Every Poggenpohl kitchen is built to order. They start with a blank sheet of paper – and the customer’s brief. The home, tastes and way of life of each client is considered before their skilled designers begin to create a kitchen that is precisely designed for the space and the people who will use it. Every cabinet, drawer and worktop is built to the precise dimensions of the customer’s home at their factory in Herford, Germany, right down to the last millimeter of space. That is why every Poggenpohl kitchen is as individual as their customers are.
Since 1892, Poggenpohl is the world’s leading luxury kitchen cabinet brand. Poggenpohl Hawaii offers the latest trends in European kitchen design in contemporary and classic styles, including creative solutions for maximizing space and ergonomically-designed kitchens. German-made bespoke Poggenpohl cabinetry offers over 70 cabinet fronts in a variety of wood and painted finishes.
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Intro: It’s time to enter the world of Real Estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true Real Estate radio show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour Hawaii’s premier Real Estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in Real Estate news and real world strategy on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to – or they’ll buy it.

Now, here are your hosts – Adrienne and Attillio.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed Sold Program: Or We’ll Buy It. If you have any Real Estate questions you can give us a call at 799-9596 or on the web at teamlally.com. And then I think we have Attillio. Is Attillio there on the line with his Mom?

Attillio: Yes, I’m here, can you hear me?

Adrienne: I can.

Attillio: Well, I’ll tell you what, folks. I was sitting in traffic, because of all this useless, useless, everybody uselessly chasing this endless consumerism that only serves ourselves, when we should be spending time feeding the homeless. Anyway, as I was sitting in this useless traffic, this lady, next to me in the next lane, signalled me to roll my windows down. She started asking me a bunch of tax and legal questions. And I said, “those are great questions, Ma’am. Highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional. But then I said, “but Mom, what other questions do you have?” So, if you hear anything on the show, sounds like legal advice, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: They should run that by Cain and Herren, the Attorneys with Heart.

Attillio: Yes, the Attorneys with Heart. The Attorneys with Heart that are not sitting in traffic, shopping.

Adrienne and Attillio: Laugh.

Attillio: And if they hear anything that sounds like legal advice, sorry tax advice, go see your local tax professional. But Adrienne, what are we going to talk about today?

Adrienne: I have a question. I have a question about what lane your Mom was in. Was she in the shoulder lane?

Attillio: No, she stayed inside the regular lane because she is a, she is a law-abiding citizen.

Adrienne: Okay, because I had to take the shoulder to actually get down here on time.

Attillio: Gasps.

Adrienne: I was committed, I needed to get here on time. I do what it takes, do whatever it takes.

Attillio: I know, it’s like, it should normally take, maybe twenty-five minutes and now we gotta spend an hour and a half doing that same length of travel. What the…

Adrienne: Well, if you took the shoulder, you’d be here sooner.

Attillio: Well, besides these pearls of wisdom of going on the shoulder lane, what other pearls of wisdom do you have for us today?

Adrienne: Alright, so. I have, my first quote is from Jim Rohn and kinda ties into what  we were doing over the last couple of weeks. “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development because success is something that you attract by the person you become.”

Attillio: Yes.

Adrienne: So, I was in the Mainland, working on some personal development and so was Attillio and…

Attillio: You were learning to become a success magnet?

Adrienne: A success magnet, yes.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And um…

Attillio: What else did you learn?

Adrienne: I learned that successful people are simply those with successful habits.

Attillio: Uh huh.

Adrienne: That’s from Brian Tracy. So, you know, it’s just about programming, right? You wanna program yourself to have these successful habits and then you will become successful. So, what kind of successful habits do you have, Attillio?

Attillio: Well, I got a pearl of wisdom for you. I’m reading someone’s bumper sticker.

Adrienne: Okay.

Attillio: It says “well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Adrienne: I agree. A hundred percent. See, that’s why I was in the shoulder lane.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: See?

Attillio: And then it also says, she’s also got another, I’m gonna assume “she”, but she’s got another bumper sticker, “harden up, Princess.” Laughs.

Adrienne: You gotta get that lady’s number.

Attillio: Yeah. She has a specialised license plate. Maybe she’s listening in to the show. It’s SOK R13. I don’t know what that means.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attillio: Anyway, you got some more for us?

Adrienne: I have plenty, but you know, I think we’re waiting on our VA tip of the week, I think Gabe was trying to call in with his VA tip of the week. Let’s see…no. He says no-one is answering.

Attillio: No-one is answering.

Adrienne: So, Gabe, try, keep calling in, we’ll watch for your call so you can provide us with the VA tip of the week. It’s very important.

Attillio: In the meantime, the, couple of things that we, that I wanna emphasize, you know, here’s the one takeaway that I have after all of these discussions and trainings and everything else.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: At the end of the day, and we know this is a BOLD Law, success is simple but not easy. And, what really sticks in my mind are the things that everybody and everyone can do and it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money, if you’re, like,  super-smart or super-confident, there’s that one thing that people, that in all kinds of business that people can do and that’s starting from Ground Zero or you have a large business like we do and that is getting out there and meeting people.

Adrienne: And, what do you say when you meet these people? Because, not everybody’s like, a big people-person like you, Attillio.

Attillio: You know, the first l thing I do is I walk up, if there’s somebody that I wanna meet, whether it’s a single person or a group of people or a pair of people, is I walk up to them. First of all, they’re going to be engaged in conversation, so you can’t just go in there and start talking.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: You have to stand in front of them for about a split-second, because then it’s going to create that “oh, okay, what does this weirdo want, and then, you know, obviously you can start off with some common courtesy and say, “excuse me” and then think of something that you notice about them that you had a question about, that you would like to know more about, so doesn’t necessarily, like, you know, “I’m salivating at the mouth, I’m a Realtor or salesperson and here’s my business card, will you do business with me?” No, that turns people off. So the couple we got to meet yesterday, we were doing the wine bottling in Kailua, you know what, just give a shout out to Marshall and his business.

