Vino Adventures Jim Tollefson On The Team Lally Radio Show   

VinoAdventure is all about private, exclusive group tours – for a first class experience of enjoying wine and food. Jim Tollefson shared what everyone can expect on his tours, making sure that everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves without having to worry about anything. Local transportation and hotel/boutique accommodation is taken care of for the visitors. 

These tours are not only available to groups of friends and families who wants this experience but also to corporate and small businesses as incentive programs.

Jim Tollefson | VinoAdventure Wine Tours | P.O. Box 75625 Honolulu, HI 96836 | 808-225-2126 | jim@vinoadventure.com

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Announcer:  It’s time to enter the world of real estate in Oahu. Hawaii’s only true real estate radio show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour, Hawaii’s premier real estate leader – Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi. Will bring you the latest in real estate news and real world strategies on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and time you agree to, or they’ll buy it. Now here are your hosts Adrienne and Attilo.

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Adrienne:  Welcome to, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guarantee program or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions you can reach us at (808) 799-9596, that’s

(808) 799-9596. Or on the web at – www.teamlally.com and that – l-a-l-l-y.

Attilo:  Hello everybody, this is Attilo Leonardi and I was at the kid’s workshop. You know that’s the first Saturday of every month, it’s free, Home Depot, take your kids. Anyway a lady came up to me tapped me on the shoulder and started asking me a bunch of questions. She wanted to borrow one of the kid hammers. And then she started asking me all those questions and I said, “Those are great questions, so I recommend you seek the appropriate professional. And you need to get your own kid hammer. But, I said, “Mom, mom, do have any other questions, I can help you with those?” Alright, so if you hear anything else on the show that sounds like legal advice? Who should you run that by?

Adrienne:  You should run that by the attorney’s with heart, Cane & Herren.

Attilo:  Cane & Harry, check them out on the internet, Cane&Herren that’s Herren.

Adrienne:  Herren.

Attilo:  That H-e- double R – N. Cane, call if you need them. It sounds like tax advice hay right? Hey, run it by Spiderman.

Adrienne:  No.

Attilo:  Your local neighborhood tax professional, not your local neighborhood super hero.

Adrienne:  And, I would say, if you haven’t any questions about your VA Loan benefits? Because they’re by Hawaii VA Loan.

Attilo:  Speaking of which? Gabe, are you there?

Gabe:  Hey guys, I got to get ready to do my taxes. You guys got Spiderman’s number?

Attilo:  Yep. Call your Fanny Mae. You know, Peter Parker was pretty smart.

Gabe:  Yeah, because he looks pretty smart when he walks.

Adrienne:  Yep.

Gabe:  His age too, he looks like deceiving.

Atillo:  Yes.

Gabe:  You know also, they called me and what am, how ya doing?

Atillo:  Good, good. My nerds rule the world T-shirt on.

Gabe:  Yes, the marriage to the, the nerds are gonna rule the world right? Yeah, put your programming in. I mean, that’s a good move.

Adrienne:  So Gabe you were out on a spring break vacation. I think the last time we had this show. Were you out on the snow?

Gabe:  Yeah, you know it’s funny? Is there, everyone I talked to. Friends of people of the mainland, they asked, Max, if I wanted to vacation there? Where do people who live in Hawaii go for vacation? And I tell them that, you know, no, we go to see snow, we don’t get to see stuff like that. Also we get to go and play in the snow. And have a great time with the kids. Got to go and ski for the first time, so, we had a blast.

Atillo:  Yeah, everybody now days, snowboard. Did you snowboard or did you ski?

Gabe:  Yeah, I only know snowboarding. I never did ski before. And I love snowboarding. So, I’m kinda sticking to what I know and that and what I’m comfortable with

Adrienne:  Speaking of things you really know? Why don’t you tell us about?

Atillo:  What’s a VA Tip of the week?

Adrienne:  Yeah, tip of the week.

Atillo:  Tip of the week.

Adrienne:  Yeah, tip.

