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Stone Restoration Specialist On The Team Lally Radio Show   

Tanner Cook shares how his company, Stone Restoration Specialists, started and talks about their ability to effectively/consistently utilize the best cleaning products and procedures, specific to the surface they’re working on.
Tanner Cook, owner of Stone Restoration Specialist, LTD shares how his company started and talks about their ability to effectively/consistently utilize the best cleaning products and procedures, specific to the surface they’re working on. He has been operating in the state of Hawaii since 2004.

                    They specializes in the Restoration and Preservation of all natural and artificial surfaces including:
              *Marble *Granite *Travertine *Quartzite *Limestone *Terrazzo *Slate *Concrete *Stucco *Glass *Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Stone Restoration Specialist has been successfully removing years of atmospheric and biological damage from interior and exterior surfaces using only the industries highest and extremely effective products and procedures designed specifically for each unique surface. They are also specially trained in the resurfacing, polishing and honing of all natural stone. Once restoration is complete, it is imperative to preserve the quality of your investment through the use of stain protective treatments. Depending on the material, they use a variety of surface specific sealants to prevent water and oil borne staining, salt attack, and elemental damage to prolong the look of your newly restored surface and to simplify future maintenance procedures. They are offering their services to all building contractors, property managers, and real estate agencies throughout Oahu to be a reliable sub-contracted company to reference. Post construction surface cleaning, marketable property aesthetic restoration, general property surface maintenance, sealing, polishing, and repair, they do it all to enhance any property. Stone Restoration Specialist invite you to contact them regarding any questions you may have. They are more then happy to consult you on anything related to the services they provide. Their company prides itself on our informative and positive customer relationships. 


Read Word For Words Of Our Hawaii Real Estate Show Below:

Announcer:  It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu, with the world’s only real estate radio show, “The Team Lolly Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour, the world’s premier leader, Adrian Lolly and Atillio Vornarda. Will bring you the latest in real estate news. And real world strategies on how you can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to, or they’ll buy it. Now here are your hosts: Adrian and Atillio.

Adrian:  Welcome to the, “Team Lolly Real Estate Show.” I home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions just give us a call at, 799-9596, that’s – 799-9596 or on the web – TeamLally.com, that’s L-A-L-L-Y.

Atillio:  Well hey everybody, this is Atillo Leo Vornarda. A good morning, good afternoon and good evening. I was at Top of the Regional Park, with my 7 year old playing some soccer, coaching some soccer. This lady comes up to me and taps my shoulder. And while I’m on the sidelines, she starts asking me some questions? A bunch of tax and legal questions, I said, “Those are great questions? How do you recommend, you seek the appropriate licensed professional.” And then I said, “But, mom what other questions do you have?” So if you hear anything on the show that sounds like a legal advice. Than Adrian, who should they run that by?

Adrian:  They should run that by the attorney’s with heart. Cane and Herren.

Atillio:  You can check them all out on the internet, Cane and Herring at Herren.com, they are one of Hawaii’s largest real estate firms. And they are the attorney’s with heart.

Adrian:  A huh.

Atillio:  Anything with this, anything that sounds like tax advice you should, who should they talk to?

Adrian:  They should run it by their local CPA or Tax Advisor.

Atillio:  Speaking of which, if you are one? And I know you’re busy Ray, right now? But if you want to? I have more of a sustained business route here and you’re thinking about, hey I should be a sponsor of the Team Lally Real Estate Show. So we can tap into our huge data-base and get us more business than we can be consistent throughout the year. As opposed to right before

April 15th. You should give us a call. What should you call the number?

Adrian:  They can call us on one of our hotlines at 799-9596.

Atillio:  This is where you get as educated, alright, let’s go listeners.

Adrian:  Well, we’ll have some quotes from? U-Oh, we’re bringing back the Jack Hanna quotes. Alright, so I’ll pick them. While I’m reading from a good book. I stop and thank my teacher, that is at least, I used to until she got an unlisted number.

Atillio:  Okay? Think about that.

Adrian:  (giggling) Wait.

Atillio:  Got another one.

Adrian:  Home is where the house is.

Atillio:  That’s deep.

Adrian:  Yes.

Atillio:  I need to pause for a moment and rearrange my brain cells too really wrap my head around that quote. I guess that’s a good realtor’s quote.

Adrian:  It is. But what if it’s like, you don’t have a house? What if it’s kind of like a box?

Atillio:  Well then, home is where the refrigerator box is.

Adrian:  I believe, you should live each day as if it were your last. Which is why I don’t have any clue to laundry. Because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?

Atillio:  That’s some deep thoughts, by Jack Hanna.

Adrian:  Alright. It makes sense.

Atillio:  Yep.

Adrian:  Forget it. Alright so, this is the time in our show where we have some tips of the week.

Atillio:  Tips of the week. Okay, from like, Duke, Duke with a problem in company management. And then we got: Gabe and Jim from VA Hawaii Home Loans. You know, it’s been about stuff like that is, if they all call in together for tips, we got tips.

Adrian:  We do, we got, and I would like to talk about a property management comparison.

Atillio:  Okay, so let’s talk about property management. You’ve got property management, manager A; which is Duke and Haun.

Adrian:  A huh.

Atillio:  He’s the kind of guy who won’t answer his phone, if not, he’ll get back to you right away. What makes him a property manager? What makes him an “A” property manager?

Adrian:  Well, he communicates, anyway, that’s first and foremost.

Atillio:  A huh.

Adrian:  The same thing here with Team Lally, we have a communication guarantee.

Atillio:  We guarantee it to call you up once a week and swear profusely at you. Is that our communication guarantee?

Adrian:  No, no.

Atillio:  No it isn’t? I didn’t get the memo, that’s what I’ve been doing every week. Oh, geez.

Adrian:  You have not been swearing at our clients every week?

Atillio:  Okay, no.