Adrienne: Yeah, so we had a lot of fun with our team doing our quarterly wine bottling at, what is it, Oeno?

Attillio: Oeno in Kailua, right next to the, I think it’s the English pub or the tavern or whatever. Anyway, in Kailua.

Adrienne: Yes, and we got do some wine tasting and custom wine bottles and just, you know, we had a lot of fun, it’s a great activity and it’s great for your holiday gifts, so…

Attillio: And so, we always have an opportunity to meet people, you know what? I wanna tell you something, folks. They’re everywhere. People are everywhere.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: No matter what you do for a living, if you’re going to increase your probability of success, you’ve got to go out there, network and meet people and it doesn’t have to be some formal situation like a networking event. They’re everywhere. Meet them in the grocery line. I mean, you gotta be careful that you’re not coming off like you’re picking them up, you know, because that can be construed wrong and put people on the defensive, but…

Adrienne: But, if you’re at a networking event, then I mean there’s pretty much people that are gonna wanna reach out and meet you. And we use a certain acronym, when we’re building rapport with people, what it this acronym Attillio?

Attillio: The acronym is shut up and listen. No, the acronym is FORM.

Adrienne: Uh huh, and what does that mean?

Attillio: So if you, it helps you remember what to talk about so that you’re not standing there like a fish out of water with your mouth going up and down. But basically, you know what, I will gonna take turns, F stands for “Family”, so you would say, “hey, is this your,” “who’s this person you’ve been laughing and yakking it up with? I noticed you’ve been having a great time. Are you guys an item?” You know, because obviously you’re not gonna know if they have kids or any of that stuff, so you might say something like that and then talk about their kids and all of that stuff and uh, what’s the next letter stand for?

Adrienne: The next one is “Occupation”. Always interesting to know what people do for a living.

Attillio: “What do you do for a living?” And then the second response to whatever they tell you what they do for a living so you go up to them and say, “hey, what do you do for a living?” I’m a professional Olive Sucker, if you ever wondered why those hollow pimentos got into the middle of those Martini olives, that’s me. And the response to that is “that sounds interesting”…

Adrienne: That sounds great, tell me more.

Attillio: …tell me more about that.

Adrienne: Okay, so we have Gabe. Gabe is on the line here, to talk about his VA tip of the week. So we’ll come back to the FORM after.

Attillio: Finish it off, yeah.

Adrienne: Yeah, so, don’t go too far. We have Gabe Amey, with Hawaii VA Loans, calling in with his VA tip of the week. Are you there, Gabe?

Gabe: How’s it going, guys?

Adrienne: Hello.

Gabe: Hey, so I’m actually on a plane right now.

Adrienne: Oh.

Gabe: Just boarding round Maui and then we’re coming back to Oahu, so, I’m going to have to make it quick.

Adrienne: Okay.

Gabe: Alright?

Adrienne: Awesome.

Adrienne: So, one of the rules with VA is that VA, the rules of VA are not…people are buying VA loans, they’re not buying it for investment property purposes. VA doesn’t want you being a Real Estate mogul using a VA loan program, so the rule is that you intend to occupy the property and you’re going to occupy the property. So, after we close, you have up to sixty days to actually occupy the property. And then from there, you’re supposed to live in the property for at least twelve months.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Gabe: Now, after your twelve months, if you decide that you wanna move and you wanna actually rent out your property, you can still keep your VA loan. You don’t have to refinance out of it or sell it if you want to move, but that’s after twelve months of living in the property. Now, there’s exceptions to that rule, for instance, if you own the property for six months, maybe you have your PTS orders that you have to move then there’s an exception and that’s gonna be fine. Or, maybe you’re out of the military but for a job switch you have to move to a different island, then that’s fine, but…as long as you’re not moving to another house down the street, then you actually may get in trouble. So, again with VA loans, you have to occupy the property within sixty days and stay in there for at least twelve months unless you have an exception.

Adrienne: And then the other rule is if you have any questions on your VA loans or qualify for a VA loan, you gotta call Hawaii VA Loans.

Gabe: That’s right.

Adrienne: What’s a good number…

Gabe: 808-792-4251 that’s 792-4251 and you can always check us out at hawaiivaloans.com.

Adrienne: Alright, awesome, thank you, Gabe. Enjoy your flight back.

Gabe: Have a great weekend.

Adrienne: Alright, aloha. Alright, so now we have Duke on the line to talk about the property management tip of the week. Duke is with Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Are you there, Duke?

Duke: I am. Aloha, to you guys and Merry Christmas.

Adrienne: Thank you. So, what is your tip of the week?

Duke: When getting into a relationship with a Property Manager, and with me, make sure you’re very clear on what the terms of your ownership is toward the Property Management company. A lot of people that talk to me on the phone do not have a copy of their last Property Management agreement or do not know how to get in and out, manoeuver in and out of their contract. So, it normally is on the contract, I think it’s got to be on the contract, and probably a good idea to keep a copy around and to also know how to terminate your relationship with your Property Manager, even if it’s with me. Make sure you understand that. And that’s a big deal, because there are legal ramifications that go along with that.

Adrienne: Yes, I mean, whenever you enter into an agreement, you wanna know all the ins and outs. But, I know that, like, that your company very much, like, how our team operates, you really want your clients to be happy.

Duke: Most of the time, yeah, most of the time, if we get an adversarial relationship, I’m usually the one to say, “you know what, maybe we need a divorce,” and I’ll be the first to hit the door.

Adrienne: Yeah, so make sure to review the pre-nup. Laughs.

Duke: Yes, exactly. Good term there.

