts of insurance out there.

Attilio: He just helped us insure our Team Lally van.

Adrienne: Yes. I don’t think I’m allowed to drive it, though.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: Too much moving violations, and that was before she even got in the car.

Adrienne: Yep. Alright so I think we’ve got Mike on the line to talk about his open house coming up this weekend.

Attilio: Okay.

Mike: Aloha guys.

Adrienne: Hi Mike!

Attilio: Mike tell us about your open.

Mike: It’s a very first grand open house.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Mike: Out in Kapolei. Come visit me from 2-5 at 91-1109 Lanakoi Street. It’s in the beautiful Iwalani neighborhood and guys, let me tell you, if you want to check out a large home with picturesque landscaping, huge inside, this is the home for you! Because you really want to come down and visit me on Sunday from 2-5 with this particular property.

Attilio: So in the words of Barbara Streisand’s number one fan-

Attilio [impersonating the Mike Myers/SNL character Coffee Lady]: Is it like buttah?

Adrienne laughs.

Mike: It’s like buttah. It’s melty. It’s beautiful. It’s just – there’s too many things to describe guys.

Adrienne: You’ve gotta see it for yourself.

Mike: You have to come see it for yourself.

Attilio: It’s like buttah!

Mike: It’s like buttah!

Attilio: I’m going to get verklempt when I see it.

Adrienne laughs.

MIke: Yes and then you can talk amongst yourselves.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Yes we’ll talk amongst ourselves.

Mike: So definitely come visit me.

Attilio: Come visit with Michael.

Adrienne laughs.

Mike: 2-5.

Attilio: Bring him some coffee cake, talk amongst yourselves with Michael. Okay.

Adrienne: Alright thanks Mike.

Attilio: Alright next up is Brooks.

Adrienne: Yes with his coming soon listings.

Attilio: Brooks tell us about your coming soon listings.

Brooks laughs.

Brooks: Hi you guys.

Adrienne: Hello.

Attilio: Good.

Brooks: Okay I’ve got this really, really great property. It’s in Pauoa Valley now. Pauoa Valley is right off the highway. It’s nestled in this lush, lush area, and what makes it so nice is it’s very close to Honolulu. It’s old Honolulu. It’s where Honolulu first started kind of developing, right in that area and this is a home that’s been in the family a long time, so it has a few things that, you know, need to be fixed up, and we’re going to do that. But come January we’re going to go live with this home and it is – it’s just going to be spectacular so people who want to live close to town, or ride their bike, or get on the bus, or just moped on into work. This would be a great, great location and it is lovely there. It’s got a great view of the valley and the downtown Honolulu.

Attilio: Well we know the door bell rings.

[Door bell sound effect]

All laugh.

Attilio: Alright Brooks, thanks.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Brooks: You bet, thank you guys. Have a great one.

Adrienne: You too.

Both: Okay.

Adrienne: So I guess we’re done-

Attilio: We lost Kapono.

Adrienne: We lost Kapono.

Attilio: He’s in the lost and found. We’ve gotta go find him again.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: But anyway – oh wait he just came in on a ship.

[Foghorn sound effect]

Both laugh.

Attilio: We’re waiting for him to unload his belongings and join us on the dock.

Adrienne: So if any of our listeners want to learn more about our coming soon properties, or open houses, you can call our buyer hotline.

Attilio: Mhm.

Adrienne: At 234-4421. We also have a link on our websites for all of our open houses plus you can search any open house in the whole entire MLS system.

Both: Alright.

Adrienne: Well thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attilio: Gabe Amey and Jim Owners of Hawaii VA Loans.

Adrienne: Bradley Mariama of Allstate Insurance.

Attilio: Ew, you’re holding the sheet wrong. I can’t read it. Jodie Tonga and Derrick Tonga of Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Adrienne: Nathan Baker of Pillar to Post Home Inspections.

Attilio: Ben and Tony Mamuad of AAA Roofers.

Adrienne: Janyce Merlynd of Dream House Drafting.

Attilio: John Speed with Kilauea Pest Control.

Adrienne: Duke Kimhan of Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: John Mennard with Kamaaina Plumbing. If you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors just go to teamally.com. 

Adrienne: We also want to give to a big thank you to Stephen our producer here in the studio.

Adrienne: So make sure to tune in next week we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life!

Attilio: Forever!  This is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed-


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