Adrian:  Every week we time block, and usually it’s on Mondays, and sometimes on Tuesdays. But we do time block. And time block in the beginning of the week to check-in with every single one of our clients.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrian:  And just go over, the market, go over questions and concerns. And basically, we, just like Duke we explain to the client that, hey, you know, just because it’s not Monday or Tuesday or whatever? Doesn’t mean you can’t call us. It’s just that we time block because we are very intentional about out communication.

Atillio:  Yeah. Yes communication is guaranteed. So that makes Duke, property manager, “A” or “A+” property manager. What else?

Adrian:  Well, he has a rent guarantee

Atillio:  A rent guarantee, let’s say that again. What else?

Adrian:  What else? He, you know what? He’s very…

Atillio:  Knowledgeable?

Adrian:  And solution oriented.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrian:  He’s all about creating this win-win situations, very.

Atillio:  Yeah, because, you know, we go back and forth on, between the “A+” man. And the manager and the “B.”

Adrian:  Yeah, a huh.

Atillio:  Speaking of, you know which? We do.

Adrian:  A huh. He’s on the line!

Atillio:  Duke, are you there?

Duke:  I am, yeah, wow. What a great show you guys are having today.

Atillio:  Yep.


Atillio:  Yep, I guess you are the property manager, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So we’re talking about the good property manager, which you are.

Adrian:  Yeah.

Duke:  Well thank you. I hope I can live up to that.

Atillio:  You know, it’s like a Ying and Yang, you know. We would not know what the darkness would be like without light. We would not know what a bad manager, property manager was, unless we had a good one.

Adrian:  Yes exactly.

Duke: (Giggling)

Adrian-Atillio:  SO!

Duke:  I actually have a couple tips for you all if you have time today?

Adrian:  Yes.

Atillio:  Cool. Go for it.

Duke:  This actually came up recently, not in one of mine, my units. But one of another unit. And the owner called me and asked my advice on it. But this, unfortunately there is a, the tenant packed away in the unit. In the landlord, or the property manager is responsible for a few things. But, you cannot, the tenancy of the tenant is over officially. So it goes with the passing of the tenant. That’s the “W” of the estate and you are responsible for the new belongings. And they have 15 days to remove it, along with the responsibility of trying to take the extra rent if they leave their stuff in there. They can’t rent it out.

Atillio:  So what you’re saying is? If the tenant dies, the lease dies with the tenant?

Duke:  Yes it does.

Atillio:  Oh, okay.

Duke:  So also the second tip is? Most people are missing a big step for when they go to evict a tenant.

Atillio:  Yes.

Duke:  They don’t issue a five day eviction notice. Your five day eviction notice says, you got to give them five business days to pay. And that is considered Legal Motis also.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  So that’s a big first step.

Atillio:  Are they?

Duke:  They are going to have to bring that five day letter to court, to try, to try your court date.

Atillio:  Yeah. Because your there to experience, your friend of yours said, they should show up in court. The judge asked for it and they didn’t have it? So what happened?

Duke:  Right. Start again.

Atillio:  Start again. In the meantime tenants just kickin’ back with the Play Station, eating Cheetos, Spilling them all over the carpet, not paying the rent.

Duke:  Not paying the rent, not answering the door.

Atillio:  Yep. So you know what I think? The even bigger mistake people make? Is not having a professional Property Manager.

Adrian:  We see that all the time.

Atillio:  That’s the big one.

Duke:  Yeah. It’s tough. It’s hard for me to come in after all this damage has been done. And then take over the legal part of it at that end. I don’t want it.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  Because I try to avoid that in the very beginning.

Adrian:  A huh.

Duke:  Creating a very rock hard, rock solid legal lease. Get total binding and understanding from your tenants.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  And doing it is so, inspection of the unit and along with we offer pictures and video.

Atillio:  Yes.

Duke:  Or it could be small proof of how the unit was.

Atillio:  So I think that those are all the things that differentiate you as a property manager. From the competition, you know, out there.

Adrian:  And…

Duke:  And I try to stick with one goal in mind. And that’s to protect the property for the owner.

Atillio:  Yeah, yeah.

Adrian:  And also you guys, you have also very good conflict resolution skills.

Atillio:  Yeah, yes.

Adrian:  Because, you know, anything.

Duke:  Thank you.

Adrian:  Everything is all fine and dandy when they’re first moving in, and it’s, you know, and everyone’s happy. And then it’s like, it’s time to check-out the stories, always changing.

Atillio:  Well, you know, I always say it’s a test, Duke. It’s a test of your level of service. Not when everything’s going perfect, but when things aren’t going perfect. Water leaks, tenants not paying their rent, you know, things like that, so.

Duke:  Late rent.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  Another thing. And everybody has an excuse of why they can’t pay rent.

Atillio:  Yeah. Let’s a, so let’s leave them with this. The rent will guarantee you, what is that all about?

Duke:  That guarantees we instilled in 2013. Where, if we don’t pay you the rent after trying to rent your home after the 30 days, we’ll pay you it.

Adrian:  Right, so they basically, we don’t get the home, if you guys don’t get the home rented out you’re going to pay the rent.   

Atillio:  Yeah.

Duke:  That’s right. Absolutely that’s a guarantee on paper.

Adrian:  Wow.

Duke:  We come out, we meet you in person. There’s a line on like a contract that says, rent guarantee amount. So in that space we put in that amount of rent that the house is going to be rent guaranteed at.

Atillio:  Now everyone thinks.

Adrian:  How powerful.

Atillio:  Everybody thinks you’re going to come out there and say, okay, my property that’s falling down and should be condemned by the Board of Health.

 Duke: (laughing)

Atillio:  A. That normally rents when it’s nice for three grand. Then you’re going to give them three grand rent guaranteed on something that should be condemned by the Board of Health. No, there’s going to be some requirements, some steps that are going to be needed to be taken by the home owner. And you’re going to help them with that.