Adrienne: Yeah…

Duke: But the rental market’s really strong right now, I think it’s one of the strongest in the country. And if you want to find out more about rates and things like that, we charge ten percent, we also have a rent guarantee that states if we don’t rent your home in thirty days or less, we’ll pay the rent.

Adrienne: Wow. That’s awesome.

Duke: We back it up with money.

Adrienne: And then, where could our listeners find out more about you, your team, your company?

Duke: We’re located in Aiea, and our number is 445-9223.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Duke: That’s the number that somebody’ll call you back on within, I’d say fifteen minutes if you give us a call and no-one answers. Also you can see us on the web at www.hipacificpm.com.

Adrienne: Alright, awesome. Well, thank you so much, Duke with that awesome tip of the week.

Duke: You guys enjoy the rest of your week,

Adrienne: You too.

Duke: Bye-bye.

Adrienne: Bye-bye. Alright, so we’re gonna take a real short break, but when we come back we have a very special guest that’s joining us to talk about…

Attillio: Something.

Adrienne: Something that is going to change your life…

Attillio and Adrienne: Forever.

Commercial break.

Intro: Now more of the Team Lally Real Estate Show.

Adrienne: Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Attillio: And this is Attillio.

Adrienne: And you’re listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed Sold program: Or We’ll Buy It. If you have any Real Estate questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com. You can also go to teamlally.com/holiday and see all of the events that are going on around the Island and also different ways to give back to our community during the holidays.

Attillio: You’ve done this a thousand times before. You don’t need the script anymore.

Adrienne: I know.

Attillio: Let it go.

Adrienne: No!

Attillio: Take those training wheels off for Radio Shows!

Adrienne: Okay, we have a special guest joining us, we have Michelle Turner, with Pogo Pole, Hawaii. Michelle, are you there?

Michelle: I am, good morning from Maui, it’s nice to talk to you this morning.

Adrienne: I know, we have all sorts of people calling from Maui. Gabe, now Michelle. You know, we’re super-excited to have you on our show.

Michelle: Thank you, there is a reason why we say Maui is no ka’ oi.

Attillio: Sure. Well, tell us about your weird local style, we like to get to know the person before we get to know your business, tell us about you a little bit I see you lived in Mexico for a little bit.

Michelle: I did, I did. It’s actually a part of what brought me to Maui and how I transitioned so easily and it had to do a lot with the local lifestyle and being a little bit more laid-back and also enjoying the tropical weather.

Attillio: Oh right, and then how long have you been here in Hawaii?

Michelle: We moved to Maui in 2004 and when I say we, I mean Bryan, he’s a General Contractor here on Maui. And when we moved here in 2004 he told me, “oh, I already know where we’re going to live,” because he had actually lived here on Maui and then I caved. So, he was returning to Maui and he brought me we’ve been here eleven years and we love it.

Attillio: Alright, you guys are here to stay.

Michelle: We are, we are. It’s a great home base. We love to travel so it’s a great home base.

Adrienne: Now, Michelle, can you tell us a little bit about this company that you guys started, Poggenpohl?

Attillio: Well, first of all, what I wanna know is, what’s the story with the name?

Michelle: It was Poggenpohl, Hawaii.

Adrienne: Yes.

Michelle: Poggenpohl is actually from Friedemir Poggenpohl, he’s a gentleman who was born in the 1860s, and in 1892 he founded Poggenpohl which was a German Cabinet company which is still in existence today.

Attillio: Wow.

Michelle: It is the oldest kitchen brand in the world and it has been, it is known for its forward-thinking, its design, its engineering and making the kitchen better. That’s always been the drive for Poggenpohl and that’s just exactly what it was, from the very beginning. Mr. Poggenpohl was the one who had this vision to make the kitchen better. And that was in 1892, that was like, and consistently has always just used that thinking outside the box and trying new ideas and putting forth those ideas and making it actually become something that was functional. And so, that’s what Poggenpohl is about, it’s actually a family name, and we treat that company as though it’s a very large family and we’re around the world.

Adrienne: Now, you guys go to Germany, right, every year…

Michelle: We do, we do.

Adrienne: And learn more about, like, what’s going on, like, what are the newest trends and in the kitchen industry?

Michelle: We do. So every other year we go to our factory in Erfurt, that’s where our main location is. They’ve been in the same location forever and we get to meet with our colleagues, we get to see some new items that are coming out for the following year, we get to see the new displays, we have to touch and feel them so that we understand them better and this makes it better when we bring it back here to Hawaii, so that when I’m meeting with an architect, a designer or homeowner, I’ve already been in the space, felt the space. I understand how the new products work. So that when we are walking them through the process we already understand and have seen it before. We also do a factory tour, so we get to walk through the factory and see how things are physically made, which is always a good experience to see how things are made, so that when questions come up, you have a better idea of how that might be affected.

Adrienne: Now, you guys are over on Maui, but I know that from talking with you, you guys can install these kitchens state-wide.

Michelle: Absolutely, we do cover the entire state. That was one of the agreements we made with Poggenpohl when we became a franchise for the entire state of Hawaii. We already come to Oahu quite a bit, it’s just different business and trade shows and some of the different relationships that we’ve created over the years.

Attillio: Yes.

Michelle: And so, we are responsible for the entire state, so I do receive calls from all Islands. And I do have a network of craftsmen that I can call in for our installations on other Islands. And what’s really unique about Poggenpohl is that we can also travel to other Islands. So, say, for example, we had a recent experience where it was a very large project and even though we had a team here on Maui, I opted to fly over a few other craftsmen from Oahu to help facilitate that installation, so that it was a lot faster and the client could see the product and see it a lot quicker and imagine, three days versus ten days.

Adrienne: Yeah, that makes a big difference. So, these projects, are they typically brand new homes or people that are just wanting to have a fresh new kitchen in their home?

