Attilio and Adrienne have collected Tom Asacker’s best selling business books and his latest one “The Business of Belief.” Adrienne also had the chance to hear Tom speak. Now The Team Lally radio show is very lucky to have Tom guest in this episode. Listen in to know the principles of what drives decision making, information flow, branding and beliefs in the world of business and marketing. 
Also find out why working with Team Lally is “funner!” How you can join Team Lally’s Pumpkin Patch event plus our tips of the week.
Who is Tom Asacker?
Tom Asacker is a renowned Author and Key-note Speaker and regarded as an Innovator, change agent, provocateur. He has written several business books and has been a key-note speaker sharing innovative business concepts and the approaches based on his marketplace studies. For over 20 years, Tom has inspired and taught major organizations and entrepreneurs. Among these are Procter & Gamble, UPS and G.E.

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Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it.  If you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out on the web at teamlally.com

Attilio: Well hey everybody this is Attilio.  I was at the Pumpkin Festival at the farms out in Kapolei.

Adrienne: Mhm. 

Attilio: Looking for the big, Great Pumpkin like Charlie Brown.  Lady came up to, tapped me on the shoulder, started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions.  I said “those are great questions.  I highly recommended you see the appropriate licensed professional.”  And then I said “But mom, what other questions do you have?”  So speaking of pumpkin festivals, what’s so special about this year’s Pumpkin Festival Adrienne?

Adrienne: So we are going to be having a VIP Day. 

Attilio: Mhm.

Adrienne: On October 29th.

Attilio: 29th.  What is that, a Saturday?

Adrienne: A Saturday and we’re going to have a special area for all of our clients and raving fans and we’ll be giving them pumpkins and food-

Attilio: Drinks.

Adrienne: And we’ll have a yacht – a private yacht charter.

Attilio: We’re gonna have a yacht at the Pumpkin Festival?

Adrienne: Well they can win a private yacht charter.

Attilio: Oh they can win.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: So we’ll be doing raffle tickets.  All proceeds will go to Project Hawaii.  It’s a local nonprofit organization that helps with our homeless keiki.  Not some faraway land you can’t relate to but right here in our own backyard here in Oahu and the big island.

Adrienne: Yes so that is coming up.

Attilio: And now your pearls of wisdom is that what you’re going to?

Adrienne:  Yes.  I have the quotes of the day and this is courtesy of Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

Attilio: Mhm.  Home of the rent guarantee.

Adrienne: Yes and Kimhan.  He sends these pearls of wisdom daily to us.  So this first one is actually from Mark Twain: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Attilio: Mhm.

Adrienne: Just do it now.

Attilio: Yep.

Adrienne: Just get to work.

Adrienne: Alright this next one is from C.S. Lewis: “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Attilio:  I know he’s a famous author.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: C.S. Lewis.

Adrienne:  Alright and this last one is from Anthony De Mello: “There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head.  Beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.”

Attilio:  If you folks don’t know Anthony De Mello he’s a very old man who lives in Palolo Valley.  No I don’t know that.  That’s not him.

Adrienne:  Well I like this quote because it talks about beliefs and later on in the show we have a guest who’s written a book about the business of beliefs.

Attilio: Yeah his name is Tom Asacker.

Adrienne: Asacker?

Attilio: Asacker.

Adrienne: Yes and we got to see him.  He did a keynote speech there for Oceanic and we got to participate with that and meet him and he really hit some really greats tips so I’m excited about having him on the show.

Attilio: So yeah we’re going to be talking about his book How The World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us To Believe.

Adrienne: Yes, so it’s going to be a fun show.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: Alright so speaking of fun so we have Janyce Merlynd  of Dream House Drafting.

Dream sound effect.

Attilio: Hi Janyce are you there?

JAN:  Good morning, I’m here.

Attilio: Alright what’s your tip of the week for us?

JAN: Well I just wanted to share with everyone a little bit about the building permit process.  The first thing everybody needs to know is that it is indeed a process.

Attilio: Yes and not a fun one.

All laugh.

Adrienne: And it could be long.  

JAN: Yes this is true, and yes it can be long.

Attilio: I think getting a permit is like going to the dentist.  You know you have to do it but you’re not looking forward to it.

Adrienne: I like going to my dentist!

Attilio: Yeah? 

JAN: I have great experiences at the dentist I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Attilio: Exactly.  Okay I’m just the minority.

Adrienne:  If I had to go get a building permit I’d love to go do that because I would go and talk to JAN and she’d just take care of it.

Attilio:  I don’t do any of that.  I just hire JAN right out of the gate.

Adrienne: Yes.  Exactly!  So Janyce tell us more about this building permit-

Attilio: Janyce!  Can you go to the dentist for me?

Adrienne: No!  I think you’ve got to do that yourself.

All laugh.

JAN:  People don’t realize there are factors that are involved in the number of departments within DPT that your permit has to go to so depending on what your scope of work is, what the zoning is, are you on the city floor or not, where are you located, are you in the flood zone.  All of these things influence the number of departments that your project goes to within DPT and then you have your auxiliary projects, auxiliary agencies like board of water, wastewater, sometimes the gas company depending on what you’re doing.

Adrienne: Now I think last week I mentioned a really excellent tip about a bill that was enacted that’s gonna save money for the next two years.  Could you remind us about that?

JAN: Yes.  Definitely.  So I don’t remember the exact number, however from now through June of 2018 someone who applies for an ADU pre-check and is approved to build an ADU will have their building permit fees waived, their plan review fees waived, and also their wastewater fees waived.

