Did you know that in 2012 there were over 9.8 trillion text messages sent? That averages out to about 35 texts sent and received per person. Text message open rates are over 99%, and 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of being received.

What does this mean for your real estate business?

The way your clients prefer to communicate could have a great impact on your relationship with them. As an agent, it’s your job to understand what level of communication they prefer, and lean towards those preferences to solidify your standing as an agent that listens to their client.

17% of buyers prefer to communicate via phone, 29% prefer text messaging.

While texting can seem second nature, agents need to be sure their texting tone changes from texting their spouse, child, or fantasy football league versus texting a client.

Here are 6 tips borrowed from Inman, on best practices when it comes to texting clients:

  1. Ask Before you Text
    Never assume that your clients prefer text messaging. Upon meeting all new clients, you should ask them their preferred mode of communication and take note.
  2. Don’t Abbreviate Ur Texts
    You might be saying “OMG” in a good way about great news, but your clients might not appreciate your hip lingo. Don’t abbreviate inappropriately and curb your emoji use.
  3. Check Your Tone
    Texts have such a casual tone. It’s crucial to attempt to keep a professional voice in all your text messages. Try to use your “email voice” in texts.
  4. Keep it Short
    Texts should be no longer than a paragraph, any longer should be an email.
  5. Check the Time
    Don’t like late night texts? Your clients won’t appreciate it either. To set the tone for appropriate texting times, keep your texting between business hours only.
  6. Avoid important Conversations via Text
    NEVER discuss legal information or similar information in a text message.