Gabe:  Alright, VA Tip of the week. Okay, so, one of the things, misconceptions, is that people think out there? That there is, I’ve already bought a home using my VA Loan. And so I cannot do another VA Loan. That is actually incorrect. So, the way the set-up is, you can, even though you’ve already bought a home, a VA Home before, you can actually get home benefits again. Especially if you either sold that home, you’ve previously owned it. You had a loan and you either sold it, or refinanced it other than the VA Loan. What happens is you get your entire VA Benefits restored and you can use the VA Loan Benefits again. The only difference is, you can use them again, the percentage you take the fee increase if you don’t get a down payment for that settlement. You do get some back, but if you do put a down payment then. That VA funding so you can decrease as well.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Gabe:  Now, one of things to realize, you can actually have a true VA Loan outstanding at this same time.

Atillio:  Oh, wow.

Gabe:  The price of setting you up for all these other states and Texas, and you’ve got PCS orders, like Hawaii. This, you sell your home in Texas, but let’s say it’s a little too small mortgage balance. The fact that the mortgage balance is so small, you should come to Hawaii and you could potentially buy another property without needing your VA Benefits. Now, you may not be able to be qualified for a home loan necessarily for $21,000.00 bill X 0 = which is the house. Which will be cut when financing, but if you need any house for $50,000.00 purchase price we could do a VA Loan itself. We just got to get that kind of relations to see how much VA Entitlement they will be needing? To see what you could purchase here in Hawaii? So, long story short, because you use your VA Loan Benefits, before or even currently have a home. You can get VA Benefits, you can still get another home. So, the best thing to do is? Contact one of the VA Loan Specialist and they can help forward your eligibility and a max plan.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  That, dude I have a question on this math? I’m not so great at it. So I know that you can help me out. So let’s say that this vet is qualified with one of the entitlement for like $500,000.00 because they already have used up some of their entitlement? But they’re

Pre-approved for like up to $700,000.00? How do you guys deal with that $200,000.00 difference?

Gabe:  Yeah, good question there. So all we do is, we take the lot purchase for $700,000.00, their VA Entitlement is maxed at $500,000.00, the difference in that is $200,000.00.

Adrienne:  Okay.

Gabe:  The two rules is, we have to put a down payment, which equals twice the sentimental difference, in this case it would be $60,000.00. seeming a $50,000.00 down payment down, they could purchase the $700,000.00 property. And sell and refinance with less than 10% down. And you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance, so? But it still works out better than that person after you say, a commitment of a conventional loan or a general loan. Because you got to have mortgage insurance, which is tough.

Adrienne:  So Gabe, VA Funding fee, it would be the same amount as the subsequent amount for use?

Gabe:  Yeah. Yes, so the VA Funding fee takes 1.25% with no down payment. If you use your VA Loan before, it jumps up to 3.3%. But it, if you put at least 3% down you can knock that down to 1 ½ %. VA Funding fee.

Adrienne:  Wow.

Gabe:  If you put at least 10% down, you can knock that down to 1 ¼ %.

Adrienne:  Wow.

Gabe:  That’s a lot of numbers out there. I don’t think these days? And one thing to remember, is if you are a disabled veteran have at least a 10% disability waiver arrangement, you could get that VA Funding waived completely so you don’t have to worry about that.

Atillio:  Cool.

Adrienne:  That’s great information this morning from Gabe Almaham – Hawaii VA Loans.

Gabe:  Yeah, hopefully listeners out there, their heads will not be spinning with all these numbers out there? Bottom line, if you want to know more about your VA Loan benefits and how you can use them. The best way is to go online and visit us it’s – www.valoans.com or just call – (808) 792-4291 or (702) 724-7951 or if you want, you could actually stop by to our new Kailua office, we just opened last month.

Atillio:  What’s the address on that?

Gabe:  It’s 338 Kamokilo Blvd, Suite 202 in Kalua, we have an office in Kamaya to help out disabled veterans and for our wounded veterans. You can stop by at our Kalua office. Which is right across the street from Kalualand Pool.

Atillio:  One in Kalua and one in Kamaya across from Home Depoe and Taco Del Mar.

Gabe:  There ya go.

Adrienne:  Alright. Thanks so much Gabe for the awesome information this morning.

Atillio:  Yes.

Gabe:  Alright, happy Easter guys.

Atillio:  Okay. Thank you Gabe.

Gabe:  Aloha.