Duke:  Well one also very powerful thing you have that we don’t require. Any money up front, I don’t get paid unless your house is rented.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrian:  You get paid on your results.

Duke:  That’s it. That’s all we do.

Atillio:  That’s it!

Duke:  Very simple.

Atillio:  That’s it.

Adrian:  Guaranteed results.

Atillio:  Thanks dude for coming on the line every week with these rental tips. If you want to check-out dude’s rental tips anytime? He’s got videos on his website – www.kwhipm.com that’s Keller Williams Hawaii – “The Property Management.” Or http://www.kwhipm.com what’s a good number for you dude?

Adrian:  Where rent guaranteed.

Atillio:  Rent guaranteed.

Adrian:  There’s another good one.

Atillio:  dot com.

Duke:  That’s right.

Adrian:  That’s another good sign.

Duke:  That’s right. Usually –808 596-2888

Atillio:  Oh, awesome. Okay. Thanks dude.

Adrian:  Bye.

Duke:  Thanks.

Adrian:  Have a good one.

Duke:  Enjoy.

Atillio:  Enjoy.

Adrian:  Bye-bye. Alright, so a we’re going to take a real short break.

Atillio:  But before we do that.

Adrian:  Yes, before we give you that.

Atillio:  Oh, I want to let you guys know that. Did you know we list two to four homes a week? With a low inventory, it’s crucial to have a head start.

Adrian:  We have lots of homes in process. If you want to know more about our comings in inventory? Just give our hotline a call at – 808 234-4421. And one of our four full-time buyer agents will be happy to serve you.

Atillio:  Or send us an Email at info@teamlally.com so we’re going to go to.

Adrian:  We’re going to go to a break, but when we come back we will have a very special guest that’s going to be joining us. info@teamlally.com. It could last forever.

Atillio:  It could?

 Adrian:  Yes. So stay tuned.


(Music Out)


(Music In)


Adrian:  Welcome back and thanks for listening for this Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guarantee sold program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrian.

Atillio:  And I’m Atillio.

Adrian:  And today, we are talking about stone restoration.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrian:  We have Tanner Cook. From “Stone”, what is his company? I don’t have his company name?

Atillio:  Anyway, he’ll tell us what his company name is. Tell them what he does?

Adrian:  He does stone restoration. He’s been operating in the state of Hawaii since 2004. And specializing in the restoration and preservation of all natural and artificial surfaces. Including: marble, granite, travertine, quartz, limestone, slate, concrete, stucco, glass; he does it all.

Atillio:  He does it all, Tanner you there?

Tanner:  Aloha guys.

Atillio:  Hi.

Adrian:  You know what? I don’t have the name of your company there?

Tanner:  What’s that?

Atillio:  What’s the name of your company Tanner?

Tanner:  The name of my company is – “Stone Restoration Specialist.”

Atillio:  Oh, that’s easy.

Adrian:  Oh, I just thought that…

Tanner:  Yeah, it’s a mouthful.

Adrian:  Yeah, it’s like your title. I didn’t want to call it your company, but it’s that’s.

Atillio:  That’s your company name.

Adrian:  It says it all, right there.

Atillio:  So, if you say, Hi, my company name is Stone Restoration Specialist, and they ask you? So, what do you do? You immediately run away, because they got to be not too sharp.

Tanner:  (Chuckling) Yeah. You’re right there.

Atillio:  Alright. Have a McDonald’s French fry. No, no, no. Okay. Okay so, Tanner, tell us, Adrian’s got some questions? Or, you know what? Tell us a little bit about yourself as a person. That’s a Hawaii style, we like to know about the business first before we get to know you and your business.

Tanner:  Sure. Well, first of all thanks for the invite and having me on the show.

Atillio:  Yeah. Yes.

Tanner:  I’d like to say this next.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  I try to catch ya every week.

Atillio:  It’s alright.

Adrian:  Why thank you.

Tanner:  If not I’ll…

Atillio:  You and my mom.

Tanner:  (Chuckling)

Adrian:  Hey, you know what? You can go and catch it on the replay.

Tanner:  Okay.

Adrian:  We do have a Podcast. So you can always go.

 Atillio:  You can subscribe.

Adrian:  You can subscribe to our Podcast.

Atillio:  Our radio show.

Adrian:  And listen in.

Tanner:  I usually do. So I listen in weekly, not so much for the information. Just because Atillio is the king of all one liners.

Atillio:  Hey, there ya go. Hey you know, home is where the house is.

Tanner:  Yeah, that is.

Adrian:  I thought actually about that. It’s not so far.

Tanner:  I never heard that before.

Atillio:  I like to repeat, anyway. So tell us, Tanner, tell us more about yourself, with, are you from Hawaii? Or Hawaii, how did you get here?

Tanner:  Yeah, well I lived here when I was about 4 years old. It was just the island of Maui. If I could give you just a little background of how this company started. I was raised up on the mountain on the island of Maui. On construction of some sort. Grew up on the south side of Keyno. My father owned a small maintenance company. That eventually evolved into the main doing. Natural stone cleaning and sealing and being one of his four sons. Once we were old enough to work, he put us to work. Which worked out pretty well for me. Because we would do our chores at home and then we wouldn’t do them he’d dock our pay. So,

Atillio:  Oh, way.

Adrian:  So, how old were you when you actually started to really work in the business?

Tanner:  I started running a trade at about 14.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Tanner:  And worked on my father’s company until about 2003. And then he wound up moving back to the mainland. And that’s when I decided to do, open up my company now, I started, “Stone Restoration Specialist.” In about 2004.

Atillio:  In 2004? And how’s business?

Tanner:  A good, really good.

Atillio:  Yep.

Tanner:  Yep, really good, we’re doing great. We’re up and also on Oahu now as well.