Attilio:  Nice.

Adrienne: And I think we did the calculations and it was a pretty significant savings – like thousands of dollars that you could actually save.

JAN: It was definitely thousands of dollars because the wastewater fees alone were coming in around $6,000 and we attempted to calculate for the largest size ADU.  I believe we came up with almost $2,000 in building permit fees between the actual building permit fee and the 20% plan review fee all of which have been waived so you’re looking at a savings of close to $10,000 depending on what goes on with your property.

Adrienne: That’s awesome.

JAN: And when you consider that this is something that can pay for itself and legally be a source of income for a family and allow people to stay in their own home it’s a great thing.

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright thank you so much Janyce with these excellent pearls of wisdom for us and our listeners.

Attilio:  And we look forward to you everytime you call in.  We like it.

Adrienne: We love your music. 

JAN: Thank you.  I have got to hear that.

All laughter.

Adrienne: Alright so that was Janyce Merlynd of Dream House Drafting.

Attilio: She can be reached at 206-7107 that’s 206-7107 and where on the internet Adrienne?

Adrienne: Dreamhousedrafting.com

Attilio: Alright so we’re going to take a- you know what before we take a break we never told everybody how can they get involved with this Pumpkin Festival thing.

Adrienne: Well they can become a client of ours or a raving fan.

Attilio: They can become a client or raving fan.  What’s a raving fan?

Adrienne: So that is somebody who just know us, they like us.

Attilio: Not necessarily done business with us.

Adrienne: Well here’s an example of a raving fan we haven’t helped buy or sell a home.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Steven Nordstrom.

Attilio: There you go.

Adrienne: Our producer here at the studio.

Attilio: He’s a raving fan.

Adrienne: So of course he’s going to be invited.

Attilio: Yep.  To our pumpkin festival.

Adrienne: Eventually we’re going to help him buy a home.  I’m confident in that.

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio:  But if you want to take a look at the other events that we have for our clients all year long go to teamlally.com, click on the events section and you’ll see all the stuff that we do for our clients.  So hey!  You’ll always have an opportunity to come do business with us and in February we’re going to call you to give you what?

Adrienne: Cupcakes

Attilio: Cupcakes!

Adrienne: They’re gourmet cupcakes.

Attilio:  Gourmet cupcakes and in November we’re going to call you to give you-

Adrienne: Pumpkin pies!

Attilio: Pumpkins and then next Octobor we’ll call you for-

Adrienne: This pumpkin patch festival.

Attilio: And we’re always giving stuff away!

Adrienne: We’re fun to do business with.

Attilio: So in the future I think the website’s going to be teamlallyvip.com

Adrienne: We’re going to have a hashtag too, #teamlallyvip.  So stay with us.  We’re going to take a really short break but when we come back we have our very special guest.

Attilio: He’s author of Business of Belief.

Adrienne: So stay with us.


Announcer: The Team Lally Real Estate Show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it.  I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or you can check us out on the web at teamlally.com

Attilio:  Well hey everybody’s been anticipating this and here he is: Tom.

Adrienne: Tom Asacker.

Attilio: You know what Tom help us out with the pronunciation of your last name.

Adrienne: Asacker?

Tom: Yeah Asacker is good.

Attilio: Asacker.

Adrienne: Okay so Tom is the creator of Innovative Business Concepts for Today’s Overloaded and Confused Marketplace and Workplace.  He specializes in helping people see the world and their work differently by setting the marketplace, figuring out what makes leading brands and top performers successful, and passing those ideas along to clients in ways that they can immediately apply and use.

Attilio: Yeah and I see a quote here: “Wicked Smart.”

Tom: Oh!

Adrienne: That’s a northeast kind of term.

Tom: Yeah wicked.

Adrienne and Attilio: Wicked.

Attilio: I know they have like wicked cupcakes.  I saw that on Shark Tank.  Anyways so we’ve got Tom on the line.  Adrienne got a chance to hear you speak.  I did not but we did get copies of your book because we’re big students of life.

Tom: Good.

Attilio: Great book I read it through one-and-a-half times.  I’m halfway through my second read.

Adrienne: And I have a little bit of ADD and I was able to actually read it through completely in one sitting.

Attilio: Surprising.

Adrienne: ‘Cause I loved how it had these little tidbits, these different stories and I just couldn’t put it down.

Attilio: That’s a good positive thing for you and your book there Tom because Adrienne’s got nine books she’s read a quarter of the way through.

All laugh.

Adrienne: But I finished yours in one sitting.  It was an amazing, amazing read.

Tom: Good.

Attilio: Yeah.  Alright.  So we got some questions for Tom.

Adrienne: Alright so Tom tell us a little bit about how did you get involved in being an author and speaker?

Tom laughs.

Tom: It was random.  You know, like most of life is.  The author thing started, oh god, probably sixteen years ago when I was the owner and CEO of a medical device company.

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom: And I ran into a vision collision with my partners, my financial investors so I left and I remember sitting at home in my bathrobe, having a cup of coffee.  It’s probably 11 in the morning and my daughter was sitting next to me eating cereal out of a bowl and I was watching her look at a spoon and she was flipping the spoon around, and her eyes lighting up, her eyebrows going up and down and I said “Andrea what are you doing with that spoon?”  And she said “Daddy when I look at myself this way in the spoon I’m rightside up but if I turn it around I’m upside down.”