Atillio:  Alright, so again, that’s (808) 792-4291 that’s Gabe Amey and his crew at Hawaii VA Loans, check them out online – www.hawaiivaloans.com.

Adrienne:  Alright, so we have some quotes we’re going to share before we go to our break. Which is.

Atillio:  We should be prepoe for our guests.

Adrienne:  Yes. Alright, so this first one is from Jill Hollins – it is just a number, it’s totally irrelevant, unless of course you happen to be a bottle of wine.

Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  This one is from – Paulo Koho?

Atillio:  I thought you were going to say, in case you happen to be an alcoholic? I think, but the bottle of wine is much more appropriate for that quote.

Adrienne:  Yes, except for life after you try and drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted, some should only be sipped. But with others drink the whole bottle.

Atillio:  Bottoms up.

Adrienne:  And the last one is from – W.C. Fields – I cook with wine and sometime I even add it to the food.

Atillio:  Badda –boom-pisss… As W.C. Fields.

Adrienne:  Yep. Alright, so we’re gonna be bringing on a guest after this break and have something to do with the wine.

Atillio:  Maybe Jim will tell us with Vino Adventures, so stay tuned right after the break.


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Adrienne:  Welcome back, I’m Adrienne.

Atillio:  And I’m Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” home of the guaranteed sales program or we’ll buy it. If you have any real estate questions, just give us a call. At (808) 799-9596. Or on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Atillio:  Hey, folks if you’re thinking about selling your home? We want to let you know that we sell homes for more money, for a shorter period of time than they average realtor.

Adrienne:  Call us to set up a free no obligation consultation, at (808) 799-9596, or at the web at – www.teamlally.com and that’s L-a-l-l-y.com.

Atillio:  Well, we want to give a warm welcome to our guest Jim Tollefson. Do you have a Jim are you there?

Jim:  I’m here, good morning.

Atillio:  Alright.

Adrienne:  Good morning. Thank you so much for joining us today Jim.

Jim:  Well, thanks for letting me join you. I look forward to it.

Atillio:  You know I want to start off with a pretty wild, tell us about, we’ve, we want to read one of your great testimonials you had on your website about. Tell us about yourself Jim, tell us about your background. How did you end up in Hawaii, or were you born and raised here?

Jim:  Oh no, I was born and raised in Kansas a long, long time ago.

Atillio:  Okay.

Jim:  And I spent time in school after the military. I spent time in southern New York, and on the west coast. And I moved over here 28 years ago.

Atillio:  Wow.

Jim:  And when I came over here, I worked a couple of years over at the big island of Hawaii.  Where I ended up as Executive Vice President there. I was there 2001, and took over the Chamber of Commerce there, President of the Chamber of Commerce there, I was there until August 2013.

Atillio:  How long were you the President for this, it seems you were there for a while wasn’t it?

Jim:  Well, I, yeah, it seems I was there for a while. I was there for twelve years.

Atillio:  12 years!?

Jim:  Served on the board for seven years prior to that. And I was there one year. So I had, I was involved in Chamber of Commerce, fully involved as a member. I was with Chamber of Commerce Hawaii for over 20 years now. Good organization.

Atillio:  Oh, wow. Yeah, ya see all these business owners, and now you get to go in and practice.

Jim:  Yeah, Almost a full businessman.

Atillio:  Yeah, yes.

Adrienne:  And so speaking of that? Tell us a little bit more about this business that you started?

Atillio:  Tell us the name?

Jim:  Well, I started a little over a year ago now. Actually, I was off the ground in over a year ago. We do private, exclusive wine tours of Napa California. Born in the Napa Valley California and surrounding areas. One of the state privates, we take small groups of people up to Dente Duville because most of the winery is related to wine tasting in the tasting room. Many times with the wine maker, and others. They can only handle up to ten people so, I got to take small groups. And very exclusive, definitely post scribe experiences of enjoying wine and food.

Adrienne:  So what made you decide to take this kind of small business on? All your years of experience on with the Chamber.

Jim:  Well, you know, my wife and I had traveled a full extensive simply. We had done it all our own exclusive wine tastings in Australia, in the three main areas in Australia, Chile, Argentina, we had been to Mendoza, The Great Molemanstanz down there, obviously France, and Italy, as well as California. And so we, thought it would be something that it would be good to do. My wife still works, and so it would keep me occupied. So I started and formed an LLC. And I started this up and running again, a little over a year ago.