Atillio:  So you’re on Maui and Oahu now. Do you guys do the other islands, the big island Kawaii?

Tanner:  A no, just Maui, Oahu at the moment and eventually that’s in the business plan. Kind of go with the demand.

Atillio:  Yes.

Tanner:  But basically, we specialize in the restoration of and preservation of all natural and artificial surfaces.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  Which is, include, flooring and countertops, from ancient inventions all the way up to the surfaces to just re-iterate: marble, granite, travertine, quartzite, limestone, slate, concrete, decorative concrete, regular concrete, glass, if it includes glass ceramic porcelain tile, both interior and exterior. 

Atillio:  I think the glass is the big one, especially for when those windows with all those water spots, and the hard water spots. So, you…

Tanner:  Yeah, you actually get a lot of business taking water spots and calcium build-up off of glass.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  So you also have a hydro-phobic treatment that we apply. Which is basically a water repellant for glass.

Atillio:  Oh, okay.

Tanner:  And so that helps keep the water spots down. And I tell ya, it’s a lot of hard water.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  The water kind of calcium still.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Tanner:  What our clients cost for those issues?

Atillio:  Yeah, especially if they spend big money on these sheet showers with these big glass panels.

Tanner:  Oh, yeah. Especially if the exterior windows are exposed to irrigation or sprinklers, can cause them to build up pretty quickly.

Atillio:  Yeah. Gotcha.

Adrian:  So, Tanner, what do you think differentiates your business most from any others that do this similar stone restoration?

Atillio:  Yeah, you’ve told us a little bit, but tell us more?

Tanner:  Well, I do know what separates our company from other restoration companies? There’s our ability to separately and consistently utilize the best cleaning products and procedures specific to the purpose that, the surface that we are restoring. I personally, I’ve always been very interest, perform the best work on every project. Because see, our clients reaction, makes me love what I get. Again, that’s sort of the reason why I’m still doing it. I like to go into every home, whether it’s residential or commercial space. And just treat it like it were mine.

Atillio:  Yes.

Tanner:  So, with the intention of impressing the client, you know, bring their dull dingy surfaces and. Then bringing them back to life.

Adrian:  Now.

Tanner:  That’s our intention. Because then.

Adrian:  Now Tanner, you guys have a good website that our listeners could go to. And kind of see some of the examples of your work.

Tanner:  Yeah, you can go to our website at – www.stonerestorationspecialist.com

Adrian:  Oh, another easy one.

Tanner:  Without cluing you.

Atillio:  You got the domain name, that’s awesome.

Tanner:  Yeah, yeah. We actually just revamped it, so, yeah. It’s up and running.

Adrian:  I think, I mean that’s pretty powerful, is to be able to show the…

Atillio:  The before and after.

Adrian:  The before and after. You can talk about it, you know, that you will be able to see visually, hey, you know, wow these guys are able to see the flooring. When they have to go and replace it.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  Yeah, and that helps a lot. It’s a very visual image industry. But you go to our website and take a look at our before and after gallery. And there’s some pretty stark distinctions between before and after pre-restoration and post-restoration.

Atillio:  So let’s…

Tanner:  It definitely helps the clients to a…

Atillio:  Get an idea.

Tanner:  To get an idea, yeah, it’s what we do.

Atillio:  So, tell us about some of the more interesting situations, or stories, or people that you worked with that, in this type of business?

Tanner:  Well, we work with all types of peoples, some individual home owners, other agencies such as yourself.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  We also work along side building contractors, carpentry, property managers, that sort of thing.

Atillio:  What about Hermaphrodites? Just kidding.

Tanner:  What are those? I wouldn’t know if I did, so?

Atillio:  Okay. It’s not on your questionnaire for appliance? By the way. No.

Tanner:  But that’s the best way. That’s not on the check list.

Atillio:  That’s not on the check list? And, but, like can you give us an example? Like I guess you can change the names to protect the innocent. But like give us an example? Like a, describe to us your perfect ideal client, how about that?

Tanner:  The ideal client? Well, we run into a lot of different clients, per characters you could call them.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  Ideal client? Is probably someone who, you know, the best client? That we have running, run into a lot. A client who is pleasantly surprised with the restoration project. We run into a lot of clients, we work with clients, especially the initial restoration. Where they’re extremely surprised that we achieved their expectations. Not only because the surface, the way it looks when it’s done properly, the way was it restored. But because they have forgotten what it looked like. What the surface looked like originally. Because it’s been dirty or stained for so long.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  They’re one of the best clients, because those are one of the happiest clients. A lot of times we have to educate our clients too, of what a surface can look like. Because you got to get used to the look of the surface being dirty and busted for so long.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  That they’ve forgotten what it looked like originally. So, I would say those are the best clients because those are the happiest clients. That’s what we strive to achieve at every project that we take.

Adrian:  So, Tanner would you say that when working with these clients? Its, you’re actually helping them to see and to save money. Because it sounds like some of these surfaces, maybe they thought that they are damaged beyond repair.

Tanner:  Yeah, we do run into a lot of clients who have made that assumption and that’s where they’re pleasantly surprised. You know, because sometimes at the initial restorations they are.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  Just educating people on, you know, how to take care of a surface so they don’t have to give a call to our office again. We use a lot of what we call, “Stain protectors.” They are like treatments that are basically sealers for natural stone.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  That are for tile and grout. And those products are like the industries highest quality products. And they are designed to keep staining on the surface. So we work with water and oil impregnators, sealers, acrylic topical coatings, salt repellants, basically any type of sealers that are surface specific, to their surface.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  And those will help with a needed restored surface, to look restored for a longer period of time. It also helps with simple high maintenance. Prevents as well. So, just, we like to keep out clients educated on what they can do on a routine basis to keep their surfaces looking nicer for long periods of time.