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom: And she said, “Why does that happen?” and I almost blurted out not an answer but what we typically do is we throw out a concept at someone to try to quiet them down.  We’d say, “well, convex and concave” and then I thought to myself I don’t really know why the image flips up and down on a concave – and I should tell her if I know.  And I don’t know it just clicked with me that most business people, they toss out all kinds of concepts and they don’t really know what works and why it works.  So I decided to write a book about a CEO that’s lost his way in life and meets this little girl and through her eyes rediscovers his passion and creativity and innovation and turns his whole business around, and it was called Sandbox Wisdom, and it caught on like wildfire.  It got turned into a gift book and that was the start of my career: a little girl looking at a spoon.  

Adrienne: So that was your first book.  So how many books have you written?

Tom: Six.

Attilio: Six books.  Wow.

Tom, laughing: They’re all small ones.  They add up to one big book.

Adrienne: Oh okay.

Attilio: One big book.  You tapped right into it because this is what society needs.  I’ve heard this before we’re an aliterate society.  Illiteracy means you you can’t read at all.  Aliteracy means we’re about as good for about a magazine article or something quick on a Facebook so your books are perfect for our aliterate society.  Nice and short, sweet, one or two pages, and you got some content so I like it.  Let’s talk about the word belief because you know I’ve read your book and I’m thinking that there’s what we have is belief, but then I was thinking something similar to this is, is it something like there’s no such thing as facts there’s perception.

Tom laughs.

Tom: Yeah it’s like the old George Costanza line in one episode of Seinfeld, where he says “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Adrienne laughs.

Attilio: Yes.

Tom: Right?  So what’s gong is when you look at choices in the marketplace – and when I say marketplace I mean that very broadly, I’m talking about everything from choices of religions, political candidates, and so it really doesn’t matter – but when human beings are look at options they make the decisions based on something called beliefs.  Now in the old days people thought they were making decisions based on information and knowledge because the amount of choices were really, really small so you looked at a couple cars, and you went “okay there’s three, four models of cars let me get all the information” and you looked at the information and you said “okay based on my criteria this seems to be the best car.”  But today that is impossible, not simple because of the number of choices, but because of the conflicting information that the internet has unleashed on people.

Attilio: Yes.

Tom: Right?  You cannot figure anything out by sifting through information so what do you end up doing?  You end up creating this objective feeling of knowing, this feeling of what’s best for you and that’s called a belief.

Attilio: Mhm.  Yeah.  I agree with you.  People go, you know, “you know I can do all this market research on the car, look at the whatever Kelly blue book is, the consumer things.”  But at the end you know which car they buy?  The one that’s wicked.

Adrienne and Tom laugh.

Tom:  No listen you’re right.  People don’t understand that our decisions are driven by our perception and our feelings and we use our rational minds, our thinking minds, to validate those feelings.  We will look for information.  We will screen out information to make us feel good about our decisions so we feel stable and solid and you know, like everything’s making sense to us.  Because otherwise the world becomes this overwhelming thing we can’t make any sense of.

Adrienne: Yeah Tom I think during your presentation you had talked about the amount of content and information we’re exposed to.  The statistic that you gave was that every two days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of civilization until 2003.

Tom: Right.

Attilio: The great news is there’s a lot of information out there on the internet.  The bad news is there’s a lot of information out there on the internet.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Adrienne: It’s overwhelming!

Attilio: I think that’s why Google is so popular, because it’s not about access to the information but about finding the information that you want and they’re really good at search.

Tom: Yeah.

Attilio: So here’s a line from your book: “Belief is mind made.  We see people and things not as they are but as we are.”

Tom: That’s a good one isn’t it?

Attilio: Yeah, you’re describing belief!  We’re seeing it with our own filters right?

Tom:  Yeah.  Listen.  I can remember once walking down the street with a friend and I was not – and he noticed this, we were just having this conversation and we had been on this particular street just four weeks earlier, and we were talking and he said, and it was based on a mood that I was in.  He said, “You know you’re not seeing with your eyes, with your senses, your perceptions what you were seeing four weeks ago when we were walking down the same street.”  And I said, “What do you mean?”  He says, “Your mood.  You’re not really looking around and you’re not absorbing the flowers and the trees and the people.  You know, you’ve got something on your mind.”

Attilio: Yes.

Tom: So based on that, that environment was completely different to my brain because I was being more selective.  So that’s what I’m trying to get people to understand, is that the people they deal with do not see those folks, their brands, their offerings, their whatever it is, they don’t see it like you see it.  Their minds are completely conditioned in a different way so you’ve gotta understand how to appeal to them.  I could write really dense, thick books, but I know that my audience is not going to read it.  So why would I do that?”

Attilio: Yeah we’re in the age of the – it’s not even a 30 second commercial.  It’s fifteen seconds.  Short attention spans.

Tom: Yeah.  Exactly.

Adrienne: So Tom speaking of books we talked about your first one and then your most recent one The Business of Belief but what are the other four books that you’ve written.  Are they on the same topic or different topics?

Tom:  Yeah well the second one I wrote was a sequel to that little story about the little and that gave some pragmatic ways of approaching this process.  The third book I wrote was about brands.  I tried to explain to people what a brand is so it was called a A Clear for Branding and it debunked all these crazy ideas that people have about how and why people buy things.  I’ve seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the tagline as if people are buying taglines and I tell ya I walked around I asked people just randomly, “what kind of car do you drive?”  “Oh a Toyota.”  I said, “What’s its tagline?”  They said “I have no idea.”