Atillio:  I like that concept that you talk about, of the private wine tour. And we’ve been on these networking advancement things on the weekends. And it seems more like a rock concert, this is like a pile of people. But that’s not what you’re talking about right?

Jim:  No, definitely. I don’t try to compete with the $99.00 specials, which by the time you have that and the tax and whatever and everything else? It’s well over that. But, I, these are customized trips. And I work closely with my clients and find out what types of wine they like? What types of food they like? Where they would like to go? And kind of match them into what their desires are. I have relationships with over 50 wineries now. And then the Napa Valley area. And it many cases, they’re smaller wineries, and boutiques, these that I have been at necessarily can pick-up locally. And that’s what people seem to like.

  And again, it’s not them mass market where everybody gets on the bus and goes in, gets off the bus and goes in and stands at the bar and has a couple of drink and gets back on the bus and moves down the road. It’s much different than that.

Atillio:  Yeah, as a matter of fact, you know what Stacey Buzz had to say from L.A. Alexander Virginia. This is what she had to say, “The best experience I’ve had in Napa. I plan to use Vino Adventure exclusively from now on. Our tour provided a private and exclusive look into the variety of wines, wineries, and restaurants in Napa Valley. Jim was a joy, and his insider’s knowledge added to what I can confidently say is the best value in the Napa. I look forward to my next Vino Adventure.” That’s from Stacey.

Jim:  Yeah, she a really enjoyed it. And that brings up a point, of the six groups I’ve taken up there since I started this over a year ago. Two of them from the mainland through my National Chamber of Commerce connections. I, a Stacey was from the east coast and her group. And then I had a group up out of Ohio that came with me last year. The other groups have been here locally, and I’ve actually had some big group of repeat visitors already. So, definitely having a great time.

Adrienne:  Now Jim, with these Vino Adventures, how many days do they typically go for?

Jim:  They are normally two to three days, many times people will fly into San Francisco. Spend the day, spend the night, and come on up to close to Napa. And we’ll do a two to three day tour first. We a, I take care of all the local transportation and the hotels in Napa.

  I have arrangements with a fantastic and cheap hotel in Napa, called, “The Napa River Inn.” And which by the way, won a four star rating from, “Forge” It’s a hotel right there, on the river right there in Napa.

  I’ve got a relationship with two transportation companies, “first class transportation company.” The key there is when you go to Napa and really, and you go up, you really want to enjoy yourself. You really don’t want to drive, it’s not the safe thing to do. It’s just not the smart thing to do, and I take care of all of that.

Atillio:  Yeah, it sounds like a really nice thing that you put together, because you tap them with what most people are, you know, you’re going to a new place. And you’re kinda stressed out trying to find a place, trying to get there and make all the arrangements. You just want to go and have an experience. And I like how that you put that all together. Now we here, I called you up to talk to you prior to coming up on the show. And you mentioned to consider that this is not only for a group of friends that want to get together. But you do tap into the corporate environment. And maybe it’s like a reward for a sales team.

Jim:  Absolutely. Yeah in fact, not too long ago. Those lines Jane and I had taken a local CPA that was a Senior Partner of a local CPA firm. To get to the mainland retreat so to speak. In the bask of a, they had done this in Las Vegas. This year they’re going and coming up in Napa and having their retreat in Napa. But this is perfect for the very decisive incentive corporate programs and businesses, incentive programs. It’s a great way to honor and reward real estate agents with who have done a great job. So it’s got all kinds of varieties that we can put together.

Adrienne:  Now Jim, how frequently do these trips happen? You said you did six last year, are you planning to have more in the 2015 year?

Jim:  Absolutely, I’ve got one lined up as of the 7th of June. I’ve working on one in September, one in August actually, August, September, and then one around the end of the year. Now since these are customized it’s kind of when it’s best for the clients. If they say they would like to do something in July, I put it together for them. At that point in time, I’m, I haven’t put on a schedule that says, you know, we’re going to be leaving on the 15th of July and be gone for four weeks. This has all been client driven, it’s been, it’s driven by the people who are coming with me.