Atillio:  Now, do you guys do, like, “Extreme Makeover.” Thing where you make them go away and then you get them to do the bus, “MOVE THAT BUS!!!” And they’re like, “Oooohhh Aaaahh!!!” (Really loud) “Oh, it’s such a good job!And they’re like falling on the ground, and like crying.

Tanner: (Chuckling) Well, I haven’t had a client cry yet? But I’ll be looking out there for the past 10 to 15 years. Another time.

Atillio:  You got a video tape going, and that would be right. Their testimonial going, video right on the spot.

Tanner:  Yeah.

Atillio:  It’ll be like in the field position. Honey bun all over the place. And it’s like, “Ooh I can’t believe it, my kitchen counter is restored?!!” (In a really high pitched voice)

Tanner:  Yeah, we’ve done some pretty good restoration projects. Expectations, the client, it was pretty impossible for them to be active in the home.

Atillio:  Oh, oh wow.

Tanner:  It was. We also worked with some that went a little knarly at times.

Atillio:  Tough.

Tanner:  So that might make the client cry?

Atillio:  There ya go.

Adrian:  It’s smelly. So, Tanner, have you ever come across a job that you couldn’t restore or give a turn away work. If you thought it was beyond your ability?

Tanner:  Well, no. I’ve had situations I’ve run into where a surface has been damaged beyond restoration. Yeah, but that’s not your only option. Once a surface is neglected beyond that point. Then you would recommend replacement. We work with a lot of sub-contractors that we refer.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  We refer for replacement, we do some small scale repair. But if you’re looking to replace a whole floor? We work with many reputable tile setters and contractors that we can refer you to.

Atillio:  I’m going to imagine what your level of experience should be, to be able to ascertain. There has got to be a typical thing point where? The caller, the cost of the restoration starts getting close to the replace?

Tanner:  Yeah. In instances where the restoration is unique in the sense that its, the cost of it, to restore it, is going to be comparative to the cost of replacing. We don’t get to make that decision. We leave that up to the potential client. Just so their expectations are along with our expertise. So in that instance, you know, we would refer the contractor that we know is reputable. To come in and give them a bid, so that they can look at both proposals and see which would work best for the situation.

Atillio:  Sure.

Adrian:  Now, Tanner, you guys have this a “Frog” logo? Tell us more about that? How did you guys come up with that? As your…

Atillio:  Hey, you know what? I’m sorry, you guys don’t know what, you guys don’t have a “Frog” logo. Those are bad because

Tanner:  Is there a “Frog” on our logo?

Atillio:  No, you’re like, what? Oh, what frog logo? That was a question from our last guest. Yes, I totally set-up Adrian, was my bad. So, right now you’re good here.

Tanner:  I need to talk to my publicist.

Adrian:  What kind of logo do you have?

Tanner:  Look on our website, we have it’s – www.stonerestorationspecialist.com

s-t-o-n-e-r-e-s-t-o-r-a-t-i-o-n-s-p-e-c-i-a-l-i-s-t dot com and our logo will pop-up right on the home page, It’s on every page.

Atillio:  And it does not have a frog in it. I want to repeat that. That to the frog.

Tanner:  We might put a frog down at the bottom now, now that you said that.

Adrian:  All you frog lovers out there.

Atillio:  To all the frog lovers out there. It’s a, there was some other question I had, but a, I forgot? Adrian, you got another one?

Adrian:  The other question that we have here is? Is there any questions that we should have asked you that we didn’t?

Atillio:  No. That we have not.

Adrian:  That you would like to talk about?

Tanner:  Hum, a question? You might want to ask me about a success story?

Adrian:  Oh.

Atillio:  Yeah. Let’s talk about it.

Adrian:  Yeah, yes.

Atillio:  A big one, or a recent one.

Tanner:  Well, a, we definitely had many.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  We had one that kind a stands out. It was a project that we completed a couple of years ago on the west side of Maui, near Mya. It was a client that was trying to sell his house. And it had been on the market for a couple years. And he wanted to give it a little face lift before his next open house. So he called us up, we came out and took a look at the project and the proposal. And it was approved, and we started the work. And he had us restore, basically all his interior countertops. Which were looking pretty drab.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  His exterior pool area, which was about 4000 square feet of area. Which was a large area. And once we completed the project, the difference was so significant that, yes, he actually started to second guess selling the property.

Atillio:  Alright, I guess that means you did a good job.

Tanner:  Yes, yeah, he was excited and happy. It was a good project. And about six months later I ended up see the client at a restaurant. I just stopped by to say hello. And he shook my hand, smiled and he said, “You know, after you completed that job. About two months later I closed on the house and it sold. And he got more than he was even the listing price.

Adrian:  Wow.

Tanner:  That was one of the things we specialize in as well, is pre-market  

Esthetic restorations on properties. Before they go to open houses and what not. Just to put that finishing touch on a property before they start to shop for potential buyers.

Atillio:  You know, to the listeners out there if you are the home owner. For what Tanner is mentioning, your, here’s what we know. People when they make a buy decision on any product or service, let alone a home. Initially when you make an initial first decision is emotional. And that emotion plays a big part in the things you talked about. Everything looking nice and new and restored. And as you go through the escrow process, that’s the logical aspect. That says, okay now we’re going to validate why we’re making this purchase. But it’s very important on that emotional part because they’re not going to, if they are, “Oh, everything in the house is perfect, except for the kitchen counters. And the surface of the area around the pool. ” And then it opens you up to further negotiations. And then even buyer’s remorse and then they might even change their mind and cancel the escrow. So, great story, you’re helping home owners get more money for their homes.

Tanner:  Yeah. We also run into situations where buyers bring it up. Potential buyers bring it up.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  Something where, oh, you know, under the surface, you know, it looks pretty bad. Is there anything we can do?

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  Before we sign any contract? So, that comes into play. That’s why we work a lot alongside real estate agents and agencies.