Adrienne laughs.

Tom: So either you look at things you look like that and it’s really kind of funny.  Then I wrote a sequel to that one.  I wrote a book called Opportunity Screams.  That was when the internet came in because I saw all these opportunities for people that I don’t think, to this day, still see.  So yeah.

Attilio: I just thought about it you know what would probably be the most popular tagline and somebody should get it right now.  It’s “I have no idea.”

All laugh.

Tom: No I already I own that one.  I own that one.

All laugh.

Attilio: “What’s your tagline?”  “I have no idea.” “No I’m serious.  What is it?”  “I have no idea.”

Tom: That’s right I own that and “Wicked Smart.”

Attilio: That’s like the episode out of the movie where the dude’s like “what’s on my back” and the word that was tattooed was the word “dude” because they got drunk.  And he said, “What’s tattooed on my back?”  “Dude!”  “Yeah what’s tattooed on my back” and he’s getting more pissed off.  “Dude!”  “Yeah what’s tattooed on my back?”  And what was tattooed on his back was “sweet.”

Adrienne: Dude and sweet.

Tom: What was that?  Dumb and Dumber?  I don’t think I saw that one.

Attilio: I don’t know.

Adrienne: Was it Dude Where’s My Car?

Attilio: Yes something like that.

Adrienne: That movie.

Attilio: So then he was like “What’s on my back?”  “Sweet!”  “No what’s on it?!”  “Sweet!”  But anyway.

Tom: Well they ripped that off.  They ripped that off on Abbot and Costello.  “Who’s on first?”  “No what’s on first?”

Attilio: Yeah that’s the modern version of that.  What’s on first.

Adrienne:  So Tom who’s the ideal audience for these books you’ve put together?

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom:  Anyone who’s interested in influencing anyone else.

Adrienne: So everybody.

Attilio: That would be everybody.

Tom: No I mean if you don’t care, I mean if you go home and you live by yourself-

Attilio: -in a cave.

Tom: -Yeah you have a dog and you know the dog is influenced by treats and food then you don’t need it but if you have anyone in your life and you’re interested in how does their mind really work, how do they make decisions, what can I do to help them choose whatever it is – that you know this is not a book on persuasion because you can’t – ‘cause that’s the other thing that’s interesting about people that they still think they can go out and manipulate and persaude people but we’re not those people we were back then when it was easy to persuade and influence people because if you tell me something the first thing I’m gonna do is Google it.

Attilio: Exactly.

Adrienne: He’s going to verify it.

Tom: Right so those days are over.  Alright?  So now you’ve gotta figure out how do people actually form beliefs?  And they do it based on primarily what their desires are.  People are looking to fulfill their desires and if you can present them with something that matches how they process information – not by shoving some message in their face because we don’t trust that.  I just read somewhere recently that the recent data shows that we trust media now – I think it’s like 30-something-percent of a population trusts the media which is the lowest ever.  And a lot of that has to do with that with the whole political thing that’s going on.  You just can’t message people anymore.

Attilio: Well I think what’s creeped in there – what’s taken a mindshare is social media.  Especially with apps like – we had a speaker talk about an app called Periscope and if there’s like a SWAT activity and a shooting in a particular neighborhood you’re more likely to find out real time what’s going on by some 19 year old kid doing periscope right across the street from the incident realtime.

Tom: Exactly.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Tom: Exactly.

Attilio: Versus the newscaster.

Tom:  Most people – the information they’re getting today, especially real time, is being filtered up into Facebook.  That’s how they’re going most of it.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Now Tom during your talk when you were in Hawaii you talked a little bit about being different is more important than being better.  Could you elaborate a little bit more on that for us?

Tom:  Yeah.  Look, in the old days – all you have to do is pull up some old television commercials or any print ads and it was always about “better.”  “Our car is faster,” “Our detergent will make your clothes whiter” and you could tell because it all ended in -er.  Faster, better, cheaper, this-or-thater.  Those were those days.  Now when you have a flood of that, and they’re all pretty comparable – I mean come on you can take an iPhone and you can have an Android phone.  They’re not that much different, not to upset all the Apple fanboys.  I own a whole bunch of their products but I’ve also owned some Android phones.  So it’s not faster, it’s not this, it revolves around some kind of identity and that comes down to “Are you different from the other person?

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom:  I’m looking for someone who makes me feel a certain way about myself.  I’m not looking for someone that tells me they’re faster, or better, or cheaper.  It’s interesting because one of the lines in one of my books that I’ve repeated over and over and over was that if you want to understand what a brand is, realize it doesn’t matter what people think about you and your company.  What matters is how you make them feel about themselves in your presence.  So owning your product, calling your company, shopping at your store.  How do you make them feel about themselves?  That’s your brand.  Not what they think about you.  You’re irrelevant.

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom: Right?  Being the central characters in their little story, how do you make them feel as the central character?  Being different is one way of doing that.

Adrienne: I remember you brought up the world’s strongest brand being Harley Davidson.

Attilio: Mhm.  People get tattoos of that stuff on themselves.  I think that’s when you reach the level, right?  When you get a tattoo?  So I’ve got Pepsi on my forehead.

