Adrienne and Attilio had a very inspiring guest, UJ Ramdas, co-creator of The Five-Minute Journal. They discussed that the main idea of the journal is for everyone to achieve more with less. Also, it is to help people seamlessly in creating positive habits without investing years in experimenting and research to achieve the same results.  
UJ Ramdas is passionate about bringing together practical psychology and business to create a better world. With a background in Behavioural Science, Marketing and Hypnosis, he’s consulted with (several hundred) clients, bringing them from confusion to clarity. Currently based out of Toronto, Canada, he’s a big fan of the wilderness, eastern meditative practices and a good cup of tea.

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Intro: It’s time to enter the world of Real Estate in Oahu with Hawaii’s only true Real Estate radio show, “The Team Lally Real Estate Show.” Grab a pen and get ready to take notes. For the next full hour Hawaii’s premier Real Estate leader, Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi will bring you the latest in Real Estate news and real world strategy on how they can guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to. Or they’ll buy it. Now, here are your hosts – Adrienne and Attillio.

Adrienne: Welcome to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the guaranteed Sold Program: Or We’ll Buy It. If you have any questions you can give us a call at 799-9596 or check us out on the web at teamlally.com.

Attillio: Well, hey everybody, this is Attillio. I was at my son Juten’s soccer game, trying not to be the typical parent, yelling from the sideline. I was somewhat okay. Anyway, a lady came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, started asking a bunch of tax and legal questions. I said “those are great questions, highly recommend you seek the appropriate licensed professional.” And then I said, “But Mom, what other questions do you have today?” So, if you hear anything on the show, sounds like legal advice, Adrienne, who should they run that by?

Adrienne: They should run that by their local, friendly attorney.

Attillio: And you know what, if you…is there such thing as a friendly attorney? Just kidding.

Adrienne: There are. There are friendly attorneys, but you know, there’s all sorts of different types of attorneys. As we found. We’ve been trying an attorney for one of our clients who has the unfortunate situation, the one that’s over in Ocean Point.

Attillio: Oh yeah.

Adrienne: Yeah, so we’re actually looking for an attorney them but we’ve not been able to find anybody that specialises in this kind of situation.

Attillio: So, we’ll tell you a little, real quick, these homeowners got hold of somebody that got them to sign over the title to their distressed property. And this person, we’re not going to any names to protect the…

Adrienne: He’s not innocent…but…

Attillio: I want to say, not to protect the innocent, but to protect a huge beep beep. But anyway, and so, this person’s not been communicating with the bank, is collecting the rent and keeping it…

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: And these homeowners have, are government workers and this property…

Adrienne: And veterans, both of them.

Attillio: And veterans.

Adrienne: Yep.

Attillio: And could possibly be facing foreclosure and jeopardise their security clearance and lose their jobs, because of this beep beep. Anyway…

Adrienne: So, we’re looking for an attorney to help them to unravel some of this mess.

Attillio: Tell you what, if you’re an attorney that specialises in going after j-holes, we need your help.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: Or these clients do.

Adrienne: Yes that’s 799-9596. Give us a call

Attillio: And if you hear anything on the show, sounds like tax advice, who should they call?

Adrienne: They can give our friend Travis Branch a call at 721-6880.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, so actually, I have some quotes, today, from The Five Minute Journal. That’s where my quotes are coming from. “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” And that one’s from Dale Carnegie

Attillio: I like Dale Carnegie. Why do I like Dale Carnegie?

Adrienne: Well, because, that’s a book that we read, “How To Win Friends and Influence People” every year.

Attillio: He’s the author of the book.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” every, every…wait, that’s my favorite book and I’m screwing up the title. Anyway…

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: What’s Chapter One?

Adrienne: Um…

Attillio: Don’t CCC.

Adrienne: Oh, Don’t Criticise, Complain or Condemn.

Attillio: Bingo.

Adrienne: Alright, so my next quote is from Michael Altshuler. Again, this is another quote in The Five Minute Journal.

Attillio: Uh huh.

Adrienne: “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.”

Attillio: Okay, we’re the Captains of our own destiny.

Adrienne: That’s right. Alright, and then the last quote is from Winston Churchill. “The optimist sees opportunity in every danger, the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity.”

Attillio: The thing about Winston Churchill, he was the, I think the Chancellor, I forget what his, uh…The Man, the President, or, not called the President, it’s something else, I think it’s…anyway, people from England, I apologise. But, basically, he was the version of our President, you know, the supreme ruler of England, and they were getting bombarded by the Germans at the time, they were pretty much the last line of defence during World War II between the bad guys and the rest of the world. And, he still had that type of wisdom.

Adrienne: Yes, and attitude.

Attillio: Speaking….

Adrienne: Positive Mental Attitude. So speaking of…

Attillio: Speaking of wisdom…

Adrienne: And Positive Mental Attitude, we have Gabe Amey of Hawaii VA Loans on the line.

Hawaii VA Loans Commercial music plays.

Attillio: Hi, Gabe, are you there?

Gabe: I’m here guys, hey. I must say, I love the segues, it’s getting better and better each week. I appreciate it.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: You know, we could be talking about lollipops and then go, “speaking of lollipops, we have…”

Gabe: Speaking of suckers…we have Gabe Amey.

Attillio and Adrienne: Laugh.

Attillio: Gabe, you know, I have to ask you a question. When you get home, does that theme music play when you walk in the door?

Gabe: I wish it would.

Attillio: It should.

Gabe: I’m gonna have, like, an app for that.

Attillio: Connect it to your doorbell.

Gabe: Yeah.

Gabe and Adrienne: Laugh.

Gabe: Oh, man.

Attillio: So, what’s your VA tip of the week?

Gabe: You ready to learn some more stuff and some tips?

Attillio: This is awesome, ‘cause we always get Jim. Not that Jim’s, you know, chopped liver or anything like that, but it’s always…

Adrienne: It’s nice to mix it up.

Attillio: With Gabe.

Gabe: Yeah, we mix it up. Jim’s got a wealth of knowledge too but we can mix it up, so.