Michelle: Exactly, we actually do both. So that’s the exciting thing about Poggenpohl, is that is really is for, whether it’s new construction or it’s for remodeling, I do caution people that if they are for remodeling, that we are about a four month wait time, which means that we need plenty of time to do the design, to make sure that the kitchen has been specified properly and that it’s built to order in Germany and then shipped here to Hawaii. And we facilitate all the co-ordination and the logistics for that.

Attillio: I was at manufacturers were for German kitchen products and they had, it seems like there’s a different mentality there towards plumbers and things like that and they’re kinda like super-fine craftsmen there and spend years doing what they’re doing, so I can imagine that’s translating into the type of people that you hire and or work with on the install side, like you mentioned, you’re willing to fly people over.

Michelle: Absolutely, that’s correct. It’s kind of like you take your BMW into the workshop to have it worked on, you want to know that you have a certified BMW mechanic working on your BMW, it’s the same thing with Poggenpohl. This is a very well-made product and it needs to be handled in a respectful way and with people that understand it. And it’s not that it’s necessarily complicated, it’s just a different mindset and it’s a different attitude. So, just like your Ford mechanic wouldn’t necessarily be a BMW mechanic, your typical contractor or carpenter wouldn’t necessarily be a Poggenpohl installer. And that’s the reason why I source it around to find where those good installers are who understand European products so that I would have a network from which to choose, so when my clients are asking for installation, I know that they will be taken care of properly.

Attillio: Yeah, I know. ‘Cause when you make something in a factory, if you’re producing a hundred of these in a row, the probability that something’s gonna go wrong on the manufacturing end is very low and a lot of times the challenges you come into, it might be on the install side.

Michelle: Right, exactly, which is why we want to make sure that our installers are understanding of the products and have seen it before. And also, I’m there to be the facilitator because I’ve actually seen it also, my husband. As I said, he’s a general contractor and he also goes with me of course to Poggenpohl and we go through this because we do work that business together. And that’s how we can provide guidance on that. And if a client decides not to use our installers, we can still be available on a consultation basis, but I just always want to make sure that we’re there. That way, the brand itself and the product itself remains with that integrity.

Attillio: Yeah.

Michelle: As I said, it’s just with a luxury vehicle. You would want to make sure that you take care of that and that it’s handled properly and the same thing goes for this product which is cabinetry.

Attillio: Yeah. Well, people are listening in right now and they wanna get a hold of you.

Adrienne: Yeah, what is the best website or…

Michelle: I would love for them to get a hold of me. I love to design kitchens.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attillio: What’s a good ‘phone number for you?

Michelle: It is 808-264-7507 and that is my direct line. It’s Michelle Turner.

Attillio: Michelle Turner.

Michelle: And that is for Poggenpohl Hawaii and it’s also for my kitchen and bath company which is Vision Design Kitchen & Bath, so if I answer the ‘phone and I say “Vision Design” it’s also Poggenpohl.

Attillio: Okay.

Michelle: And then I also want to answer the ‘phone, just so people know I also answer the ‘phone with the company name of By Design Builders and the reason for that is that’s my husband’s contracting firm, and of course, I take calls for him as well and as Operations Manager and so I do take calls for By Design Builders as well. I always like to make sure that people understand that when they call me they’re talking to Poggenpohl Hawaii which of course is for these great kitchens and bathrooms, and then they’re also calling into the same line where I handle questions for By Design Builders, a General Contractor here on Maui.

Attillio: Yeah, I know when people call our office I say “Domino’s Pizza” and they get a little bit confused.

Adrienne and Michelle: Laugh.

Attillio: But, uh…

Michelle: I’ve been tempted to do that, just say “Four Seasons, how may I help you?”

Attillio and Adrienne: Laugh.

Attillio: But, uh, okay, so this is, our radio listeners, they always, they don’t have that pen nearby when it’s ready to go, so give us that number two more times.

Michelle: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s area code 808, ‘cause I am in Hawaii and the number is 264-7507 and we also have a website for Poggenpohl Hawaii. And of course that’s Poggenpohl and no-one knows how to spell Poggenpohl because the gentleman’s name is German. So Poggenpohl is spelt P-o-g-g-e-n-p-o-h-l and that’s Poggenpohl and if you put that into Google and you’re halfway close, or you put in Poggenpohl Hawaii Cabinetry, usually poggenpohlhawaii.com will come up in the top three.

Attillio: Cool.

Adrienne: Alright.

Michelle: Absolutely, absolutely and another list that will come up as well is By Design Maui because my husband has done a number of installations for Poggenpohl for me and that’s why the By Design page will also come up and of course, that’s for his By Design Builders, so we’re on Google and of course we can always be reached by ‘phone and I try to answer every ‘phone call. I know how hard it is when people call and the ‘phone goes to voicemail and I try to answer every single call. And then schedule a return call follow-up, so that way, people feel like they’re being taken care of.

Attillio: Sure.

Michelle: Because it’s really important in our industry.

Attillio: Alright, and we’ll call you at 2AM.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Michelle: Awesome, you know, I do have that Do Not Disturb feature which is awesome for those of us in Hawaii.

Attillio: Alright, well, thanks Michelle.

Adrienne: Yes, thank you Michelle for calling in to tell us more about Poggenpohl and all the great things that you’re doing, all over our lovely state here.

Attillio: Yeah, so enjoy your weekend.

Michelle: Thank you very much, I appreciate the opportunity.

Attillio: Okay, take care.

Adrienne: Bye, Michelle.

Michelle: Aloha.

Attillio: Well, check her out on the website that’s poggenpohl.com that’s p-o-g-g-e-n-p-o-h-l.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: By the way, they’re gonna be using that in the fifth grade spelling bee to kick out the final contestants. That’s gonna be the word.

Adrienne: Yes and then we have Megan Patrick on the line.

Attillio: Did we lose her?