Tom: Y’know it’s true, think about it.  You know, look, because people say to me “well Coke has the strongest brand,” and I say, “that’s not true” because I’ve been on airlines where the flight attendant will say “what would you like?” and they’ll say “Let me have a Coke.  Is Pepsi okay?”  “Yeah that’s fine.”  If you have the world’s strongest brand, nobody says “yeah that’s fine.”

Attilio: They’re like “Put this plane on the ground now!  I need my Coke!”

Tom:  Exactly.  “No, I drink only Coke.  I don’t want Pepsi.”  But that’s not true and that’s why Coke and Pepsi are both having problems right now: because people are not loyal to brands.  What people are loyal to is the feelings they get best.  So if something else provides the better feeling, whatever that product is, they’re going to switch to it.  That’s why you see all of these big brands in the world saying “What are we going to do?” because all of these little brands are coming out all over the place.

Attilio: Mhm.

Tom: Whether it’s artisanal water and beer, organic this and why is this happening?  Because people are looking and they’re “well I like my toothpaste but look at this I can get it an organic blueberry toothpaste.  Okay I’ll get that then.”  Big brands are going, “uh oh!  What do we do?  Maybe we should do organic blueberry toothpaste.”

Attilio: I think that’s what happened with the craft beers and then Anheuser Busch bought up all those little breweries.

Tom: Well Anheuser Busch themselves got bought out but you’re right that’s also happening.  What the big brands are realizing is that being different is the key, so what they do buy these different labels, these different brands, and they leave them alone.  Right?  ‘Cause they don’t want to suck into this bureaucracy and kill that spirit.

Attilio: Yeah and individualism.

Tom: So they buy them and they say “Okay leave them alone.”  So yeah you’re going to see that everywhere.

Attilio: What do they say?  The riches are in the niches.  Here’s our little spoof on that – er part, you know whiter, cleaner, better.  I think we should be the real estate company where we are funner.  If you work with us you’re going to have an enjoyable real estate experience and that’s our tagline: “We are funner.”  That’s not even a real world.

Adrienne: That’s not even proper grammar.

Attilio: That’s okay.

Tom: You should go get it.  Trademark it real quick.

Attilio: We are funner.  Our competition is going for the domain name right now.  We Are Funner.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Tom: No I Mean the interesting thing is that you laugh but anything that can give people a feeling that they’re looking for and whatever the product is as well, they win!  This is what people are misunderstanding about human beings.  We’re not buying products and services.  What we’re buying are the feelings we get back from them.  You know what I mean?

Attilio (singing): Feeling!

Tom: It’s in.  It’s in.  That’s why a lot of the people that have this Mr. Sparkle pragmatic way of looking at the world, they get frustrated.  They say, “I don’t get it.  Our stuff is cheaper, it’s faster, it’s better, it’s this-er, it’s that-er.  Nobody’s buying it.  What’s wrong with these idiots?!”  Except we’re all idiots.  You know what I mean?

Attilio: We’re going with our feelings.  (singing) Feelings.

Tom: Exactly.

Adrienne: The emotion leads to the action.

Attilio: Logic makes us think.  Emotion makes us act.

Adrienne: That’s right.

Tom: Yeah and remember that the thinking part comes after the feeling parts.  That’s what nobody understands.  They think thinking comes first and then thinking gives you a feeling.  That’s now how it works.  You feel first and then you say let’s think about how to get that feeling.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Mhm.

Attilio: The car dealerships and car salespeople know this because people walk in there on a weekend and the next thing you know they’re going home with a $30,000 vehicle.

Attilio and Adrienne laugh.

Tom: Yeah!

Attilio: You’d think that they’d put more planning into it.  You know I told one of our sales reps “you left your checkbook at home.”  Monday she comes in with a car.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Tom: Why does that person drive in there in the first place, to get that $30,000 vehicle?  Because they were grilling hamburgers for free in the parking lot.

Attilio: Yeah.

Tom: You know how many hamburgers you can buy for $30,000?

Attilio: I know.

Tom: This is what I was trying to tell you.  This is who humans are.  When we can embrace that we can have a funner time in the marketplace.

Adrienne: So it’s funner with us.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Attilio: It’s funner with Team Lally.  We’re going to help your home get sold and while we’re doing it it’s going to be funner.

Tom: I know.  I know and you know what?  Just keep being that way because your combination, they’ll just think you’re crazy and they’ll ignore you.  And that’s what happens right?

Attilio: Yeah we have a sign up at our office: “We do not like to work with grumpy people.”  Grumpy people cannot be on our team and if you’re grumpy we’re going to fire you as a client and as a teammember.  No grumpy people in here.

Tom: No I love that.  Yeah the next time somebody walks in that wants to buy or sell a house, you say sorry we don’t work with you.

Attilio: We don’t work with you.

Adrienne: You’re too Grumpy.

Attilio: You’re one of the seven dwarves called Grumpy.

Tom: No look I sound it sounds silly everything we’re saying.  Don’t you see that’s the key to having a brand that actually stands out?  Because what you want to evoke then you can cut out all the things that prevent you from doing that, including clients, including employees.  Now you have a brand but the minute you start worrying and you start saying “I know he’s grumpy but we should do his house too because we need the commission,” now you’ve lost your brand.  It doesn’t exist anymore.

Attilio: Yeah.  You know the other indicator too when you know you’ve nailed it, conventions like Star Wars.  I watched a documentary about the characters that didn’t even have speaking lines and people are going to conventions to get their autograph.  Like these are characters that you wouldn’t even – but the diehards know who these characters are.