Attillio: Yeah.

Gabe: I got one for you guys.

Attillio: Okay.

Gabe: Now, we talk about VA Loans tip of the week, well let’s just talk about a loan, mortgage, loan tip of the week.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: Okay.

Gabe: Last week we put up a new blog post called “The Top Five Ways to Save Money on Closing Costs”.

Attillio: Yes.

Gabe: Okay, so, that’s something that everyone, I’m sure, wants to learn more about, ‘cause who wants to pay money at closing costs? Nobody I know.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: Nope.

Gabe: So, I’m gonna talk about three of them. You want the whole five, you’re gonna have to have to go to the blog post at hawaiivaloans.com.

Attillio: Yeah, leave ‘em wanting more! Yeah.

Gabe: Alright?

Attillio: Yeah, yes.

Gabe: So, let’s start with number one. First way to save money in closing costs is try and set your closing date near the end of the month, kay? And the reason why, is on closing costs. All borrowers have to pay what’s called pre-paid interest. It’s a pro-rated amount of interest, per day, that you have to pay to the bank, depending on how many days are left in the month.

Attillio: Yes.

Gabe: Your loan falls on the fifteenth day of the month then you’re gonna have to pay fifteen days of pre-paid interest. If it closes on the fifth day, you’re gonna have to pay roughly twenty-five days. So, ideally, if you’re worried about, you know, paying the least amount of closing costs possible, you need to set your closing date, you know, on the 25th, 28th, the 30th of the month, and assuming you guys can close on time, you’ve only got to pay a couple days of pre-paid interest which is going to be really nice pre-paid interest, depending on your loan amount. Could be anywhere from fifty bucks to a hundred and fifty bucks a day. So, could be big savings, alright? So, that’s number one.

Attillio: Number two.

Gabe: Number two. Lock your loan with rebate pricing. So, what does that mean? Let’s say, today, you wanted to get a thirty-year fixed loan and they said, “well, without paying any points or additional closing costs, you can get a rate of 3.75%.”

Attillio: Uh huh.

Gabe: You said, “okay”, but what if you’re okay with going with a rate, say, like, 4%, a quarter percent higher. You’re gonna pay a little bit more in your monthly payments, but what you could probably get is a YSP or Yield Start Premium based on your rebate pricing and instead of paying money at closing, you may be getting a rebate, say one percent of your loan amount so…on a five hundred thousand dollar loan, you may be able to get five thousand dollars back to cover your closing costs by just taking a little higher interest rate, so, it really depends on what’s more important for you. Reduced closing costs or lower payments going forward, but that’s another way you can reduce your closing costs, right?

Attillio: Alright, yeah.

Gabe: Number three.

Attillio: Number three.

Gabe: Alright? And this is one we love. Third best way to save money on closing costs is use a VA Loan. If you’re eligible, right? And the reason why is on VA Loans there’s certain fees that are a veteran cannot pay for. These are known as the VA non-allowable closing costs.

Attillio: Yes.

Gabe: So, what happens is usually the lender or the sellers pick up the costs, usually the lender. And what happens is this saves a veteran anywhere usually between 1500 and 2000 dollars in closing costs that they would normally have to pay if they didn’t go with a VA Loan.

Attillio: Mmhmm.

Gabe: So, those are the three things, right, reduce your pre-paid interest by closing at the end of the month, try and get rebate pricing when you lock your interest rate and use a VA Loan when you wanna buy a home and that’s gonna save you some money on closing costs. But, if you wanna get the rest of the tips, the two tips, go to our website, hawaiivaloans.com and you can check our our blog and get more of that information.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attillio: Thanks, Gabe.

Adrienne: Thank you, Gabe. Awesome. Awesome tip.

Gabe: Alright.

Attillio: Alright, have a great weekend.

Gabe: Have a great weekend, aloha.

Attillio: Alrighty. So, if you want to get a hold of them, Adrienne, what’s a good number?

Adrienne: 792-4251 or check ‘em out online at hawaiivaloans.com.

Attillio: That’s hawaiivaloans.com. Next up to bat! Speaking of next up to bat, he is, we learned that he is a very, he was a great multi-purpose athlete.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: A star football player for Roosevelt High School, Duke.

Adrienne: And baseball.

Attillio: And baseball. Duke. Are you there?

Duke: I am. Speaking of lollipops…

Everyone: Laughs.

Duke: You guys are too funny.

Adrienne: Alright, so this is Duke. Duke Kimhan with Hawaii Pacific Property Management. Duke’s on the line with his…

Attillio: Property Management tip of the week.

Duke: So, the tip of the week is find a property management company that will warranty their tenants. What I mean by that is a property management company evict the tenants if something goes wrong and not charge the owners for it.

Attillio: Wow.

Duke: We at Pacific Property Management, we warranty our tenants if they have a credit score that exceeds 650 plus.

Attillio: 650 plus, okay.

Duke: So, we recommend that you, as an owner, take the credit scores that are 650 plus. If you choose not to, the eviction, if it still happens, will probably be on you.

Adrienne: And then, how much does a typical eviction cost?

Duke: Well, I mean, in today’s market, a typical eviction runs anywhere from one to three thousand…

Adrienne: Oh wow.

Duke: Depending on which attorney firm you use.

Attillio: Yeah.

Adrienne: And then, plus the lost rent, so…

Duke: That’s right.

Adrienne: Really can cost you a lot for making a poor decision on your tenants.

Attillio: And whatever the disgruntled tenant may be doing to your unit.

Adrienne: That too.

Duke: That’s right, so we have the top ten questions and you can look at it on our website at www.hipacificpm.com.

Attillio: hipacificpm.com. Thanks, Duke.

Duke: Okay.

Attillio: So, credit score about 650, you guys will…

Adrienne: Warranty the tenant.

Duke: Yes.

Attillio: Which means you’ll kick ‘em out or you’ll get that taken care of.

Adrienne: You’ll take care of the eviction if you’ve made a bad choice.