Megan: Hello.

Adrienne: Hi.

Attillio: Hi Megan.

Megan: Hi, it’s Megan.

Adrienne: So we have Megan with Project Hawaii calling from her…

Attillio: Live from your event, right there, collecting goods.

Megan: I am on the radio, live right now?

Attillio: Yeah, Megan, so tell us where you’re at, so people can come over there and give you more stuff.

Megan: Yeah, I’m at Hawaiian Bank in Pearl City, the one by the Chuck E Cheese here. And we’re gonna be here til one thirty, we’re right on the corner, so, it’s real easy, we have lots of parking and actually, today, we have a drive-thru toy drive because the line is so long that we can just take your toys right from the road, just be better.

Attillio: Cool.

Adrienne: So, Megan tell us a bit more…

Attillio: What are these toys going for?

Megan: So, Project Hawaii’s a non-profit organization and we are run by volunteers. We provide the homeless children with Christmas, right now so we’re collecting toys and gifts and clothing and things for them to have a wonderful Christmas.

Adrienne: Mmhmm. And it looks…like, what’s a good website that our listeners could go to, to find out more about your, you know, your cause here that you’re raising…

Megan: Yeah, our website is helpthehomelesskeiki.org.

Attillio: Helpthehomelesskeiki.org. And I know, over there, I’ve been on the site, they’ve got a donate button. So if anybody got any suggestions, you wanna help out, hit that donate button, fill in the number “one hundred” and hit send!

Adrienne: Laughs.

Megan: Yeah, and hit send.

Attillio: Laughs.

Megan: And there is a place to put memos or notes to us, so…

Attillio: Sure. Alright, great, so you guys are out there ‘til one thirty, they can come by and what are the top three items they can come by with? Is it mainly just unwrapped toys for kids, children?

Megan: New toys, any age. We’re doing all age groups from infant all the way through teenage, so any gift that would be appropriate for, you know, is fine, just please have them unwrapped.

Attillio: Yes. Okay.

Adrienne: And then you guys also, are you collecting new clothes and shoes and that kind of thing, or…?

Megan: Yes, new clothes, new shoes, we can’t take any used item at this time, we just don’t have storage but anything new is accepted and tomorrow we’re gonna be in Kaneohe at Windward City Shopping Centre.

Attillio: Okay.

Megan: And that’s by First Hawaiian Bank from eleven to two.

Attillio: From eleven to two. And again, unwrapped child’s gifts…

Adrienne: New clothes. New shoes.

Megan: Yep.

Attillio: New slippers.

Megan: Yeah, any sizes we take, because, like I said, we have all ages, we have lots of teenagers.

Attillio: And, specifically, these are going to our keiki that are literally, unfortunately, doing the holidays living in tents, living in shelters, on the beach, they’re not in a traditional home, having a lot of challenges, so we’re gonna pull on your heartstrings, listeners. Go to location right now, First Hawaiian Bank, over there by Chuck E Cheese?

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: And go visit and say you heard about ‘em on the show and they’re gonna just, you know what, they’re stopping right now, they’re going to Toys ‘R Us, Sam’s Club, Costco, they’re loading up their cars and they’re coming to you right now.

Megan: That’s right, keep ‘em coming.

Attillio: Alright, well thanks Megan and we will definitely have you on the show again to keep promoting this Project Hawaii, helping the homeless keiki.

Megan: Thank you.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attillio: Alright, thank you Megan:

Megan: Hope you guys have a great holiday.

Attillio: You too.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks Megan.

Attillio: Alright, so the website, again, you remember?

Adrienne: helpthehomelesskeiki.org.

Attillio: helpthehomelesskeiki.org.

Adrienne: And it’s a year-round, non-profit that she’s constantly collecting donations for, you know, they have a summer camp that they do every year.

Attillio: Yeah, that they do in the summer. We met her and the husband and they came to the house, super-genuine people, our hearts, really, and support always go out to people like this that are not willing to just, “hey, what’s happening with the homeless?” No they’re willing to actually put personal time and efforts. She’s told us the story, you know, at the end of the year, if she’s run short, she’s put stuff on her own credit card so come on people, you’ll…

Adrienne: She’s one of those people that just, she just makes it happen.

Attillio: She’s making it happen. You know, you’re gonna go on these holidays and go to the theaters and spend a hundred bucks on the movies, you know what? Skip the movies for one day and provide some clothing, some clean underwear, some diapers, personal need items for our keiki that are living on the beach.

Adrienne: Yeah, so our family signed up to…each one of my children decided to shop for a homeless child and it was nice. Megan sent out, kind of like, the back story, like, what their whole story was, there was one child, he’s one of nine and his mom just can’t, you know, she can’t afford to provide Christmas to them, so it was nice to know the story and it helped just to shop and think about what they would really like or what they would enjoy, so for the one little boy that was one of nine, we got him some games that he could play with his siblings. That’s all he wanted. He wanted to be able to have some sports toys that he could interact with his brothers and sisters.

Attillio: Yeah. Now you’re trying to figure out, “how can we do this? We have a fixed budget.” You know what, and this is how I look at it with our kids. Do they need one more thing that’s just gonna go in the closet?

Adrienne: No.

Attillio: How about just get ‘em one thing and just say “hey, you know what? The rest of their Christmas list gift, we’re going to go shop for these kids that are on the beach that, you know what? They don’t necessarily need another football or some kinda game station, but they’d like to have a new pair of slippers to walk around on the beach in, they might hurt their feet, so…anyway, helpthehomelesskeiki.org. Please go to the site and donate, put a note in there, let them know that you heard about them on the radio show, the Team Lally Real Estate Show.

Adrienne: Alright, so we have Anthony on the line, calling from Supreme Auctions.

Attillio: Anthony, are you there?

