6 Steps To Greener Grass!

Lawn care isn’t rocket science. That being said, maintaining a lawn that is already green is much simpler than creating that lush yard which neighbors will be jealous of. There are several steps in creating a green lawn and maintaining it so that it stays green and soft beneath the feet. There are six major factors that contribute to a lush green lawn. Here are our favorite lawn care tips to help you keep your yard perfect.


1. Plant Grass Seed that Works

 The most important step in creating a perfect, green yard is to find the appropriate grass seed. While many people tend to just go and load up on the cheapest seed, this is generally a mistake. Each variation of grass has specific care instructions. Some grasses prefer cold climates while others prefer hot climates and some prefer shade while others prefer sun. It is essential to know a little about your climate, your location and even the yard’s shade patterns when deciding which grass is best for your yard.


2. Test the Soil’s PH Levels

Testing the PH levels and other areas of your soil can give you a better idea of what you will need to create a richer soil that is ready to grow a green lawn. You may need to use a fertilizer or other products to give your soil a boost if your soil is lacking nitrogen or phosphorous. Keep in mind that there are usually eco-friendly products that can be used in place of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Doing proper research will help you determine which products will work best for you and your yard.

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3. Water the Grass in the Morning

Many people believe that watering your grass in the evening is the best way to go, but that is not true. Lawn care experts know that waiting until evening to water your grass will allow the sun to evaporate the moisture that is keeping your grass soft and green. Morning watering gives grass the moisture needed to keep the tips of the grass from turning brown and hard due to burning in the heat of the day. Watering in the morning also allows the grass to absorb the moisture because the wind is not drying it as quickly.


4. Raise the Blades on Your Lawn Mower

Making sure that you have the right kind of mower for your lawn and using a higher level for the mower blades is essential during summer months. While many people believe that mowing frequently and lower allows the seeds to disperse more evenly and frequently, this does not help keep the grass that is already growing. Taller grass helps to retain moisture in the soil and it provides shade for the freshly growing grass as well.

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5. Aerate Every Season

Aerating your lawn will help your lawn in many ways. The process allows water and nutrients to go straight to the grass roots, thus creating a thicker and healthier growth. The aeration process also punctures small holes into the soil. The holes will help to prevent water runoff, thus retaining more moisture until it is needed throughout the day.


6. Continue Seeding after the Grass is Green

One common mistake is that people stop seeding the lawn after they achieve the look that they want. This is a mistake because it allows weeds to continue to grow between the grass blades. If you maintain your lawn care on a regular basis and keep seeing the lawn regularly, the grass will not allow the weeds to grow. As long as healthy grass is taking up all of the space, there are no nutrients left for the weeds to consume. If the weeds cannot eat, they cannot survive.

Creating the perfect green lawn is time-consuming and hard work, but the end result is worth it. What was once weed-infested, dirt pile could quickly become a thriving, healthy yard. Taking time each day to do a little yard work is nothing compared to the compliments, aesthetic quality and time that you will spend enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

By: David Glenn

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