Duke: We do.

Adrienne: And so, has that ever happened to you guys? Have you had to kick out a tenant that you warrantied or…oh…

Attillio: Oh, he’s breaking up.

Adrienne: I don’t think that they have. I know that they had to kick out a tenant that they advised against bringing in.

Attillio: Still gotta know if you’re still there but we can’t hear you, but this is what we will share with you, have a great weekend. Thanks, Duke.

Adrienne: Yep, give ‘em a call at 445-9223 or check ‘em out at hipacificpm.com.

Attillio: Now, what he was just about to say, before he got cut off was he was going to tell us about his guaranteed Rent program. What’s that Adrienne?

Adrienne: So, basically, if they don’t find a tenant within that first thirty days and agreed-upon rate they will pay the rent.

Attillio: Shut the front door.

Adrienne: Yes, they’ll pay the rent.

Attillio: They’ll pay the rent?

Adrienne: They’ll pay the rent.

Attillio: Holy shitake mushrooms.

Adrienne: Alright, so on that note, we’re gonna take a short break, but when we come back we have a very special guest that’ll be joining us.

Attillio: And he’s going to be speaking about…

Adrienne: Happiness.

Attillio: And clarity.

Commercial break.

Intro: The Team Lally Real Estate Show continues.

Adrienne: Welcome back. You’re tuning in to the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed Sold: Program, or we’ll buy it. I’m Adrienne…and Attillio stepped out for a moment. And if you have any questions you can reach us at 799-9596 or on the web at teamlally.com.

Attillio: Hey, so, you might want to tune in for this guest because he’s got two great books. We’ll talk…you know what, just forget about a guest, we can…what’s the opposite of talking stink? Talking well? We’re gonna talk well about our guest until he calls in, he should be calling in any second now on to the studio line. He’s got two great books. What’s the first one that we introduced to the team?

Adrienne: Well, it’s called The Five Minute Journal, and our whole team has been using this, this tool. I had the pleasure of seeing him on the Mainland over in California. He did a session for Hal Elrod, Best Year Ever Live.

Attillio: And this, this five minute journal, it’s only got two pages in it. That’s how quick you do…

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: No, more than those. It’s five minutes a day.

Adrienne: Yes, so, that’s the concept, is that it just makes it, just very, very easy to do your journaling, to have your gratitude and then just to be able to reflect on your day and, you know, how it could have been better.

Attillio: Yeah. The second book that he came out with or, I would call it a concept, but it’s a Productivity Planner.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Attillio: And so, these two books, I think the first one, the Five Minute Journal is just focused on mental wellbeing, I think.

Adrienne: Yes.

Attillio: If you had to sum it up in a sentence. The second one is getting more done…

Adrienne: Focus, it’s all about focus.

Attillio: The main idea is that you can achieve more with less.

Adrienne: That’s right.

Attillio: More with less.

Adrienne: Alright, so…

Attillio: I think he’s here.

Adrienne: I think so, let’s bring him on.

Attillio: Hi, UJ, are you there?

UJ: I’m here.

Attillio: And, you know what, pronounce your first name for us.

UJ: It’s two letters, UJ.

Adrienne: UJ.

Attillio: UJ. Okay. UJ, UJ. I got it. You know, welcome to the club, my name is Attillio, so I call it the club of the people with the names that people that can’t figure out, or the interesting name club, so thank you for being a part of our private membership.

Attillio and UJ: Laugh.

UJ: Fantastic. Happy to be a part of it.

Attillio: So, UJ, tell us about your…Adrienne, do you have a question for him, ‘cause you’re a big, huge, actually our whole team is a big fan of The Five Minute Journal. Adrienne brought it back from an event she was at, and heard you speak live. Is that right, Adrienne?

Adrienne: Yes, the Hal Elrod…

Attillio: Best Year Ever?

UJ: Oh yes.

Adrienne: That was great.

UJ: That was fun.

Attillio: So, if you’re wondering, how do these, how these people get inspired to buy your books, that was the reason. And so we bought, for our whole team and then we bought a few extras just to hand out to people that we like.

UJ: Cool.

Attillio: And maybe then hand out to grumpy people that we would like to like if they were to do a Five Minute Journal.

UJ: Laughs.

Attillio: So, seriously, let’s talk about that one and then after we wanna talk a little bit about your Productivity Planner.

UJ: Let’s do it.

Attillio: Okay.

UJ: Actually, I have a, my good friend and co-creator of Five Minute Journal, here as well. Alex, is in town, so he’s literally just a feet away from me.

Attillio: Cool.

Adrienne: Oh, wow. That’s a nice surprise.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: I know.

Attillio: Alright, so how did you – first question – well you know, UJ, have you ever been to Hawaii?

UJ: Never been.

Attillio: Okay, so our culture, it’s probably similar in other places. You know, it, more importantly than the business you represent, or product or service, our local style of business or culturally is to get to know you as a person, so tell us about you.

UJ: What do you wanna know?

Attillio: Uh…what high school did you go to?

Adrienne: Laughs.

UJ: Well, I grew up in India.

Attillio: Okay.

UJ: So, I went to…there is no middle school, high school or elementary school in India. It’s all one thing. And, starts at grade one, all the way to grade twelve.

Attillio: Oh, wow.

UJ: And I grew up in Delhi.

Attillio: Delhi. Mmhmm.

UJ: And, my entire kind of, early schooling was done in India. And I moved to Canada when I was seventeen. Along for post-secondary education. At least, that was the excuse.

Adrienne: And, so now, you guys reside in Canada.

UJ: Correct. So I live in Canada, and Alex resides in London, with his wife.

Adrienne: Oh, and how did you and Alex meet, and how did you get together to come up with these books?

UJ: We actually met at University, initially. And then reconnected a few years after through mutual friends.

Attillio: Okay.

UJ: And I was looking to create, I don’t know if you’ve read the book before, Four Hour Work Week.

Adrienne: The Five Hour Work Week?

UJ: The Four Hour Work Week.