Anthony: I am. Tough trip, it’s a way to transition me into this, what a great story you’re doing with the helping out the homeless kids and I get to talk about my next segment, so…

Attillio: That’s okay.

Anthony: Tough transition, so thanks, guys.

Attillio: Yeah, I know, you know why? Because people will come down and bit on this thing and close on it, it helps us, it generates more commissions for us and this is what we get to divert our money, time and efforts, it’s promoting great organizations like Help The Homeless Keiki.

Anthony: Well, there you go. So, well, I think I’m going to talk about 2040 Nuuanu Penthouse One.

Attillio: Yes, Penthouse One, let’s talk about it.

Anthony: Alright, well, this is the last weekend, everybody. The last weekend to come see this wonderful penthouse.

Attillio: Yes.

Anthony: Top floor, 2040 Nuuanu, that’s the address, it’s Penthouse One, it’s complete top floor, it’s been completely remodeled. It’s the last chance this weekend, both today and tomorrow, to come see it before it sells at auction on Thursday. It will sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price, on auction day.

Attillio: Mmhmm,

Anthony: So, come take a look at it, ‘cause there’s not another opportunity like this on the Island for a long time. So, anybody out there that’s in the market that wants to come see a beautiful unit, this is it.

Attillio: Yeah, it’s like, totally remodeled, it’s got huge windows all the way around, you’re on the top floor, 360 degree views, beautiful sunset, sunrise, all kinda views.

Anthony: Yep.

Adrienne: And no reserve.

Attillio: And no reserve.

Anthony: And no reserve. So, we’ll be open between one and five, both today – Saturday and tomorrow – Sunday, if you need to reach me for any reason, you can call me directly at 480-272-5499, again that’s 480-272-5499 and we’ve got a pretty busy weekend, this weekend but I can schedule you in if you want to come take a look at it, it’s the last chance.

Attillio: Yeah, and I noticed the information’s also on you guys’ website at supreme-auctions.com. It’s right on the front page, I think.

Anthony: Absolutely, yep, when you go to it, it’s the first thing that pops up.

Attillio: Cool.

Anthony: So, we look forward to seeing everybody and you guys have a great show so thank you again for letting me come on.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Anthony.

Attillio: Thanks, Anthony.

Anthony, Thanks, okay.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attillio: Okay.

Adrienne: So, we’re gonna take a short break…

Attillio: You know, before we take that quick break, I want to do a shout-out to our luxury Realtors out there, listening to this.

Adrienne: Okay, yes.

Attillio: Supreme-auctions.com. You’ve got a seller, again, you don’t want to be, you know what, I’m gonna to do the theme music.

Attillio: Whistles.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: You don’t wanna be that luxury Realtor,that was Clint Eastwood. What were the movies he was in? The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, anyway. Yeah, Dirty Harry and all of that. You don’t want to be that luxury Realtor that’s going to be a notch on the gun belt of that luxury property that means that boom, you work with them for a whole year, spend twenty, thirty-thousand dollars marketing the property, and then bang! You’re fired, and you’re Realtor number one, Realtor number two and Realtor number three. Why not have, some other alternative that you can go to them, which is…

Adrienne: Supreme Auctions.

Attillio: Supreme Auctions. Check ‘em out online. It’s a luxury marketing program that gets the property sold in ninety days…

Adrienne: Ninety-six percent success rate.

Attillio: Ninety-six percent success rate, they’re doing marketing like you’ve not seen before, you’re the seller with these holding costs, you’re getting frustrated, sitting on this luxury property in the four, five, six, eight and up, million dollar range. Why don’t you give us a call?

Adrienne: Yeah, give us a call, 799-9596. Alright, so, we’re gonna take a real short break, but when we come back, we have Coming Soon properties and open houses.

Attillio: From the world-famous Brooks Bowman.

Adrienne: Yes. So don’t go too far.

Attillio: Stay with us.

Commercial break.

Intro: It’s the Team Lally Real Estate Show. Here’s Adrienne and Attillio.

Adrienne: Welcome back, this is Adrienne.

Attillio: And this is Attillio and I’m whippin’ it.

Adrienne: I was whippin’ it last night at the Army National Guard Ball.

Attillio: This is what people, they wish we had us on a webcam, ‘cause they’d be watching us whippin’ it, nae nae and boppin’.

Adrienne: Laughs. Alright, so you are listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed Sold program: Or We’ll Buy It. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out at teamlally.com and again, I wanna give another shout out to our…

Attillio: Holiday website.

Adrienne: Yes, our holiday page, so teamlally.com/holiday.

Attillio: What’s on there?

Adrienne: Well, there’s all sorts of ways for you to give back to the community. We actually have links for Project Hawaii.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And then, all the different activities that are going on around this Island.

Attillio: Two things are on there; ways to give, ways to enjoy.

Adrienne: Exactly, so go check it out.

Attillio: Alright, so we’re bringing on Brooks Bowman?

Adrienne: We’re bringing on Brooks Bowman.

Attillio: Brooks, are you there?

Brooks: Whistles.

Attillio: Alright.

Brooks: Oh.

Attillio and Adrienne: Laugh.

Brooks: Hi, you guys. Just practising my Clint Eastwood.

Attillio: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. So, tell us about your Coming Soon properties.

Brooks: Well, this is a good one. This is a real gem of a property in Ewa Gentry Prescott, of course, in Ewa Beach. It’s going live, as we say, this coming week.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Brooks: And this is what I call a Best Choice Home because of its many features. It’s a four-bedroom, four bath.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Brooks: Family home with over 2500 square feet of living area and it comes with a much-desired bedroom and full bath on the first floor.

Adrienne: Nice.

Brooks: Yeah. And it has a huge covered lenai and a gorgeous swimming pool. It also has its own power plant on the roof, it’s a form of 40 plus photovoltaic panels.