Adrian:  So if any of our private listeners need a quote? You guys will come out and give free estimates on restoration, or how does that work?

Tanner:  We do free inspections and estimates and diagnostics.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  And test results so we can actually do a test area and, say, the worst area. Of the surface that needs to be restored, so you can see exactly what it will look like once the project is complete.

Atillio:  Alright.

Tanner:  We like to do that just so our client’s expectations are up to speed with the actual restoration. Oh, yeah, we don’t like to surprise anybody. So.

Atillio:  I saw you walking around Costco, to get the sample.

Tanner:  Oh, yeah, exactly.

Atillio:  I go there during lunch.

Tanner:  Yeah, we set-up a little stand at the house and we show them all the products we use. And we throw in a little turkey sampler there.

Atillio:  There ya go, give em’ a little turkey slider. So what do you think about that? Would you eat this turkey slider off of this dirty area? Or this finished clean area?

Tanner:  Not only are we trying to sell our company or whatever? We’re trying to sell Cosco products.

Atillio:  There ya go. So, Adrian’s got a question?

Adrian:  So what’s the best number?

Atillio:  Oh, yeah.

Adrian:  What’s the best way to get ahold of you guys if one of our listeners wants to get an estimate or an analysis of their surface?

Atillio:  Yes.

Tanner:  And even if someone just has questions? Like they want to have a professional question answered?

Atillio:  Yep.

Tanner:  I tell them, they can give me a call directly. Which, my personal number is –

808 276-1813 or you can also visit the website. And you can contact us through the website.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  And like I said, all of us are estimates and inspections and diagnostics are all free, so. No strings attached, but satisfaction guaranteed.

Atillio:  Now it’s, www.stonerestorationspecialist.com now, there are no other names that are close to it that are going to take me, to like a Chinese “Hello Kitty” knock-offs site, right?

Tanner:  No, no, I’m not, it might take you to Cosco?

Atillio:  There ya go. Alright well, Tanner, thanks so much for coming on the show. Stone Restoration Specialist, we are highlighting what we talked about for you listeners that are just, just tuning in. If you have challenging situations, with what you say? It’s natural and other man made surfaces? Or was it?

Tanner:  Yeah, natural or artificial surfaces, so you have your natural stone and you have your artificial surfaces like: glass, tile, porcelain, those types of surfaces as well as concrete.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Tanner:  We also specialize in decorative concrete.

Atillio:  Now here’s the name dropping time. Have you done anything for any of the big hotels or anything, any commercial buildings? Any of that so far?

Tanner:  Yeah, we have a couple of contracts with Cornel Bay.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Tanner:  Yeah. We’re here in Oahu we actually just finished a pretty large property out in Kapalua around, I won’t drop any names, but it’s the same stenographer that just set a record for selling the most expensive photograph in the world, alright. I think it was about 6.5 million dollars.

Atillio:  Wow, does his last name rhyme with tick?

Adrian:  (giggling)

Tanner:  It does.

Atillio:  Okay, we know who that is 

Tanner:  A yeah, we finished that property about a year ago. That was a big restoration. Concrete pouring through out that house. It was large, it was the biggest concrete job I’d ever seen? He wanted to expose the iron ore and bring it to a high polish. Big resurfacing project, it took us about a month.

Atillio:  Okay.

Tanner:  But everything came out really, really beautiful. It actually took a picture on the website, of the counter.

Atillio:  Oh, wow. Now did he take the picture, or no? No, it was taken, he charged you $1000.00 for this one picture, no

Tanner:  No, he’s a little too expensive.

Atillio:  $10,000.00 for a before and after picture.

Adrian:  Alright, well, thanks so much Tanner, for enjoying us and telling us a little bit more about your business. And a.

Atillio:  What we’ll do is schedule the time come and visit with us in our office and so we can get to know you personally.

Adrian:  Yeah.

Atillio:  And help you grow your business and see what else we can do for you?

Tanner:  We’ll do, we’d love to.

Atillio:  Okay, thank you Tanner.

Tanner:  Okay guys have a great day.

Atillio:  You too.

Adrian:  Alright.

Tanner:  Bye.

Adrian:  Thanks, we’re going to take a short break and when we come back we’ll have some coming properties.

Atillio:  Open houses.

Adrian:  And I think Atillio has some kind of public service announcement?

Atillio:  Yes, I do.

Adrian:  So don’t go too far.

Atillio:  Serving the public.


(Music Out)


(Music Intro)


Adrian:  Welcome back, I’m Adrian.

Atillio:  And I’m Atillio.

Adrian:  And this is the Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed sold program or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions just give us a call at 808 799-9596.

Atillio:  Hey folks, if you’re thinking about selling your home? We want to let you know we sell homes for more money, in a shorter period of time than the average realtor.

Adrian:  Call us to set-up a free no obligations consultation at 808 799-9596. Or on the web at –

www.teamlally.com, that’s l-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  Angeli or Angela.

Adrian:  Angela Parker

Atillio:  And Angela.

Adrian:  Angela there.

Angela:  Hi. Hello good morning.

Adrian:  Hi, thanks so much for calling in. So sorry we missed you last week.

Angela:  Oh, that’s okay.

Adrian:  Alright, could you tell the listeners a little bit about you? What, like a non-for-profit?

Angela:  Yes, I’m with a non-for-profit called, “Forget the Frocks.” And kind of a silly name. But what we are is a movement of people.

Atillio:  A huh.

Angela:  Across the country and we ask them to give the tradition of new sets of clothing.

Atillio:  Okay.

Adrian:  Different.

Angela:  And instead to give and make a difference in their lives. Just by purchasing a T-shirt and then give it to somebody.

Atillio:  Oh, cool.

Angela:  It’s a simple concept, it’s kind of a unique way that. The idea is to just so people won’t forget about it. And new and fancy clothes.