Attillio: Four Hour Work Week. You know, I saw Tim, I didn’t read the book, but I saw, it was like a day in the life of something on Hulu, so I got to see the author and he goes and…everything is about shortening things and what do you call it? Hijacking? Just being super-efficient and…he’s done other books too but they…you know what, that’s not the author we wanna talk about, so tell us more.

Adrienne: Laughs.

UJ: So, I wanted to created something similar to The Four Hour Work Week and it was because of that, that I reached out to my friends. Alex and I reconnected and just started our friendship.

Attillio: Okay.

UJ: And several years and part of the time we hang out, we just go walks, we like to talk about life, business, marketing, etcetera, habits, self-development and we were talking about journaling when we were teens and gratitude, how to start and end the day and Alex was like “let’s create something that allows us to bring kind of starting the day with gratitude to the world” and it spread from there.

Attillio: Yes. So in a couple of sentences it’s a journaling book that allows you to start the day and end the day with gratitude.

UJ: So, we like to call it a toothbrush for your mind. And what we mean by that is when you have a toothbrush, it’s something you use twice a day.

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: Morning and at night. And let’s say you miss a day, maybe you’re gonna have a little bit of bad breath, you’re gonna feel a little off. But if you miss it for a week and a month, it’s gonna cost you thousands at a dentist.

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: Right? I feel like the mind is the same. At least very similar. Most people don’t have a routine or a habit that allows them to become and sharpen their mind. Sharpen their selves. Whether it be meditation or practising gratitude. They don’t have a practise. Most people don’t have the discipline to follow through with that.

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: And what we wanted is, we wanted to create something that allows people to do this morning and night. So, the mind is something you can’t see but the results that the mind produces, you can definitely see.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: And, you know, I don’t know if you know the stats on mental health, and the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceuticals that are being taken by people, it’s a very large amount and if people start to learn to brush their mind just like they brush their teeth, we won’t need to do that.

Attillio: Well…go ahead.

UJ: If people could serve their mind, it helps them to be happier, more resilient, more compassionate, stronger.

Attillio: Mmhmm.

UJ: Move through things quickly, so…

Attillio: Well, we’ve said it before, if, you know, a lot of times, people will get involved in our organization and it’s a real positive learning-based environment. They say “well, they’re just gonna brainwash you” and you know what my response is? Sometimes people’s brains need to be washed.

Adrienne and UJ: Laugh.

UJ: Exactly.

Attillio: So, yes, what your helping out…

Adrienne: In a positive way.

Attillio: …your brains to have fresh breath, and it’s always important. So we start the day, we end the day and for people that, you know, I think we introduced it to our team and for people that said you can get your 99 cent composition book from your local Wal-Mart, you know, you could just randomly freewrite and journal every day. But you…let’s take a look at…

Adrienne: Yeah, it gives a format.

Attillio: ‘Cause, you said, you know, when you first hear that Five Minute Journal, what’s it got? Three pages in it? No there’s one page per day. And if you have one in front of you, we do, but could you give us a breakdown of what this one page in this journal is gonna look like.

UJ: Absolutely. So, the one page is divided into two sections. One is for the morning and one is at night. And so, the morning portion, the first question you ask is “what am I grateful for,” right? First question is, beginning the day with gratitude. It’s such a great idea because it sets the day for success in a certain way. You’ve already started to win and that’s wonderful. The second question you ask is “what would make today great?”

Attillio: Mmhmm.

UJ: And, that’s actually my favorite question because it allows me to create my day, whatever way I want.

Attillio: Set an expectation, yep.

UJ: Exactly. Or rather, even create a commitment.

Attillio: Mmhmm, even better.

UJ: Because, what you’re doing is you’re basically writing pen to paper what you want to accomplish, what you want to follow through on today that would allow you to bring happiness, fulfilment, etcetera into your life and the three things are the questions and then the final thing you’ve got to ask yourself in the morning before you close the book is “who do I want to show up as today? What’s my daily affirmation? “Who do I want to be? What do I want to represent? What do I want to strive for?” That’s it. Should take you a few minutes, and right before you go to sleep, there are two more questions, and that’s the bottom part, which is slightly more shaded,  it’s the night. And the first question is, “what are some of the amazing things that happened today?” And some people say, “well, what if something amazing didn’t happen today?” That happens, right? Some people have some amazing days and some not so amazing days. But, you know, when people say nothing amazing happened today, in my opinion, that’s just a first layer of response and the fact that we are human, the fact that you’re alive, the fact that we have been alive through thousands of years, living in these wonderful cities in places in the world, being able to breathe clean air, being able to, even the fact that we’re able to listen to this radio right here, this radio show right here, is such an incredible feat. You know, we’ve come so far as human beings. Have such amazing technology. I had Thai food about an hour ago. I live in Canada.

Attillio: Wow.

UJ: Right? So, the ability to have all of these things is really remarkable and it’s the wonder and the awe that we can all recreate as we look back on the day. I think that’s really important, especially on days when you feel like nothing amazing happened that day, really stretching your mind, like when you’re at the gym, really stretching your muscles to max out, it’s like you’re stretching your positivity muscles.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: In really looking for the gold, in what looks like mud.

Attillio: Yeah, I know you said some people will come and say, “what if nothing amazing happened today,” in our BOLD training, we learned that…

Adrienne: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

UJ: Absolutely.

Attillio: Yeah. But, yeah, I wanna go back to the bottom of the first, the daytime part. And, for folks, you know, radio’s like TV for the mind, so we gotta describe thing’s ‘cause they’re not looking at what we’re looking at, so we gotta use our words to paint a picture. So the upper part, or the upper two thirds of the page are white and then the lower third of the page is shaded. One represents the daytime, morning, one represents the evening, but at the bottom of the daytime part, again, I want to go back to that, you said, daily affirmations and Adrienne, there’s a lot of congruence with success principles that kind of overlap, other things that we learn about, and we learned about in our BOLD class, which was yesterday, the two most powerful words in the world are…

Adrienne: I am.