Atillio:  So you’re kinda like Stephen Jobs in all your computer put together. And I’m going to guess you’re going on these tours?

Jim:  Absolutely. I personally lead these tours, I set them up and I personally lead the tours through. I want everybody to have, like Stacey, to have it discounted. I want them to have a fantastic experience. This is more than just wine tasting, wine and food. It’s an experience. I want people to come back and say, “Hey, this is great, I want to do it again! I’m going to do it again. And because we had a great time and just a great experience.”

Atillio:  Okay. Alright, we’re going to do is, we’re going to take a short break. And while we still have more questions for you. Do you mind hanging out and going through some more questions with us?

Jim:  I’ll be with you when you come back, thank you.

Atillio:  Alright.

Jim:  Thanks.

Adrienne:  Thank you. Jim, well take a quick break and don’t go too far? We have more questions.

Atillio:  For Jim Tollefson of Vino Adventure, check out his website – www.vinoadventure.com.


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Adrienne:  Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, where we’ll buy it. You have any real estate questions, give us a call at

(808) 799-9596 or on the web at – www.teamlally.com and that’s L-a-l-l-y.

Atillio:  And if you have any Vino Adventure questions, we have Jim Tollefson. Past Chamber of Commerce President, and he is the owner of – Vino Adventures, Jim are you still there?

Jim:  I am still here.

Atillio:  You know, what the, we put the website out up there, but is it, do you have a number that you, if someone wanted to call and ask more questions? Is there a good phone number?

Jim:  Absolutely. Yeah, obviously at – (808) 225-2126, that’s (808) 225-2126.

Atillio:  Good repeating of the number, the pen was just getting warmed up and then they wrote it down on the second hearing (808) 225-2126.

Jim:  225-2126, great.

Atillio:  Great.

Adrienne:  Great, so Jim we have a couple of questions here for you, before we let you go. So, we want to know about some interesting success stories on your recent adventures?

Atillio:  A story, a humorous story, any kinds of stories you might share on your last Vino Adventures?

Jim:  A, that’s nice. Let me think? I think funny story, is again, everybody is, had a great time. I just took a group up a couple of weeks ago. Well, a, from here and they had such a great time. And as we were finishing up the second day. They said, “When can we do this again?” And they’ve already been in contact with me to see when we could set-up another Vino Adventure. But it just, I can’t think of anything, “Funny.” We just had a great time.

Atillio:  And I can imagine too. I mean, it’s like you’re in that Napa Valley, beautiful weather, good company and you’re drinking wine. Whoa!

Jim:  And you’re eating really good food too.

Atillio:  Who would be bummed out in that situation?

Jim:  I don’t know? There’s not much left to do. You know, there’s something that was mentioned on the commercial break, but talk about knowing your market? I’d just like to throw in here? That last year, in order to do something right, you need to know your market.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Jim:  That last year we went to Napa 12 times.

Atillio:  Wow.

Jim:  That 2014, and I’ve already been up there three times this year. I really, I see myself as your Napa Valley connection. Because again, I have the relationship with over 50 wineries. And that great knowledge of the local restaurants. Seen up there, again with my connections with the Napa Valley Inn and Napa River Inn, and the transportation. I could be your Napa Valley connection.

Adrienne:  The experts.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  And the Napa Valley.

Atillio:  I like the experiences you’re creating because you’re, I was thinking about that group of CPA’s you talked about, and you know Hawaii. We always go to Vegas, it’s like, if we could get away from babies and high school graduation, and baby’s first birthday, and graduation parties, people would probably do it in Vegas. But, I think what’s important, I mean, its fun the beginning of time. People have gathered around partaking of wine, isn’t that true?

Jim:  That’s true, now why in the history of wine, would the fact that centuries, millenniums, It’s been around a long time. And it is a, and the Italians have a good saying too, wine is food and wine with food. And it’s not just the experience of drinking the drink. It’s the experience of the whole realistic experience of good food, of good wine, and good relationships, it’s good companionships. And just a beautiful place to do. So it, there’s so many aspects, that it’s kind of hard to relate over the radio. But, you need to be there and do it. So, check out Vino Adventures, look it up, that’s V-i-n-o A-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e-s.com check it out on my website, give me a call, at

(808) 225-2126, that’s (808) 225-2126. And let’s talk about all the, let’s give ya, a great adventure and help you explore the great wine region there.