Atillio:  A huh.

Angela:  I don’t know about you but, when I was a kid, Easter was a, you know, dresses and bonnets and new shoes and all the other fun stuff. So we ask that you don’t forget about all that stuff. And instead find a store that sells attire, or T-shirts.

Atillio:  A huh.

Angela:  And have a mission, we ask that you find something that they are passionate about and then buy a shirt from that organization and give that instead. The idea is to address a purpose.

Atillio:  So you’re saying forget the frog and frock? And frock is what? f-r-o-c-k?

Angela:  Yeah, f-r-o-c-k.

Atillio:  Gotcha

Angela:  Yeah, it’s kind of a fancy word for frilly, fancy clothing kind of stuff. The idea of dressing up and putting stuff on.

Atillio:  Yes.

Angela:  Our fellow man and our fellow church goers.

Atillio:  Yes.

Angela:  Instead, I suggest in a way that you actually feel an impact in our community and our world at large.

Atillio:  Now do you guys have, “Forget the frock” T-shirts?

Angela:  Well, we have, we don’t actually sell the T-shirts, but.

Atillio:  Okay.

Angela:  What we do is, we act as kind of this middle man.

Atillio:  Sure.

Angela:  The idea is that we want to inspire others to get involved. Then the movement is kind of, “Forget the Frock” as a whole is a movement of individuals.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Angela:  So we’ve had people talk to countries that participate and we’ve had people in forty states across the United States. Which is participating in this movement.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Angela:  The idea is to find an organization that you can feel inspired by. And…

Atillio:  Yes.

Angela:  That you can feel passionate about. We do have preferred partners. We have an organization called, “Suite the Orphans.” That sells an official certificate for the, “Forget the Frock” T-shirts. Which you can purchase and wear on Easter.

Atillio:  There ya go.

Angela:  But if that’s not your inspired whatever, not what you want to do? Then your moral support. We can support anyone you can feel passionate about. We have a list on our website of organizations to kind of help people get started. Because sometimes they don’t know where to go? Who to see or who to support? Organizations actually without T-shirts. They are on our website with – www.citizens.org/shirts with we have an entire list of organizations that use your money responsibly, that they sell great T-shirts. That you can wear and put on and get there.

Atillio:  Well, alright.

Adrian:  And that’s – www.forgetthefrock.org and you got, you guys are also on Facebook too.

Angela:  Yeah. We are on Facebook, we are on Twitter, Instagram. Interest, we are really out there. And the software isn’t available yet. And it’s all just for, “Forget the Frock.” So if you look for it or you can even search the fast 5 for the individuals last year. From all of our followers.

Adrian:  Well, alright.

Atillio:  Thank you.

Adrian:  That’s a great cause, and again this is, Angela Parker, she’s one of the hard workers.

Atillio:  Supporting the cause.

Adrian:  And supporting this office.

Angela:  Wow.

Atillio:  You’re a rebel with a cause.

Angela:  Yes. This is just a great opportunity okay. You are really good people. And have been kind of a real bunch of interesting things that they can work with. And think about it when I say, so instead of looking back on the ice age. Like my kids looking back and my picture albums, and showing them old photos of them doing this. I’m having my kids to have success. And it’s many photo albums with pictures in it as evidence to say, “Yeah, that’s the year that we also put our pictures in. The year I actually signed my children up for Washer Fest.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Angela:  This is the year that our family did this. That is just an amazing tradition and a new way to kind of rally them to causes actually in our community. And kind of become this purpose and this kind on Easter.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Angela:  It’s a great opportunity.

Atillio:  I get that, you guys are really taking the focus off the individual and putting it on the day and the event and the purpose of it, of us being in church that day.

Angela:  That’s right.

Atillio:  Aaww. And yeah, being, helping in the world.

Angela:  Okay, now we can, we have the opportunity to be a justice speaker, not just for the knowledge.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Angela:  After that, after the same fantastic, and we hope that many of the listeners will promise to jump on board. And visit us, at – http://www.forgetthefrock.org/shirt so I can put them on as an organization that they can help and partner with. And think about that Easter Sunday. And get past.

Atillio:  Alright.

Angela:  Last year our followers on those raise $183,000.00 for our partner charities.

Atillio:  Whoa, oh wow.

Angela:  You know we’re impact last year? You know, that was our fourth year running and this is our fifth. And we’ve just been at em’ with a lot of them. Because I’ve just been just amazed at the support and following from what we’ve received from across the country. I’m sure we will this year, because it’s a beautiful thing to see. This group of people, this many people can be.

Atillio:  Alright, so for our listeners, instead of spending money on a really, really expensive outfit. Let’s go help our fellow man.

Adrian:  That’s right, yeah. Go visit – www.forgetthefrocks.org , look for them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you can learn all about them. So, thank you so much Angela.

Atillio:  Thank you. Bye Angela.

Angela:  Thank you. I think that I. Thank you.

Atillio:  Thank you.

Adrian:  So we have Michelle, here on the line, she’s next, so.

Michelle:  Hi.

Adrian:  Some coming soon properties.

Atillio:  Alright Michelle, go for it.

Adrian:  What do you have for us today, Michelle?

Michelle:  Alright, if you all turn to and want to help your fellow man? You could help some of our fellow sellers get these listings sold?

Atillio:  Yep.

Michelle:  We’ve got a couple that are coming up, I a, one it’s gonna be in Keona Ana, sorry, that building at the top of 2 bedroom, 1 bath. So that should be coming up in the next month. And another one, Queen Emma Estates, It is in the Queen Building, I don’t know if any of you have ever seen this community? It’s built on 8 acres, there are 2 pools, they’ve got fantastic security there. And they have this walking trail that goes around the 8 acres. And within the walking trail, there’s this really neat little barbeque spots. That are really private if you just want to try and have a private family evening picnic there. Or if you want to have a big event, they’ve got plenty of space there for it. That one is also a 2 bedroom unit. It’s on one of the upper floors. Great, great views, the guy’s redone the units, new kitchen, all wide open space, so it’s a really good property.