Adrienne: And there’s even weddings based around it too.

Attilio: Yeah

Adrienne: That’s awesome.

Attilio: All these years.  What is it like 40 years later?

Tom: How come people don’t see that madness?  Why do they see this – and some of them participate it – and then they go back to their businesses and they get all rational and serious.

Attilio: Yeah.

Tom: And that’s the trick of it – what the mind does.  It says, “Yeah I know they do that but that’s not us.”  You know who “us” is?  “Us” is what you need to do to appeal to the marketplace.  That’s “us.”

Attilio: Mhm.  Us is them and them is us.

Tom: That’s exactly right.

Adrienne: And we’re funner.

Attilio: And we’re funner.

Attilio and Adrienne laugh.

Attilio: So by the way listeners if you’re just tuning in this is the Team Lally Real Estate Show.  We’ve got Tom.  He wrote the book called The Business of Belief and he’s (accent) wicked smart and you should be listening even more to what he has to say.  You know what Tom tell us a little bit about yourself.  Okay – so a little bit about Hawaii culture.  You could be a valedictorian from Harvard and have gone to the moon but people want to know what was the name of your high school you graduated from?  I know you’re in the mainland but what was the name of your high school?

Tom:  My high school was the, for the year I started high school, the high school was just opened.  It was the biggest high school east of the Mississippi River called Brockton High School and there were approximately 6,500 kids in my highschool.

Adrienne and Attilio: Wow!

Tom: Yeah my graduating class was about 1,200 seniors.

Adrienne: I don’t hear any southern accent from you Tom.

Tom: No no no.  I was born in Louisiana but I was raised outside of Boston.

Attilio: That’s what I was going to say because my grandfather’s from Boston and he says “cah” (car) when he was with us.  He was 17, had his mom sign off on joining the merchant marines and came to Hawaii and that’s how the Leonardis ended up in Hawaii in the 40s, the late 40s.  But yeah I need to go back to Little Italy to see where he was raised back there in Boston.

Tom:  Yeah well we have a section of Boston called the North End and that’s where all the Italian restaurants are so you should come and we’ll go down and get some pasta.  It’ll be a good time, get some pasta.

Attilio: Sure.

Adrienne: So how often do you come to Hawaii Tom?

Tom: I come any chance I can get.  I think I’ve been out there four or five times at least.  I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been out now.  Someone saw me speak at a conference in New Orleans.  I believe I was giving a keynote speech at the National Association of Broadcasters convention and I believe that the Hawaiian Association of Broadcasters – someone saw me there, brought me out and then that was it.  And then some other people saw me and brought me out and they keep bringing me back.  I love these guys.  I just don’t like the flight.  If I were in California I’d be out there every other week.

Attilio: Yeah from the east coast it’s a button number.

Adrienne: It’s like a 12 hour journey.

Attilio: Yeah you really get to know the people sitting next to you on your trip here.

Tom laughs.

Adrienne: So if any of our listeners would like to bring you out for a keynote speech how would they get a hold of you to get that booked?

Tom: Just go to tomasacker.com.  Just go to my website or thebusinessofbelief.com or Google my name and email me.  I handle all of that so you don’t have to go through an agent or a bureau or anything like that.

Attilio: Your people.  Our people don’t need to call your people.  You are the people.

Tom: Exactly.  I think all of these relations go people-to-people.

Attilio: I tell you for listeners – it’s funner!  If you make that the title of your next book can you at least quote us and you know, pay us a 25% royalty and all uses thereafter are free.

Tom: Listen don’t think I don’t do that.  Could you guys participate in any big conferences on the mainland?  

Attilio: Yeah in fact so we’re part of Keller-Williams and they have a big one in Vegas.  What is that?

Adrienne: Yes that’s called The Family Reunion and that’s coming up in February.

Attilio:  It’s a whole bunch of people who get together who aren’t related to eachother.

Adrienne: And then we have the radio and television experts conference-

Attilio: – Oh May in San Diego.  August is Austin.

Tom: Well if any of them need a keynote speaker let me know I’ve also keynoted a bunch of industries.  I’ve done it for the real estate industries, apartment industries, all those.  Yeah let them know.

Attilio: What about the Department of Corrections?

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Attilio: No.

Tom: No they won’t let me out if I do it there.

Adrienne: Yeah we’d be happy to make those introductions and would love to see you speak again because it was really a great presentation and I took away a lot from it.

Attilio: Yeah so we want to create a spike in your book sales here.

Tom: Do it!

Attilio: I’m going to describe this book to the people here.  It’s three parts and you’ve gotta understand, you people who aren’t book readers, the chapter is like one or two pages.  So like, you could read a chapter and then you’d have this takeaway like “Wow I read 10 chapters!” of Tom’s book and you’ve only got to page 15.

Adrienne laughs.

Adrienne: Yeah you feel very accomplished.  I felt accomplished reading through it.  I was like “Wow I finished this book and I took some great notes and some highlights” and you know I was excited about going through the book.

Attilio: You could tell somebody, “Oh!  You know I’m a hardworker.  I read 10 chapters of this book.”  You don’t tell them you’re only on page 19 though.  But I like it.  I like it.

Tom: From a consumption standpoint it’s more like when you guys have the whole Pu Pu thing.  It’s like all kinds of great stuff, little pieces of it.  Right?

Attilio: Yeah.  Give them little bits and pieces.  They like it better.