Atillio:  And I’m going to guess, that you said you’re initial consultation is no charge, it’s, you’re going to have a conversation and find out what their needs are?

Jim:  That’s with no charge, just talk about what you like about it. And let’s just see what we can put together.

Atillio:  Yeah, because I think to from a corporate environment, you would think about it? When you go to Vegas. You know, guys are probably spending more money than they should be, because of the fee. You know, when you’re sitting at a blackjack table there’s not that much conversation, probably a lot of yelling and screaming at them, you know?

  But, and crying, but with Napa, you know, with a Napa Valley Adventure I guess there’s going to be some time for people to interact with each other, get to know each other a bit better. And, you know, developed those stronger ties that they need, especially in the corporate environment that you need to be successful in 2015, or as a reward.

Jim:  That’s right, exactly. As a reward, or there is a.

Atillio:  Incentive.

Jim:  That’s right, incentive, that’s correct.

Atillio:  Okay. Now we want to ask a couple of more questions? We want to pop into your mind here, because we have a lot of business owners, you know? You know, we’re business owners, we have a lot of business owners onto the show. It’s not just about real estate. And you’ve got a special circumstance for coming from meeting one of the larger organizations for small businesses here in the state of Hawaii with the chamber. Tell us, you know, give us three tips here on what three important things that you kept in mind from going from leading a business organization to actually running and starting your own business. That we would help with these listeners that are small business owners.

Jim:  Well, obviously we can be one of the main major factors, if not the major factor. Is no matter what you do, or who you’re working for? A large organization in our running around in business, you really have to have a passion for what you’re doing. If you don’t, get out, do something else. Because life is too short if you don’t have a passion. So, you need to have a passion, and you need to have distance. Again, whether you work for a large organization or a small organization, or even a smaller organization you do. And when you’re in effect as I am. Although I’m getting some great advice and some help from my lovely wife. It’s really like a one man show, and so you end up just doing everything. And that is a big difference between working in a larger corporation, a larger business where you have a staff or other divisions and offices and such, doing things. When you’re a small business, as you guys know? You end up doing a lot of things to create your website, create your own brochures.

Atillio:  Yes.

Jim:  You make your own appointments, you do everything you’re supposed to do yourself. Getting back to those fundamental activities. Has really been, really refreshing, it’s been challenging at times that it’s been refreshing. And again, it’s not, it comes back to having a passion and a love for what you’re doing.

Atillio:  I have another question for you? We always ask this of a person, of our guest? I don’t know, is there any book, or books that you’re reading that have to do with business or?

Jim:  I read a lot about the wine business, wine spectator, I think that wine enthusiast, I spend a lot of time on the internet researching, not only Napa Valley, but I like to throw in Little Rock. We’d like to include in the future, expanding to other locations. We started in the Napa Valley, we knew that area the best. But we are looking at other areas, other opportunities to expand Vino Adventure beyond just the Napa Valley. But in doing that, I just do a lot of reading. Not necessarily, I do read books on wine.

Atillio:  Okay.

Jim:  But I also, I just read a lot of periodicals in that I subscribe to. Over the internet, the many newspapers and publications that relate to the industries. So I’ve really been getting knowledge.

Atillio:  What’s the most expensive glass of wine you’ve ever had, and did it taste good?

Jim:  (Laughing) Okay, that’s a good question. The most expensive, it depends on where you go? I mean, how much you, and how much it costs you to get there?

Atillio:  Yep.

Jim:  There’s a new difference in wines from the lower cross, north fresh wines, to more extensive wines. It’s all a matter of taste. Tasting wines for the fundamental aspects it is true. I mean, it’s a lot like art. Sometimes if you like the wine, you love the wine, what it does to you? You know, $5.00 a glass, or $25.00 a glass, or more. If you like it, you like it. So it’s a lot when your personal preferences, and I go with graded a lot. To art, because the noting the wine truly is a lot like a science behind it? But really truly is an art. And you’re really chasing an art form.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Adrienne:  Alright, so Jim, the last question before we let you go and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Atillio:  Wait, hold on, hold on, I got one. I got one more question? You know when we like, do one, this intake form for people’s real estate? There’s a box on there that says, “Do you have a wine cellar?” But I’ve never come across a cellar that’s, a wine cellar. Do you know, have a wine cellar?