UJ: Mmhmm.

Attillio: And I see you guys have that as part of the daily affirmations at the bottom of the…

Adrienne: Well, it’s the positive self-talk.

UJ: Yeah.

Attillio: And you know, I wanted to comment, too, at the top of the page, you guys have a space for the date and what’s interesting, and this is what I learned about journaling, and wouldn’t it be interesting to go back, you know, five years into the future, and go back and say, “what was I thinking that day?”

UJ: Absolutely. That’s the most fun part.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: Because once you write all these things down, I’m always so curious to go back, to see what was going on. And your journal entries are the truest reflection of what was actually going on in your mind.

Attillio: Sure.

UJ: Reflection is like a photograph of your mind.

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: That you take and you keep. And it’s just a beautiful thing. I have a stack of journals that are on my bookshelf. And any point I can just walk up and say “hey, how was I feeling back then?” And bam, I can read it.

Attillio: And then you’ve got a quote at the top, also.

UJ: Yes, so it’s a new quote every day, we picked them carefully. We quotes that we want to read.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: And that aren’t going to get old for us, so that’s how we picked them and that’s it. It takes five minutes and it’s like a toothbrush for your mind. If you…the whole thing is when someone hears about us for the first time, so “maybe that’s going to work for me, maybe it’s not going to work for me,” but my challenge is to try for five days.

Attillio: Mmhmm.

UJ: And if you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.

Attillio: Sure.

Adrienne: Wow.

UJ: If it doesn’t actually improve your life, doesn’t actually, if you do it, if you do the things we are asking you to do, for five days in a row, and if it doesn’t make you happier or more appreciative or look at life in a different way, we’ll give you your money back.

Attillio: If your brain doesn’t smell squeaky clean and have that brand new car smell, give ‘em the money back.

UJ: Laughs.

Adrienne: The other thing I wanted to touch on that we didn’t mention, was this weekly challenge. I’ve really been enjoying those. Like, “oh, what’s coming next?”

Attillio: Oh yeah, do, how often does it…okay weekly challenge, duh! Once a week! I was like, “how often does a weekly challenge occur?”

UJ: Laughs.

Attillio: It’s once a week. And so, just pick this one, Adrienne, read that one.

Adrienne: So, here’s an example of one. “When I was seven years old, I wanted to be a…”and then there’s, like, a blank.

Attillio: And so, I want to hear UJ’s answer.

UJ: When I was seven years old, I probably wanted to be a…I don’t really remember, to be honest with you.

Attillio: I wanted to be a Snickers bar in an ice cream sandwich, ‘cause that’s all I could think about.

UJ: Laughs.

Attillio: You are what you think, right? No…

Adrienne: I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast.

Attillio: At seven?

Adrienne: At seven.

Attillio: Wow.

Adrienne: I was in the gym, training every day.

Attillio: And UJ, if you don’t know a little bit about Adrienne’s background, she did train for a long time, many years, to be an Olympic-level gymnast.

UJ: Oh wow.

Attillio: But, um…

Adrienne: My genetic were not co-operating.

Attillio: She got too tall.

UJ: Yes.

Attillio: She got too tall, so there’s no super-tall gymnasts, they would be whacking their heads on the eneven bar.

Adrienne: There are, it’s just a little bit difficult.

Attillio: They got to do a lot of crouching? ‘Cause they can’t get through those little doorways to the gym? Okay. Anyway, UJ, so, The Five Minute Journal, is that, it’s a life-changing thing. I, you know, we’ve been using it to, you know, if somebody’s been having some challenges in their life, and we hand them this book, and say, “hey, you know, I really care about you, and I think you should, here’s our gift,” so

UJ: That’s wonderful. Could you tell me a story of a gift like that you’ve given? I’m just curious.

Attillio: So…

Adrienne: Well, we can talk about one of our team members, who’s just, like, gone gung-ho for this. He actually, he went through PSI training and was so blown away by your Five Minute Journal…

Attillio: Yeah, didn’t he order, like, a case of them?

Adrienne: He wanted to get, like, thousands of these journals to make sure that everybody that’s going through the PSI training will also have the Five Minute Journal. He just felt like it really went hand-in-hand with all…

Attillio: I just had an idea, they should, you know how when you go to a hotel and you open up the nightstand, typically what’s there?

Adrienne: The Bible.

Attillio: A Bible. They should put one of these in there too.

Adrienne: Laughs. Yeah.

UJ: Yeah. That’s actually what we were talking about, just a couple of hours ago.

Attillio: Oh yeah?

Adrienne: Great minds think alike.

Attillio: Great minds think alike, because I think they’ll probably, you know, I don’t know if it was Ghandi or Buddha or whatever, “be the change in the world.” So, I hope that happens. I sincerely do.

UJ: Yeah, we’re both, we’re looking forward to creating that.

Attillio: Yeah. We just spoke it into the Universe. Boom! It’s gonna happen.

Adrienne: It’s gonna happen, somebody that maybe, like, works at Four Seasons…

Attillio: Some other guy with a two letter name, his name is JW, last name Marriott.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attillio: He’s listening right now, or relatives thereof. JW, call UJ and get this…

Adrienne: This is the way to stand out with your guests.

Attillio: Yes. Anyway.

UJ: Which is actually a good idea, just public.

Adrienne: So, if any of our listeners want to check this out, it’s at fiveminutejournal.com and you can order yours online very easily.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright.

Attillio: So, we gonna talk about the…

Adrienne: Yeah, let’s real quickly let’s talk on the Productivity Planner and honestly, I didn’t know that this existed until yesterday. One of our classmates on BOLD saw that we were gonna be having you on the radio show, and she gave the Productivity Planner to me…

Attillio: To us, yesterday. He gave me one too.

Adrienne: Yeah, so…

Attillio: Isn’t that special, that’s what the church lady said.

Adrienne: So, I read through it and I just thought “wow,” I just thought this is perfect for me, ‘cause I have a hard time focusing.