Adrienne: Oh, wow. Are these photovoltaic panels, are they owned or are they leased?

Brooks: This is leased with Sunland, this is still a huge benefit to the buyer.

Adrienne: That’s awesome.

Brooks: It cuts what would typically be a Hawaiian electric bill right in half, so it’s of huge value to the buyer, coming in. The floorplan is excellent. It feels very spacious and the home is really immaculately maintained. And it’s situated nicely on a large corner lot.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Brooks: Just all round it is a beauty to say the least. And that’s really all I have. There’s more coming up next week, that’s what I’ve got this week.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Yeah, you’ve been busy, connecting with all of our sellers here that are wanting to get their homes on the market during the holidays.

Attillio: Yeah.

Brooks: Yeah, huge fun actually, it really is.

Attillio: Well, thanks, Brooks.

Adrienne: Yes, thank you Brooks.

Brooks: Thank you, guys, have a great day.

Adrienne: Alrighty.

Attillio: Well, speaking of getting your home on the market for the holidays, don’t fall into that common trap of waiting ‘til the New Year. Tell ‘em one reason why. One or two reasons before we bring on…

Adrienne: Alright, so, there’s very, the people that are out looking for homes now…

Attillio: Mmhmm.

Adrienne: They’re serious buyers. They are gonna buy a home. Because, I mean, it’s like, they could be out doing Christmas shopping, or holiday parties and whatnot, so the people that are actually out looking for homes, they’re going to buy something. They are going to put in an offer.

Attillio: They might be sucking down the eggnog, a little bit tipsy and they’re going to sign.

Adrienne: Yeah, exactly. So, that’s one reason and another reason is there’s less competition because everyone else is thinking, “I’ll just wait ‘til after the holidays to put my home on the market,” so…

Attillio: So, give us a call on our seller hotline, 799-9596. We can tell you about our very specialised holiday marketing plan, that’s guaranteed to get your home sold during the holidays or we’ll start a accidental electrical fire with your Christmas lights and it down to the ground for the insurance money.

Adrienne: Laughs. No. We will not do that.

Attillio: Oh, no, that’s not the plan?

Adrienne: No, that’s, the plan is to get it sold.

Attillio: Get it sold. 799-9596. Alright, so we got Rey. Rey, are you on the line? Rey,are you there? Hello, Rey.

Rey: I am here, how are you both doing?

Attillio: Good, good, so, tell us about your open house.

Rey: It will be sitting tomorrow at Mililani, Mauka, it’s a beautiful four bedroom, three bath home, over 2200 square feet. The address is, 95-1126 Ahoka Street, Mililani.

Attillio: Oh right.

Rey: So, come by, see us tomorrow from two to five, it’s about 5000 square feet, gorgeous plot, nicely landscaped, plenty of room, nice built-in kitchen. Again, we’ll be there tomorrow, Sunday, December 13th from two to five.

Attillio: No offers on this one yet.

Adrienne: Not yet.

Attillio: Not yet.

Rey: Not yet.

Attillio: Gotcha. So, okay. Three reasons why we wanna come visit it. It’s clean, it’s vacant and Rey’s easy on the eyes.

Rey: Yes.

Attillio: He’s a handsome guy, you should come check him out.

Adrienne: And, there’s also, they have brand new flooring that they’ve just installed in this home.

Attillio: Yes.

Adrienne: So, all the more reason, it is move-in ready.

Attillio: Alright. So, bring him some warm cookies, uh…laughs.

Adrienne: No. No cookies.

Attillio: No cookies? Salad? How about a salad?

Adrienne: He likes cupcakes.

Attillio: Rey, what you like? Cupcakes?

Rey: Cupcakes, only if they’re made by Meriset.

Attillio: Meriset, there you go.

Adrienne: Meriset, from Honolulu Cupcakes.

Attillio: From Honolulu Cupcakes.

Adrienne: That’s it.

Attillio: Alright, thanks, Rey.

Rey: Thank you.

Attillio: Alright, next up we got, Aaaloha. It’s Keli’i.

Keli’i: Aloha, yes it is Keli’i.

Keli’I and Adrienne: Laugh.

Adrienne: He stole your line.

Attillio: I pre-empted you.

Keli’i: I know.

Adrienne: You didn’t know what to do.

Attillio: You know, Frederik Eklund, I got to meet him this past weekend from Millionaire Listing. He’s says you gotta have a signature move. And Keli’i, what is your signature sound or move? Tell it to us again?

Keli’i: Aaaloha.

Attillio: That’s it.

Keli’i: Keli’i with Team Lally.

Everyone: Laughs.

Attillio: Alright, so tell us about your open house.

Keli’i: Okay, I’ll be talking about two beautiful open houses that we’ll have tomorrow.

Attillio: Yeah.

Keli’i: First one’s going to be sat by our wonderful agent, Mike.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Keli’i: So, in Makakilo, address is 92-7175 Elele Street. Number 303.

Attillio: Okay.

Keli’i: And this is a beautiful three bedroom, two and a half bathroom condo, it has a two-car garage, which makes it even more desirable, Mike will be sitting it two to five, so you’re welcome to come on up and enjoy that home there. I’ll be sitting at Millilani  as well with Rey.

Attillio: Oh, you’ll be sitting in Mililani, oh right, right on.

Keli’i: Yeah, it’ll be a four bedroom, two and a half bath home, if you folks are from Mililani and you’re interested buying a Mililani home, then you know that Mauka has a lot of traffic but this home’s at the bottom, so you can be sure that you won’t be hitting all that traffic from the very top to the very bottom. I’ll be sitting there tomorrow from two to five as well. Please come check it out. This one is something you cannot miss, it has a PV system, therapy pool in, goes on and on, the list.

Adrienne: Can they bring their swimsuits? For the therapy pool?