Atillio:  You know what I like about it? What I like about that play area, what they have is fortunate. It’s been wiped out by the attorneys, swings.

Michelle:  Oh, yeah. A real liability. The swings, swing both ways.

Atillio:  But if the swings are there? It’s like, forget the liability folks, it’s a friggin’ swing.

Adrian:  It’s fine.

Michelle:  What I really like about the community? Is that it is right in the middle of town. However, when you get right in the middle, in there, and you park and you start to walk around. You don’t feel like you’re in the middle of the big city.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Michelle:  It’s really nice and practical and private. And the people who keep the grounds up there are really, do a great job.

Atillio:  The YMCA is right across the street, so actually an excellent location.

Adrian:  Yes, an excellent location.

Atillio:  Yes, what else?

Michelle:  There was always, a kid and a tree house I was always wanting. There’s one more coming your way. On Ohooa Street, and that should be in the next few weeks. It’s pretty big house, almost 120,000 square feet. Big giant fence all the way around with an extra bonus building in the back and a gourmet kitchen.

Atillio:  Alright, well. Thanks Michelle.

Michelle:  Never a problem. Have a great weekend.

Atillio:  Hey great, we’ll see you this summer. What’s the number you should call if you want to get a price on that?

Adrian:  You can give our buyer hotline call at –   808 234-4421

Atillio:  Alright, so we got Killy.

Adrian:  Yes, Killy are you there?

Killy:  Aloha everyone.

Atillio:  Hi Killy, so tell us about your open house?

Killy:  I’m sitting in a beautiful perennial valley home in Moya Kia, 4 bedroom 2 bath. And something that’s really great about it, the front seat in the house is over 14,000 square feet.

Atillio:  Wow.

Killy:  A lot of space in the back yard. There’s a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi up top. And  garage is just spacious. While you’re out there, big open house will be at 1391 Crest Trailer Cuss Street, on 9468, through 5:00 I will continue there tomorrow from 2:00 – 5:00p.m. so come check it out, come by and visit.

Atillio:  Keli’i got so many open house signs you’ll have to actually follow the signs from Wyminalo. All the way to the front door and also from downtown Honollulu over to Kalomo Valley.

Adrian:  No.

Atillio:  No? I’ll have to get a little bit closer to look for the signs.

Adrian:  From the buyer hotline you can get there. They will direct you.

Atillio:  They will direct you.

Killy:  Exactly, exactly.

Adrian:  And.

Atillio:  And he’ll talk to you just like Sealy, turn right here.

Adrian:  And this one has a pool and hot tub, and what is the price on this one Killy E?

Killy:  That is a great question. For everyone if you want great price, come see me at open house.

Atillio:  Good answer.

Adrian:  Awesome.

Atillio:  That was just a test question. Appreciate it. Okay, thanks Killy.

Killy:  Thank you.

Adrian:  Thanks, so we have Angelee.

Atillio:  Angelee.

Adrian:  We have Angelee to tell us about her open house.

Angelee:  Hey guys, how’s it going?

Atillio:  Good.

Angelee:  Great weather today.

Atillio:  Yeah. Yes.

Angelee:  Alright, so I’m going to be staying in an open house tomorrow. And I’m at the beach, it’s a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, with 2 car parking. The complex is close to: parks, schools, shopping, balls, they have a nice community pool in the property. Garbage area.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Angelee:  So come check me out tomorrow from 2:00 – 5:00p.m.

Atillio:  I know, yes so that’s awesome too. 2:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Andrea:  And this one is priced? I can tell you the price, but it is a little bit, it’s priced below all the other ones.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrian:  And it’s priced below all the other com’s. So it’s really, it’s priced to sell.

Atillio:  And where is it? In the words of Cheech & Chong, “It’s a smokin’ deal!”

Angelee:  It is a smokin’ deal guys.

Atillio:  That I can’t smoke, but anyway.

Adrian:  So go visit Angelee tomorrow at her open house. Over at the Coronado Condos.

Atillio:  You’ll never beach.

Adrian:  You’ll never beach, yes.

Atillio:  Alright, thanks Angelee.

Angelee:  Alright you guys, have a great day.

Adrian:  Alright.

Atillio:  Speaking of that? Grab a beach we have a second opening.

Adrian:  Third. Third open house total.

Atillio:  No second on ever. Tell us about that one?

Adrian:  This one is Aspinniker Place, it’s our first showing. It’s a 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath, its one of those townhouses that has a detached garage. It’s very spacious, I think it has, it is the largest model there at Aspinniker.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrian:  It has a pool, it’s very close to local shopping center. So, you want to go over and visit, because I think that one is going to go quick. It’s priced very low.

Atillio:  Unfortunately, we come to the end of our show. All good things must come to an end.

Adrian:  But thank you for listening. And thank you to our sponsors.

Atillio:  If I may, Jim Evens and Glory B. Loans,

Adrian:  Mike Matt and Termite Pest Control,

Atillio:  Glory Morryano of Allstate Insurance,

Adrian:  Jody and Tom Garret from Pacific Rim Mortgage,

Atillio:  Jim and Tammy Green with Suitcase Home Inspections. If you want to get ahold of any of our sponsors? Just go to – www.teamlally.com

Adrian:  We also want to give a thank you to Jessica, our producer here at the studio. Make sure to tune in next week when we are going to have an awesome guest talk to us here about something that will change your life forever.

Atillio:  This is the Team Lally Radio Show  – The home of the guarantee. If we can’t sell your home at the guaranteed price and time frame, we’ll buy for cash. 

Atillio & Andrea:  Thanks and Aloha!!