Attillio: Yes, I always, I have a, we’re business partners and I have what’s called a focus stick. And I have to whack her every couple five minutes to get her to focus, ‘cause her brain’s like…

Adrienne: All over the place.

Attillio: I’m like, so I was a business partner, my main function is to be the human version of Ritalin for her. But…

UJ: Laughs.

Adrienne: But I’m really looking forward to using this Productivity Planner, ‘cause I think this is gonna help me out a lot.

Attillio: So, if you’re just tuning in, you’re listening to the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show. We have  UJ, he is one of the co-collaborators for two books, the first one we were just talking about is the Five Minute Journal. And the next one we’re talking about is the Productivity Planner. You know, UJ, do you know who, Success Magazine, what’s his name?

Adrienne: Darren Hardy.

Attillio: Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine?

UJ: Yeah.

Adrienne: He uses this.

Attillio: He uses it, because we, do you subscribe and get his five minute, little thought every day? I don’t know if…

UJ: Yeah, no I don’t get the five minute thing that he sends out every day but you said he used the Planner?

Attillio: Yeah, no, no no, so, unfortunately, I’m up at one or two in the morning when it does hit my inbox and it came in, like two nights ago and he was talking about making your weekends, like not having your weekday go into your weekend so he was talking about, you know, planning your Monday on Friday, so you can kind of relax?

UJ: Yes.

Attillio: And he’s quote, unquote, said, “and one of the things I do is open up my Productivity Planner.”

UJ: This is pretty awesome…

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: So, Darren Hardy uses the Productivity Planner. Can you forward that e-mail to me?

Attillio: Sure.

UJ: That’d be…

Attillio: Yeah, and he’s, this is the guy that…

Adrienne: You just subscribe and it’s called Darren Daily, it’s free, it’s like a minute or two a little…

Attillio: Yeah, listeners.

Adrienne: For inspiration.

Attillio: He’s really, nail you between the eyes but kind of more like a velvet hammer and I mean this is the guy that’s interviewed Richard Branson, Oprah, Tony Robbins, I mean, so he’s…

Adrienne: And he’s a fan of your planner, so…

Attillio: Yes.

Adrienne: So, if Darren uses it, I’m using it.

Attillio: Exactly.

UJ: That’s great, yeah. That’s definitely something that we can put on here to…

Attillio: Okay, now people are listening who are like, “well, tell us what it is, already!”

Adrienne: Laughs.

Attillio: What is a productivity planner?

UJ: So, the Productivity Planner helps you move through the day, so that when you get to the end of it, you feel really fulfilled.

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: We all have those days where we’re at night, we’re in bed, we’re exhausted and we still don’t feel productive.

Attillio: Yeah, page nine, you got, it’s called “The Concept” and in bold you’ve written, “Our main idea is that you can achieve more with less.”

UJ: Yes. So, as all of us know there’s apps, software and all of it is wonderful and comes with really good intentions but the core thing is nobody really teaches us, how do we plan our days?

Attillio: Yeah.

UJ: How do we do the…there’s a great book called Eat The Frog by Brian Tracy. Talks about dealing with the most important thing first, but very rarely do people actually have systems for, how do you actually do that.

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: How do you actually move from the most important tasks to the little, less important tasks. So, we, there’s a story in the beginning that basically covers this, where, it’s a hundred year old story and it’s been repeated over and over again, in several different circles. And the story itself talks about how a business owner in the 1920s who’s unsatisfied with his own productivity and his team’s productivity, used simple techniques so he could plan the next day the night before and move from the most important thing to the second most important thing and continue along that sphere. So, by the end of the day, he felt like he was working on the things that were done and that business was actually the best Times steel company of the 1920s. By the 1930s it became one of the largest producers of steel in the states, making him one of the wealthiest men in the States, at the time, right? It’s a very simple idea. Simple ideas are the ones that make the most impact. Because human beings are complex and we need simple things to do. So, that was the idea. Because we were having, we were fixing our own problem in a certain sense because we didn’t find any of this stuff that could work, so we needed it for ourselves so we could actually move through life, in a way that allows us to feel fulfilled with what we were oing every day. It’s a really important feeling. We spend a lot of time every day working and focusing on work, and if we’re not able to move through that properly, we’re not going to be as happy.

Attillio: I think what people need to understand is there is a difference between being busy and being effective or efficient.

UJ: Mmhmm.

Attillio: Yeah, ‘cause…

Adrienne: And this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the book that we just finished together as a team, “The One Thing.”

Attillio: The One Thing.

UJ: Great book.

Attillio: And how many things is that book about? The One thing.

Adrienne and UJ: Laugh.

Attillio: No.

Adrienne: So, I think that this tool goes hand-in-hand with that book to really help you to focus on your one thing.

UJ: Absolutely.

Attillio: ‘Cause you’re asking them five focus questions, what are the five most important things that you’re going to achieve today?

Adrienne: And prioritising them.

Attillio: Yeah and…I forgot what I was going to say. I’ll remember after the show.

Adrienne and UJ: Laugh.

Attillio: Oh, the…no, keep going. Oh, I need a focus, I need a “how to keep my…

Adrienne: Yes, I need to slap you over here. Focus.

Attillio: Wait, there was something…oh! No…Hal Elrod, I’m sure you caught his, he did a solo podcast and he was just talking about the Productivity Planner.

UJ: Yeah. Mm.

Attillio: Yep. So I…

UJ: Yeah. Hal’s a friend and Hal’s…what’s amazing about him is Hal’s one of the most productive people I know and it’s really fantastic because he’s such a great messenger for morning routine.

Attillio: Mmhm.

UJ: And, and starting your day early, starting your day right. And his own story is just very…

Attillio: Yes.

UJ: And something logical, I don’t know, when Hal and I got on a phone for the first time, it was a week before I had my major motorcycle accident.

Attillio: Oh, wow.

UJ: So, I nearly died and about a year after when I met him again, we realised we had almost nearly identical injuries, especially in the pelvis area, so, that’s actually why we call eacho other the pelvis brothers.