Keli’i: Their swimsuits, maybe, maybe not. You just have to, you’ll have to also bring your offer and your checkbook too.

Adrienne: Oh. So, swimsuits are optional?

Attillio: I’ll tell you what, if somebody, here, we’re gonna do the outrageous social media call-out. If somebody comes into the home, runs through the home screaming like a crazy maniac, with their clothes on, their holiday shopping clothes on, maybe sweater…

Adrienne: Ugly sweater.

Attillio: And screams to the top of their lungs and does a cannonball into the pool with the ugly sweater, and we get it on video and can post it on our Team Lally Facebook Page, we’ll give you a fifty dollar Costco card.

Adrienne and Keli’i: Laugh.

Keli’i: Uh-oh. Result.

Adrienne: I think Keli’i will take you up on it.

Attillio: And if there’s more than one participant, then the cannonball-off will be done based on the splash height.

Keli’i: Laughs.

Adrienne: Alright, so Keli’i, make sure that you have your ‘phone ready for this video taping.

Attillio: They gotta get it on video, so if you come in running in there, screaming like a maniac and you do the cannonball and we don’t get it on video, you gotta do it again.

Adrienne: Alright, where are you gonna be at again, Keli’I? So that our crazy listeners can go get you?

Attillio: For the Wacky Sweater Cannonball Contest.

Keli’i: This contest will be held at 95-1079, Hoakua Street, Mililani.

Attillio: Alright,

Keli’i: And don’t get too crazy.

Everyone: Laughs.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Keli’i.

Keli’i: Thank you.

Adrienne: Alright, so if our listeners have any questions about any of the homes that we’ll be holding open this weekend or our Coming Soon listings, they can give our buyer hotline a call at 234-4421, that’s 234-4421.

Attillio: Now, you’re a seller, you’re listening in and you’re like, “man, I wish I had a Real Estate team like this, representing me and doing all of these crazy promoting of my property,” you should give us a call. Give us a call, 799-9596. We’re either extremely crazy or we’re good. Call us and find out. Let’s go through an interview process.

Adrienne: You be the judge.

Attillio: You be the judge.

Adrienne: So, I wanna give a shout out to our, we’re doing our week of holiday cheer.

Attillio: Week of holiday cheer.

Adrienne: Yes, Howard and Alicia have come up with a pretty fun schedule for us. We’re going to be doing some present-wrapping right outside of our office, on, I think, Wednesday from four to six. So, if you have presents that you’d like to have wrapped ‘cause you just don’t like to wrap presents, come by, come visit us and we’ll be happy to wrap your presents.

Attillio: Now, you know, if it ends up looking like it got wrapped by Charlie Brown, with floss, bubblegum and chopsticks…

Adrienne: No…

Attillio: …that’s a specific décor design, we’re doing that intentionally.

Adrienne: No, we have some excellent wrappers, like, some professional-looking wrapping.

Attillio: Yep.

Adrienne: You can count on us.

Attillio: Go check out our office, at what time?

Adrienne: So, our office from four ‘til six on Wednesday.

Attillio: Yep.

Adrienne: And, you may see Keli’i out there dancing with the sign.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: We’ll have a lot of fun. So come by and visit our office, it’s over in Kopolei, right across from the police station.

Attillio: Yeah, so drop it off, we’ll wrap it, maybe go down the street, go get some Starbucks, maybe go make a donation…

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: To helpthehomelesskeiki.org and we’ll wrap the gifts and then, what are we doing the rest of the week…I think, um…

Adrienne: We’re giving out hugs.

Attillio: Giving out hugs.

Adrienne: Santa hugs, Santa and elf hugs.

Attillio: Santa and elf hugs, we’ll be dressed like Santa and an elf and if you need a hug…

Adrienne: So we’ll be doing random creative acts of kindness on Monday.

Attillio: Mmhmm, we gotta figure out what we’re gonna be doing. Wait, you’re going backwards, I thought it was like, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

Adrienne: I know, I’m all over the place, I can’t remain focused.

Attillio: Then Howard, our Listing Manager will be doing naked Santa streaking at Pearlridge Mall.

Adrienne: No, he’s gonna be singing.

Attillio: Oh, he’s going to be singing.

Adrienne: We’re going to be doing some caroling.

Attillio: How did I mishear that one?

Adrienne: Laughs. I don’t know. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Attillio: But anyway, oh I think it’s far from there.

Adrienne: We’re going to be having a lot of fun this week, spreading the holiday cheer, spreading kindness and gratitude to the community around us, so you can check us out. We’ll be posting our fun on our Facebook Page.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And, definitely come by and visit us on Wednesday to get your presents wrapped.

Attillio: Maybe we’ll do another contest, you know what, send us your examples of holiday cheer, acts of kindness that you’re doing throughout the next week, and maybe we’ll send you a gift card. No guarantees or promises, post it on the…

Adrienne: I think we should send the gift card to like, Project Hawaii.

Attillio: Sure.

Adrienne: They need it.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, well, thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attillio: Gabe Amey and Jim Owens of Hawaii VA Loans.

Adrienne: Mike Mets of Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control.

Attillio: Bradley Maruyama with All State Insurance.

Adrienne: Jodie and Derek Tunga, Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Attillio: Kim and Tony Green with TK Green Home Inspection.

Adrienne:  Jan and Tony Mahmoud of AAA Roofers.

Attillio: And Colbein and Lisa Walsh, with Walsh Landscaping Services.

Adrienne: Janice Myrland of Dreamhouse Drafting.

Attillio: If you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors just go to teamlally.com.

Adrienne: And we also want to give a big thank you to Matt, our producer here in the studio. Make sure to tune in next week where we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life forever.

Attillio: This is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed…

Attillio and Adrienne: Sold Program!

Adrienne: If we don’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price, standard time frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Attillio and Adrienne: Thanks and Aloha!