Tom: Little bits and pieces.

Attilio: People like appetizers.

Adrienne: Yes.

Tom: That’s what it is.

Attilio: I like you because here’s a learning technique: when you remember the first thing and the last thing so if you have more of those breaks in between the flow of information you retain more.  And it’s funner.

Adrienne and Attilio laugh.

Tom: That’s why I wrote it.

Attilio: That word.  We’re going for the Guinness World Records of how many times that word can be used in one radio show.

Tom laughs.

Attilio: So anyway it was good having you on the show.

Adrienne: Yes thank you.

Attilio: I know we’ll probably have you back and we’re going to figure out how to get you to be a keynote speaker somewhere.

Adrienne: Yes thank you so much.

Tom: Yeah yeah yeah.  Absolutely I loved it.  Let me know what I can do to help you guys and let’s stay connected

Attilio: Alright.

Adrienne: Absolutely.

Attilio: Thank you Tom.

Adrienne: Thanks Tom.

Tom: Thank you so much.

Attilio: Take care.

Adrienne: Alright so we’re going to take a short break but stay with us when we come back we have some coming soon listings and open houses.

Attilio: Oh and a learning opportunity!  Leaders versus managers.

Announcer: It’s the Team Lally Real Estate Show.  Here’s Adrienne and Attilio.

Adrienne: Welcome back and thanks for listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show home of the guaranteed sold program – or we’ll buy it.  I’m Adrienne.

Attilio: And I’m Attilio.

Adrienne: And if you have any questions just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attilio: Hey guys I hope you were listening to the show.  We got some deep into it that now we almost ran out of time so we’ve gotta bring our open house show.  Who are we going to bring?  Rachael?

Adrienne: Let’s go ahead and bring Rachael on to talk about her open house.

Attilio: Rachael, Rachael, Rachael.  Rachael are you there?

Rachael: Yes I’m here.

Attilio: Alright tell us about your open house.

Rachael: Okay well I’ve got a perfect starter home – one story single family home.  Recently remodelled Hawaiian homestead.  It’s on a large lot with beautiful views of the mountains.  It’s close to beaches and shopping.

Attilio: Yes.

Rachael: The home is move in ready and the lot is over 7,800 square-feet.

Adrienne: Wow.

Rachael: I know it’s a lot of land.  It’s beautiful.  Beautiful views of the mountains.  First open house is this Monday and it’s a grand open house and I’ll be there from 2-5.

Attilio: You know what I like about that house?  You know when you ring the doorbell you know it what says?  “Hawaiian Blue.”

All laugh.

Adrienne: Alright thanks Rachael.

Rachael: Oh by the way I’m actually going to be doing for also for an other buyer-agent Kapono will be sitting at the twelve place and he’ll be there from 2-5.  It’s a gorgeous apartment, it’s newly remodeled, new kitchen countertops, bathroom is very, very nice, new laminate flooring.  You’ve got pool access and it’s gated.  It’s in the Pearl Manor apartment.

Attilio: And there’s two Karaoke places within walking distance I know because I used to live on that street.

Rachael: Yes and it’s also walking distance to Pearl Ridge, right up the road.

Attilio: Right across from the water crest farm.

Ray: I’m on the line.

Adrienne: And here’s Ray.  Ray’s going to talk about his coming soon listings.

Attilio: Ray tell us.

Ray:  Coming soon we’re looking at the first week of October, we’re going to have some great pictures on our website coming up at probably the first couple of days of October.  It’s going to be located in the Poulava(?) and Ohana areas in the D.R. Horton homes in Kopalei.

Adrienne and Attilio: Nice.

Ray: It’s perfect for a starter or even an upgrade.  It’s a townhouse, two levels, three bedrooms, two and a half bath.  Corner lot so it should be beautiful of the new homes in that neighborhood.

Adrienne: I heard that the new homes there’s like a waitlist for the new homes.

Ray: There is a waitlist and as the demand keeps going up the prices keep going up too so this is built in 2011 so your pricelist is going to be closer to the mid-fives as opposed to the $6 or $700,000s.  So if someone’s looking at that home with three-bedrooms and size this could be the perfect fit for somebody.

Attilio: So if you’ve got questions on that property you can call Ray at the buyer hotline which is-

Adrienne: 234-4421.  That’s 234-4421.

Attilio: Okay.  Next up is Brooks.

Adrienne: Okay we’re going to go to Brooks and he’s going to tell us about- No Brooks.

Attilio: No Brooks.  Angelique.

Adrienne: Angelique is next to talk about her open house.

Attilio: Angelique use a deep voice.  No we thought you were books.

Angelique: (deep) Hello. (normal) Just kidding.

Angelique and Attilio laugh

Angelique: Hey you guys so I’m going to be sitting in an open house over in Royal (?) from 2-5.  It’s a beautiful detached single family home located in a quiet cul-de-sac.  Great neighbors.  This home has its own TV system, tile, hardwood flooring, beautiful backyard.  (sirens)  A must see so please come and check me out.  It’s located at 94-1201 Kaawaia Loop (?) at Royal (?).

Angelique: There’s going to be so many people right there Angelique is taking a police escort there right now.  Oh my goodness yes, yes.  It’s going to be very, very busy.  Come by and check it out.

Attilio: Alright thanks Angelique.

Adrienne: Okay so I guess Brooks dropped off the line.