Jim:  Well I have a wine coolers.

Atillio:  I’ve seen those, yeah.

Jim:  Political, yeah several wine coolers. In fact I’m looking at them right now. I wish I had a, I live in a condominium, but I wish I had one. In touch I am supposed to have one, a cellar. But I would love to have a true root cellar where you could go down there and as the Europeans do. And dust off a great bottle of wine. And open it up and enjoy it.

Atillio:  Gotcha, and now Adrienne is coming with her question, the question?

Adrienne:  I think that there is basements that are kind of few and far between.

Atillio:  Right, especially here in Hawaii.

Adrienne:  That shouldn’t even be on that form.

Atillio:  I ask it anyway, just so it gets a laugh out of them. By chance, do you have a wine cellar?

Adrienne:  So Jim is there any other questions that we should have asked you that we didn’t?

Jim:  No, yeah, I would like to remind people how to reach me.

Atillio:  Yes.

Jim:  Checking out my website – www.vinoadventures.com and it adds on the front, check the information on there. That if you want to give me a call at (808) 225-8226 that’s (808) 225-8226.

And again I would be happy to talk with you, and get your thoughts. And see how we could

set-up a private customized experience of the Napa Valley. And again, I would like to go in here, we are expanding, we are going to expand to other areas. And the, in a week we are leaving for Italy to check out some potential in the Piedmont area. And at the Chaunsa areas of Italy. So, and in about three weeks I’ll be ready to talk more about that.

Atillio:  Alright, very nice.

Adrienne:  Well alright, Jim, thank you so much for joining us today. And sharing your Vino Adventures story.

Atillio:  We’ll definitely have you back on the show to share with us more of your adventures that you keep going on.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Jim:  Well thank you very much for the opportunity, everybody have a great Easter. And build a wonderful spring here in Hawaii.

Atillio:  Thank you so much.

Adrienne:  Alright, thanks Jim. So we are going to take a short break. But don’t go too far? When we come back we will have some coming soon properties. And then it’s we then have some kind of last card.

Atillio:  I’m going to talk to you guys about the kangaroos.

Adrienne:  Yes, so don’t go away.

Atillio:  On Oahu.

Adrienne:  We’ll have a short break.


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Adrienne:  Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Atillio:  And this is Atillio.

Adrienne:  And you’re listening to the, “Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Home of the guaranteed sold program, or we’ll buy it. You have any real estate questions just give us a call –

(808) 700 – 9596, or check us out on the web at www.teamlally.com.

Atillio:  Speaking of the real estate questions, we have a question from Michelle. Michelle are you there?

Michelle:  Hey, I’m here.

Atillio:  Tell us about your deals, tell us about some upcoming selling properties.

Michelle:  Well, we have an loco Obama looking forever Hawaiian home.

Atillio:  Hawaiians in the house, that’s me.

Michelle:  Yes. Ohhhh. Alright, that we’ve got one in Waimea and it is a four bedroom, two bath home, it’s got a really big lot, 7400sqft. So it’s got a lot of space. So that’s what I call a homestead. It’s, you’ll be able to spread out a little bit. Four bedrooms, 2 bath, and that one will come up in the next few weeks.

  One coming next week, and Mount a Cable Courts, it’s a two bedroom, two bath, it’s all the way, this unit’s all the way in the back of the complex. So there’s a lot of privacy back there. Just under 800 sqft. And it’s a very, very good condition. It’s up under, the seller’s done a great job maintaining it.

Atillio:  Gotcha.

Michelle:  Alright, and my third one I have for you, we’re going to go to the other side of the island to Queen Emma Garden. And this Queen Emma Garden, you don’t know the whole complex is up on eight acres, eight acres that’s huge for the city.

Atillio:  Yes.

Michelle:  And there are three different buildings there. There’s the Prince Island Tower, and the Queen Ann, and this unit is going to be in the Queen Tower, it’s on the 19th floor. You got great views from all the way up there, lots of breezes as well. And it’s got two bath, two bedroom, one bath. Two parking stalls, spaces at the tandem with two spaces. And it’s right at 1900sqft. It’s been completely remodeled. Wide open space land laminate flooring, and its wearing beautiful kitchen cabinets and nice new countertops.