Attillio: You guys what? Use the butt-out hug?

Attillio and UJ: Laugh.

Attillio: You’re like, “ow! Butt-out hug.”

Adrienne: UJ, did you die? Like Hal did?

Attillio: Did you go to the light and then come back?

UJ: I didn’t die.

Adrienne: Just lots of broken bones.

UJ: I came close, but my heart did not stop.

Attillio: Wow. Now, I gotta ask you UJ. You know, I really want to be successful in life. Do I have to have a near-death experience? I’m hoping not.

UJ: Science is pretty clear on the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have a near-death experience. It does, it has helped in my case. I don’t recommend it.

Adrienne: Or you can use these awesome tools, The Five Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner and just be safe.

Attillio: Alright, so…

UJ: Exactly. Learn from my mistakes…that way you don’t have to die.

Attillio: Well, Adrienne, tell him about the difference between a happy person and a wise person.

Adrienne: So, a wise person’s gonna learn from their own mistakes…

Attillio: That’s UJ.

Adrienne: And a happy person will learn from others’.

Attillio: And now you’re giving them The Five Minute Journal, so they can be happy.

Adrienne: And the Productivity Planner, so they can be successful.

Attillio: Alright, folks, you got two choices today, listeners. You can either get in a car, drive 80 miles per hour, slam into a brick wall, have a near-death experience, or…just go to this website and order one of these for yourself and fifty of your best friends.

Adrienne: So, fiveminutejournal.com and productivityplanner.com…

UJ: That’s right.

Adrienne: …are the two sites.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, well, thank you so much, UJ, for being our guest.

UJ: My pleasure.

Adrienne: And sharing your story.

UJ: It’s been a blast.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attillio: And we gotta have you on again if you don’t mind?

Adrienne: Yeah, we’d love to have you on again.

UJ: My pleasure.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks, UJ.

UJ: Alright.

Attillio: Take care.

UJ: Have a great day.

Attillio: Alright, folks, if you’re just tuning in, this is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed…

Adrienne: Sold Program:

Attillio: Or We’ll Buy It. Anyway, so, we’re gonna go straight to the open houses? ‘Cause, we got like seven minutes.

Adrienne: Well, let’s have Janice on real quick, she’s been holding for…

Attillio: She’s patient.

Adrienne: She is, she’s been enjoying the show, though.

Attillio: Janice, are you there?

Janice: Yes, I have. I am here. I have been enjoying the show.

Attillio: Janice from Dreamhouse Drafting, what’s your, what is your tip of the week?

Janice: Well, today I wanted to focus on the value of permit check-up inspection, which is through my second company, Permit Check.

Adrienne: Mmhmm.

Janice: As we’ve discussed before, this is an inspection where I would actually go in and compare the house and how it’s built, to what the building permit’s on file say it’s supposed to look like.

Attillio: Okay.

Janice: There were two incidents that happened this week that emphasized the value of one of these inspections for your buyers and buyers’ agents. The first thing was I was asked to help get an after-the-fact building permit for a property, when the county of Honolulu is aware of the unpermitted construction.

Attillio: Uh huh.

Janice: They have issued a notice of violation from the building department via their inspector, and the fines already amount to over a hundred and twenty four thousand dollars.

Adrienne: Ooh. Wow.

Janice: These fines go up. Every day.

Attillio: Wow.

Janice: They are daily fines. The second thing…

Attillio: Hundred and twenty thousand dollars fine.

Janice: Yeah. And the second thing that happened, that really, for me speaks volumes, but I don’t know if people are aware of the fact that this type of thing goes on. You as Realtors know that disclosure is mandatory. But a permit check-up inspection gives people real quantified disclosure.

Attillio: Yes.

Janice: Whereas someone choosing to write something on the form, may write to the best of their knowledge or may choose to omit stuff. The sin of omission. This week we received an e-mail concerning another property from a listing agent, telling us to “tone it down a notch”.

Adrienne: Oh.

Janice: Because they want us to submit falsified plans which will only reflect on permit applications the things that they’re choosing to get a permit for. And, he says, quote unquote, “if there are other issues with the home, we will let our buyers discover it for themselves.”

Attillio: Yeah. Well, I think you should do an impersonation of Jack Nicholson. “You can’t handle the truth!”

Adrienne and Janice: Laugh.

Adrienne: So, you wanna hire Permit Check to verify everything.

Attillio: Yes.

Adrienne: Because, you know, you may not get the whole entire picture.

Attillio: Alright, what’s a good number to reach you at, Janice?

Janice: Okay, well if they wanna get permit-checked directly, it’s 808-445-9588.

Attillio: Mmhmm. Alright, thanks, Janice.

Adrienne: Alright. Thanks, Janice.

Janice: Thanks.

Adrienne: Alright. So…

Attillio: You can reach her directly at…

Adrienne: Okay, 206-7107.

Attillio: Or on the internet at…

Adrienne: Dreamhousedrafting.com.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: Alright, I think the next one on the line was Kapono.

Attillio: Alright, Kapono, are you there?

Kapono: Hey, aloha everyone.

Attillio: Alright, so tell us about your open house.

Kapono: So Sunday from two ‘til five I’m going to be sitting at 1427 Alexander Street, number 208. It’s in the heart of Honolulu. It’s a large, one bedroom, one bath condo, in Alexander Gardens complex. Enjoy the modern colours, it’s accentuated by its ceramic tile and hardwood floor, so it’s like a hotel, like Hilton there. Come see me.

Adrienne: The owner’s really decked this one out.

Attillio: Oh, nice.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Attillio: So, come take a look and come visit Kapono, bring him a large saimin with extra garnish and some hot mustard from Zippy’s, okay?

Kapono: Yes. Thank you.

Attillio: Alright, thanks, Kapono.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Kapono: Alright, thank you. Bye.

Attillio: Alright, who’s next up to bat?

Adrienne: We have Keli’i.

Attillio: Keeeeli’i.

Keli’i: Aaaloha.

Keli’I and Adrienne: Laugh.