Attilio: That’s okay if he comes back it’ll be like Lazarus.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attilio: Alright folks so the market’s very competitive you should give our buyer hotline a call.  We have a lot of coming soon properties – anywhere from 10-15 of them.  What’s that number?

Adrienne: It’s 234-4421.  So yeah if you’re tired of getting beat out after multiple offer of multiple offer of multiple offer.  Just give our buyer agents a call.

Attilio: Work with a real estate company that’s got coming soon inventory. Speaking of-

Adrienne: Or not just coming soon inventory.  It’s like if you have a particular neighborhood that you have to be in and you keep getting beat out we will go find you a listing.  We will find someone who wants to sell in that neighborhood.

Attilio: Just short of flying over the neighborhood with a helicopter and dropping leaflets on everyone’s area we will go knock on doors, send mailers, we will go call.

Adrienne: It’s because we proactively prospect.

Attilio: Prospect.  Alright speaking of proactively prospecting if you’re that type of person that wants to work with an aggressive real estate team that is- you’re supposed to say funner.

Adrienne: Oh funner.

Attilio: That is funner.

Adrienne: Funner.

Attilio: We are looking for some people that enjoy-

Adrienne: Funner.

Attilio: We teach you everything guys.  We’ve got the leads, we tell you what to say and when to say it.

Adrienne: We have the systems.

Attilio: We have the systems and everything’s proven.  We have the the proven track record.

Adrienne: We have the support.

Attilio: So if you’re thinking of getting into real estate and you already have a license-

Adrienne: Wait.  Speaking of proven track record.  What is our track record just for this year?

Attilio: Well so far we’ve sold 1,000 homes recently but a year today we’re at about 130?

Adrienne: 132.

Attilio: See I left it with a question mark.

Adrienne: That’s just this year.

Attilio: We were talking with Barbara Corcoran – she’s done the research, she’s checked us out, we’re the only real estate team that she would trust for her personally to buy and sell a home.

Adrienne: She’s done the research up front.  We are the team that she recommends to help buy or sell.

Attilio: Caller the other day was saying “hey!  Winners are winners and losers are losers.

Adrienne: “Losers make excuses.”

Attilio: We’re the winning real estate team.

Adrienne: If you want to be on the winning real estate team or you need help with buying and selling just give us a call.

Attilio: Well if you’re looking at spot on the team we want to be put you through the process. Go to jointeamlally.com.  We’ve got an 80k guarantee.  (off-mic)  What’s that?

Adrienne: So basically if you don’t make $80,000 in that first full year that you’re with the team we’re going to write you a check for the difference.

Attilio (off-mic): No way!

Adrienne: Yes way.

Attilio: Oh okay.  And we’re going to smile and laugh while we’re doing it because we’re funner.

Adrienne: That’s right.  And you know what?  We do have a career night coming up on October 3rd.

Attilio: Yeah.

Adrienne:  So you can go to jointeamlally.com.  You can go to teamlally.com.  I think it’s under the events section and sign up for our next career night and ask all the questions that you’d like to ask about, “What it’s like to be on a team?”  “What’s it like to be in real estate?”  “Is this the right fit for me?”

Attilio: You know folks jointeamlally.com.  There’s a three-step process.  Do not skip the steps.

Adrienne: Otherwise we’ll just delete you because if you can’t follow instructions no we don’t want you sorry.  Too bad so sad.

Attilio: Too bad.  Then you’re not really about having funner.

Adrienne: No I’m about having funner but you know you’ve gotta follow instructions.

Attilio: She’s so strict.  So strict over here.

Adrienne: Because you know when you don’t follow instructions you know what happens?

Attilio: Things explode and burn to the ground?  I don’t know.

Adrienne: Our clients don’t have funner experiences like when we forget-

Attilio: Yeah no when we skip steps.  “Oh we forgot to do an open house for you this weekend!” 

Adrienne: Oops!

Attilio: “Oops!”

Adrienne: “Oops we forgot to order the appraisal.”

Attilio: No.  So yeah.

Adrienne:  Follow instructions.  All three steps.

Attilio: Follow instructions is the first test. Go to teamlally.com.  We’ve got an 80k guarantee.  If you don’t make 80k in your first year with us we’ll chop you into little pieces and bury you in the ocean.  No, no, no.  We’ll write you a check for the difference.

Adrienne: If you’re not into sales anymore or are into the administrative-

Attilio: We’re looking for winners there too.

Adrienne: Yes.  And even interns.

Attilio: Interns!

Adrienne: We have a six-week internship program.

Attilio: Yes!  My car needs washing and my house needs cleaning.

Adrienne: No.

Attilio: No no no that kind of intern.

Adrienne: You can come in and if you feel like you’re a good fit you can just check it out and see if this is for you.

Attilio: Okay.

Adrienne: So all sorts of opportunities.

Attilio: We were going to talk about managers versus leaders, leaders versus managers but I don’t know how much time we go.

Adrienne: Looks we have about one minute.

Attilio: One minute okay?  Okay we’ll just give them the first time.

Adrienne: We’ll give them a little taste.

Attilio: And then we’ll give them the meat next show.  So managers give answers, leaders ask questions.

Adrienne: Managers manage work and leaders will lead people.

Attilio: Managers develop subordinates and leaders develop other leaders.

Adrienne: Managers dictate plans and leaders they cast a vision.

Attilio: Managers insist on control, leaders inspire collaboration.  There’s a whole bunch of other information we want to share with you regarding that.  Stay tuned at our next show.

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