Atillio:  And it’s got swings.

Adrienne:  Yes.

Michelle:  And they have swings and they have b-bq’s and full cute little b-bq places that they are all really private. And a walking trail all the way around the complex. If you don’t want to leave, you don’t have to, they have 24 hour security there. It’s the situated really, really nice.

Atillio:  The kids, they can go on this private park, they don’t have to go across any major streets, they can just stay within the complex and it’s awesome, I’ve been there myself it’s beautiful.

Adrienne:  Now if listeners want to learn more about these coming soon properties. They can give our buyer hotline a call at (808) 234-4421.

Atillio:  Don’t lose out. And be like a homeless person and on the next property be saying, Oh, call the hotline.

Adrienne:  Last week our tip line was actually 7 new properties.

Atillio:  Seven new properties. Where we tell you where to go, go see these three new properties per week. We’re not exaggerating. They are probably under claiming it.

Adrienne:  Yeah. Yes.

Atillio:  So anyway.

Adrienne:  So find out about our new properties, give that buyer hotline a call. Don’t miss out.

Atillio:  Thank you Michelle.

Adrienne:  Thanks Michelle.

Michelle:  You welcome. Have a great weekend.

Atillio:  Alrighty.

Adrienne:  Thank you.

Atillio:  Speaking of property management?

Adrienne:  We have, “Duke” from Hawaii Pacific Property Management, are you there?

Duke:  Yeah, man, you’re sure attentive, probably noticed we have changed our company name?

Adrienne & Atillio:  Yes.

Adrienne:  Yes, the branding.

Atillio:  Is this the same?

Duke:  We are now Hawaii Beach Pacific Property Management.

Atillio:  Alright, extendy.

Duke:  Yeah, extendy. Exactly, you can reach me on my cell phone. 1-277-4677, let me give you a real quick tip of the month, or? Did you guys already do that?

Atillio:  No, tip of the week, give it to us.

Duke:  Tip of the week is? When renting to known military, we know that 6 day deploy, you may not evict them. So, that is one tip. The other tip is if they are close to changing their station? If they are checking out they only have to give you a 30 day notice for a copy of their orders, they are out. That’s a federal law.

Atillio:  Yeah, I think that’s the Serviceman’s Relief Act. Again, they can break the lease if they?

Adrienne:  The orders.

Atillio:  The orders, so.

Adrienne:  I have a quick question? So, if they deploy and they stop paying rent to you, you cannot evict them?

Duke:  They cannot evict them. That is something that has not held up in court very well in Hawaii, so.

Atillio:  This is why I tell you, people, it’s not a reason, to rent to them, just something to be aware of. Because if you’re, if I’m going to imagine Duke, that if you’re managing their apartment property, you may be able to slide in somebody else who will be right behind that person. If, once you get it all worked out.

Duke:  Most of the time, the service man/renter will let you know if they are deploying out. If a problem in the event or anything like that. They give you a contact person to contact.

  A lot of those times, they find out on Email. Because their Email is 24 hours behind it. Then talk to them, get on an over-seas line and the call.

Atillio:  Yeah, yep.

Duke:  So they’ll have to have some money put away, usually with a relative, friend or parent for emergencies.

Atillio:  Yeah. And by utilizing a professional property management company services, like Duke, he’s going to keep you aware of that and keep you out of hot water with our service men. And when are you going to go out there and support them? Because we are all going to know what the rules are.

Duke:  Absolutely.

Atillio:  Yeah.

Adrienne:  Alright, so give Duke a call if you have any property management questions? If you have a property that you have renting.

Atillio:  Thanks, dude!

Duke:  Alright, thank you.

Adrienne:  Thank you.

Duke:  Have a nice afternoon.

Adrienne:  Alright, well thanks for listening, and thanks to our sponsors –

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Adrienne:  We also want to give a big thank you to Jessica for putting us here in the studio. To make sure to tune in next week, we are going to have an awesome guest. Talk to you about something change you’ll like ever.

Atillio:  This is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guarantee “OVER THAN!”

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Adrienne & Atillio:  THANKS AND ALOHA!