Attillio: Aaaloha.

Attillio: Laughs.

Adrienne: Stop stealing his line.

Keli’i: For this Sunday, Team Lally is taking over Maili Beach Place and if you folks need an address, a good address to go to is 87-176 Maipalaoa Road and for the two open houses we’ll be holding they’re both three bedroom, two and a half bath and we’ll be sitting there two to five PM, me in one property and Abi in the other.  The properties are Y59 or R43 so please come and visit and if you’re bringing Kapono food, please bring it this way, too.

Adrienne and Keli’i: Laugh.

Attillio: Bring you some, bring him some spam musubi…

Keli’i: Oh. Great food.

Attillio: From the 7/11 down the street where you know it’s fresh, not all dried out. So, Keli’i, Maipalaoa is perpendicular to Farington, is that right?

Keli’i: That is correct.

Attillio: Or as Frank De Lima used to say, “Far-ing-ton.”

Keli’i: Laughs.

Attillio: Alright. Thanks, Keli’i.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Keli’i: Thank you.

Adrienne: Alright, so next we have Mike, coming to talk about his open house.

Attillio: Mike, tell us about your open house.

Mike: You will want to visit me at 91-211 Maka’ina Place in Ewa Beach.

Attillio: Yep.

Mike: It’s a beautiful, five bedroom, three bath, spacious, single family home, guys.

Attillio: Alright. What time?

Mike: From two to five tomorrow. Come and visit me tomorrow from two ‘til five at 91-211, Maka’ina Place, by Carriages in Ewa Gentry.

Adrienne: And this one is priced to sell. It’s the lowest one in that whole entire complex; for, like the Woodbridge Carriages, it’s really great value.

Attillio: Alright.

Mike: You’re absolutely correct, Adrienne. It’s priced to move, guys, priced to move.

Attillio: Thank you, Michael.

Mike: Aloha.

Attillio: Alright, bring him some papaya and some wheat toast with butter, and a glass of orange juice.

Adrienne: Next we have Brooks, to talk about a Coming Soon listing. What do you have for us, Brooks?

Attillio: Brooks, what you got?

Brooks: Next week we’re going live with a great three bedroom, three full bath, single family home in Sea Country.

Attillio: Uh huh.

Brooks: It’s in Maili Beach on the beautiful West Coast as Keli’i would say.

Attillio: Yes.

Brooks: So, it’s a steel frame construction home with two years remaining on the builder’s warranty and this home would be ideal for the family just starting out. It has a spacious floor plan and with many great design features built in.

Attillio: Yes.

Brooks: So, come check us out when we go live next week, we’ll have our first open the Sunday a week from tomorrow.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: That’s awesome.

Attillio: Thank you Brooks.

Adrienne: Thanks, Brooks.

Brooks: Thank you, guys.

Attillio: Brooks is one of our listing partners. He only works out of the office, you’ve got to bring the box of Malasadas to the office. Or office supplies.

Adrienne: Or something healthy. I know that he is, he’s getting healthy.

Attillio: Okay, bring us some fresh mangoes.

Adrienne: There you go.

Attillio: Alright.

Adrienne: So, Angelique is on the line to talk about her open house.

Attillio: Tell us about your open.

Angelique: Alright, so I’ll be sitting at an open house tomorrow, over in Mililani, Mauka. The address is 95-1079 Ho’o’kupu Street in Mililani. This is a beautiful single family home. Four bedroom, two and a half bath, the home has a lap pool in the back, brand new roof and gutter system with PV on top.

Adrienne: Nice.

Angelique: Definitely a must-see, so swing by if you’re in the area and come check me out.

Attillio: Alright, we’re gonna speak healthy things, so bring Angelique a veggie wrap, a veggie wrap with a small salad.

Adrienne: Laughs.

Angelique: Yeah, breakstylin’, breakstylin’.

Attillio and Angelique: Laugh.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks Angelique.

Attillio: Alright.

Angelique: Thank you, bye.

Attillio: Last up is Patrick. We saved the best for the last?

Adrienne: Yes. Patrick, where are you gonna be at tomorrow?

Attillio: Tell us about your open.

Patrick: Hey everybody, good afternoon. Thanks for having me. I’m going to be in Kapolei Knolls…neighborhood, you got a ocean view from the top floor of this five bedroom, four and a half bath on Halahua Street.

Attillio: Alright.

Patrick: Interior square footage, over 3100 square foot and the lot is over 8800 square feet. Check me out, Kapolei Knolls,  Halahua Street, tomorrow, two to five.

Attillio: Alright, Patrick.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks.

Attillio: We’ll bring him a carrot.

Adrienne: A carrot.

Adrienne and Attillio: Laugh.

Adrienne: Alright, thanks, Patrick. Alright, thank you for listening and thank you to our sponsors.

Attillio: Gabe Amey and Jim Owens of Hawaii VA Loans.

Adrienne: Bradley Moryama of All State Insurance.

Attillio: Jodie Tunga and Derek Tunga, Pacific Rim Mortgage.

Adrienne: Kim and Tony Green of TK Green Home Inspection.

Attillio: Ben and Tony of AAA Roofers Hawaii.

Adrienne: Coldean and Lisa Walsh of Walsh Landscaping.

Attillio: Janice Myrland with Dreamhouse Drafting.

Adrienne: Scott Williams of Merry Maids Honolulu.

Attillio: Thomas Pedecin with Pedecin Land Surveying. If you want to get a hold of any of our sponsors, go to teamlally.com.

Adrienne: We also want to give a big thank you to Christie, our producer here in the studio.

Attillio: Make sure to…no, that’s your line.

Adrienne: Tune in next week where we’ll have an awesome guest talking about something that’ll change your life…

Attillio: Forever. This is the Team Lally Real Estate Show, home of the Guaranteed…

Attillio and Adrienne: Sold Program!

Adrienne: We don’t sell your home at the agreed-upon price, standard time frame, we’ll have it bought for cash.

Attillio and Adrienne: Thanks and Aloha!